Survivor (2000–…): Season 6, Episode 11 - Q & A - full transcript

A reward challenge turns into an auction for letters from home; tribe members comfortable in their alliances take it easy; one castaway promises to vote against a trusted ally.

Previously, on Survivor:

Rob created a chain of command

to keep Matt and Butch busy.

Butch is on, seriously,
on a need-to-know basis.

We gotta be a chain,

from, like, a chain-link.

Matt was afraid
of being viewed as a threat,

but it didn't matter
when Alex hit the mark

-and won the reward challenge.
-Alex is drinking coffee!

And he invited Jenna
to enjoy coffee and pastries.

-This... is so nice.
-Mm. Mm.

To you, for winning.

Back at camp, Deena was
concerned about Alex's victory.

DEENA: We don't have a chance
if Alex is in this game.

PROBST: With Alex and Jenna
back from the reward,

Heidi revealed Deena's plan.

I'm not gonna
turn my back on them.

PROBST: That night,
Heidi was bit by a spider.

It's getting bad.

So she had to be carried

to the immunity challenge
by Alex,

where the tribe
got a taste of the Amazon.


Keep it down.

When a live
beetle larva was more

-than Deena could stomach...
-That is just nasty-ass!

-Go! -...she felt secure enough
to give up immunity...

You are safe
from the vote tonight.

-Nice effort.

...but was shocked

at Tribal Council
when her alliance of Alex,

Heidi, Jenna and Rob
turned the tables on her.

Ninth person voted out

and the second member
of our jury: Deena.

The tribe has spoken.

Seven remain.

Who will be voted out tonight?

The buff-- the multipurp--

-the multipurpose accessory.
-No kidding.

I still haven't
worn it as a tube top.

JENNA: You wear it as a tube
top, I'll wear it as a skirt.

-I know, that'd be fun.
-Then we'll be

-like the Bobbsey Twins.

ALEX: Jenna and Heidi and Rob
and I are having a blast.

Game-wise, it's
working out great for us,

'cause we have a majority,

and as long as
we control immunity,

it's the four of us
that are the final four.

Catch any fish today?


One of them's gonna get fired

-if they don't soon.
-In three days?

Yeah. They're
falling behind on what

they need to be
doing around here.

There's no firewood,

-there's no fish.

-JENNA: They need to get
their acts together. -Yeah.

I'm booked all day,
thinking of funny things to say.

And I'm booked all day trying

to figure out a really cool
outfit to wear to the challenge.

I'm enjoying this game a lot.

I mean, I knew that
I would meet cool people;

I never thought that
I would meet people that

I consider friends that I want
to continue to be friends with.

JENNA: Like,
I consider you three, like,

-my best friends, like,
-HEIDI: That's it.

in and out of the game, though.

And not just here;
like, at home.

I'm an only child; I'm
so close with my mom and dad.

Like, I just sit at home
and chill with them,

like, almost
every night of the week

and just eat and have fun.

I miss them.

Plus, my mom's not well.

I left her, and she's...

you know, hopefully doing
really well while I'm gone.

Jenna's mom is sick.

She has cancer. I mean,

we haven't heard
from our families

in gosh knows how long.

So, I mean, it's scary.

And Jenna's just worried sick.

I think about them often,

but it's nice to have
a core group of people

that I love here, also,

that's also made me not have
to think about them as often.

That really helps;
it really does.

It's a little bit like...

and I hate to say it, but it's
a little bit like high school.

Jenna and Heidi, Rob and I have

the luxury of doing
a little less work

because we hold a majority,
and the other three know it.

I am a hard worker,

and I know I'm a hard worker
and I don't mind working hard.

(wood clatters loudly)

But sometimes it's, like,
come on, get off your butt

and go and get some wood
or go and try to do something.

And they just do jack ...


What am I missing?

I find their behavior to be...


Maybe the final four
will be made up

of Rob, Alex,
Jenna and Heidi, but...

by betraying the other
three members of the tribe

and treating them like dirt,

they've basically guaranteed

that myself, Butch and Christy
will vote against them

if any one of them
makes it to the final two.

That's just...


