Survivor (2000–…): Season 6, Episode 3 - Girl Power - full transcript

The women delegate the one person who does not want to be the leader while simultaneously putting off the one who does.

Previously on Survivor:

When an Amazon rainstorm
blew in,

Tambaqui took cover...

It sucks to be
outside right now.

PROBST: ...while
Jaburu's pitiful shelter

left the women out in the cold.

I can't believe
how badly this sucks.

PROBST: At the reward
challenge, the women

won some much-needed fish bait.

Jaburu wins
their second challenge in a row.

Back at Tambaqui,
the men licked their wounds.

Everybody wants to win.

Particularly seven guys

don't want to lose
to a bunch of girls.

And at Jaburu,

the discovery of a granola bar

put Janet in hot water.

JOANNA: Jeanne saw
the little candy bar thing

inside of Janet's bag.

JANET: If you're gonna
vote me off, that's fine,

as long as it's not
for that reason,

because if it is,
you're making a mistake.

Jaburu, no score.

The contest is over.

Tambaqui-- immunity.

-At the immunity challenge,

the men finally tasted victory,

sending the Jaburu women
to their first Tribal Council,

where Janet was the second
person voted out of the Amazon.

14 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

(thunder cracks, rumbles)

And on the seventh day,
the Lord said to rest,

but that's not us.

Come on, baby.

That hurt.

ROB: We had a bad rainstorm
yesterday, and we had

a lot of leaks,
and everybody was getting wet,

and we decided to fix up
our roof today.

I can't imagine
that the girls have a shelter

that is comparable to ours.

Uh, maybe it's more comfortable
than ours,

but we're men,
and we just build,

and we think
about comfort later.

Where we want to build
an awesome structure,

something big to look at,
that's what we do.

We're the men.

Oh, Danny, can you get us
some water?


Can you handle it
by yourself or not?


Okay, when you carry it back,
put it on your shoulder.

Are you going
to go with me or what?

Well, I was going
to go do it myself...

I don't, I don't...

I think if you...

I'll go do it.

(thunder cracks)

Picked up the deal,

went down myself,
and I told him...

Look at him.

Come on.
He's a little Hercules.

If I can go down and pick up
a five-gallon deal,

put it on my shoulders,
and carry it back up...

And I real...
It really got me hot.

I, um... I had to...

I'm tempted to slap the kid
around, to be honest with you.

DANIEL: The-the thing
that irritates me about Roger

is that he just barks orders
all the time.

I mean, he's not
very friendly about it.

He just tells people what to do.

Uh, I'm not really speaking
to Roger right now.

Um, he knows that he wants

to vote for me, and I know
I want to vote for him.

And also, he smells bad.

He smells
like really spoiled vinegar?

Almost had it out with him.

Which one?

Dan. Lazy...

It really pissed me off.

Almost to the point

that I was ready
to give him a kung fu chop.

(laughter, indistinct chatter)

But I'm relaxing.

I'm relaxing.

It'll be cool.

I think what you should do--

don't let this situation
get you down.

Don't get bummed out about it,
even though it's... it's...

There's a lot of, uh,
bull going on,

you know, people still

jockeying for position
and currying favor.

Right now, there's still
momentum to boot Roger.

He's still the prime candidate.

(Matthew speaking Mandarin)

MATTHEW: Daniel and I
came together because

he speaks Mandarin
and Cantonese;

I was born in Hong Kong;

I speak some Mandarin,

and we started to speak
Mandarin together,

and there was
an immediate connection.

Physically or what?


DANIEL: Matthew and I
are great friends.

He's my best friend out here,

and he's a really good ally.

When he tells you something,
he's being truthful,

whereas the other guys
around here--

when they tell you something,
you have no idea

if they're telling the truth
or if they're lying.


All right, dude, let's go back

to the, uh, the rat pack.


(insects buzzing)

This is day seven,

and our tribe is
pretty much pathetic.

Definitely the hygiene
of the camp right now--

that's, uh, lacking.


I thought they cleaned the pot,
but they didn't

clean it out thoroughly,
and there's wasps

all over the camp this morning.

Yeah, I'm actually
allergic to bees,

so that's why I want to try
to trap them in there.


(soft groaning)

That's what attracted
all those noises last night.

-Can I see?

Holy crappy-oli.

