Survivor (2000–…): Season 6, Episode 7 - Girls Gone Wilder - full transcript

Female castaways strip to gain their favorite food items; a castaway struggles over a departed tribe member; a locked box brings tribal changes.

Previously on Survivor...

Tambaqui returned from
Tribal Council vowing to unite.

We have to go forward
as a new team.

And at Jaburu,

Shawna blossomed
in the company of men...

The guys saved me
from the women.

...especially Alex.

Okay, you know, Shawna, that I'm
not gonna ever tell you to stop.

SHAWNA: I want to get
to know him better.

He is an incredible person.

-PROBST: Led by Christy,

Tambaqui rolled to victory
at the reward challenge.


At Jaburu, Rob and Deena
formed an alliance of two.

DEENA: Rob approached me and
he said, "I need some help."

And I said,
"Listen, I need some help."

Tambaqui was victorious

for a second straight

Tambaqui wins immunity!

So Jaburu
went to Tribal Council,

where Alex looked on as
Shawna became the sixth person

voted out of the Amazon.

Ten are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

(footsteps approaching)

Don't step on the fire,

What's that?

Don't step on the fire.

DEENA: Tribal Council
tonight was awful.

Shawna is gone.

Somebody's gonna have to
do fire shift by themselves.

You know, we miss

that extra little spark,

the extra little bandana
with the sunglasses.

I hate Tribal Council.

I feel physically, mentally
and emotionally exhausted.

Alex, I think, is a little bit

depressed that Shawna
is not here anymore.

And I'll be honest,
it's not the same

not having another, uh,

23-year-old girl
in a bikini around, but

maybe he'll get his head out
of his ass and start thinking

about the game again,
like he should be.

As a team, do you guys think
it's a good idea for

the three guys-- should we have
a merger-- to go back

to the other three guys and say
that, that we kept their plan

all along and kept
all the guys together,

and that's why
Shawna got voted out?

But then you're just gonna
pick us girls off.

No, but we're not really
gonna do that.

We're just gonna tell them.

Then you guys can also
get the two girls to vote.

See, Heidi, I have confidence
in; Christy, I do not.

You guys would have to
get Heidi, then we'd be able

to split up their vote
and we could knock off Dave.


This is just our insurance

to make sure it's not
gonna be a five-five tie.

It's kind of, uh, deceptive,
though, and it's only a sug--

it's only a suggestion.

I don't like having to

discuss strategy
in an open forum,

but should there be a merger
in the next three days,

I just wanted to make sure that

all these knuckleheads
understand the plan.

Alex, are you
comfortable with that?


This is my thinking.

Dave is probably the physically
strongest out of everyone.

I'm concerned that,
what-what if it never...?

If we give him the opportunity
to win immunity,

-he'll take it.
-Yes. Yes.

That's fine with me.

If we can pinch Dave,

then the whole house of cards
is gonna crumble.


Once we have that majority,

it's-- "Roger, shut up.

"Shut up, Roger.

Stop talking, Roger."

And finally, the shoe
will be on the other foot.

And it's gonna feel really good.


That's gonna be
a highlight of my game.


Welcome. You have treemail.

You have made my experience here
so much more enjoyable.

I'll be here all week.

Okay, I opened it last time.
You go.

-Here it is.
-The key! The key!



It says...

(shouting excitedly)

DEENA: Now, mind you,
there's been this box

inside of our supplies

since day one.

And it drives everybody nuts.

You know, you shake it,
you throw it, you drop it,

you want to know what's inside.

We were all excited

because we got to open

the box.

(humming fanfare)

We speculated for 18 days
what was in there.


Boy, isn't that great.

"You started men and women,
then mixed it up for fun,

For those who survive 19 days,
it's time to live as one..."

"Paddle to your new location,
leave your old life behind,

"Take your water,
machete and personal pack

In the brand-new world
you're about to find."

-Oh, we gotta build
a new shelter? -Yeah.

-That sucks.

-Pack 'em up, kids.

The note clearly says:

"Now you should become one,"
and we're off.

It's over.

It is a merger.

-Anybody kind of nervous?

But you know what?
We're here.

We're down with Jaburu, right?

-Hell, yes.
-We're here.

Yeah, you guys have really...