Wait, hold on.

We have money!

-It is!
-(happy screaming)

Oh, my God!


Oh, my God! I have money!


I'm so excited!

Now, read-- read it.

Oh, my God, I am so excited,

I can't even control myself.

"Easy come, easy go,

"you're invited to come
and play, you will compete

to get some treats,
but soon the offer goes away."

Does that mean we all

get something,
or is this a joke?

The treemail said
something like

they're gonna auction off,
you know,

make sure you place your bets
wisely for food.


ROB: I'm tempted to say
screw the food; this is,

-like, my life savings.

JENNA: I said, do we get
to keep the extra?


Come on in.

Have a seat.

Welcome to the Survivor auction.

Very simple ground rules:

You each have $500.

There will be
a limited number of items.

But the same item may come up
for auction more than once.

Some items will be covered.

The auction
will stop without warning.

If you see something

you like, I suggest you
bid on it and not assume

something better
is coming down the pike.

-Shall we get started?
-Absolutely! -Yes, please.

Ready for the first item?

-(several talking at once)

PROBST: All right,
how about a piece of cheesecake.

We'll start the bidding at $120.

Hundred and twenty.

That's it?

Nobody else interested?

twice... sold to Heidi.
Come on up.

-This is all I've ever wanted.
-It's all you've ever wanted

in life-- here you go.

She would've, she would've
bid $500 on it.

-Good, girlfriend?
-MATTHEW: Oh, yeah.

-PROBST: Take it back
and enjoy it. -Okay.

-Next item.
-What's the opening bid?

-40 bucks.
-Got it.

-Rob at $60.

-I'll do $80.

Butch at $100.

-$120 to Christy.

-$160. -$160 to Alex.

-$200 to Butch.

-$220 to Jenna.

Going once...

-$240 to Alex.

-That's a lot of "schkanol."
-$240 to Alex.

Once, twice...

sold to Alex.

Now, wait a second.

-I'll make you an offer.

This is what you own.

-Yeah. Okay.
-And it's yours for $240.

If you want,
you can trade it for this.



-Why not?
-You gonna trade?

Uh, yeah, no, I'm gonna go
with what I bought.

You're gonna stay
with what you bought.

You know, Jeff, you're
just so tough on me here, man.

PROBST: Go with your gut, Alex.
What's your gut saying?

I'll stick with what I bought.

Okay, for $240.

Come on up,
put your money down.


Okay, $240.

Well, here's
what you turned down.

All right, what did I turn down?

-Might as well take
a look at that. -Sure.

-(Jenna gasps)
-PROBST: Lasagna.

Oh, yeah, baby!
Some Italian food!

-That's rough.
-PROBST: So, odds are what?

I got screwed.
But, hey, you never know.

But you're familiar with it.

Hey, I actually love this stuff.

-It's all good-- Manioc.
-What is it? -Manioc.

Oh, my!

-$240 worth. -$240 for manioc.
I got screwed.

-But, hey, you know, whatever.
-Hey, whatever.

-JENNA: Oh, lasagna.
-It's all good.

-Lasagna, baby.
-PROBST: All right,

this item comes covered.

We'll start the bidding at $100.


-$120 to Jenna.

-$140 to Heidi.

-$200 to Matthew.

Two... forty.

-PROBST: $240.

-$280 to Jenna.

-$300 to Matthew.

$320 to Christy.

-$340 to Jenna.

-$360. -$360.
Matthew, you got a feeling

-about this, don't you?

$380 to Jenna.

-(others murmuring)

$400 to Matthew.

Going once, twice...

sold to Matthew.

He doesn't care,
'cause even if it's gross,

-he'll eat it anyway.
-PROBST: $400.

-You ready? Pull it off.

-Oh, my God.
-PROBST: Chesseburger,

-fries, got some mayo.

Mmm! I'm in heaven.

All right, get out of the way.

-Move it.
-PROBST: Nice job.

Next item.

-Peanut butter and chocolate.

That's very familiar
to Jenna and Heidi.

It got their clothes off
a few weeks ago.

-Let's start this at 80 bucks.