-(chopping in distance)
-Give me the knife.

What's with our food?

They always want our food.



Spider's dead.

Oh, that's lovely.

That would be the nice,
fresh smell of mold.

That needs to come out,
that moldy stuff.

What are we doing?

The four of us here--
do we have a plan?

We need wood,
and we need fire going.

We've been spinning our wheels.

You can't spin your wheels
in the jungle.

Everyone has their own agenda.

My priority is water.

See? We have none.

My agenda is food.

And then whatever else
we have to do-- I have no idea.

I'm so hungry,
I can't even think straight.

We've got girls
who are freezing at night.

They don't have any shoes
on their feet,

and there's no fire
near the shelter,

and the shelter over there
is not big enough.

We got one, two, three, four,

five different kind of things
going on here.

We promised each other
as a tribe, last night,

that we were going to have
a meeting to get our...

things in order.

We all have to call this meeting
in order now.

Shawna, can you make it
to a meeting?


She's sleeping.

-She's out.
-Well, she's part of the tribe.

I'm gonna wake her up.


we need to have a meeting.

Can you take a...

-SHAWNA: Yeah. -Okay.
We're going to go over there.

The meeting is called to order.

So I think we should, uh, maybe

initiate a leader.

I, um, initiate Deena.

-Second that? Okay.

JEANNE: Strategically,
Joanna and I decided to put

Deena up for
the leadership position because

we think she's
a little hotheaded,

and I think she's going
to create a little friction.

Deena, do you accept the offer?

You know, I'm going to...

All I want to do is--
we delegate the tasks

-that are important for the day.
-SHAWNA: We don't need a leader.

We need a delegator. We need
someone who's gonna step in

-and give us some structure.
-"Okay, hey, you do that,

-you do that"?
-DEENA: Nobody wants to step up

to be leader, because that puts

a big target on your body,

and who wants to get voted
out of the game?

I didn't take that
with open arms,

but, yes, I am going to do it.

I am going to delegate tasks.

I told them
that that was my goal.

we're a little bit raggedy.

-We're okay. -HEIDI: You know
what's impressive,

is that we live like this,

and we've won
two out of three things.

-I mean, really.

This group is
such a good group.

When it, when it comes time
to pull your butt together

and say, hey, what...

here's the organization we need
for... to win this thing,

we are such a good group

(indistinct talking)

Jaburu is beating Tambaqui,

but, more importantly,
it is the battle of the sexes.

I mean, totally,

all the way,
this is the battle of the sexes,

and the women really are kicking
the men's butts.

Jaburu, Jaburu, Jaburu rocks!

PROBST: Tambaqui,
getting your first look

at the new Jaburu,
missing one member.

We're now even up: seven, seven.

Okay, today's challenge
is for reward.

It will test your ability

to keep track
of a large number of items.

There are 35 matching pairs
of items.

Each of you will have a box
with five items inside it.

One by one, you'll ask somebody
from either tribe if they have

a certain item in their box.
If there's a match,

you collect the items.

Every time you get a pair, you
score a point for your tribe.

The tribe who collects the most
matching pairs wins reward.

Want to know
what you're playing for?


We have, uh, baskets.

(happy sighs)

We got some shampoos,
deodorant, some soap.

There's nail clippers--
lots of different items--

toothpaste, toothbrush;

all designed to keep you
looking and smelling good.

Worth playing for?

Take a spot behind a box,
wait for my go.

Okay, you've drawn straws
to determine the order.

We start with you, Joanna.

What's his name?

-My name is Dave.

-Do you have a pumice stone?

No, I don't.

-Sorry. -PROBST: No score
for Joanna. Daniel.

The really cute girl with the
curly hair-- do you have soap?

-Yes, I do. -PROBST: We got
a score for Tambaqui.


He'll come get it.

I don't think he's got any
problem coming over to get it

-from you.
-Hey, how are you doing?

-Nice to meet you.
-How are you?

-I'm Daniel.
-Nice to meet you.

-I'm Shawna.
-See you. All right.

Hoping to see
each other soon, okay?

No doubt.
I'm planning on it.

You hope you're in the game
that long, brother.


-Jeanne is up.
-Smiley guy.

-Do you have toothpaste?
-Sorry, that is a negative.


Joanna, do you have shampoo?

