Survivor (2000–…): Season 5, Episode 5 - The Ocean's Surprise - full transcript

One of the castaways feels the wrath of a stingray during a group swim.

Previously on Survivor...

At Chuay Gahn,
Ted and Ghandia were no longer

on speaking terms,
following their confrontation.

The relationship between
Ghandia and I

is nonexistent.

I only see five people on
this island.

PROBST: Their rift divided
the tribe along gender lines.

I do believe Ghandia's story.

The guys will believe
Ted's side.

PROBST: Stephanie was
on the outs with Sook Jai.

They got rid of Jed.

Piss on them.

SHII ANN: I don't know
what Stephanie's problem is.

I think she just feels

-like we're all idiots.

At the reward challenge,

Sook Jai's physical strength

secured them another victory.

Along with it
came bananas and chickens.

We're going to check
for eggs every day,

and I expect there to be eggs!

Sook Jai also won immunity.

-Sook Jai wins immunity!
-Sook Jai!


Back at Chuay Gahn,

Ghandia wanted the women
to vote for Clay.

But here's where I'm thinking
with this.

If we keep the girls together,
then we have a leverage

-of a three-to-two vote.
-Mm-hmm. All right.

I will be so happy tonight
if Clay is gone.

PROBST: But Helen was torn
between her loyalty to Ghandia

and her desire
to play the game.

HELEN: I want to play,
but it would mean

voting Ghandia off tonight.

Honestly, right now,
I'm still betwixt and between.

PROBST: In the end,
gender lines broke down.

Helen jumped ship, voting
Ghandia out of the tribe.

Tribe has spoken.

12 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

Here, I'll put it back
in the same place.

CLAY: We had a very interesting
Tribal Council.

Little bit of a shocker.
Now, we knew that Jan

was being manipulated
by, uh, Ghandia,

but we didn't know just...
just how much.

Why the hell
did she vote for me?

That, uh, didn't make
a whole lot of sense.

Her head's the one that's got
the "X" on it the next time.

She's the next one to go.

Uh, I voted for Clay.

Clay will know it's me,
and he doesn't

forgive or forget,
so I know I'm next to go.

Helen said she was going

to vote for Clay,
but she did not.

It's her vote--
she can choose to change it,

and I think she changed it.

It's been a long day.

(loud yawning)

I know the gir... the girls

are gonna think I betrayed
them, and I'm just gonna

have to live with that, but...

it was... one of those

necessary evils.

Had to be done,
but it wasn't enjoyable to do.

And, um...

if that gets me further
ahead, then so be it.

(chickens clucking)

(rooster crowing)

(chickens clucking)

PENNY: We had already decided
that when we woke up,

as soon as we
heard the rooster crow,

we were gonna get up
and we were gonna

eat, you know, one
of the chickens this morning.

(chickens clucking, squawking)

JAKE: Steph, if you hold it,
I'll kill it, okay?

All right.


I got up and grabbed him and...

and held him while Jake, you
know, broke his neck, and then

we proceeded
to, uh, boil the pot of water

and put him in there
to loosen the feathers up

and pluck the feathers
out of him...

Then we just boiled him
for, like, an hour.

Mmm, he smells good!

He smells great.

Everybody come dive in.

Oh, my gosh.

Pull a piece off,
or however you want to do it.

JAKE: We thank you
for giving your life,

Mr. Bird, but, boy,

I tell you what,
you sure do taste good.

Mmm, mmm!

It was so tasty.

It was probably--
I mean, it was so tough,

it was like eating leather
a little bit,

but it was
the best-tasting chicken

I've ever had in my entire life.

Guys, it doesn't get
any better than this.

Oh, my God.

Who said they wanted the liver?

I'll eat the heart
and the liver.

ROBB: Shii Ann had a piece,
and she ate

lungs and intestines and necks
and picked the bones

so that there's nothing left.
I don't know,

her eating habits
are just repulsive.

This has got to be the best.

She licks her fingers
too much,

then tries... reaches back in
and grabs stuff

while everybody else is eating.

She's just gross.

Robb, if you want
to try some of the neck,

there's a lot
of meat around it.


Culturally, it's not

an American thing to eat, like,

necks and hearts and gizzards
and stuff like that.

Most people
don't eat that stuff.

