Survivor (2000–…): Season 6, Episode 14 - ...And Then There Were Four - full transcript

Matthew, Rob, Butch and Jenna are the final four. The guys plan an all-male final three, which backfires when Jenna wins the first immunity.

36 days ago, deep within

the world's largest
rain forest,

16 Americans began
the adventure of a lifetime.

They were abandoned
on the Rio Negro,

in the heart of the Amazon.

As I call out your name,
I want you to climb

down the rope ladder
and get in the yellow boat.

The castaways were shocked
to learn

the tribes were divided
by gender.

ROGER: It's going to be the men
against the women.

But they don't have
the strength.

It's pathetic.

And Christy had a shock

of her own
for the Jaburu women.

It's not a big deal,
but I think it's something

that every tribe member
should know-- that I am deaf.

JENNA: I'm just wondering
how she's going to be able

to work with the group
when she can't

really hear well.

That night, Christy discovered

she had trouble communicating
with her tribe.

CHRISTY: As soon as it
gets dark, that's where

my whole communication
just shuts down,

because I can't see...
can't read their lips.

(crying): I'm at
a big disadvantage.

PROBST: The men of Tambaqui
quickly built their shelter...

I think I missed my calling
in life as a lumberjack.

(sighs) That's...
that's looking good right there.

(thunder crashing)

PROBST: ...while the women
were left out in the rain.

Forgot that we're in
the middle of the Amazon

and that torrential rainstorms
come by daily.

I can't believe
how badly this sucks.

PROBST: The men discovered
the hazards of jungle life.


Damn it.

Ow! God!

And it appeared the women

might not be able
to survive at all.

I'm just...
I'm at the lowest of my low,

and no one is respecting the
fact that I am falling apart.

I'm having trouble walking.


I'm just spent.

I don't think I've ever been
this physically exhausted.

PROBST: Despite the women's
problems at camp,

they proved they could be
fierce competitors

and won four out of the first
five challenges.

Jaburu wins immunity!

-Jaburu wins reward!
-Yeah, baby!

Jaburu wins reward.

Immunity, Jaburu!

But in the end, neither tribe
could escape Tribal Council,

where two men...

and two women...

were voted out of the Amazon.

On day 13, Dave and Jenna went
on date night in the jungle.

We were, like, ready to just,
like, chat away.

Heidi, who I've become

-really close to, which...
-I expected that.

PROBST: But the next day,
the game took a turn

when they were forced
to pick new tribes.

Think she regretted saying

a lot of the information
she did.

I've only heard good things
about Heidi.

Alex, Rob and Matthew

went to Jaburu,
and Christy, Jeanne

and Heidi went to Tambaqui,

bringing tears for some...

-I love you.
-I love you, too.

-Honey, we're home!
-Oh, yeah!

...and excitement for others.

Boys come into the camp, and
Shawna is 180 degrees better.


I'm just really glad
to be in a group

where this lantern is useful.

-Jaburu wins immunity!

When Tambaqui lost immunity,

Dave approached Heidi
to avoid a three-three tie.

Like, if you were
in my position,

what do you think
you would do?

I'd c... I'd come with us.

PROBST: So Heidi sided with
the men to vote out Jeanne.

At Jaburu, Rob and Deena
formed an unlikely alliance.

Deena is as hungry as I am,

and she's the kind of person
that nobody would suspect

I would have anything
in common with.

PROBST: Jaburu went
to the next Tribal Council,

where the women sided
with the men.


And Shawna was voted out.

On day 19,
the two tribes merged,

and Jacaré was born.

Hey, here's to the new tribe,
and here's to new friends.


The women appeared to be

and at a disadvantage.

ROGER: Our original game plan
was the six guys

against the, uh...
against the girls, and...

you know, it should be just,
pick 'em off.

PROBST: But a new alliance
composed of Rob,

Deena, Alex, Heidi and Jenna

blindsided Roger,
and then Dave,

making him
the first member of the jury.

It is not the battle
of the sexes anymore,

but it's the battle of the
weaker versus the stronger.

Deena tried to get rid

-of her biggest threat.
-DEENA: Alex must go.

Period, end of statement.

But her plan backfired,

and her own alliance
turned on her.

Ninth person voted out and
the second member of our jury...

The foursome of Heidi,
Rob, Alex and Jenna

were in control, until Alex
revealed his plan to Rob.

-The way I see it...

...if I win immunity,
my vote goes for you.

PROBST: So Rob quickly formed
a new alliance.

Me, you, Butch and Christy
vote out Alex tomorrow.

That's what I was thinking.

I don't trust Alex anymore.

He's lied and changed his story
a number of times.

PROBST: After a stunned Alex
was voted out,

Jenna and Heidi
were furious at Rob's betrayal.

This is the point--
you don't care

about personal relationships;
you just care about yourself.

I'm sorry I tried to keep
myself in a majority

in a game
where you vote people out.

But you're hurting people
in the process.

PROBST: When Matthew
won the reward challenge...

Matthew wins reward!

...he sacrificed a visit
from his mother...

Would you say it is better
to give

-or to receive?
-It is better to give. the rest of the tribe
could see their loved ones.

After Matthew gave everybody

their visit from home,

I'm beginning to seriously
doubt whether he's

a beatable opponent anymore,
and I may have

to cut him off
before the final two.

Christy was unsure how she

was going to vote
at Tribal Council.

You're still going to vote
for Heidi tonight?

I guess so. I...

-Guess so?
-I-I... you know, I don't know.

The question is:
who can I go farther with?

What can get me to be
the sole Survivor?

And her ambivalence forced Rob

to change sides once again.

Would you just want
to make this

really easy on everybody
and vote out Christy tonight?

And you're willing to do that?

So, at Tribal Council,

Christy was the 11th person
voted out.

-PROBST: Last week,

Matthew won
the reward challenge

and invited Rob
to a tailgate cookout.

ROB: What do you want,
a burger or hot dog first?

Hot dog.

I love hot dogs so much.

Bon appétit, dude.

PROBST: And while the rest
of the tribe headed home... unattended fire
destroyed their camp.

-HEIDI: Oh, my God.
-JENNA: All my stuff.

All of our stuff--
everything we have is gone.

PROBST: And Jenna learned
her endurance has its limits.

(crying): I can't do this
anymore. I feel like crap.

I hate every minute
of being here.

After Matthew won immunity...

Matthew wins immunity!

...the men forced
a sick Jenna to stay,

and Heidi was the 12th person
voted out of the Amazon

and the fifth member
of the jury.

-The tribe has spoken.

Only four remain:

Matthew, Jenna,

Butch and Rob.

Tonight, they will compete

in their final
immunity challenges.

Two will advance
to face the jury.

One will outlast all the others
and become the sole Survivor.

(thunder crashing)

-JENNA: I see embers.
-MATTHEW: I-I got it.

Give me the dry stuff.

ROB: Voting Heidi out
was a tough decision,

but these last couple days
reminded me of a birthday card

that had a really hot girl on
the front, and inside it says,

"No matter how hot
you think this girl is,

"somebody somewhere
is sick and tired

of putting up with her crap."

Can you give me some sticks?

-BUTCH: That... there they are.

Final four--

just like in college basketball
Final Four, it's big-time.

It's still miserable
conditions-- cold, wet--

but deep inside,
you're just jumping with joy.

-JENNA: There you go.
-MATTHEW: More sticks.

I've got some more on the way.

Here it comes. Got 'em?


To be in the final four and be

the last woman here
is really cool.

Like, I've accomplished
all my goals

and then some in this game.

