Survivor (2000–…): Season 6, Episode 5 - Pick-Up Sticks - full transcript

The survivors learn what the new tribe dynamics will be; accusations fly after a conversation is overheard; one tribe feels completely in control until an injury occurs.

Previously on Survivor...

Jaburu was divided

by differences in work ethic.

Can we keep it clean, please?

They're just constantly trying

to make everyone feel bad,
like they're not doing enough.

And Heidi, Shawna and Jenna

formed an alliance
to protect themselves.

If we could swing
Deena's vote,

then it was, you know, game on.

I just need to know.


The men won their first reward.

Ah, yeah, boys!


Jaburu's loss sent them

-into a downward spiral.
-Well, that sucked.

PROBST: And Shawna asked
her tribe to vote her out.

I don't see myself lasting
for 30 more days.

PROBST: Tambaqui's fishing
skills won them immunity.

Tambaqui, congratulations.

And Jaburu was forced to choose

between protecting their
alliance or Shawna's health.

If Shawna wants to go first,
are we putting her first

-before Joanna?

It's about the core alliance.

And suck it up, baby,

'cause you're along
as long as we want you to.

PROBST: Although Shawna chose
not to vote with the alliance,

they still forced her
to stay in the game

by voting Joanna
out of the tribe.

The tribe has spoken.

12 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

DEENA: With Joanna gone,
I feel as if I am in control.

I am...

alpha female top dog
right at this point in time.

But Jeanne
is unbelievably pissed off.

I can't even begin to tell you
how pissed off Jeanne is.

I was really in shock

when Joanna
got voted off last night.

Shawna's such a liability.
She needed to go.

She was crying.

She was almost begging to go,

and they vote
the strongest person off.


It's truly ironic

that the people
I set up my alliance with

are now trapping me
inside the game

totally against my will.

I'm just...
I'm at the lowest of my low,

and no one is respecting the
fact that I am falling apart.

Shawna's problem is 70% mental.

We're not going to sacrifice
ourselves for her sake,

so she might as well buck up
and play with the rest of us.

I think we're definitely

getting the hang
of living out here.

Like, I was thinking
about it today.

We just tromp around out here
like it's our backyard.

How you doing over there, Butch?

I went through mine.

I'm almost through this thing.


-All right?
-Damn it.

Come on.

Banged myself in the forehead.

Yeah, you got a cut.

Keep going.
Clear right through.

What happened to you?

Banged myself in the head.

With the machete?

-Are you bleeding?

Go get a cold Coke.

I got it! I got it!

I don't want to bandage it
till I get the swell...

-make sure the swelling
goes down. -Yeah.

-Thanks. -I really want to get
some iodine on there, you know?

This will... Okay.

I'm actually surprised

that an injury like this
has not happened earlier.

No one here is really
that experienced

with, uh, working
with a machete.

So he's lucky,
since it's not very serious.

I'm going to pull your skin.
Do you feel like

-it's going together
a little bit? -Yeah, it's fine.


Not only does it
look functional, Alex,

but it looks cool.

-It really does look cool.


Chicks dig scars, so, you know,

maybe, uh... maybe that'll
work out for the best.

JEANNE: I just wanted
to address every...

everybody this morning,
because of

a conversation
I overheard last night.

You guys were talking
pretty loud,

and I didn't sleep at all.

I wasn't feeling too hot.

I heard Deena say your problem

was that you weren't part
of the team.

If you think that I wasn't part
of the team...

I was talking about her.

It didn't sound like that.

No, I was talking about

Christy's attitude
in the first three days.

-Is something else
bothering you? -JEANNE: No.


-This is a big deal. -I don't
see why you would even think

you... we wouldn't think you
were part... You do so much.

-I mean, you know you do a lot.
-It's an atmosphere of paranoia.

I didn't know
what your plan was yesterday.

-No one, you know...
-DEENA: There was some

personality differences,
and we all want to feel like

-we're unified.
-Well, I feel like you guys

are unified,
'cause you guys hang here

and I... I'm always out there.

So I'm gonna stay here today,

near the fire, and let
you guys go out there.

