Survivor (2000–…): Season 5, Episode 6 - The Power of One - full transcript

Members of a secret alliance suspect that others are on to them.

Previously on Survivor...

Shii Ann's eating habits didn't

sit well
with her Sook Jai tribe mates.



SHII ANN: Culturally, it's not
an American thing to eat necks

and hearts and gizzards.
In Taiwan,

it's considered a great,
you know, snack.


PROBST: At Chuay Gahn,
Brian and Ted made a pact.

One of the things we...
we've got to kind of do is

have each other's back.

He's confirmed that, yes,
he is totally committed

to me all the way to the end.

-It's done.
-It's done.

PROBST: Chuay Gahn experienced
a setback when

their fishing net and boat
floated away into the night.

-The boat's gone.

What do you mean

we lost the boat?! (groans)

CLAY: If we don't find
that boat, just for,

to make it easier
to go get water,

I don't know what
we're gonna do.

PROBST: Chuay Gahn sucked it
up at the fish challenge

and won immunity.

-Chuay Gahn wins immunity!

PROBST: Sook Jai went
to Tribal Council,

and although Shii Ann
received two votes,

Stephanie was voted
out of the tribe.

The tribe has spoken.

11 are left.

Who will be the next to go?

PENNY: I think in this game,
you have to take it day by day.

Trust is something that
does shift, especially as

you do get further
in the game, because

we're all here
for a million dollars.

ERIN: Time to separate reality
from the game out here.

ROBB: Yeah, it is. I'm having
a little trouble with it.

'Cause I don't want to...
I don't want to base my opinions

of people about how they play
this, and I know I'm going to.

This morning when I got up,

Robb said, "Penny,
let me ask you a question."

He said, "Were you ever planning
on voting me out last night?"

And I said, "Absolutely not,
100% never was I going

to write your
name down last night."

And he said, "Well, you know,
that's kind of funny because

Ken said that you were going to
vote for me or for Stephanie."

I don't know how much truth
is being said, you know.

There's no reason to lie to me.

I don't like
backstabbing bull ...

PENNY: So I think Robb
got very upset this morning

thinking that maybe Ken

is playing two different sides.

Now I don't trust anybody,

and Penny is telling me
one thing.

So I'm not playing any games
here, bro,

and I told you I've been
straight up with you,

so obviously... I don't know.

I don't know when you guys were
talking, or I don't even...

I don't even care. To be
honest with you, I don't care.

I was questioning Ken's trust
and Ken's loyalty.

I didn't know if he was trying
to mix everything up, and

I didn't know
what he was trying to achieve.

So, I confronted him on it.

You know what's bothering me?
Straight up, I think

you're playing a harder game
than anyone here.

-Oh, really?
-Yeah, I do.

Okay, so now,
yesterday going in there,

who did everybody else tell you
to vote for?

-Shii Ann.
-Oh, okay.

-Who did everybody vote for?

Okay, who did I tell you I was
voting for?

Steph. Who did I vote for?

And now you got a problem
with me

because I was honest with you?

Yeah, I don't want
to ... hear it, okay?

I have no idea what
started that. I didn't know

for the first five minutes
that it was even

directed towards me.

And once I realized

it was directed towards me,
I thought he was kidding.

What you just got finished doing
is saying,

"You were the only one that was
honest with me yesterday.

You're playing a harder game
than everybody."

Well, you know what?

Don't ask me.
That pisses me off.

I wasn't ... like that.
I don't ... act like that, dude.

All right?
I'm not a little ... punk.

KEN: That's what you were acting
like last night.

Today I don't know... even know

what the hell
you're talking about.

-I... -Hey, give me
a straight answer.

On the first vote, it was
between me and Jed, right?

You're damn straight it was.

-You're damn ... right it was.

-According to who?
-According to everybody.

They couldn't st... You were
annoying the ... out of

everybody, because
you wouldn't shut up,

you kept on running
your mouth.

I think I already told you this.
But you know what?

I'm probably lying, right?

You told me
if you heard anything,

you were going to say it to me,
and you didn't tell me.

That was a week and a half ago.
I don't know what the hell

you're bringing that up now for.

Bro, because trust is
instilled early, and if it's...

... up early,
then it's ... up forever.

I-I just think you got some set
of balls

to approach me with this.

I'm the only person that's been
straight with you, and you just

bit the ... hand that's been
trying to feed you. I-I...