-$100. -$120.
$120 to Jenna.

-$140 to Rob.

-$200 to Jenna.

-$220 to Christy.

-$240 to Jenna.

-$260 to Heidi.

-$280 to Jenna.

-$300 to Christy.

-$320 to Jenna.

Going once, twice...

Sold to Jenna.

Boy, you've had a lot
of peanut butter and chocolate.

It's the most expensive candy
bar in the history of the world.

Oh, man.

Mmm, mmm, mmm.

-Thank you.
-Nicely done.

Next item.

This item: scrambled eggs,
bacon, pancakes,

and it comes
with something else.


Butch jumps right up at $360.


PROBST: $380.
Rob takes Butch.

-Is that all you got, Butch?

$400 to Butch.

Going once, twice.

Sold to Butch.

That's one expensive meal.

Sample that for me.


Where's the best place

-to have breakfast?
-I love having breakfast

at home with my wife and kids.

-In bed?
-Um, I like to be

in bed, yeah, uh,
but that doesn't happen

-very often.
-No, it's going to happen today.

-Your own bed

-and pillow to take with you.
-You go, Butch.

-Oh, yeah, Butch.
-You go.

-Just big enough for one.

-Good job, Butch.
-Well done, Butch.

All right!

Thank you, guys.
Oh, yes.

Take your food and have a seat.

Not bad.

This is a 32-gram protein bar.

Sold to Rob.
Nice purchase.

Protein shake.
Sold to Matthew.

Chocolate cake.
Sold to Heidi.

So you had two pieces of cake?

How does this girl
keep her figure?

Another covered item.

-Let's start the bidding
at $100. -ROB: $100.

-$140 to Alex.

-$160. -200 bucks.
-200 bucks to Alex.

-$220 to Rob.


-Too rich for your blood?
-Too rich for my wallet.

Once, twice...
Sold to Alex for $240.

There you go.

-Oh, yeah!
-Oh! You hit the jackpot!

-Oh, yeah.
-That's a big piece

-of steak, baked potato.

-You hit the jackpot.
-Didn't I say

-I wanted steak and potatoes?

-Oh, my!

-That's a good deal.
-Good job.

-Good job.
-Very well done.

-Dig into that for me.
-Oh, I'll be happy to.

-I would be happy to.
-Pick it up with your hands

and take a chunk off.




Now, that's meat.


PROBST: Another slightly
different item.

Some of you may be
really into this item.

Others may say,
"You know what? I'm doing okay."

Inside these pouches,
a letter from home.

-For each person.

Oh, God.

-One of you will get it--
news from home. -Oh, God.

So why don't you take a second,
count your money,

decide what this
is worth to you.

Inside these pouches,
a letter from home.

Let's start the bidding at $80.

-$80 to Christy.

-$100 to Jenna.

-$200 to Heidi.

-$240 to Christy.

-$260 to Heidi.

-$300 to Christy,

who has had no food,
still bidding $300

-on a letter from home.

-I don't have enough money.
-$300 to Christy.

-Going once.

-PROBST: $320.

$340 to Christy.

$340 to Christy--
once, twice.


Come get your letter from home.

-PROBST: $340.
-(chuckles) I paid $340.


(Jenna sobbing)

I'm sorry.

-PROBST: It's all right, Jenna.

It's okay.

Well, I don't want this
to be a bad thing.

The auction's supposed
to be fun.

I got these other letters here.

No reason we can't put
another one up for bid.

But only if Christy's good
with it,

because you paid
a hefty price for your letter.

You're okay with me
putting another one up?

Let's put another one up
for bid.

Go for it, Jenna.

What do you want
to start with?


I'll go $80.

-One. $100.
-$100 to Heidi.

-I'll go $120.
-$120 to Jenna.

I don't think I have anymore.

$120 to Jenna.

Once, twice.

Sold to Jenna.
Letter from home.

All right.

(sniffling, crying)

Take this, and take
a private moment later

-and read it.
-Thanks, guys.

Not a bad way
to spend an afternoon.

Have a little peanut butter
and chocolate

and a little love from home.

Yeah. Thank you.

Auction over.