Dave, Roger, Butch.

Amen to that, sister.

And don't ever let them see

the five of us
talking at one, at one time.

-I agree.
-They'll suspect something's up.

-Is everybody okay with that?

We're all okay,
okay with that, right?

-Stick to it.

All for one.

One for all.

Jenna, thanks for bringing us
all together.

Oh, no problem.

Word up.

-Peace out.

Good-bye, camp.

Bye, home.

-Bye, home.
-Bye-bye. -Bye.

It was a good time,

neat place, good friendship.

I'll never forget it,
long as I live.


Here we go.

Come on in, guys!

Right up nice and tight,
right in here.

Make sure you get
all your stuff.

You're not coming back
to these boats.

Okay, as you guys know
from your treemail today,

the tribes of Jaburu and
Tambaqui will merge into one.

You started this as a tribe
of women and a tribe of men.

You then integrated
into two new tribes.

Today, you will form one
final tribe and you will live

with this tribe for the rest
of your days in the Amazon.

The game also changes
at this point.

It is now an individual game.

All challenges are individual--

individual reward,
individual immunity.

You can can take off your buffs
and drop them.

Jaburu and Tambaqui are no more.

New buffs.

New tribe color.

You will also have a new home.

That means, once again,

you're gonna have to
craft a new shelter.

When you arrive at your new
home, you must also come up with

a new tribe name
and paint your new tribe flag.

This is a map to your new home.

Everything you need will be
waiting for you

at your new camp.

You have a boat to assist you
in your journey.

I wish you good luck
for your final days.

Let's head out.
As you guys are heading

to your boat,
you can say your hellos

and all that stuff from back on.

Feels like I've known you
from day one.

I saw you the first time...

Hi, I'm Rob.

(all chattering)

I'm so happy.

I made it to the merger.

I j-- I... Wow.

Oh, nice to meet you.

DAVE: The surge of,
we've been battling one another

and-and trying
not to be eliminated

and trying to get
to this point of the game

and we've-we've succeeded,
it's fantastic.

We're here right now.

It's done.


ROGER: We arrive here
and, lo and behold,

when we get off the boat,
there is a feast

to end all feasts
laid out for us.

Is there chocolate?

Look at that-- salsa!

It's chocolate cookies!

Oh, my God!

There are burgers!

I'm betting...

Wait, wait.
What's in here?

-(cheering, shouting)
-Hot dogs!

(excited chattering)

Potato salad.

Here's some, uh, slaw.


Give me a burger.

Burger right here.

(excited chattering)

Here you go!

We're at a new point.

It's new people.

It's new friendships to be made.

And it's just-- it was just

a flurry of excitement.

Nobody's thinking about who's
going off next, at that point.

They're thinking,
we are blessed

to have this meal right now.

Let's celebrate.

-Who wants a beer?


Hey, here's to the new tribe
and here's to new friends.


-Cheers to you all.

Congratulations, final ten.

-Let's take it slow and really
enjoy it, guys. -You know it.

So what about our name?

We have some ideas
for a new tribe name.


Which is Portuguese
for "alligator."

For "caiman." Alligator.

-And "crocodile."
-That's not bad.

I have no other suggestion.

-I'm fine.
-A tribe is born.

-Jacaré. -Jacaré.
-Jacaré. -Jacaré.

Good salsa, too.

-I don't want to get up.
-I don't want to get up, either.

I'm eating chips, man.

Hand me a dog.

What has he been saying?

Ah, we'll talk later.

-All right.
-No, it's my, it's my favorite.

ROGER: We had a tendency
for the whole group

to kind of get, you know,

let's be festive
all afternoon, forgetting

the fact that we had to get
a shelter built.

Did we decide
we're gonna put the, uh,

the chips and the bread
and stuff in the basket?

That'll work.

Hey, you can pack the beer.

-Use that inside the pack.

Why don't you just...

Here, I'll use my raincoat
for the beer, also.

Well, it sure is not a priority.

Mine's not gonna fit in there.
It's too heavy.

And my focus was,

we got to keep the food,
you know, iced up.

Well, the guys got into this,

"Well, let's make
a special deal,

put the beer in there, make
sure we got that iced down."

And I, and I really--
I was really getting ticked off.