There's a lot more on here,
if you guys want to pick at it.

In my family, the heart is...

it's great eats, you know?

I grew up partly in Taiwan.

In Taiwan, it's considered
a great snack.

-The neck is gone; I ate it.
-ROBB: You ate the whole neck?

Yeah, it was good.

Crabs are very slim.

It's horrible.
I don't see 'em running.

I mean, you don't...
you don't even see any.

I mean, that's, you know,
if I could see 'em

just running off,
at least I'd know there's

some out there, but right now I
don't even see any running off.

So, uh, it's very frustrating.

Boy, I would like...

I would like one, just a little
bit of that taste right now.

It'd be wonderful.

-I got one.

All that time.

Do you want to go fishing?

-TED: Our food situation

is-is-is getting pretty bad.

We're missing out on
a lot of things.

I mean,

we have to get fish,
we have to get fish.

Now, the only thing

we're hoping for right now
is that the fish

are gonna go underneath our boat
and get stuck in this net.


Come on, fishy, fishy, fishy.

Here fishy, fishy.

TED: Brian and I went out
fishing today just to see

where we are,
if we're still together,

if we're still really in...
in alliance with each other.

One of the things we-we've
got to kind of do is...

have each other's back.

I don't know what
it is about you...

-Yeah, we got... -...but I think
we got a lot in common.

We have a lot in common.

-The future, also, you know?

He's confirmed that yes, he is

totally committed to me all the
way to the end, and I'm

totally committed to him
all the way to the end.

I mean, you have my word,
and I-I-I swear on my daughter.

You don't have
to worry about me.

BRIAN: It's the, uh, thinking
before you speak and act

that's extremely
important, so...

you just have to remind yourself

every day what
you're doing out here.

You need all the friends
you can get out here.

TED: You know what I'm saying?
You know what I'm...

It's so beautiful, man.
No one knows.

BRIAN: I know I'm, uh,
very low-key and very subtle,

but very shark-like, very swift.

Move when I need to move,
speak when I need to speak.

Try to be a part
of that majority,

however which way I can.

Win that favoritism,
win that friendship.

And then keep moving forward.

It's me and you
to the final, bro.

Yeah, we've
already decided that.

Mm, she's good.

Just wanted to make sure.

Because Old Betsy,
we need Betsy now.

There we go.

-I'm glad we're
in the same boat, man. -Yeah.

I just wanted to make sure we
were... we were still...

Like I said before, done.

-It's done.

I'm full off that, y'all.

I am real full.

-I'm amazed how...
-It was good.

I'm almost in a food coma.

ROBB: I'm gonna go put my
swim trunks on and go swimming.

Actually felt like our first

real day off since
we've been here, and we had

all day to relax.

We had eaten a chicken

early in the morning,
and, you know,

we felt like we
could lay in the sun.

You know, we all
went in the water

and played a little bit.

The four of us were

out in the water,
just kind of

goosing around,
just enjoying the...

of the nice chicken

and kind of a...

easy day, 'cause we really
didn't have a whole lot to do.

When we heard Robb scream...


-(screaming) -And that's
nothing unusual for Robb,

so nobody thought
too much about it early.

You guys!

But then we noticed as he was

coming out of the beach
that blood was kind of

coming out of his foot.

okay, the wave came,

and I kicked,
and when my foot went back,

something came and bit me.
I don't know

what out there has
a mouth big enough to bite me

and put a mark like this on me,
but it was sharp,

and it hurt like hell,
whatever it was.

JAKE: We were all,
uh, kind of wondering

what to do, uh, and-and ended up

putting his foot in hot water.

...if it's too hot,
and then put it back in.

The hotter... really,
the hotter the better

for what we're
talking about here.

ERIN: You don't necessarily
know what's out there.

It could've been
something poisonous,

it could've been something

that could've been
lethal for Robb.

-ROBB: What do you think, man?
-JAKE: It's got a... Wow.

It's got a nice
purple tinge around it.

-What's that mean? -You're fine.
-I don't know. Looks like

-it's got a bruise on the inside
of it. -Just lay down.

-Don't worry about it.
-Just contused a little bit.

Yeah, it's just got a bruise

down around the circle of it.

I think probably
what happened to him was,

he was wading
without any kind of

shoes on at all,
he probably

pushed off on a stingray
and got a stinger

in his foot.