Thank you, guys.

Hope everybody had a good time.

Finish up your food.

You can head back to camp.

When she outbid Heidi,

I was like...

HEIDI: I didn't have
any money left to outbid her.

I was surprised that she
did that, but not really.

That's okay.

MATTHEW: My feeling was that
Christy deserved the letter.

She's had a very bumpy ride,
and I realize that it

would really elevate
her spirits,

raise her spirits,
and I felt she deserved it.

I thought Jenna
was being selfish.

This is from
a very good friend of mine.

Uh, I met her in high school.

Uh, her name's Jennifer,

and she is just
an amazing person.

"I worry so much about you.

"Hope you're doing all right
with those hearing people.

"If they're giving you

"there's a whole other world

waiting for you
when you come home."

I mean, I've been here 28 days,

and just reading these
and knowing that there's people

out there that love me,
it's just a...

such a great feeling.

Maybe I can't trust
anybody out here,

but I definitely
can trust people at home.

-JENNA (sobbing): It shrunk.
-HEIDI: It's okay.

It shrunk.

-Her tumor shrunk 50%.

It's almost gone.


HEIDI: She started crying
because her mom had written

that the brain tumor
had decreased by 50%.

I mean, it was just, like,

one of the greatest things.

I started crying
because I was so happy for her.

-ALEX: That's fantastic.
-JENNA: Yeah, it is.

Yeah, that's so great.

Hearing from my family--

my mom and dad-- it's just...

better than anything
I could've ever asked for.

It just helps you move on.

I just need to hear

about how they were
and what they're doing,

and it's hard.

But I'm glad.
It really was the best thing.

Yeah, that's so great.

-That's enough for me.
-HEIDI: That is so great.

-Thanks, guys.
-That is so great.

-Thank you.
-That is great.

There's a lot of meat
on this one.

MATTHEW: Yep, that's...
that's a breakfast, dude.

That is a beautiful fish.

We haven't eaten that fish yet.

(whispering): I think
that we've got a great shot

if we work on Rob today

and get him to come
over to our side.

Right now is a critical time.

There are a number of subgroups
that have formed.

One potential subgroup consists
of Alex, Heidi and Jenna,

and then there's Rob.

(whispering): I think that if
we can get Rob to join us,

that'll give us four powerful
votes in Tribal Council.

It's got to be obvious to Rob
that he's expendable if he...

if he aligns himself with Alex.

BUTCH: We don't want to get
in too big of a hurry.

We don't want to rush this.

We don't want to try and
get it all done right now,

because, then,
sometimes it leaks out.

We can approach Christy
later on.

I can do that very delicately.

Because, right now, I mean,
she said

she doesn't trust anyone,

but I've had a lot
of very good conversations

-with her, and I like her.
-All right.

All right, let's get back,
'cause I don't want them

to come down
and see us talking this close.

MATTHEW: I think that we've
got a great shot,

assuming, uh...
once they join us.

Otherwise, Butch
and I and Christy will go

over the next three
Tribal Councils.

(fire crackling)

-How'd you sleep?
-Slept well.

So, Rob, I was thinking,

if the four of us go
to the final four,

I know that those two
have sworn to each other

-they're never going to vote
for each other. -Mm-hmm.

-So, the way I see it,

if I win immunity,
my vote goes for you,

and I'm sure that if
you win immunity,

you're going to vote me off,
and that's totally cool.

-I'm down. It's no worries.

Alex's decision to tell me

that he was going to vote me out

at the final four is really

kind of curious.

I think it has to do
with this idea

that we're all
each other's best friends,

and even though I'm going
to be voted out fourth,

I'm losing to three
worthy players.

ALEX: And if one of them
wins immunity,

then that's a whole nother
ball of wax,

and I don't know... I-I don't
know what... what happens then.

But I'm just saying
between you and I,

'cause we've been down
with each other

from the very beginning,
and I'll be honest with you

and just straight-up, and say...

you know, I mean,
'cause these two are never

going to vote
against each other.

-They told me as much, you know?

They've sworn their lives
to each other, so...

that's, you know...?

So whatever happens at four

-You know what I mean?

