Survivor (2000–…): Season 5, Episode 4 - Gender Bender - full transcript

One tribe begins to divide along gender lines.

Previously on Survivor...

The tribes went head to head

in one of the most physical
challenges yet...

and Chuay Gahn finally
ended their losing streak.


At Sook Jai, Robb was
bitter about the loss.

He's a weak, little, whiny punk.
Did you hear him...

(speaking gibberish)
...screaming at me, dude?

I wanted to spit in his face.

PROBST: Chuay Gahn got two
Red Beret survival experts

for 24 hours as their reward.

But their happy family
had a crisis

when Ted and Ghandia got a
little too close for comfort.

Specifically he was
grinding against-- against me.

PROBST: At first Ghandia
accepted Ted's apology.

Sometimes when I'm sleeping
in the middle of the night,

I'm not, like, totally clear.

I'm thinking I'm sleeping
with my wife.

But the issue didn't die.

He started biting me
on my shoulder back here,

-like sexy biting, you know,
like... -Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.

Ghandia's emotions boiled over.


Ted called a meeting to get
things out in the open.

And the excuse that you gave me,

I thought that that
was disingenuous.

TED: That's funny, because your
comment after I apologized

was to cry and say, "You know,
I really, really needed that,

-and I really appreciate your
honesty." -I did, I did.

Despite all their problems,

Chuay Gahn finally won

Chuay Gahn, get a little feel
of this for a change.


...sending Sook Jai to their
first Tribal Council.

And although Shii Ann received
three votes,

Jed was voted out of the tribe.

Jed, the tribe has spoken.

13 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

(thunder rumbling)

ROBB: Are you guys happy
with your decision?

JAKE: I wasn't happy
with being there.

I'm not happy with
getting home this late.

SHII ANN: Didn't feel good to
have my name read out loud.

It was not unexpected, you guys,
but still it was like...

Yeah, I figured
I'd at least have

one person
calling my name out.

We had Tribal Council,
and, uh...

I was pretty shocked
with the outcome,

to be completely honest.

I originally thought
that Shii Ann

was going to be
the one voted off,

but um, it just goes
to show you, man,

nothing's set in stone
out here.

PENNY: I do not want to go
through again what we went

-through tonight. -JAKE: I
don't, either. I don't ever want

-to go through that again.
-SHII ANN: Me either.

And I want to literally kick ass
in the next reward and immunity

to show them we're not quitters.

I voted for Jed

'cause that's what the majority
wanted to do.

Jed was trying to run the show
around here and be the leader

and wouldn't take
anyone else's advice

if it wasn't his way.

And I think we made
a good choice.

(thunder crashing)

(rain falling)

Good morning.

STEPHANIE: They got rid of Jed.
Piss on 'em.

I really couldn't believe it.
I mean, I was shocked.

As hard as this is right now,

I don't think you get rid of
the people who are helping you.

SHII ANN: We were going to
go out and look for food

when the tide got
a little bit lower,

but there was a bunch
of squid on the beach.

And, um, Stephanie found it.

STEPHANIE: You know, I don't
understand them at all,

with food right
in front of their face

and-and whining
about being hungry.

That just disgusts me.

Don't burn your
little tootsies off.

You guys, let's not use a big
pot to ever cook any seafood.

Let's keep the big pot
just for water.

-I got more squid.
-JAKE: You found two more?

You guys must not
even be looking.

They're laying
right here in front of you.

JAKE: Well, actually, we've
been tending the fire.

All of you?

-All five of you?
-No, no.

Stick it where you want it.

SHII ANN: I don't know what
Stephanie's problem is.

I think she just feels

like she's doing
all of the work,

which is totally not true.

And I think she just feels
like we're all idiots,

which again, is not true.

She just hates us.
I don't know why.

JAKE: I don't know
what the deal is.

She hasn't wanted to be a part
of our group since we started.

Squid laying out here and all
five of them are over there

working on the fire or whatever
the hell they're doing.

The tide could come up
and wash them away.

It's kind of like the screwing
in the light bulb joke,

you know, I mean, how many does
it take to build a damn fire?

ROBB: This whole piece
is about done right here.

