Survivor (2000–…): Season 6, Episode 6 - More Than Meats the Eye - full transcript

One castaway forms an alliance with a hated tribe member; a reward challenge has enormous impact; one man takes a very special bath.

Previously on Survivor...

With Joanna gone, Deena
was the sole leader of Jaburu.

I am...

alpha female, top dog.

While a depressed Shawna

still felt trapped
by her alliance.

I'm just...
I'm at the lowest of my low,

and no one is respecting the
fact that I am falling apart.

We're not going to sacrifice
ourselves for her sake,

so she might as well buck up
and play with the rest of us.

Treemail told the tribes

to send their youngest member
on a journey.

So Dave and Jenna
spent the evening together

in the jungle learning
about each other's tribes.

Who would you have go next?

Uh, probably Jeanne.

You know, you got to think,

do you want to be
revealing all this?

PROBST: But in the morning,
a twist in the game

forced them to pick new tribes.


New tribes were chosen,
and Butch, Roger and Dave

welcomed Christy,
Heidi and Jeanne.

I felt awesome.

I mean, it was like

a celebration of a new tribe.

PROBST: While at Jaburu,
Shawna and Jenna were excited

by the arrival of Rob,
Matthew, and Alex.

Alex is so fun.

I dig him so much.

PROBST: But Deena was suspicious
of Shawna's turnaround.

DEENA: Shawna may not be
so interested

in the chick thing anymore.

Shawna may be interested
in the Alex thing.

I'm hurting.

-Deena went from top
to the bottom. -Go!

Jaburu cruised to victory

at the immunity challenge.

Jaburu wins immunity!

And Heidi became the
swing vote, forced to choose

between new friendships
and her old tribe mates.

Like, if you were in
my position,

what do you think you would do?

I'd come... I'd come with us.

PROBST: At Tribal Council,
Heidi sided with the men,

and Jeanne was voted
out of the Amazon.

Jeanne, the tribe has spoken.

11 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

CHRISTY: I was shocked
that Jeannie got voted off.

'Cause I personally think she

was one of the strongest members
of the tribe.

And I was not upset with Heidi,

but I needed an answer.

It's very clear, uh,
Jeanne brought to this tribe

assets that we already have,
most of them embodied in Butch.

And you two bring
different assets to it:

your strength, your enthusiasm,
your determination.

DAVE: Christy asked, "Why
was Jeanne picked over me?"

And Roger responded
that she had

better qualities
for the team itself.

Which seemed very different

than the reasons that we
had initially talked about.

ROGER: We have to go forward
as a new team.

There's no guarantee
that there

-is going to be a merger.
-HEIDI: Right.

And so we better work
our asses off.

We... that's exactly it.

DAVE: And the reasons
why... why I thought

we voted for Jeanne
was because Jeanne

was the next to go from Jaburu.

HEIDI: I just want everybody
to know that...

the reason I did what I did is,

you don't come into this
as three on three.

And I think that if I
would have said,

"Let me just go with the girls
and pick Butch,"

we would not be able to sit here

and look at each other still
as a team.

CHRISTY: Sitting there
in the Tribal Council,

I thought I was the weakest one,

so I'm... I'm really glad
you see something in me.

BUTCH: We're glad to have you.

-we are a team.

It is a new day tomorrow.

-BUTCH: That's it.
-DAVE: All right.

-Go to bed.

This is a start of a new team,

and I was just, like,
full of anticipation,

expecting to wake up
the next morning

and be, like, this team
working together as a team.

DAVE: So what's, uh,
order of operations today?

ROGER: The three of us,
we're going to go out

and try this netting business,

and you were going to try
the new latrine.

And instead, it was...

me and Christy
off doing one thing,

and the guys were off fishing.

I was like, "Okay, did I make
the right decision?"

This is totally, completely
a bunch of crap.

You know, when you wake up
in the morning

and... and they just all of a
sudden go off, it's just, like,

I don't know if they're
just not getting it or...

I'm just a little frustrated
right now.


I want you to show me

exactly how much toothpaste
to use.

I'm going to brush my teeth.

First time in 16 days.

-Isn't that a beautiful thing?
-I almost want to eat it.

In fact...

Coming over here

was just a huge change
for the better.

I felt like my head

was on the chopping block

when I was at Tambaqui,
along with, uh, Rob.