You obviously heard something
about me before the first

Tribal Council that we had to go
to. You didn't say a word to me

-about it. -Okay, you should
have addressed it back then.

-Don't wait a... -That was the
whole basis of my argument.

-Okay, well... -It's me thinking
that you're not being truthful.

So don't ... try to tell me that
I'm doing something I'm not.

-Hey, well, then, why didn't you
ask me? -All right?

-'Cause I'm not ... stupid.
-Why didn't you ask me?


Un ... believable.

HELEN: Whoa! Drop off.
All right, now...

It's that big turn.

JAN: I do hate the fact
that the boat's gone.

It's really not a bad swim
to the water source. It's just,

it's still three miles.

You know, it pulls
on your energy somewhat,

whether you're aware
of it or not.

You guys all right?

We're on our way!

How far out are they?

They'll be here
in about five minutes.

Or less.

The boat has been a

sore spot for everybody
since we got here.

And then, the last time
we used it,

um, the guys thought
that they had it pretty secure,

but the tide rose very high

and took our boat in the middle
of the night.

How was it, girls?

It wasn't bad. She led the way

going, I pushed the thing.

HELEN: For the last several
days, it's been a mystery.

You know, where's the boat?

Is the boat going to float
back? Is the boat sunk?

Is the boat on another shore?

TED: Oh, boat, please
just show up somewhere.

I think it's on the back side
of that island.

Can't get over there.

I think it's around
that island somewhere.

CLAY: The only other place
it could be

is over this island
across, you know,

a mile over there, and, uh,

so we decided to swim over
and look around for the boat.

BRIAN: We'll just head straight
towards the island, you know?

-TED: Yeah. -HELEN: You know,
sometimes over water,

land appears closer
than it actually is.

That's a long way.

That is a long way.

TED: The current is getting kind
of strong, hmm?

CLAY: I don't have enough air
to float.

BRIAN: We got it.
This is fun.

I think they got hopes that

maybe they'll find the boat
over there, but, you know,

Brian's a good swimmer,

but even good swimmers get
into trouble.

The other two are not even what
I would classify as swimmers.

Um, Clay did take
a float with him,

and Ted was just
out there on his own.

BRIAN: He didn't know
where he was going.

-CLAY: Ted!
-TED: Yo!

-CLAY: It's this way!
-BRIAN: This way. -TED: Oh.

My bad.

I didn't realize I was swimming
in the wrong direction.

Keep doing the breast stroke.
Breast stroke for it here.

This is the most swimming
I've ever done in my life.

And each day,

my skills are getting better and
better and better and better.

I'm just at whale speed.
Whale speed.

CLAY: The harder we'd swim,
it just

seemed like, uh, we weren't
going anywhere.

The island was getting further
away, or staying right there.

We wasn't leaving this beach,

and I got about halfway there,
and I thought, "Man!

I'm not too sure I'm too proud
I decided to come do this."

-CLAY: Can you stand up?
-TED: Yeah.

Got any rocks or anything?

There is a cove down this way.

We'll never see this ... again,

but if I ever do, I'm going to
have a hamburger in my backpack.

-BRIAN: Uh-huh.
-(Ted laughs)

And then, you know,

you're there, you're only
halfway through, 'cause you got

to turn around and come back.

Oh, man, if I'd had
a little bitty pillow,

I'd lay down on that island
and stayed right there.

BRIAN: I just swam ahead
to try to find out if there's

another beach around
the actual point of the island

to see if I could
find a boat.

No boat in sight anywhere.

Well, we covered everything
that we could possibly cover.

I think the boat
is halfway to Malaysia.

I think so, too.

CLAY: It's not here. Far as
I know, it's not in this whole

side of the world.
It's-It's gone.

I don't think anybody wants

to talk about
that boat no more.

(chickens clucking)

I'm starving, bro.


Right there is a good one.

Dude, just relax.

I'm over it.



KEN: We had all agreed
to not touch the bananas,

wait till they get ripe,

because Robb's
capable of eating

30 bananas a day, Penny's not,

so we're going to do it
in a fair manner.

KEN: What's the deal?
Are we eating the bananas?

Are we not eating the bananas?
How's this work?

I don't know.

We're waiting on the bananas.

KEN: Well, Robb's in there, he's
in there digging for bananas.

I don't know

ROBB: I was hungry,
so I had a banana.