Yeah, all right.



Heidi, you're up.


Do you have a razor?

Unfortunately, no, I don't.


Jaburu, still dry.


Joanna, do you have
a pumice stone?

I sure do.


Thank you very much.

Christy, you're up.

Heidi, do you have a razor?


Jaburu on the board with one.

-Thank you.

-PROBST: Alex.
-Hey, Jenna.

-How do you know my name?
-'Cause I'm really,

really smart
and I pay attention a lot.

Do you happen
to have a, uh, a comb?

Yes, I do.


How'd you catch her name?

ALEX: If I could remember
when I picked that up,

I would, uh,
I would let you know,

but I just--
I did pick it up somewhere.

No idea--
I was just paying attention.

All right, Jenna.

Butch, you have soap?


Way to go, Jaburu.

Jenna not showing anything.

-Not today, maybe tomorrow.

Oh, really?

Tambaqui at five,
Jaburu catching up at four.

Butch, you're up.

Young lady in the blue,
do you have tweezers?

I do.

Go get it, Butch.

I'm Butch.

-Pleased to meet you, Deena.


PROBST: Tambaqui at eight,
Jaburu at six.

-Shawna. -Rob, do you have
a pumice stone?

Shawna, it's my pleasure
to give you my pumice stone.

Thank you.


Heidi, do you have
any conditioner?


Shot down by another woman.


All right, Deena.

Rob, do you have
some conditioner?

In fact, I do.

That hurts.

Women are picking me clean.

Ties the score up at eight.


do you have any conditioner?

I already asked her
if she has conditioner.

-PROBST: Daniel...
-Oh, did...

PROBST: You're thinking... you
just want to have a little...

Have the conversation with Heidi
that you want to have.

ALEX: Yeah, just turn
and say hi, dude...

All right, never mind.

Forget me, okay?
Let's go on, okay?


Do you have conditioner?

-How did you guess?

Look how that cost you.

-Damn it.
-We are tied up again:

10-10. Alex.

Shawna, do you happen
to have a toothbrush?

-No, no, I don't, sorry.

-My bad.

Do you have a toothbrush?

I do.

Fancy that, fancy that.


There you go.

Jaburu takes the lead.

There are 35 matching pairs.

That means 18 is the number
we're looking for to win.


-Do you have conditioner?

I don't have conditioner;
somebody took it earlier.



And Heidi doesn't have it

-SHAWNA: Okay, good to know.

Hey, Rob, before you ask,

does that usually work,
that sort of witty repartee?

Amazingly, Jeff, it doesn't.

No, no, no, you should hear what
we say about him in our camp.

It's all good.

Oh, really?

Yeah, Rob!

Nice, baby.

-The Rob-a-sue!
-Yeah, the Rob-a-sue!

Dear God, I hope
that there's a merger.


All right, Deena.

Rob, do you got
some soap, buddy?


Jaburu at 17,

Tambaqui is at 14.

Dave, you guys need to score.

We need to score.


Um, I'm gonna go with Christy

with shampoo.


I'm sorry.



I'm really sorry.

So here's where we're at.

Jaburu sitting on 17.

All they need is
one more to win.


Dave, do you have shampoo?

-PROBST: That'll do it.
-(women cheering)

Nice job.

Jaburu wins reward.

Here it is, ladies.

I know how much
you want this stuff.

Come get it. Who wants it?
You got your tweezers,

you got your eyebrow pluckers,
you got toothpaste.

(cheering continues)

Jaburu, Jaburu, Jaburu rocks!


PROBST: Nice job, you can head
on back the same way you came.

ROB: So I'm very excited
that this is

the best day of my life.

I got a better reward
than I could ever hope for

in soap and toothpaste--

that maybe some girls out there
in the other tribe

would want to get with me.

If I could do anything to help
Rob-a-sue and his dream...

I, I am telling you...

I have a dream.

I will give up my sleeping space

so Rob-a-sue can have
room for two.

-There you go.
-That's commitment right there.

ROB: Since day one, Heidi
has always been my favorite,

but she looks like she could
really use the conditioner

and maybe some of that,
some of that soap.

She looks a little rugged
and beat down,

but, look, I'll take
what I can get.

