Survivor (2000–…): Season 4, Episode 9 - Look Closer: The First 24 Days - full transcript

Highlights and never-before-seen footage recap the castaways' first 24 days on the island of Nuku Hiva.

>> PROBST: 24 days ago, 16

castaways were marooned in the
middle of one of the most remote

places on Earth, the Marquesas,
part of Tahiti's mystical

The eight remaining members of

the Soliantu tribe have now made
it past the halfway point, each

one now has a one in eight
chance of winning a million

Tonight, in a special edition of

highlights and never-before-seen
footage, we'll take a closer

look at their adventure thus

>> This was my luxury item.
It was a voodoo doll, so we're

going to put the other team's
name on it and start jabbing the

hell out of it.
>> (singing in Spanish)

>> These three new members
brought, I guess, a sense humor

that I don't think we had
before, and it was fun.

>> We wanted a word that we can
shout out when we win, and

sounds good.
>> Today is the last day we will

ever get a fair chance.
>> If we make a pact that we're

going to go in firestorm...
Obviously, when Paschal and

Neleh started to see what I've
been talking about all along,

so now the new agreement we have
is that we're going to vote John

out tonight.
>> PROBST: Day 1 found 16

out tonight.
>> PROBST: Day 1 found 16

strangers marooned thousands of
miles from the nearest

As two separate tribes, Maraamu

and Rotu, they found themselves
paddling the rough waters of the

South Pacific, looking for their

But for some, the journey was
nothing like they expected.

>> If we see the flag, then
we'll just go right.

>> We got to go around that
little jutty thing there.

>> When we first jumped off the
boat there was definitely a lot

of excitement going through
everybody's head.

In the beginning it's all fun,
and then you're paddling for

about ten, 15 minutes, and
reality sets in.

It hits you that there's nobody
here to help you.

The fact of the matter is you
really have to get there.

>> Which way we going? Left?
>> Yeah.

>> It looks like a beach in

>> Rocky beach, though.
Rocky beach.

Take it out.
Look at it.

It's a rocky beach.
>> It looked like according to

the map it would take us maybe
15, 20 minutes, if we were

But then once we saw the points

of where we were actually going
ahead of us, that was an insane

It was very scary.

>> PROBST: The Maraamu tribe's
arrival was nothing short of

>> Sarah's arrival was almost

like Cleopatra.
It was like the servants are

paddling and lifting, and she's
sitting on the crate, looking so

marvelous with her boobs hanging
out and her Goldielocks in the

>> Land ho!

Save it.
You know, this is Survivor.

Ain't nobody trying to look at
you like that here.

>> Home sweet home.
>> PROBST: Rotu's arrival was a

joyous one.
>> Woo!

We made it!
>> PROBST: Until they discovered

that their crate held a minimal
amount of supplies.

>> Yeah!
>> Yeah!

Oh, it's not as much as we

>> The stuff that was in the
crate: we got a map to our spot.

We got two pots and a pan, two
machetes and a small knife and

then a magnifying glass.
>> PROBST: And starting a fire

became an exercise in futility.
>> It's working.

>> PROBST: But at Maraamu, it
was a different story.

>> People know that I'm into
yoga, and in yoga you breathe

from the diaphragm, so I was
able to take nice, long deep

>> PROBST: Using Peter's

breathing technique, Maraamu
quickly had fire.

>> Woo-hoo!
>> Keep it going.

Keep it going.
>> As night fell on Maraamu, Rob

and Sarah were immediately drawn
to one another.

>> Is it comfy?
>> Oh, yeah, it's like a

>> Oh, cool.

>> Dude, I could go to sleep
right now.

>> Last night there was
definitely flirtation around Rob

and Sarah.
>> We fill this thing up and let

it cook in the sun all day

>> There you go.
>> We get a hot tub.

>> That's an idea.
>> They got into the raft that

we had paddled in on,
and they kind just hung out away

from everybody else, and, you
know, were there pretty much the

whole entire night.
So at that point, I'm now, that

was another, you know, question.
Well, what are they saying, you

know, are they flirting or are
they making an alliance?