Good job, dude.

Butch, you came through big.

Oh, heat feels good, doesn't it?

The final four is... is huge.

I mean, somebody
in this foursome

is going to win this game,
which is really cool.


As of now, I'm glad to be here,

even though tomorrow I'll be
saying good-bye-- very happily.


But as of now,
I'm glad to be here.

BUTCH: Jenna wanted to go out
last Tribal Council

'cause Jenna's been sick,
but Matt,

Rob and myself have formed
a very strong alliance,

and we felt that Heidi

would have been
the biggest threat,

so we voted Heidi out
last night,

and Jenna knows that she
will be voted out next.

Guys, if I don't win
immunity tomorrow,

I'm really, really glad
I got to hang out

with you guys for the last day.

Yeah, as are we.

-Like, I'm serious.
-Appreciate it.

you're a great group of guys,

and, like, you know
that I'm so ready to go.

As much as... as much as we're
all adversaries in this game...

-JENNA: We're all friends.
-I mean, we're all friends,

and-and we...
we all rely on each other.


Well, we got three days, right?

I think the next three days

are going to be
pretty straightforward.

Tomorrow, we will beat Jenna
and send her home,

and, uh...

Butch, Rob and I
will just face off

in the final immunity challenge,

and, you know,
may the best man win.

What an accomplishment.

-Good job, guys.
-One, two, three.



MATTHEW: I'm kind of enjoying
the whole process

of demolishing our old shelter,
putting it to good use.

There is a sense of closure,

but our objective today
is to load up on wood

and maybe get enough wood
for three days

so we don't really have
to worry about it

and spend the last couple of
days just enjoying ourselves.

Butch, do a little dance.

When I do that,
I embarrass my family.

-Doesn't matter,
they'll respect you. -Huh?

You're... you're part
of the final four, dude...

Well, first off,
I'll start with the Egyptian.

Oh, yeah.

Oh, yeah, Butch, cutting it up.


Then it's the old cut-a-rug,
you know.

Stop, man. You're scaring me.

When this game is over,

I think Butch is going to need
to, uh, see a therapist.

Now, there's a man with rhythm.

Even Matthew, he said, really,

"Butch is psychotic.
He's crazy."

And if Matt
is saying you're crazy,

you are out
of your frickin' mind.

I still feel sick,

and I'm not going to get better
out here just on manioc,

but while I'm here,

I'm giving 110%,

and I'll give everything
that I can to win immunity.

Come on in, guys.

That a way, Butch.

Another nice, rainy day for you.

Day 37.

I know you guys are worn out,

I know the rain
is starting to get old,

but you are this close,
so don't give up.

For today's immunity challenge,
you're going to have

to negotiate your way
through this maze,

collecting necklaces
at each of the four stations:

earth, wind, fire and water.

Now, because you're
going to be blindfolded,

you'll have to use your fingers
to read the guides

and the arrows
connected to them,

and that'll point you
to the next station.

So each time you get
to a station,

take a necklace,
put it around your neck

and follow an arrow
to another station.

Once you've collected
all four necklaces,

the center arrow will direct
you back to the center post.

First person to return
to the center post

with all four necklaces--
earth, wind, fire and water--

wins immunity, guaranteed a spot
in the final three,

cannot be voted out
at tonight's Tribal Council.

Matthew, take this back.

If you want it,
you will have to earn it again.

The very, very important
immunity back up for grabs.

Head inside.
I'm going to lock you in.

Here we go, guys.

For immunity and a guaranteed
one-in-three shot

at being the sole Survivor.

Survivors ready.

Everybody working
very gingerly--

a wise move until you get
acquainted with the course.

Jenna getting very acquainted
with a corner of the maze.

Matthew at his first station.

Matthew making progress.


Jenna on the right track.

Matthew making his way.

He has one necklace.

Is it earth, wind, fire
or water?

Does he know which one
he just got?

Butch getting very familiar
with the burlap.

Rob at a station,
trying to figure out what to do.

Jenna at her first post.

That's water. That's water.

PROBST: Jenna with one necklace,
Matthew with one necklace.

Rob sneaking up on one.

Rob with one necklace.

Butch seems to be lost
in never-never land.

-Can he find his way out?
-Oh, I got to go...

I'm going to the right.

Jenna looking for some help.

She's up on a guiding post.

Make sure you know which arrow
goes with which sign.

They will be side-by-side.

-Matthew trying to grope Jenna.

JENNA: Quit copping
a feel there, buddy.

I finally had my opportunity.

-(gasps) Pervert.
-PROBST: Good move.

Rob... certain where he
wants to go.

Rob with two necklaces.


-Oh. Sorry.
-Butch, you're married.

That's all right.
I know-- I couldn't help it.

I'm getting groped
left and right here.

PROBST: Matthew and Rob
at an intersection.

-Excuse me.
-Hey, what's up, buddy?

-Oh, good luck.
-How you doing, man?

Taking time to say hey.

Be very quiet, guys,
about what you're doing.

Matthew has two necklaces.


PROBST: Matthew knows
where he wants to go.

Can anybody see me
taking this one?

Jenna has two necklaces.

Butch has none.

-Butch at a guide post.

Butch, you need some help.

All those boys need help.

You go that way, okay?

-Tell me if you find it.
-Okay. -Got it.

PROBST: Butch and Matthew
trying to work together.

That's not fair.

PROBST: In an individual
challenge, Butch and Matthew

-working together.
-Nope, I got a dead end.

-Figures. -MATTHEW: Okay,
let's find fire again.

Come on.

They're teaming up
on you, Jenna.

They'll have to fight me
to the death.

BUTCH: Wait a minute.
I'm back at a post again.

-Where are you?
-PROBST: Butch and Matthew

working together, but they're
not helping each other much.

Rob wandering aimlessly.

Jenna and Butch, say hello.

-Hi, Butch.

Butch making progress.

Matthew making progress.

Matthew with three necklaces.

Rob coming up to a guide post.


Jenna with three necklaces.

Matthew with three necklaces.

Rob with two necklaces.

Butch on the board
with his first necklace.

Matthew needs one necklace.

Jenna and Matthew
both at guide posts.

Both need one necklace.

Matthew on the move.

Jenna knows
what she's looking for.

She's on the move.

Butch with one necklace.

Rob with two.

Jenna and Matthew with three.

Both still looking

for one necklace.

This is down to Jenna
and Matthew at this point.

Matthew at a new guide post.

Jenna has her fourth necklace.

It's not over.
It is not over.

Jenna has to find her way back
to the center post.

Jenna at a guide post.

Matthew moving fast.
He's smelling something.

Keep moving, guys.

Jenna just needs to get
to the center post.

Matthew flying down the course.

Jenna wins immunity!

Oh, my God.

You don't know
how bad I needed this.

Jenna, come on up.

Nice work.

Anything can happen.

-Turn around.
-That's true.

The very valuable
immunity necklace...

-You have no idea. yours.

You are safe
from the vote tonight.

The other three of you,
fair game.

Guys, head back,
try and get dry.

I'll see you tonight
at Tribal Council.

It's always a shock

when we get back to camp
and it's still in one piece.

-(Jenna chuckles)

Butch, Matt and I

were going to be the final three
of this game,

and when Jenna won immunity,
it threw all that into chaos.

JENNA: What did you have
a problem with, Matt?

Um, I couldn't...
my problem was...

I was trying to find earth.

ROB: I've bitten
all my fingernails off.

I'm pacing around.

I don't know what exactly
I'm going to do yet,

but it's a very scary time
in the game for me.