-Take it, take it.
-It's good cold beer, Roger.

We're going to drink it here
in just a little bit.

Butch, you need beer like a hole
in the head and you know it.

Well, it's something
that we don't like...

-So it's warm, so it's warm!
-All right, Rog.

-Not that big a deal, Roger.
-Here we go.

ALEX: The problem with Roger
is that he's an ass.

He's loud, he obnoxious,
he's bossy.

He thinks he knows everything.

And he wants to be
the dictator,

wants to be the leader.

And what he thought was
important took precedence.

And he's yelling at everybody.

We want to assign, uh... duties.

Now, we're not that far
from the water right here.

We are up high.

It's a little bit of a gamble,

as Roger and I
were talking about.

It's a little bit of a gamble
to stay right here.

I was a little concerned
about that

150 feet thing
that you're supposed to be from

the water's edge
for the whole crocodile...

Have you seen down there?

-It looks fairly swampy.
-I know.

We can move up there
or we can stay here.

My only suggestion is this:
if we're going to stay here,

I would rather the fire
be over there.

What, to keep the caiman away?

-Just to keep the caiman away.

Doesn't have to be a big blazer,
doesn't have to go all the time.

It really isn't necessary.

The caiman are not
going to come up here.

My-My training was,
yes, they do.


ROB: There is a lot of tension
between Deena and Roger.

Roger was in charge
of Tambaqui,

and Deena was
the leader of Jaburu.

And Deena is a very strong woman
who I have a lot of respect for.

She's a lawyer.

She can argue her way out of
just about any situation,

and Roger loves
to hear himself talk.

This-- it's so different.

You know, we're not that much
further from the water.

We're a little bit higher.

The differential there, I don't
think really gains us anything.

So you get these two together--

Roger thinks
that women are stupid,

Deena thinks that women
are better than men,

and there's just about
a million

different conversations they
could, they could go off on.

At night, the caiman go
into the water.

All right,
so we're staying here, cool.

All right, cool.

Just wanted, I just wanted
everyone to be part of that.


The roof will be like this.

That will be the end.

But then, that-that-that
causes us a problem,

palm frond lengthwise.

It's not going to be,
you know, the same,

but I think it's really
got to be the way...

That's a pretty good long
straight one.

Oh, you know that song
"Hallelujah, It's Raining Men"?

You know, God love 'em.

You need 'em. You need--

"All right,
getting the shelter together."

Roger said, "Okay,

"here we're going to
establish our floor

"and our base
and our perimeter,

"and roar, roar, roar, roar.

And you two,
you two go get palm fronds."

Um, can I start
putting the floorboards down?

Well, we got that;
we have that under control.

Helping Rob split the fronds
would be really great.


For the roof.

In here.

CHRISTY: I'm not working
on the shelter because

it's a "man" thing to do
or I'm not strong or...

If you don't have the
mathematical set, frame, plan

like they have it--
which really pisses me off,

because I really would
like to be a part of it.

I mean, if I'm out here
pulling palm fronds and logs

and really trying to be a team,
I want to be able to

put a log on there
and measure it and say, "Hey,"

and feel like I made the bed
as well as they did.

But I'm cool.
You know, if I can get

the palm fronds done
and have a little shelter

before the rain comes,
then okay, I'll be happy.

It sucks, right?

I know the boys
can drink, right?

"And only, only two can
get palm fronds."

I don't know. I'm a pretty good
damn palm-frond-getter myself.

I really want to put
the rest of the ice

on top of the beer,
but I'm so afraid.

Don't be afraid.
Will you quit being afraid?

Coming into this merger,

it's interesting to see
what everybody is doing.

Some people are busy
building the shelter.

Other people, like myself,
are busy building alliances

and working towards
the end of the game.

We'll see if you guys,
that are building the shelter,

are all going to be here

to use it for more than
six or nine days.

But you understand
what we have to do.

We have to start picking off
the stronger males.

Yeah, but please
let Roger go first.

-Oh, no, no, no.

No. No, no.

I don't care
what you want after that.

But then after Roger, who?

I don't know,
but he's gotta go.

Dave and Matt
are the strongest men.

They're the most threatening.

I know that
they're both nice guys,

but now it becomes
a different game.

But Roger has got to go first.