How does that feel, Rob?

Indescribably good?

Does anybody want to make out
with me right now?

'Cause this is probably...

I-I will after I brush my teeth.

ROB: I brushed my teeth today
like I was detailing my car.

My mouth feels so good.

I want one of the girls
to kiss me,

but none of them want to do it,

which is surprising.

This is awesome.

This is, like, the best thing
that's happened in 16 days.

Brand-new tribe-- I was

unbelievably rattled, uh,
when the new people came over.

I thought,

"Man, I'm clearly
an easy target."

I'm the oldest.

I have very little in common
with the rest of them.

And, uh, it took me a...
a moment to readjust.

But the guys are fascinating.

I just absolutely adore them.

I felt like a lot of the other
people on the other tribe

definitely were, you know,
very tactical and strategic

about the type of information
they released.

But coming here,
it's just like...

man, it was, like,
a breath of fresh air.

-DEENA: Because girls are
different than boys. -Yeah.

MATTHEW: Everyone in the group
seems to be really genuine.

Appearances can always
be deceiving,

but at least on the surface,

it's quite comfortable,
the atmosphere.

ALEX: I mean, I did come
out here to compete,

but it's also, like,
I love the adventure,

and I love meeting you guys,

and those are the things
that make this great.

I'm getting all mushy, but...

JENNA: Feel like we're at
a drive-in movie,

and I'm...
you guys are, like, the couple,

and I'm like, "Hey, guys,
can I tag along?"

ALEX: At Jaburu, is there
romance in the air? Maybe.

There's definite interest
in the air.

There's definite
flirting in the air.

I don't know. I'm a huge flirt.

I love to flirt,
especially with someone

who's a big flirt also
and, like...

I don't know. It's great.

It feels good.
It feels good to flirt.

Okay, you know, Shawna,
I'm never

going to stop you,
so if you're done,

you can... you can stop
whenever you want,

but I'm not going to ever
tell you to stop. (chuckles)

Alex and I, I think,

enjoy taking care
of each other out here,

and whether it evolves
into anything,

the two of us
instantly clicked.

I definitely want
to get to know him better.

Like, he is
an incredible person.

He's seen me at some

of my worst moments already,
and it's day,

you know, whatever.

I mean, that's kind of...
that's revealing.

DEENA: I think that we
can all safely assume

that we have... are going
to graduate from Coke to food.

ROB: Yeah.
Oh, what's this?

Oh, let's see.

"Looks like your dinners
are tasting pretty bland.

"Keep your focus
and your balance,

and give your meals
a helping hand."

-All right, "balance" means...

-Salt and pepper?


ROB: Deena and I went
to go get the treemail,

and we were hoping that it
would be some sort of meal,

but you never know

what a reward challenge
truly will be

and what added bonus
there might be with it.

PROBST: Jaburu, getting your
first look at the new Tambaqui.

Jeanne voted out
at the last Tribal Council.

Today's challenge is for reward,

and it will require
a little bit of strength

and a whole lot of coordination.

It's very simple.

In front of you is
a revolving log over a mud pit.

One-on-one, you will square off
against another member

of the same sex
from the other tribe.

Your job: stay on the log
longer than they do.

First person to fall off
and hit the water is out.

The winner scores a point
for their tribe.

You'll keep competing
in randomly-selected pairs

until one tribe
reaches five points.

First tribe to score five points
wins reward.

Want to know
what you're playing for?

-Oh, yeah.

Well, I know
that for the past 16 days

you've been living basically
on manioc and fish.

Probably getting a little bland.

So I thought maybe something

to spice up your food
might be worth playing for.

Here's what we have:
got some garlic,

salt, pepper,
all sorts of good stuff.

And to go with it...

big platter of fresh fruit.

-(gasps) Yeah!

Oh, my God.

That is ours.

Okay, Jaburu, because you have
one extra member,

you're sitting somebody out,

but because Tambaqui
is missing a woman

and this is a man versus man,
woman versus woman event,

you're going to have
to sit out a woman.

Who's sitting out?

Deena. Everybody else,
gear up, wait for my go.

All right, guys,
we've randomly selected numbers

to see who you
will compete against.

First two up: Roger and Matthew.

-All right.
-Let's go, baby.

-Let's go, Mateo.
-All right.

One foot on the log.

Here we go.
Survivors ready. Go.