Yeah, I-I want to, uh,
wash up a little bit.

You want us to wash
any of your stuff?

No, it's... I'm fine.

These socks
are kind of gross, though.

JENNA: It was so great
to win immunity.

I mean, I needed this to stay
in the game-- case closed.

And now they got to change
their plan.

-You want to go down
and do that? -Sure.

Let's do it, dude.
Might as well, and then we

can come back and do the manioc.

I don't know

how Jenna feels
about who should go.

I really don't know how things
are going to unfold.

I anticipate that there
are going to be

a lot of negotiations
this evening.

What's up, Butch?

Um, you got plans yet?

You know I got to ask you.

I-I don't know what to do.

What do... what...
I don't know

what you guys had...
uh, were thinking.

What are you thinking?

Well, I guess...
uh, I guess I'm not...

I guess the only thing
I have to say

is, yeah, I'd like to be in
the final three with you guys.

I... Okay.

And I don't know,
I'm just saying

that this is what
I'd like to do...

I'd say they'll probably go
for... you know, I don't know.

I have to get back and tell you.

I'd say they're probably going
to talk up, say, "Well,

who are we going to get?" And
they'll probably say, "Butch."

MATTHEW: You'll... you'll let me
know if she approaches you

to say, "Let's get rid
of Matthew."

If she's going to vote for you,

then me and you
just vote for Butch,

and Butch is going to vote
for me, and Butch goes.

Yeah, exactly.

ROB: Matt and I went
through all the scenarios,

and basically, what I told Matt
is that we need

to vote for Butch,
and he agreed.

I got so many things
in my head now,

-I can't...
-I know. Well,

the only decision that...
that has to happen...

okay, Jenna decides
she's going to vote...

she's going to vote for Butch,

all right, we vote for Butch,
and it's done.

-Right. -Butch is gone.
We go to the final three.

Who would you like to see go?

Well, who would you like
to see go? 'Cause I'm help...

you know, I'm asking you
for your help.

Well, probably the person
who dogged me.

Probably Rob.

You've never done anything
to me.

-Right. -Matt's never done
anything to me.

The only person who screwed me
royally was Rob, and that's

-the only thing I can go on.
-Yeah. Well, if you would

stand by that, I would, uh...
I would really appreciate it.

No, no, that's what I...
that's where we're at now.

I appreciate the... you-you
know, here I am asking you...

-And I... I said that's fine.
-21... a 50-year-old guy asking

-a 21-year-old girl. -Hey,
the youngest and the oldest

-sticking together.
-Youngest... isn't that neat--

the youngest
and the oldest, huh?

That's... that's really neat.

Okay. Hey, I'm excited now.

I-I-I'm really excited.

Yeah, don't be nervous.
I'm for you.

All right.

ROB: You know, don't...
don't screw me over here, Matt.

-No, I know. I'd like to...
-Don't... It's-it's your call.

Well, like I said,
I'm telling you honestly

and upfront as I have
throughout the game

that I'm going to do my best
to make a plan

-that has our best interests
in mind. -Mm-hmm.

Rob is in real trouble.

He doesn't have a great
relationship with Jenna.

He doesn't have
any relationship with Butch.

His only real relationship in
this game is with yours truly.

So I'm the only guy

who can really, uh,
keep him going in this game.

Trust me.

And I'm... I'm going to, um...

I'm going to do my best
to speak to her today,

-and I'm gonna work that deal.
-And I appreciate that.

I know that Rob, you know,

-is a bigger threat.
-Screwed me.

-You know, and he also
screwed you. -Right.

Um, when I think about it,
who really

-deserves it, you know,
and... and I... -Right.

you know, Butch
hasn't screwed anyone...

No, but he hasn't worked.

-...but Butch hasn't
done anything. -I know.

-I just don't think he deserves
to be there. -Right.

Rob has played the damn game.

Yeah, he's-he's betrayed
a lot of people,

-and you know what?

-Both of us have a pretty
decent shot. -Right.

-Because he's ...
so many people over. -Right.

-You know, and I'm cool
about it. -Mm-hmm.

And that's the one thing
that I have going for me now

-is I haven't screwed anyone.
-Right. Right.

You know, I haven't lied
to anyone.

I haven't stabbed anyone
in the back...

-stabbed anyone in the back.
-No. That's true.

So how do you feel
about a secret alliance

based on a shared
voting strategy this evening?


During tomorrow's
immunity challenge,

-and if I won...

...or if you won, we would
select the other person.

JENNA: Matt comes up to me
and said that, you know,

"I promise you
that I will take you

to the final two
if I win immunity."

It's a strategical move
on my part,

but people could still,
you know, lie.

I mean, Matt could take Rob,
and that's fine,

but he has to remember
that I'm on the jury then

and he stabbed me
in the back.

-Okay, I swear on everything.
-And-and we'll shake on it

-right now before they
come back. -Yeah.

JENNA: Okay. I will vote
for Butch tonight.

Okay. And I'm sure Rob
will do the same.

MATTHEW: If I win tomorrow's
immunity challenge,

I will take her
to the final two.

Now, I will either

honor that secret alliance,

do some backstabbing.

JENNA: Butch doesn't want
to vote for Matt,

Rob doesn't want to vote
for Matt,

so I have an opportunity to...
to kick off someone like Butch,

who I don't feel has done
any work to get here, or Rob.

You know, I could get him back
for what he did to me.

Now bring in
the members of our jury--

Dave, Deena, Alex,

Christy and Heidi.

37 days.

Butch, you just ducked your head
when I said that.

Just exhaust you hearing it?

It's-it's a... it's a wonderful
feeling-- 37 days.

Um, for me, personally, um,

I feel I've accomplished
more than what, uh,

I've ever dreamed
about accomplishing.

Um, it's been
a wonderful experience.

PROBST: How do you think
you got here?

How did you outlast
12 other people?

I didn't make a lot
of loud and noisy comments

and didn't cut anybody down.

I was very positive
with everybody.

I looked for the good
in a person

and tried to, um, utilize that.

Matthew, how'd you end up here?

Well, I had
a very multifaceted strategy,

uh, based on honesty
and versatility.

Tried to be smart,
um, tried to be intelligent,

and again, above all,

tried to maintain my honesty
and my integrity

so that people would trust me.

Rob, how did you end up
in this final four?

I've been asking myself
that question all day.

I've been very fortunate,
I think.

Most of the time, when I...

when I've zigged,
I should have zigged.

Most of the time, when I zagged,
I should have zagged.

And I've been very, very lucky
that I have taken

a lot of risks in this game

and they've mostly paid off
to this point.

Jenna, there have been times

where I thought you were going
to throw your hands up and say,

"You know what? Had enough.
Get me out of here,"

try and engineer a quit,
and yet,

not only are you
in the final four,

you're sitting with immunity
around your neck.

Yeah, I mean, uh,

I've had really high highs
and really low lows,

and there were times
where I wanted to quit,

but then I said, "God,

I'm just going to kick myself
if I do that."

I've never needed immunity
more than I needed it today,

so I just...
I fought hard for it.

Rob, how important
was that immunity today,

and how badly did you want it?

Well, we're down
to four people,

and one person's
going to go home,

and the person that wears
the immunity necklace

can't be that person,
so it's pretty damn important

at this...
at this stage in the game.

Jenna, so as you sit there
with immunity around your neck

and you go back to camp,

had to be a pretty interesting

Did all of these guys approach
you at one time or another

and say,
"Jenna, let me talk to you?"

I-I've talked to all of them,
because obviously there...

it was a big game switch.

