Survivor (2000–…): Season 6, Episode 12 - Sour Grapes - full transcript

Alliances crumble, leaving the castaways with no idea where they stand in the tribe; a tribemate reveals an ally's plans; one castaway decides to make everyone miserable; an incredible sacrifice is made.

Previously on Survivor...

With Alex, Jenna, Heidi and Rob

secure in their alliance,
Butch, Matt and Christy

were left doing all the work.

Sometimes it's like, come on,

get off your butt and go
and try to do something.

And they just do jack ...

PROBST: At the auction,
letters from home caused a stir

and delivered good news
to a relieved Jenna.

HEIDI: Jenna's mom is sick;
she has cancer.

And she started crying
because her mom

had written
that the brain tumor

had decreased by 50%.

When Alex boldly told Rob

of his plans
for the final four...

If I win immunity,
my vote goes for you.

Are you cool with that?

...Rob set a plan in motion
to save his skin.

Me, you, Butch and Christy
vote out Alex tomorrow.

That's what I was thinking.

And with his victory
at the immunity challenge,

Rob was firmly in control.

These are my people.

At Tribal Council, Jenna
and Heidi were stunned to find

Rob had turned on
their alliance.

Alex was the ninth person voted
out of the Amazon and became

the third member of the jury.

Six are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

(thunder crashing)

Stick with the, um, dry stuff.

Actually, it may start
just running on coals.


-How's it looking?
-It's starting.

Slowly but surely.

-JENNA: At Tribal Council,

when I heard the vote,
I almost passed out.

I felt betrayed more than
I've ever felt in my life.

Rob screwed the alliance.

He betrayed me and Heidi,
he betrayed Alex.

I couldn't imagine
how Alex felt.

I didn't think
that people would sacrifice

personal relationships
for a gamble.

We hate him.

Me and Heidi
cannot ever forgive him.

Yeah, I-I just want...
I want to say something.

I voted probably
differently than-than

some people expected me
to vote tonight.

And it wasn't because

I don't like Alex,
but I just felt as though

there were a lot of things

that he was telling me
that weren't true.

And if anybody wants
to speak with me about

w-what I did, then,
uh, I have n-no problem.

I also thoroughly enjoyed Alex's
company throughout the game.

I have experienced

many instances
when he has been deceptive.

HEIDI: Everybody took
their turn talking,

except Jenna and I, because if I
would have talked at that point,

I would have had
every single cuss word

come out of my mouth
at that time.

I'd also like to add

that I don't harbor any ill will
towards either of you ladies.

Uh, it's a game.

You both voted against me.

I can't say
that I'm gonna forget it,

but it's not going to affect,
uh, the way

we interact here at camp.



HEIDI: It's just that,
everything I've done in

this game-- there's three guys
here that I have helped out.

They... Butch wouldn't even
be here right now...

I know. I...


I've never felt

so manipulated, cheated

and hurt all at the same time
in my entire life.

I'm sorry that I hurt you guys.

But it's time to evaluate
what you're willing

to do to win this game.

I'm not willing to turn my back
on people that I love.

I'm not willing to do that.

ROB: Jenna and Heidi
were under the impression

that they were in the majority

and that they were gonna ride
this majority until the end.

But now the tables
are completely turned,

and it's Jenna and Heidi

who are gonna have to kiss
some serious ass

in the next couple days to
ensure that one of them makes it

at least three more.


(thunder rumbles)

What happened yesterday was

it rained for about two hours.

It rained hard.

Our shelter is not waterproof.

The water was leaking
through the roof.

Uh, the roof
wasn't built correctly

from the beginning,
and everyone

was miserable.

And then what we'll do is we're
gonna bring it down like this

so it's on a nice slant
and do the same thing there.

Boom, boom, boom.

My suggestion was that we build
another fire shelter

right adjacent to this one,

but use it for people
and our belongings,

as opposed to fire.

It's a real--
it's very easy to do.

We just have to string
a couple poles across

and merely stack
a lot of the palm fronds.

(thunder crashes)

That's rain coming in, guys.

-Okay. Palm fronds, buckets up.
-Get ready.

Let's layer them right now.

So it's a quick fix,
it does work,

and that's the project

for this morning.

Try and work your way across.

My right and your right.

-Your right.

Piss off.