Are you cool with that?

ROB: I realize
that I've been coming off

as very sensitive
with this group,

talking about how much
I love them and how much

I'm going to be friends
with them aft-after the game,

but I have never stopped
playing Survivor,

and over my dead body
will I turn over

and let somebody
just pass me by.

All right, well,
we'll cross that bridge

-when we come to it.



Bad news, guys.
It's the S.A.T.s.


We received a very interesting,

uh, little treemail
this morning.

There was big test booklets
with each of our name on it,

and it said to answer
all the questions,

to not discuss it
with anyone.

"This is a confidential document

"which your fellow tribe members
will never see,

so please answer honestly."

It's... obviously,
it means some kind of a game

to see if your answers match

everyone else's--
we think, anyway.

So it should be interesting,

when we get
to the immunity challenge,

to see how our answers
are used.

CHRISTY: Some questions
were easy to answer, like,

"Who is the biggest
drama king or queen?" You know?

Then it got to some, like,
"Who needs therapy?"

Or, "Who is the tribe slob?"

It made me more aware and, like,

really, like,
think about who's who.

ROB: The treemail was sort of
a slam book-type quiz.

Things like, uh,

"Who would you trust
with your life?"

And a bunch
of very interesting questions

that really got me thinking
about a number of things.

Matt, this is the most
important conversation...


...that I'm going
to have with you

-in this entire game.
-In this game.

Rob and I had perhaps the most

important conversation
of the game.

He sat me down,
and he said, "Matthew,

"I'm going to lay out
what has happened

over the past couple of weeks."

-First, I need to come clean
with you. -Okay.

Once we got to Jacaré,

I had been telling you

that the men
were going to stick together

after we got rid
of Roger and Dave,

-but that wasn't true.

I'm telling you this because
I know that you trust me,

-Sure. -...and I don't want
to tell you any more lies.

-Sure. Okay. -I swear that this
is the honest truth.

MATTHEW: He said that there
had been a lot of, uh,

times when I had been
in danger,

and people that I thought
were on my side

were actually plotting
against me,

and on several occasions,

he was included
and was stringing me along.

Dude, you are...
are the only person

I really trust in this game--

-and Butch now, because he
has no options. -Well... yes.

That's going to change.

Rob can be very underhanded,

but I appreciated his honesty,
and I appreciated

what he had to say next.

Alex is the power player here.

He thinks that you're
the only person

that can beat him
in a physical competition,

and that's why he...
he wants you to go.

And Alex told me yesterday
that when we get to four,

he's going to vote against me.

He said that to you?

Yes. This is what happens

-when people start
being arrogant. -Right.

It's hubris.

I was appalled

at their audacity,

that they would go so far
as to say that...

that Alex, Jenna, Heidi and Rob
had wrapped it all up

and that it was merely
a question

of which one of the four
would win a million dollars.

Me, you, Butch and Christy
vote out Alex tomorrow.

That's what I was thinking.

If Alex wins immunity, I don't
know what we're going to do.

Well, dude,
I'll give you my word...

I'll give you my word on my...

I'll give my only word I'm
ever going to give in this game,

-Mm-hmm. -...and I...
I appreciate what you've said.

I will not betray you.
And you know what?

If it falls through,
then I'm out,

-but you're it, so...
-Right. Well, we're both...

-we're both out if this
falls through. -Okay.

MATTHEW: I do have a lot
of survival skills,

but I am very ignorant
when it comes to...

the game and how it's played.

Rob has zero survival skills,

but knows the game
inside and out.

I can get... get Christy,
no problem.

-She hates the two girls.
-Alex? Okay, great.

-And I think she
hates Alex, too. -Okay.

I am very aware

of the arrogance of my alliance,

and I think that
is going to help me here.

And I don't think it's
going to be very difficult

to sway the opinions
of the three people

that aren't in this alliance.


-What are you smiling about?


Christy is a sweet girl,

but she does not fit in
with this group.

I have a feeling
that a lot of girls

that were like Jenna and Heidi

were very mean to Christy
in her... in her life.

So what are you thinking?