I... and... have at it.

-Okay. -Because I'm sick and
tired of the damn thing.


-Have it.

DEENA: Jeanne is sweating
in her panties.

She's thinking,

"God help me,
what am I going to do?"


I have a feeling this is,
like, Pandora's Box.



-Okay, cats.
-Hey, hey, sports fans.

"Prepare to have

"a little fun,

"unfortunately, for only one.

"The map will show you
the place you're after.

Send your youngest
for wine and laughter."

Hey, hey, we got a map.

-So, who's going?
-Who's our youngest?

-Who's our youngest?
-Who's our youngest?


I wish I had voted Dave out of
here on day one.

I was very upset, because...

I wanted to go
for wine and laughter.

I'm just very annoyed

that the golden boy Dave falls
face-first into good luck.

-Prepare to have a little fun.
-DAVE: Well, I better go

get showered and,
uh, lathered up, baby.

"...only one.

"The map will show
the place you're after.

"Send your youngest for wine

and laughter."

No way!
Is that just Jenna's going?

Get ready, baby.

JENNA: And it said
only one person can go

and send your youngest,
and immediately I was, like, oh,

I'm the youngest, so I'm gonna
have to do something by myself.

Don't assume youngest means age.

What do you think, we age
differently, like cheese?

-Could be youngest at heart.
-JENNA: And I was, like,

youngest means youngest--
come on, now.

I'm the youngest;
give it a break.

I'm going somewhere,
and you're not.

-Good luck. -Have fun.
-Thank you. Bye, guys.

-Bye. -Take care.
-Rock on, Jenna!

Come on in, guys.

Paddle in
as close as you can get.

DAVE: After quite
a long paddle, ended up

at this fantastic
bungalow with Jenna.

We paddled up together,

a little apprehensive,
uh, curious.

-Welcome, guys.
-DAVE: Hello.

-You know each other, right?

13 days, you've been

out here in the Amazon jungle.

-That's right.
-Separated from

day one into tribes
of men and women

with no tribal interaction
outside of challenges.

You know, in the Amazon
the local Indians

have a saying: History
belongs to the old men,

the village belongs
to the adults,

but opportunity
is for the young.

So we thought,
maybe it's about time

we had an official
"get to know you."

-Based on age--

you are both the youngest--
you were selected.

You may view this as a break

from the tribes;

you may view it
as a strategic opportunity.

That is up to you guys.

You will have plenty of food...

-Oh! -Oh!
-(both laughing)

...couple of bottles of wine,

outdoor shower with fresh

We've got towels, slippers,

robes, and of course,
a beautiful

and very, very soft bed...

-We're staying here?
-...with clean sheets.

-For the night?
-You're staying here tonight.

-Oh, yes! -Very nice!
-Your casa...

-Thank you very much. -Yay!

-Thank you.
-Have a good time, guys.

Will do.

All right!

-Oh, my God!

JENNA: It was, like,
our own little, like, private

bungalow for two in the middle
of, like, this gorgeous jungle,

and I was, like,

"You've got to be
crapping me," because...

it's, like, sensory overload.

Oh, shoes off.

DAVE: First thing we did
was get out of the stinky,

sweaty clothes,
put on the bath robes, and, uh,

we both sat down and started
eating grapes and drinking wine

and eating cheese and cra...

It was... it was heaven.

It was... it was heaven in the



So, yeah, so Jaburu life's

-going well?
-Um, it's good.

-It's good.

Though I know our tribe
is pretty boring.

See, we don't do a lot
of talking, and I try

to tell the girls,
I'm, like, you know what,

we should do, like,
talk, like, every day

just to be real.

JENNA: We were so excited
to actually talk

to someone of the opposite sex,
we were, like, ready

to just, like, chat away.

Heidi, who I've become
really close to...

-I expected that.
-She's, like,

really, really upbeat
all the time.

And Shawna is falling apart.

She doesn't wanna be here;
we just keep her on the tribe.

Jenna did go into great detail
about the status of her tribe.

However, you got to think,

do you want to be
revealing all this

about... about your tribe?