-You got one right there.
-ERIN: Ahh...

That sort of hurts, Jake.
That sort of hurts.

Please don't touch it like that.

Damn it! It hurts!

He's like a little baby.

He's, like,
throwing a little tan...

"Ow, it hurts!"
Throwing a little

temper tantrum on the ground.

This is the most annoying thing
I've ever seen in my life.

It's like, God, you know, like,

just be a mature person.

Yeah, it hurts, okay?
Just... ouch.

SHII ANN: Sea urchin bites
really hurt, though.

ROBB: Shii Ann, she seems
to be the know-it-all expert

on every single subject
we talk about.

I got hit by something
in the ocean and hurt my foot,

(chuckles) and... she said,

getting stung by a stingray
is absolutely excruciating.

And I looked at her,
and I go...

-"You ever been stung by one?
-And she goes, "No."

I've been stung by jellyfish.

And I wanted to say, "Well,
then how the ... would you know?

Shut up and
go get me some water."

Like, honestly,
for how small this is,

-this hurts a lot.
-PENNY: I know it does.

I know we also have to worry
about sharks out there,

but there are also
snakes around here

that we have to worry about.

And so I think kind of

being aware of your surroundings
definitely is key,

being in this environment.

(indistinct chatter)

Singing it in the middle
of a hot summer night.

Where is Betsy?

(frustrated groan)


Betsy ran away.

Who's that?

You don't know who Betsy is?


Ted said, "Old Betsy's gone."

I had to think of
who Old Betsy is for a second.

Then I realized
it's the big orange monster.

The boat's gone?


There must be a reasonable
explanation for all of this.

I had her nice and secure,
tight, too.

Inside of it was our net, too.

The tide must have
washed it way up.

TED: It was tied up against
those rocks, right there.

I don't know what...
what the deal is.

-The tide did come up.
-I have no idea.

It sure that didn't come...
go way up there.

But it should have
just floated the boat.


If we don't find that boat,

just for it to make it
easier to go get water,

I don't know what
we're gonna do.

And, uh, every day,

you know, we've been using it

trying to fish some more,
because we're getting

hungrier and hungrier
for that meat.

So that means no Betsy,
that means no net.

This island seems to be
so mysterious, man.

Boolah, boolah.

-The boat's gone.

-What do you mean

we lost the boat? (groans)

So... I guess it
wasn't tied up well enough.

The boat?


-Tide must have taken it.
-Only thing I can think of

is when the tide rose,
it may have... I don't know

if that twine floats.

-Maybe that...
-Oh, it slipped off.

slipped off like that.

JAN: You know what,
you can't even think about it.

CLAY: Could you imagine
if I had been

the one that tied that boat up,

how it would have been
all my fault?

There ain't a person up in
that camp said anything about,

"Well, Ted you should've
tied it this way."

Right now I definitely think
he's responsible for the boat.

I think he should have tied it
a lot further up on the bank.

Oh, there's Magilla, there's
Magilla right over there.

Where's Magilla?

BRIAN: There he is, right there,
checking us out.

Yep, he's close.

-Do you see him? Do you see him?

Yeah, he's right there.
Look at him.

-You have a little cat face.

Hey, Magilla, what's
the deal with the boat, man?

Why are you always
stealing stuff?

Talk to me. Why?

I mean, we didn't
do anything to you--

why you got
to take all our stuff?

The boat is a key,

key piece to our survival here.

Um, will we actually

be unable to survive
without the boat?

We'll-We'll make
the best that we can.

We-We just, at this point,
have to hope.

CLAY: I never thought that
I would get this hungry.

If you give me
a chance right now

to have a hamburger and French
fries, apple dumpling over sex,

I'd take the hamburger
and French fries...

with no question
and never look back.

Oh, children!

We've got mail!

All right!

We got mail?

Can y'all hear me?

What does it say?


What's in there?

20, 40,

60, 80, a hundred,

200, 300!

I robbed the bank!

I want to know
what the note said.


A thousand dollars in $20 bills.



HELEN: It's got to be--
that's how she's counting it.

What else does it say?

American! Right here!

Well, hell-fire, we know that!

What else does the note say?

-What... what does it say?!
-What does it say?!