>> PROBST: As the sun rose on
the morning of Day 2, Kathy

was still determined to start a

>> This is the most important
thing right now.

So we need to get a group

>> How many hours I spent
yesterday, I'm wiped.

>> How many hours did you spend

>> You tell me.
>> Not many.

I don't think we spent more than

>> PROBST: John, for the sake of
tribal harmony, decided to work

on the fire himself.
>> That's nice.

>> Yes!
>> We got fire!

>> Fire!
>> Yeah!

>> PROBST: The tribes received
their first tree mail.

>> Oh, no, we're on the water!
>> PROBST: And Rotu planned on

sticking it to Maraamu in the
first immunity challenge.

>> This was my luxury item,
a voodoo doll.

So we're going to put the other
team's name on it and start

jabbing the hell out of it.
Pass it around.

Everybody gets a shot.
>> I'll get their swimming feet.

>> I'm going for the shoulder in
case we're rowing.

>> It won't go in his head.
>> I'll stick it in the arm and

hopefully their arm will be

>> PROBST: At the challenge, the
tribes were told they would be

entirely on their own.
In addition to no food, no

water, you're getting no fire
help from us at all, of any kind

at any time.
Survivors ready?!

>> Woo!

>> Yeah!
>> PROBST: Rotu easily won.

And on Day 3, the game became a
harsh reality, as Maraamu

realized they had to vote out
one of their own.

>> My strategy is to keep the
strong as strong as possible.

>> Peter got on our nerves a
little bit this morning because

he came up and called us all
over and wanted us to talk about

what the strategy of the game
was and how he was going to do

>> I'm not this magical mystical

person, all right.
>> Mm-hmm.

>> I think if you want to get
the truth on the situation,

right, you just can look in
someone's eyes.

That's not like, "Ooh."
>> Some people are going to look

you in the eye and lie to you,

>> I know you don't have an

>> I mean, an alliance right now
means absolutely nothing.

>> I don't know that.
>> There is no alliance here.

>> I don't know that.
>> Right now the game has

shifted from survival to a
paranoia state.

I believe that Peter has taken
it to the extreme.

>> I can see the faces, and I
know the, you know, I know the

outcome of tonight's vote.
>> You don't know what you're

talking about.
From based on what people are

People are tired.

People are hungry.
>> It's better for me to talk

about it because I won't be able
to talk to you tonight.

>> PROBST: Even though Patricia
and Sarah received votes,

Peter's instincts were correct.
He was the first person voted

First person voted out of the

tribe: Peter.
The tribe has spoken.

On Day 4, the mood at Maraamu
was upbeat.

The tribe awoke to Sean's radio

>> You got today's weather
report, Hunter?

Hold on.
Let me change the station.

>> Hunter Ellis with today's
morning weather!

>> PROBST: At Rotu it was all
work and no play.

Until Kathy found food.

>> Hey, you guys, get over here!
I'm serious!

>> We got seven.
One, two, three, four.

>> Whoa, that was slimy.
>> I know, but a lot of meat

A lot of protein we're looking

>> PROBST: And to flavor up

their meal, Gabe added some
spice to the mix.

>> These are peppers.
>> Peppers!

>> Way to go, guys.
>> Way to go, guys.

>> Ah!
>> Coconut, lime and peppers.

>> Put in some more peppers.
>> That looks yummy.

>> Wow! Wow!
God, that's good.

>> PROBST: Back at Maraamu, Rob
was trying out some inventive

cooking of his own.
>> I'm going to fry up a little

I have no idea how this is going

to turn out.
>> I'm not going to eat it until

you eat it.
It's your concoction.

>> It's pretty good.
It tastes like...

warm papaya.
>> What do you think?

>> PROBST: But Patricia wanted
to get the chores done.

>> Here's the plan: you all get
ready and go gather some

coconuts, and we're going to
finish getting these flat rocks.

>> How can we get coconuts
without a stick?

>> Well, he'll get you a stick.
He's a great stick hunter.