She's probably a 9 1/2

in real life and right about now
she's closing in on a six,

so that kind of levels the
playing field for a guy like me,

which is an exciting prospect.

I had a great time.
I finally got to meet Shawna

and I think she digs me.

I can tell by the little
twinkle in her eye

when I met her, you know.

ROGER: And the fun I had--
honestly, honestly, Alex--

was to see you guys
react with these women.

DANIEL: Overall,
they seemed pretty nice.

-ROB: With the exception
of Joanna. -Yeah.

I think she was showing
her true colors a little bit.

I don't like Joanna.

She's always yelling about Jesus
and how Jesus loves Jaburu.

I didn't know that Jesus had

a vested interest
in Survivor 'cause,

as far as I've seen every
picture of him, Jesus is a guy.

I would think that
he would want the guys to win.

And Jenna has always had the
kind of dark, mysterious smile

out of the corner of her eye
and a little twinkle.

Who is Jenna?

Jenna is the one
who was standing

right next to me,
with the black hair.

-I know, I'm saying...
-Oh, who is she?

-Who is she?

We don't know.

I think Jenna-- Jenna's, uh...

she turned and looked at me,
we had eye contact for a second.

She is-- she has an
engaging stare.

Jenna is the hot chick at the
bar who doesn't say anything,

who's got the eye
and looks around

-and waits for the guy...
-Waits for something to happen.

...and the thing is,

if you're not that guy,

she'll shoot you down
real quick.

Jenna is a gorgeous individual.

She has-- her butt is so sexy.

And Butch, the girls were
asking you more than once.

Yeah, Shawna and Jenna.

Shawna on the left,
Jenna on the right.

What I thought of Jenna was--

I didn't consider like the
other guys as a, as a hottie.

I mean, I guess she is.

Um, you know, I'm 50 years old.

I'm not supposed to look
at things like that,

but of course
I'm not dead either.

I really cannot wait to watch

when the girls
are all taking baths.

"Heidi, do you need some help
with your bosom?"

"Oh, sure, Jenna."


DEENA: I can't get the mud from
yesterday out of my shorts.

I just don't come clean.

I'm losing my hair.

My hair.

CHRISTY: Bathing in general
in front of other people--

it's a very, um,

self-conscious thing.

Anyone need the scrub brush?

CHRISTY: When we were bathing,
I bathed with Jeanne and Deena.

And, of course,

the girls my age...

Heidi, we have to go
before it gets dark.

...are the ones that,

that, of course,
I'm not invited.


And that's okay.

I've learned to accept that,

and they can go off
and do their bathing thing

and wash and be pretty

and check each other out.

Be like,
"Oh, do I have any dirty spots?"

Oh, this is so awesome.

HEIDI: The cuter girls--
me and Jenna and Shawna--

kind of went off

from the older women because
we're younger and we're cuter;

we've got better bodies;
and, for some reason,

that's like a huge issue
with older people.

Yes, we are masters of beauty.


HEIDI: We're all very confident
with our bodies,

we're all three having fun,

we don't have these older women
judging us, telling us

what we should
and shouldn't be doing.

-I'm taking my top off.
-That's what I'm doing.



-It does feel good, doesn't it?
-It feels like I was wearing

a sports bra for, like, years.

Ah... relief.

SHAWNA: The three of us
were washing each other,

bathing topless
in the Amazon River.

It felt like a soap commercial

that went wrong,
and it felt so good

to just be myself

and be partially naked
in an Amazon river.

I mean, we're in Brazil.

It's nice to get underneath
and all around.

If there's a merge,

it would definitely be to our
advantage to go topless because

guys, it's all
they ever think about.

I think that they would just,
like, have that on their brains

all the time,
instead of the game.

I think they'd be more like,

"I want to keep you on my team
as long as possible

if I get to see that
all the time,"

so if their mind is distracted,

then that just gives me a
chance to move one space ahead.

DAVE: It's hard for me to...
to be with these personalities.

I mean, these guys are--
they're intense.

Let me ask you something.

Do you think that, uh...

Which situation would be better:

without Daniel or without Roger?

I believe that taking out Dan
would be better.

After that,
we'll see how it goes.

I think that you are
the best player on this tribe.

-Thank you, I appreciate it.
-I think that I am

-a very underestimated player...
-I think so, too.

...and I know that
I'm on the outside looking in.

