Survivor (2000–…): Season 6, Episode 13 - The Amazon Heats Up - full transcript

A fire rages through the camp and destroys everything.

Previously, on Survivor...

Heidi and Jenna
felt betrayed by Rob.

It's time to evaluate
what you're willing

to do to win this game.

I know, but I'm not willing

to turn my back
on people that I love.

Rob screwed the alliance.
We hate him.

PROBST: So the girls
tried to recruit Christy.

When we're gone,
they said you're next.

HEIDI: If I can get Christy
to go in with Jenna and myself,

then we stand
a 50% chance of staying.

PROBST: Matthew won
the reward challenge...

Matthew wins reward!

...and gave the tribe
a visit with their loved ones.

I love you.

Back at camp, Rob proposed
a new plan to Jenna.

The person that I could
stand the best chance

at the end of
the game with is you.

But it was more than
she could stand.

Have you told everybody else
that you wanted to take me

to the end because
I'm the only one you can beat?

Did you ever think
that I was lying to you?

You'll win the game if you
continue to screw everybody.

At the immunity challenge,
it was Jenna who won.

Jenna wins immunity.

Rob was nervous
about Christy's allegiance.

You're still gonna vote
for Heidi tonight?

I guess so.

I don't know.

ROB: The threat of Christy
defecting terrifies me.

CHRISTY: I'm trying to
figure out what do I need to do

to get to that
one million dollars.

I weigh both groups,

and I'm, like,
I don't know what to do.

PROBST: At Tribal Council,
it was Christy's indecision

which led to her demise.

The tribe has spoken.

Five are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

I feel like I have the flu.

When I-- my tonsils get bad,

like, I-I get
what's called pharyngitis.

-Which is not only

like tonsillitis,
but it's an infection

of my pharynx and larynx.

-And it gets, like, really bad.

And it's miserable.

JENNA: The hardest thing
about the end of this game,

you're so tired of
playing this game, and then

you have to live with people
who you can't trust,

and that really does
wear on you mentally.

You'd be expecting
more people to be here.

-I know.
-This is really it.

There's Team Crazy and us three.


Things change now, like, because
of what happened last night.

Like, I don't feel, like, half
as betrayed as I did before.

If it wasn't for you, one of us
wouldn't be here, so...

ROB: Amazingly, I really don't
sense any animosity

from the two girls, that
they really are making it clear

that I saved their ass
last night and they're very--

they seem to be very grateful.

At this point in time,
you know, I understand that

you need to think about,
you know, who you screw over

is going to be on the jury.

And now it's at the point where

I'm completely honest with them.

Basically, this is
what I'm thinking:

Um, Heidi, I think I'm gonna,

I'm gonna vote-vote
for you next.


And then, and then Jenna,
but you know

-that-that we're-we're so close

to the end, that immunities
could screw any--

could screw anything up.

I think it's a smooth move
because once they think--

even though Butch is a moron...

Mm-hmm., you know,
against him is a lock.

I did think about-about
if I was to flip-flop here

and then go-go with
you two to the end,

but then I would just screw over
every single person

that I've ever come in
contact with in the game

and I would just look like
the biggest ... ever.


And, uh...

And you care about that
at this point?

-The jury...

Telling the girls my plans

to vote off
Heidi and then Jenna

was actually
very well received.

It seems like

people don't get too mad
when you tell them that.

They're just like,
"Oh, okay, cool."

And, uh, I don't think they have
anything up their sleeves.

That's what I'm saying:
we're sitting here thanking Rob,

you know what I mean, but really
it was us that got us here.

Yeah, I know.

I mean, I can't
express that to him.

We've got three days.

All I know is
I'm going out fighting.

You got a lot.

Let me tell you girls right now,
I got firewood,

gonna keep the fire
burning for three days.

This is the best firewood
that you could find.

Why? We have eight pounds
of firewood

and the biggest log
I've ever seen in my life.

I don't know why.

Butch said that
I have to get firewood.


Butch done lost his mind.


This good stuff?

Is it dry?

I don't know what Butch's

obsession with firewood is.

When Butch wakes up
in the morning,

the first thing he says is,

"We need to go get
some firewood."

