Survivor (2000–…): Season 6, Episode 4 - Trapped - full transcript

A tribe member without allies changes strategies; a new alliance falls prey to sickness; a dispute over chores leads to dissension; the reward challenge winners celebrate with a feast.

Previously on Survivor...

at Tambaqui,
new friendships form.

DANIEL: Matthew and I
are great friends,

and he's a really good ally.

I can trust him.
You can just tell.

PROBST: But not everyone
was getting along.

You can handle it by yourself
or not?

Yeah. You're going
to go with me or what?

If you... I'll go do it.

It really got me hot.
I was tempted

to slap the kid around,
to be honest with you.

At Jaburu, the women

had even bigger problems

getting it together...

We've been spinning

our wheels, and

you can't spin your wheels
in the jungle.

PROBST: ...until they decided
to elect a leader.

I, um, initiate Deena.

Joanna and I decided to put

Deena up for the leadership
position. I think

she's going
to create a little friction.

At the reward challenge,

the girls won some

much-needed bathing supplies.

The cuter girls kind of

went off from the older women,

we've got better bodies,

and that's, like, a huge issue
with older people.

PROBST: The tribes competed
in a jail break for immunity.

Go, go, go, go, go, go, go!

-PROBST: Immunity--


And the seven women of Jaburu

escaped their sentence,

while Tambaqui's numbers
dropped to six

when Daniel was voted
out of the tribe.

Daniel, the tribe has spoken.

13 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

(metallic scraping)

Oh, Lordy.

Lordy, Lordy, Lordy, Lordy.

(metal scraping on metal)

Another day in the Amazon.

Today is day number ten,

and our goal was,
everyone wake up early

so we could start getting
some shelter.

Everyone should be

enthusiastic to work today,

'cause we really have to get
some things done around here.

Okay, what are we going
to do today?

We set a goal every day, and we
end up accomplishing it, so...

We should be going fishing

while everybody else collect
fire wood.

When I woke up, on my shift,
there was no fire wood,

and the fire was gone.

I say,
there's some trifling folk

who was on that shift
before me.

I'll go get enough wood
now to...

JOANNA: Yeah, right.
You did that yesterday.

I know. I don't care.


SHAWNA: Every morning,
I'm woken up by

two girls shooting me
horrendous looks,

like, aren't I worthless,

looking at me still
in bed, and they're just

constantly trying
to make everyone feel bad

like they're not doing enough.

It's getting
to be a total martyr thing,

and it's driving the tribe,
especially me, up the wall.

Can we not throw babassu nut

shells around the bed
where we have to sleep?

Can we keep it clean, please?

This is where
our heads are laying at night.

I don't think
any of us meant to.

I'm sorry if we ended up there.

HEIDI: It's always been put
in our heads,

the harder worker gets ahead,
but this is a game.

You have to figure out
what gets you ahead

in the game, not what gets you
ahead in life, so,

my philosophy about Jeanne
and Joanna is,

you want to do
all this extra work,

by all means do it.

I am going to sit here
and take a breath,

maybe take a nap today,
and I guarantee

I'll probably be getting ahead
of you in the game.

Belly's starting to rumble.

Need more fish now.

Not so much as a nibble, huh?

Very evasive fish.

Time to bite, sports fans.

Yeah, it's time to be
a little bit more receptive.

I don't think
they fully understand

just how hungry we are.

We really got to step it up.

We're not maximizing
our main food source,

which is this body
of water that we're next to.

Um, pulling in little
rinky-dink minnows is not

keeping seven healthy,
strong guys alive,

so we got to get food down,
we got to get it done quick.

There once were three guys
in a boat

who left early
with spirits afloat.

Looking for bass,
sat on their ass.

Luck as good as Rob's jokes.


-(insects chirping)
-There they are.

Successful mission?

We didn't want
to start a trend.


BUTCH: We didn't catch
any fish this morning.

It's not going along very good,
but we're going to keep trying.

So we've come up
with another idea.

We have not used worms.