>> Work needs to get done and if
somebody is not going to step up

to the plate, I don't mind
telling somebody, "Look, let's

>> First it was endearing

because it just seemed natural.
Now it just seemed like, "Oh,

no, Mama got to work.
Mama can't sit down."

>> Now listen to me, I'm only
going to tell you this once.

>> I heard it this morning
already once.

>> Tool tree.
>> I already heard it.

I know.
I know everything needs to go

back where you find it.
I know.

>> I'm tired of trying to...
>> Where's the knife then?

>> PROBST: On Day 5, the tribes
competed for some valuable

fishing gear.
Want to know what you're playing

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: Mask, snorkel, fins.
>> Yeah!

>> PROBST: Survivors ready?!


Rotu won the mask and fins, but
there were more victories to

>> What do we got today?

>> Oh, my God, it's a fork.
>> PROBST: Getting a utensil in

the mail on Day 6 could only
mean one thing.

>> A food challenge.
>> Yeah!

>> PROBST: And it was.
The tribes had to eat ...

a Marquesan delicacy of fish
soaking in fermented sea water.

Rob choked and Maraamu lost
their third challenge in a row.

So Maraamu headed back to Tribal
Council, where in a 4-3 vote,

Patricia, known as the tribe's
mom, was voted out.

Patricia, the tribe has spoken.
Maraamu lost their second tribe

It's time for you to go.

Day 7 would prove to be a lesson
in pain for Rotu.

While snorkeling for food, John
was the first victim.

>> I landed right on top of a
sea urchin, and embedded about

12 sea urchin needles in my

I got to go back in and get
somebody to pee on it.

That's what you're supposed to
do from that kind of a venomous

sting from a sea urchin is to
urinate on it.

I need somebody who can pee on
my hand.

Someone have to go to the

>> PROBST: Luckily, someone did.
>> I didn't even think it was

weird that she was squatting
down and I had my hand between

her legs.
>> Good thing you had to go to

the bathroom.

>> PROBST: On Day 8, bamboo
and rope were delivered to the

>> To what do we owe this honor?

>> PROBST: I come bearing
supplies for your next

At Rotu, the tribe was dealt a

painful blow again.
>> A big rock got in between my

shoe and my foot and just sliced
up my toe nicely.

>> PROBST: And again.
>> John actually stuck his hand

underneath a rock and an eel bit

>> Oh, my God.
What is going on?

>> PROBST: But not even injuries

could stop a closely-knit Rotu
tribe as they beat Maraamu in a

tight finish in the reward

>> Ready to rock?

>> Everybody wants to go.
>> PROBST: Maraamu set out for a

hike on Day 9.
>> Patricia went for a hike one

day by herself, found a stream
on the other side of the hill,

so I think that could be
something that we need to go

check out.
It's also a good opportunity for

us all to get out and do
something together as a tribe.

>> Is the creek definitely down

>> It ends down there.
It's pretty direct.

It's just it's steep.
>> This is doing a whole lot for

I thought it was an easy walk to

the creek.
>> It comes right out of the

rocks, a little bit to this side
of where I think the river is

going to come out.
>> But after all of this, we're

going to spend ten minutes and

>> And then climb back up?
>> Hunter, he's just up and

always busy, the thing is we
didn't come here to exert

ourselves in this tropical heat.
Damn all this other work.

We need energy to get those damn

>> PROBST: Go!
In the immunity challenge, the

tribes battled it out in a
coconut maze race.

>> In the hole, here we go!

>> PROBST: Maraamu lost yet

So Rob strategized behind the
scenes and became the tribe's

puppet master.
>> It's important for me to have

people on my team that are going
to do what I tell them to do.

Game always keeps you thinking.
It really does.

Fear keeps people loyal.
If they're afraid they have

something to lose, then they'll
do what they tell you to do.

That's straight out of The

It's true.
>> PROBST: It was a shocking

Tribal Council, as Maraamu voted
out the strongest member of

their tribe.
Hunter, the tribe has spoken.

First step: pick a disk.
Doesn't matter.

It's totally random.
Follow your gut.

Go wherever you want.
On Day 10 the tribes came

together for the biggest twist
in the game yet.

Zoe, you're first.