I don't think anyone wants
to have to ask somebody

if they can have a banana.

We want them,
we're going to enjoy them.

We worked really hard
for that food,

but Ken just took it
upon himself

to be the policeman out here.

So what is this,
a free-for-all on the bananas?

-Is that how we're doing it?
-ROBB: Yeah, I'm talking about,

when we're hungry, eat a banana.

People are going to be hungry,
they're going to eat a banana.

It's not like
I'm gonna walk around

with four bananas in my hand

and sit down and eat
all four of them.

Are we just eating
the bananas whenever, then?

All I know is that we worked
hard for those bananas.

If we're going to eat them,
we're going to eat them.

SHII ANN: Dude, I'm not
complaining about that, but you

-just grabbed another banana.
-Okay, I don't want to argue

over a banana. I'm hungry,
I'm gonna eat a banana.

I don't even want
to hear the word.

I'm not trying to squabble
about the bananas,

-but, like, we're just trying...
-All right, well, then shut up.

...I'm just trying to
figure out what the system is.

That's such bull ...

He's eaten, like, more bananas
than everybody else here.

PENNY: Shii Ann started
to get in the middle of it,

and I said,
"Shii Ann, stay out of it.

"We don't need you involved.

We need to stay focused, let
the two of them figure it out."

But why they continue to act
like children, I'm not

really sure, but I think
we all need to leave them

alone, really, and let the two
of them work it out.

Come on in, guys.

All right, for today's reward
challenge, we've combined

elements of a very popular
Thai game,

using wicker balls and baskets,
to create our own unique

Survivor reward challenge.
Here's how it works.

Each tribe will select
one member

to be their ball launcher.
The other four members

will be out at four stations
in the beach,

and you'll each be paired up
with somebody

from the other tribe.
Your job--

using wicker baskets,
catch the balls being launched

by your ball launcher.

Every time you catch one,
you score a point.

At the same time,
you're trying to stop

the other tribe
from catching their ball.

Each tribe may call
one timeout.

During a timeout,
you can strategize.

You can also swap positions.

First tribe to catch five
wicker balls wins reward.

Want to know
what you're playing for?

-PROBST: Number one,

get you away from your beach
for a while.

Number two, you get a chance
to experience Thai culture,

and number three, you get
to indulge in a massive feast.

(people gasping and sighing)

Here's just a sample of the many
delicacies you'll be eating.

A little fresh pineapple stuffed
with rice and cashews,

prawns the size of your fist,

and a little bit of wine
to toast your victory.

You're going to come back
very full,

and hopefully,
in a good frame of mind.

Okay, Sook Jai, because you have
one extra member,

you're sitting
one person out.

Shii Ann, it's going to be you.
The rest

of the tribes, figure out
your strategy, wait for my go.

-Turn around, 'cause they're
coming back at you. -Right.

-Sook Jai!
-Chuay Gahn!

Here we go, guys!

Great reward at stake.

Survivors, ready, aim, fire!



-PROBST: Sook Jai



Nice job, Robb.


Sook Jai-- one,
Chuay Gahn-- zero.

Ready, aim, fire!

Chuay Gahn scores!

Sook Jai scores!

Sook Jai-- two,
Chuay Gahn-- one.

Ready, aim, fire!

Yeah, Robb! Whoo!


Robb with his third goal.

Sook Jai-- three,
Chuay Gahn-- one.

-SHII ANN: Sook Jai!

Helen, play it right.

No, we shoot them this way,

not way off out there
in the damn cliffs.


Ready, aim, fire!


Nice effort, guys.

No score, though.

Helen, hit Brian.

You just told me to hit Clay!

Ready, aim, fire!

(indistinct shouting)

Robb scores for Sook Jai.

All right!

Sook Jai-- four,
Chuay Gahn-- one.

One more, baby.

-Okay... okay.

Timeout, Chuay Gahn.

Huddle up, guys.

I'm gonna be watching Robb,
because she's coming

-to Robb every time.
-Every time. -Right.

Brian, you wanna go over there
to old man, I come over there

-on top of Robb? -Okay, let's
switch, yeah, let's switch.

Good job. Keep it up.

I'm trying to give you
a breather once in a while.

Just get him straight down.
That's... 'cause like none of

-us is gonna catch him.
-Sometimes I go and...

Head back out, guys.

Got a little switch.

Big Ted taking on Robb.

Brian matching up against Ken.