"A pool of money, lots to eat,

"it's time to haggle,
prep to compete.

"Know when to bid,
know when to hold.

Food in your bellies,
better than gold."

I'm not betting a thing!

I'm-I'm out of here!

It's buying food.

It's an auction; buying food.

It's a gambling thing!

-No ... Sherlock.
-Y'all are putting me

in charge of all this money?

See ya!

Wouldn't want to be ya!

(Jan laughs)

Come on in and have a seat.

It's time to have a little fun.

Welcome, guys,
to the Survivor auction.

Hello. Here we go.

Gonna have a little fun today.

But before we get to the auction
I'm gonna make you an offer.

Before I make the offer,
I want you to hear me clearly.

Do not speak for 60 seconds.

When the 60 seconds is up,

I'll then ask you
for a response.

Clear? No talking.

Here's the offer.

Does anybody here...

want to switch tribes?

Does any one person

from one tribe
want to switch with another?

Think about this; this is
an individual decision.

One of those forks in the road.

Chance to change your fate
or stay where you are.


Sook Jai, I'll start with you--
anybody on Sook Jai

want to switch tribes
and go over to Chuay Gahn?

Now is your chance.

Does everyone know

I hate this tribe,
I want to leave?

I was so tempted
to switch tribes, so tempted.

PENNY: My immediate
reaction was, like,

"I've got to do this,"
you know.

I was looking
at the other tribe, and I was

really wanting to go,
and I just didn't.

I take that as a no.

Chuay Gahn,

anybody on your tribe
want to switch,

become a part of Sook Jai,
now's your chance.

Hmm, thought about it.

I'm gonna stay where I am.
But if I were Jan,

I would've hopped on it
in a heartbeat.

She knows that they know

that she voted against
Clay the other night.

I'm gonna stick with my tribe.

That's the tribe I want,
that's the one I'm on,

and I either sink with them
or I swim with them.

Everybody's happy.

Good, we got two good tribes.

Let's have an auction.

Both of you guys

were given a thousand dollars
U.S. currency.

You can spend it as you like,

but you'll be bidding
as a tribe.

The auction will stop suddenly
and without warning.

There is a limited
number of items.

You can get greedy;
you can get conservative.

We'll see how it plays out.

-Ready for your first item?
-Let's do it.

-Let's do it.
-All right.

First item up for
bids-- hamburger, fries,

all the fixings,
a little mustard,

ketchup, lettuce, tomato, onion.

We'll start this bidding.

We're going in $20 increments.

Don't tell me you're thinking
about this at 20 bucks.

-JAKE: Hell, 20 bucks.
-20 bucks to Sook Jai.

-60 to Chuay Gahn.

-80. -It's 80 at Sook Jai.
Going once.

-$100 to Chuay Gahn.

Sook Jai talking about it.

-120 to Sook Jai.

Big Ted just shook his head.
Too rich for your blood?

Yeah. (laughs)

120, going once, going twice.

-Sold to Sook Jai.

Send one member up here, take a
spot right here and come

get this.
Take it back and share it.

Nice purchase.

-They didn't pay for it.
-PROBST: Almost forgot.

Shii Ann, you got
to come up here and pay me

Throw it right down here.

Right up here, actually.
Give it to me there.

Could somebody please take
a bite for me? (chuckles)

Item number two: big
cool pitcher of limeade.

20, we'll open it up at 20.

20, Chuay Gahn. Sook Jai,
you're feeling real good

about your cheeseburger
right now, aren't ya?

-Yeah, I'm pretty stoked.
-No interest?

You guys are gonna let these
guys have this for 20 bucks?

-Fine. Sold to Chuay Gahn
for $20. -I'm right here, Daddy.

-Give me that money, buddy.

Take it all, brother.


-All right, let's go to town,
now. -This is better than...

PROBST: Next item, mystery item.
No idea what it is.

God, that's good.

What are we starting
the bidding at here?

-20 to Chuay Gahn.

-We'll go 40.

-60 for Chuay Gahn.

Boy, you already downed
everything on that plate?

That ketchup didn't even
stand a chance, bro, it's gone.

60 bucks right now
for the mystery item.

Chuay Gahn's looking
at a potential bargain.

-All right, we'll go 80.
-80 for Sook Jai.

Going once, going twice.