DAVE: Let's go, turban.
Let's go, turban.

ALEX: Come on, Mateo.
You got it.

Go, Mateo. Go, Mateo.

-Come on.
-ROB: Yeah, baby!

PROBST: Roger's down.
One point Jaburu.

BUTCH: It's all right, Roger.
It's all right.

-Jaburu leads one-zip.
-Well done, Mateo.

First women up:
Heidi taking on Shawna.

One foot on the log.

Survivors ready.

Hold on.

PROBST: Heidi in,
Shawna still on and not wet.


-PROBST: Jaburu two,
Tambaqui zero. -(cheering)

Alex and Dave, former tribemates
now squaring off.

Survivors ready.

Come on, Alex.

Best match so far.

-Way to go!

Alex in the water first.

One point Tambaqui.

That's Jaburu two, Tambaqui one.

Good match, guys.
Next two.

Butch, Rob, squaring off.

One foot on, guys.

Survivors ready.

-Come on, Rob.
-Let's go, Rob-a-roo.

Go, Rob-a-roo.



-PROBST: Rob in first.
-It's all good, Rob.

-PROBST: Jaburu two,
Tambaqui two. -Way to go, Butch!

Jenna takes on Christy.

Foot on the log.

Survivors ready.

-You got it. You got it.
-You got it, Jenna.

You got it. You got it.
You got it.

All right, you got it!


Jenna in the water first.

Tambaqui scores, takes the lead.

Here's where we're at, guys.

Tambaqui at three,
Jaburu at two.

We keep going
till we get to five.

Roger versus Alex.

-Let's go, Rog.
-Come on.

Survivors ready.

Come on, turban.

There you go. Well done.

Roger back in.

Alex with a hard hit.

-Good job, man.
-Good job!

One for Jaburu.

We're even up.

Tambaqui three, Jaburu three.

Next two women:
Shawna and Heidi.

Survivors ready.

There you go.

Hold on.


Heidi takes a dive.

-Well done, Shawna. -Jaburu back
in the lead four-three.

First tribe to score five points
wins reward.

Butch, Matthew,
one foot on the log.

Survivors ready.

Come on, Mateo.

There you go. Well done.

Well done! Well done!



PROBST: Another hard hit,
Matthew stuck in the mud.

We're all tied up, guys,

Whoever gets the next point
wins reward.

Christy versus Jenna.

-Come on, Christy!

Here we go.

-Match point.
-Come on, Christy!

Survivors ready.

There you go.

-There you go.
-Hey, come on!

Oh, Christy.

-Come on, Jenna. You got it.
-You got it.

You got it, Jenna.

You got it. You got it.
You got it.

-PROBST: Good recovery.
-Keep it moving.

You're good. You're good.

Come on, Jenna.

-You got it. You got it.
-You got it.

-Way to go!

Tambaqui wins reward.



Nice job, Tambaqui.

Jaburu, you guys can head back
to camp same way you came.

The reward would have been nice.

I'm not going to say
it wouldn't.

-The fruit would have been good.

Would have tasted nice.

-But who cares? -Would have been
nice to go potty.

-Yep. -ALEX: It's all about
immunity, guys.

-Who's up for a bath?
-I'm up for a bath.

Yeah? Let's go get clean, kids.

Oh, let's go get clean.

JENNA: We just got back
from the reward challenge,

and we lost, unfortunately,

but we don't care because we
eat good here anyway,

and we're not worried about it,

and we're still together
as a tribe,

and we're going to take a bath
to celebrate.

People pay a lot of money for
this back in L.A., dude.

A mud bath? A mud bath?
Are you kidding?

-Mud bath with some very sexy...
-Dude, an Amazon mud bath.

Like, you can't... I don't even
think you can get

that in L.A., you know.

Oh, that feels
really, really good.

-DEENA: The communal bath

involved a lot
of little pecking and brushing

and, uh, monkey grooming.

-Do you want a loofah?
-Hey, why not, babe?

-All right.
-Let's get crazy.

Let's get wacky.

(Alex sighs)

-This is good stuff, right here.
-(Shawna laughs)

ALEX: The super highlight
of my bath, by far,

was having Shawna
scrub my back.

(sighs) Twice--

with the loofah
and with the brush.

Oh, I was in heaven.

I like your bathing suit, Jenna.