Everybody else stays the same.

Ready, aim, fire!

Clay scores.


Blocked by big Ted, no score.

Sook Jai-- four,
Chuay Gahn-- two.

Ready, aim, fire!

Blocked by big Ted.
Brian now takes out a pole.

A lot of action,
but no score on that one.


Get it!


Brian scores for Chuay Gahn.

Sook Jai-- four,
Chuay Gahn-- three.

Getting hot.
A feast awaits.

Ready, aim, fire!

Yes! Ted!

Chuay Gahn scores.

Sook Jai-- four,
Chuay Gahn-- four.

We're all tied up, guys.
Next ball wins.

Ready, aim, fire!


You just got my face!


Sook Jai calls timeout.

-Am I the only one that scores
with you guys? -KEN: You're the

only one that's getting them.
That's-That's your job. What are

-you making it, like, "Oh,
nobody's helping?" -Okay, but

-listen, listen, listen,
timeout. -Don't start fighting

-with me, punk. Why don't you go
over there? -Hey, listen, hush!

-Well, then I'll go over there--
-Right now, hush, listen.

-I'll go short and long.
-Okay, short, long, long.

-Okay, got it.

I'm going to start launching
them in the middle,

and I want all four of your
butts running to the middle.

-So, let's get them in the
baskets. -Let's head back out.

Next tribe
to score wins reward.

Here we go!

Ready, aim, fire!


Blocked by big Ted, no score.

Ready, aim, fire.

-(yells) -Sook Jai scores.
Sook Jai wins reward!

(screaming and shouting)

Sook Jai!

Oh, you guys,

-we're going to eat tonight.
-Oh, awesome.

Sook Jai, clearly a good team
effort. I got to say, Robb, you

-carried this one all the way.
-SHII ANN: Yeah, you did.

Four out of five balls, not bad.

A feast awaits. Guys, this way.

(women whooping)

Sook Jai!

(Clay mutters)

Zero. We do zero.


Bro, you don't know
how much I ... hate losing,

especially when you're giving
100 and million percent.

-You know what I mean?
-BRIAN: I hear you.

Although this isn't blamed

on a single person
or a single event--

we all gave our best--
it's just in this case,

our best wasn't good enough.


TED: What could we have done

CLAY: Not what...
Swimming so damn far.

I mean, we got tired.

I was... I was tired.

-CLAY: I was, too.
-I was tired.

(Clay mumbling, Ted sighing)

It was hot out on the beach,

there was a lot
of, uh, running around.

I think our guys were tired

'cause they swam
all the way over

to the other island,
looking for the boat.

You know, there were some
tempers flying, and

I lost mine a little bit,
too, and,

you know, the heat of the game.

You guys may understand,
but in the heat of battle,

I'm not pointing you out
as an individual.

I'm just saying, "Hey, this is
what we need to do to win."

-Right. -So please
don't take it personally.

Yeah, it was a heartfelt loss,

what the reward was.

I'm assuming they're going

to somewhere where
there's going to be a Thai

festival type of atmosphere.
I don't know.

Whatever it is,
it's better than

coming back and pulling clams
off of rocks.

-Oh, my God!

-How amazing is this?
-PENNY: Oh, wow.

Y'all, this tea is so good,
I could drink it like milk.

Oh, I'd love some.

ROBB: You couldn't imagine
a more perfect setting

and a more perfect feast
laid out in front of us.

Wow, ice water. It's so good.

There's all the little things

you never knew meant so much,

Cold water with ice cubes

and clean plates
and forks and napkins to wipe

-our faces.
-What is this?

That's, um,

shredded pork or shrimp.

Wow, look at this, would you?

-Wow. -Mmm.
-Oh, yeah.

ERIN: We are eating with gold
utensils. How crazy is that?

I didn't expect something

that ornate, that extravagant.

I mean, I felt like royalty
sitting there.

-JAKE: Oh. -PENNY: Oh, wow.

-They're about to play some
music. -SHII ANN: They're gonna

-play something for us.

-Oh, my God.
-This is so good, y'all.


You guys,
today we worked so hard.

After all the drama this
morning, this is honestly better

than anything I could have ever

We love you, Robb.

Robb was definitely
a key factor

in our reward challenge and us
having that fabulous Thai food,

and if there was

an MVP award we could give,
he would have won it, for sure.

Y'all, we were fighting
over unripe bananas.