Sold to Sook Jai. 80 bucks.

Let me tell you about what you
just bought.

Nicely seasoned, very healthy,
organic and indigenous.

Baked grubs.


-All right!
-PROBST: You want to sample one?

Uh, I think I'm gonna pass.

PROBST: A lot of protein.
Here you go, take 'em back.

-You bought them.
-They're seasoned?

Yeah, and they're baked.

ROBB: You can't go from French
fries to grubs.

I don't think it's right.

PROBST: Stephanie seems
to like 'em.

-Tastes like mushrooms.
-PROBST: Come on Erin.

When else are you gonna get

a chance to eat a grub? You're
gonna miss out on this?

Next item up for bids,
I think you're gonna like it.

Spaghetti and meatballs
and garlic bread.

-I want 120 to get this going.

-We're in. -120.
-120 to Chuay Gahn.

-140 to Sook Jai.

If you're waiting for better
than this, you're dreaming.

-280 Chuay Gahn.

-300, Sook Jai.

-320 Chuay Gahn.

You're debating while you're
eating baked grubs.

-Make it 340.
-340, Sook Jai.

Chuay Gahn yet to eat anything.

-Yeah, 360. -TED: 360.
-360 says Clay.

Chuay Gahn's at 360. Sook Jai?

-380 to Sook Jai.

-400 to Chuay Gahn.

400 going once, twice,
sold to Chuay Gahn.

-Enjoy it, y'all.
-Thank y'all.

$400 for a bowl of spaghetti
and meatballs.

-You want to take a little bite
of that? -Boy, do I.

There you go.
Do it the right way.

I got an Italian wife.

Mmm! We did well.

-We did well, guys. -PROBST:
Brian wants that over there.

It's full and it's heavy.
Look at it.

-JAN: Thank y'all.
-HELEN: Oh, my God.

Debating if we should
show this or keep it a mystery.

ALL: Show it.
-Come on! -Come on!

PROBST: I think we got to make
it fun. It's a mystery item.

We've had too many mysteries.

Start the bidding at 40 bucks.

-We'll go 40.
-40. Sook Jai?

-60, Chuay Gahn.

-We'll go 80.
-80, Sook Jai.

-We'll go 100.
-100 bucks for Chuay Gahn.

-160 to Sook Jai.

You're thinking
this one's gotta be good.

It has to be.

-180, Chuay Gahn.

-Go two. -Let 'em have it. Let
'em have it. -200. Sook Jai?

-You sure? -Doesn't scare us.
-Yeah, we're out.

200 to Sook Jai, once, twice,
sold. Stephanie, come up here

-and take a look at this.
-I hope it's something good.

-Bring the 200 bucks. -If not,
we know you'll eat it anyway.

True. I'll eat it anyway.

You'll eat it either way,
so it doesn't matter.

-You ready?
-I'm ready.

I think you're psychic.

Hot fudge sundae
with all the fixings.

No way! Yay!


-Oh, yeah!

Mmm, mmm.

What have we been talking about?

This is it, isn't it?

Next item up for bids.


-Oh, my God.
-(Robb groans)

60 bucks for nachos.

-We'll go 60.
-PROBST: 60.

-PROBST: 80.

-We'll go 100.
-PROBST: 100.


-Two bills.
-PROBST: Two bills.


-PROBST: 260.

I'm going to tell you something
right now. Something else goes

with this. That's going
to remain a mystery.

-260, Sook Jai. -TED: They only
have 300 bucks.

-I know. Let's get it.
-PROBST: Something else goes

-with the nachos. 280.

-Three. -300.

Sook Jai.

-PROBST: 320.

All right,
we'll let them have it.

320 going once, twice.

Nachos sold to Chuay Gahn.

Give yourself a shot here,
dip that in.

-PROBST: Get some cheese
on there. -JAN: Oh.

Little hot chilies.

It's awesome.

Jan, you like nachos?

-What goes with nachos?

-HELEN: I knew it.
-Beer! Beer!

You're on the right track.


-What goes with nachos?
-HELEN: Margaritas!


-Damn, woman.
-Yeah! Yeah! -CLAY: Yeah!


-Oh, that got a whole
big pitcher. -My...

-That's an alcoholic beverage?
-Yeah, nothing virgin about 'em.

Nice. Congratulations.
Enjoy that!