Good stuff.


When he gets back from
getting firewood, he says,

"I think we need to get
some more wood."

And he's adamant about the wood.

Butch, what you doing?

More firewood.

Ooh, it's dry.

Butch, you love your firewood.

I love to work.

If you're gonna be
successful in life, Rob...

-Yes? can't sit back
on your haunches

and let somebody else do it
for you, you know what I mean?

Gotta get out there,
get the fire...

Just get what you can handle.
That's good.

Don't-Don't try to do too much,

'cause we got
several trips we can make.

All right.

ROB: I don't know
how I necessarily became

the junior deputy
firewood bitch.

I'm getting
my good shirt dirty, Butch.

I don't want to be
a team with Butch.

This is the good w--

What's so great about this,

as opposed to anything else
that's in this forest?

JENNA: We have so much firewood;
it's everywhere.

It's under the shelter,
it's by the fire.

I mean, we have huge logs

in our shelter
we're not using anymore.

I don't know what he does.

I don't know
if he talks to the wood.

Ooh, man, this is nice.

Fire is very important.

That's the reason
why I keep wanting to get

some more wood and keep it
dry as we possibly can

to have it for an emergency.

I'm just a wood-crazy nut,
I guess.

The sun's coming out, baby.

I want to tell you, it's
coming out-- it's about 1:00.

About three hours of dry time,
that's gonna be dry,

the wood we're gonna
take out there.

Gonna put that over there,

we're gonna be ready
to rock and roll.


And why are we gonna be able
to rock and roll?

'Cause I'm gonna dance tonight.

My wife says
I embarrass her when I dance.

I don't know why.



(Rob trumpets a fanfare)

Want to wait till...

I don't care.

-...we get back there?


-You guys ready?
-Yep, ready.

"To succeed in the future,
you must learn from the past,

Your coolest reward
is also the last."


BUTCH: This being
the last reward, uh, all of us

are anticipating it being
a big juicy reward.

If it starts to rain,
we'll put this under there.

Thank you.

Butch, how do you think we are
on firewood if it rains?

Uh, just got to put
this stuff here over there.

-Okay. -I think we're
in pretty good shape.

ROB: You think we need
to get any more

-or you think we're okay?
-I think we're okay.

Just put those two
underneath the thing.

Hey, let's-let's do it.

All right.

Everyone here ready to roll?

Let's go.

All right, guys.

Good luck, everyone.

Good luck.

Come on in, guys.

How you guys doing,
34 days in now?

I'm fine.

How you doing, Jenna?

Just, tonsils are getting big.

Maybe getting a little case
of tonsillitis.

That's definitely not working

towards my advantage,
but I'm a little girl.

I can only ask so much
from a small body.

All right, for today's
reward challenge,

you'll get a chance to revisit
a few challenges from the past,

as well as get a sneak peek at
a challenge from the future.


Here's how it works.
For the first stage,

you'll have to make your way
out of a cage,

escaping by untying
a series of knots.

That'll lead you to a puzzle.

Flip over the pieces,
solve the puzzle.

You will then head
to a rope swing.

This is something
you haven't done,

but you will in the future.

Untie the rope and use it
to swing across the gully.

This will drop you off
at a decoding station.

Decode the message,
it will lead you to a key.

Climb the ladder and use the
key to unlock the flying fox.

First person
to cross the finish line

and grab the last key

wins reward.

Want to know
what you're playing for?

It goes along with the key,
and it's right there.

-Oh, God. -Oh, my God.

Saturn Ion.

We always save the best rewards
till later in the game,

because you guys have been
out here the longest.

-Pretty sweet.
-There's something else

comes with the reward.

The winner gets to have
a little tailgate party.

You got a hibachi in there.

You'll have hamburgers,
hot dogs and chicken.

Everything you need.

Take your spots, wait for my go.

Here we go.

At stake: Saturn Ion
and a tailgate party with food.

Survivors ready?


Matthew has one knot undone.

Jenna has one undone.

Butch tugging with his first.

Heidi still tugging
with her first one.

Rob still on number one.

I'm on two.