JENNA: There's no way
we're throwing in the towel.

We've done all we can do.

Someone stabbed us in the back,
and eventually they'll pay.

You never know
who to trust out here, right?


I've never lied to you, ever.

I-I would never--
I'd never lie to you, as well.

-Hmm. -But then again,
that's part of the game, right?

What do you do, you know?


When we're gone,
they said you're next.


-And that sucks.

HEIDI: I woke up this morning
and I said, you know what,

I didn't get out here 31 days

to be screwed over
and just take it.

Doesn't it make you mad
that we've come this far

and then those three guys are
getting ready to vote you off?

-So, why-why can't you...
-So, it's like, how do you,

how do you change it?
I don't know.

HEIDI: I'm just saying,
we've got a chance to either

go one, two, three
or we've got a chance

to make it to the top three.

-I mean, you know?
-So, what do you want?

HEIDI: I know that
Christy's the wild card,

so my thing is, is that, okay,

Christy makes it
to the top four.

But if I can get Christy to
go in with Jenna and myself

and try to vote
one of the boys off--

'cause they're gonna
vote either me or Jenna off--

then we stand a 50% chance
of staying,

instead of a zero percent chance
of staying.

So, Christy,
you have to think about that.

It's your call.

-I don't know.
I will think about it. -Okay.

HEIDI: You could come in
one, two or three.

I mean, that's another gamble.

-You see what I'm saying?

And you just...

See what happens.

(thunder rumbles)

Watch out for big spiders.


I had a long talk with
Jenna and Heidi last night.

And basically,
their whole argument is that

they can't believe that you are

gonna last longer
in this game than them.


I want to.
I-I really want to.

-I feel like I deserve to.

Like, seriously,
I really want to.

And that's my next challenge.

Jenna said this,
as I was talking to them,

and she said that
they've wor... they've worked

so much harder than you.

I don't think I've ever seen
Jenna chop down a tree.

CHRISTY: I think I could
go farther with the girls

than with the guys.

But I like the guys
because they're totally honest,

they're totally cool,
I have more fun with them.

And I've been with these girls
since day one,

and I really just...


And I-- what I thought was funny
was Heidi's like,

"We need to talk."

And I'm like, "So, now you need
to talk to me," you know?

-I mean, if they could

at least give me some respect,

consideration throughout
the whole game,

maybe it would have
been different.

So I personally have to decide,

is it better to win
a million dollars

or is it better to be
the final girl that kicked butt?

It's such a hard decision.


Any way, I'm with the power.

It's like, how do you decide?

All over it.



Come on in, guys!

All right.

Today's reward challenge
is a race.

Your goal is simple:

collect puzzle pieces,
put the puzzle together.

Here's how it works.

On my go, the six of you

will race out
to grab four paddles,

under a series of sandy mounds.

Because there are only

four paddles
and there are six of you,

two of you will be eliminated
right off the top.

Once you have a paddle, get into
one of the four colored canoes.

Paddle out to a color-coded box

that matches your canoe,

where you will find one
question about the Amazon.

There are four possible answers
to that question.

Each answer corresponds to
a colored bag of puzzle pieces.

Make your choice,

grab your puzzle pieces,

paddle over to the other shore.

Once you're on shore,

open your puzzle pieces.

If you've answered correctly,

your puzzle will fit together.

If you've answered incorrectly,

you will find
only black pieces of puzzle.

Because there are only

two puzzle stations,

once two people
have the correct puzzle pieces

and are working on their puzzle,

the two of you who didn't get
a puzzle station are out.

One thing you need to know:

these boats are
native Amazonian boats;

they require some balance.

If you sink them,
you're swimming.

You might want to think
twice about that.

First person

to correctly solve their puzzle
wins reward.

One of you will win a visit
from your loved one.

Take your positions,
wait for my go.

Give it all you got.

For a visit from a loved one.

Survivors, ready?


First four paddles
are moving onto a boat.

Rob's got one, Jenna's got one,

Matthew has one,
and Christy has one.

Butch and Heidi are out.

Matthew's off to a good start.

Jenna's going to swim it.

Got your work
cut out for you, Jenna.

Rob's still having trouble.

His boat is down.

Christy's out of her boat.

She's swimming.

Rob went back
and got back in his boat.