-Enjoy it.
-PROBST: Guys, I'm sorry

to say, this auction's over.



-TED: Way to go.

-Salud. -Salud.
-Salud. -Salud.

-How did you sleep?

I slept so good.

It was almost like
I actually had a bed

-and everything.

-With a pillow and everything?

-You can turn any way
you want, and... -Yeah.

-Pick one out.

PENNY: Stephanie definitely
has changed

the last couple of days.

She's been around the tribe
a little bit more,

and she's been more helpful.

And she's wanted
to participate

in all the things
that we do.

I think Stephanie
probably feels

a little bit concerned about

where she does stand in this
tribe, so maybe she is trying

to make up
for how she treated us before.

You know, just because

I'm not running up
and hugging and loving

and touching and feeling
all over everybody...

I mean, I'm not like that
a whole lot anyway.

The reason that there's...
I think, the niceness

is being spread around is,

'cause everyone's not
starving to death.

I mean, to starve
to death will make you an ass.

I mean, it will.

-It's so..
-Let's see...

Uh-oh. Swimming with the fishes.

HELEN: Oh...
Look what the mailman brought.

Is that so pretty.

HELEN: That is really pretty.
Look at that. -JAN: Yeah.

HELEN: Let's go tell them
we caught a fish.

-Oh, let's do it. Let's run out
and... -Yeah.

We caught a fish.

Jan and I tried eating him,
though he's a little

-on the tough side.
-"There is a place

"for everything, and everything
has its place. On

"the island, it's a way of life,
for you it's just a race.

"They do it every day, this is
how fishermen survive.

Sort it out before the others,
and keep your tribe alive."

We need to underline,
"Keep your tribe alive,"

for us, guys. We got to do this.

(Clay mutters)

BRIAN: Jan kind of knows
that she's next.

I don't want to see her go, but
if we have to make a decision,

ultimately, that's the way
the decision is going to go.

Let's hope that we can win.

Brian and I are going
to go get water.

You guys are going
to get water today?

-Yeah, we have to, Ted.
-We're running out.

So you guys are gonna go have

to swim all the way over there,

and we have a challenge today.

We don't have any water, Ted.

Check it out. See how much...
And that one's empty.

TED: Man, I tell you, that boat
was a major help to us.

Today we had a challenge
for immunity.

We just have
to basically suck it up and

do what we have to do
as far as getting our water,

which is to swim over
to the hole and then back.

HELEN: There was a little bit
of talk about, "Oh, you sure?

You can wait till tomorrow."
I'm like,

"No, we can't wait
till tomorrow.

"We're out of water, and

we don't know
what our challenge is today."

If nothing else,
we have got to stay hydrated.

-HELEN: Yech!

Well, at least there ain't
no sharks, yet.

HELEN: I would prefer
to have the boat, but I

can swim over to get water.

My only fear is,

you got to make sure
you don't swim

and exhaust yourself
for a challenge,

'cause you never know.

I don't want anybody

cutting back so much on water
they're getting dizzy.

No, definitely.

-Especially with the stuff we
got coming up. -Yeah.

Immunity we must win.

Come on in, guys.

First things first. Stephanie,
bring me that immunity idol.

I know it feels good.

Immunity back up for grabs.

For today's immunity challenge,
you're going to be sorting fish.

A whole lot of fish.

Thousands of fish.

All this fish came
from right out here

in the Andaman Sea
off that fishing boat.

There are four different types:

Got your Barramundi,

your Trevally.

You guys are very familiar
with this one-- squid.

And a cute little local fish

that we're calling
the little silver fish.

Four different types of fish.

Your job-- sort the fish
into their respective bins.

Every fish must be sorted,

and every fish
must be in the right bin.

The winning tribe goes home
with immunity.

Cannot be voted out. Losers--

back to Tribal Council,
and for somebody else,

this game is over tonight.

Sook Jai, because you have
two extra members,

you're sitting two people out.
You picked Erin and Ken.

Everybody else get ready,
wait for my go.

Immunity at stake.
Survivors ready?

-JAN: Yes. -Go!

Come on, guys, you can do it!

That is an effort,

Stephanie, I got to say.

Catch a fish.
Oh, watch out, Brian.

-BRIAN: Clay, you got to watch
it. -PROBST: Nice shot, Clay.