Yeah, but that
doesn't have to be.

I would...

There's a, there's,
there's a certain someone

whose name's been brought up,

that if he went away, it would
change things very, very much.


I want to do it.

I mean, the person who makes
the most sense to eliminate

based on performance,
obviously, is Daniel.

But based on personalities
and other issues,

both Rob and Al have pushed me,
and mentioned Roger's name.

I said I wasn't gonna do it

unless it was gonna be
a done deal.

I'm not gonna be on
the losing side at all.

Matt alread--
Matt already came to me...

-And you want to do it?
-...and brought it up.

I don't really trust anybody.

-You know.

I mean, you won't tell
Alex this,

right, but, I mean,
I don't trust him.

I don't trust Alex at all.

What about Dave?

I think we leave Dave
out of it for right now.

That's-- I can't believe
that this is happening.

This is the best day of my life.

This is like a dream come true.


There's a fish.

Me being-- actually, I'll get
a great-- another worm.

What a stitch.

Dude, give me a potato.

-We'll hook that up.
-What the...?

Textbook, baby.

Leave him in the boat;
let's get another one.

Got some fish, guys.

-All right.

Oh, yeah.

We're going to need
a bigger fire, man.

Ready, dude?


Cheapie soup.

What do you say-- six ounces?

Not even.

DAVE: You know,
for the past, past week or so,

the focus has been really
on surviving

and how we're going
to make it out here.

And talking to Matt
this morning,

it really came.

You know, we're here
to play a game

and we're here to eliminate
15 other people.

You caught a fish?

-MATTHEW: Three.

All right, look at that, baby.

Nice. Nice.

Um, and what was interesting in
talking to Matt this morning

was to hear him talk about how

Alex has been talking to Rob
about getting rid of Roger,

and, you know,
it kind of opened up my eyes.

There's a lot more going on
behind the scenes

than I'm aware of.

Guys, we got the momentum now,
man... got the momentum.

David and Matthew

went out on a fishing trip
and brought back three guppies.

And Matthew is like,
"Oh, I'm going to make

"a fish bouillon soup,
and it's so, it's so depressing

for a chef like myself
without these seasonings."

We're going to have
to wing it, guys.

I mean, no utensils,
no real service vessels.

It's going to be primitive.

We'll figure it out.

I think we can handle primitive.

I was like: Matt,

when I was in the fraternity,

I would swallow fish that were
bigger than this whole.

-How we doing, fellas?
-Did we get some flavor?

It's not a lot of flavor.

You guys, I mean,
I could put this broth

back on the fire and concentrate
it even more; it'd be better.

Right now, it's pretty light.

Kind of tastes like wet manioc.

That was delicious.

I must have got,
like, the spine.

ALEX: It's kind of changed
a couple of times

over the last couple days.

Rob has put on a good front
for the whole crew,

other than, I think, me.

He came into this game,

deciding that
he was going to play

like the goofy kid.

I went to go visit my
grandfather in the nursing home,

so I went and I said,
"Grandpa, how's it going?"

He said, "Oh, it's crazy here.

"Every night,
before we go to bed,

they're giving us
hot chocolate and Viagra."

I said,
"Hot chocolate and Viagra?"

ALEX: He really wanted
to get rid of Roger,

and Roger had already come
to me and Butch and Dave.

We kind of all agreed
that Dan was next to go.

Well, then,

Rob came to me and wanted
to get rid of Roger,

and he had Dan and Matt.

So I'm kind of the swing.

I'm kind of the person--
I can decide.

I can go, "Which one?",
you know, and...

I can go either way.

He said,
"Yes, I'll explain, sir.

"The hot chocolate is
so they go to sleep,

and the Viagra is so
they don't roll out of the bed."



Jaburu is on the upswing.

Deena did an amazing job

taking up the role
of leadership within our tribe.

DEENA: Then after breakfast,
we'll all go get palm fronds,

and then the next two can
go out fishing, if they want.

She's got her stuff together,

and she knows how to delegate.

DEENA: Fix these posts
right here, and then...

SHAWNA: And, sometimes,
she can come off bossy,

but you realized
you picked her,

and that's the reason
you picked her,

is 'cause you want her
to boss you around.

-What's up?

I really need you
to work on the fire shelter

and then the roof.