So I approached Heidi,
I was, like,

we need to stick together,

the younger people, and we

approached Shawna,
said we need to stick together.

Shawna approached Deena.

There's us,
our four, against three.

Who would you have voted next?

Uh, probably Jeanne.

Her attitude has really

gotten bad since Joanna's left.

I'm telling you all
this stuff, but, oh, well.

DAVE: I'll give you
a rundown of our tribe. Roger,

he's a kind of engineer.

He's 56.

Alex is 33.

-He is

a triathlon coach
out of Los Angeles...

and, uh...

We, uh... we have a good time.

All of us, like,
all the guys are really nice.

But it's crude.

Rob talks about Heidi's breasts.

We talk about your-your ass.


-Barely even there.
-You have a sexy ass.

(laughs): Oh, God!

You have a sexy ass,
so we talk about your sexy ass.

Oh... ah...

Went and took a shower,
I had four walls.

The walls were made
out of palm fronds.

They were semi-translucent.

But the water's clean.

You know, it felt really good
just to have something...

something fall on my head.

You didn't wear shoes, did you?

-No, I didn't.
-Jenna took a shower

after I took a shower.

See, you're gonna be able to see
my, like, boobs. (laughs)

DAVE: So, there's a naked girl
in the shower that

you can see into,
and I'm standing

on the other side of camp
brushing my teeth, thinking

that this is the greatest thing
that's ever happened to me.

-JENNA: Very cool.
-Are you a snorer?

I don't know.
Do you snore?

I twitch for, like...

-right before I fall asleep.

JENNA: We got to sleep
in a bed, which was

so refreshing.
It couldn't have been

a better reward challenge,
because we didn't have

to do anything except
just be born in the right year.

Oh... this is so funny.

-DAVE: This is classic.

(birds chirping,
insects chittering)

-(Dave groans)
-JENNA: Good morning.


That was nice.

I slept so well,

and Jenna was fantastic
to sleep next to.

She didn't kick;
she didn't bite;

she didn't...


Oh, my God.

Jenna, you are gonna die

when you see this food
out here right now.

There's more?

We're eating it in bed.

Oh, wow!

JENNA: There was,
like, fruit juice there,

crescent rolls, breads,

Danish-type bread,

fruit, bananas.

It was so great.

This is just bitchin'.

I'm gonna fall asleep.


Good morning.

-Look at this scene.

Oh, my.

-We had fun. We really...
-Yeah? -Uh-huh.

And we didn't...
we didn't hold back anything.

We told it all.

We pretty much know everything
about each other's

-tribes now.

Plant it down here.

Grab a pillow.
Boom, here and here.

Just a little more business
to take care of, that's all.

-We'll be out of here.

And then he said, okay,

take a seat at the table,
and I was, like,

aw, man, take
a seat at the table--

I was, like, that means
this isn't even over yet.

Well, I am glad to hear
that you guys

shared a little bit
of information.

That information's
gonna come in real handy,

'cause the game's
about to take a turn.

We're gonna have a little draft,

and you two are in charge
of picking new tribes.

So, here's how it's gonna work.

You two will alternate
in your choices

and you'll begin with
a member of the opposite sex,

and then you'll go
man, woman, man, woman.

So it really doesn't matter
who goes first. Anybody want to?

You go first.

Dave, make your
first choice: it's a woman.

I think she regretted saying

a lot of the
information she did.

Jenna had talked a lot
about her alliance with Heidi

and how strong Heidi was.

You know...

-Oh, God, don't screw me...

I've only heard
good things about Heidi,

-and, uh...
-Oh, God, no.

-PROBST: Heidi.

First member of Tambaqui.

-Killing me, you're killing me.

Aw, man, I hurt hard when he
took her because she was, like,

my rock here, and I don't know
what I'm gonna do without her.

Like, when she... she... Ooh,
it almost made me want to cry.

Jenna, who's the first guy?

Um, I'm gonna
have to pull Alex,

because of his
athletic ability and stamina.

Alex now a member of Jaburu.

All right, Dave,
now you're picking a guy.