Clay, in the bucket, man.

They're all over the ground.

You're making me do double work.

Don't worry about me, man.

I got... I'm on a roll.

Just do your fish.

BRIAN: Ted, we're running low
on big fish.

Don't forget your fish.

Come on.

-Come on, guys. Come on...
-Going for the small fish.

-Come on, come on. -I'm gonna
drop. Watch-Watch your back.

Come on, guys.
Guys, let's go.

-Let's go. Get it!
-Watch your back.

Good eyes, Robb.

You guys are not going to want
to dig around in this sand.

Don't think I'm not watching,
'cause I am.

Keep working, y'all.

TED: Come on, Jan.
Y-You're dropping some.

JAN: I got it, I got it.
I've got it.

Grab the ice. Grab...

Watch how many you drop.

-Check, check!
-Is that it?

-Check, check, check.
-Is that it?

-Check, check, check, check.
-Check, check, check, check.

-Check area. Check area.
-Check, check.

-Check area.

Get it, get it, get it,
get it, get it!

Got one.

-TED: Check, check.
-JAN: Get it in there.

-TED: Check, check, check.

-Check area.
-Talk to me.

-Talk to me. Talk to me.


One of your fish is not sorted

It's sitting out there waiting
to be discovered.

-I'll check the squid.
-PROBST: Still alive,

Sook Jai. Chuay Gahn's
missing a fish.

PENNY: Come on, keep working.

-There, right there.
-That's what I'm looking for.

-Chuay Gahn wins immunity!
-CLAY: Yeah!

-TED: Yeah!

We get fish out of it, too.

Okay, let's go.

-One, two three. Chuay Gahn!
-Chuay Gahn!

-Chuay Gahn!
-Thank you, God.

Boy, did we do that one!

Yes! Yes!

Chuay Gahn! Yes!

-Chuay Gahn, who wants this?
-I'll take it.

PROBST: Chuay Gahn, you guys
can head back to camp.

Sook Jai, see you guys tonight
at Tribal Council.

Somebody's going home.

SHII ANN: So, who's your
favorite on the other team?

When you looked over?

-They all seem really nice.
-Don't they?

When we had the 60 seconds

of silence
where we could decide

whether we wanted
to jump tribes, I wish I had.

I would have a better chance
over there,

and I think that I would have
more fun over there.

I really do.

Everybody is kind of

pretty much blah around here,
and I pretty much

feel as like
they're out to get me.

I could be wrong,
but I feel like I'm next.

Things are going pretty well.

The only kind of dysfunction
we have going on right now

is with Shii Ann.

And I don't even think
she really knows that

we even really have that much of
a dysfunction going on with her.

I can't believe it.

She doesn't use her head.
She doesn't think.

ROBB: The most upsetting thing
about it is, like,

at the reward we had utensils,
and she was using her fingers.

It's just disgusting.

Like, all of us have enough
manners not to do that.

It's appalling, dude.

She's a girl, too.

-Give me a break, dude.
-I know.

Who the hell would
take her home?

I don't know what it is that

Shii Ann does
that irritates other people,

but it's something.

ROBB: It's funny 'cause Ken says
she's a city girl,

and they're all like her.

I don't ever want to meet
another New York City girl.

ERIN: Oh, God, me, neither.
She just bugs me so much.

I can't wait to get rid of her.

JAKE: She doesn't irritate me,
and the reason

she doesn't irritate
me is because she works,

and Shii Ann to me is just one

of the all-time good ones
as far as that goes.

We've had one hell
of an experience,

and we got a lot more days
to go.

-This is a third of the way
through it. -Yup.

So you can't let
your dauber get down.

You just have to keep going.

And when people look like

they're over there
talking about it,

when you think
they're conniving against you,

here's what you got to do.

You got to say,
"Man, those people like me.

"Look at them, they're over
there talking about me.

They're talking about
how wonderful I am."

-You do that...
-Yeah?'ll never get
your dauber down.


Well, just don't worry about
what anybody else is thinking.

Don't worry about
what anybody else is saying.

I just cry...

Sometimes you just want
to cry?

Yeah, sometimes
I just want to cry.

Well, that's okay.

Crying's good for you.

SHII ANN: Which one of these
things is not like the other?