ERIN: (laughing):
This morning.

I know, that was ridiculous.

PENNY: Y'all, how silly does
this morning seem now?

The morning was retarded.

-Oh, my God, look.
-Look at this. -God!

♪ ♪

It was just

so wonderful to be able
to see some Thai culture,

to see the dancing,
to hear the music.

I mean, I felt like
just for a second that we were

just maybe even friends,
just there enjoying each other

and enjoying the meal
and put aside the game,

and that very rarely happens
for Sook Jai,

so it was really nice.


Look at that sunrise.

-Wow, look at those clouds.
-BRIAN: Mm-hmm.

Man, isn't that pretty?

TED: I was telling Brian I have
a feeling a merger is coming on.

-Oh, I do, too. No doubt.

TED: I have been horrible
in predicting so far.


I suspect that a merger
is going to happen

very, very, very soon.

I kind of have a feeling

that it's going to happen
in the next three days.

It could,
I wouldn't be surprised,

but I guarantee you
it will happen

before two more immunities.

We need the immunity badly.

Right now Sook Jai is up six
members; we have five members.

If we can win immunity
one more time,

then they have
to come down to five

and then it's just going
to almost be

like starting all over again.


We still in play?

Yeah, of course.

Okay, cool.

(both laugh)

BRIAN: Ted and I have still
a very strong relationship.

We have a certain lingo that,
when we talk about,

we both know
exactly where our head's at.

Yeah, when the merge comes, man,
it's gonna be important

-for all of us to kind of
stay together. -Yeah.

-I know exactly
where your head's at. -Cool.

BRIAN: All we really want
to do is just kind of be

very low-keyed.

No one needs to know
of our strong friendship,

and we're kind of just seeing
if anybody's playing us.

I think Clay is trying
to figure us out.

I think so.

We'll just see what happens when
that situation comes into play.

-I'm gonna play it down, man,
I'm gonna play... -Of course.

-"I don't know what you're
talking about." -Yeah.

Watch your back.

TED: Clay doesn't know
about the verbal alliance

between Brian and myself,

which we established
from day one.

If Clay does find out,
or if anyone does find out

that we do have an alliance,

it could bite us
and it could ruin

our game plan
for the rest of the game.

KEN: How big were
those prawns yesterday?

Oh, my God, dude, I...

I can't wait to eat
some more Thai food like that.

It's never going
to be that pretty

or in that same place, though.

ROBB: That amazing meal
yesterday, eating on the beach,

and watching the Thai dancers
and the guys play the music--

it was amazing.

I think it opened my mind
a little bit.

This whole experience already--
it's not

that I've been taking
it for granted,

but I think I can appreciate it
a little bit more.

Look at this-- snakeskin.

Whatever it shed it's small,
though-- look at it--

unless this is the very tip
of its tail.

Today Ken and I took a walk
into the jungle and walked back

further than I've been
since I've been here.

This is nice.

Cool, dude.

KEN: I didn't realize
it went back like that.

Look at this.

-(bat squeaks)
-KEN: If you freak them out,

they're all going to fly out.

Dude, it's huge.

(bat squeaks)

When we walked in the cave,

there's bats flying
all over the place inside,

and I-I walked back kind of far

in there and looked back.

There are so many back in here.

I know there are.

Holy ..., dude, look at this.

Robb, be careful.

-(whispers): Come on, man.
-Don't start screaming.

ROBB: It's just amazing,
to be able to walk

and find such a beautiful place

that we've been taking
for granted.

I never would have thought that
I'd be sitting here in a cave

in the middle
of a jungle in Thailand,

savoring one banana
and a canteen full of water

that's warm as piss
and tastes even worse.

I did so much thinking about,

I'll never be here
again in my life,

and it just puts everything
in perspective that much more.

Ken and I really squashed
the beef and really had, I mean,

an amazing enough conversation

that he made me
make sense to myself,

and not many people
have done that.

Listen, it's like you're always

-trying to tell me what to do.
-Well, you know what?

Maybe you should listen when
somebody is trying to help you,

because that's all
I've been trying to do

since you've been here.

And you know what?

It's getting harder
and harder to help you.

Robb and I really don't have
too many differences.

It's just that he's
a young kid, he just needs...

That's why I took him out there
today-- to talk to him,

that's it, you know,
just get his head straight

because I know he's not doing
too well out here.