The reason why
we haven't used worms yet is

because we haven't gone
and looked for them.

We're on worm safari.

I think that

these worms
are most likely everywhere.

There's no reason
to go on a long

and exhaust yourself.

But those guys are probably
going collectively

to somewhat exclude me,
which is

likely the case,
but that's cool.

My ego can take it.

I think my biggest challenge
to date has been starting off

on the wrong foot
with my friendship

with Ryan and Dan,
and perhaps not

spending enough time
developing relationships

with other people.

Very often, I'm not included,
and I know it's

on purpose.

It's intentional.


I believe that
the vote would be against me

if there were
a Tribal Council tonight.

Whoa, here we go.

-Yeah, you got one?
-Got one.


Small, but it's a...
it's a worm.

Yeah, it's a worm.

Ah, look at this guy.

Whoa! He's feisty.

Yeah, that's a worm.

-What the hell is that?


Baby scorpion! Ew!

DAVE: We started digging for
worms and, yeah, struck gold.

So, I think we'll certainly be
able to go in and catch all

the more three-to-five-inch,

yeah, little minnows out here,
and hopefully, a bass or two.

Well, there's a success
for the start of the day.

Yeah, that's good.

When I went back

to the thing, there was another
little fish caught on my...

caught on the... thing.

There was another
little fish?

Caught on the thing
when I went

to go get the line
out the water.

Yeah. Throw it right in.

-I think that's another...
-We have stew.

...two more bitefuls.

-(Joanna laughs)
-Oh, good catch.


-We have food.
-I know.

-That's a good thing.
-Yeah, we have nourishment.

The work ethic in our camp

is definitely
creating friction.

You've got

bigger women that have more fat
to live on

that, obviously,
can put out more effort,

as far as manual work.

And then you've got
the-the smaller girls

that are like
the stay-at-home women, okay?

We were just all
sitting over here

chatting on ways
we deal with not...

with being here, as opposed
to being in our comfort zone.

My mother always tell me,
"This, too, shall pass."


It's not the first
hard thing I had to do.

There's always sweet rewards,

and-and that anything
worth having

is worth working hard for.

You can't just expect stuff
to come drop in your lap.

No. No...

I mean, beauty is deceitful,

and favor is vain,
but a woman that fears the Lord

shall be praised.

(insects buzzing)

Because people
may give you favor,

or pretend
they're your friends, whatever,

for their own purpose
and their own gain,

and beauty will fade with time,

but only your virtue

and your character
is what's going to last.

I'm really not sure how

that quote fit in
with anything, except maybe

she was just trying
to pick on the fact

that we were cute girls,

and we're worrying about stuff
that she's not worrying about?

This, too, shall pass.

I've been keeping that
in the back of my mind.

Don't be mad because

we have good bodies.

It's not our fault.
Get over it.


Me and Heidi are definitely
the skinnier of the group.


And better-looking, but I think
it's definitely a liability.

I think that's what
we were both worried about.

We wanted to be on a tribe
with some men,

because with women--
they can just be

pissed that we have good bodies
and look okay

and just vote us off
as easy as that.

(insects chirping)

From the very beginning,

I knew that I either wanted
to team up

with Shawna or Jenna,
because what happens when

you're a cute little girl,

it's very easy
to be ganged up on.

So I thought, you know what?

If you have all the little girls

against more of the bigger
girls, that it's like,

at least we have three
against somebody else.

I feel really bad, though,
that we're, like, getting...

You know, they're, like,

working their tail off,
and we're, like...

HEIDI: This is a game, though.
I mean, you've got

to play out the roles.
You've got to say,

"Okay, this is my next
opponent's move.

-This is how I'm going to
react." -It's like chess.

And if you can't do that, then
you really don't deserve to win.

I agree, I agree.

You have to be
a smart player, so...

The older women might, uh,

try to kind of mount an
offensive against us,

trying to weed out the meek
or prissy or whatever.

So I figured,

with my closeness to Deena,

that if we could swing
Deena's vote,

then it was, you know, game on,

that we could totally
hold our weight.