-So you're gonna keep Butch

-on Tambaqui.
-I'm keeping Butch.


Deena. Deena by far.

-PROBST: Deena stays on Jaburu.


Picking a woman.

I'm gonna take Christy.

PROBST: Christy now
a member of Tambaqui.

Pick another guy, Jenna.

I'm gonna have to go for Rob.

Rob now a member of Jaburu.

-Dave, pick a guy.

I'm gonna take Roger.

Roger stays on Tambaqui.

I'm gonna take Shawna.

Shawna stays with Jaburu.

Last two choices

are already made.

-You got Jeanne...
-JENNA (whispers): Matthew.

and Matthew becomes
a member of Jaburu.

So, those are our new tribes.

So, that was it, new tribes,

as easy as that,
in ten minutes. (laughs)

It's just like
the game started again.

-It's like a brand-new game.
-PROBST: Jenna,

three new buffs.

DAVE: Jeff gave us three new
buffs and a map...

-Let's go.
-...and said

we had to paddle back and...

tell everybody,

and away they go.

(insects buzzing)

-Waiting on Dave.

-Where are you, Dave?
-Dave's at some

Amazon bed and breakfast

eating melba toast
and, uh, Belgian waffles.

Here he is.

I see him.

-Big Dave!

-Boo-yah! -Sounds good.
-What have you got for us, kid?

He brought the map back.

All right.

Woke up early this morning,
I had... had some food,

thought of you guys, raised
a toast and all that stuff.

Jeff came in, and he dumps out
all these chips on the table

with names of
all the tribe members.

So we have new tribes.


with that being said,
I picked...

Butch and Roger
staying here with me, and...

Alex, Rob and Matt
are going to Jenna's tribe.

So he's, like, "Well,

"let me tell you guys this:

"I completely was true to us,

"and I completely
took advantage of Jenna.

"Oh, by the way,
Rob, Alex and Matt,

"you're gonna go live with...
you're gonna go to Jenna's camp

"with Shawna and Deena,
and a bunch of other girls

are gonna stay here
with me, Butch and Roger."

I chose, strategy-wise,
on how I thought

the six of us were... would be
strongest to go into the merge.

-ROB: We taking our stuff?
-You're taking

your stuff and your luxury item.

-Okay, guys. Here.
-The chicks coming...

-The chicks coming here?
-Roger, take care. See you soon.

DAVE: And, uh,
we'll tag up with you guys

at the immunity challenge.

-We're good.
-Whup your ass.

ROB: I was very mad
when I found out

that my fate in this game
would be determined by Dave.

I don't think he has
my best interests at heart.

Tambaqui at heart, fellas.

He cares about himself,
and, apparently,

about Roger and about Butch.

I-I really hope it works out.

It was kind of the, uh, thought

-behind the whole thing.
-Let me take a look at the map.

-Good luck. I mean that. -See
you guys on the flip side, guys.

-All right.
-Hey, give me a hug.

-All right, buddy. -See you
later, buddy, all right?

-All right, you guys.

-Oh, my God!

JEANNE: Cinderella's
back from the ball!

How was it?

It was fun, until

a certain point,
and then it didn't get fun.

-JEANNE: It was fun till what?
-Three of you guys are going

to Tambaqui,

and it's Heidi,
Jeanne and Christy.

HEIDI: Jenna and I
are pretty buddy-buddy,

so when she came up
and told the three of us...

-It was, uh, we picked...
-Oh, can I get a hug?

-they picked, we... -Can we get
a group hug before we do this?

I really couldn't...
it was a shock to me.

So, I mean,
it was kind of, like,

"Oh, man, that really stinks!"

-I love you.
-I love you, too.

I'm sorry. I tried
to keep us all together.


I tried.

-Bye, guys.

-Bye, ladies.

CHRISTY: Jeanne, I think
your clothes are over here.

Ha, ha, ha...

I'm psyched, actually.

Obviously, I was feeling fine.

I was happy that
I was leaving that group.

-JENNA: Here's your map.

Love you guys.

HEIDI: All three of us are
in the same situation right now.