Matthew has a big advantage if
he guesses the correct answer.

Matthew's made his choice;
he's heading to the shore.

Matthew around the bend,
heading down the home stretch.

Jenna and Christy
have their bags.

Matthew's command of the boat
a big advantage in this.

Rob has his bag.

He's got the right answer.

Just a matter
of solving the puzzle.

Keep moving!

You got a shot, Christy!

Keep swimming, guys!

He's heading in.

Let's go, Rob!

Matthew still only halfway

Rob's sneaking up on your tail.

You got a shot.

BUTCH: Come on, Rob!
Come on, Rob!

Got to get up and open.

Get up here.
He may be wrong.

Keep moving.

You're good.

Christy, you're out.

Jenna, you're out.

It's down to Rob and Matthew.

You got to make
a lot of time up, Rob.

Getting down to it.

Matthew getting
closer and closer.

Matthew wins reward.

I'm happy for you,
though, Matt.

-Very happy.
-I am, too.

Ladies, I'm sorry.

PROBST: Heidi, you and Jenna
doing all right?

-A lot of emotion going on.

As a philosophy,
would you say it is better

to give or to receive?

It's better to give.

If you are willing

to give up your visit
from your mom,

I'll make sure that
the other five tribe members

all get a visit
from their loved one.

-That's okay.
-HEIDI: That's-That's...

Gonna give it up.

Oh, no.

Matt, no, Matt, hey, hey!

Matt, don't worry about it.

It's not that you don't
want a visit.

I would love to see my mom.

-She came all the way down here.
-Matt, don't do it.

But you know what?

I love these guys,
and, uh, they deserve it

-just as much as I do,
all of them. -Thank you.

I can't believe you're...


Well, guys, thanks to

a very generous
and very giving Matthew,

Butch, we'll start with you.

-Come on out, Cindy.

You're kidding me.

Give your man a hug.

He's been waiting 31 days
for some love.

Hello, dear!


Christy, I know
you've been waiting to see

your boyfriend,
and here's Brent.

-Come on out, Brent!

I love you.

Rob, here's your mom.

-Roseanne, come on out.


Heidi, here's your mom Kathy.

Oh, that's a hug.

I love you so much.

All right, Jenna,
here's your pop, Michael.



Don't run,
you'll hurt your knees.

-Can't believe it.

Oh, my God.

I'm proud of you.

It was an amazing experience.

It was really touching
for me to see

all the tears,
all of the emotion,

and I felt like I was, uh,

like God for a moment.

Hey, guys, thanks to Matthew's
generosity, you have ten minutes

to share a little
food and drink over here.

-Let's get some wine going.

-Your bartender's...

A toast.

-To Matthew...
-To Matthew.

...and to the rest of you

who will appreciate
and look back on this day

for the rest of our lives.

My pleasure.

-Thank you.

To you guys.

Mom's doing pretty good.

She got a case of the shingles.

-Yeah, it was...

-Oh, God.

-I'm so happy to see you.
You don't... -Yeah. I am, too.

I've been really bad.

-I'm shocked.

I am shocked.

You three are so much
on my mind, it is insane.

I'll be in the final four.

PROBST: Grab a few grapes
and let's come over here.

It's time to say good-bye.

-I love you.
-Yeah. I love you, too.

I love you.

I love you so much.

Take care, sweetie.

-Bye, everybody.

Bye, Dad.


How amazing was that?

Well, Matthew, I, too,

happen to believe in
the philosophy that it is better

to give than to receive.


-Here's your mom.


Yeah, Matthew!

-Yeah. -Oh, my God.
-And it's gonna be

a little different experience
for you.

You'll have the whole evening
alone with your mom.

You'll go visit
an Amazonian tribe.

-You go, Matt.

Come on up here, Mom.


Your son has earned this
more than you probably know.

-Get up here.


How are you?

I'm a little drunk.
I'm sorry.

I've been, uh,
sucking down some wine.

It sucked to have to, like,

express some emotion,
'cause I hate doing that.

Mom, you and son, time to go.

All right, have a good night.
I'll see you guys soon.

-Have fun. -Yeah.
-Have a good time.

Thank you.

MATTHEW: We were on this boat
being whisked up the Amazon,

and then we were dropped off
at this dock.

There were torches
and firelight.