And if I rely on you,
and you guys rely on me,

and I will not break my word.

-I just need to know.

We're cleared.

The other girls
and I talked very briefly,

and it just seemed

natural to me
that that would be

a great alliance.
We need four.

I have nothing
in common with them.

I'm married with two children.

These people are in their 20s,
young, fit, and good-looking.

Let's go.

DEENA: I chose to ally myself
with the younger women

because I think that I'm able
to talk and persuade

the younger crowd more
than I would, say, an older,

been-around-the-block crowd.

Yeah, to scoop
the fish out with.

It looks good.
So flaky.

SHAWNA: If our alliance
sticks together,

Joanna and Jeannie--
they're in big trouble.

I don't know
what their plan is, but

right now,
all of us are too determined.

Even if we disliked each other,
we'd still

stick by the alliance 'cause

that's the strategy of it,
you know?


Fishing is my forte.

I love fishing.

I've been fishing ever since
I was a little kid.

Dude, I got a big fish.
Take this.

Yeah, you do.

MATTHEW: I know that no one
can challenge my contributions

to life here at the camp.

It's food time for Tam-ba-shmi.

First thing
we're going to do...

Kill him.

Get the hook out
of this baby. Yeah.


-Nicely done.

-Hey, nice!
-Bon appetit, man.

Badonks, baby. Well done!

Hell, yeah!

This is a peacock bass, dude.
I read about them before.

I'm genuinely reaching out
to various individuals.

Well done, Matteo.

While I was certainly

friendly with Ryan and Dan,
I am an individual.

Go do it. Go do it.
We're hanging here.

I think my actions

to turn things around
have begun to show

some, um...

some fruit,
if I could say that.

Hey, guys, I've got good news
and bad news.

Bad news is I'm going to smell
like fish for a while.

Good news is,
I finally caught one.

All right!

-Is that cool or what?
-That is a fish!

What do you think, guys?
Come on, man.

All right! Yeah!

ALEX: The tribe is feeling
really good. We caught our

-first real fish.
-This is a beautiful fish.

We feel like we got a

strong team now,
a cohesive group

that-that can actually work

together, and we really need
to carry

our momentum
to a reward challenge.

-It's a big day, man.
-This is a big day.

-We're gonna keep
right on rolling. -Yup.

All right, if there's one thing

that I think probably everybody
here understands,

it is the value of fire.

The ability to make fire

and keep fire-- you need it
to boil water, to cook food.

Today's challenge, very simple.

Going to test your ability
to make fire.

Here's the challenge.

There are four ropes.
Each rope is attached

to a section of your banner.

You will each be given flint
and steel,

you'll have a magnifying glass.

Your goal-- working one rope
at a time,

build a fire big enough
to burn the rope,

releasing a section
of your banner.

First tribe to burn through all
four ropes,

revealing their tribe name,
wins reward.

-Want to know what you're
playing for? -Yes. -Yeah.

Fully-functioning refrigerator

will become a part
of your camp, and it is

stocked... with Coke.

-(whooping) -You've even got
some Vanilla Coke

back there, you got
some Cherry Coke back there.

Definitely worth playing for,

-Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah.

Take your positions.
Wait for my go.

All right, Jaburu,

because you have one extra
member, sitting somebody out.

It's gonna be you, Jenna?

Have a seat on the bench next
to the ice-cold refrigerator.

For a great reward,
Survivors, ready?


BUTCH: Somebody get the pot.
You getting that, Roger?

I am. I'm getting it.
Don't worry about that.

Look at this, boys. Look at
this, boys. Look at this.

Look at this.
Don't need shavings.

Look at the shavings I got.
Look at the shavings I got.

-(indistinct chatter)
-Oh, here, here.

Here's shavings.

JOANNA: I can't.
These-These logs are unstable.

And too many people are
on there shaking it.

I'm not getting anything out
of this magnifying glass, guys.

I got it. I got it.

-Come on, somebody help me.