-PENNY: It'll be nice to eat
this morning. -Mm.

Stephanie, with her attitude,

nobody wants that around.

You know, we have enough of
other elements going against us:

the rain, the wind, you know,

not having any food.

And then to have someone
be grumpy like that...

If I was in her position,
I would just suck it up

and try to, you know, fit in
as well as I could

so that I could
stay on the island.

People are getting tired.

There are some people on edge

since the incident
with Ted and Ghandia.

The mood's a little bit mellow.

It's kind of, um... unspoken.

No one's going
to mention it again

because they had their talk.

Everybody was there,

so each person has
to process both sides,

and then they have
to handle it themselves.

But the mood is different.

It's not as jovial
as it used to be.

GHANDIA: I think it's stupid
the way Ted's acting.

It's absolutely asinine, and if
Ted really wanted to let it go,

then he would let it go
and then it would be cool.

But Ted is set in the
atmosphere that if Ghandia

comes around, don't say
nothing, don't laugh, you know?

It's just... it's really,
it's really crappy.

I can't make him talk to me.
That's his choice.

That's how he's dealing with his
anger, not talking to me,

not looking at me, trying
to ignore me completely,

like I'm not even here.

So as a result of that, people
who he's hanging around with

adopt that same behavior.

It's a really bad feeling.

I feel like as a body,

if Chuay Gahn was a body,
then I'm the arm

that got bit off by a shark
and now it's not there no more.

How is it, Mama?

Oh... spicy.

I like it.

TED: The relationship
between Ghandia and I,

I don't talk to her,
I don't look at her.

I don't do anything with her.

Initially, I thought
she was a very nice person.

However, when, um, she tried
to exploit my family

and really tried to damage my
name, my character, etc.,

um, it was a totally different

outlook that I had for her.

And so as far as I'm

she's nonexistent.

I only see five people
on this island,

and I hope I never, ever, ever
see her again in my life.

I-I really can't stand her.

If I would've cuddled up
with one of you guys,

I would have probably done
the same thing...

I'm-a tell you what. I wouldn't
have waited till morning.

I'd have said, "Ted, get your
... away from me right now."


When I first saw Ghandia,
I didn't like her.

I mean, when I first saw her, I
said, "This is a problem woman."

I was hoping she wasn't
going to be on my tribe.

I saw a lot of trouble
with Ghandia.

When I first saw her, that's
just the way I had her pegged.

Then after we got out here,
I thought maybe I was wrong.

Maybe I was a little bit wrong.

But nutty buddy, did the
blood come to the forefront.


Do I feel sorry for Ghandia?
Hell, no.

I'm ready to get her ass back
in Denver as quick as I can.

If they can get
a fast jet here,

she needs to get on and get the
hell out of here for my sake.

So much love in the cave.

You can just feel all the love

just oozing out of the pores
of the cave.

Love, love,

love, love, everywhere.

These six self-sacrificing

commune together in this cave.

It's just a big love fest.

Even when people
don't talk to you,

they show you that they love you

because they're trying
to teach you a lesson.

And that's love, too, you know?

This is so beautiful here.

It sure feels good.

I still didn't see
too many fish.

I saw a couple of fish
jumping out of the water.

-All right.

-Fishing is tough out here.
-It is.

HELEN: I did work for
the rape crisis center

for a number of years.
I do believe Ghandia's story.

Um, I don't believe Ted's side.

Ted wants to believe
Ted's side.

The guys will believe
Ted's side, and there's where

between the sexes, there's
a conflict of understanding.

Did Ghandia maybe give Ted
the wrong impression

by being as free as she is?


Is that an excuse
for doing what he did?


Somewhere in the middle
there lies the truth.

Y'all, I can barely get
to my calendar.

Day ten, and I don't know
what day of the week

or anything, but it's...
We've been here ten days

and we're still alive.

-TED: Alive.

We are alive!

CLAY: When I first walked
around there

and saw that big old dummy,

I thought, "Gosh what in the
world is going on?"

At first, I started just to
pick up the dummy and leave,

but you didn't drag that thing.

It probably weighs
a couple hundred pounds.

Hey, y'all, we got
some treemail.