Rob's at two.

Jenna working on her third knot.

Heidi putting all that bicep
into it, grunting and groaning.

Jenna not thinking about
her tonsils at all.

Heidi having trouble.

Matthew down
to his last two knots.

Butch making good progress.

Matthew getting down
to the last bit.

Heidi working on her second.

Butch catching up to Matthew.

Jenna still in it.

Butch is very close.

Butch is out the door first.


Fast around the pole.

Matthew out the door,
trailing right behind Butch.

Rob's out the door.

Rob right on your tail.

Butch working on his puzzle,
Matthew working on his.

The three men are in it.

Let's go, Heidi and Jenna!

Don't give up!

Jenna out the door.


Rob's done.
You're moving on.

Matthew's done, moving on.

Jenna, you're still in this.

Don't quit, guys!

They're stuck on the message.

How about this one?

Butch is done.

You're moving on.


Butch is over the rope swing,
joining in on the decoding.

Matthew has it solved.

Matthew has his key.

Matthew climbing the ladder
to the last station.

Matthew has his lock undone.

Down the flying fox.


Matthew wins reward!


That's your car, baby.

-Head on over.

This thing better be gassed up!

(engine starts)

(horn honking)

Get in here, Rob!

Get in here, dude!

Get in here.
We got the AC on.

Come on in.

Get in here, dude.

Get in! We have air conditioning
for the first time in 34 days.

Nice job, Matthew.

You figured out
the message quickly.

You got a tailgate party.

Yeah. Can I share it
with everyone, please?

But it's not happening.

As always,
you have to make a choice.

At this stage in the game,
who you choose

could work for you, could work
against you, but you gotta pick

somebody to share hamburgers,
hot dogs, chicken.

You guys, I made a deal
before this game; I told Rob.

I was hoping it was gonna be
more people than that.

Everybody else, out of the car.

I'm sorry.

As nice as it would be
to have everybody here,

Jenna, Butch and Heidi, you guys
got to head back to camp.

I'm so happy to have this car.

This-- I can't describe
how cool this car is.

When-When you go away,
can I borrow it?

You can borrow this car, dude,
you can take it for a spin.

Can I tell girls that it's mine?

Dude, you can cruise chicks
in this car-- I will let you.

Well, how far back
do the seats go?

Dude, I don't know.
Check it out.

-Well, it's got a big back seat.

I really am
very happy for Matthew.

I'm very happy
that he got to win the car.

And I asked him
that if he ever goes to Asia,

or if he ever returns to
the planet that he came from,

that he said I can borrow it
and go out cruising for chicks.

Let's see what we got.


Wow. Grapes?


-Hot dogs. Cool.

Marinated chicken? Oh, yeah, put
all the meat over here, dude.

Let's be organized.

Oh, look at these hamburgers!

Oh, my God!

Oh, and potato salad, dude.

They're like
Flintstone hamburgers.


How do you light this hibachi?

I would imagine that...

Too bad, too bad
Butch isn't here.

Yeah, he's going to be bummed.

No, I'm talking about
that we're,

-that we're lighting a fire.
-Oh, yeah.

Oh, we got all this firewood
around here, we could just...


Here, let me do this.

This is your forte.

It is.

I'm a pyromaniac.

I noticed.

Butch is going to be
so jealous we have coal.

♪ ♪

Good job, Matteo.

Hey, you know,
I just got the magic touch.

What can I say?

Wow, I wish I had
one of these back at camp.

No kidding.

Think we'll get
to keep this thing?

You know, I'm a little bit
bummed that I took the...

The manioc?

How many hot dogs, dude?

Uh, make a bunch,

because we can't take them back.

I want my hot dog...

Uh, yeah, I want mine, um, dark.

Oh, look at the size of that.


-Oh, marrone.

You got it.

How long do you think the
chicken's going to take to cook?

Chicken won't take too long.

I think we can put
some on the side.

-Why don't we do that?
-There's a lot there.

Wow. Smells great.

I feel like George Foreman
right now.

(birds chirping)

Oh, ...

Oh, my God.


Oh, my gosh.

Looks like we had
a little fire, folks.