-Put some stuff on it.
-(indistinct chatter)

Please put this-this fuzzy stuff
on it. The fuzzy stuff...

Not fuzzy stuff...

Jaburu has first fire.

Thank you, Lord.

You're so good to me.

The wind's going
to move it around a lot.

-Yeah, we...
-PROBST: Think about

how to block that wind.

Come on. We got something
right here. Get it in.

-Get it in here.
-Tambaqui got something going.

-No, no, no, no, no, no, no!
-Get it up.

Tambaqui has first fire.

There you go, and then,
put it inside this little guy.

-Come on, baby.

Jaburu getting close
on their first rope.

-(shouting) -Jaburu has their
first section completed.

Move as much
of that fire as you can.

-I've got some big ones.
-Stoke it up.

-(overlapping chatter)
-Here's the fuzzy stuff.

Keep the shavings off.

Good job, guys. Good job.

Careful. Take some of the big
ones off when

-you're transporting them over.
-Don't let it get poked.

I need shavings.
I need shavings.

Don't let it touch the rope.

(indistinct chatter)

PROBST: Wind playing
a big part in this.

All right, block the wind.
Stand there.

-Block the wind, guys.
-Come on.

PROBST: Tambaqui trying
to block the wind.

Jaburu trying
to block the wind.


Jaburu has section two down.

Somebody help me carry this.

Come on, baby. It's there,
it's there. It's almost there.

(indistinct chatter)

Tambaqui completes their
first section, moving on

-to section two. -Coming in,
you guys, coming in.

The men have made up a lot
of ground, women looking good.

That wind is... The wind is
coming down here.

Right in here.
Here it is. Here it is.

-Hairs on my leg, man.
-That's okay.

-Don't worry about it.
-Thanks, dude.

Hey, I'm burning up,
but don't worry about it.

Baptism by fire, guys.

-Oh, is that hot. -That's it.
-Oh. Oh! -Beautiful!

-Guys, we're almost there.
We're almost there. -Ooh! -Whoa!

-(cheering) -PROBST: Tambaqui is
done with two.

Moving on to section three.

Let's get some little ones
for our next one.

-All right.

Rob's-Rob's on it. Rob's on it.

Any more little sticks
we can put on it, maybe?

JEANNE: Hey, if you guys
can make a teepee on this one,

-I got a bunch of this.
-You think, guys?

Tambaqui looking
at rope number three.

Get back some. I'm burning.

Burning. I'm burning.

Got it, you got it?

PROBST: Dave losing
all the hair on his legs.

Stay away from the rope,
though, Rob.

Who needs Nair?

-It's all right, guys.

I'm good. I'm good. I'm good.

All right, it's on fire.
I'm going to go get sick, B.

-Okay, go. -Go...
-(overlapping chatter)

Ooh, ooh.

Oh, is that hot.

Let's go, Jaburu.

Y'all want that Coke, we're
going to have to get together.

HEIDI: I know it. Just tell me
what to do, and I'll do it.

I'm trying to block the wind
and blow and...

Be patient, ladies.
Be patient.

-Come on, baby. It's gonna go.
-Just let it...

-Let it...
-You can't hold it.

You cannot...
You cannot hold it.

Why can I not hold it?

Because he said you can't.
We'll be in trouble.

PROBST: Tambaqui is blocking
the fire with their body.

-We got it now.
-Burning themselves up.

-Almost. Yeah!
-PROBST: Rope three is down.

-Tambaqui's on the final stage.
-Go and scout for sticks.

You got to watch the...

-Block the wind.
-All right, block the wind.

Block the wind.
Over here.

Let it ride, fellas,
let it ride.

I'm not putting anything else
on there.

Nobody touch it.
Nobody touch it.

-Tear it off, fellas.
-Yeah, baby!

whooping and cheering)

-Go! Go! Go...
-Burn, baby!

(indistinct shouting)


-PROBST: Tambaqui wins reward.
-(cheering and whooping)

-Oh. Oh.
-Good job, guys.