My God, part of it I can't get.

Serious treemail.
Got a banana.

HELEN: Clay went over and
started yelling "treemail,"

which came with
a pretty bruised-up,

nasty-looking banana,
but out here,

it looked like heaven.

No, don't drop it.

CLAY: All right, somebody may
have to help me with...

Oh, my God.

"Kind of big and lazy,

"he'll lay around all day.

"If he's gonna get things done,

"you'll have to take
him out to play.

"The newest member of the tribe

"in the next challenge
he'll compete,

"so dress him up,
give him a name.

He may help
get good stuff to eat."

Now look on the back.

That dummy over there.

-TED: What dummy?
-There's a dummy over there.

I said, "I can't carry
the damn thing."

-I need some help.
-TED: You lie.

I swear to God
there's a dummy over there,

big as your ass.

-Okay, what are we going
to name him? -Good question.

-This thing is ginormous. -First
of all, is it a boy or a girl?

They keep talking
like he's a he, don't they?

ERIN: With all the material
and stuff,

it might be easier
to do a girl, though.

I don't know.

I don't care.

I just hate those dark colors.

-We've got a grass skirt.
-A grass skirt?

CLAY: We need to find some kind
of straw and make some hair.

-Is it a girl or a guy dummy?
-Let's make her a girl.

What do you think-- Chuay Gal?

(all shouting)

ERIN: I think we should make her
look like a pirate,

'cause that's what this
island's about or whatever.

SHII ANN: Blackbeard was
a famous pirate.

JAKE: We need some big,
strong warrior name.

-ROBB: Name him Genghis, dude.
-SHII ANN: Genghis Khan.

JAKE: Of course,
he was from Afghanistan

-or someplace...

HELEN: Oh, I like your
fingernails, Brian.

Just let your creativity flow.

GHANDIA: That looks really cool.
She looks like Madonna.

GHANDIA: I think we are ready
for this challenge.

The whole tribe really
came together

and put our creative caps on,
and we really like hooked it up.

And I think we just
really did a good job.

JAN: I think it looks cute,
don't you?

I think she looks good.

I do, too.

SHII ANN: Yeah, decorating the
tribe member was interesting.

It ended up being Stephanie
doing almost all of the work.

It was not a team effort
at all.

I just sat back.
Ken just sat back.

Jake sat back.

Penny sat back.

Oh, Stephanie
didn't want any help.

No, she didn't want any help.

And he looks great,
don't get me wrong,

but it was by no means
a team effort.

I just want to know

what the hell the deal was
with the banana.

Why a banana?

For the reward challenge today,

we definitely want to win,
for two reasons:

The two reasons would be
we don't want to die,

and second would be because we
want to, you know,

get the morale back up.

JAKE: Good job.
That looks really cool.

That dude's looking pretty mean.

Come on in, guys.

Welcome, guys, to Ko Chuka,

an island not far
from Koh Tarutao.

Okay, I know you guys
spent today

building your new tribe members,

and I got to say
they look pretty good.

Sook Jai, tell me about
your new tribe member.

ROBB: We came up with a warrior
named Oaturat.

-PROBST: Oaturat.
-That's "Tarutao" backwards.

PROBST: The newest member
of Sook Jai.

Chuay Gahn, tell me about this.

Her name is Chuay Gal.

She's a bit lazy, though.

PROBST: Not doing much?
Not pulling her own weight?

-PROBST: That's actually perfect

because today's challenge is
exactly about that:

carrying the weight
of a tribe member

who can't carry
their own weight.

Today, literally,
you're going to carry

your new tribe members

around this island.

It's not going to be easy.

Your new tribe member
weighs 250 pounds,

but you'll make your way down
along the shore.

When you get
to the halfway point,

that's where you hit
your first major obstacle.

Using the ropes, you're going
to climb up a steep hill

and get your new tribe member

up and over to the other side
of the island.

Once you're over the hill,

you'll navigate
your new tribe member

along the rocky shore,
through the archway,

and that'll put you
right back here.

The first tribe to get back here
with their tribe member

wins reward.

It is your first food reward.

(gasping and cheering)

Enough bananas
to last a long time.

