Survivor (2000–…): Season 6, Episode 15 - Survivor: The Amazon - The Reunion - full transcript

Live from the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York City, Jeff Probst reveals the $1,000,000 of "Survivor: The Amazon."

How... did... this... happen?

How did a spoiled

21-year-old swimsuit model
get all six votes?

Here are the other votes.
"Jenna!" "Jenna!"

It was a landslide.

Biggest blowout
in Survivor history.

How did she get all the votes,
including one from Christy,

the girl who swore
this would never happen?

Remember this?

CHRISTY: I'm going to make sure
those freakin' evil stepsisters

of mine are not going to win
the million dollars.

It's not going to happen.

Plus, we will hear
from Rob tonight,

the smartest player
to never win.


-(applause) does Matthew feel?

You make it to the final two,
and you only get one vote.

And is he nuts,
or was it an act?

We are live in New York City,
the Ed Sullivan Theater.

It is the Survivor: Amazon
Reunion Show, right after this.

(cheering, applause)

Welcome back to the
Survivor: Amazon Reunion Show.

First things first.

Jenna, congratulations.


Very tough out there.

Let's go over-- just-just to
point out what Jenna pulled off:

youngest Survivor
we've ever had,

obviously youngest
Survivor winner.

Won four of eight
immunity challenges.

The only person to win more
was Colby back in Australia.

Dominated in the last two
when she needed them.

Also the only Survivor ever

crazy enough
to give up immunity.

-And curiously,

turned down an offer from Rob
that would have guaranteed you

a-a spot in the final two

because you felt confident

Having said all of that, the
thing that's still on my mind

is Christy!

-What the heck is going on?

Let's just take-- remember,

you swore you would never,
ever vote.

Let's play that whole clip
one more time.

I'm so pissed off.

I didn't deserve
to be voted out.

I didn't!

I'm going to make sure
those freakin' evil stepsisters

of mine are not going to win
the million dollars.

It's not going to happen.


But it did.

And so,
what-what happened with you?

Why the change of heart?

She outwitted, outlasted
and outplayed me.


Now, is that a, is that just
a nice answer or did you bel--

when you wrote that down,
did you really believe

Jenna outplayed Matt and you?

Yes, but I was with Jenna
since day one,

and we'd been competing
since the first day.

And I met Matt in the middle
and I felt, hey, you know,

she made it all the way,
so give her that opportunity

to win a million dollars.

PROBST: By the way,
we should point out that

Christy's working with
an interpreter tonight

who's just over my shoulder.

She's very fast.

And, uh, thanks
for indulging us.

It's too bad you didn't have one
out in the game;

might-might have helped you
a little bit.

Okay, Jenna, to you.

So I'm going to lay out
what I think

a lot of people are thinking,

which is for a good
36 of the 39 days,

you acted like a selfish,
spoiled, only child.

(cheering, applause)

-Fair enough?
-Fair enough.

And I'm just going to say,

in the last few days,
something changed.

Not only did you get game
and start to really compete,

but you, to me,
became a lot more likeable.

-What was going on out there?
-And that's a hard thing to do.

What happened?

Um, you know what,
I-I'm very young.

I have a lot to learn.

And I felt like I grew a lot.

I said, okay, I lost my whole
alliance here at the end.

What am I gonna do, am I gonna
fight or am I going to run?

And I took this show--

and I got to watch myself--
and I said,

"Boy, I am spoiled sometimes
and I am annoying!"


I learned so much about myself,
and I-I've grown so much.

But it's very hard to have
a learning experience

in front of a viewing audience

that doesn't know
you're learning.

And you took a lot
of heat, I know.

I did, and you know what,
most of it was deserved.

But I-I feel like I'm
a better person because of it.

So that's really what matters
in the end.


I have a question,
uh, about strategy.

At the end, you said--
or somewhere in the end--

you said, you know, "I'm going
to take with me if I can,

"I'm going to take
the person I feel

is most deserving
to the final two."