DEENA: The net effect
of the leadership has been that

we have, so far,
boiled five pots of water;

there is the roof that is
pretty much completed;

and the camp has been

completely cleared out
of debris,

so that it looks
like it's organized.

Like, it looks as if somebody,
yes, lives there

and cares
about their environment

and is going to take care of it.

Uh-huh, come on...

CHRISTY: Get it, get it,
bring it up, bring it up.

-Yeah, dawg.
-All right!

We're not starving to death.

Some of the girls
have been catching fish,

and I think that that's
a huge source of protein.

It was what we needed
to get us at par,

so that we could play
the game against the men.

CHRISTY: Ah! I caught my first
fish in the Amazon!

♪ Hallelujah! ♪

♪ Oh, glory! ♪

I can actually go fishing.

Oh, my God, that's humongous!

Oh, shoot!
I got to put him up here.

Bring the machete.
Help me 'cause he's a big one.

-Uh, I handled it.

I am...

Do it, Jesus.

Look, that's my Jesus.


-Wow. What is this?
-All right.

Hey, we got mail.

"Caged like an animal,
escape is within sight.

Coordinate as a tribe
or face Tribal Council tonight."

"Coordinate as a tribe

or face Tribal Council tonight."

-It's either a maze or a...
-Sounds like a trap.

I'm psyched.

-Anyone else pumped?
-Oh, yeah, baby.


I'm so excited
we're going to challenge.

I really have
a good feeling inside

that we're going to beat
them boys.

I'm ready.

(indistinct conversation)

-♪ Victory is mine ♪

-♪ Victory is mine. ♪

Is there any chance that Heidi

will notice me
at the immunity challenge?

"Yes, definitely."

Yeah, baby!

But will it be positive
or negative?

Break it out.

Will Jenna give
the old man here the look?

All right. All right.

"Outlook good."


-♪ Bow chicka-bow-bow. ♪
-Now, that...

How about this?

Is the most righteous Dan
going to take the lovely Shawna?

"It is certain."


-"It is certain."
-Oh, no.

Come on in, guys!

Okay. I will take back
the immunity idol.

Clearly, with a very arrogant
addition, I would say.

Thoughts when you see the
immunity idol with their colors?

We'd like to remind them
we had it first.


And we'll remove it later.


Okay, when you guys agreed

to this adventure
in the Amazon,

you basically agreed
to be trapped with strangers.

Today's challenge
epitomizes that.

You are going to be
trapped in a cage.

There's an escape hatch
at the top.

To get to it, you're going
to have to make your way

through a rope web of knots
until you release a machete.

Next, you'll find
ten more knots.

Once you've untied those knots,
use the machete

to cut the correct rope,
then slide the board out.

That'll release a pole.

Use the pole to retrieve
three sets of keys.

Use the keys to unlock the locks
and open the hatch.

First tribe to open the hatch
wins immunity.

If everybody in your tribe
does not work together,

you will go to Tribal Council,

and somebody from your tribe
will be going home tonight.

All right, everybody get in
your cages-- I'll lock you in.

For immunity.

Survivors ready... go!

What'd you, uh...
Here it is.

Don't pull it yet.

Pull this.


Throw that rope over to me.

Damn it.

For the first stage,

all you have to do
is release that machete.

I don't know
if I'm doing any good.

-Pull it, pull it, pull it.
-That a way, Tambaqui.

-Dave, I finally went...

-I found it...
-Okay, we got this through.

PROBST: Jaburu with two knots
undone on the machete.

Tambaqui with both knots
undone on the machete.

We're down to one knot left.

I can take it. I can take it.
I can...

It's right here.
It goes right through this one.

-Keep pulling. Keep pulling.
-I can't.

She's pulling the other way.

It's Jenna first,
then Christy.

It's going to get into a knot
if we pull like that.

All right, hold it, Alex.
Pull, pull, pull.

Someone feed that.

Someone feed it,
or it's going to get stuck.

-I got it. I got it.
-Alex, good.

Good move, Alex.

Hurry up... hurry up...

Oh, now...
now we got to get it out.

I got the machete, guys.
I got the machete.

-Okay. -PROBST: Once that
machete's free,

-you're fine to use it.
-You go inside.

-I'll go outside.
-Jaburu has their machete free.