Step off your disk.
Pull off your new buff.

Take your old one off.
Put your new one on.

The tribes were randomly
switched up.

Some friendships remained

>> Yeah! Pappy's on our team.
>> We got Pappy.

>> PROBST: While others were
torn apart.

Rob, you're now a member of

All right, Sarah, same buff,

still a member of Maraamu.
But for the remaining 13

survivors, all bets were off.
It was time to play a brand-new

At Maraamu, Kathy, Paschal, and

Neleh were pleased with their
new camp.

>> That forest is so beautiful.
>> Well, let's show you guys

>> This is a breadfruit.

This is a mango tree.
>> All you got to do is pick up

the limes off the ground.
>> I just got off of a tribe

that would get up at dawn, check
the pig pit, you know, and go

out and forage for shells.
So to us, we feel like it was a

four-star hotel and that there's
fruit on the table, so it was

pretty nice.
>> PROBST: For the new members

of Rotu, life seemed pleasant as

They were ecstatic when they saw
their new water source.

>> Yeah!
>> It is so, so good.

>> I didn't even know what else
to say.

>> I'm loving it.
>> Good, I'm glad to hear it.

>> I am loving it.
>> Now they see this, I'm like,

hey, you know, this ain't too

>> PROBST: On Day 11, Sean

introduced his new tribe to the
radio program.

>> Girl, you know you...

>> When we landed here on Rotu
camp, we told them about some of

the things that we did on our
camp, like the early morning

show, and they were more than
willing to try it.

>> No longer are they down with
the Maraamu, we could never say

our name right, so I'm not going
to say it right this morning.

>> Rotu can do!
>> That's right: Rotu can do.

And we're going to head over and
get a food report from our main

chef, Johnny Pots and Pans.
>> At first I thought we might

all start off with a little raw
coconut, and if we go searching

pretty hard, we might find
ourselves some sea urchins, but

watch those spines.
Back to you.

>> These three new members
brought I guess a sense of humor

that I don't think we had
before, and it was fun.

>> Why don't you give us an
overall report on things on this

How are things going on the

Marquesan Islands?
>> (with Australian accent):

Well, we're all settling in to
our new habits, looking for a

new place to hang up some
clothes, find a place to sleep,

all try to get together.
I'm sure we can do it in the

speed of the Thames here.
I'm sure we can pull through in

the end.
Back to you, Rock.

>> They seemed like they enjoyed

We all can sit around and have
fun and laugh and bond in other

ways than just working.
>> The in people will be

sporting lovely new buffs.
You can wrap them around your

head in any manner whatsoever.
>> You can sit down and

self-disclose yourself and
laugh, and seemed like the radio

show was well received.
That concludes our wake-up show

for this morning.
Stay tuned tomorrow same time,

same station.
We'll see you guys tomorrow.

Have a good day, and remember,
God loves you.

>> PROBST: The two new tribes
squared off against each other

in an immunity challenge on Day

Today's immunity challenge is
all about the weaving.

Each of you have a woven
tapestry that is scrambled.

It's very simple.
The first tribe to unscramble it

correctly wins immunity.
Losing tribe: Tribal Council

tonight with me.
But Rotu continued to function

like a well-oiled machine, and
they beat Maraamu again.

>> Here it comes.
>> That's it.

That's it.
That's it right there.

>> PROBST: Rotu!
>> Rotu!

>> Yes!
>> All right!

>> PROBST: So the new Maraamu
headed to Tribal Council, where

the old Rotu members, along with
Gina, voted Sarah out.

Sarah, the tribe has spoken.
Paranoia swept over Rotu on Day

13, and John became suspicious
when Gabe said he wasn't there

to play the game.
>> What are the ethics in this

>> To me it's tell the truth.

Be honest.
Are you saying that you would

lie to win this game?
>> I'm not even here to play the

game, man.
>> Gabriel said he's not playing

the game.
I just, I don't believe it.

I mean, you are here to play
this game.

You're not here on a commune.
You know, this is not the '60s

and, you know, free love and all
that kind of stuff.