I said, "Mom, I have a feeling

we're going to follow
the torchlight into the jungle."

She clung to me.

She was really scared.

No pushing.

Followed the torchlight
to a clearing.

There was a table
covered with food and drink.

Let's see what we've got, Mom.

-Let's inspect.
-Let's see.


-(both gasp)


And chicken!

Oh, I haven't had
fried chicken in so long.


Got some-- Oh, look at this.

We admired the buffet.

This is great.

Just the two of us, Mom.

It's going to be
a romantic evening.

My relationship
with my mom is great.

It's not the conventional
mother-son relationship.

My mom is tough.

My mom is independent.

We've missed you awfully.

-Have you?
-Yeah, of course.

I talk to you at home.

Even if I don't see you,
I talk to you.

No, I like that.

-Appreciate it.

Don't be too formal.

Am I too formal?

Just a bit.

-Are we making manioc?

-Yeah. -Yeah, making so much.
-♪ Rock on, baby. ♪

Anybody can blow on the fire,
that would help me immensely.

Yeah, let's start with me.

We having
a bathing suit party yet?

This is the best reward
I've ever had.

I got my foot stuck in the tree.

ROB: Everybody was just in such
a good mood and not thinking

about the game so much
after seeing their family.

I am really glad
I got to see your loved ones.

Like, seeing Cindy
run to Butch was like...

Yeah, I feel so much closer.

Boy, I'll tell you what,
when I saw her walk across,

I just wanted
to see her and hug her.

It made you, also, what?

-Feel good.

And that's what life's
all about.

Butch was an absolute disaster.

I don't know
how much wine he drank,

but he just got crazy.

Okay, you are going
straight to where?

It's so dry here.


I was, like, "Mom, I haven't

-taken a shower in 31 days."

I showed my dad my hairy legs.

ROB: We had about
five bottles of wine.

I'm wearing a Speedo,
the girls are in their bikinis.

It's like a rap video.


Pass the wine, baby.

ROB: Why does it smell like ...
over here?

It's probably throw up.

ROB: We'd been drinking for a
while, and there was

a couple people that had to
go to bed

'cause they were too drunk.
And I have a feeling

that at least
one of those two people,

uh, soiled themselves.

HEIDI: I mean, it is so bad,
I'm about ready to gag.

I haven't smelled a
worse smell in 31 days.



I can't handle that.

Just one more forkful
of beans and rice.

It's so quiet.

-(soft rustling)
-What is that?

I don't know.

You hear them?

Look, look, look, look.

MATTHEW: There was some sort of
Indian tribe coming towards us.

(men singing in native language)

(playing melody
on reed instruments)

They put on
an amazing performance.

My mom and I
were just mesmerized.

Their dancing was hypnotic.

The music was hypnotic.

(men shouting
in foreign language)

It was just a great way
to end the evening.

And my mom and I--

we marched out, followed
the same path to the water.

Oh, that was fabulous, huh?

-I love you, babes.

I hate to see you go.

Hey, have a great trip back.

I gave her a hug,
I gave her a kiss,

and she wished me the best
for the rest of the game.


It was an incredible experience
for my mom.

It was an incredible experience
for me.


Go for it.

ROB: I'm just happy that
tonight we got a chance to

just hang out
like we're, like we're normal.

Like old times.

-We are normal.

-The game makes us abnormal.
-HEIDI: It does.

ROB: I really used last night
as an opportunity

to kiss and make up
with the girls,

because I knew
that they hate my guts.

And I want them just to remember
all the fun we had

and not all the bad things
I did to them.

I don't know why people
dwell on the negative.

I don't know why people
dwell on the negative.

In this game,

you want to be standing
next to somebody at the end

that's more disagreeable than
yourself, and I had planned on

going to the end of the game
with Matthew, and I thought

that I would be able
to beat him 'cause he's a spaz.

But now,
after Matthew yesterday

won the challenge
and gave everybody

their visit from home--
and for the record,

everybody would've done that.

It's not like this guy is

the p-patron saint
of reward challenges.

But I'm beginning to
seriously doubt whether

he's a beatable opponent
anymore, and I may have to

cut him off
before the final two.

I told my mom yesterday,

I said, "Mom," I said, "I think
I'll get to the final two,

"but I've done
a lot of bad things

and I don't think I can win."