All I assume
was the four of you guys

made a pact, and just,
like, you guys

are going all the way,
so I'm going to be gone

-in the next nine days.
-Well, I just... I just...

I don't trust Alex anymore.

He's lied and changed his story,

a number of times,
on what he's going to do.

So are you thinking
of trying to get

Butch, Matt, you and me
to vote them out?

-To vote off Alex.

I-I-I'm up for voting Alex out.

-I knew you would be.
-'Cause I don't think

he plays fair, personally.

I'm, like, "Dude, I'm with you.

I'm with you to get Alex out,"
just because Alex...

Aah! I could care less
about him, and I just...

Ugh! And he's...
he's just, like...

drooling over Jenna and Heidi,
and it's just, like, come on!

Then again, I don't know.
Can you really trust Rob?

Is he really going to say that
to make us feel like,

well, we actually have a chance,

or is he just trying
to stir up something?

Come on in, guys.

Okay, at this point,
down to seven people.

Your awareness

of what is going on
within the tribe is critical.

The more you know
about your tribe mates,

chances are, the better
you're going to do.

That brings us
to tonight's immunity challenge.

This morning,
you were given questionnaires.

You answered the questions.
I've tallied the results.

For the immunity challenge,
you're going to have to guess

what the entire tribe said
as a whole-- what was the most

common answer given
for each question.

First one to five wins.

First things first.

Take back immunity.

Immunity back up for grabs.

First question:

Who would you trust
with your life?

Everybody reveal.

Correct answer's Butch.

How's that feel, Butch?

That's a pretty big statement.

Really makes me
feel good, and I would...

I would, um,
do my best to do it.

And you answered yourself.

Yes, I did.

Here's the score. Butch has one.

Rob has one. Jenna has one.

Next question:

Which tribe member
uses sex appeal as a weapon?

Everybody ready?


Interesting. Jenna says Heidi.

-Heidi says Jenna.

Correct answer: Jenna.


-Surprise you?
-A little.

I don't know if I should feel
like people think I'm sleazy

or... that's really cool,
but... oh, well.

PROBST: But it's not new
to you, right?

Being a young woman using sex

-with men to...?
-Well, I-I...

I don't think
it's done purposely

to try to, you know,
snake anybody, but...

maybe by accident?

(chuckles) Said with a...
an adorable smile.

See? That's the thing.

Heidi, Matthew, Christy
and Alex each get a point.

Everybody now on the board
with one.

Whose name came up the most
in answer to this question?

Who is the most honest?

Everybody got it?



Matthew guessed himself.
As a group,

everybody said Matthew
was the most honest.

One point for Matthew.

Matthew now has two.

Everybody else has one.
Playing to five.

Next question:

Of the seven of you,
who did the group say

would never survive
on their own?


Lot of Jennas up there.

Jenna is the correct answer.

-Jenna? -I have no idea
why they said that, so...

-I have no comments.
-PROBST: No comments?

-No. -You're using sex
as a weapon.

You couldn't survive
on your own.

I-I... I don't know.

-Personal opinion.
-PROBST: Fair enough.

Matthew in the lead with three.

Rob, Christy, Butch have two.

Alex, Heidi and Jenna with one.

Who most needs therapy?


Matthew, once again, you guessed
yourself, and you're right.

-MATTHEW: I'm a lunatic.

-What could I say? -Now, does it
bother you that they

-all feel that, too?
-No, 'cause we joke about it

all the time, and, uh, you know,

everyone thinks I'm crazy, so...
what can I say?

All right. Well, Matthew,
you're in the lead with four.

Rob right behind at three.

Everybody else: two.

Who would you most like
to see pose nude in a magazine?

Very curious to see
what you guys say on this one.


Lot of Heidis up there.

-Oh, great.
-PROBST: Why Heidi, Alex?

Um, because when they
got naked last time,

Jenna was right next to me,
and Heidi was all the way

at the other end, so, you know,

I didn't get a good view
all the way at the other end.

-PROBST: Heidi is the
correct answer. -Dang it!

You said Jenna.

Surprised they said you?

Yes. She's gorgeous.