>> PROBST: To solidify his
position, John decided to create

an alliance with Tammy, the
General and Zoe, with Gabe to be

their first victim.
>> Basically, I want four people

that I know will not vote for
me, just plain and simple.

So what we're shooting for is
the final four is myself, you

Tammy and Rob.
Just voting as bloc.

Trust me 100%.
I mean, I don't even know what

else I can say to you.
Split my hand open and rub blood

on you.
I mean, I have your back.

I mean, you are, you are my

>> You swear you're not playing

>> Tammy, on my mother's (blip)

>> If you're playing me, I swear
I'll kick your ass.

>> PROBST: At Maraamu, the
little tribe of four was a huge

>> Heavenly Father, we're very

grateful for this wonderful day
that we have ahead of us and we

ask thee if thou would please
help us find all the things that

we need to today.
That we may be able to work hard

together as team.
>> I think we all have a spirit

and it's here.
This is our time now.

>> PROBST: Gina was correct.
It was their time.

At the reward challenge the tiny
Maraamu tribe emerged

>> Hurry!

>> Oh, my God.

>> Oh, my God.
>> PROBST: Maraamu!

Maraamu won the opportunity to
get back into the game.

Their reward: a two-minute raid
of Rotu's camp.

Five, four, three, two, one.

Five, four, three, two, one.

Raid is over.
>> Forgot this!

>> Should have taken the frying

>> PROBST: By Day 14, John
wasn't certain he had the votes

to oust Gabe, and went to Sean
to secure his vote.

>> I need at least one of the
other new members so I didn't

get myself caught in a tie, in
case Gabe figured out that I was

trying to vote him out.
Planning to vote Gabe tomorrow,

but I did want to know that if
we lose that, you're not going

>> Okay.

>> Okay, but you have to be

You have to keep your mouth

>> I think it was a mistake that
John told me that.

If they're going to vote for
Gabriel, they needed to just do

it and let me sit there and
think that I was going to be

All I'm saying is, stay tuned.

>> PROBST: The immunity
challenge required the tribes to

build an SOS signal.
>> Put one in each corner.

>> Even though it looks like Fat
Albert and the Cosby kids' SOS

sign, it still, I think it's
pretty good, considering what we

>> I made him wear a hat today

because he looks like a pilgrim

Look at him.
>> All right, guys, this is it!

>> PROBST: The little mouse
tribe of Maraamu roared again.

>> By waving the American flag
as part of their distress

>> Blow your horn!

>> PROBST: Maraamu finally won

(horn blowing)
>> All right!


>> PROBST: Knowing that Gabe was

the target of Rotu's alliance,
Rob approached Gabe in the hopes

of having him vote against John.
>> My only question I have for

you is, if you were 100% set in
the way you wanted to play the

Definitely a twist, the way we

shake things out.
>> Rob Mariano was explaining

that it was probably going to be
me voted out tonight.

Rob wanted to know if I would
make an alliance with him and

Sean and V, and change the tide.
>> PROBST: But in the end, Gabe

was true to his word.
He wasn't there to play the

He was only there for the

And everyone else was there to

play the game, and Gabe was
voted out.

It's time for you to go.
On Day 16, Maraamu was one happy

little family.
>> I feel stupid that we can't

catch a fish.
Oh look! I love it.

>> Kathy and I were talking
about how I want to go back to

grad school and, you know, do
some things and how she's going

back to school, and we talked
about my dream job.

>> What's your dream job?
>> My dream job is to have a

cabin restaurant, like a
made-out, like a log cabin

restaurant, in Alaska.
>> Gina, she's so aspiring for

She's bone honest, sweet,

hardworking, incredible work
ethic, and driven.

>> I would come out and greet
everybody and give them free

>> Gina, I think it's a great

>> Every once in a while maybe

I'd make some homemade biscuits.
>> I want you to be there now,

You could do it.

You could make it happen.
>> She was saying I got to do it

You know, you got to do your

dream job now or it won't

>> When you hear somebody that's
got that much energy for an

idea, you should implement it

You can always go back to

>> I just don't have the money.
>> It would be great to have her

find her dream.
Then you can help out with the

wildlife area.
>> That would be awesome.