Oh, thanks.

JENNA: If the bikini helps me
go farther in the game,

then whatever--
I'm game for that.

I'm sure it was good
eye candy for them.

SHAWNA: We were definitely
in a position of power

during the bathing situation.

It was just hilarious,
'cause I think...

I think guys always think
about, you know,

bathing in Amazonian rivers
with three half-dressed women.

I wouldn't mind a little scrub.

(Matthew sighing)


ROB: I just took a bath
with two hot chicks,

one that was a swimsuit model.


I'd like to repeat

that I just took a bath
with a swimsuit model.

Why did we wait three days
to do this?

I don't know. We should have
done this a while ago--

even the day we got here.

DEENA: Was there stuff
going on? You bet.

Women over the men.

This is how they work them.

I'm sitting back
sucking it all in,

'cause I know where the players
are playing,

and I know where the players
aren't playing.

(indistinct shouting)

Whoa. Whoa!

-HEIDI: Well needed, well
deserved. -Whoa.

Winning the reward challenge...

that was a big one.

We have two, four, six,
seven of these babies.

HEIDI: We won vegetables
and spices and fruit galore,

and more importantly,

it showed me that this
is a strong team.

Oh, we did so good today.

You did real well.

I-I personally was, like,

"Yay, I'm competing
against Jenna."

I was, like,
"I'm getting that girl down."

But she went down.

I needed her
to go down like that.

BUTCH: Tell you what, our girls
didn't back down, did they?

CHRISTY: Like, I remember when
you were standing up there,

and I'm thinking, like,
"He's believing in himself.

He's believing in himself,"
you know,

and there you go,
you totally got him.

I was ready to grab those boards

and hang on with my fingers
and just roll

all the way around and have it
come right around again.

-I'm just proud of us.

I mean, it's hard as a new team,

you know, to really come
together in what, two days?

And I really feel
like we pulled it off

as a team,
not, like, as individuals.

BUTCH: You know, I-I'd like
to share something.

I'd like to share something
with you guys,

and this is coming from stuff
that I've seen through

almost 30 years of coaching and
being around kids.

In my lifetime,
there is defining moments

when I remember certain details,

and there's only about five
in my life--

six in my life--
that I can remember.

Well, yesterday and today,

I have another one,
and that was last night

when Christy realized
that we kept her for her talent

and for her ability.

The smile that came across
her face was unbelievable.

And then, today, when she
climbed out of that water,

-I thought her... she was gonna
jump out of her skin. -Aw...

And I thought she was just
going to go... but she had...

and-and she knew
that-that her... your value.

You knew that you're one of us,
you knew your importance,

and you'll never forget that
as long as you live.

I'll never forget it.

That's... that is on my list
as a defining moment,

and I mean that
from the bottom of my heart.

You don't have a disability.
That's how I feel about it.

-Thanks. Thanks.
-All right?

Hearing him say that

is like, "Yes, yes."

I mean, I strive
through my whole life

to just try to prove that
to people

or show people that there's
nothing wrong with me.

Yay, I finally...

-Thank you. That's cool.
-Okay. I mean it.

I mean it, okay?
Yeah, I'm real proud of you.

-Thanks, Butch.
-You're welcome.

Oh, it's nice and cool today.

You got it all the way in?

Oh, heck, yeah.

Nicely soaked.
Want some?

Oh, sure.

ROB: Coming into this new tribe,
I had an alliance with Alex,

but I've been noticing in Alex
that he's losing his momentum.

He's not as interested
in playing the game

as he is making friends,
which is stupid

'cause he could have
stayed home

and made a bunch of friends.

So, as a partner
in an alliance,

that's not what
I'm looking for.

And then I met Deena.

DEENA: Okay, so, like,
what's our plan here?

-For what?
-You don't know?


I have to tell you-- 'cause I...
I have Jenna and Heidi.

Oh, definitely.

I'd hate... I'd hate
to vote out Alex

just like you'd hate
to vote out Shawna,

but we have to do
what we have to do.

But your friends--
you've known them for 16 days.


Deena is as hungry as I am,

and she's the kind of person
that nobody would suspect

I would have anything
in common with.

You mind being
with a bunch of chicks?

I... could do worse.

'Cause my strategy
from the beginning

was, once the part with the guys
was going to... was-was over,

-I was going to turn on the
guys. -Yeah.