Because what will happen is,
if he gets on the jury,

and then, say, just me or you--

okay, any of the girls--

-he will vote against us.

So-- and there's
no doubt in my mind.

He is a hard-core male
all the way.

DEENA: My initial thing was,
let's get rid of Dave.

He clearly is
one of the strongest,

if not the strongest out here.

Jenna and Heidi
had a good point--

gotta give them their due--
they said, "Listen...

if we were to allow Roger
to be on the jury,

he would never ever
vote for a female."

Simply because we have
breasts and estrogen,

we must be, somehow, so far
inferior to that of a man.

They're right. Screw him.

-Uh, we're, uh...
-Uh, we'll need something else.

-Just like old times, you know.

The six of us building a shelter
together. It...

-Hey, guys. -Yeah, we were just
talking-- the guys

and I, and we think
it's just a little too easy.

We got six guys and four girls,
and our original game plan was,

the six guys against...
against the, uh...

against the girls,
and, you know,

it should be,
just pick 'em off.

And it just seems too easy.

Uh, something probably is going
to happen here. I...

I'm not that...
I'm not that confident yet.

We'll see.


The initial plan, right now,

is for the six guys
to eliminate the four girls,

and I am going to vote
for Christy, because it seems

that's the way
the old alliance is voting.

And if I were her,
I'd be really worried,

and I think Deena also saw
herself in that position

because she's been butting
heads with Roger,

and she knows that Roger

kind of has his alliance
on one side.

(thunder rumbling)

(birds chirping)


If we don't make it,
we don't make it.

This one we know doesn't reach,
so go to this one?

ALEX: Roger is of the belief
that we are all, um...

all the guys are together
and, um...

The fact of the matter is, um,
Roger's first...

-Well, Roger's...
-MATT: The second.

-No, he's first on the list now.
-MATT: Is he?

-The list has changed.
-MATT: Okay.

He was being an ass earlier, so
Roger's gonna be, uh, voted on.

Unless he wins
individual immunity,

he'll be the first one to go.

Butch, don't forget your water.


Don't forget your water.

MATT: This is a tough game,
and you have to

identify people you can trust
and stick with them,

and we're very comfortable
with our alliance.

We think it's going
to hold true

to the end.

-And then when it's the
five of us, uh... -Yeah.

...we'll sort it out
amongst ourselves.


(all talking at once)

A can of beer
and a cell phone.

-Can of beer...
-(overlapping chatter)

-Particularly if we get soft.
-Silver bullet.

-Yeah, right here.
-Cheers. -Cheers. -Salud.

To the ten.

-ROB: Camp is very festive.

And everybody
is hanging out except

for one man,
who's passed out,

sleeping and snoring.

And it happens
to be the same guy

that everybody wants
to vote off.

-(snoring) -HEIDI: I was
so nervous coming here.

ROB: I'm disappointed that none
of the girls are really

drinking that much.
That's a problem

when you're a guy
that looks like me.

I realize the only chance
I have with either

of those two girls is
if they get really drunk.

But otherwise, it's still
pretty crazy in there.

Now where is the weirdest place
that you've ever had sex?

I'd have to say

Fourth of July
at the Washington Monument.


Score. Yeah.

Not bad.

DAVE: We talked great sex talk
last night.

Just swapping stories like,
like friends, uh, back home.

So I'm back there
with these two chicks, and, uh,

I looked at this chick,
and I'm, like,

"I dare you to eat this off
of my stomach."

And she's, like, "All right."

So you put the ice cube
on the belly,

gets eaten off. So she's, like,
"Well, I dare you

to eat this out of my chest."
So I ate this ice cube

out of her chest,
and then this one girl...

I really dislike Dave.

He thinks he's very slick
and very smart,

and he thinks
he's a real ladies' man.

So it's very possible
that he could try to coerce

one of these girls
into voting with him,

and I just hope
that all these girls

are solid enough to stand up

to this rocket scientist and his
stupid all-American charm.


My-My, uh, sex life,
if you even would call it that,

is so... is so mundane.

Like, I've got so many crazy
ideas in my head, that...

Unfortunately, I don't have
that many good sex stories.

I hardly have
any boring sex stories.

Most of my sex stories usually
involve me and a fat girl.