>> You should do it.
>> It was relaxing for me.

Felt like I was talking to a
really good friend about what I

wanted to do with my life.
>> PROBST: At the start of the

wanted to do with my life.
>> PROBST: At the start of the

reward challenge, Maraamu was
astonished to discover that Gabe

had been voted out.
>> They voted Gabe off.

>> PROBST: Survivors ready?!

>> Come on.
Rob, stop, stop, stop.

>> PROBST: You're still in this.
Let's go.

>> Come on, you guys!
>> Good job.

Come on, guys!
>> Okay, sharp, sharp, sharp.

>> Come on!
>> PROBST: Against all odds, the

tiny tribe beat Rotu yet again.
Maraamu wins.

>> Yeah!

>> PROBST: And sat down to a
picnic lunch.

>> Oh, my God, it's a picnic!
>> I love picnics.

>> PROBST: On Day 17, the stress
of losing three challenges in a

row reached a boiling point, and
Rob Mariano called attention to

the Rotu alliance.
>> You, The General, Tammy and

John, you guys don't have an
alliance, the four of you?

>> We have a friendship, not an

>> That's interesting.
I knew she was lying the second

she told it to me.
I could just tell.

You're telling me straight up
that you four don't have an

alliance, you four over here?
>> How could you say that we

don't, I mean, you'd have to be
blind not to see that.

>> Zoe just told me straight up
in my face not even five minutes

ago, John.
>> Maybe she's not thinking that


>> Have I ... you so far?
>> John, do I have "stupid"

written on my forehead?
>> If there's a traditional

merge and we all merge today,
three of them and seven of us,

those three go first.
That is my absolute word.

>> PROBST: John, Rob and Sean
agreed that if the tribes merged

they would vote out the members
of Maraamu first.

>> Don't try to (blip) me.
>> I won't.

I promise.
>> I'm taking your word.

>> I will.

>> Same thing, buddy.
>> I think to a degree I may

have convinced him that I'm part
of the team now.

I want him to trust me, but he

>> PROBST: But Rob still felt
his neck was on the line going

into the next immunity.
>> This immunity challenge is

critical to me.
If we don't win this challenge,

then I'm probably gone tomorrow.
>> PROBST: Survivors ready?!

Rob stepped up, took charge of

the Rotu tribe, and came up with
a huge victory.

Rotu wins!
>> This is it!

That's what it's all about here.
>> PROBST: On Day 18, the family

of Maraamu had to face their
toughest decision, but in the

end, old tribal lines held fast.
>> Gina, I'm taking you to

Alaska and I'm going to get that
restaurant for you.

>> PROBST: And Gina was the
sixth person voted off the


The tribe has spoken.
>> Mail call.

>> PROBST: On Day 19, tree mail
instructed both tribes to send

one member on a journey.
Kathy and Rob met at an ancient

paepae, where they were told
that the two tribes were being

merged into one.
Tonight the new tribe will be

born under your guidance.
They celebrated with pizza and

But the partying soon turned to

more important conversation.
>> Zoe and I were like the moms.

You know, we're cleaning up.
>> Really?

>> Oh, yeah.
>> You and Zoe feel you're

pretty close?
>> Zoe and I were like moms.

"Let's clean the place up."
>> Unreal.

>> Yeah.
>> It's unreal, the lies going

She told me that she was voting

you off.
What exactly did Gina say about

me that made me out to be such a
bad person that they want to

vote me off so bad now?
>> You're a lazy bum and you

don't care about anything.
>> Really?

>> PROBST: With this new
information, Kathy and Rob felt

They decided they would never

vote against each other.
>> Do you want to make a pact,

me and you?
>> Do you want to?

>> They'll never know.
It will be just me and you.

>> All right.
>> All right, let's do it.

>> PROBST: The next morning,
Kathy and Rob awoke for

>> This morning was amazing.

Not only was it just being on
that pillow so wonderful, and

having soft cushions under my
body, when I woke up I saw a

tray of food, I just felt it was
a dream, I truly did.