-Good job, guys.
-Good job. -Oh, yeah.


you guys
can head back to camp.

One... two... three...

Oh, yeah, boys.

-Put 'em up.

-Cheers, guys. Good job.
Good job. -Whoo!

-Oh, wow.

Well, that sucked.

I think I need,
like, ten minutes

to like, emotionally and
physically re-center myself.

DEENA: The group has probably
never been at its lowest.

People are clearly

I think that

some people are coping better
than others.

And some, as a result
of the reward challenge,

just... went downhill quickly.

Like, I don't have any
motivation to go anywhere.

My body is just,
like, sucking energy

from my left toe.
It's just...

(voice breaking):
I am so tired.

And I feel like--
you know, it sucks, and... Oh!

DEENA: You allowed yourself
to get dehydrated.

So if you allow yourself
to get rehydrated...

-I'm just saying, that, like...
-Well, we... well, we...

I need to let you guys
know where I am,

'cause I am just breaking
hour by hour.

And after we lost that Coke,
it took everything

in my entire brain
to not make my body just want

to sit on the sand and be, like,

I have
to take a three-hour break.

This is ridiculous.

I feel like I'm a blubbering
idiot, you know. It's just...

HEIDI: This is a crucial part
of the game right now.

To get ahead of the other
people on our tribe.

It's so hard because
you can't be that sympathetic,

because you're sitting here

"Shawna, we need you.

Do you not understand?
We need you."

I feel like I've fallen into
some crappy-ass depression.

And I can't... and the only way
out of it is to get out.

I don't see myself lasting
for 30 more days.

Like, it's not happening
right now.

Shut up.

Drink your water
like you were supposed to be.

Quit acting like this is the
worst day of your entire life.

I want to laugh
so badly right now,

and there is
nothing that I think

is any bit funny about this.

DEENA: I don't want you
to whine anymore.

I want you to get up off your
butt and don't be a quitter.

I'm just totally
eff-ing sick of this.

What do I do?

Do I say,
"Shawna, you're right.

I need to protect you,
and you should go home."

Or do I say,
"Hey, we're in it for us;

we're not in it for somebody
else that broke the alliance"?

Are you at this point

right this very moment
where you say, "I want out,

-I want out"? -JENNA: If we were
going tonight.

If we were going tonight,

I would be
very tempted to get out.

Very tempted, you know.

-So in that case,

yeah, I would want it.
I mean...

JENNA: Yeah, I don't know
that I could do it.


ALEX: This has been
a pretty good day so far.

Good job.

I'll get the fire going.

Anybody know
how to start a fire?


The reward challenge was

a turning point
for the Tambaqui tribe.

We ended a losing streak.

It was a huge morale booster,
and it also really showed

that-that we do have it as
a tribe, we have it together,

and we still had
enough confidence to come

from behind and win
and-and get the reward.

I was expecting
a refrigerator delivery today.

It's already here.

-Look at that.
-That is service!

The fridge is in.


Open that bad boy.

And look at that.

-Looky, looky.
-Yeah, cold.

-How many did we get?
-Eight, ten,

12, 14, 16, right?

18, 20, 22.

Is there one there?

-Yeah, 23.
-Yes, I see 23.

-You're right.

Good. Well, let's keep 'em cold.

-39 grams of carbs.

Sugar's another 39 grams.

No protein in it, and no fat.

Who'd have thought that-that
we'd all be enthralled

with the reading of a soda can?

ROB: We actually have
something to read now

-when we go to the bathroom.

You guys ready to try this?

-Yeah. -Yay!
-All right.

The first sip's
always the best, too.

-Bring that bad boy over here.

-Dig in.
-Go to, guys.

It's gonna be hot.

-Oh, that is delicious.

-Oh, wow.

-A real mouthful.
-I ate it.


-Is that good or what?

That is absolutely delicious.

Guys, the eyeballs shouldn't
go to waste, either.

I'm hungry,
but I'm not that man.

-(laughter): No...