What in hell happened?

All my stuff.

All of our stuff.

Like, important stuff.

None of our bags are left.

Everything's gone, guys.

The wood we had in there
must've caught on fire

and down she came.

My jacket.

Everything we have is gone.

Oh, my God.

My food, everything.

My letters.

At least you still have yours.


All my clothes are gone.


JENNA: I don't really know
what happened 'cause I--

we always leave a fire and it's
never burned anything down,

so, I guess it just
got out of control

and burned all the extra wood.

Everything's burned down.

The fire shelter's burnt down.

The extra shelter and our packs
were all burned,

except Heidi's underneath.

I'm so sorry.

Are you okay?

What can I do?

I had stuff in my pack
that can't be replaced,

like my pledge crown.

My Zeta jacket
can't be replaced

because it's-it's passed down
from sister to sister.

So I can never get that back.

Don't you feel totally lucky?

All that stuff you saved.

No, it kills me...
to know how much everybody lost.

I totally felt guilt

about being the only person
that had a pack remaining.

I mean, most people
would be like, "Whoo-hoo!"

you know,
"My stuff's still here!"

I was like, "I wish my stuff
would have been burnt,

just like everybody else's."

That way,
I could just, you know,

be on the same level with them.

So what-what do we need
to do, Butch?

Just get the logs off?

Uh, I think we probably--

first thing we want to do is
want to get this down.

We're gonna have
to use this stuff.

BUTCH: The first thing
that came to my mind was,

"God, could it be my fault?"
you know.

We'll never know.
But was it disappointing? Yeah.

I lost my sign,

uh, "Believe In Yourself," so
now we're really gonna have to

believe in ourselves to make it
through the next five days.

I'm just... blown away.


Make the toast, dude.

-To two.
-To two.

It's gonna be us, dude.

What do you want,
a burger or hot dog first?

Hot dog.

I love hot dogs so much.

Bon appétit, dude.

MATTHEW: It's just such
a great thing to see two

really different people

with different strategies
come together.

I mean, I learned the game
through Rob,

and, uh, he learned
survival skills, you know,

through watching me, and he
helped me a lot initially,

and I'm helping him a lot now.

I've run out of credit.

My trust...
nobody trusts me anymore.

-Right. Except for me.

And I do because you're
the reason I'm here today.

So many times, you came through

and gave me
just enough information.

-It's just like, you wouldn't
be here without me... -Yep.

...I wouldn't be able
to finish this out without you.

Yep. Right.

I've taken us to this point.

There's no more moves
I can make.

I've done all I can do
to get us to this point.

Matt is the player that's in
the driver's seat, not me.

I'm shotgun right at
this point in the game.

-Not one other person
in this game... -Yep.

would... would, uh...

-would trust me to go
to the end. -Right.

And, for that,
I owe you everything.

Right. Yep.

MATTHEW: I'm so stoked
that I've crafted

very strong relationships
with both Rob

and Butch,
and as far as they know,

I'm going to the final two
with each of them.

Dude, I gotta say good-bye
to my car. Dude, I-I'm so...

Where are you going to put it,
long-term parking?

I guess so.

MATTHEW: I feel like I've got
two options now locked in.

Now, if I have to choose
later on,

it's going to be difficult,

and one of them is going to be
stabbed in the back,

and that will be
the first time in the game

that I've had to do that
to get ahead.

Once I get some coals
started here...

I dug a little hole
in the ground.

-I see that. -So once
I get some coals started,

all we gotta do
is just maintain

-one or two logs on
that fire, okay? -Right.

We got nothing.

Can't believe it.

Whose fault?

It's all of ours, I guess.

Shouldn't have had the wood
in there. I don't know.

Maybe we had too big a fire.

I don't know.

Damned if you do,
you're damned if you don't.

Yeah, you're right.

All right.

I... I am eternally
grateful once again.


My pleasure.

You've earned it.

What's happening
with the fire over there?

We had a little problem.

The shelter burned down.

-The shelter burned down?

-And all of our packs...
-All the packs.

...except Heidi's were burnt.

-(gasps) -Holy...
-They're all...

Everything we have is gone.