>> This is out of control.
They're donuts.

>> They're donuts?
>> Pastries.

Well, to the new tribe, new

>> Yes.
>> We really pounded out a name

for our new tribe.


We took the sun, and we took the

word "alliance," and we took the
word "sacred," and we wanted to

use those three words and then
we also wanted a word that we

can shout out when we win, and
it sounds good.

>> Soliantu.
Sacred alliance of sun and fire.

>> That looks pretty cool, you
know that?

>> Yeah, it does.
>> Teamwork.

>> Kathy was awesome company.
We named the new tribe, painted

a new flag, and we got
everything done we needed to get

I just had a wonderful time.

>> What a wonderful, wonderful

♪ ♪
>> PROBST: They returned to

Maraamu, where they told Neleh
and Paschal they had five

minutes to load their supplies
onto their raft.

>> We got five minutes.
We got to get everything we got

on the raft!
>> Everything!

>> Come on-- everything we got!

Get the kettle.
Get the knives, Neleh!

Touch the raft!
>> You did it.

>> There were only four of us
and we did it.

We're a team, all of us.
There's a merge.

No, there's a merge.
>> Oh, really?

>> We have so much to talk

Here you go, man.
>> Okay, so this is our new

>> This is it.

>> Here.
>> PROBST: Greeted by the

members of Rotu, Rob handed out
the new buffs and displayed the

new flag.
>> What's the new name, guys?

>> Soliantu.

>> Soliantu.
And that name means...

I can't remember.
I keep forgetting.

>> It has all of our initials.
Sacred allegiance to the sun.

>> Sacred allegiance to the sun.
>> Good job.

>> Yeah!
>> Soliantu!

>> One, two, three, Soliantu!
>> PROBST: But the good cheer

and camaraderie at Soliantu
disappeared on Day 21, when Rob

confronted Zoe.
>> Zoe, you didn't have an

agreement about taking everybody
from their side of the island

You don't remember anything

about that?
>> No.

>> See, this is what I mean.

And Kathy wasn't your first
choice as soon as she got here?

Tell the truth, for once, will

Tell the truth.
>> PROBST: Kathy, disillusioned

and angry, fled to the

>> Zoe's lying to me.
They're all lying to me.

They're all lying to me, and I'm
being played as a pawn.

A pawn.
I need the immunity because I'm

getting the ax.
I don't know.

It's just not adding up, but I'm
going to trust what Rob told me

and I need immunity to stay in
the game.

>> PROBST: Survivors ready?!

Out-balancing the others on an
unsteady platform in the rough

surf, Kathy won immunity.
Kathy wins immunity.

You want this?
>> Yeah!

>> PROBST: Come get it.
>> All right, baby!

>> PROBST: Turn around here.

Back at Soliantu, Rob accused

John of backing out on his word.
>> What happened about my word

is my bond?
>> Oh, yeah, mine was like fine,

but as soon as you double-
tracked and circled back and

came up with other ideas, then
it's like I'm done.

>> PROBST: But John accused Rob
of breaking their agreement when

Rob spoke to Kathy.
>> Don't tell me one thing and

just because I think about
something or just because I talk

to somebody, then all of a
sudden it's off.

>> To be honest I'm not going to
have this conversation.

I'm not going to decide for
myself until we get there

>> I thought we had an

>> We did, until you went to

Kathy and told her at the other
side, and said they're going to

vote you out first.
>> I did not say that.

>> I'm not going to have this

Don't lie to my face.
>> There we go.

Now it's on, man.
>> PROBST: In the end, all the

drama in camp brought about
Rob's demise.

Even Rob's former Maraamu
ally, Vecepia, wrote his name

down at the voting booth.
Rob, the tribe has spoken.

>> Good luck, guys.
>> PROBST: The next day, Kathy

confronted Zoe.
>> There was never any intention

of voting you off, no way in

We wanted to get Rotu back
together as a team.

>> Zoe just lied to me
point-blank about the fact that

the tribe had definitely scoped
me out for the first vote off

when we merged.
Oh, my God, look, you guys.

>> PROBST: The tribe received
materials to build kites for the

next reward challenge.
>> Too much wind.