What are they gonna think?
What are we gonna do?

Yeah, but if
we ever had to create

an alliance, it's now.

CHRISTY: Thank you, Jeanne,
for paddling over there.

-I'm so glad.
-That's okay.

I just wanted to tell you...

-DAVE: Hey, hey, hey, hey!
-HEIDI: Hey!

-Welcome to Tambaqui.

-Here they are.

-Comb my hair.
-Put my shirt on.

-We're up here. Why don't, uh...
-HEIDI: Okay, great. come do the tour.

-Hi, guys.
-We mixed it all up. -Wow!

-How are you?

-Jeanne. -Jeanne,
I'm pleased to meet you.

-Roger, Jeanne.

-Hi. Christy.
-Christy, good to meet you.

Good to meet you, Chr-Christy.

-So nice to meet you.

-Hi, Heidi.

-Hi. -Sorry we stink;
we were fishing.

I was impressed.

Dave, Roger and Butch
all welcomed us.

I mean, it was like
a celebration of a new tribe.

-I felt awesome.

Just to let you guys know, since
we're in a circle, I am deaf,

so, um, you just got to look
at me when you talk to me.

When I say "What?"
please say it again.

I'm... at nighttime,

I'm very... not helpful.

If um... don't know how
you guys watch fire,

if, like, one person will stay
up all night and watch fire.

-No, we don't watch fire.
-We don't watch fire.

Very surprised to find out

that Christy is deaf,
and also very surprised

in how well she is doing.

I never would have guessed
that she was deaf

by watching the other tribe.

-It's... it's amazing.
-So, where you guys from?

DAVE: Well, I think
without further ado, though...

-All right!

Is this our initiation?

-Cool. Thanks.

DAVE: If you got
any speeches or whatnot.

So, I'm psyched.

Raise up. You're the new guys...
or the new girls.


-Tambaqui! -Tambaqui!

I'm psyched. I'm psyched.

(insects chittering)

-ALEX: Honey, we're home!
-ROB: Ladies, we're here!

-DEENA: They're coming.
-(Shawna groans)

Oh, yeah!
What's up?

-What's up, boys?



It's amazing what

a little bit of testosterone
can do for somebody.

Boys come into the camp,
and Shawna is...

180 degrees better.

-Hi. (laughing)
-How are you?

-How are you guys?
-We all stink really bad.

-Oh, it's okay. How are you?


-Hi! -Hi! Great to be
part of the family.

Look at this new buff.

It's a privilege to be here.

ROB: You were smiling all the
time, just like I was.

So I knew you were as excited
as I was to be here.

JENNA: See, that's what we were
lacking here, some laughter.

-Well, that's... -Oh, well,
you got the right guys, then.

ROB: I'm going to wait
before I attempt any sort

of proposition
to these girls, but...

should Shawna and Jenna
walk around here naked,

I will promise them
I will not cast a vote

in their direction
until the merger.

CHRISTY: That really
shows that, yeah, man,

I'm actually in a team

where... we're thinking

on the same level--
like, I think

-we'll kick some butt.
-The one thing

I like about this tribe is

they're very aware that,
okay, we got somebody who's deaf

and they really try
to make sure I'm looking.

Can you... can you see?

I see Roger. I see Butch.

-ROGER: Is that okay?
-I think, yeah.

You have to look at Christy,

because she's deaf.
I'm making

an extra effort to make sure

she knows what's going on.

I'm making sure that she,
you know, sees me.

At night we can make
the lantern a little brighter.

That way, she can read our lips

and be included
in the evening conversation

and make her feel
even more welcome.

Guys, I mean, I'm just
really glad to be in a group

where this lantern
is useful, you know?

In that Jaburu tribe,
it was not even...

it was never possible.

So I really, you know...
and me feeling comfortable,

I will definitely do...
put my 110% into this tribe.

It's just a really, uh...
good feeling inside.

So knowing that I was
in a really good group,

I really appreciate that.

ALEX: See if you guys can guess
who got the most votes

for the hottest girl on...

on the old Jaburu tribe.


-My guess was Shawna.
-ROB: You are correct.