-That was nasty.

There's no "I" in "team,"
but there's one in Matt's mouth.


DAVE: Today will forever
be in my mind

as the perfect Survivor day.

Everything flowed perfectly.

Everything flowed our way.


I know lots of them

from-from, uh, doing karaoke
in the basement.

Rob is the most enthusiastic,
uh, kid I've seen.

Not bad. That was not bad.

-Very good.
-Well done. -(applause)

But I have to be honest,
he really is pathetic.

I mean, to be 24 years old,

singing karaoke
in your basement.

DAVE: Man, that's hard
to follow up right there.

Oh, look at that, a piranha.

Oh, wow.

That is some
nasty-looking stuff.


Let's go.

Rise and shine.

You guys want to stay in bed
while we read it?

-Thank you.

"Rise and shine before the sun.

"It'll be 4:30 a.m.
for everyone.

"Get in your canoe,
you've fishing to do.

Fail and your tribe
could be done."

We are going to fish!

Oh, we'll kick butt on this one.

-(makes chewing noises)

Nice and tight right in here.


Come on out
and have a spot on your mat.

First things first.

Shawna, gotta take it back.

Immunity back up for grabs.

All right.

At our reward challenge,
we tested your ability

to make fire-- one of the key
elements, right, for survival.

Today, we're gonna test
another element of survival:

your ability to catch fish.

Each tribe's gonna have one hour

to catch as many fish
as they can.

Here's your toolkit.

You'll each have a pole,

plenty of bait,

have a knife, pliers and hooks.

Now, there are a lot of fish
out there, but the most common

and the most likely to bite you
is the piranha.

This is a small piranha.

They have a sharp bite,

and when they start biting,
it's very vicious.

This is another piranha
we caught this morning.

A little larger.
You can see the teeth.

These guys will take your finger
off, no question about it.

I just want you guys
to not get careless.


So, each tribe
will have an hour.

We picked two spots
50 yards apart, where

there are highly-concentrated
amounts of piranha.

At the end of one hour, whoever
has the most fish by weight

wins immunity and wins
all the fish they caught.

(murmuring, cheering)

Jaburu, since you have
one extra member,

you've chosen Shawna to sit out.

Get your toolkits together,
get in your boat.

We'll head out.

Here we go, guys, for immunity.

Survivors ready?



Tambaqui off to a good start.

Hey, I caught a fish.


Guys, help; it's a piranha.

Jaburu has their first fish.

I'm just going to step on it
while someone gets it.

Yeah, this one, too.

We need the pliers.

Got one.

Do you jerk it hard?

Yeah, pull it straight up.

Guys, first, uh, nibble,
you just got to grab it.

That's it, baby doll.
See how I did that?

He started to run with it.

Good job.

Small, but it counts.

Hey, it's weight, boys.

Hey, can you give me
a hand here?

-I can't get this hook out.

PROBST: Heidi, tell me
about your strategy.

What's the best way
to catch a piranha?

Cutting up other little piranha
and trying to go off

the end of the boat
where it's deeper,

and hopefully,
we'll get some bigger ones.

PROBST: So you're risking
a little weight

in hope of catching
something bigger.

-How's it going, Joanna?
-It's going.

It's just little fish and
trying to catch a bigger one.

You're at 30 minutes, guys.

You see, Jeff, I think
the big thing that we need

to talk about is the dynamic
combination of Roger and myself.

What is exactly that
combination, rocket scientist?

In terms of rocket science,
as soon as, uh, Roger

gets the, uh, the fish in
the boat, I apply a large force

with the bottom of my heel.

We switch poles,
I take off, rebait,

pass it back to Roger,
and away we go again.

Do you think there's any chance

Jaburu is outfishing you
right now?

-There's always that chance.
-There's always that chance.

You take nothing
for granted out here.

If someone doesn't-- Whoa!

No, no!

Oh, damn you!

These are some little,
nasty, little fish.

Catch it, catch it.

Two minutes remaining!

Looks like Jaburu
may have caught up.

