Survivor (2000–…): Season 4, Episode 8 - Jury's Out - full transcript

With her paranoia on the rise, Kathy questions the loyalties of the original Rotu tribe members and an eighth person is voted out.

>> PROBST: Previously on

Survivor : Rob and Kathy
prepared for the merge and made

a pact to protect each other.
>> I am really serious.

Don't stab me.
>> I swear to God I will never

vote you off.
>> PROBST: The next day Maraamu

had to break camp and set sail
for Rotu where the two tribes

>> One, two, three, Soliantu.

>> PROBST: But unity was short-

In an attempt to undermine the
original Rotu alliance of four,

Rob confronted Zoe.
>> Tell the truth for once, will

>> They're all lying to me.

I need the immunity because I'm
getting the ax.

>> PROBST: At the challenge,
Kathy won a crucial immunity.

Back at camp, tensions flared,
bringing chaos to Soliantu.

>> Everybody was like, we a
team, we a team.

Soon as these three come over...
>> All right, all right.

Well, everything's coming out

>> PROBST: At Tribal Council,
Rob was voted off.

Rob, the tribe has spoken.
Nine are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?
>> I know it's a somber mood

Who will be voted out tonight?
>> I know it's a somber mood

because we had to vote somebody
out, but you guys, we're all on

the jury.
That's a huge accomplishment.

You guys should all feel really

>> I feel great.
>> I feel wonderful.

>> I feel wonderful, too.
>> Wonderful, wonderful.

>> Before Tribal Council, I
pulled Rob aside and I told him

that I was going to be voting
for him, and he was okay about

But I wanted him to hear it from

me and I didn't want him to
think that I was trying to do

anything behind his back,
especially being a previous

Maraamu and having an agreement
with him at one time.

>> Have the last couple of
nights been kind of cold for you

>> Yeah.

>> Yes.
>> Like colder than usual, huh?

>> Yes.
>> After the Tribal Council,

with Rob being gone, the mood
around here is so totally

It's so much more relaxed and

peaceful, you know.
There isn't a threat that some

wise-ass remark's going to be
made and set off a whole new

fight going on for no good

>> Who farted?
>> I did.

>> It stinks.
>> Excuse me.

That was the first fart that
actually had substance.

>> This diet has played havoc, I
guess, with Sean's system,

because he does have a little
bit of a flatulent problem, but

I sleep down the other end of
the tent and I'm usually upwind,

so I've been a little bit

>> I'm sorry, y'all.
I thought it was enough time to

air it out over here, but...
>> Sean is definitely... you

know, he'll probably the next
one voted off.

Everybody's talking about Sean
being a problem.

He just doesn't work hard.
He complains.

He farts a lot.
>> What was that?

>> I'm just messing everybody

>> Dude.
>> Sean...

>> I'm sorry.
>> You're sleeping somewhere

>> I'm playing the game exactly

how I came in playing, which is
if you're true to yourself,

that's the true game of life.
The only thing that's changing

is my attitude.
(breaks wind)

Oh, see how happy I am?
I can pass gas and feel free as

a bird.
>> Sean.

>> Sean.
>> Wasn't me.

I cleaned mine.
Some nasty ass over here...

>> Good night, everybody.
>> Good night.

>> I got up before daybreak.
I was out by the fire.

I couldn't sleep, so I got out
and I was sitting by the fire

thinking of my wife and my

>> We got up this morning, and
there was... we had a real windy

night and a real windy morning,
and as you can see, two trees

came right down on camp.
We're very lucky that they fell

this way instead of falling on
our... falling on our tent.

>> Yeah, a couple more feet and
that could have been on our

>> Don't say that.

But it wasn't.
Praise God.

>> We have to go over what
happened yesterday.

I was just confused about the
fact that if there was an

original alliance to vote me off
first when I came here.

I just wanted to know about it.
>> Definitely not, Kathy.

>> Okay.
>> But was there one formed just

to get Rob in a different

>> That was my intention, and
that's what I tried to express

There was never any intention of

voting you off in no way in

We wanted to get Rotu back
together as a team.

>> Zoe just lied to me
point-blank about the fact that

the tribe had definitely scoped
me out for the first vote off

when we merged.
I think Zoe's been lying from

the beginning.
I think she's been playing both

sides, and I just can't take

Whoever wins wins, but I don't
want to be the pawn, you know?

>> Right.
>> So I'm going to fight tooth

and nail to find out what's
going on.