So-- and maybe I'm wrong on
this hunch-- you took Matthew.

Do you really think
Matthew was actually

the most deserving person
to go to the final two,

or was that a strategy?

Um, it was strategy.

I wanted the jury to think
that I was taking

the most deserving person
to the final two.

-That you believed you were.

-I believed I was.
-Okay. So you think,

had you taken Rob,

do you think
you would have beat Rob?

He would have kicked my butt.

Well-deserved, too,
he would have.

Is that true? To the...
To the seven jury members,

would your vote have changed
if it had been,

if it had been Jenna and Rob?

-Yes. -Not much.
-Mixed. -No.

So, all right. So, you probably
made a wise move.

-Well, I guess so.

Matthew, uh, I got to
give you props.

You were at the other end
of the spectrum.

You're a guy who didn't know
anything about this game,

really had never seen it,
didn't know what treemail was,

found a, found a mentor,
sort of, in Rob...

-...uh, who taught him the game

so well that by the end,
you now have dual alliances

with these two and you're
telling us in interview,

"I'll take either one of them.
I'll betray either one of them.

I don't really care anymore."
And yet, you get to...

to the end here
and you only get one vote.

The one question that...
that seemed to never change

was the, um, the question
about your sanity.

-You know, are you really nuts?

And, uh, before you answer that,
I just want to,

I just want to take one look
back at one of your favorite

sort of hobbies
out in the Amazon.


Matt is creepy.

Just creepy.

He's creepy.


So, were you...?

A lot of guys were thinking--
were you nutty,

or is that an act or what?

That was all an act.

I was just having fun, you know.

-I'm a crazy guy and, uh...
-No, no, wait, I'm serious.

Were you--
that was a strategic act?

It really was.
I felt like, in this game,

that, um, I needed people
to dismiss me.

They really needed to think
that I was either

absolutely naive
or absolutely insane.

And that was the only way I was
going to basically deflect

their attention because
I felt like, physically,

people regarded me
as a threat from day one.

And I was dodging an awful lot
of bullets, and I felt like,

hey, you know, this was working
and it might get me

further in the game, and it did.
It was a great vehicle.

A lot of-- I feel like
we're at Tribal Council again,

'cause all of a sudden,
heads are going,

"I don't believe this, I don't
believe it for a second."


Alex is-is like a puppy dog
back there.


No, I...

Dude, I was there
the night you flipped

when we were at Jaburu, and when
you got two votes that night.

You came back, did fire duty
all by yourself that night,

got all kinds of dehydrated.

Deena-Deena and I-- you lost it.

-You-You were checked out.
-That's true, but...

And you know what,
you know what,

it was that,
from that moment on--

And, I mean, it's funny;
we joked about it, but--

And I don't think
you were crazy--

All right, Matt.
Alex, finish it up.

Where you going?
We got the point.

But I... You were off.

There was something-- From that
moment on, you checked out.

And I don't think,
I don't think it was an act.

Or it's just one of
the best acting jobs...

-Maybe. Maybe it was the best
acting job ever. -All right.

I'll admit to getting extremely
dehydrated on two occasions.

Once, Deena was there
and second, the second time,

actually Roger was there.

And that was because I was
working damn hard at camp.

I was getting, I was getting
firewood, I was building fires,

-I was boiling water, and know
what? -Nobody going to deny

you worked out there.

And I got, I got dehydrated.

And you know what,
it was, it was really scary.

And we're going to talk
about that a little bit later.

We're going to take
a quick break.

When we come back, the whole
men-versus-women thing.

Dividing the tribes, the men
against the women, resulted in

a heated battle among the sexes,
but it was the same-sex clashes,

particularly the younger,
prettier girls

that really stirred things up.

We're going to stir that pot
again when we return.

HEIDI: ...older women,
because we're younger.

(cheering, applause)

(cheering, applause)

Welcome back to Survivor:
The Amazon Reunion Show.

You know, pitting the men
against the women

provided many things
this season.