Hey, for real, though,

I really appreciate
you talking to me, Ken.

Now that we go back,
you're feeling a lot better,

and then
everybody gets along well.

-ROBB: Amen.
-We definitely made peace.

It was good.

I guess it was like hanging out
with an older brother.

JAN: Helen, we have
to have a funeral.


I found a baby bat.

-And it's dead.

I have it hidden
so y'all can see it,

and we're going to bury it
with a cross.

HELEN: Jan was all upset
'cause she found

this, uh-- really, I would

not even call it a baby bat yet;
it was still embryonic stage--

um, slimy, little
baby bat thing.

Oh, God.


-That's its head there.
-Tiny, tiny.

-Yes, there's
its little bat arms. -Man.

I feel bad if a kitten dies,

but I'm looking
at this slimy bat, going,

"Uh, yeah, okay, that's real
sad," you know?

"Bury that thing
before flies get all over it."

TED: You guys are gonna have
the funeral, right?

-JAN: Yes. -TED: Okay.
-HELEN: You're invited, Ted.

I'll send a card
and some flowers.

She wanted to have a funeral,

and named it Oscar,
and was quite sad

about the little bat
that I was curious

if we could eat it or not--

that was my first words
out of my mouth.

Oh, poor baby.

Didn't have a chance,
did you, baby?

But again, I don't know

if that's just
Jan being emotional or if, uh,

she's actually losing it
a little bit out here.

I know it's silly, but

I feel sorry for him,
so I buried him and he's happy.

(laughs) And I'll quit crying
in a minute.

But I'm very sensitive, so--
especially about little animals

that are-- don't have a chance.

Here you go.

-It's ensconced in the mailbox.

Got treemail.

We got something, huh?


-A map?
-We don't know that language.

-TED: What the...?
-BRIAN: "21, a game of luck?"

"Not here in this place

"If your mind's
not sharp enough,

you could be gone
without a trace."

So it's, it's for immunity.

I mean, today we received
an interesting treemail.

And I think this one is going
to be

more of a mental challenge,
no matter what it is.

21, so it could be 21 blackjack.

Oh, yeah.

The merge has to be happening
in the next three to four days,

so it's extremely important

that this tribe wins,
'cause if it doesn't,

they can sit there
and pick us off one by one

and get down
to just their tribe.

PROBST: Welcome, guys.
First things first--

as always, give it up, Jan.

Oh, I hate to.

-PROBST: Immunity--

the most coveted prize in
this game-- back up for grabs.

To win it, you simply have
to outsmart the other tribe.

Today's challenge is all mental.

It's called Thai 21.

Here's how it works.

There are 21 flags
in this circle.

Your goal-- be the tribe
to get the last flag.

Here's the twist-- on each move,

you can only grab
one, two, or three flags,

so clearly the strategy lies
in determining

how many flags to grab
and when to grab them.

Sook Jai, because you have
one extra member,

you're sitting somebody out.

-Robb, plant it on the big rock.
-(Robb mutters)

Guys, take a seat on your
benches, start strategizing.

-Wait for my go.
-ERIN: And we can take two.

-We can take two and we win.
-We, we want

-the last flag.
-You understand?

At the end, we want to make sure
there's four flags.

-CLAY: Five or four?
-Five. -No, four.

Here we go, guys.

Sook Jai, you won the coin toss,
you elected to go first.

Make your first move.

You must grab one, two,
or three flags.

Sook Jai electing to grab two.

Sook Jai takes two flags on
their first move, leaving 19.

Chuay Gahn, make your move.

Chuay Gahn also takes two.

Very simple game
with huge consequences.

After one round,
we're down to 17 flags.

Sook Jai, make your move.

Sook Jai takes two more flags,
leaving 15.

Chuay Gahn, make your move.

I hope that's right.

Chuay Gahn takes one.

We're down to 14 flags.

Sook Jai, your move.

Penny takes one.

Chuay Gahn also takes one.

We are down to 12 flags.

I have a better feeling
about, though, staying

-on odds.
-She wants to take one.

-TED: We have two more...
-CLAY: I know, but you take

the three away, that's nine.

Sook Jai, it is your move.

Make it.

We're now down to 11 flags.

Chuay Gahn, your move.

We are now down to nine flags.

Immunity at stake.

Your moves are becoming
very critical.

You guys have to help me think,
you've got to help me think.

Sook Jai, it is your move.

Make it.