Some of them are ripe and
ready to eat right now.

In fact, you can start in after
the challenge, if you win.

In addition, there is also
a mystery food reward

that will that will be waiting
for the winning tribe

back at their camp
after the challenge.

Oh, come on, baby.
Come on, baby.

-Come on, baby. -PROBST: All
right, Sook Jai, because

you have one extra member,
you have to sit somebody out.

You chose Shii Ann to sit out.

Take your start positions.
Wait for my go.

For reward, Survivors ready?


Go, Sook Jai!

indistinct voices)

Got to move forward, guys.

Food, food.

Let's try and get it up
as high as we can.

We'll grab the rope right now.

Thataway, guys.

You're doing great.

You guys are dead even.
Keep it up.

Move forward, Jake.

You're doing a hell of a job,
baby boy.

Almost there, guys.

Come on, you guys, keep pushing.

Come on!

Let's go!

He's getting tired.

-Give Jake a break.
-Come on!

-For a minute.

One, two, three.

Right here.

-Move. Move.
-Don't look back.

Squeeze through.
We've got to go over.

We've got to go over the bridge.

Breathe. Breathe in through your
nose, out through your mouth.


Downhill stretch right here.

Come on now.


-Come on, Helen.
-All right.

See those bananas?
We can almost taste them, baby.


Sook Jai!

You guys rock! Whoo!


Sook Jai wins first food reward.



-Oh, here they come.
-Thank you.

Thank you.

PROBST: Way to finish strong,
Chuay Gahn.

Hell of a job, dudes.
Good jobs, you guys.

Guys, they are your bananas.

You can partake,
if you like, right now.

-Let's give Ken the first one.
-Ken gets the first good one.

-KEN: This is so good.

-ROBB: Yes!
-Oh, my God.

Bananas are my new favorite food
by the way, dude.

That's so good.

It's the best one
I've ever tasted, I think.

Me, too.

Oh, my God, it is so good.


PROBST: Chuay Gahn, you guys
can head back to camp.

Sook Jai, take your bananas
and get on out of here.

Yep, that was a rough one.


(indistinct talking
in background)

CLAY: As far as the other tribe
goes, they beat us pretty good,

and I know Ghandia and Jan--

uh, they got about halfway
through the course

and they, they were finished.

TED: All I know is we were
pushing and pulling,

pushing and pulling, and...

(Clay mumbles)

...homegirl got heavier

and heavier and heavier.
I was like,

-"Come on, Chuay Girl."
-BRIAN: She was heavy.

CLAY: Ted and Brian
both kind of made mention

that we looked down
two or three times,

and Ghandia was pulling and
pushing backwards on the dummy

to get herself up the hill.

That's the reason I
changed positions,

'cause the way it was going,
it wasn't going to work.

We didn't have a chance in hell.

Ghandia didn't have on
the right shoes.

I saw her one left foot,

her left shoe came off,
so she was

just kind of holding on
to the back.


And then, uh, Granny--
I mean, how much use is she?


GHANDIA: And the boys go off
to play the blame game,

and the gals go off to get food,

and you'd better believe
they're playing the blame game

right now because the two
punk asses was already doing it

when they were sitting
on the log.

-Oh, they were?

Clay-- "Don't you think when
they threw that doll over there,

it went all the way down,
don't you think?"

You know,
that's how Clay do, man.

I think maybe from Ted
and Clay's perspective,

I think they're just trying
to blame other people.

You know, somebody didn't carry
their weight, you know.

"Janny was not strong enough,
Ghandia lost her sandal."

You know, that's kind of
how they do.

They like to finger-point
and do that kind of bull.

I'll even say it, too.
I ain't no hardbody.

Yeah, I kickbox,
yeah, I work out,

yeah, I have two kids,
yeah, I run around all the time,

but I don't work out
seven days a week.

Everybody on there
is physically fit.

-I know, they are...
-And here's the thing.

I didn't come on this game
to win no frigging bananas.

I came on this game to win
some frigging money, okay?

So Moo Cow and, you know,
Fat Albert over there

that's missing food every day,
this game is a test of your will

and your strength and how strong
you are to survive.

-That's right. -So that's the
way you got to think about it.