So, at this time,
if I decide to do this,

I've thought this all the way
through of how it's going to be

me and you in the...
in the final two.


I think that you've
rubbed a lot of people

the... the wrong way
in this game,

but you'd get Alex's vote
and-and Heidi's vote.


And then the other five
would be up for grabs.

-But that's still five up for...

Butch-- but Matt would probably
definitely go for you, though.

Well, the thing is, I'd have to
screw both of them over.


But after Heidi goes--

and the more
I'm thinking about this,

the more, the more
I want to do it.

-This is how...
-Who after?

Well, I don't want to,
I don't want to,

-uh, reveal all that at this
point. -I mean, 'cause...

-That's fine.
-'Cause there's nothing

stopping you from going back to
the group

-and telling everybody.
-And telling them what you said.

Even if-if you were
to go back and tell them,

the only thing I've said in this
conversation is that I think

the person that I could
stand the best chance

at the end of the game with
is you.

He's a snake.

Everybody's going to know that,
and it's embarrassing.

I would be embarrassed
to know him,

because he's such a slime ball.

What are we going to do?

He's going to take everybody out
except me and him.

He's going to--
'cause he feels like

most people on the jury
don't like me.

And like him more.

What do you want to do?

Take him out.

I mean, he-he won't tell me
anything else, other than

about you, because
he doesn't want me to go back

and say anything, but...

JENNA: He is like a puppet
master with his other--

the people in his alliance.

He's just cutting the strings
off them as he goes along.

I have morals,
and I have ethics.

He has none at all,

and I refuse to go along
with his crappy plan.

HEIDI: That's why I'm glad
that I'm getting taken out,

because that way, I'm not up
against five snakes, you know?

And if you want-want to call me
a snake, I'm not...

-I'm not insulted in the least.
-No, I'm just saying...

-You can go ahead.
-I'm just saying. I know.

You have to ... people over to
win this game; I know you do.

-I knew what I needed to do
coming into this game. -I know.

-I know you did, and that's what
you're doing. -And...

-And that's-that's fine.

...getting to see my mom,
I told her.

I said, "Mom, I've done
a lot of bad things."

And she said, "Way to go."

'Cause she knew that was what I
had to do when I came out here.

I know, and that's where
our morals are different.

'Cause I told my mom I played
really good and I gave up

a lot of stuff for other people.

Are you okay?
Please don't walk away mad.

Now with the two girls,

it's kind of like I'm hanging
out with two ex-girlfriends

at the same time
that both hate me.

What's the problem?

ROB: And there's, like,
this whole weird vibe going on,

and they think I'm a jerk.

But I'm sorry, I am a jerk,

and you just didn't realize it
for 31 days.

See, now, this is where
I draw the line on this game.

This is really
where I draw the line.

-It's fine, it's fine.
-No, it's not fine.

What, well, what is it
exactly that, uh...

I'm drawing the line
on your bull ... everybody.

This isn't right anymore.

I'm sorry that I'm trying--
that I want to vote Heidi off.

-No, it's not that. -I thought
we were playing Survivor.

You're lying to everybody.

What did you...
Have you told Christy your plan?

Have you told everybody else

that you want to take me
to the end

'cause I'm the only one
you can beat? No, you haven't.

-And you know you said it.

I don't understand
how you can lie

to all these people
on a regular basis.

Did you ever think
that I was lying to you?

Well, then that wouldn't
surprise me.

Then why wouldn't everybody else
think that you've lied to them?

ROB: I told every person
in this game...

A different story.

ROB: ...that I have told lies
in this game.

JENNA: This is the point;
you don't care about

personal relationships,
you just care about yourself.

I'm sorry that I was playing
the same game th-that you are.

I know, but you know
what the difference is?

I care about my personal
relationships too much.

We are... we are playing
the same game as you, Rob,

but we didn't
... everybody over.

ROB: If you do not like the way
I play this game,

please feel free
to write "R-O-B"

on your parchment
tomorrow night.

Where-Where does Matt think

he stands with-with
this alliance?

Does he think that he's going to
be in the final two with you?

-Does Butch think he's gonna be

-in the final two with you?
-The four of us think we're

-going to be in the final four.
-We don't have a final two.

Okay, but-but that's not the
plan I got from you.

I mean, you can't really
care about us, you can't.