How many?

I don't know, you guys,
this is... I don't know.

So I think we're looking good.

We just got to see what they
take and take the same amount.

Take three, there's six.

And they could take one.

Got to make a move, guys.

One, two, or three flags.

Let's go.

HELEN: They're going,
they're going three,

they're going three.

Sook Jai takes three.

There are six flags remaining.

Chuay Gahn, it's your move.

What y'all want to do?

-If they take two,
we would-- we'd lose. -We lose?

Yeah, if they take two, we lose.

-Take one.
-Hey, listen, we just take one.

That's an awful long time
to think about it.

We have
to go pick up two flags.

-We have to pick up two.
-We have to pick up two.

-Shh. Shh!

Let's go.

Want to do it? Let's go, buddy.

-They're taking two? -We lost.
-We lost, we lost it.

We lost.

They won it.

That sucks.

That move will clinch it.

Sook Jai, make your last move.

Play this game out.

Making a very classy move
in grabbing three flags.

Good job.


Chuay Gahn, nicely played.

Grab your last flag.

Everyone, put your hand on it.

Let's go,
let's take it back together.

Chuay Gahn wins immunity.

Way to go, way to go, way to go.

PROBST: Back-to-back immunity,
Chuay Gahn.

Nicely done, well played.


-Have a good night.
-TED: Great job.

-Great job, you guys.
-Sook Jai,

just another reminder
of how one wrong move,

and you're out of the game.

One of you will be.

I'll see you tomorrow night
at Tribal Council.

You can head back to camp.

We lost the immunity challenge.

Everybody is really

bummed out about that, 'cause we
really wanted to win it.

(murmuring indistinctly)

This is the first,
first time I've been upset

about any challenge we've lost.

This was important.

Yeah, it was.

JAKE: Do we dig out the wine
and talk about it?

We decided to open up

our wine that we had
from our food reward...

We got a lot of wine left.

...and just kind of came
to grips with the fact

that we were going to have
to get rid of someone.


ROBB: This is our last night
together as a family, guys,

the six of us.

-KEN: That sucks.
-Yeah, it doesn't feel

good, that's for sure.

This is a game of up and downs,
isn't it?

I mean, up one minute,
totally down the next.

ROBB: You know what, man?
It's all positive.

There's no words that can
describe this experience.

When it's all said and done,

you know what I'm gonna
tell people about this?

You know, it changed my whole
outlook on life in two weeks.

Everyone just kind of sat down

and poured out their feelings,

which is something
that we really haven't done,

but Robb talked about,
you know,

what he's learned by being here

and it-it really made
all of us think.

ROBB: You know,
before I left, you know

what I thought was
important to me?

How much money I made a week

and getting wasted...

and within, like, five nights
in here, I started really,

like... starting to think
about things, man.

Life is so important
right now to me,

and family, you guys, is the
most important thing in life.

The people you love, the people
who love you just as much--

that's what this is about.

You guys do not understand.

I didn't have a relationship
with my dad for 21 years

of my life, and now I miss him
more than I miss anyone.

I want to go home and tell him

how much I love him,
and that's what I'm gonna

take away from this,
no matter what happens.

I'm already going home a winner.

I love people,

and I like to see people make

in their own lives,
like I know Robb had.

I think it'll be
meaningful for him

for the rest of his life.

ROBB: I never imagined
I'd get out here

and really warm up
to cherishing bananas.

-You know what I mean?

KEN: I'll tell you one thing
that I never imagined--

that I'd be hanging out
with a skateboarder freak.


I tell you what,
you're a good man.

I like you.

Amen, bro.

Can I just say something?

You and I have had
our differences,

Robb, but I think you're

a really, really good guy.

-I appreciate that.
-I just want you to know that.

-Thank you, thank you very much.

(chicken clucking)

We had a great time last night.

A lot of words were said
that were never said before,

so it's kind of,

it's kind of sappy but
really sweet at the same time.

It's a shame,
but that's the way it is.

But is it a love fest?

Is it a love tribe?
I don't think so.

We love you, chicken.
Thanks for giving your ultimate

-for us.

SHII ANN: I think it was
a little alcohol,

a little bit of remorse
for losing the game.

I don't think it changes
the politics here.

I don't think
that Penny and Erin trust me

one bit more than I trust them.

This is a game,
and strategically we are

still divided.

Hey, y'all, we're ready to eat.