And then both girls were there
at the same time,

and it was really weird
that both girls knew

that-that something
was going on.

-And, uh, like, I was...
-Dude, you were there.

-Seal the deal, dude.
-You had the opportunity.

-You gotta close... You gotta
close the deal. -Seal the deal.

Yeah, but I'm pretty sure the
girls didn't like each other.

-Doesn't matter.
-Doesn't matter.

HEIDI: Yeah, I really, honestly,
don't think it does.

You know what?

Seriously, as a guy, I think

you'd be amazed
how many girls, if that...

if you said
that's what you wanted to do,

how quickly it would happen.

-Wouldn't it, Jenna?
-Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.

-Don't you think so? -Yeah.
-Being a woman,

-I think it would. -JENNA:
I like two girls and a guy...

Two girls and a guy.

I'd propose it to the guy.

HEIDI: Never, never
two guys and a girl.

JENNA: Or maybe just
girls together, but...

ROB: The way Jenna and Heidi
were talking about threesomes,

I'm re-thinking
my whole strategy,

so that the final three might
be myself, Heidi and Jenna.

I could be having a threesome
on Day 37 out here,

and this would just be the most

incredible adventure
of my life.

-(snores) -All right,
lights out, sports fans.

-JENNA: Good night, all.
-HEIDI: Good night.

-Good night...
-Good night, Jacaré.

Good night, Rob Boy.

(birds squawking)


I don't know

why Roger started
pushing everybody so hard.

The guy has no idea

how much of a jerk he is.

He has no sense
of self-awareness

that he can determine
that people don't like him.

Nobody likes him.

So how many people are gonna
vote against Roger-- seven?

Seven against three?

Oh, if Rog is gone,
I'll be so happy.

And I'm just gonna keep-keep
kissing his ass the whole time,

so he doesn't suspect a thing.

Are we still gonna
be able to get-get Dave?

Dave's second, you bet.

Dave-Dave is so charismatic
that it just scares...

scares me to death.

DEENA: Because the girls are
pissed off that they think

that we are so stupid

that we haven't been planning
since day one.

-ROB: Okay.
-(Deena scoffs) Ugh!

Rob chose me, and I...

I can honestly say
that it's Rob and I

that have engineered
this whole turnaround.

And it is not the battle
of the sexes anymore,

but it's the battle of
the weaker versus the stronger.

And they're so stinking cocky.

I hate that.

Never underestimate
the power of a woman.


Silly boys.

Games are for girls.

ROB: As long as one boy gets
to come along in this game.

Top three, baby, right here.


You, me and Jenna.


And then, of course,
it's every girl for himself.

(Rob laughs)

Oh, yeah!

Dave's your daddy.

Oh, look there--
he's got another one.

-(Jenna mutters)
-DEENA: Oh, look at that.

Deena, we have a chance
of being really, really close.

I know. I want to go
all the way to the final three.

We have to work it out
to our benefit,

'cause you have
to understand Alex has a...

an alliance with Rob.

I would rather take him out
of the picture,

and force Rob to come with us.

-Do you understand
what I'm saying? -Yes.

How's it doing?


Outstanding. What kind?


some sort of herring,
and a piranha.

-So everybody gets a fish?
-Yup. -Yup.

And then some.

I may never win
individual immunity.

I may not, either.

-But it doesn't matter.
-Doesn't matter.

Doesn't matter.

Roger, Butch and Dave think

that they have
this game sewn up.

Sorry. There was an Adam,
and then there was an Eve.

And do you remember, Eve just
kind of took Adam right along

with the rest of the boat.


And that's what we're gonna do.

We're gonna play 'em,
we're gonna play 'em hard,

because we're gonna beat them
at their own game.

You can't be cocky
and just assume

that girls are gonna lie down

and let it all happen, and
"Gosh, thanks, that was so good.

You guys are such good players.

No. Game is mine.

Roger is gone,

then Dave and then the rest
will have to work itself out.

And they can sit there, and

they can be cocky,
but I'm gonna tell you,

the boys are gonna be sweating
tomorrow night,

after Roger goes home.

(thunder rumbling)

(quiet, indistinct chatter)

Come on in, guys.

Head right for this rope ladder
right in here.

Grab hold of it, Butch.