Oh, yeah.

How you doing, Matteo?

Doing well, man.

There we go.

Good job, dude.

I got one, baby.

It's in the boat.
It's in the boat.

One minute left!


Son of a biscuit.

30 seconds!

30 seconds.

15 seconds!


Oh, yeah.

Give it to me.

Five, four...

-Get 'em in there, guys.
-Done. -...three, two, one.

That's it!

All poles out of the water.

No more fishing.

Put it in your bucket
and head back to the dock.


The tribe who's caught
the most fish,

you're heading back to camp,
probably have a nice barbecue.

For the losing tribe, you're
heading to Tribal Council,

where another person will be
voted out of the Amazon.

Jaburu, bring up your fish,

put 'em on your side
of the scale.

(thunder rumbling)


For immunity
and all the fish you caught.

Tambaqui, congratulations.


-ROB: Great job, guys.
-ALEX: Good job, guys.

Well done.

Safe in the Amazon
three more days.

You got a lot of fish and
hopefully some Coke still left.

Should be a nice afternoon.

Sadly, Jaburu,
not as fun for you.

I'll see you guys
at Tribal Council.

Somebody else is going home.

You can head back to camp.

Oh, I smell like garbage.

(quiet chatter)

Now you're getting into bed?

(Shawna moans)

You all right?

Mm-hmm. I'm fine.

Just got lightheaded.

Going to Tribal Council,

I pretty much
could go either way.

I just feel relieved

that it could be me.

I know that sounds so terrible.

I'm sure I'm probably
the first Survivor to say that.

I will be voting off Shawna.

She's been weak, and, uh,

we need all the strength
we can get.

It's going to be sad
to see her go,

but she really needs
to get her health back.

SHAWNA: I think Jeanne
and Joanna are voting for me.

I know Christy was thinking
about voting for me, also.

I'm on the fence
about who I'm voting for.

And I feel like
I've kind of been

bumped from the alliance
at this point.

I don't make many decisions
with them anymore, so...

I may make one on my own.

I... I feel a tremendous amount

of compassion for her, I do.

I feel really bad,
but at the same time,

you have an agreement.

Don't be a crying, whiny baby.


-So, you know...
-But she's--

there's a possibility
of screwing us because...

And I don't want to get screwed
to help her out.

No, I don't.

DEENA: I'm not going to feel
really good inside

about keeping Shawna on,

but it's kind of
a "Hey, guess what?

"You're not in charge here.

"It's about the core alliance.

And suck it up, baby, 'cause
you're along for the ride."

Joanna is clearly
the most physical person

that we have on this team.

She has too much power,
too much force.

I need to get her off early.

We could have had the five
before-- us four and Christy.

-Right. -And that would have
been a for-sure thing.

JENNA: And the thing is, is
once you break down mentally--

you're to the point
where you tell yourself

you're through
and you've had it--

then everything else goes kaput.

I mean, she's falling down when
she gets up all of a sudden.

How do you feel?

-About the situation?

It's a bummer
that she feels that way.

JENNA: Christy is
kind of like our-our wild card.

It's important for me
and Deena and Heidi

to get Christy
to vote on our side

because Shawna wants out,
and if we let her out now,

there's a possibility
of... of us

not being able
to have the majority.

I know how I feel,
and if Shawna wants to go first,

are we putting her first
before Joanna?


You're going to put
Joanna first?


So she's not here.

Bye. Bye.

So basically she is chopped.

By doing that, you're securing
your position as well.

CHRISTY: I am like
a little free bird over here.

They want me to keep Shawna in
the game and we take out Joanna

because she gets on
everybody's nerves.

Joanna, however,

does get the big, monstrous fish

and feeds us and really works
and does her job.


at the same time, Shawna--
she really wants to get out.

And it's just like
we're making her trapped.

So it's just, it's...

I don't know.

Welcome back to Tribal Council.

Not a place you want to be,
I know.

Tough last three days
for you guys.

A long winning streak, really,

and then two challenges
in a row,

both based on survival,
both losses.