Make you want to strut
your stuff a little more?

-No. -JENNA: No.

She's just as gorgeous.

-Aw. -PROBST: Here's
who got it right.

-Heidi, you didn't.
-I know.

Matthew, you didn't.

That puts Heidi
in last place with two.

The leaders:
Matthew and Rob tied at four.

Right behind them: Christy,

-Butch, Alex and Jenna,
-BUTCH: Yeah.

each with three.

Matt and Rob are one question
away from immunity.

Who in the tribe
do you have a crush on?

Whose name came up the most
often in answer to the question,

who do you have a crush on?

For immunity-- reveal.

Everybody said Heidi
except Matthew.

Matthew guessed himself,
and Heidi is correct.

Nice job, Rob.
Rob wins immunity.

Congratulations, dude.

-Good job, Rob.
-Good job, Rob.

-Well done. -Uh, can I
come get that necklace?

-Come on over, brother.
-HEIDI: Good job, Rob.

It's about time, baby.

Turn around.
Let me put this on you.

This is the best day
of my life.

Yeah. Good job, Rob.

-Yay, Rob.
-PROBST: Who knew you would be

the most in touch
with the tribe?

Oh, uh, these are my people.

You are their leader now.

-You are safe from the vote,
my friend. -Thank you.

But nobody else is.
Everybody else vulnerable.

Rob is the only one guaranteed

a one-in-six shot
at being the sole survivor.

You guys can head back to camp.

Last night--
like, I-I breathed a little bit

of a sigh of relief last night

-when Rob won.
-HEIDI: When Rob won. Yeah.

It was like, okay,
well, I know, you know,

that Matt's going to go next,

-and he's the biggest...

-he's the biggest
physical threat. -Right.

ALEX: Going to Tribal Council
tonight, and, uh...

Jenna and Heidi and Rob and I

have decided that it's time
for Matt to go home.

He's just way too big
a physical threat.

Matt knows he's not
going past five.

-ROB: Uh-huh. And he did say it?
-Pretty much.

Yeah, he's like,
"You know, you make it

"to six or five,
that's really cool, you know.

"I'm just going to try really
hard at the immunities,"

and, well, I was like,
"You should have tried

a little harder last night."


ROB: Tonight's Tribal Council
could signal

one of the most important
power swings in this game.

I could vote with Alex,
Heidi and Jenna

and assure myself
a solid position

in the final four of this game.

ALEX: Well, when it comes down
to the four of us,

two of us are just going to,
you know...

whatever's going to happen
is going to happen.

ROB: Well, you think
it'll get... it'll get ugly...?

No, I-I don't think...

Like... like people cutting
side deals and stuff?

No, I don't think so.

We've been honest
with each other to this point.

-Why... you know, why stop now?

-That's how I'd like
to keep it. -Yeah.

Or a more intriguing option
might be

to vote with Christy,
Matt and Butch,

but the downside to that
would be to lose the trust

of all these people
that I've come so far with.

It's possible to play the game
without hurting anybody

-in this group.

ROB: I'm turning my back
on three people

who potentially would be
on the jury,

three people
that are definitely not

going to vote for me
in the final two.

Look at those teeth.

Look at that mouth on this baby.

-That's so awful.
-This looks like a prehis...

I never liked fish before.

This looks like
a prehistoric, uh, fish.

Very pretty.

So you spoke to Rob.

-It's going to be good?

Keep it quiet.

MATTHEW: Tonight is going to be
a great night.

I've got a strong agreement
with Rob.

He really is the linchpin
in our plot

this evening to dethrone Alex.

But Rob can be very devious.

Rob has betrayed

a number of people
to get where he is today.

PROBST: Now bring in
the members of our jury--

Dave and the newest member,

voted out
at the last Tribal Council.

30 days.

The seven of you have lasted
in the Amazon 30 days.



Sadly, for one of you,

30 days is as good
as it's going to get.

You'll become the third member
of our jury.

That is what is at stake

Matthew, are you surprised
at how well

you're doing
after a month out here?

Yeah. I mean,
I had a pretty rough start.