Immunity idol--
pass it up front.

-Got it?
-Got it.

Tribal immunity no more.

This is now what you covet.

-(all exclaim) -Ooh!
-Oh, yeah.

Individual immunity necklace.

When you have this
around your neck,

you are safe from the vote.

All challenges
from here on out are individual.

Today's immunity challenge--
very simple,

and it requires one thing:

How badly do you want it?

You're each gonna stand
on a perch

four inches wide
by 12 inches long.

It's not a very big piece
of wood.

If you jump off,
if you fall off,

if your hands touch any part
of the perch

or the structure at any time,
you're out.

Last person left standing
wins immunity.

We're gonna randomly
draw numbers

to pick your perch position,

and wait for my go.

The challenge starts
in four three, two, one...

Challenge begins.

And Roger gets his balance.

These old bones just aren't
what they used to be.

MATT: Yeah, my chicken legs
are struggling.

-Yup. -PROBST: Hey,
just remember, guys,

that if you fall off
or jump off,

you've been out here long enough

to know what's in the water,
so make a quick swim

over to this rope ladder
and join me.

Roger's struggling.

Yeah, I am.

MATT: If it wouldn't be so hot,
it'd be a little easier.

I don't... I don't think I'm
gonna stand up here much longer.


PROBST: That's confidence.
I'll have to give you that.

I'll lay it out right now
how this is gonna work.

There will be some temptations
along the way.

If you want to jump off and
miss out on it, go right ahead.

I'd take my clothes off for
chocolate and peanut butter.

ROB: Get the girl some chocolate
and peanut butter, Probst.

-If you add cola, I'm so in.
-Ah, dude, there you go.

Okay, Jenna, Heidi.

-Wow, he produces. -MATT: Damn.

Two ice-cold colas, one heaping
plate of rich peanut butter.

-PROBST: You guys can share.

Big tray of chocolate cookies.

-Heidi, you want to do it?
-HEIDI: Yeah. -All right.

Oh, God, why me?
Why did I...?

-I'm not looking.

-I got to stay focused. -HEIDI:
Where can I keep my clothes?

-I'm looking.
-I'm looking.

Heidi, just pull your pants down
to your ankles.

-Yeah, that's what
I'm talking about. -Oh, yeah.

-I'm not looking.
-One, two, three.

-Oh, my God.
-♪ Ta-da! ♪

All the kids at school,
I'm not looking.

Nobody's looking.

You guys aren't
even trying to tempt

these guys off with this.

-I am looking.
-I'm looking.

-Are you kidding me?
-Heidi, you want to jump in?

-HEIDI: Yup.
-All right, let's go.

HEIDI: Hold on.
I got to get my shorts.

Are they around your ankles?

Ah, she's in the drink.

-Good luck, guys.
-Let's go, girls.

Come on over, girls.

You lost your buff there, Heidi.

It's 30 minutes in.

It's going to take
a little while for another deal.

Big round of applause.

-PROBST: They earned their
reward, for sure. -Well done.

PROBST: Join her on the,
uh, bench over there

and dig in, guys.

Mmm, peanut butter!

Hey, Jenna, how is it?

-Oh, God. You guys have no idea.

-Hang in there.

All right, I've had it.

I'm going to make the plunge.

I'm done talking.

It obviously won't be
as spectacular as the two women.

You're at, uh,
35 minutes right now.

Yeah, I-I wanted to go
by 30 minutes.

That was fine.

Roger is giving up.

There he goes.

With little fanfare,
he's out of the game.

Didn't even want to wait
for a temptation.

Roger, good jump.

(thunder rumbling)

Here comes the rain.

Ah, it's starting.
It begins.

Well, in 15 seconds,

you will have been
out here one hour.

I promised you
something interesting.

We've got the rain making it
more tempting to get down.

-I'm ready to go now.
-I'm serious.

It's a piping hot pizza.

-I'm in.

PROBST: Three takers.
They're sharing pizza.

Come on over, guys.

Get out of the rain.

Guys, hang tight.

It's getting awfully windy.

-Oh, yeah!

Hang on, Matthew.

You guys have been out there
one and a half hours.

Hey, is this all you've got?

This is a challenge
right here, huh?

Is this all you've got?