Heidi, what was the reaction
of the group?

I think we were actually
all pretty surprised.

I mean, we feel like we've got
our act together, and...

we felt like the reward
challenge was a loss,

but we were so ready
to come in and kick some butt,

so, I mean, we really were
surprised that we lost.

Last time you guys were here,

you were all in agreement,
you needed a leader.

What happened
on the leadership front?

We just threw out ideas
of what needs to go on,

who might be a good leader,

and I think that
Jeanne elected Deena

to be the leader,
and we all agreed

that that was a good idea.

PROBST: Okay, Jeanne, so you
elect Deena as the leader.

Is there an even distribution
of work now?

Um, yeah, there's an even
distribution of work.

How is that decided?

Is it all on Deena, or
do you guys now have a routine?

Basically, we're following
a routine.

Whatever we're good at,
that's where we go.

What are you good at?

Bringing home the food.

Are there roles that
certain people are hunting now

and other people are maybe
preparing the food?


Joanna and I and Christy
have been hunting,

and, uh, we come back
and these guys prepare the food.

Joanna, you're definitely
a provider in this group.

You're also a mother in real
life, but I don't necessarily

see you taking on
a mother role out here.

No, I've kind of left that
to Deena and Jeanne.

I think they do it bet...
a little better than I do.

I try to keep the spirituality

and the emotional
stability going,

so I do a lot of singing
and saying quotes

and doing things like that.

I don't have daughters.

I have a boy
and he's-he's very boyish,

and I'm kind of boyish,
and so I let them do that.

They-They're good at it.

Deena, when you get up
in the morning,

do you assess your tribe?

Is that part of
your responsibility?


I know who's not doing so well

and who is doing
better than ever.

Give me an example of both.

Who's doing better than ever?


Christy doesn't complain.

Christy just goes forward; she's
right there Johnny-on-the-spot.

Uh, Shawna's not doing well.

What about that concerns you?

Well, obviously we want
to beat the boys.

We don't want
to come here again.

And so we need to have
the physical strength

to get us to go on.

So that's what concerns me.

Can she contribute
as much as the other members?

Not right now.

All right, it is time to vote.

Heidi, you're first.

Joanna, I'm picking you tonight
because you are

a very, very strong competitor,

and I have an alliance
with other people,

and that's why I'm picking you.

So good luck.

Shawna, you're a great kid.

You need some TLC and get

yourself back into good health.

I'll miss you.

Only because you asked me to.

You're an incredibly
strong woman both physically,

spiritually, mentally,

but therefore you're also
my biggest competition.

I'll go tally the votes.

Once the votes are read,
the decision is final.

The person voted out
will be asked to leave

the Tribal Council area

I'll read the votes.

First vote:



Joanna. Two votes-- Joanna.


Two votes-- Joanna,
two votes-- Shawna.


That's three votes-- Joanna,
two votes-- Shawna.


That's four, and that's enough.

The last vote
will remain a mystery.

Need to bring me your torch.

Joanna, the tribe has spoken.

It's time for you to go.

Thank you.

Well, this tribe seems to have
it all together: strong leader,

things going well back at camp,

but tonight's vote
says otherwise.

Just another reminder: don't get
too comfortable in this game,

because you never know
what's coming next.

You can head back to camp.
Good night.

PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes
from our next episode.

Next time on Survivor...

Shawna remains trapped
at Jaburu.

I'm at the lowest of my low,
and no one is respecting

the fact
that I am falling apart.


PROBST: And it's date night
for Dave and Jenna.

DAVE: So there's a naked girl
in the shower

that you can see into

and I'm thinking,
"This is the greatest thing

that's ever happened to me."

I'm very strong,

and a lot of people
found that intimidating,

particularly Deena.

I hope that the girls
will be able to live

without me catching the fish
and without me being there.

♪ Hallelujah ♪

♪ O, glory ♪

♪ Hallelujah ♪

♪ Amen. ♪

To God be the glory,

all the time.