Obviously, I was probably
the next to go.

So I-I've spoken
to all of them, yeah.

Tell me about that feeling
to be in the catbird seat.

It's different right now
for me to feel like...

like I'm... you know,
have a little bit of control

considering the last three
or whatever days

I have had none, so...

and it's a good feeling--
it's good to feel like,

you know, you can make
an important decision,

and it's a big deal
to have immunity

at this point in time
in the game.

Butch, as you sit here
about to vote,

what's it going to be based on?


Trying to stay in the game.

Did you hustle today

to try and make sure
you could stay in?

Um, I want to assure you,
I hustled today,

and, um, I tried... I'm trying
to stay in the game, yes.

Rob, what kind of maneuvering

did you try to do today

to, uh, get
on Jenna's good side?

Uh, I tried to make Jenna
lunch this afternoon.

I told her that she
looked beautiful today.

But, seriously, I don't think

that anything you can do
after somebody wins immunity

is going to change their mind.

I think it has to do
with what you did

before they had
that power in the game.

And, uh, we'll see
what happens here tonight.

On that note,
it is time to vote.

Rob, you're up.

I don't think all the firewood

in the forest is going to keep
your torch lit tonight, buddy.

Nice game.

Rob, I want to wish you
the very best.

You're a real good kid.

I'll go tally the votes.

Once the votes are read,
the decision is final.

Person voted out
will be asked to leave

the Tribal Council area

I'll read the votes.

First vote.



One vote-- Rob,
one vote-- Butch.


Two votes Butch, one vote Rob.

Last vote.


That's it, Butch.
You need to bring me your torch.

-Good luck.
-Good luck.

Guys, bl-bless you.

I mean it, all right?

Butch, the tribe has spoken.

-It's time for you to go.
-Good luck.

-Bye, Butch.
-Bye, Butch.

Well, today's immunity challenge

and tonight's Tribal Council
clearly showed

the value of immunity
and how quickly

it can change the course of the
game for the person who has it.

You have one immunity challenge
left, and it's the biggest.

Guarantees you a spot
in the final two

and the right to decide

who goes to the final
Tribal Council with you.

Big day tomorrow.
Head back to camp.

Good night.

I just experienced
an adventure of a lifetime.

I will never forget
these 37 days.

I feel I played the game hard
and I played it well.

The sign that I took--

I mean it when I say,

"Believe in yourself."

You can do things if you go out
and set your goals

and have your dreams
and then go out and do them.

Look at me.
I made it through Survivor.

Man, is there anything we...
we can do about moths?

They're, like, killer moths.
They're, like, biting.

ROB: After we thought
the worst was over

between the rain
and getting finally dry,

we were attacked by moths,
and they just wanted to crash

right into us
like kamikaze moths.

I don't know where
they all came from.

I hadn't seen one moth
in 37 days, but last night,

moths were just everywhere.

There do seem to be
a lot of them.

-They're crazy. -JENNA: Yeah,
they're, like, dive-bombing.

Um, by my estimates,

I would imagine that each of us
will get about...

between 16 to 17 manioc patties.

JENNA: Yes! This is the best day
of my life!

Babassu nuts out the ass.

-ROB: Yep.
-And manioc.

When we woke up this morning,

we decided to have
the biggest breakfast

of our 38 days
out in the jungle.

MATTHEW: You guys, this is going
to be the most babassu

we've had to date.

This is going to be
the most manioc

-we've had to date.
-This is going to be great.

Big meal for a big day.

-JENNA: Very good, Rob.

JENNA: Maybe the treemail
will be a candy bar.

You say that every time.

-I know.
-What's that?

-He can read it. -It's something
that should be...

Mr. Treemail Man's got
one last thing to tell us.

Let's each put our arm
on this.

-Guys ready?
-The final time.

One, two, three.

All right.
Let's switch lines.

"It's not a challenge.

"Just fun to do.

"So step on up.

See what's left of you."

It's a scale.


-(Jenna laughing)

Hey, let's go take it
back to camp.

Let's take it back to camp.

I thought they meant,
"See what's

left of you," and I looked left.

ROB: What, so you were looking
off to the left?

Yeah, I thought
they meant, like,

there'd be something
waiting for us.

-You're crazy.
-(Jenna laughs)

When it says... when...
when somebody tells you,

"That's right,"
do you turn to your right?

No, but I don't know.

ROB: We just got a gift
from the treemail gods,

and we got a scale
so we could weigh ourselves.

And we've all been dying to know
just how much we weigh.

Does it say 63?

Looks like 64.

64. So I went from 80 to 64.

-JENNA: Wow.
-Which is 16 kilos.

So... and that all means what?

-Uh, you got to do the math.
-2.2 kilos to one pound.

This is too much work.

MATTHEW: The scale was in kilos,
and one kilo is 2.2 pounds,

so I weighed myself in kilos
and converted back to pounds.

I realized that my weight

has gone from 173 to 148,

and if I've lost 28 pounds,
I think that I have lost

most of the fat
on my body and that,

um, I'm right now
losing muscle.

-You-you go fir... You go next.

You're at 60.

Yeah, I weigh 60 kilos, so...

according to this,
I weigh about 130 pounds,

but I don't think
that that's correct.

-(Jenna laughs)
-ROB: Basically,

over the last 38 days,
my body has just

deteriorated and...
and turned against itself.

I mean, I've lost almost
a pound a day for 38 days.

60 kilos.
Let me, uh, get a pen.

What did you start out at?

I came into this game
at about 170 pounds,

and I think I weigh around,
like, 138 pounds right now,

which is ridiculous.

Okay, I weigh 46 kilos.

MATTHEW: 46 kilos
times 2.2 pounds per kilo.

I started at 118 pounds,

and I weigh 99, so that is a lot
of weight to lose.

Yeah, I think...
don't think this is right.

JENNA: Well, how do you
think...? What about mine?

So what's the difference
in kilos?

I-I weigh 45 kilos,

and I started at 118 pounds.

That's not good
to lose that much weight,

but then again, it'll be
really fun to gain it all back.

That amounts to about...

What's up, guys?

What's going on?

-Come on... come on in.
-JENNA: Jeff came into camp,

and he's like,
"What's up, guys?"

I was like,
"Whoa. What is going on?"

I thought I was in, like,
a dreamland.

Okay. 38 days.

You're telling us.

PROBST: You've been surviving
in the Amazon,

living off this land,

utilizing its resources
when you were able to,

definitely fighting the elements

-when you had to.
-Yeah. -Mm-hmm.

So I thought it might be fun,

since this time is almost over,

to take one last look
at the Amazon

from a slightly different view--
from up above.

-JENNA: Oh...
-Oh, sweet.

PROBST: So we have a seaplane
ride scheduled for you.

Give you an aerial tour of this
area you've been calling home,

and I suggest-- if you can--
to put the game on hold

for a few minutes
and take it in.

Really take it in.

You're never coming
back here again.

When the ride is over,
the pilot will drop you off

at a new canoe, smaller
than the boat you already have.

You'll take this map.
I'll give it to you, Jenna.

Thank you.

PROBST: Follow this map
to your new destination.

You will find beads,
paints, feathers

and one headdress

-for each of you.

You're going to decorate

and adorn your body
just like Amazon warriors did

when they prepared for battle

because, in a sense,
that is what you are doing.

You are preparing for your final
immunity challenge.

When you're done,
you will get in your new boat

and you will head
to Tribal Council.

-Sounds awesome.
-Right on, guys.

-We'll see you tonight, Jeff.