Because I knew I wasn't part
of their final three.

Rob approached me,

and he said,
"Listen, I need some help."

And I said,
"Listen, I need some help."

I would like to get rid
of Matthew.

He's... he annoys me to death,

but I'm just going to have
to suck it up and get over it

'cause we're going to need him
for a while.

ROB: After my conversation
with Deeny,

I realized that, number one,
Matthew does catch a lot of fish

and that we were going to need
his vote, so I have come

to an understanding that we
probably will need Matthew.

Okay, let's say we lose
the immunity challenge.

-Which... which, you know,

I would like to avoid
at all costs,

but then, if we go to a merge...

-Right. -...then we go back
to Roger, Butch and Dave

and tell them that we've stayed
with them all along.

-Right. -And that all
the guys are sticking together.

-Right. -And that we're going
to go after one of the girls,

-Basically divert their votes.

Yes, we divert their votes,

and then we go
after Dave or Roger.

I think that'd be great.

MATTHEW: Rob and I went fishing
alone for the first time,

and it was really nice because
I realized at Tambaqui that

he chose to maintain
his distance,

uh, out of insecurity.

Seemed like
a real genuine offer

to build a better relationship

and help one another throughout
the remainder of the game.

You don't think there's
anything shifty underway.

-No. -There haven't been...
you haven't had any...

had any sidebar conversations
with anyone?

No, there's noth...
there's nothing shifty going on.

-Right. -It's going to be...
everybody's being

-pretty genuine.
-I like Shawna, though.

I definitely think that there's,
you know...

I mean, it's not...
I'm not, like, you know,

-scoping for affection,
that's for sure. -Yeah.

ROB: Matthew has no idea that
he's being played by myself.

The guy is a complete idiot
and has no concept

of what's going on
in this game around him.

-Got it?


Dude, here they come.

I don't know

if Matthew believes
that he is a threat.

Holy crapola.

Oh, yeah. Ooh!

I know for a fact that he's
a physical threat in this game.

As long as he keeps catching
fish, we'll keep him around,

but as soon as he stops
catching fish

or stops doing
what we tell him to,

he's out.

Well, like, if you were to sweep

a girl off her feet,
what would you do?

-What would I do? Depends
on the girl. -Let's do this.

You guys both take Shawna out,
sweep her off her feet.

-Me... I'm taking Shawna out?
-And sweep me off my feet.

-Al-Alex and me are both taking
Shawna out? -No, one at a time.

I want to hear Mateo
on this one, too.

-JENNA: Yeah, I do... -Mateo,
we're playing "The Dating Game."

-You have to date me.
-Oh, cool.

SHAWNA: At nighttime,
it gets dark really early,

and you got to make your own fun

if you're going
to stay alive out here.

So tonight's "The Dating Game."

And I had to decide--
I was critiquing dates

and figuring out
what I wanted to do.

Who's going first?

-I'll go first.

Start the date
probably late morning.

Shawna's already made it clear
that she likes to shop.

Really going out on a limb--
girls like to shop.

Then we'd have to go climbing.

Picnic lunch after climbing,
and, um...

you've got to have

-the E.L. Fudge cookies
for dessert. -Yeah.

SHAWNA: It was funny,
'cause every single one of them

knows me in a different light.

Every person has different
sides they bring out in you,

so it was kind of cool to see

the different versions
they came up with

of who they thought
I ideally would want.

-Nicely done.
-Bachelor number two.

I'd say Shawna has arrived
the night before.

She's, uh, well rested.

I've rented a,
uh, chauffeur-driven limo.

We get to the top of a...
of a beautiful hill

with a...
like, a magnificent view.

An unparalleled view.

MATTHEW: I was definitely
at a loss, because D.C.

does not have, uh,
as many cool places to go

or things to do
as New York City or L.A.

But I do think
that it's an opportunity

to kind of, uh, build something
with Shawna because, uh,

there's definitely
potential there.

-JENNA: Rob.
-It's you, Rob.

It's a Wednesday afternoon,

and it's Christmastime
in New York.

-Very cool.

-Good touch.
-Yeah, very good.

The thing
about Wednesday afternoons

is that there's always
a matinee on Broadway,

and we've got theater tickets.

And we're going to go down
to Rockefeller Center.

-Oh, yeah. -And we're going
to go ice-skating.