It gave the audience
somebody to root for,

put the men on the defensive
from the get-go,

and created underdogs
in the women.

But it also clearly illustrated
the impact that men and women

have on the opposite sex
and how our behavior changes

when we are around each other.

Guys, you were goofy
from the start.

-We're at the first

Tribal Council, you're getting
ready to vote poor Ryan out,

all I have to do
is bring up the girls.

"Oh, Jeff, you won't believe..."

Even Ryan--
the guy getting ready to go--

can't stop talking about
Shawna and Heidi.

Alex, what is it that,
what is it that...

when you separate
the men and the women,

seemed to sort of increase
the sexual tension?

I think you don't really realize
what you have until it's gone.

Like, you're used to having--

I'm used to having women
in my world

and around me all the time,
and when that energy's gone,

all of a sudden, you really
realize what's missing.

And then you just want it more.

I mean, it just increases
the desire for that--

whether it's platonic or not.

I mean, it just-- you just
want that energy around.

Shawna, in a short answer,
you agree with that on the...

No, on the flip side,
is that true?

Absolutely. I--

No, it's-it's--
I think there's a reason

men and women
are hanging out together.


-I don't know.

Since you bring it up...

Seriously. No, I just--
I'm someone who needs,

you know, a complementary
personality sometimes.

I don't know.

Basically the fact is,
is I need men.


Why don't we, why don't we
take a look back at Shawna,

because here's a girl who's
ready to get out of the game,

and then suddenly, here comes
Alex and everything's different.

Remember this?

I feel like I've fallen into
some crappy-ass depression

and I can't--

and the only way out of it
is to get out.

I don't see myself lasting
for 30 more days.

Like, it's not happening
right now.

Oh, yeah! What's up?

-What's up, boys?



DEENA: It's amazing what
a little bit of testosterone

can do for somebody.


How are you?

PROBST: But it's a great "Hi!"
Boy, that's a nice welcome.

I have no defense.


But what-what is it, honestly?
You were ready to quit

-I was.
-when you were in a game

-for a million dollars.
-I know.

Three guys come over,
and, "You know what?

I'll stick around
a few more days."

-Why not?

No, you know what the thing was,

is before with the environment
I was in, uh, I knew I was sick.

I wasn't feeling well;
whether it be

mental or physical, who cares?

I was totally on a one-way canoe
to psychosville.

And then all of a sudden,
you know, you get there,

and-and I had to make a decision
that was right for me

but was wrong for
the rest of the tribe.

And I was still feeling
like crap when the guys came,

but I was just, like,
I'm going and I'm gonna have fun

and I'm gonna flirt
and I'm going out in style.

And I'm taking these last
few days I have in the Amazon

and seeing what I can
do with it.

It was the first time
I'd laughed.

-I swear, and I'm someone who
loves laughing. -What did...?

And I was sitting there
and I, like, couldn't--

-Oh, it was horrible.
-What did you do with it?

Alex, anything between--

Once Shawna was gone,

Alex seemed to move on
to the next tribe member.


You didn't sell me down the
river there, right, Jeff?

Well, anything between you guys?
That's the question.

Uh, I have nothing
but love for her.

I'm-- I love her.
She's awesome.

She's, like, one of
the best people I know.

Whether or not
we're gonna... be married off

down the road, I doubt it,
but we're good friends

and we will be for a long time.

Rob, how about you?
You were sort of the guy--

and I'm not trying
just to pick on you,

because you're great,
you were great on the show--

but you sort of came across
as that guy

that probably got
picked last a lot

or maybe didn't have a lot
of luck with the ladies.


Fair enough?

-Yeah, very fair. Accurate.

And you played
that part, anyway.

Has your social life picked up
any since the show?

Yeah, well,
I do have some good news

and I have some
bad news is that...

The good news is that I do have
a girlfriend and she's great,

-but the bad news,

the bad news is is that she
doesn't believe a word I say.



Smart woman.