-I'll see you tonight.
-Thanks for stopping by.

Thanks a lot.

MATTHEW: This opportunity
to take a ride in a seaplane

and go above the canopy
and see a lot

of the surroundings that really
are inaccessible to us

was just, uh... just amazing.

And we all were so excited
and so happy.

It really felt like a reward

for all the time
that we'd spent here.

We paddled up to the seaplane,
climbed in, and...

we were off. We were gone.

♪ ♪

JENNA: It's hard to...
to... to really grasp

how large the Amazon is
and how beautiful it is.

It's unbelievable.

It's really something everybody
should try to experience,

you know, once in their life.

MATTHEW: We saw rolling
green carpets of jungle,

and it was such an exhilarating
feeling to...

to... to get away from camp

and to... to take in
the surroundings from...

from a seaplane from high above
the, uh, jungle floor.

Uh, difficult to describe
in words.

ROB: For us to have
that opportunity

was really a, uh... a nice time
and a chance to enjoy the...

you know, the amazing scenery

that we've been
a part of down here.

But under the surface,
the game is still being played,

and there certainly
is strategy going on,

and this game
is pretty far from over.

After our plane flight,

we boarded a small canoe
and navigated through a...

a weed-choked river
to a small hut.


What are these?
I wonder how these are worn.

This is so cool.
I want this around my neck.

And what's this, like,
some sort of crotch protector?

ROB: I-I don't think it's
a cup-- I'm pretty sure.

JENNA: I think that's a little
small to be a cup there, cowboy.

Yeah. Cowboy.

JENNA: We had all this jewelry
and beads in there,

really cool stuff, and...
and flowers

that we just put everywhere

and really decorated ourselves
really cool and...

started to just, like, go crazy
and paint each other's faces.

Yeah, okay.

That looks cool.

Right now, I don't know

what the immunity challenge
is going to be.

All I know
is it's the most important

immunity challenge
of this game,

so I'm preparing
for everything:

mental, physical, anything.

This one could cost me
a million dollars

if I'm not successful
here today.

Let me see.

MATTHEW: If Jenna or Rob
won the immunity challenge

and picked me,
I wouldn't have to vote

against the...
the third person.

That third person
would most likely favor me

over the person
who voted them out.

It could be a wise strategic
move for me to lose on purpose.

Watch the makeup.

JENNA: It's time for the serious
players to be in the game.

I really have worked hard
to get here.

Happy, happy, happy.

j-just don't let it go...

I don't know who I could beat
in the final two.

I don't know
what the jury's thinking.

-How's that?

Rob burned me, he burned Heidi,
he burned Alex,

he burned our whole alliance,

and he-he may be the one
easier to beat,

but it's out of my hands
after the immunity challenge,

so I'm not going to stress
over it.

We look cool.

You guys ready?

♪ ♪

Now bring in the members
of our jury-- Dave, Deena,

Alex, Christy, Heidi and Butch,

voted out at the last
Tribal Council.

Well, I'm glad to see
that you embraced

the warrior preparation part
of your afternoon because,

as I told you,
you are about to embark

on your final
immunity challenge.

It will take place here,

and it will play out
in front of the jury.

And it will be followed
by a Tribal Council

where the person
who holds immunity

will not only vote out
the 14th member of the tribe

and put them over on the jury,
they will also decide

who they are taking with them
to the final vote--

probably the most critical
decision in this game.

This is the purest
of immunity challenges

because it is simply
based on will.

How badly do you want it?

Here's how it's going to work.

You're going to be
standing barefoot

on a narrow wooden perch.

It's going to be hard
to keep your balance.

You'll be holding your headdress
above you.

I'll put a collar
around your neck.

On that collar
will be a string of beads,

which will attach
to the back of your headdress

so that you can't move too far
forward or too far to the side.

Your goal-- stay on that perch
longer than anybody else.

If you fall off the perch,
you're out.

If your headdress touches

any part of your head
or your body, you're out.

The person to stay
on their perch the longest

with their headdress above them
wins immunity.

Jenna, I need back the necklace.

For the last time,
this tattered immunity necklace

is back up for grabs.

All right.
Take off your shoes.

Take a spot behind your perch.

Put your headdress
above your head.

Step up on your perch.

Find a good, comfortable spot.


Find your balance.

Everybody feeling good?


Are you comfortable?

-Are you balanced?


Here we go. The challenge
is now... starting.

Oh. Matthew, you're out.

You two hold tight.

Matthew, sit squat on the floor
right in front of here.

-Jenna, you want to make a deal?
-(Jenna chuckles)

Jenna, step down,
and I'll take you.

No. No, let's just
fight it out.

I think we should
just fight it out

and pick whoever we wanted
to pick.

Matt, are you surprised at all

-that Rob's trying
to make a deal? -Little bit.

But you know what?
If I was in his position,

I might be doing the same thing.
I don't know.

I didn't do well enough
to find out.

PROBST: You guys are past
the tough point.

-You've found your balance.
-My... my ankles are so weak.

PROBST: Immunity has never
been more important.


You guys hang tight.

You're doing great.

Make an impressive showing
to the jury.

Rob is out.

Jenna, take a step down.

You have the most important

Take a seat.

Congratulations, Jenna.


Great job.

Take a seat.


this is a ceremony.

You have a lot
of decorations on,

but none more valuable
than that immunity necklace.

Well, I know
how you're feeling, Jenna.

You're guaranteed a spot
in the final two.

You're in the driver's seat.

How you feeling, Rob? You hung
in there as long as you could.

I did...
I did the best I could.

Uh, you know, I-I don't feel

like I'm in a great position
right now,

but what can I do
at this point?

-But a great job by Jenna.
-PROBST: Matthew...

Matthew, you were the first out,
and you were out quickly.

Are you worried that Jenna
might say, "You know what,

you don't deserve it"?

I did my best, you know.

I was exhausted today.

It affected my performance.

Um, Jenna did
an exceptional job.

She won. She deserves it.

She'll make the right decision.

-It's her decision to make.
-So what do you base it on?

We talk about this all the time
at Tribal Council.

What do you base votes on?

Um, I think it's someone
I think deserves it,

someone I think's worked hard.

Um, also, like I said,

good competition at the end
is important for me.

So you don't want to nec...

I don't want someone
I can beat.

So you're not going to pick
the easy mark.

No, because that's...
I-I feel like winning

is beating
your best competition,

and I really meant that
when I said it.

PROBST: And you're willing
to risk $900,000--

the difference between a million
and second place-- on that?

But I feel like I've played
the game well,

so I feel like good competitions
never hurt.

So, Jenna, you have
a big, big decision.

-Are you ready to make it?

Rob, you can't vote for Jenna.

-You can only vote for Matthew.

Matthew, you can't vote
for Jenna.

You can only vote for Rob.

You two cancel each other out.

Therefore, the only person
voting is Jenna.

Jenna, in casting this vote,
you are simultaneously

voting out the 14th member
and deciding

who you're taking with you
to the final two.

It is time to vote.

-Good luck, dude.

-Good luck.
-May the best man

go to the final two.

I'll go get the vote.

Once the vote is read,
the decision is final.

Person voted out
will be asked to leave

the Tribal Council area

I will read the vote.

The 14th person voted out,

and the last member
of our jury...


It's okay. It's okay.

Need to bring me your torch.

Good luck, dude.

Rob, the tribe has spoken.

It's time for you to go.

Well, Matt and Jenna,

You've worked hard to get here.

You've gone as far
as you can go in this game.

The power now shifts
to the jury.