He doesn't, that's it.
That's what he said.

-It's a game. -And that's what
makes me the maddest.

That's what we're here to do.

And you're
kidding yourself by-by

trying to make it
like I'm the bad guy here.

I'm not going to be nice,
and I'm not gonna be friendly,

and I'm not gonna be
easy to work with.

And I... I'll do... I'll try
and make your life miserable.

It's totally fine.

This is not real life.

This is a game,
this is how you play.

I don't like the way you play,

but that--
you are getting ahead.

I mean, that's-that's
how it's going to be.

I don't think
Matt would go there,

we wouldn't go there,
Butch has never gone there,

Christy's never gone there.

You're the only one that has
gone there, and that...

and you'll win the game if you
continue to screw everybody.

ROB: Basically, I am
an alliance of one.

I am a lone wolf in this game,

a mercenary, if you will.

I just pick up
the bottom feeders as I go.

They go with me
because I promise them

the dream of
getting to the end.

I have told lies in this game.

I have lied to people.

I have broken promises.

And I... they all know that.

And maybe that's why
they still trust me.

Everybody tells me all the time
how much they believe me

and how much they trust me.

Were these guys paying attention
the first 32 days?

When-When-When you came
up there before,

I was talking to Jenna about...

BUTCH: I know exactly
what you were doing.

What you did was you-you stood
there and took some of it

'cause they were hot
and they're mad at you.

They're cussing you
and they're doing

all that kind of--
but that's too bad.

And they have the right to write
your name down on-on the card.

-Just as we're going to write

one of their names
down on the card.

-Mm-hmm. -And that's the way
it's going to be.


-Are we on?
-What are you--

Hey, you don't have a free hand.

I know.

They're trying
to make it sound like

you guys are cooking
something against me.

Now, what the ...
are they talking about?

They're trying everything.

They're trying to get Christy.
They're trying...

Any changes at all?
Any conversations this morning

-that I have to worry about?



Christy is obviously
still with us.

-That's beautiful.

CHRISTY: I think that
Matt and Butch have been

-honest, you know?
-HEIDI: Yeah, honest.

They have been honest.

And how bad do you want to win?

But I have been, too.

So it's not like you're
going with a snake, either.

-CHRISTY: Right.
-I'm just saying,

right now,
if you don't go with us,

you're going to get
voted off third, okay?

-Right, right. -And
that's-that's the general...

-But if you do go with us,

you have a good possibility
in getting one or two.

-And I-I don't know.

I still can't believe
about the fact that

-you want to put me up second.

-Even though you guys want
the money more than I do. -Why?

-I don't know.

I-I just, I can't grasp
that concept.

I'm still not trying to say,

"Okay, what can
make me believe?"

-I doubt that, you know?
-I know.

But I mean, who-who the hell
can I trust in this game, too?

And I'm having to put
all my trust in you, Christy,

-if I win.
-How do I believe Jenna?

How do I believe Jenna?

-I've never trusted Jenna.
-I know.

Honestly, if I never trust
Jenna, how can I believe that?

And-And I understand that.

CHRISTY: Heidi and Jenna--
they do kiss my ass,

but they just want
something from me,

so why would I want
to give them something

if Heidi and Jenna hasn't
done anything in return?

-So, I mean...
-I-I'm still thinking about it.

-I know, I know. I'm just
saying. -I don't know.

-It's, like, a big decision.
-It is a big decision.

So their trick,
"I need to talk to you."

I'm like,
"Well, since when have you ever

wanted to talk to me, you know?"

Just because I have the power.

Come on in, guys.


First things first.

Rob, got to take it back.

Once again, the all-important
immunity back up for grabs.

Today's immunity challenge plays
in two rounds.

In the first round,
you will each have

a slingshot and ten marbles.

Your goal: break as many of
your own plates as you can.

Each time you break a plate,
you release a puck.

The more plates you break,
the more pucks you have.

You'll then collect your pucks

and move to
our Survivor shuffleboard,

where you will slide your pucks
across the board

with one very simple goal.

The Survivor
whose puck is closest

to the center of the "X"

wins immunity,
cannot be voted out,

guaranteed a one-in-five shot
at being the sole Survivor.

Good stakes?

Pick a slingshot, let's go.

Okay. Here we go.