-Good call.
-ROB: In the plaza.

Well done.

SHAWNA: Physically,
I'm still really weak,

but my mind has definitely
taken over my body.

I-I got this great, new,
positive outlook with the guys

that saved me from the women.

I just wasn't having fun.

I just... I need
that presence in my life,

and... and they're just
great guys.

They make me laugh.

Rob, it's you.

That was the most incredible
date, ever.

-What? I won?
-You won!


Oh, that feels good.

Will you back-scratch
while I sleep?

Is that what you're getting?

Might as well be.

ALEX: As Shawna and I
have become a little closer,

Matt starts trying to bring

the focus back around
to his romantic situations.

And when Shawna and I

were kind of cuddled up

and Matt started
to use her as a pillow,

I think that Matt might be
feeling a little left out.

DEENA: Shawna all of a sudden
has this miraculous recovery

now that the boys
enter the camp,

but she has essentially done

very little since day three.

Shawna isn't working Matt
as much as Alex.

Shawna's still flirtatious
with Matt.

But anybody who gets together

against all others
poses a threat to me.

Think we got anything?

What do you think?



I don't want to meet the dog
this goes to.

We got mail!


What does it say?

"Feeding frenzy.

"Are you up to the task?

-"Who's more voracious...

...three more days will last."

DAVE: "Voracious" sounds like
they had

-(Heidi mumbling) -a big, big
pile of something,

and the first team to finish
all the big pile of something.

-I'm thinking that's right.
-That's possible, too.

I think that's right, guys.

Christy, is that good for you
or bad for you?

-I think I can do it.
-No, no, no. No, no, no, no.

You're going to do it.

-I am going to do it.
-All right. -That's right.

Welcome, guys.

First things first.
Rob, you know the drill.

-I know it.

Once again, back up for grabs.

Today's immunity challenge

is going to be
a Survivor frenzy.

It's not a lot different
from what happens

when you get a group

of piranha and they get
a fresh piece of meat,

and they just begin
to attack that meat.

You're going to participate
as a tribe.

You each have a piece of beef,
weighs the same amount.

With your hands tied
behind your back,

you're going to tear off

as much of that meat as you can
in ten minutes.

Whichever tribe has
the most meat in their basket,

measured by weight,
wins immunity.

Jaburu, sat out Deena last time.

Can't sit out the same person
in back-to-back challenges.

-Who's sitting out?
-All right.

-Jenna, you're sitting out?
-Yeah, I'll sit.

Okay, everybody else,
take your spot, wait for my go.

Here we go.

For immunity.

Survivors ready.

Both tribes
getting at it quickly.

That a way to work, Jaburu.

Shawna using the side
of her face to hold it steady.

There you go.

Butch using his face
to hold it steady.

-Took one in the mouth.
-Come on, Dave.

Come on, Dave, get in there.

-Get opposite me.
-HEIDI: Get opposite. Right.

Hold it.

Tambaqui with a good strategy.

Tambaqui has two kilograms.

That a way, Butch.

Make sure and get it
in the basket.

Got to be in the basket
to count.

-Underneath. Underneath.
-Good stuff underneath?

Jaburu has two kilograms.

We're dead even.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

-PROBST: Two minutes in.
-All the way under.

Dave getting a mouthful.

Here, Dave. Get it, Dave.
Get it, Dave.

Butch with a good strategy.

-You're the workhorse.
-Come on, Dave.

-You're holding that steady.
-Come on, Dave.

Tambaqui has three kilograms.

That a way to work, Jaburu.

Jaburu has three kilograms.

-You guys are dead even.
-(indistinct voices)

Three kilograms each.

Matthew's got a mouthful.
Dropped it.

Oh, Deena stepped on it.

Matthew picking it up
off the ground, anyway.

You're going to need
some dental floss tonight.

Dave with a big piece.

That moved the scale.

Tambaqui with four kilograms.

Roger can't get it
out of his mouth.

-It's stuck in his teeth.
-Bite it out of my mouth.

PROBST: Wow, Butch just took
a piece out of Roger's mouth.

-That's teamwork.

(Shawna groans)

PROBST: Tambaqui with a slight
lead, just over four kilograms.

Rob going for a big piece.

Matthew helping out.

You guys need it.

Nice piece by Rob.


-Tambaqui at six kilograms.
-Go, go, go, go!