Clothes, everything.


We had to rebuild
while you guys were gone.



ROB: Everything I had to help me
with survival is gone.

That's a blow.

That really is a blow, and...

outside of somebody
getting hurt,

that's the worst thing
that could happen to one of us.

You guys, this sucks.

I know.

I had stuff that's been
passed down for, like,

five years, six years
that I can never get back.

Dude, I don't have anything warm
to wear at night.

I know.

I believe in fate,

and this was probably

I could see how it happened.

There was a... an awful lot
of wood stacked there.

And I'm not going to point
any fingers

because we don't do that
in this tribe,

um, but in hindsight,
it was basically,

you know,
an inferno waiting to happen.

It got hot, and then it ignited,
and then, once it ignited,

then, uh, the wood right by it--
why wouldn't it burn, too?

The wood...
I don't think the wood...

Do you think the wood
right next to it...?

See, it was a small fire
we left.

It all caught. All of it.

It all caught.

Doesn't make any difference
how it happened.

It caught and burned.


ROB: I'm not one
for conspiracy theories,

but I do know this:

with about 137 days
worth of dry wood,

our camp burnt to the ground.

Was there a connection?
I don't know.

I'm not one to point fingers.


Dude, this is unbelievable.

(thunder rumbling)

So everyone knows, there's
a rumbling in the distance.

ROB: I know. That's why
I'm jumping out of bed now.

I'm, um, getting the vines ready
for the fire shelter.

MATTHEW: Plan of attack
is not to sleep this morning,

but to build
another fire shelter,

and what we'll do differently
this time is,

we won't be stacking any wood
around the fire any longer,

unless there's someone here
to watch over it very closely.

HEIDI: Butch is the person
I want voted off.

I want Butch to go
before me and Jenna.

I mean,
I feel like we've earned it,

we've worked our butts off,
we've not been careless,

we didn't burn down the camp.

But, uh, the three guys

that we're up against
right now, there's no way.

They are hardcore alliance.

There's no way to break that.

This morning,
I watched the three boys

try to rebuild the fire
as much as they could,

gathering all these
beautiful palm fronds

and new sticks
and all this stuff.

I said to Jenna,
"You know, I feel bad

for not helping them,"
and then I go,

"Nah, I really don't."


(Jenna chuckles)

JENNA: We're not doing
any work for them.

Why? You're going
to vote us off,

we're not doing crap for you.

We're making your life easier.

I'm definitely grateful
they built a shelter

'cause we need it 'cause it
rains, and we really needed it,

but I'm just not...
I won't help.

MATTHEW: If I were Heidi,
if I were Jenna,

I would work real hard,
help out at camp,

try to convince people that I
shouldn't be the first to go.

They're just digging
a deeper grave

for themselves,
as far as I'm concerned.

Come on in, guys.

What happened
to the immunity necklace?

(laughs) The right side
got a little scorched.

-What happened?

-A fire.
-A fire issue.

BUTCH: We rebuilt
a new fire, uh, hut

and a new, um, place to sleep.

We lost a lot of stuff
that we need,

but it's gut-check time,
so we turned it up a notch.

-Let's go.
-PROBST: Okay.

We're getting down to it.

For today's immunity challenge,

you must navigate your way
through our ropes course.

There are five individual
rope obstacles.

In no particular order,

you'll make your way
along the disc walk,

you'll maneuver
through the rope tunnel,

you'll use the rope swing

to swing from one side
to the other,

you'll use the swing steps,

and you'll make your way
through the V tunnel.

At the end of each obstacle,
you will retrieve

a colored feather, bring it back
to the center post.

The first person to complete
all five obstacles

and get all five colored
feathers at the center post

wins immunity and a guaranteed
spot in the final four

and a one-in-four shot
at being the sole survivor.

I need that necklace back.

A little worse for wear,
but nonetheless,

immunity back up for grabs.
Let's go.

For immunity-- survivors ready.


Rob taking the disc walk.

Matthew starting
through the tunnel first.

Heidi working her way
through the V bridge.

-Jenna's taking the swing step.
-Oh, sh...!

Butch going for the rope swing.