They're moving on
to the next stage.

Cut! Cut! Cut!

-Dave's got it.
-Okay. Hey.

Dave, Dave... take it, Dave.

-Everybody be careful.
-I got the chain.

-All right, go, buddy.
-Go, buddy.

-Got it.
-Go, go, go, go, go!

I'll get the end.

-Come on, Shawna. Awesome job.
-Can we go?

-We can't pull the board.
-Go, go, go, go, go,

-Go, go, go.
-Hang on.

I got mine. I got mine.

-It's untied.

-Clear, clear, clear, clear.
-Okay, guys. Come on, push.

-Looking for the keys, guys.

Slide it through, guys.

-One, two...

-Slides up? -Slides up. You
guys, th... you got to cut that.

Here. Here, you hold it.
I'll saw the rope.

-Here we go, Joanna.

It's all you, babe.
It's all you.

You got it. Good job.

PROBST: Tambaqui, still trying
to get out of their first stage.

Jaburu working on their keys.

...thing is, just pry it,
push down.

There you are.

-You got a lock.
-I what?

-You are on that lock.
-Yeah, okay.

There you go.
There you go. Work it.

Good job, Joanna. Good job.

Good job, baby. Come on, baby.

Jaburu has another key.

(women shouting excitedly)

Keep going, Dave.

Jaburu is working on their keys.

Tambaqui, still stuck
on first stage.

Jaburu has two locks undone,
one lock remaining.

Good job, Joanna. Good job.

-Good job, baby. Come on, baby.
-Jaburu has...

Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah!

Oh, yeah!
Oh, yeah!

Tambaqui still on stage one.

Jaburu on their last lock.

Push it back. Push it back.
Push it back.

-Pull it!
-Immunity: Jaburu!


-Jaburu. Jaburu rocks.
-Jaburu rocks.


Who wants it?

I'm sorry, guys.

You... you forgot something.

-Oh, that's right.
-That's okay.

Hey... thank you.

Jaburu, congratulations.

no Tribal Council tonight.

-Three more days in the Amazon.


PROBST: Tambaqui, sadly,
not the same news for you.

Tribal Council tonight.

Somebody else going home.



Man, I want to lose it
every now and then, but...

Hey, this hurts.
There's no doubt about it.

-It stings. -Yeah, I'm not sure
how evenly matched we are,

having dropped four
out of five challenges.

The Lord is on their side.

Yeah. Uh-huh.

Dan is looking for... to get
the votes to go for you tonight.


I wasn't in on it.

Roger has told me

that he is at his wit's end
with Daniel

and that he may be very close

to bursting,
and I hope that happens.

I know that any time
any two people in the tribe

are butting heads,
that's good for business.

Who do you think Alex
is going to vote for?

I think Alex
is going to vote for Roger.

-Yeah. Yeah. -A couple days ago,
I thought it was going to be

-you and then me, but I think
we're going to be... -All right.

I think we're going to be here
for a little bit.

Roger's a pain in the ass.

-Yeah, he is a pain in the ass.

All right, I'm going to walk
back to camp,

but don't walk back...
don't walk back with me.

Yeah. Yeah.

DANIEL: I'm just trying
to realign right now

with Rob, Alex and Matthew,
and Rob really

wants Roger to go,
but Rob will only vote

against Roger as long as the...
the numbers are there.

Rob, of course, approached me,
and then Matt.

He's going to try to save me,
you know, if he...

whatever he can, but he can't
really do it much himself.


So it's just all
up in the air.

Wherever you vote,
Rob's going to vote.

That's what he told me, so...

-Hmm. -You vote for me,
he votes for me.

-Hmm. -Vote for Roger,
you... he votes for Roger.


DAVE: Because it is
relatively early in the game,

I don't really trust anybody.

We still are out here
as a game,

and to hear Matthew talk
about how Alex

seems to be trying
to be everybody's friends,

and-and get on different sides,

it made me wonder,
what am I missing?

One for Dan, one for Roger.

-One for Dan, one for Roger.
-One Dan, one for Roger.

Two for Dan, two for Roger.


And then three in a row for Dan.

Good night.

And that will be that.


How you guys feeling?


I don't think any of us
are feeling that great.

We're at Tribal Council
for the second time,

which is two more times than any
of us had wanted to be here.