PROBST: How long you think
you can last, Deena?

It's okay.
I outlasted Roger.

That's all that really matters.

Coming up on two hours.

What's in the box, dude?

-Yeah, what's in that box?
-PROBST: It's a plate

-full of very hot buffalo wings
and blue cheese. -I'm in.

I'm in, man. I'm hungry.

Dave and Matthew

splitting the buffalo wings
and blue cheese.

We are down to two:
Deena and Christy.

Hot, dude.

Two hours, 30 minutes.

-Deena, Christy.

One very big plate
of spaghetti and meatballs.

No garlic bread?

This is it.

No garlic bread.

Christy, Deena, hey.

60 seconds-- right now.

(no voice)

You want the necklace?

But I'll share.
It doesn't matter.


We're sharing.

-PROBST: The food?
-The food.

Who's going to take the fall,
and who's going to win immunity?

But I want the necklace, too.
Okay, um...

Rock, paper, scissors?

Did I lose?

Rock breaks scissors.


All right, Deena!

Deena wins first
individual immunity.

Come get it.

I'm glad she won it.

All right, Deena!

That's the way!

Negotiated like only
an attorney could.

You come out with food
and the immunity.

Turn around.


-All right, Deena!

You are safe
from the vote tonight.

Take some time to eat your meal.


I said that the only way Roger
is going to win immunity

is if it's a contest,
"Name That Perry Como Song,"

or perhaps, uh,
"What Type of Prune is This?"

Or some sort of other thing
that only an old man

like Roger would be able
to determine.

-I'd do it all over again.

I'm actually excited.

The game worked out
better than expected.

We had the best time out there.

Naked chicks? Yeah.

Pizza? Yeah.

Roger was stupid enough
to jump off

and get himself nothing?


He has no idea
that he's going home tonight.


(laughing): It was
a beautiful day in the Amazon.

There you go. There it is.

We need more of that,
'cause it...

-this looks wet. -Right here.
Right here. Right here.

DEENA: When we got back
from the immunity challenge

and the men took care of fire,

took care of firewood-- because
that's what men do best--

and then we stood in front
of the fire to warm our bodies.

I'm not trying
to crowd you guys. Sorry.

And poor Roger is planning

all of these
interesting activities

for later on this evening,

Roger's going home.

-I really don't have to pack.

Would people be offended
if I did not pack?

-No. You can't pack.
-You can't get kicked...

The women are gone,
and it... it's that simple.

And it looks
as though it-it's...

everything is falling
into place,

exactly like we planned it.

Uh, you know,

and I'm sitting here
saying it's...

it's too good to be true.

I'm sitting there thinking,

"Where's the effing
peanut butter? I'm...

I'm going to grind
the peanuts myself."

I was like, "Jeff, get
these girls some peanut butter!"


We are definitely the original

-Survivor Girls Gone Wild.
-HEIDI: Yeah.

-Yeah, definitely.
-There's no doubt about it.

We are the Amazon chicks.

-So, really...
-Gee, and-and the...

oh, what makes it
even more funny,

is the guys think that
they're slowly picking us off.

-Yes. Yes.
-Which is so...

And they're being

so nice to me and Heidi.

They're like, "You know what?

You're going to go eventually."

-And we're like, "Aw..."
-HEIDI: Yeah.

"We'll try to spare you.

We'll try to spare you guys."

JENNA: Yeah, and we're, like,
"You guys are so sweet."

Especially with... with Roger.

-Oh... oh.
-I mean, he could've... he...

he thinks that he's
just got it in the bag.

(thunder rumbling)

Nothing we can do about it now.

DAVE: I think that all four
of the females

realize that they are going
to be quickly eliminated,

because the six males
are starting

to stick together
a little bit better.

I don't think
that they're surprised that...

four girls and six guys--

they're looking to go packing
pretty quick.

We're on, guys.

And that pot
has been boiled, huh?

ROB: I realized early on
that the other men

that I was dealt with
are a bunch of jamokes.

They have no idea
that the women are capable

of taking them all out
at this point in the game.

I will go as far as to say

that I know
that I'm going to be

the last man standing
in this game.

And I don't think

any of the other men

have any idea
what's going on around them.


Last time I saw you guys,

before the challenge,
you were heading out

in a new boat as one tribe.