-That is correct.

-Shawna, you...
-Shawna, Shawna took the...

Shawna took it down.

Alex is so fun.

I dig him so much.

He is adorable.

I dig his sense of humor.

He's my type, you know?

MATTHEW: Yeah, I-I really like
the way the team came together.

I mean, based on what we know
about who we left behind.


I'm hurtin'.

Deena went
from top to the bottom.

Shawna may not be so interested
in the chick thing anymore.

Shawna may be interested
in the Alex thing.

How loyal will she be
to Jenna and myself?

Because clearly it should be
the three women

against the three men,
if we are going

-to protect one another.
-23. -Where are you from?

-California. San Francisco.

Nice! I used to live
in San Francisco.

-Where? Where are you from?
-I'm... I actually

went to high school in Alameda.

-Are you serious?
-I am serious.

Hey, guys!

We got treemail!

-BUTCH: Treemail?
Whoo! All right! -Yeah!

Our first challenge together,

and the fearless crew is ready.

What does it say?

-"Paddle..." -"Paddle,"
"practice," "immunity,"

"brawn" and "animals."

DAVE: You see
the "brawn" and the "paddle,"

and you're like, all right,

-you know we're going rowing.
-Right, right.

I think our chances of winning

are-are very good.

These-These three girls
are strong.

I'm very pleased
with Dave's selection.

We got three, uh,
good women over here.

Yeah, we feel very confident.

First things first.

Immunity back up for grabs.

So, this is my first chance
to get a look at the new tribes.

Heidi, what was the reaction
when you saw and figured out

-what was going down?
-Some of us weren't sure.

I think it was needed, and it

-was a different pace.
-What was your take, Alex?

Rob and Matthew and I
are totally psyched.

Couldn't be happier. We got

an awesome team over here
and we're, uh, we're stoked.

PROBST: Okay, your first
challenge as new tribes

is for immunity,
and it works in two stages.

First stage is a word scramble.

You'll have ten images
on your puzzle board

associated with the Amazon.

Only five of those will show up
in the word scramble.

Once you find all five words,

you move to the second stage,

where you will paddle out and
around the island, retrieving

the five corresponding flags.

First tribe back
with the five correct flags

in their box wins immunity.

Lose-- Tribal Council looms.

I'll take my spot.

I'll give you a go.

For immunity, Survivors ready.




-Tarantula. -Tarantula.

-PROBST: Tambaqui has one.

Piranha. Uh, up.

Put... all right,
down, down, down.

Go over, go over.

JENNA: Piranha.
Right there in front of us.

Jaburu's got their first.

Did anybody check iguana?

Go to the "I" right there.

I-G-U-A-N-A. Iguana.

Tambaqui with two.

-What does that end in?


Jaburu gets their second word.


Very good.

Tambaqui has three.

Underneath the "T"
on the bottom.

-"T" up, diagonal to...
-That is iguana, right?

Jaburu's got three.

Piranha. It's up here.


That's four words for Tambaqui.

ROB (whispers):

(whispering inaudibly)

We're all tied up, four-four.

-CHRISTY: I see mosquito.

Mosquito, "M," lower corner.

"M"... "M"... backwards.


-One, two, three...


Nope, you're not done.

Four are right;
one word is wrong.

-There's no "U" here.
-Mosquito is not right.

PROBST: Jaburu with four right,
working on their fifth word.


-PROBST: Jaburu has
all five right. -Yeah!

-Get your flags.
-ALEX: Get in there, guys.

-I got the rope.
-JEANNE: What's this?

Jaguar is right there.


-Right? Oh, no.
-Dig it out.

Good job, guys.


PROBST: Now you have
all five. Moving on.

-Remember it, you remember it.
-Anaconda. -I got iguana.

Remember, you only need

the five flags
that match the words.

Get them in your tribe color.

Get it, Rob.

-All right, go.
-Then back... -Pass it back.

-Back there's anaconda.
-PROBST: Jaburu has

their first flag.

Come on, baby.

Get it out of there.
Go, go, go, go!

Tambaqui with their first flag.