I had very little energy
for a couple of weeks,

and I came back, and yeah,

I'm surprised that, uh,
my health is still intact.

Heidi, other than

a few spider bites
and things like that,

you're doing relatively well.

The first week was rough,

and I thought, "Okay,
if I can make it through this,

I can make it through anything."

And, uh, I did,
and I'm still here

and feeling really, really good.

PROBST: Alex, you gotta be
feeling pretty good

about how well
you're doing right now.

You still look good.

You got a smile on your face.

30 days-- not bad.

I'm feeling pretty good.

I've had my rough spots
out here,

but yeah, I'm feeling
really good about, uh,

how well I'm doing and how good
I'm feeling after 30 days.

Christy, how about for you?

Now that you've weathered
an entire month out here,

these last nine days--
(splutters)-- piece of cake?

A piece of cake.

I can totally do it.

Let me bring up something

I'm noticing sitting here.

Jenna and Heidi,
you have a star--

I think a star-- on your face,
and you have a heart.

-It's a sun.
-HEIDI: It's a sunshine.

It's a sun. Okay.

Are you at all concerned
that by tattooing yourself

with one other person, you are
in a sense saying to the group,

"Well, I'm tight with Jenna,
so just know that."

It's not a concern because,
at this point in time,

certain people bond
more closely.

You know, not just me
and Heidi, you know;

maybe a couple other
people, too.

PROBST: Butch, is it
a risky move to make

a demonstrative display
on your face like that?

Um, sometimes I would think
it is, but this time,

I mean, they're just...
they're just together.

They, um...
we're included, sometimes,

in some talks
or casual conversation.

We'll make comments,
but on a whole,

they're in there
talking a lot together.

PROBST: Rob, is it
important in this game

to really know your tribe mates,
or is it only important

to know the people
you're aligned with?

I think that the biggest part
of this game

that often gets overlooked

is interpersonal relationships,
and not necessarily

the people that you say,
"Okay, these are my friends."

It's getting to understand
what's going through the heads

of everybody
that's around in the game.

Heidi, would you be
somewhat surprised

if you were voted out tonight?


Hmm. Alex, be
a little bit surprised

-if tonight it's you?
-ALEX: Sure.

I'd be pretty surprised
if I got voted out.


I would not be surprised
in a heartbeat.

Rob, you're wearing
the immunity necklace.

I know you don't want
to give it away.

Rob is the only one
you can't vote for.

Everybody else is on the block.
It's time to vote.

Christy, you're up.

He crossed me once.

I forgave him.

He crossed me twice.

I offered reconciliation.

His reign is over.

You're way too much
of a threat,

and, uh, it's time
for you to go.

Take it easy, buddy.

I'll go tally the votes.

Once the votes are read,
the decision is final.

Person voted out will be asked

to leave the Tribal Council area

I'll read the votes.

First vote.



Two votes Alex.

"Matteo." Matt.

That's two votes Matt,

two votes Alex.

Three votes Matt,

two votes Alex.


Three votes Alex,
three votes Matt.

I'll read the last vote.

Tenth person voted
out of the tribe

and the third member
of our jury:


Need to bring me your torch.

Alex, the tribe has spoken.

Take it easy, you guys.

MATTHEW: Good luck.
Good luck, dude.

Well, judging
by the looks on your faces,

I'd say that tonight's vote

was certainly a surprise
to at least a few of you.

I guess there is a lot
of talking

to be done, once you get
back to camp.

You guys can head back.

Good night.

PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes
from our next episode.

Next time on Survivor:

Things start to get ugly
at Jacaré.

You don't care
about personal relationships.

You just care about yourself.

Please feel free
to write R-O-B

on your parchment
tomorrow night.

PROBST: Until a reward challenge
changes the mood.

One of you will win a visit
from your loved one.

Wow. Uh, you guys got me.

I don't know who on my alliance
flipped on me.

I-I think it was probably Rob.

Hey, you know,
I played the game

as best I could, and, uh,

apparently, I was the biggest
threat at this point, so...

I'm going to go get a shower,
get some food,

and, uh, be back to see
these guys in three days.

There you go. That's it.

Take it easy.