We ain't gonna be picking
each other apart,

and if they start that ...,
I'm gonna shut that ... down.

I don't care.

It'll be Ghandia's turn to go.

I ain't gonna play
all that blame game ...

You guys, this is awesome.

-My gosh. -I have never eaten
so many bananas at one time.

ROBB: I even like
the mushy ones, and I never like

-mushy bananas.
-The banana--

it was sweet and it was soft
and it was warm and...

-so good.
-This is the best day

-since I've been here.
-Yeah, I agree.

ROBB: Thank you, God,
for a triumphant day.

You rewarded us with the
nourishment all of us needed.

-For this I give much thanks to
you, Almighty Lord, amen. -Amen.

STEPHANIE: I think everybody's
feeling really elated

right now.
I mean, my energy level

went from, like--
a ten being the top,

I was about at a two, you know,
and I'm pushing six now, so,

yeah, I feel pretty good.

-(clucks) -SHII ANN: What is
that? -Something alive.


STEPHANIE: When we got back
to camp from our challenge,

we found four chickens, and--

to feed four of 'em,
so we're going to see

if they'll lay some eggs
for us, and if they don't,

then we'll just pull
their heads off

and eat 'em
at some point in time.

We got chickens, dude.

-I've never had a chicken
before. -You haven't?

Oh, thank God,
we'll have something other

than squid to eat.

JAKE: You guys gonna lay
some eggs for us?

ROBB: We have a continuous
source of food right here.

All of us were

super excited to see
that we had chickens.

It's like a food source

that'll never go bad.

(Robb clucking)

Look at that one, dude.

(Robb clucking)

You better not get any ideas
to start cock-a-doodle-doo-ing

at 3:00 in the morning.

You're gonna get a broken neck.

We're gonna check

for eggs every day,
and I expect there to be eggs,

or somebody's getting hacked.

Look at me
when I'm talking to you.


I feel amazing, nourished,
happy, thankful,

about every good emotion
you can imagine feeling.

Things aren't so bad
out here, man.

CLAY: Take the weight off of
you, and here we gonna go.

Ooh, did y'all see
that fish right there?


-The fish is teasing us, huh?
-BRIAN: Yeah.

Eventually we'll catch something
with that net.

You know?

Once the fish get brave enough
to come in.

We still haven't seen too many
fish come in, but that's okay.

CLAY: That's the first fish
I've seen jump out

in front of our camp.


Hopefully the guys are
down looking for clams.

I told Clay, you know,
"You can turn over rocks

and find clams," so I'm hoping
that's what they're doing.

I don't know
what they're doing right now.

I haven't checked on them.

It's not...
I'm not on boy watch today.


Oh, boy.

Lordy, Lordy.

I'm starting to feel

that there's tension
with the workload.

The men aren't

pulling their weight
or offering,

"Can I help do something?"

It appears to me
that the men are,

are kind of monitoring
like the Thai men.

They go out and fish, they come
back, their day's over.

Well, then the women have
to clean the house,

make sure it's all tidy,
do the breakfast, do the lunch,

clean up, do the dishes,
come... you know,

so after a while,

especially when everybody's
supposed to be working,

that would get on your nerves.

Seems like the only people
that know how to multitask

around here are sitting up here.


That's all I'm gonna say
about that.

I ain't gonna be quiet
about that too much longer.

I'm getting tired of us doing
all the work preparing the food.

Look what they're doing--

I have a husband at home, okay?

I didn't come here
to acquire three more.

JAN: I'm putting an order in
for a bigger butt next life.

BRIAN: Well, I think that's just
the natural transition in lif.

Um, ladies in the kitchen and
the men take care of business

and do all the fishing, um...

That resorts back to thousands
and thousands of years.

Like, it's right here,

we're in the jungle, we're
back in the good old days,

and, uh, it's just they
naturally went to their duties,

which is cooking and cleaning,

and actually I got some clothes
I've got to have them wash, too.

Let me go talk to them.

"Ladies, um..."

Now, you could stand there

and, you know, start demanding

that they help.

What's that going to do

for me--
get me the next vote off?

You got to play the game.