Lot of ground to catch up,
but you can do it.

ALEX: Back up. Back it up, back
it up, back it up, back it up.

Can you grab it?
Maybe we can go back.

All right, you got it?
All right, just let...

Don't do anything,
don't do anything.

-Turn around. -Think we ought
to back up a little bit.

Jaburu with two flags.

Tambaqui with their second flag.


Don't fall in.

-Hold on to it first.
Hold on. -Got it?

-Got it?
-Hold on to it. You got it.

-Back up. Go.

Back up, back up, back up.

Jaburu with flag number three.

Two flags left to Jaburu.

Two flags.

-Go, go, go, go!
-Tambaqui now with three flags.

All right, then we'll cut
straight over there.

PROBST: Tambaqui making up
a lot of ground.

-(frustrated grunting)
-Okay. Okay. -You got it?

-All right, don't fall in.
-Up there, see that?

PROBST: Jaburu with
four flags and the lead.

-HEIDI: We can do it.
-Tambaqui with

four flags--
you have one left.

A chance to catch up.

Jaburu is slowing down.

Yeah, this'll be nice and slow

on this one
so we don't pass it.

-Good job, baby.
-Here we go.

Good job, keep hold
of it. Great!

All right, forward.

Jaburu has all five flags,

heading to the finish.

Tambaqui making up
a lot of ground.


Tambaqui with their last flag.

It is a race to the finish.

So we got it.

Let's go. Let's go. Let's go.

We have to tie up the boat.

Tie it up. Tie it up, Rob.
Tie it up.

Let's go, let's go!

All five flags

got to be in the box,

and all six tribe members
have to be here.

That's it, Tambaqui, don't quit.


that's two, that's three,

Jenna with number five.

Jaburu wins immunity!


-Oh, yeah!
-(shouting, whooping)

Jaburu, well earned.
Well played.

-Nice teamwork.


Three more days in the Amazon.

Tambaqui, sorry to say,

you'll get your first taste
of Tribal Council.

Somebody's going home.

The fun has just begun.


It's not a fun day today.

I didn't think we'd be going

to Tribal Council tonight,
but we are.

And... we have
no idea how to vote.

Christy and Heidi and myself,
we have to vote together.

We don't really know
these guys that well.

We don't know
if they have problems

with one another
or what's going on here.

We figure if they vote
for one of us

and we vote for one
of them, then we'll have a...

I guess, a tie-off.

CHRISTY: Do you really want
Dave off our tribe?

HEIDI: For me, he's
the last one I want to go

-as far as the guys go.
-Why's that?

Like you said,
I mean, he picked us.

I mean, he saw something in us.

JEANNE: Well, okay,
but before we draw

-between... Butch and Roger...
-Butch and Roger.

...a-and to this day,
everyone always says

it was a draw of all three.

-Does that sound right?

We just took a little boat ride

out there and what
we decided was to...

draw straws-- we put
a name on each of the straws

and we had to draw one
to, uh, vote off tonight.

Butch or Roger?

Shorter stick goes.

Which one's shorter?

-That one. Butch.

So Butch goes.

It was really a toss-up.

We wanted to be
as fair as we can be.

We figured that's probably
what they're gonna do, too.

Today was a pisser.

Long, long pisser.

Dave and I went to go
pick up some firewood.

He just pulled me aside and
he's, like, "Uh, you know,

I-I definitely want
to talk to you about something."

Um, I picked you,

because I want to carry you
over into the merge.

And I talked to Butch and Roger,
and you're...

I mean, it's gonna be
the four of us.

And so he just told me, you
know, "I really want you to

try to be an alliance with the
other three guys here," so...

It's just the conversation
just all of a sudden

came up, so that
kind of caught me

-off guard, actually.
-Like, if you were

in my position, what
do you think you would do?

-I'd c... I'd come with us.
-You would?

We're going with plan A.

Jeanne's gone tonight.

-Oh, man.
-Heidi needs to know

that we plan on getting rid of
Jeanne first and then Christy.

Jeanne was kind of next
on the chopping block

for Jaburu.