Well, uh, one of the most,
uh, interesting aspects

of dividing you guys-- which is
something we didn't count on--

was what happened
within the female tribe.

There were real differences
between the young

and the older women,
and, uh, we just want to revisit

a memorable moment
from the ladies' camp.

Ah, this is so awesome.

HEIDI: The cuter girls--
me and Jenna and Shawna--

kind of went off
from the older women because

we're younger and we're cuter.

We've got better bodies,
and for some reason,

that's, like, a huge issue
with older people.

(audience laughing)

Wow, where do we start
with this?

Oh, man.



What-what-what started this,
first of all?

Where did all this come from?

You know, I didn't even know
that was going on

because I was working so hard.


♪ Hallelujah! ♪


Obviously, I-I was thrown
for a loop on episode four,

and, uh...

"Episode four,"
this Survivor talk.

-Yeah. -Heidi, let me ask you,
then before...

then we'll go back
to Jeanne to feel out how--

what-what made you say,
you know, well, the younger--

Why did you guys
go off together?

You know what?

I came into this game as
an athlete, and from day one--

and this is
before the game started,

before we were on location--
uh, it was just like,

every time I even did something,
you know, it's just the constant

glares and snickers,
and then the game started.

I was, like, are you kidding me?

I was, like, if you're gonna
make this into a looks issue,

then I almost have to.

That's how I responded to it.

I am so sorry if I offended
anybody, truly I am, but, uh,

you know, that's how I felt.

It was like I was
constantly being made fun of

because I was too little,
I was too weak.

And I so wanted to be
a part of, like,

Jeanne and Joanna
going out and doing stuff.

And it was just like,
I felt like

they wanted
nothing to do with me.

So, Jeanne, is that, is that--

any of that seem right to you or
the way you were looking at it?

Well, those glares
weren't because of a problem

with their beauty
or size or anything.

It was because
I didn't think that they were

pulling their weight
and working.

(cheering, applause)

How-- Hey, let me ask you,
is there anything to the notion

that these girls are younger,
and they're willing

to use those assets,
and you-you weren't and didn't.

Hey, they got
a lot farther than me.


So there was something.

-Um, I just, I played...
-Was it hard for you

to hear them talk about you
the way they did?

It was absolutely very
difficult, but I was with

my friends and my family,
and they judge me

the way they want to see me,
and-and I love them and...

And you look like
you're in rockin' shape.

-I am.
-JOANNA: Hallelujah!

-And you know what?

Women over 40
know what they want,

and they're very happy
with their bodies

and they're very comfortable,

and, um, I'm very proud
of myself and women.


Deena, you were always a sort of
a... a neutral

observer out there.

What was your take...? Because
that really divided you guys.

I mean, Tribal Councils
got very heated between

the younger, prettier girls
and the other-- everyone else.

What was your take
on how that went down?

I really believe
that the three of them--

Shawna, Jenna and Heidi--
were at a clear disadvantage

in being in an all-female tribe,

because their
greatest asset, uh,

is their beauty, is their
manipulation ability.

And when you switch tribes,

you could see them using their
abilities to gain new alliances,

and it clearly worked for them.

And that was what they had
best going for them,

and they used those assets
to the best of their ability.

If I had it,
I'd have flaunted it, too.



(laughter, applause)

Dave, let me ask you a question,
because the guys seemed to be

getting along a lot better
than the women did.

Do you think-- Is there any,
is there anything to that?

Do you think guys--
when they're just around guys--

have an easier time just gelling

and-and meshing
as opposed to women?

I-I think that we had
the ability to kind of

let any minor differences--
just get it over with

and move on to something else.

I think that,
you know, we didn't--

if something was bothering us,
we'd let it go out

and just move on
and-and go from there.

And I don't know if that went
quite so well at the other camp.

PROBST: Joanna, what's your take
on that?

Is that normal
in groups of women?

Is there, is there
fundamentally a difference

with how we interact when we're
forced together in the same sex?

It depends on who the women are
and what they're all about.


And what they have going on
inside and outside.