But not to the point where I
upset my friendships.

I don't want to upset
friendships with people.

>> I don't either.
>> I was going to push her

further on it, but I just
decided for good negotiations,

not to get voted off.
I wanted her to feel a little

I think I did that.

>> But I'm just happy that we
got through this, and then when

Sean's voted off...
>> One day at a time.

>> ...then we'll deal with what
we're doing with each other, all

>> Good.

>> Okay, good.
Thanks, sweetie.

♪ ♪
>> I don't know why, but I get

♪ ♪
>> I don't know why, but I get

empowered by these waterfalls.
It's the freshwater and it's

just... it's invigorating.
So I wanted to be up there and

just feel that pressure point on
my back and kind of wake up and

start a new day in a better

>> There, you got it.
>> 5.8.

>> Nobody has ever complained
about going to the waterfall

because that's one place where
we go, jump in the water, it's

nice and cold.
It cools us off and totally

refreshes us.
For me, it rejuvenates

everything inside of me, and I'm
ready to go again after I get

out of there.
>> Oh, my God, look, you guys.

What is it?
They're, like, flags or

>> And when we got up the

waterfall and we were on our way
back, we checked the tree mail

and sure enough, we had tree

>> Oh, my God, they're

>> Oh, yeah.
>> These are kites.

>> This is like a picnic thing,
I think.

>> Wow.
Let's bring back the whole

basket, so everybody can see it.
That is cool.

>> You guys, check this out.
So it says here: "You may be

feeling grounded.
Now how high can you go?

Find the wind under your wings
to see wonders down below.

Here's some items to build a
kite, though you're not

restricted to just these.
Make yours fly the highest first

and you'll explore these exotic

Taking you out in a boat and
you're going to eat.

It was a pretty cool tree mail.
It was a really good twist of

trying to make kites and then we
have to fly them and then we get

a reward.
>> (yelling)

Too much wind.
>> I got a kite and a new outfit

out of this challenge.
>> I think the next facet of

this game is to eliminate the
non-Rotu people.

I think Sean will go first, but
I don't think we're going to

start voting off power.
I want to, believe me.

I would love to vote off John or
Tammy, but I don't know if I can

really get Paschal to listen.
He likes to make his own

decisions about honesty and

>> See, I asked Zoe that.
I just point-blank asked her:

"Did you guys ever consider
voting me off?"

And she said no.
>> Well, that's true.

They didn't.
You're getting all this negative

>> You know, if I'm used as a

pawn for them to win and I'm on
the jury and I have to vote for

them and they took me and...
>> We'll find out.

>> Yeah, but they're going to
use us to get to the top.

>> So?
>> All right.

I need to have Paschal and Neleh
experience some of this turmoil.

A couple more pieces of turmoil
and they see how people act,

then they might commit to
understanding that the powerful

people need to go.
>> Oh, my kite is going to be a

miserable failure.
>> Oh, stop it.

>> I'm serious.
>> Ah, go fly a kite.

>> Yeah.
>> PROBST: Welcome, guys.

Today's challenge is very

The first person to get their
kite 300 feet in the air wins.

You'll know you're at 300 feet
because at the end of your spool

you'll see a purple ribbon.
Once that clears your spool, you

Now, to the reward, and I hope

this brings a smile to your

To start, a delicious Snickers

Ain't no regular Snickers

It's the big one.
>> Oh, yeah.

>> PROBST: Freshly chilled
on ice...

All right, start down here.
>> Oh, man.

>> PROBST: Dig in.
>> Oh, my God.

This is so good.
>> PROBST: Dig in, John.

The winner of the reward gets
the king-size Snickers, and

you're going to eat it en route
to a deep sea dive in one of the

most spectacular places on

A good chance to see manta rays,
eels, hammerhead sharks.

You go out with somebody

They'll teach you everything you
need to know.

Have a great time.
All right, pick your spool.

Tie it up to your kite.
Spread out along the beach.

Wait for my go.
Here we go, guys.

Survivors ready?

That-a-way, Kathy.
Off to a good start.

♪ ♪
That-a-way, Zoe.

All right, Neleh, you're

♪ ♪
Hang in there, Tammy.

>> Fly!
This thing just does not want to

>> PROBST: Sean, you're getting

nowhere fast, buddy.
Paschal, what are you doing?

Come on, John, run.

>> Good job, girlfriend.
That's tough.

>> PROBST: That-a-way, Zoe.
Keep it going.

You're up.
You're down.