So I understand with my vote,
I mean, definitely you guys

are getting ahead.

But if we lose the next two,
you know I'm out of here.

-You know what I'm trying to
say? -I-I...

-I won't bull ... you, you know?
That's what it is. -I know.

I know it is.

HEIDI: I had a strong alliance
with the girls before I came

into this tribe.

It's kind of like, okay, now
what do I do? I mean...

I am really in
just a rock and a hard stone.

I mean, I am just right there.

I am, like,
the key factor right now

to this whole
voting process tonight.

And I'm incredibly
uncomfortable with that.

Welcome to your first Tribal
Council as the new Tambaqui.

First thing I want
to know is reaction

to the switch of tribes.

I was excited for a change,

I really was,
and the gentlemen here,

they were gentlemen,
they welcomed us.

-It really was great.

what does that do to your
feelings of the old Jaburu,

the women that
are still on Jaburu?

I adore Jenna,

so, I mean, I have
no hard feelings whatsoever.

She made the choice based
on what she had to go with.

I still love 'em all.

I'm glad to be here
just as much, though.

Christy, how has

your assimilation
with this new tribe been?

These guys handled it
so much better

than the girls did
when I joined their tribe.

They were awesome,
and I just really appreciate it.

You know, they really would try
their best to look at me,

and try their best
to really include me

and not feel like
I do have a disability.

Which is just...
oh, I'm so impressed.

So what do you do now?

Somebody's going tonight.

What's that gonna be
based on, Christy?


So do you...

look at old alliances
and give them a value,

or do you say, you know,

"I can't, I'm in a new tribe"?

Well, it's hard, we've only...

I met these guys
a day and a half.

We didn't really have time
to really mingle.

I don't know, it is
a very hard decision,

and yes, it's on numbers,
and I'd have to say alliance.

You know, alliance
is what I can depend on.

Well, alliances give both tribes

a 50-50 chance of being
the dominant faction tomorrow.

-Right. -Right now
you're even, three-three.

Three women, three men.

So, Roger,

-how you vote?
-It's a new day.

I'm gonna vote, uh, who I think
is the weakest, uh...

weakest link to go on.

So old alliances with

the men could be out the
window-- if Butch is

the weak guy,
that's the way it goes.


Jeanne, how you voting?

Weakest link.

And alliance.

And they both are the same?


Heidi, how are you voting?

I'd say...

I mean, yeah.

There are so many things running
through my head right now.

-Give me one.
-You know, I mean, it is

girls against guys, and then
at the same time we're a team.

That's just
killing me right now.

Just, like, you know,
head spinning. (laughs)

And, uh, it's killing me.

It is time to vote.


I'll go tally the votes.

Once the votes are read,
the decision is final.

Person voted out'll
be asked to leave

the Tribal Council area

I'll read the votes.

First vote...


Butch. One vote-- Butch,
one vote-- Jeanne.

That's two.

That's two votes-- Butch,
two votes-- Jeanne.

Jeanne. That's three votes--
Jeanne, two votes-- Butch.

Last vote.

Fifth person
voted out of the Amazon...


You need to bring me your torch.

Jeanne, the tribe has spoken.

So I guess the question is,

was tonight's vote based
on old tribal gender lines, or,

as you guys say, the weak link
in a new, big, happy tribe?

Guess we'll find out.

You can head back to camp.
Good night.

PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes
from our next episode.

Next time on Survivor...

Tambaqui shares
a tender moment.

BUTCH: That smile on Christy's
face, that's a moment, I'll

never forget that
as long as I live.

PROBST: And at Jaburu,
Shawna's recovery

is sparked by Alex.

I definitely want

to get to know him better.

Like, he's
an incredible person.

At Jaburu,
is there romance

in the air? Maybe.

I guess I wasn't made
to play this game, because...

I didn't want to lie or cheat,

and I know that's
how I'm off right now.

I played a tough game-- I'm

tough, I'm mean, I'm focused

I'm determined, but I guess

I'm just not a nasty liar.

And that's really
what you have to be.

Good luck to them,
because in the game of life,

I'm the winner.