Did you have a good time
on this show?

I really did.

♪ Hallelujah! ♪

That's what we want to hear.

(cheering, applause)

Before we go to break, I just
want to clear something up.

Janet, you left under
circumstances that were--

there was allu-- People were
alluding that you might have

-tried to sneak something in.

Your take on it is,
your statement is?

Oh, I absolutely
did not bring it,

and I would love to take a
lie-detector test and prove it.

-I didn't do it.
-Well, and on the, on the--

on your, in your defense,
is there anybody here

that was at that camp that,
"No, she did take it"?

Anybody see her?

So, where did that accusation
come from?

Why was she somehow singled out?

Because all of a sudden,
it was like Butch with the fire.


I... It was in her bag
the day before.

-And I didn't want to create any
drama out there, so we... -Oh!

But we were all sharing bags

and we were sharing
the same things, so...

So it could have slipped out.

-Well, it was on the ground the
next day, so... -All right.

I just wanted to clear that up
and not have you go out--

-No, I... -There's no evidence.
Deena couldn't convict you even.

-The D.A.

All right, uh, when
we come back, I got to say it,

Rob's probably
the smartest player

the game of Survivor
has ever seen, to never win.

(cheering, applause)

What were the keys
to his success?

Plus, it was our first
deaf Survivor.

Christy-- we are going to
find out about her experience

when we come back.

Butch, here's your hometown,
Olney, Illinois.

Papa Mike's.

300 of your buddies
are hanging out.

(cheering, applause)

Well, welcome back to Survivor:
Amazon The Reunion Show.

Well, as everybody
in the country knows,

storms have been wreaking havoc
across the Midwest.

In... in fact, two of our
Survivors, their homeland,

Missouri and Illinois, Heidi and
Butch, have had a lot of damage.

We caught wind of a story
out of Moore, Oklahoma

that really caught
our attention.

Take a look at this.

This is what's left of
the home of William Garrett

and his wife Teresa after...

after a tornado blew through
town and...

and destroyed their home.

What was interesting,
funny or pathetic, depending on

how you look at it is, is
William's take on everything.

A local CBS crew caught up
with him right after the storm.

Here's what he had to say.

We got the...
got the generator hooked up.

And got the refrigerators
and stuff running

and got that TV on
so we could watch Survivor.

(both laugh)

(cheering, applause)

So, uh, we figured--

Here they are:
William, Teeresa,

J.R. and Tony--
temporarily homeless.

We figured, you know what?

Any Survivor fan--
that big a Survivor fan--

deserves to see the finale live
here in New York City,

so, uh, we're glad
you're with us.

What's the status of the home?

Well, it's in pretty bad shape.

Uh, we got a structural engineer
coming out this week,

and he's going to
determine whether

they're going to tear it down
or just fix it.

And I think they ought to
just tear it down.


Well, w-we're glad
that you guys are all okay,

and, hopefully, things will
get back on their feet.

Uh, we've also had
our-our own weather problems

here in New York City.

We were supposed to be in
Central Park at Wollman Rink.

I'm going to slide
right past you here.

And, uh, I don't know
where I'm at now,

but I'm going to cut
right over here.

Here's what happened.

We were going to, uh,
shoot in Wollman Rink,

and the storm started
coming through here,

so this morning at about 8:00--

uh, our crew-- we had a huge set
built over there.

It was beautiful.

And we didn't think
it was possible.

This was not here
about 12 hours ago.

They rebuilt this all day today.

And we also have to thank The
Late Show with David Letterman,

who was nice enough,
at the last minute, to say,

"If you need a place,
come on in here."

-(cheering, applause)
-So we quickly threw it up,

got the Survivors over here,
and, uh, there we go.


One of the most memorable
characters of all time

from Survivor: Amazon
was Christy.

Uh, not just because
you were deaf,

but that's certainly
a big part of it.

And, uh, she had her work
cut out for her.

It is tough trying to play a
social game when you can't hear.