So I think we're feeling
pretty lousy right now, Jeff.

-How about you, Dave?
-Eight guys

certainly don't like to lose
against eight girls,

and, uh, we had a slow start,

but, uh, I really...
I'm-I'm fully confident

that we can come back
and, uh,

pull some big wins
in the near future.

Roger, do you feel a little

like Bobby Riggs
and Billie Jean King?

You're letting down
an entire gender here.

We did everything
as best we could, and...

hey, they beat us, so...

Matthew, how about you?

How hungry,
scale of one to ten?

I'm about an eight.

-That's pretty hungry.
-Manioc is getting very old.

I have a hard time
keeping it down.

How about you, Alex?

About the same as Matthew.

I'm up there at eight,
maybe even a nine.

Mm-- I'm hungry,
and I'm feeling it.

Daniel, how about the fishing?

How many hours a day
are you guys working on that?

We're actually going out there
a couple hours a day, at least.

How many hours of daylight
you figure you get out here?

About ten.

Roger, did you fish today?

Uh, no. I'm not a fisherman.

-PROBST: Matthew?
-I did fish today.

-How long?
-Fished for about an hour.

Would you say it's fair
to say, "Hey, Jeff,

"if you were watching us,
you'd see we are putting forth

everything we can
to try and figure this out?"

I think we could spend
more time out there.

Let's talk about friendships.

Daniel, feeling any bond
with any of these guys?

Well, the person I get
along with the best is Matthew.

He was born in...
in Hong Kong, so...

he's probably more Chinese
than I am.

And, uh, he knows
how to speak Chinese,

so that's a definite plus.

Um, I'm different
than anybody else.

I'm one Asian guy
versus seven other white guys.

Even though I was born
and raised in the U.S.,

you know, just,
even before I speak,

I stand out from the rest,

and sometimes
that makes me an outcast.

That is completely false.

I don't think for one second
any of us said

that we're going to treat Daniel
any differently because his,

uh, relatives
are from a different country

than our relatives may be from.

We're all from
different places and from

different backgrounds,
and we all realize

that everybody's different
and that's what makes us unique.

PROBST: Roger, you were shaking
your head a little bit.

What's your assessment? I mean,
obviously, there's friction

-between you two guys.
-ROGER: My frustration with Dan

started, uh, when I asked him

to go down to the lake
and get the water,

and he kind of hesitated
and, you know,

"You need to help me,"
kind of a deal.

So I said, "Screw it, buddy.
I'll go down and get it myself."

Well, in defense to...
to what Roger said, uh,

he's been barking orders like
a drill sergeant since day one.

Um... I mean, he doesn't...
he doesn't ask nicely, you know?

So I said, "Fine. You want
to do it, go right ahead."

So friendship's out the window.

It is time to vote.

Daniel, you're first.

Roger, you've been out here
six days too long.

Talk to you later.

Dan, I think I pretty much
said it at Tribal Council.

You're out of your element,

and you have not been
a team player.

I'll go tally the votes.

Once the votes are read,
the decision is final.

Person voted out
will be asked to leave

the Tribal Council area

I'll read the votes.

First vote.


Roger. That's one vote Roger,
one vote Dan.

That's two votes.

Three votes Dan.

Dan. That's four votes.

That's enough.
Need to bring me your torch.

Daniel, the tribe has spoken.

It's time for you to go.

You guys have lost four
out of five challenges.

I think you guys know
what you need to do--

you just need to go do it.

You can head back to camp.
Good night.

PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes
from our next episode.

Next time on Survivor:

The tribes tangle with
the Amazon's deadliest fish.

These guys will take
your finger off.

It's in the boat.


-Guys, help. It's a piranha.
-Bite. Bite.

-It's in the bucket. -SHAWNA:
I feel like you don't...

PROBST: And at Jaburu,
Shawna wants out.

I don't see myself lasting
for 30 more days.

Um, I don't re-regret a thing.

I don't know
what I could have done better.

I tried my best at first,
you know,

to start a coup,
but it kind of fell through.

I didn't mean that anybody,
you know,

knowingly made me
an outcast of the group,

but it's who you relate with,
and with eight people,

you know, you're not
going to be able

to relate with ev-everybody.

Roger, somebody made a stop
payment on your reality check.

That's all I gotta say.