Ready, aim, fire.

(dishes clinking)

Jenna gets one,
and Matthew gets one.

Round two.

Ready, aim, fire.

Christy with one,
Jenna with another.

That wasn't me.

-That was me.

Butch, the object is
to hit your plates.

Survivors, ready, aim, fire.


PROBST: Nothing but air
on that one, Matthew.


Heidi with one.

-A little help from Matt.

Jenna gets two more.

Ready, aim, fire.


I haven't broke this many dishes
since I was a waiter.

Gather your pucks.
We'll move on to the next round.

Here's where we're at.

Jenna and Butch have five;

Heidi, you've got four;
Christy, three; Rob, two;

Matthew, just one.

Round one
of shuffleboard begins.

Butch, you drew first;
you're up.

Take one of your five pucks
and give it a slide.

-Let's go, Butchy.
-You're looking to get

as close to the center
of the "X."

Not a bad first toss.

Rob only has two pucks.

Getting a feel of the board.

Strategy, or just a weak toss?

Jenna with a big stack of pucks.

Knocks Christy out of the way.

Heidi with four,
using one of her first pucks.


Matthew has but one puck.

You get one shot at this "X."

Oh, my.

Matthew moves his puck closest
to the "X" for the time being.

-Only one, guys.
-Next round, Butch.

Good job, Butch.

Butch knocks Matthew out,

-puts himself closer.

Matthew's out of the game.

Rob, this is your last puck.


I think Rob just slid
into first place with that,

knocking Butch out,
but Rob is out of pucks.


Christy's still getting
a feel of the board.


Jenna slides into the lead.

Butch looking at immunity.

Matthew and Rob out of the game.

We go to Christy.

-Jenna protects her lead

by knocking Butch
out of the way.

Right now,
Jenna closest to the "X."

And Heidi just knocked Rob
into immunity,

knocking Jenna out of immunity.

Rob now closest,
and he's protected by Heidi.

What are you going to do, Butch?

Let's see if I can hit Jenna's,
bounce back, stay right there.

How's that sound?


Just like you planned!

Butch looking at immunity.

Christy, your last puck,
make it a good one.


Christy knocks everybody out.

Rob is now sitting
closest to immunity.


Damn it.

Heidi, this is your last puck.


It's between Butch and Jenna.

Butch, this is your last puck.

Rob is currently
looking at immunity.

(Butch groans)

Heidi is closest to
the center of the "X" right now.

Jenna, here's the deal.

Heidi's currently
sitting on immunity.

You have one puck left.

What you have to think about is
how you're going to use it--

offensively or defensively.

I have my own plans.


Well, it worked.

Jenna knocks Heidi and Rob
out of the game, wins immunity.

Nice job. You are safe
from the vote tonight.

You cannot be voted out.

Everybody else is fair game.

-Gather your stuff and head back
to camp, guys. -JENNA: Thanks.

Right now,
my stomach is in a knot.

I need about a bottle of Maalox,

a fifth of vodka,
I need a pack of cigarettes--

make that a carton
of cigarettes,

because I don't know
what I'm going to do right now.

Christy, I don't want to,
I don't want to grill you,

but you're still going to vote
for Heidi tonight?

I guess so.

-Guess so?

You know, I don't know.

The question is:
who can I go farther with?

What can get me to be
the sole Survivor?

You know what I mean?

-Can you take a walk with me?

You know, and I'm not saying,

like, I'm not going to
decide Heidi tonight,

but it's still in the air.

I'm still juggling it
in my head.

And I think that when I have the
pen in my hand and that paper,

that is going to be
the decision.

I also want to see how Tribal
Council goes, so I-I don't know.

You know, and it's more
of a pride thing.

It's like, how far
am I willing to go?

You're going to vote-vote for me
then and vote with the girls?

See, I-I-I don't, I ca--
I don't know.

And that's a very hard thing
for me to do,

you know, because I'm like...

ROB: The threat of Christy
defecting terrifies me,

which got me to really
start thinking about

an alternative scenario.

You and Jenna, Matt and I--

would you just want to make this
really easy on everybody

and vote out Christy tonight?

You're willing to do that?

Well, she still is
up in the air.

Better-Better vote her off
than-- I mean, the thing is that

I realize that you guys aren't
going to believe me.