-PROBST: Jaburu
at five kilograms. -Right there.

Dave getting a mouthful.

Alex and Matthew, nice teamwork.

-Jaburu's caught up. -There
you go, right there, Matthew.

Bite down harder
and peel it back.

-That's it, that's it!

Huge piece for Jaburu.

Jaburu now in the lead
at seven kilograms.

Tambaqui at six kilograms.

Tambaqui's lead slipping away.

-Go, Heidi.

-PROBST: Heidi
with a huge piece. -Hold on.

Jaburu and Tambaqui tied up
with that piece.

Rip that off, Rob.
Get that huge piece, you guys.

Three minutes left.

-Rob going for a big piece.
-Keep going. Keep ripping, go.

Huge piece for Jaburu.

Jaburu and Tambaqui
tied up with that piece.

It comes down
to the last 60 seconds.

Everybody needs to be chewing.

Everybody, chew, chew, chew.

(indistinct chatter)

Right here.

-Mmm. Ow.


15 seconds!

-HEIDI: Sorry, Roger.
-It's all right.

-I'm so sorry.
-15 seconds.

Quickly, quickly.

Ten, nine, eight, seven,

six, five, four,

three, two, one. That's it!

Great competition, guys.
Very close.

Jaburu, let's check your scale.

just under nine kilograms.

Checking Tambaqui's scale.

-Tambaqui just over
nine kilograms. -(whooping)

By a tiny margin,
Tambaqui wins immunity.

(cheering and murmuring)

Tambaqui, immunity goes
back over to you. Well earned.

-Try and keep it clean,
would you? -Yeah. -Nice.

-Nice. -Nice effort, guys.
-Good job, guys.

-Safe from the vote.

Three more days in the Amazon.

-Good job, guys. -Great job,
guys. -Really proud of you guys.

Jaburu, Tribal Council tonight.

Sadly, somebody's going home.

Head back to camp,
get your stuff.

I'll see you over there.



Any thoughts, anyone?

Well, I'll make
a completely selfish statement,

'cause I'm... there's no
hold bars here,

'cause I've been completely
honest to begin with,

and I don't want to go.

SHAWNA: I have to agree with
Deena. I already told you guys.

I don't want either of the two
girls going before I do.

So I'll put my head
on the chopping block.

No, I don't want to,
I don't want to go at all,

but I'm just saying, for the
girls' side, I'm, uh... I'm on.

You had, like, this whole
180-degree turnaround

in your attitude just by staying
out here and being part

of what happened when-when
this switch took place,

and that's awesome.

You guys are going
to make me me cry.

Let's be honest.
The reality is,

most likely,
the choice is me or Matt.

And Matt, I-I...
I hope you don't take this

personally at all, that my
vote's going your way, just...

-Yeah. -...for the reason
that I don't want

-to vote any of them off.
-Well, I would, uh,

for the same reason,
trade votes with you.

I don't know where to fall,

because I don't want
to vote for Shawna,

'cause I do feel close
to her right now.

I-I like her company, and

between her and Matt,

I like her company
more than Matt's company.

My vote's probably
going to Matt.

And I don't want to do it,
but I'm not getting rid of Alex.

He's helped
pull me through this.

ROB: I really thought that this
meeting was going to go

that Shawna was going to say,
"Guys, you can vote me out,"

and then everybody was going
to start to get emotional.

Now Alex is saying he's going
to vote for Matt,

just because
he won't vote for Shawna.

And Shawna says
she's going to vote for Matt,

so now Matt has two votes out
of six, so

this is really going to...
could go either way.

Either Matt
or Shawna could get the boot.

Now, up until the other day,
I was very excited

about the prospect
of getting rid of Matt,

but I've been putting
a lot of energy

into talking to this guy--

which is
absolutely exhausting--

trying to get him on my side.

And now that I got the guy
eating out

of the palm of my hand,
we're going to vote him off.

It sucks that the people

that I want to go are
all on the other tribe.

(Shawna laughs)

(thunder rumbling)

Got a weird vibe tonight.

Is it sad tonight already?

Yeah, you guys definitely have a
look that I haven't seen before.

Shawna, what's going on?

Well, I don't think anyone wants
to be here right now.

And we were so jazzed. The last
thing we want to do right now--

we had such a phenomenal
chemistry between the six

of us-- and no one wants to see
anyone go.