Most of the interactions
involving Christy on the show

centered around how Christy was
different from everybody else,

but when Christy received
her letter from home,

it reminded everybody
that, in her world,

we're the ones
who are different.

"I worry so much about you.

"Hope you're doing all right
with those hearing people.

"If they're
giving you problems,

"there's a whole other world

waiting for you
when you come home."

(cheering, applause)

Overall, Christy,
what was the experience like

being in a game like this
with 15 hearing people

who maybe don't care
whether you can hear or not?

It was the toughest game
I've ever played.

It was really
the biggest challenge.

And, you know, I improved,
I learned, I... I did awesome.

You know, we had a lot
of talks at Tribal Council--

things that didn't necessarily
end up in the show--

and, early on,
I was even reminding you

that I felt you were acting

as though you felt everybody
should help you,

and that that maybe wasn't
going to, going to happen.

At what point did you decide,
you know what, this is a game,

and I'm going to have to play
the game and not worry about

whether I hear or whether
I'm deaf or whatever?

Right. It was in the beginning,

I think after
Joanna got voted out.

And I just realized, I was like,
if I keep pursuing this

as, like, me having a problem
with being deaf

and trying to work
with everyone,

then I'll get voted out like
that, so I couldn't complain.

So I decided,
okay, fine, I'm not deaf.

I'm playing the game.

Let me play
and see how far I can go.

And done!

(cheering, applause)

I want to talk about
when you got voted out,

because you had--
you did have the power.

You didn't have it as long
as you thought you had it,

-but for a while,
you had that key vote. -(laughs)

Do you know what happened there?

Have you thought about
why that didn't work out?

This man over here.


I don't think so.

That's why I'm asking.

To me, you did have the vote.

-I did.

I just didn't like
playing backstabber, like,

sneak or try to make sure
the plan was really working.

I... You didn't have a plan
is what it seemed like to me.

-Okay. -Wait, Christy.

I'm... I'm... okay.

Jenna and Heidi, had Christy--

You guys asked her,
"What's the deal?"

She didn't give you an answer.

Had she said,
"I'll go with you guys,"

what would have been the result?


-It would have been on.
-So you would've...

The girls against
everybody else.

Yes. And if we made it
to the final three--

and I promised her, if I were to
win, I would take her with me.

And Jenna likewise.

PROBST: Rob, you approached her,
didn't get an answer.

What-- would you have,
would you have gone with her?

All she had to say was,
"Rob, I'm in."

So indecision kept you
out of that game longer.

Is that--
Does that seem fair, Christy?

Yeah, right. Oh, definitely.


Rob, I-I got to ask you,

in an overall scheme-- and we
keep making a big deal of this--

you did play the game well.
You did seem like

-you had a handle.
-Thank you.

If you were describing to
somebody who was going to be

in the next Survivor,
what would you say is the key

to this game?

I think that the key to the game
is always knowing

where you stand,
and you need to have

a working relationship
with every person.

You don't need to be
their friend,

you don't need to be
in an alliance with them.

But having
a working relationship

and knowing
where each person stands

and where they think they stand
is really the key.

And so when you figure out
that you're not

in the bigger group anymore,
you need to flip it.

And when, and when you're at a-a
certain point and you realize

that you're not
where you should be,

you need to figure out
how to get it done.

And sometimes you have to...

uh, lie, backstab,
cheat, steal.

-Whatever you need to do.

Well, I'm thinking of
last season in Thailand

with the final four of-of Brian
and Clay and Jan and Helen.

When they told Jan, they said,
"Helen will be number four

and then, Jan, you'll be
number three; isn't that great?"

You're playing--
you say if you're Jan,

you go to Helen and say,
"The hell with that.

-Now, it's the two of us."
-You go to whoever else

is out there and figure out
a way to get it done.

Do we have-- I want to know
if we have that, uh--

I'm thinking of a great moment
that just reminded me,

Daniel and Ryan, when the game--
when I knew we actually had

a season that the women
weren't gonna get blown out,

they're on the balance beam
for a long,

long time.