♪ ♪
There you go, Neleh.

Oh, you're back on the ground.
♪ ♪

>> Yeah!

>> PROBST: You're on a hot

Do you dive?

>> Yeah.
>> Do you?

>> Yeah, I do.
>> PROBST: You're going to have

a great time.
>> Oh, I know.

>> Look at my kite.
It looks like the Little Rascals

built it.
>> PROBST: Guys, let's bring it

You're going down looking for

You're looking for eels.

You're looking for manta rays.
You're going to have a nice cool

You guys can head back to camp

that way.
♪ ♪

that way.
♪ ♪

>> The seas out in the South
Pacific are crazy.

They're so squirrelly.
They're going one way, another

If you hit one of those large

swells, the zodiac just comes
slamming down.

It was really fun.
I was definitely apprehensive.

>> The nice thing about scuba
diving that you've got to

remember is just to relax.
So as soon as you relax,

everything becomes really easy.
>> Right.

>> Just go through the hand

>> Okay.
>> You're okay.

>> Not good.
>> Not good.

>> I've got one of my own.
>> Yeah?

>> When I'm really scared,
I go...

They had everything ready
to go, you know?

Wetsuit, tanks, they were
informing me.

I felt very confident.
And by the time I was all suited

up and I was about ready to do
that back-flip off the boat, I

just said, "Just keep going,

>> Ready?

>> Dive.
>> The feeling when you first go

>> Dive.
>> The feeling when you first go

underwater, it's like going from
day to night, only it's going

from air to a whole 'nother
world under there.

You really truly feel like a
fish out of water, you know.

This isn't our abode.
There isn't where we're supposed

to be, and I feel that I'm
infiltrating something--

that we're not supposed to be
down there, but it's gorgeous.

There were some rays kicking

And the amount of fish is equal
to being in a massive aquarium.

It was a vacation down there,
getting away from the tribe and

the island and everything.
I just feel like I'm so far away

from everything down there.
No stress.

>> The bottom line is every
single Tribal Council, we go in

with the first we know we're
voting off and we're going with

a backup person.
>> Okay, it sounds good.

>> Right now, Paschal, Neleh,
myself, Big Rob, John and Zoe,

we've all decided to vote the
same for the next three votes.

Sean is the one.
>> I'm trying to leave here

playing the game.
I get frustrated because I feel

like nobody's playing the game.
I know I'm definitely next.

I didn't come out for no

I came out to bring home the

I'm not...
All I can do is go out trying.

I'm telling you the truth.
I'm going to talk to Kathy and

I'm going to talk to Neleh.
>> Sean, I think, probably is

feeling very vulnerable right
now and is trying to stir the

pot a little bit, to cause some
possible doubts about what's

going to happen tomorrow night
in the event he doesn't win

immunity or whether or not he's
got the votes to keep him on.

So it's fascinating to watch
all this take place.

>> Let's pray for a moment.
Father God, in the name of

Jesus, another grateful morning
to be in your presence.

>> God, that was hysterical.
I feel like a dead fish.

Hey, how are you?
>> Tell me about it.

>> It was great.
It was beautiful.

It was exciting.
And we got a Snickers bar, so

I'm excited.
We're going to have some

The real motivational force for

bringing the Snickers bar back
was for peace of mind.

So if they had any beef that I
won a challenge again, then I

thought the Snicker bar would
just kind of entice good

feelings from the tribe.
It could also backfire, like I'm

trying to bribe them.
Oh, my God.

I am now going to be eating
Snicker bars.

We all would have had a hard
time bringing it back, so that

was very, very generous of you.
Thank you.

>> I like having you guys happy.
There's too much tension on the

>> No.

That was great.

>> It was a beautiful gesture on
Kathy's part, you know, an

eighth of a Snicker isn't going
to change my vote, but I do

appreciate the gesture and it
was a very sweet thing for her

to do.
>> There's a bond here.

>> Yep, there definitely is.
>> It may be a different kind of

bond, but there's a bond.
>> Right.

>> Everybody's, like, we're all
family and I'm like, you know,

everything ain't hunky-dory over

Things are going on.
People are not to be trusted.

But while you're still in the
game, you've got to kind of be

vague, but still put it out.
Maybe Kathy.

If I can maybe get Kathy,
then maybe she can get Pappy and

At this point, all gloves is

It's like, let's go for the

This is a million bucks.

We have one in nine.
We'll never have these odds in

our favor.
This isn't just a game.