-I mean... -But I would have to
trust you on this.

You'd have to trust me on this,
but I'm trusting you

because if you and Jenna
and Christy vote for me,

I'm done, and my game's over.

This is a gamble.

Let's do it, let's do it.


ROB: This is really crazy stuff
to be going on.

I can't believe I'm back in
Jenna and Heidi's good graces.

I've made the promise to them
that I'm not going to

screw them on this.
They made a promise to me

they're not going to
screw me on this,

and let's see what happens.

We'll now bring in
the members of our jury--

Dave, Deena, and Alex,
our newest member,

voted out
at the last Tribal Council.

33 days.

Not bad.

Anybody here willing to fess up
that they really weren't sure

when this thing started
that they'd make it this far?


Jenna, why'd you have
any doubts?

Sometimes people
just don't like you

and that's the only reason
they have for voting you out.

I'm judged all the time
by just outside looks.

I mean, I don't think that women
take to me very well.

I mean, "You're a stupid model,
you can't hack it."

So I felt like I've had to work
twice as hard to get here,

and I think
Heidi feels the same.

Rob, have you
had to work harder?

Well, I was lucky in this game
that I'm not handsome,

so I didn't have any, uh,
handicaps like the girls found.

PROBST: So it's at that point
in the game

where two different philosophies
seem to begin to emerge,

and one is playing to win

and one is playing to get
as far as I can get.

Are you noticing that start to
emerge, Rob, within yourself?

No, Jeff.

Anything short of being

the sole Survivor in this game
I will consider a letdown.

It's all or nothing for me
in this game.

How about for you, Jenna?

Um, I came to the game to win,

but I will not do certain things
to get that money.

I will not stab friends
in the back,

unless they stab me
in the back first.

I won't do it.

And that's where
I draw the line,

and that's where some people
don't draw the line.

Christy, is there a line
you won't cross to win?

I don't know.
I made it this far.

It's like,
gosh, I have the potential

to make a million dollars.

I'm going to try
to go all the way.

And I think--
honestly, right now I think

I am in the driver's seat.

I make the final decision.


-For tonight's vote?
-For tonight's vote.

Jenna, well-earned
immunity today.

-You are safe.

You can always give
that necklace up if you want.

I-I'd like to give it to Heidi.

Strategy-- that's all I can say.

This is a first.

Give it over.

(Jenna murmurs)

Jenna giving up
her immunity to Heidi.

Heidi is now the only person
you cannot vote for.

Everybody else's head
is on the block.

It is time to vote.

Heidi, you're up.

Your wish has come true.

You're going home,
you're getting a shower,

you're eating good food.

Go look beautiful, be happy.

We don't need you.

I think you're a great girl.

This is nothing
against you personally,

but the alliance is very strong.

I'm staying with
the alliance all the way.

I'll go tally the votes.

Once the votes are read,
the decision is final.

Person voted out will be asked

to leave the Tribal Council area

I'll read the votes.

First vote...



That's two votes-- Jenna.



That's two votes-- Jenna,
two votes-- Christy.


Three votes-- Christy,
two votes-- Jenna.

11th person voted out of the
tribe, and the fourth member

of our jury: Christy.

Christy, the tribe has spoken.

Well, obviously, Christy came
into tonight's Tribal Council

feeling she was in
a position of power.

You guys let her feel that.

Based on the vote,
it's obvious that she wasn't.

Very similar
to what happened to Alex

at the last Tribal Council.
So you now have

at least two members
on your jury

who must feel a little betrayed.

I will only say this: It's one
thing to get to the final two,

it is another thing to get

the votes needed to win
a million dollars.

You guys can get your torches,
head back to camp.

Good night.

PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes
from our next episode.

Next time on Survivor...

Sacrificing a friendship
offers Heidi an opportunity.

She is genuinely,

genuinely concerned
about her health.

Definitely having Jenna

voted out before me
works to my advantage.

I want to campaign for her
to go off.

PROBST: And carelessness
has its consequences.

I'm so pissed off.

I didn't deserve
to be voted out.

I didn't.

I developed trust,

and I knew from day one
don't trust anybody.

I can leave here
knowing that I'm a role model

and that I can
make a difference.

I'm going to make sure
those freakin' evil

stepsisters of mine

are not going to win
the million dollars.