I-I'm telling you,

I've worked with guys
long enough...

Lower, right here?

Uh-huh, that's it.
It was up at the top.

Sometimes you got to swallow
some of that to stay alive.

We really have split
into a men's/women's group.

With Ted, you're dealing with a
macho has-been football player

who's still living
in those glory days.


It's almost hard for any woman
to break into that

as a friend, um,
or as a teammate.

Then you got Clay,
who's from an era

and an area that, again,

doesn't view a woman
as an equal.

Never gonna happen.

And Ghandia

is-- she-- it's starting
to get to her.

I understand why,
fully understand why, but

I just don't see a need right
now to cause discord in camp.

We, we need to focus
on our next challenge,

and we need to have
everybody working together.

First things first.


Immunity back up for grabs.

Yesterday's reward challenge
was, without question,

the toughest physically that
you guys have had to endure.

Today's? Simple-- it's brains.

It is a puzzle that dates back
thousands of years

in Asian culture.

It's called the tangram.

Here's how it works.

Take one sheet of wood

and you cut it
into seven distinct shapes.

With those seven shapes,

you can then create
an endless array of images.

Today you guys are going
to create two images.

One is fire,

the second is Tribal Council
in the form of a temple.

You'll work in pairs.

Once two tribe members solve one
of the images,

you swap out and you bring in
two new tribe members.

First tribe to solve both images
correctly keeps their fire,

avoids Tribal Council.

For the losers, another date
with me at Tribal Council

where somebody else will be
voted out of the tribe.

Sook Jai, you have one extra.

You're sitting somebody out.

You cannot sit
the same person out.

You've chosen Stephanie.

Take your positions.

Wait for my go.

Immunity at stake, here we go.

Survivors ready?

-Yeah. -Yes.

Which way is the top?

-This one like this.

Talk to me.

Talk to me on the bottom.

HELEN: Clay, biggest ones
are on the bottom. That one,

Ted, in your hand,
that goes next.

-Which one?
-Ted, take the big one

you've got there, push it down.

Put the smaller one next.

-Like this?
-The smaller triangle next.

I need a smaller triangle.

Yeah, like that--
boom, boom, boom. Yours?

-Right here?
-No, other way.

-This one?
-No, the triangle right here.

-Off the top piece, and it's
not point... -Sorry, got you.

SHII ANN: It's obviously not
the two big triangles--

that's all I can say--
that go in there.

Take the big one out
that you just put in, Ted.

-Take that out, put it
in the match place. -Okay.

-Put it in the match place. Put
th... -CLAY: We still don't have

the base, and that's
what we're after.

GHANDIA: Use that triangle
to start your base

-and build from there.
-Okay, wait, wait.

-There-- here... -We have,
see, one triangle left.

Okay, here-here's
what's going to happen.

This is gonna have
to go up here.

-You need to save the
triangle out. -Right.

But here's the way it's going
to go. Now we've got to fill

this in somehow
with what we got.

SHII ANN: Put the square
next to the little triangle.

ROBB: Then how's the other one
going to match up?

That square is in the middle,

and I think that little
triangle's on top of it.

KEN: Switch the little triangle
in the square.

-There you go.
-There you go.

-Nope, almost.

-It's got to be straight, Ted,
right there. -No, it doesn't.

Now, all you have to do
is just put this up here.

That can't hang out there.

-Look. Oh, okay.
-That can't hang out there.

-No, turn it, turn it, turn it.
-No, what you had...

Just right there, right there.
We're done.

-That's it. -We're done!
-PROBST: That's it.

Sook Jai gets their first one.
Switch out and move on.

-TED: Jeff, Jeff...
-PROBST: Slow, slow down.

-I'm looking.

Slide out.

Let me look.

That's it.

-Move on.

-CLAY: Next two, next two.

We are tied 1-1.

First tribe to complete
the temple doesn't have

to go to the temple.

Way to work together, guys.

You guys have already
solved the fire.

That is your life
at Tribal Council.

Now you're trying to complete
the Tribal Council.

Check it out.

Make it square across the top

of that bottom triangle.

Make it flat,

just how you had it, baby,
you had it right.

-No, no, no.
-Like this?