Ah, sh...!

Butch is...

over to the other side,
just barely,

using the tree for help.

Tie that rope up.

Don't slow down.

Heidi retrieving
her first feather.

Rob getting his first feather.

Matthew on his way back.

Let's go, Jenna. Keep moving!

I'm trying.

Heidi on her way back
with her first feather.

Rob on his way back with
his first feather.

-Butch on his way back with
his first feather. -Whoa...

Matthew has his first feather.

Butch has his first feather.

Butch working his way
through the rope web.

Heidi has her first feather.

Rob has his first feather.

Rob heading for the V bridge.

Heidi doing well
on the disc walk.

Jenna heading back
with her first feather.

Matthew's back
with his second feather.

Matthew and Jenna
both on the same obstacle.

Jenna coming back,
Matthew heading in.


Jenna has her first feather.

Heidi has another feather.

Rob right behind her
with another feather.

Rob is at two feathers.

Matthew at two feathers.

-Heidi at two feathers.
-(Butch muttering)

Matthew with his third feather.

Heidi on the rope swing.

Butch making his way
through the rope web

with another feather.

Jenna with another feather.

Way to make time.

Rob navigating carefully
along the rope swing.

Butch right behind him.

Matthew back
with another feather.

Matthew has four feathers.

He only needs one more.

Matthew coming up on
Jenna's back on the disc walk.

Matthew going
for his last feather,

banging his knees across those.

Rob and Butch still working
on the rope swing.

Heidi with another feather.

She has three.

Heidi at three feathers.

Matthew on his last feather.

He's got it,
and he's heading back,

banging those knees once again.

Jenna right behind him.

Matthew with his last feather.

If he can get across...

He's here.

Hook it and you got it.

Matthew wins immunity.

Nice job.

Half of it's burned off,

but no less impactful
or important.

You are safe from the vote.

One of the four of you--
going home.

You guys can head back to camp.
I'll see you at Tribal Council.


Oh, I can't do this anymore.

What's the matter?

I can't do this anymore.

I feel like crap.

I hate every minute
of being here.

There are so many things

that are more important
to me right now,

and I just can't...
I can't even walk.

Like, every time I walk,

I take five steps, and I...
I'm, like, about to collapse.

I'm having, like,
chest... chest pains,

and everything just falls apart.

This is the last thing
I wanted to do

on the last couple days,
is be a big baby.

You're not, Jenna.

But I...
there's nothing I can do.

I'm stuck... here.

Nothing's working.
Nothing's getting better.

HEIDI: Jenna's physical state
right now is not good.

I want to make sure
that every possibility,

every chance of me staying
in this game is here.

How am I supposed to enjoy
my last couple days here

when I can't even do anything?


This is miserable.

Is there anything I can do?

Nope, there's nothing.

It's nobody's fault.

Like, there's nothing I can do.

I just hate feeling helpless.

Just, seriously, take my coat
and just lay down.

I-I... just, like...
I'm so uncomfortable, though.

-I know.
-I can't...

I can't even close my eyes.

HEIDI: Definitely,
having Jenna voted out

before me works
to my advantage.

Knowing that we have to get
ready to vote somebody off

makes me want
to campaign for her

to go off to the boys.

You don't understand
how sick she is.

But it's only one day more.

-It's not like...
-Uh, exactly.

-It's only one day.
-It's not like...

So I don't understand
why it matters.

And she is...
this is killing me.

She is genuinely, genuinely
concerned about her health.

-I know. -And she feels
like just that one extra day,

she will not make it.

What do you mean, she won't...
she won't make it?

-I don't know. She just...
-Like, she'll die?

No, but she feels like she
just mentally can't handle it.

I don't know.

ROB: There are a couple
of different reasons

why somebody would want
to vote for Jenna tonight.

She's whining, and she's sick.

This is miserable.

And those are two things
that you should try to avoid

at these stages in the game,
because if you're willing

to put your head
on the chopping block,

I'm willing to lop it off.

Now bring in
the members of our jury.

Dave, Deena, Alex and Christy--

voted out
at the last Tribal Council.

So let's start talking
about the last three days.