There'll be one final Tribal
Council where you will get

a chance to state your case

as to why you deserve the title
of sole Survivor

and the reward
of a million dollars.

You have tonight and tomorrow
to think about that.

Head back to camp.

Good night.

Well, what can I say?

38 days out here in the Amazon.

I have, honestly, no complaints.

I wouldn't change one thing
about how I played the game.

Most tremendous time
of my entire life.

I said I wasn't going
to stop smiling

until they put my torch out,
and you know what?

I'm still smiling.

Where's the white paint?

MATTHEW: You got to come
right by my side.

-I am.
-Add this, too.

JENNA: Last time we will ever
do this in the Amazon.

And we're the only two people
here to witness it.

I'll put my fingerprint
on the tree.

-Yep. -Just in case anybody
wants to arrest me.

Now it's day 39. It's over.

It's wrap-up time.

Yeah, I can say I'm...

I'm a bit sad, you know,

to see it all kind of, uh,
come to an end.

Just been an amazing,
unforgettable experience.

(thunder rumbling)

JENNA: The weather's
been horrid-- terrible rain--

so we decided
to take a look back,

and, um, we're going
to kind of write

everybody's name in white paint

in the order
they got kicked off.

It's just about the memories,
the people,

all of that,
because it's all important.


♪ Ryan. ♪

-JENNA: First person voted off.
-MATTHEW: Voted off. Ryan...

-I remember him as being a
pretty decent guy. -He, um...

JENNA: Janet, I thought, like,
was my, like, mom in the game.

-Yeah? -Like, she was so
motherly and so caring and...

Voted off-- Dan.

JENNA: Dan! Another one
I didn't get to meet.

MATTHEW: He was a decent guy,
and it was tough to see him go.

-You never met Joanna, either.

MATTHEW: A lot of the guys
in our tribe really thought

that she was probably
pretty tough to deal with.

Now, the fifth person
voted out was Jeanne, correct?

Mm-hmm. The merge, right?

But she definitely
was a hard worker nonstop.


And, um... oh, Shawna.

MATTHEW: Shawna, Shawna.
I remember Shawna.

So that's six.
Now, the seventh person

voted out, I believe, is Roger.


Roger-- everyone's favorite.

So the next person is Dave.



I'll never forget that.


I think that Deena
is a strong, strong woman,

and that's great character
to have.

MATTHEW: All right, that's nine.
Number ten is Alex.

JENNA: Yes, and I had a really
good time with him at the,

um, Amazon Cafe after he won
the reward...

-MATTHEW: So it's going to be
number 11-- Christy. -Yes.

MATTHEW: You know, I found her
to be probably the most

independent-minded person of
all of the members of Jacaré.

-JENNA: Next.
-MATTHEW: Next is Heidi.

-Your buddy.

Ooh, I miss her so much.

I don't want to talk about
her-- it'll make me cry.


My buddy Butch.

I-I really enjoyed his company.

He was one of the far...

Rob Cesternino.

Robasu. I owe him so much,

because when I came
into the game, I...

And that sums up 14 people

that have probably changed
the rest of our lives

that we would have never
met in real life.

It's just closure to a chapter

in our life that I don't think
will ever be fully closed,

but we're just kind of putting
the bookmark in it

and closing it for right now.

It feels great

that the strategic part
of this game is over.

It's been such an incredible
evolution for me.

To go from being an underdog

and to have everyone
gunning for me at every corner,

and to eventually learn
how to build strategy

and make it to the final two,

it's almost absurd,
but somehow I did it.

21, the youngest Survivor.

I don't think
I've quite realized

what it's like
to be in the final two.

I mean, I feel like I've worked
really hard to get here,

and it's an honor, and this is

the biggest accomplishment
in this game, and in my life,

and I don't think
it's sunk in yet.

MATTHEW: I'm absolutely ecstatic
to have made the final two.

There was certainly
luck involved,

but there was a lot
of strategy.

I actually threw
that final immunity challenge.

I did fall off of the perch
on purpose.

I was convinced that
whoever won would select me.

It was a huge risk,
and it does reflect a lot of...

of what I've learned from Rob,

because he really is
a mastermind at this game.

This is not a vacation.

When you're pressed
to your limits

and you have high highs
and low lows

and no in-betweens
and no one to turn to,

it's just really a chance
to really learn about yourself

and learn about how you feel
about your life

and really learn

about other people.

I will come out of this

with a different perspective
on life.

I'm a very intense individual,
maybe too much so.

I should really go out
and enjoy life,

uh, more than I have.

Spend more time watching TV,

versus how I've led
my life to date.

For instance, I could spend

20 hours on a weekend
studying Swedish.

-Two different types of fish.
-I'm starving.

Don't underestimate people

because they're a woman

or because they're small
or skinny or something.

Being here taught me that I
can push beyond my limits

way beyond I ever could think,

and that is, like,
a valuable life lesson,

especially for me
being so young.

Like, I feel like

I can do anything right now.

Anything that you throw at me,
I can handle.

I was out fishing,

and it was the tail end
of my fishing trip,

just getting ready
to wrap things up,

and I noticed that, uh,
the boat that we've been using

for the last two weeks
was floating nearby.

I guess that we forgot
to tether it

once we, um, boarded
the, um, seaplane yesterday.

I don't think we're going to be
needing it much longer.

It is the 39th day.

So I'm going to tug it
back to camp,

and I've got some ideas
how we can, uh, use it.

My plan is to stockpile
some wood inside

and plant our treemail dude
on top

along with some artifacts
from our campsite.

And basically light it on fire
and send it off.

I think it's a great way
to get some closure

on this whole experience.

I want to have him
face this way.


That looks good.


-Treemail dude.
-Very nice.

-Let's torch it.

I'm ready to see it burn.

All right,
I'm going to step back.

You ready to light
this baby?


That was great!

-Are you all right?
-Yeah, I'm fine. (mutters)

-That's cool.
-Push that bad boy out there.


(Jenna laughs)

All right, let it go.

Very cool.

JENNA: It's over.
It's out of our hands.

We have done all we can do.

The jury will come back tonight
with questions.

That's kind of, like,
our last chance to...

really cement what we feel
about ourself and them

one last time to the jury.

I do feel like the m-majority
of the jury

probably already
has their decision made

by the time they come...
came there.

I would, you know,
um, but it's out of our hands.

It's really out of our hands
right now.

MATTHEW: The final two:
Jenna and Mateo.

-We did...
-Who would've thought?

All right. Let's go.

Let's wrap it up.

Let's head to our final TC.

ROB: This game began
as a battle of the sexes,

and in the end, it shall be
as it was in the beginning--

a man versus a woman.

I think both of them
have played this game dishonest,

and both of them claim
to be honest players

who've played this game
with integrity.

Loyalty is out the window
at this point.

It's who did the best job
to outwit, outplay and outlast.

Is it Jenna, or is it Matt?

I wish there was a choice "C"--

none of the above--
but there isn't.

CHRISTY: Jenna is a very
determined, very strong woman.

I mean, she made it
all the way. Go, girl.

Matt is a very sincere

and very generous,
very caring person that...

everyone likes
if you get to know him.

ALEX: The response
that I'm really looking for

is an honest response.

We know what answers
we want to hear.

We know what
the honest answer is.

I just want to know
who's honest enough to say it.

I want the person to...
up there to say,

"I played the game,
I came here to kick ass,

"I kicked ass, and that's
all there was to it.

You don't like it,
you should've played better."

HEIDI: Tonight's choice
will be very easy for me.