Yeah, put the square...

How about putting the square...?

You see what I'm saying?

Like that, yeah.

-That's what...
-There, that's it.

That's what I meant, you guys,
straight, just like the picture.


Now, put the other piece
down here--

no, the other piece
on the other side.

TED: Whoa, whoa,
let 'em think, let 'em think,

let 'em think.

They need to pick it back up

to make it across
and set that down on it.

Clay, let 'em think.

I am.

-Now, how does this...?
-JAKE: Now, that's got to go out

and make a little...

There you go, that's good.

Make a square.

Is this it?

-Jeff, Jeff.

-Sook Jai... wins immunity.

Sook Jai, yeah!

Sook Jai, it's going back home

-with you again.
-Thank you. -Yay.

You're free from Tribal Council
three more days on the island.

Chuay Gahn, unfortunately,

I'll see you tonight
at Tribal Council.

Somebody else is going home.

You can head back to camp.

GHANDIA: We have to go
to Tribal Council, and,

you know, that's just it.

I don't feel good about it.

As far as my vote's concerned,

it's a toss-up
between Ted and Clay.

They're basically
like Mutt and Jeff,

Frick and Frack.

You know, they're joined
at the hip.

Anything in your belly is good.

This is some good eating.

So I need

to explain and express
to the other two women

that that's our best chance
of survival,

is if there's a 3-3 tie,

like three people vote for
Clay, three people vote for me;

three people vote for Ted,
three people vote for me.

Otherwise, we're just going
to get picked off like flies.

It's divided, it's very divided.

-It's men and women.

Yeah, and I think
that basically happened

because of Clay and Ted.

-I agree.
-Well, Clay mostly.

That's right, you know,
'cause Clay has this old, old,

old, old school mentality.

His back is hurting
and all this.

Well, it's time
for your ass to go.

-He's tired and he takes naps
all the time. -Yeah...

I feel Clay needs to go.

Um, I think he's, he's torn
the team apart.

I think it's the guys on one
side, the girls on the other,

and I think he's been
the main team-splitter.

We're not a team anymore.

And I think he's tired.

Uh, he naps a lot.

I just think it's time

for him to go, and maybe
we could heal some of our wounds

and come back as a team.

GHANDIA: Me and Janny
already talked about Clay,

so we wanted to see

where your head was at
with voting for Clay, too.

You're voting for Clay, not Ted?

Well, Janny doesn't want
to vote for Ted

because she thinks if we have
another group challenge

that requires a lot
of strength and brawn,

that she wants to keep him.

-Now, you know I don't agree
with that. -(Helen grunts)

But if something happens

where you and I vote for Ted
and she votes for Clay

-and the three of them vote
for me, I'm gone. -Yeah, uh-huh.

But if it's a 3-3 tie where it's
three for me and three for Clay,

then we'll have
the two-minute conferences,

-which I'm sure will be
deadlocked. -Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.

-Exactly. -And then it's up
to the rock in the bag.

-That's right. -But here's
where I'm thinking with this.

If we keep the girls together,

then we have a leverage
of a 3-2 vote.

-And we can get rid of Ted next

'cause we won't need him
too much longer.

-Mm-hmm. -But Janny is not down
for voting for Ted.

All right, all right.

And I can put up with Ted's bull
for a couple more days.

You think?

Well, yeah.

-All right, all right.
-I will be so happy tonight

if Clay is gone.


HELEN: Honestly, right now
I'm still betwixt and between,

and this is
where the game gets ugly,

because unfortunately

this is where the competitive
part wants to come in.

I want to stay,

I want to play,

but it would mean voting
Ghandia off tonight.

(whispers indistinctly)

And am I going to be
happy with that?

'Cause I do believe
her side of the story, um,

and Clay and Ted are doing
less and less every day.

It's very obvious.


I am the swing,

and I never thought I'd be
the swing vote, but...

I need to think
about it for me.

I really-- I've heard
all the arguments,

I know all the arguments.

I live here, I know the facts.

I don't know.

I may not even make it up until
I pull the cap off the pen.

Another Tribal Council.


Take a look to your left.

Three torches

representing the first three
people voted out of this game.