-(Jake grunts)
-It's so freaking hot.

It's really hot.

JAKE: Voting at Tribal Council
is terribly painful for me.

Just like this morning,

I didn't want to kill
that chicken, but I knew that

it's just one of those things
that we know

we have to do, and as painful

as it is, somebody has to go.

Hello, guys.

Well, another interesting three
days in the life of Sook Jai.

A great win, a tough loss,
and here you are again.

Erin, tell me what's your take

on the last three days?

The last three days

have been the most tumultuous
that we've had

since we've been here.

We had our very best night
that we've ever had

when we won the feast,

and then the very next night
we lost our immunity, and, uh,

it really touched all of us,
I guess, in a...

in a really kind
of emotional way,

so we've, we've all had
a really tough time with it.

So, Penny,

you go back to camp after losing
the immunity challenge,

and the tone completely changes.

Why was this different?

Of all the games we played
the last 18 days,

I think this one was the one
we really wanted to win,

uh, just to keep
the six of us here

for three more nights together.

Robb, tell me about the night
through your eyes.

It was... it was kind of hard,

'cause for me sitting
on the sidelines

and watching them,
watching them lose

and then seeing
their reaction afterwards,

it was tough, you know?

And I started thinking
how thankful I was

to be here and, uh,

how amazing this experience has
been for me, absolutely amazing,

so I thought
I'd share it with them

and try to uplift
everyone's spirits, and

the reaction I got out of them

was a lot more
than I was hoping for.

Some people tucked away
some tears, and

all of us just-- I think
all of us just really felt it.

Well, I have to say, Sook Jai,

I am genuinely delighted

for the experience
you guys have had out here.

So, how in the heck are you guys

going to vote
somebody out tonight?

Shii Ann?


I think that tonight, uh,

is going to be really,
really hard, and

I can't speak for anyone else,
but I think that,

you know, the last two days
have been, um, kind of

so intimate
that it's going to be

a very difficult vote tonight.


is there a different way
to put a spin on it, in that

they're both wins?

I get to play this amazing game,

which is all strategy,
and can be conniving,

and yet in the midst
of all of it, I'm having

a life-changing experience.

I think Robb helped all of us
to realize

what we've all actually gained

from the 18 days
that we've been here,

and it's a lot more
than any of us ever expected.

I think it really put us
at peace

with making the decision that
we have to vote for somebody.

Jake, in all the things that
have happened out here

in 18 days,
where does tonight's vote rank?

It's the worst.

It's a very, very difficult vote
for, I-I'm sure, for every

person in this room,
and I wish we didn't have to.

I'll never forget these last
few days with these six.

It is time to vote.

Penny, you're first.

There's an old proverb:

"A wise man knows much,
but says little.

A fool knows little,
but says far too much."

Robb, I was just beginning
to like you,

but unfortunately
you have to go.

Sorry, buddy, no hard feelings.


No hard feelings, baby.

I had to vote for somebody.

We had our ups and downs,

but, uh, I'm definitely glad
I got to know you.

I'll go tally the votes.

Once the votes are read,
the decision is final.

The person will be asked
to leave

the Tribal Council area

I'll read the votes.

First vote-- Shii Ann.


With two B's.

Two B's, guys.



That's three votes-- Robb,
one vote-- Shii Ann.


That's four votes.
That's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

Robb, the tribe has spoken.

Thanks, bro.

Much love, dude.

You guys rule.
Good luck.

Play hard, dude.

For real,
you guys are all with me.

(Ken murmurs)

My hats are off to you.

Much love.

Well, clearly

you guys have experienced some
real spiritual growth, and yet

it sounds like the person
who inspired that growth

is the same person
you just voted out.

It's a great game, huh?

You guys can head back to camp.

Good night.

PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes
from our next episode.

Next time on Survivor...

Brian becomes
the life of the party

but pays a heavy price.

-(Brian retching)
-TED: There you go.

Ken confronts Shii Ann
and questions her loyalty.

If she does turn,

the rest of her life,
she'll be considered a rat.

PROBST: And the big question:
Will the two tribes merge?

Today something very different
is happening.

I would like
to embrace this moment

and tell everybody
how absolutely thankful I am.

This experience has forever
broadened my horizons

and made me think
of the importance

of family and life and love.

I never expected to come here

and leave this inspired
and excited.

I leave here happy
'cause I've already won.

I love you guys.