Take me through it, Butch.

The big event--
you came back to camp

after our reward challenge
and discovered...?

We discovered a, um...
there'd been a, uh, fire.

It was... I call it
a total destruction fire.

Our whole camp
was destroyed by, um, fire--

all of our belongings.

Um, what you see with...

with us now, basically,
is what we have.

Matthew, how do you suspect
the fire started?

Um, there was lot of wood drying

behind, um, the fire
that we left to burn.

So what I imagine happened
is that the wood

that we left burning ignited
some of the dry wood behind it,

and then ignited
the fire shelter itself,

so it was basically
total destruction.

PROBST: Butch, I know,
in the past, you've told me

that collecting wood
was your big deal.

And listening
to what Matthew talked about

with the fire
and what might have happened,

did you feel any initial
responsibility that maybe

"all of my ferocious
wood collecting

actually might have helped
spark this fire?"

Yes, at first, I did,
but then, um,

there are so many variables
that could've happened, uh...

I feel comfortable that
it wasn't... wasn't my fault.

Now, in addition to the fire,

we have some rain coming down
right now at Tribal Council.

Jenna, it's been a tough
last few days,

I know, for you,
with not feeling well.

Then you come back to camp,
you have a fire.

Then Mother Nature downpours.

How you doing?

Uh, I don't know
what's going on.

I got some sort of tonsillitis
in the jungle,

and it's impossible for me
to recover

because I just...
there's just...

we're not eating enough stuff,

-it's been hard. -PROBST: Well,
at this point in the game,

I'm sure everybody's thinking

about making it
to the final two.

Jenna, what is your basis
for who you would want to take

to the final two,
if it were up to you?

If-if anybody...
everybody who knows me knows,

at this point,
it would be loyalty.

I-I... I would rather go up

against somebody
who I really care about

and I know was a great player
and that be it.

Like, I wouldn't want to go up

against somebody
I knew I could beat,

because it's not competition.

Heidi, do you think you deserve
to be in the final two?

I definitely deserve to be
in the final two.

These other four people
know how I've played this game.

I've played so hard.

I'm, like, the mastermind

behind half of the plans
that go on day-to-day.

And, I mean,
I've got three guys here

that are scared to death
of me right now--

that I can beat them.

And that is saying something.
That's saying something--

that I have not just been
a slacker in this game.

Matthew, what are you
basing your vote on tonight?

Allegiance to my alliance

which has gotten me
this far in the game.

Think you my have to turn on
that allegiance at some point?

If and when we get down
to final three,

it'll be every man for himself.

PROBST: Is that part
of the deal you've made?



It is wet,
but we have to vote anyway.

Before we do, Matthew,
you have immunity.

Any chance of you
giving that up?

It is time to vote.

Matthew, you're up.

Two girls, one brain--

divide by two:

Only one half-wit left.

I'll go tally the votes.

Once the votes are read,
the decision is final.

Person voted out
will be asked to leave

the Tribal Council area

I'll read the votes.

First vote.



One vote Heidi, one vote Rob.


Two votes Rob, one vote Heidi.


Two votes Heidi, two votes Rob.

Last vote.


Need to bring me your torch.

-Heidi, the tribe has spoken.

It's time for you to go.

Well, you have survived 36 days
and made it to the final four.

Here's what's in store
over the last three days.

Three Tribal Councils,

two immunity challenges,

one survivor.

Somewhere along the way,
hopefully, a break in the rain.

You guys can grab your torches.

Have a long, wet ride
back to camp.

Good night.

PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes
from our next episode.

Next time on Survivor:

Four castaways.

Somebody in this foursome
is going to win this game.

Three days.

I'm just jumping with joy.

Two challenges.

I'll give everything that I can

to win immunity.

One survivor.

Join us
for the two-hour finale

and find out
who will be the sole survivor.

What an awesome time.

What an awesome adventure.

I have got a lot of heart,
a lot of soul,

a lot of pride,
and I stop at nothing.

Jenna, I am
your number one fan.

Without you, I could not have
made it this far in this game.

I'm so excited
to be part of the jury,

and I hope to be seeing you
in a couple of days.