Ted, how's that sit,
coming here tonight,

knowing somebody's going home
and it may be you?

Anytime we come to the
Tribal Council, it's painful.

As painful as it is,
this is the game.

This is the way
the game is played, so

we have to basically suck it up
and-and do what we have to do.

Clay, what's the toughest aspect
right now 12 days in?

Uh, th-the food, the heat,
th-the whole thing.

It's, uh, it's tough.

You know, when I left home,
I come here,

my first question was:
how hungry am I going to get?

I'm hungry as hell,
I'm gonna tell you.

I'm tired as hell, I'm weak.

This humidity and this heat
is bothering me,

but, uh, I-I'm still healthy
and I'm still fine.

I'm-I'm-I'm going to the end.

Helen, what kind of toll
is it taking on you?

I find I worry.

I-I worry every day.
I mean, I get up

in the morning, thinking:
"Oh, my God,

"do we have enough water?
Is it boiled?

"Is it in the clean containers?

"What are we gonna get for food?
Is the tide gonna go out?

"If the tide goes out, can we go
out and get clams, crabs?

Are there gonna be
clams and crabs?"

I'm just becoming obsessed out
here with: "Oh, my God,

the food, the water, food,
water, food, water."

And then we get
a challenge thing

and I'm like, "Oh, my God,

"is it going to be drag another
dummy over the mountain

or is it going to be

And, and y-y-you know,

and then coming here.

Talk about adding
more stress to it.

Oh, my God, now I got
to vote somebody off.


everybody pulling
their own weight

still in this tribe?


Flat-out nope?

Yeah, nope.

Some people are just not doing
as much as they could do,

and some people
just don't do a lot.

They lay around.

Clay, everybody pulling

-their own weight?

I feel everybody's doing
their part.

I mean, uh, there's days

that some of us lay around.

There's days that some of us
go fishing and go off

and bring back mussels
and go do different things.

It's... Just because
one doesn't cook

and the other one does,

doesn't mean the other one's
not gathering the food to put

in that, uh, pot.



What's your take on it?

I feel that, uh, the tribe
is divided somewhat, I do.

I do feel that we pulled
together on the challenges,

though, as one,

but I do feel
there's a division.

It is time to vote.

Ted, you're up.

You blew up an issue way beyond
the scope of this game.

For that reason,
this vote is personal,

and I truly, truly hope I never,
ever see you in my life again.

You played cat and mouse.

You just didn't do good--
too good at it.

You got busted,
so bye-bye, Denver.

It's between you and me tonight,
so let the best person win.

I'll go tally the votes.

Once the votes are read,
the decision is final.

The person voted out
will be asked

to leave the Tribal Council area

I'll read the votes.

First vote...



One vote-- Ghandia,
one vote-- Clay.



That's two votes-- Ghandia,
two votes-- Clay.

Well, for the first time
I have a vote

and I have no idea
who it belongs to.

Who wrote "Bye-bye Denver Diva"?

Who's the name?


Denver, uh, Diva.

-In the future, write
a name down, okay? -Okay.

Enough with the nicknames.

That's three votes-- Ghandia,
two votes-- Clay.

Last vote...

Ghandia. That's four.
You need to bring me your torch.

Ghandia, the tribe has spoken.

Stay strong, y'all.
See ya.

PROBST: Well, from the outside
it looked like this was

a tribe that really had it

Clearly, there was some division
within the tribe.

Maybe tonight's vote will help
solve some of that problem.

Grab your torches.
Head back to camp.

PROBST: Stay tuned for scenes
from our next episode.

Next time on Survivor:

Sook Jai is reminded
of the dangers

lurking in the sea.


Chuay Gahn experiences
a big loss.

I have no idea

-what we're going to do.
-I'm gonna make you an offer.

And an offer that could change
the entire game.

60 seconds-- think about this.

This is an individual decision.

I made, um... a big mistake

in trying to play one side
against the other side

because of an event
that happened to me

that I should have just let go.

But unfortunately,
the evil Ghandia came

to rule her ugly head.

And the good Ghandia
just couldn't stop her.

Have fun, everybody,
still sleeping out in the dirt.


Peace out.