Jenna is...
she's my number-one hero.

I just... I totally,
completely adore her.

And, uh, then you've got Matt,

who has played the game
based on his "honesty" values,

and, uh, sorry, Matt,
it's just...

it's just not working for you.

Matt is the one

that contributed the most.

Matt is the one that, um,
has done more for everybody,

and Matt would be the one
more deserving than Jenna.

You are dealing with two

completely different

between Matt and Jenna.

Matt was the workhorse,
Jenna was the sex goddess,

and the two of them used their
abilities to their advantage.

Matt worked his way to the top.

played her way to the top.

It is amazing at Tribal Council

to kind of look at all the bull
that people throw out.

It isn't friendship.

It isn't honesty and integrity

that's got them
to this position.

It's the fact that other people
have kind of pulled them along.

I think my vote
is going to be based

upon their answer
to my question tonight.

I want them to think
and give an intelligent answer

and, uh... and then see if...

if they start... start talking
out of their ass again.

We'll now bring in our jury.

Dave, Deena, Alex,

Christy, Heidi, Butch

and Rob, voted out
at the last Tribal Council.

Welcome to your final
Tribal Council.

First of all,
let me say congratulations

on making it this far.

Tonight, the game shifts--
it enters the last phase.

For the past 39 days,
the two of you

either directly or indirectly
have had a hand in voting out

the 14 other people
who you started this game with.

Tonight, you won't vote.

Tonight, the power of the vote
shifts to your jury.

Seven people that you had a hand
in voting out

now hold your fate
entirely in their hands.

Tonight's Tribal Council

is a chance for them to gather
the information they need

to help them make
a big decision--

which one of the two of you

do they feel
is the most deserving

of the title of sole Survivor

and the million dollars
that goes with it.

Matthew and Jenna, in a moment,

you're going to have a chance
to address the jury

with your opening statements.

Think about what
you want to say.

PROBST: All right, we'll begin
with the opening statements.


Um... I-I don't know.

I really don't have much to say.

Um, I feel like you know
enough about me

in order to make
an educated decision,

which I know that you will.

I feel like I've played
this game morally,

and that means a lot to me.

And so I feel like you'll make
the right decision,

so I'm just
going to end it right there.


Um, you know, I've done my best
to provide for the tribe.

I've been out fishing.

You know, I think that, um,
I've shown

that, um, I am dedicated
to the tribe a-as a whole.

I feel that I have also shown
that I am a serious competitor,

that I play with heart,

that I have a...
a never-say-die attitude,

and I believe
that I've been able

to play the game honorably
and maintain a level

of morality and integrity,
uh, throughout.

And I just wanted
to share that with you.

All right, jury.

You've had a chance to hear
their opening comments

about why they feel
they're most deserving.

Now it's a chance for you

to get a little more

You can make a comment,

and if you want,
you can ask a question.

Butch, you're first.

Matt and Jenna,

-Thank you, Butch.
-I want to address

this question
to the both of you.


-Heads up.
-Whoa! -Whoa. -Whoa.

-(Butch sighs)

Butch, maybe you better
rethink that question.


-All right.

Hey, the Amazon is speaking.

Let's keep it going, guys.

-Okay. (clears throat)
-You were saying?

My question is addressed
to the both of you.

I've heard tonight the word
"integrity" and "honesty."

Are you telling me-- yes or no--

that you have not lied,
that you were not deceitful

during our time together?

I'd like to have
a yes or no answer.


Yes, I did lie to Deena
when she asked me if...

who I was voting for that night
at Tribal Council,

and I was voting for her,
and I...

did not tell her I was voting
for her only because, um,

I felt like she betrayed me
and betrayed the alliance,

and I felt like it was
the only necessary move to make.

Thank you.


Yes, I have lied.
I lied to Roger.

He's not a member of the jury,

but I lied to him as part of,
um, an alliance strategy

at the time to eliminate him.

And I deceived Alex
in order to save my own skin.

-I appreciate your answers.
-Thanks, Butch.

Thank you.


I would like to hear
why you think

the person next to you
does not deserve

to be here in the final two.

Your answer to my question
will determine my vote.


I think that Jenna has, um,

not done as much as the rest
of us to contribute at camp.

I haven't seen her
collect water, boil water,

um, gather wood, um,

help with the shelter.

There were times when she

had expressed a desire
to give up in the game,

and I felt that, uh,
that was, um,

really inappropriate
and really affected

my feelings towards her.


Um, I don't think Matthew

has played the game
from the beginning.

I think he took the opportunity

to tag along
at the end of an alliance.

Um, he doesn't need the money,

he doesn't care
about the people here,

and, um, I just don't feel
like this is a big deal for him.

I feel like it's just
another adventure

on his list of things to do.

Thanks, Rob.


Hey, you guys.

You know, we've sat
around this... on the jury,

listened to you guys
at Tribal Council,

and, um, the two words
that I never,

ever want to hear again
are "honesty" and "integrity."

Those words have no meaning
to me anymore.

I want to know from each of you

what your biggest regret
in this game is.

If there was one thing that you
could go back and change

about the way
that you've played this game,

what is it and why?


I think my biggest regret
looking back in this game

is putting
a little bit too much trust

in people
that I couldn't trust.

You know, why would somebody
be honest to me all the time

when they have a chance
to be dishonest

and win a million dollars?

So I think that was, uh,

definitely one of my faults.


My biggest regret, really,

is my naïveté

when I began the game

and my decision initially

to support Ryan

and his, um, alliance
and voting strategy

that started this whole process

of people regarding me
as a threat.

And it resulted
in two weeks of...

of-of near depression for me.



Hey, guys.

Um, I understand
that the two of you

are trying to outdo
each other here, but since, uh,

we're a part of the jury
and we're deciding your fate,

I'd like to know if there
is a particular person here

that would be more deserving
to be in your position.

And, uh, if you don't
feel that way, that's fine.

If you think
you're more deserving

than any of us, that's fine,

but please explain why.


I would say that, um...

I think Rob deserves my seat,

because I think he's proven
to be an amazing strategist.

I am in debt to him forever,

without Rob and without his...
I-I would even call it tutelage,

there's no way
that I would be here today.

I would've been wiped out
a long time ago.

If I had won immunity yesterday,
Rob would be sitting next to me.

I think that he deserves it
more than Jenna.


Um, unfortunately,
I'm going to have

to echo Matt and say Rob.

When it comes down
to strategical game play

and just general wealth
of knowledge of the game,

Rob has all that
encompassed into one.

So that's my answer.

I mean, just... I think that...
is that the only person?

-I think they covered it. Yeah.

-Okay. Is that it? Uh-huh.
-Thanks, Heidi.


I've been sitting here

but as I listened to one
of your responses, Jenna,

I was a little concerned.

Because you said Matt
shouldn't be there

because he doesn't need
the money.

Do you honestly think

that the way
that we should judge our vote

is based on need

and not the way that the other
person played the game?

I-I think that need

should come into it because
that's just personally how I

would go about voting
if I was on the jury.

I know everybody's different,

but that's personally
how I feel I would do it.

Okay. A-And, Matt, you very
boldly and very clearly stated

a couple of Tribal Councils ago,
"May the best man win,"

to which I was offended
on Jenna's behalf.

I don't know
if she was offended.

I thought that was a load
of hooey.

And... and it was based
on your alliance

with Butch and with Rob
and with yourself.

Yeah, I don't remember saying,

"May the best man win,"
but if I did,

I completely regret it

because I'm not a...
I'm not a chauvinist.