Having a hard time.

You're good.

Feet can't touch. No!

Daniel and Ryan,
got to head back.

It is official, guys,
you've lost your lead.

The ladies have completed
the balance beam.


Well, what's weird is it did
seem like it was Dan's fault,

and yet Ryan was the first one
voted out.

What is that like to be
on an all-guys tribe, you know,

and think
you're the-the hottest guy,

and then you're going home
three days later?

I-I was sent packin'.

First of all, I like the Jet Ski
thing, that was pretty cheap.

Um, no, but honestly, uh,

but seriously though, I--
my strategy--

I mean, I didn't have
much of a strategy.

I guess my strategy
was not to get voted off.

And I don't know, we had an
all-guys tribe and we had such,

like, strong-willed guys
and, I mean, that's it.

And then the balance beam thing,
after we didn't cross,

I was just like, it's over.

And, Daniel,
just an update from you.

I don't know if a lot of
people know, when you got home,

you actually had malaria.

Yeah, that's right.
It was the most

excruciating two weeks
of my life.

I mean, living with Roger
was a walk in the park

compared to
what I had to go through.

(laughter, applause)

-Up next...
-I'm sorry, man.

...they placed a high value
on peanut butter and chocolate.

So high, they were willing
to get naked for it.

When we come back, we will
talk with Heidi and Jenna

and find out how it was received
when they got home.

(cheering, applause)

(chanting): Jenna, Jenna,
Jenna, Jenna, Jenna,

Jenna, Jenna, Jenna...

(cheering, applause)

Welcome back to, uh, Survivor:
The Amazon Reunion Show.

Thanks to The Late Show
with David Letterman,

we have a home
from the rain outside.

How many times
you get a chance to say

"Happy Mother's Day"
to your mom on TV?

So, Happy Mother's Day, Mom.

-(crowd aahing)

(cheering, applause)

All right, well, as this season
of Survivor brings itself

to a close, another one
is just around the corner.

Here's what's in store for
the next group of Survivors.

This fall, 16 new Survivors
journey off the coast of Panama

to a land steeped in
a bloody history of piracy.

A hidden chain of more than
a hundred tropical islands

located in the blue-green
waters of Central America.

These are the Pearl Islands.

It is a place of ancient riches

with a turbulent history
of looting and plundering.

The ruins of Spanish forts
and sunken ships are monuments

to a violent and infamous past,
where the deeds of pirates

like Drake and Morgan
are legendary.

In these Panamanian waters
lurk some of the most exotic

and dangerous marine animals
anywhere in the Pacific Ocean.

Schools of sharks, stingrays,
dolphins and sea turtles thrive

in a spectacular world beneath
the sea, and our Survivors

will begin their adventure
during the migration

of the humpback whale.

For the first time, each tribe
will have its own island,

and the marooning will be
unlike anything experienced

by previous Survivors.

Who will outwit,
outplay and outlast

all the others to become
the sole Survivor?

Find out this fall
as the adventure continues

in the Pearl Islands.

(cheering, applause)

It's gonna be fun.

Well, people are still talking
about one of this season's most

controversial moments,
when Heidi and Jenna

took off all their clothes
in front of 20 million viewers

for peanut butter and chocolate.

I think we all remember this.

-JENNA: Oh, no.

I'll take my clothes off for
chocolate and peanut butter.

Get the girls some chocolate
and peanut butter, for...

Aw, dude, there you go.

Heidi, you want to do it?

-All right.

Oh, God, why me?

-Why did I...?

I'm not looking.

-I got to stay focused.

Where can I keep my clothes?

-I'm looking.
-I'm looking.

Heidi, just pull your pants
down to your ankles.

-Yeah! That's what
I'm talking about. -Oh, yeah.

I'm not looking.

-One, two, three.
-Oh, my God.

-All right, let's go.

Hold on, I got to get my shorts.

Are they around your ankles?

She's in the drink.

Oh, God.

So, uh-- Yeah.