But... we're here.

And so, it's a total bummer.

Alex, anybody that you think,

"I almost wish
I had met you back home,

"because this experience
is so weird that

it might make it hard
to pursue anything?"

Yeah, totally.

If I met Shawna not here,

yeah, totally, I'd be...
I'd be all about,

like, asking her out and hanging
out with her. She's awesome.

Deena, you're noticing this...

yeah, something's happening.

Oh, yeah, there's some...
there's some sexual heat there.


No, it's been a lot of fun,
and I-I do call it

the love shack, because, you
know, we all are right there.

Um, there's a lot of positive
energy that's being provided,

uh, when we talk about
one another's lives, and

it-it's really been
a lot of fun.

Now, within the love shack,

you still have to stay dry,
you still have to eat.

Matthew, let's talk about
what's happening with roles.

I relish the role
of, uh, provider, because

I think that
we as a group need to eat well,

and eating 12 fish
for dinner really is a...

is a great thing.

Rob, what's your role?
You're always good for a laugh.

Is that your role?

I like to try
to keep the tribe entertained.

I feel like anytime
that we're bored

or just sitting around
doing nothing,

that our energy level
is just sinking,

so I'm always trying
to think of a bunch of games,

or stupid songs to sing,
or, you know, any sort of thing

that we could just have
a group discussion about,

'cause I feel like
it really helps,

not only to break the ice,

but also just to keep
everybody's energy level up.

-And it's really fun. -PROBST:
How about for you, Shawna?

I know you've had some up days
and some down days

in these first 18 days.

-How are you feeling now?
-I'm doing awesome.

I've gone from probably
one of my darkest hours

ever as a person--

just completely in the dumps,
just wanted out,

but... and then,
all of a sudden, as soon as

we get this infusion of energy

from the guys,
and the dynamics change,

and all of a sudden,
the games picked up, and

it feels like it's a game,
and it's fun...

you just.. all of a sudden,

I went to the most,
like, ultimate high.

I'm glowing these days.

So, give it to me. You are
in this for the long haul then?

-Are you here? -Of course
I'm in it for the long haul.

No, I'm...
You know, like, what I needed

was someone to take my head out
of my butt, and they did it.

Deena, is this a hard vote
for you,

or because you're not part
of this young group,

are you able
to just step back and say,

"At least
I don't have that headache"?

Fortunately, I can say that
I am part of this young group.

I would say that this was...

is the absolute most difficult
vote that we have had to date.

Difficult or not,
it is time to vote.

Jenna, you're up.

I think you're one
of the nicest people I ever met,

and you put
what's good for others

before what's good for you.


that also makes you a really
terrible Survivor player.

Matt, I'm voting for you,
because later on down the line,

you may be a threat,
and, uh, I don't know.

We'll see what happens.

I'll go tally the votes.

Once the votes are read,
the decision is final.

The person voted out
will be asked

to leave the Tribal Council area

I'll read the votes.

First vote--



One vote-- Shawna,
one vote-- Matt.


Two votes-- Shawna.

Two votes-- Matt.

We're tied. Two votes-- Shawna,
two votes-- Matt.

That's three votes-- Shawna.

Last vote.

Sixth person voted

out of the Amazon--


You need to bring me your torch.

Shawna, the tribe has spoken.

Well, this is certainly

a rollercoaster
of highs and lows.

And this tribe
has already had its fair share,

including tough decisions
like you had to make tonight.

We're only 18 days in.

Got to keep your head, because

there is a lot more
still to come.

Grab your torches,
head back to camp.

Good night.

PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes
from our next episode.

Next time on Survivor...

-There it is.
-Here's the key!

PROBST: The tribes learn
the secret of the locked box.

DEENA: I don't think I have seen
Jaburu move that fast,


PROBST: And it all comes off
at the immunity challenge.

-Heidi, do you want to pull your
pants down? -BUTCH: Oh, my!

-I'm not looking.
-Oh, I'm looking.

-Are you kidding me?
-Oh, my God.

I went through so much
in this brief amount of time.

I don't think I've ever had
a bigger crash course in life.

At age 24, I never thought

I'd be so touched
by an experience.

My trip may have ended here,

but this is only the beginning
of an absolutely new me.

You guys, thank you so much
for the time of my life.

You're awesome.