And I'm happy you pointed that
out, because perhaps it did

reflect the fact that I thought
we had it all locked up.

All right. Thank you.

-Thanks, Deena.


Hello, you guys.

I think I'll go with Matt.

What was your first
initial reaction

when you found out
you were competing

with a deaf woman like me?

My initial reaction was

that you were going to be really
just like everyone else.

Um, I didn't treat you
any differently.

So your opinion inside
never changed

when you first found out
that you were competing...

No, not at all.
Not at all.

I thought you had
a funky accent.

-That's all.

Okay. Jenna,

I found it very fascinating

when you said
that you had a handicap

because you're beautiful.

And I am sitting there, like,

How... how is that a handicap?

I-I've never, ever...
outside in the real world,

I've never heard anybody say
that they

have a handicap
because they're beautiful.

So I would like you
to explain that to me.

-I-I don't...

I don't know if I ever
used the word "handicap."

-I can't find it... -I remember
you used the word "handicap."

-Okay. I... -Um, do you guys
remember hearing that? Okay.

I-I was asked a question
about how I felt

like I was perceived
when I came into this game.

By no means did I mean
to compare it in any way

to what you are going through.

Okay, so you felt like basically
from day one to now

that you have had a handicap
because you're beautiful?

I didn't mean it like that.

I thought because of me being 21
and attractive-looking

and being a swimsuit model
that people would

automatically judge me
as someone who was not tough

and not smart
and couldn't think for themself.

And that's what I meant
by "handicap."

-I'm sorry if you were offended.

Dave, the last jury member.

(clears throat)

My question for both of you is:

What modern influential leader

have you emulated
during this game?

And what qualities do you feel

from that individual
that you have shown best?

I'm trying to get somebody
that... that I can relate to--

a-a name of-of somebody
that I would say,

"All right, Matt's done this
like this person."


I would say, um, Colin Powell.

His whole concept of...
of versatility,

um, was a critical factor
in my ability to...

to be here seated
in this seat today.


Um, I think that's
a really g-great question,

but honestly, I...
I cannot think

of a modern leader
that I emulated.

I choose to emulate people that
I know really well, becau...

not just what I see
on TV or read.

Um, that person that I do
emulate, I think, is my mom.

I mean, I emulate my mom and dad
both, and I gain from both,

but mostly my mom, just because
of her fight and strength,

and I think those are two
really important qualities

not just to have here,
but to have in real life.

-Are you satisfied with that?
-I'm satisfied.

Great. Thank you.

Okay, jury, you've had a chance
to hear from the final two.

You got a chance
to ask your questions.

In a moment, you will vote.

Take a moment, think about it.

PROBST: All right.
Matthew and Jenna,

you've had a chance to address.

They've had a chance
to question you.

This is your last shot
at convincing them

why you are the most
deserving person,

why you deserve the title
of sole Survivor,

and more importantly, why you
deserve a million dollars.

Jenna began this last time,
so, Matthew, you will begin.

I realize
that I have been deceptive

and that I have lied,
and I realize that...

now that is part of the game.

Um, and I don't belong
on a pedestal

because I think everyone
has done

a certain amount of lying

and there's been
a certain amount of betrayal.

And I have, um,
come to the realization that...

I do not have the level
of integrity

or the, um, high moral character
that I preach.

And, in fact, don't deserve
that... that title.

And I'd just like to end
by saying

that I've done my best to...
to play this game

to the best of my ability

and I've learned a lot
along the way.

That's all I have to say.

-Thank you.
-PROBST: Jenna.

Yeah. Um, first of all,
I just want to thank you guys

for really p-poking
and prodding with the questions.

They really gave me a chance
to look back at things

that I've done in this game
that maybe I just wanted

to put out of my mind
or that I forgot.

Yeah, maybe I'm not
the strongest person

to cut down all the trees,
but I still feel

like I've put in my,
you know, work at camp,

and I do feel like I've
worked hard at the challenges.

And I... you know, I...
when I came through at the end

where I needed to save my butt,

my determination
really came through for me,

and I... I was really proud
of myself.

So it's hard for me to say
any more than that.

Okay, jury, the voting process
is a little different tonight.

Tonight, you are not voting
somebody out.

Tonight, you are voting
for someone.

You are voting for the person
you think is most deserving

of the title of sole Survivor

and, as importantly, the million
dollars that goes with it.

So, Matthew and Jenna,
you want your name

to be written down tonight.

For the last time in the Amazon,
it is time to vote.

Butch, you're up.

Congratulations to both.

I'm very proud
to have known both of you.

But tonight, the true Survivor

is Matthew.

And, Matthew,
I believe you said it all

in your opening statement.

I also appreciate
your honesty--

that you did lie,
that you did deceive.

It meant a lot to me.

Congratulations to both,
but, Matthew,

you are the true Survivor
of Survivor VI.

Jenna, I'm voting
for you tonight because

I adore you.

I love you.

You played the game hard.

But more importantly,

you represented someone
that I could trust and respect

in the most adverse

Good luck, girl.

You did show here
that you have the will

and the determination it took
to get to the final two,

and I'll give credit
where credit is due--

that there are only two players
in this entire game

that I didn't vote off.

Matthew, Jenna,
I'll go get the votes.

Guys, I would love
to read these votes right now.

You've been out here
a long time.

I know you want
to know the answer.

the reading of the votes

will have to wait until we get
back to the United States.

I'll see you there.

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

(horns honking)


(crowd cheering and applauding)

(cheering and applause continue)

Let's get to it.

'Cause these guys
have been waiting.

Hello, Jenna.

Hello, Matthew.

Jury, everybody here,
looking good.

Surviving the weather that we're
having here in New York City.


It's been a great season.

It is time to bring it
to a close.

I think Rob said it best:

it started as a battle
of the sexes;

it is only fitting
that it end the same way.

It was a long 39 days
for you guys.

You don't get to the final two
without doing something right,

but ultimately, only one of you
will be the sole Survivor.

Before we get to the votes, I
want to do something different.

I want to check in and see

how confident
you're both feeling.

Matthew, you've had a long time
to think about this.

You saw how it played out.

You know what you said
and did out there.

Of the seven jury members
that you spent 39 days with,

one way or another,

how many of these guys
do you think voted for you?

How many votes do you have?

I feel I've got two votes for,
five votes against.

Not very optimistic.


Who voted for you?

I'm pretty confident that, um,

Butch and Christy
are on my side.

Rob a wild card?

Rob is a wild card.

Jenna, how about you?

Looking across at these guys,

-who do you know you have?

I would hope that Alex and Heidi
voted for me,

and I think that, honestly,
the rest probably went to Matt.

Okay. Now we're being humble.

-All right.

Here's how it's going to work.

I will read the votes.

This is something
where you want to see your name.

It's a little different tonight.

They voted for a winner.

Here's what's at stake--
for the winner:

Saturn Ion, which Matthew
already owns one,

bragging rights,
the title of sole Survivor,

and a little thing, uh,

about the million dollars
that comes with it.

Jury, you've already made
the decision.

Let's share it
with everybody else.

There are seven votes
inside here.

It only takes four votes to win.

You guys get settled.

-I'll now read the votes.
-(crowd laughing)

Here we go.

First vote...


(applause and cheering)


(applause and cheering)

One vote-- Jenna,
one vote-- Matt.


(applause and cheering)

Two votes-- Jenna,
one vote-- Matt.

(applause and cheering)

Three votes-- Jenna,
one vote-- Matt.

It takes four votes to win.

The winner of Survivor:


(cheering and applause)

♪ ♪