(cheering, applause)

That was a great moment.

What was the reaction, though--

Jenna, you live at home,
you got your parents.

What was the reaction
when you got home?

Well, I can't say they were
proud of me, but...


I was starving.

I said, "Look, I was hungry.

"It's already done.
We just have to get over it

"and let's try and move on.

And I promise
I won't do it again."

W-When you sat down and told
them, what was, what was the...?

Um, I told my dad
while he was in the Amazon,

so I figured
all the love and happiness

to see me would
kind of overshadow it,

and then I had him
break it to my mom.

So, I mean, I-I can't say
that my parents--

they're never really
disappointed in me, but--

it wasn't
my shining moment, but...

I love food.

Heidi, different story for you.

-You're a schoolteacher.

Why risk that?

Because it had to be tough
going back home.

It-It was, but I have
a really supportive family,

first of all, and, uh--

You know, I lost,
I lost close to 20 pounds

at that point in time.

I mean, I-I look disgusting.

We have a little video of that,
actually, of you and-and Alex

and some of the other guys.

-If we can find that, we'll put
that up there. -Okay. But...

So you're saying that the reason
you took it off was, was hunger.

It was complete hunger.

I didn't care about the game
at that point.

I saw that peanut butter and
chocolate and Coke and I said,

"I'm-- There's no way
I'm losing out on this."

I mean, I could not help it.

It was all I would think about.

PROBST: Yeah, there you are
right there.

-It-It's pretty tough.
-(crowd chuckles, groans)

Yeah. And Matthew, you can see

his ribs in back
coming through there.

Matthew lost 31 pounds.

I know you lost
about 18, I think.

Alex lost 18.

You lost about 18.

A lot of weight loss out there.
Deena, something that

surprised me-- on this same
note, just-just quickly--

you even got to a point
where you were ready

to throw it in
because of hunger.

Yeah, and I came in with
a boatload of body fat, too.


There was, uh-- we had the Coke
challenge where we had to build

the fires in order to
get the Cokes.

And, uh, we--
when we lost the Coke,

it was probably one of
the-the 20 most depressing

moments of my life.
I can remember getting

off of the, off of our canoe,
and saying, "Forget this.

"I'm an attorney,
and I make too much money.

Get me out of here."

One thing I want to
bring up about Heidi,

because I think you took
a long, hard rap this season,

that I don't think
a lot of people know,

when I was looking over my notes

for this show, your IQ score--
off the charts.

Actually, you, Alex, and Roger
had the highest IQ.

You have a higher IQ
than the rocket scientist,

for crying out loud.

But-But, Jenna-- but-but, Heidi,

it-it didn't come out
on the show.


-No. No.

And I, and I say to that,
thank goodness,

because I knew I had my
athleticism and my intelligence,

and if I were to show
both of those, there's no way.

-There's no way. I would've
been... -So strategically...

-Yes. Completely. were
fine with playing that role.

And you know what? You do.

You have to check
your pride in this game.

-You have to check it.
-You did a good job.

-Thank you. -(laughter) -Got you
far in the game. It did.

Final five.
All right, when we come back,

we will tell you
how you can own a piece of

this season's
Survivor: The Amazon

and how you can apply
for the show yourself.

We'll be right back.

(cheering, applause)

(cheering, applause)

If you are a fan of Survivor
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And if you think you have what
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Tomorrow morning, Jenna gets
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It's on CBS, The Early Show.

-You'll want to check that out.

Two quick things.
Rob, let me just see--

the 8 Ball
survived Butch's fire.

Yes, yes, it did.

It's a little,
it's a little worse for wear,

like all of us,
but it actually still works.

PROBST: And it'd be nice
to end on a nice moment.

Roger, Dan, I know
there was no love lost

even after you got voted out.

Any chance of
a little reconciliation?


That's what we want to see.


Thank you, New York.

Thanks to The Late Show
with David Letterman.

That's all we have.
Happy Mother's Day!

(cheering, applause)