Butch, what was the new tribe's
first order of business?

Well, what we wanted
to do first was, of course,

establish a...
a place of residency.

And, uh, we felt it
was important... at least I felt

it was important
to include everybody

and everybody's opinion.

So I say we all came together
as a team.

Is that accurate, Rob?

Was it pretty inclusive?

Everybody had a...
a part to play.

If you didn't know what you
were particularly good at,

there was a couple people
that were more than happy

to tell you
where you should be going

and what you should be doing.

And, uh, we did get the shelter
up pretty quickly,

so I guess it worked.

PROBST: Okay, I'll read
between the lines.

There were a couple of people
more than willing

to tell you what to do.

Are you saying
there were bossy people quickly,

or are you saying
you like being subservient

to people who decide what to do?

I like being subservient

to the people that decide
what to do.

PROBST: Deena, did any women
viably participate

in building the shelter?

Putting the logs together

with the four corners
of the foundation? No.

But you know what?
We so had the opportunity

to re-bond with one another,

and I think that
is so far more important

than putting together the
four corners of the structure.

Roger, you've got

a real smug look
on your face right now.

You can have too many Indians,
in this case,

creating a structure.

I mean, if there were more
than four of us

putting together the foundation,
it wouldn't have worked,

but, uh, it-it was going
to be done that way, regardless.

I mean, it was important
for the new tribe to establish

a very, uh, strong and stable
shelter as quickly as we could.

Jenna, let's talk
about the challenge today.


Well, certainly, you and Heidi

provided a highlight
at the challenge.

Aside from the fact that you
got naked for peanut butter,

you guys jumped off that perch,

first two,
and it wasn't very long in.

We're playing for immunity.

Where does the confidence
come from to say,

"I'm really not worried?"

If one of us
gets kicked off tonight

because we jumped off
for peanut butter and cookies,

-it was still worth it
'cause it was fun, -Yeah. Yeah.

-and it was really, really good.
-I totally agree.

Now, Roger,
you weren't long after.

Yeah. Yeah, and I rationalized
the whole thing.

"Hey, I'm not going to win
immunity on this,

so I might as well
just jump in."

Would it have been different
for you,

knowing that you didn't feel
you could win,

but you knew you needed it?

Would you have hung
in there longer?

Obviously, if I really felt
that I needed that immunity,

I would've given it my all.

Deena, you are the only one
who cannot be voted for tonight,

but because you have
that immunity around your neck,

if you thought
there was somebody

that needed protecting tonight,

you can assign that immunity
to somebody else.

I choose not to.

I choose to assign it to myself.

It is time to vote.

Jenna, you're first.

Christy, I wish today
you had hung in there.

You would've stayed there,

and you definitely would not
have received my vote.

You've contributed greatly
to the tribe.

Reality check and mate.

Never underestimate
the power of a woman.

I'll go tally the votes.

Once the votes are read,
the decision is final.

Person voted out will be asked

to leave the Tribal Council area

I'll read the votes.

First vote.


Two votes Christy.


One vote Roger,
two votes Christy.

That's two votes Roger,
two votes Christy.

Three votes Christy.

We're tied--
three votes Roger,

three votes Christy.

That's four votes Roger,

three votes Christy.

That's five votes Roger.

Seventh person voted out
of the tribe:


Need to bring me your torch.

Roger, the tribe has spoken.

It's time for you to go.

PROBST: Well, from this point
forward, the game changes,

because you are the final nine.

Seven of you will make it
to the jury.

One of you will be
the sole survivor.

Grab your torches.

Head back to camp.
Good night.

PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes
from our next episode.

Next time on Survivor:

Matt loses touch with reality.

Once again,
he is sharpening his machete.

I know.

ALEX: Matt's kind of
losing it out here,

and nobody's all that
comfortable around him.

PROBST: And Heidi and Dave
get in touch with each other.

ROB: I don't like the fact
that somebody in my alliance

is sleeping with the enemy.

I am a very strong individual,
and I am a leader,

and I can't hold that back.

I said from the beginning,
"I'm my worst enemy in this game

because I am very

I'll never see these people
again in my life,

and I don't think I got
outwitted or outplayed.

Definitely got outlasted.