>> Oh, my kite is going to be a
miserable failure.

>> Oh, stop it.
>> I'm serious.

>> Oh, go fly a kite.
>> PROBST: So they did.

Run, John run!
Competing for the chance to have

a Snickers bar and then go scuba
diving, the survivors attempted

to fly their kites into the
Marquesan sky, but it was Kathy

who went the distance.
>> Yeah!


>> PROBST: Underwater, Kathy
experienced the serene world of

Marquesan marine life.
On land things weren't as

peaceful, as Sean fought for his

>> I get frustrated because I
feel like nobody is playing the

game, and I feel like we've kind
of succumbed, and let the four

people run the show.
>> I telling you, I'm going to

talk with Kathy.
>> I totally agree with you.

I think Tammy and John are
playing a game and they're

playing it so hard, it's

>> If you're in agreement, me
you and V are on the same

>> Yeah, we are.

But we just need to get Paschal
and Neleh.

And you know what, I think we
can do it.

>> My boy.
>> PROBST: On Day 24, the

immunity challenge was a game of
elimination, but Sean, Vecepia

and Kathy saw it as the
alliance's arrogant display of

the pecking order, showing who
they would be voting out next.

>> This is the order of how it's
going to go.

>> Way to go.
>> I swear we could take them

I swear we could.

>> PROBST: Tammy won immunity,
and she, John, Zoe and the

General openly celebrated their

>> I almost was going to do you
because I hated to get Paschal

another time.
>> It didn't seem to bother you

that much.
>> PROBST: Neleh and Paschal

were also angered by the
arrogant conduct the foursome

had displayed during the

>> There was a pecking order and
we were included in it, even

though we were told that that
wasn't true.

>> PROBST: And decided to take
matters into their own hands.

>> I'm not going to go out fifth
or sixth.

We've worked too hard.
>> PROBST: In the shelter,

Vecepia apologized to Sean for
siding with the alliance and

voting against Rob.
>> They came to me, six or seven

days after we were here and told
me they wanted to be part of the

fivesome, and I said if you do
not lie to me, I will go five

with you, and then once we get
the five, it's every man for

>> I just wish you had trusted

your brother a little more.
You saw what they did to me and

I said these guys were...

>> Exactly.
If I've done wrong with you, I

I'm saying this right here and

Straight up, I apologize to you.

>> PROBST: With Vecepia on
board, the fivesome decided

somebody needed to be done.
>> Today is the last day we will

ever get a fair chance.
After that it's going to be four

and four.
It's going to be up for vote and

it's just the way I feel, you
guys, right now, and I'm being

honest with you.
>> Obviously, Paschal and Neleh

started to see what I've been
talking about all along, that

the four horsemen have an

They've been switching on and
off, first with me and Rob,

then with her and Paschal.
So now the new agreement we have

is myself and Neleh, V, Paschal,
and Kathy are going to vote John

out tonight.
>> PROBST: That night at Tribal

Council, they struck back.
The eight person voted out, the

first member of our jury: John.
You need to bring me your torch.

The alliance of John, Tammy, Zoe
and the General was broken when

John was voted out of the tribe.
The tribe has spoken.

It's time for you to go.
Good night.

John was the eighth person to
go, but he will return as the

first member of the jury which
will ultimately decide who will

be the sole Survivor.
Over the next 15 days, the

Soliantu tribe will experience
the culture and the game in ways

unlike any survivors before

Join us as the adventure

Stay tuned for scenes
from our next episode.

>> PROBST: Next time on
Survivor: John's departure

marks a new era at Soliantu.
>> It's a new day we're starting

Friends become bitter enemies.

>> From the get-go I didn't like

>> I have changed my opinion of

Zoe is a bitch.
>> PROBST: And two lucky

survivors get away from it all.
Now for the reward:

an authentic Marquesan feast.
>> Give me the radio right

It's the wake-up show.

It's the wake-up show.
It's the wake-up show.

It's the wake-up show.

Good morning, ladies
and gentlemen.

Good morning.
>> Ding, ding, ding.