Okay? I'm the only minority
on this island.

I'd forgotten how

culturally different
I am from the mass of America.

So I'm sticking out
like a sore thumb.

Hey, guys.

Tonight, task at hand--

vote out another member
from your own tribe.

Before we get to the vote, Robb,

straight scoop-- what's you
guys' impression of Chuay Gahn?

They seem like a happy bunch
of people,

like they're all getting along
pretty well, and, uh,

good for them, man.

You guys think you're stronger
than Chuay Gahn?

For sure. Without a doubt.
Come on, bro.

Come on, bro?
Who's sitting at Tribal Council?

Hey. This is one...

I-I think
we're still up on them.

I'm just saying,
you're not kicking their ass.

Mm. We'll see what the future
holds for Chuay Gahn.

All I know is, tonight
somebody's going home,

because you guys lost
today, so...

-It's all right.
-That is a fact.

That is a fact, Jack.

Stephanie, you were sick
first couple of days, right?

Are you contributing
as much as anybody else?

I was sick, and-and...

but I overcame it,
and I think that, you know,

yeah, I'm still contributing
just as much as everyone else,

and I'm really proud of them,

'cause they-they were kind of
struggling at first, I thought,

as far as the survivor mode.
Um... because in the beginning,

they were a little more focused
on the shelter,

you know, and I didn't think
that that was priority, in-in

the situation that we were in,
where food and water was...

was, uh, what we needed
to... to survive.

And, uh,
they've come a long way.

They're doing
a whole lot better.

Ken, when you hear
that kind of a comment,

is that, "That's Stephanie,
we-we know that,"

or does that surprise you that

she was sort of sitting back
there and feeling that way?

KEN: No, it didn't surprise me
at all.

I mean, it was... it was obvious

that she had no interest
in the shelter, and

from square one, their main
priority was food and...

and water.


Obviously, nobody took
the offer up

on the switch, but

will anybody admit

that you went through
the process of thinking,

"All right, this is a game.

Do I gain anything
from doing this?"

Shii Ann, did it go
through your head at all?

I thought about it for, like,
two seconds, but really, no,

because I really like
this tribe, and

I feel very comfortable here,
and I don't...

I don't think
I want to switch at this time.

Time to vote.

Penny, you're first.

Tonight I'm voting
for Stephanie,

um, based on what happened
the first week of camp.

There were a few words
that were exchanged

that were not very nice,

and some things
that were done at camp

that a few of us
didn't appreciate.

Shii, I do think
you're a sweet girl,

but you really get
on my nerves, so,

have to vote for you.

Tonight my vote's for Steph.

Steph, you're a beautiful,
beautiful person,

and I just wish
you hadn't alienated yourself

so much from the start.

And then we could have seen

just how beautiful a person
you really were.

Sorry, girl.

You get on my nerves, and
I don't like being around you.

Nothing personal.

I'll go tally the votes.

Once the votes are read,
the decision is final.

The person voted out
will be asked

to leave the Tribal Council area

I'll read the votes.

First vote...


Steph. That's two votes-- Steph.

Shii Ann.

Shii Ann. It's two votes--
Shii Ann, two votes-- Steph.

Stephanie, that's three votes.

Fourth vote-- Steph.

That's enough.
You need to bring me your torch.

Stephanie, the tribe has spoken.

Good luck, guys.

See you.

Bye, babe.

PROBST: Well, you guys
have been out here 15 days,

a long time for sure,

but just a little over the third
of the way into this game.

Think about it.
Sleep on it.

Take your torches,
head back to camp.

Good night, guys.

PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes
from our next episode.

PROBST: Next time on

It's sink or swim
at Chuay Gahn,

when the guys search
for their boat.

The guys are not even

what I would classify
as swimmers.

TED: This is the most swimming
I've ever done in my life.

PROBST: And at Sook Jai,
Ken and Robb have it out.

You got some set of balls
to approach me with this.

Don't ... try to tell me that
I'm doing something I'm not,

all right?
'Cause I'm not ... stupid.

I just want to say that, um,

I have loved my time here
with you guys,

and I look forward to being
with you when we get back home.

We really were the dream team,

um, personality wise
and physically.

I'll hold no grudges
against any of you, and, uh,

really look forward
to being with you

on the outside, so be cool.