We're now going to head into
crunch time.

We have a chance to win the

>> The only thing I can say is I
totally agree with you.

I think Tammy and John are
playing the game and they're

playing it so hard, it's

>> If you're in agreement, you
me and V are on the same

>> Yeah, we are, but we just

need to get Paschal and Neleh
and you know what?

I think we can do it.
I think this alliance stuff is

what's killing us here.
>> You just know there's going

to be alliances, you know, no
matter what, so...

>> Really?
>> Yeah, no matter what.

And no matter... the bigger
stink you make about things, the

more vulnerable you are, so...
>> I know.

>> Being voted out fifth totally
is fine.

She feels if you make too many
waves, she said, "Kathy, if you

talk any more about that, you're
going to get voted off."

So now, Paschal's sort of the
pivotal vote.

I don't want to be a pawn to
help Tammy and John go to the

I want it to be even.

>> I'm not aligning myself with
Sean and V.

>> You know what, Paschal?
>> No, you know what?

Here's the deal.
>> I want it to be fair.

>> Okay, here's the deal.
>> It should be fair.

>> Well, this game's not fair.
>> If I could have formed the

alliance with Sean and V and
Paschal and Neleh and myself,

I would have had a huge shot at
it, but that's not going to

Paschal wants Sean off, and so

does everybody else.
>> I'm feeling vulnerable

because of the warpath that
Sean went on, and so what I'm

worried about are there may be
people that may believe some of

the trash he was talking
and decide to vote against me.

>> Somebody who really sucked,
somebody who did nothing beat

me, that would just suck.
>> Well, that's exactly what I

told Neleh.
I said, "It is so important to

me that somebody like Sean
doesn't make it to the finals."

I said, "John deserves it.
Sean would be an embarrassment."

>> John picked up on something
that Sean may be under the

belief that he has Kathy and V
and me and Neleh with him, which

is incorrect.
And I just wanted to tell John

and I told him, I said, "You've
got my word that's not true."

When I give you my order... when
I give you my word, my word is

the most important thing to me
at my age."

I don't have much, but I got

>> Neleh and Paschal, I think,
are really supporting my success

in this game and are really
rooting for me.

And knowing that you can rely
upon those two people, I mean,

it's like two free passes.
It's an amazing experience.

I mean it's actually kind of

>> Who didn't get one?
>> Is it good?

>> You didn't get any?
>> Thanks, buddy.

>> Thank you.
>> Mostly coconut with just a

little bit of taro in it.
>> I can pick the little taro

>> The mood in the camp right

now seems to be, you know, we're
all on the jury and good luck to

everybody, but I do know "good
luck to everybody" really means

"good luck to Sean."
You know, every man for himself

is really Sean is for himself
swimming upstream.

>> See if my check came today,

>> Pretty simple.
>> Okay.

"You've had time to learn this

I hope you've prepared well.
If you've done your homework,

soon we all will tell.
Use your information wisely.

You can choose who you'll cut

Hope you've played nicely.
It will help you stick around."

>> I just think it's going to
be, like, a process of

elimination maybe.
>> I don't trust any one of

these people in this game.
I'm trying to win immunity for

I'm not giving it up if I win,

and if I lose, I'm going to
salute them and tell them, "Good

luck," because pretty much
that's how they wanted it.

I'm on my own.
Why would I want to trust any

one of them now at this stage
of the game?

>> PROBST: First things first.
Kathy, the immunity necklace

back up for grabs.

For today's immunity challenge,
I'm going to ask you a series of

questions relating to life and
survival on the Marquesas

Each of you has a station with

three bundles of coconuts
strung up to the top of a

coconut tree.
Every time you get an answer

correctly, you're going to take
the prong and chop down one pile

of coconuts of somebody else's.
You win immunity by knocking

everybody else out.
So when all three of your

coconut bundles have been
chopped down, you're out of the

The last person left with

coconuts wins immunity.
Now, if more than one of you has

a correct answer, you'll each
get a turn at chopping down

coconuts in an order chosen at

Get up your blocks and let's do

All right, here we go.
First question: True or false:

in a prolonged survival
situation, drinking large

quantities of coconut milk will
help combat dehydration?

The correct answer is false.
It has a laxative effect.

General, step forward.
Tammy, step forward.

Sean, step forward.
Sean, you're first.

Tammy, you're second.
General, you go third.

>> Surprise, surprise.
Shock of all shocks.

>> Good form, man.
Good form.

>> PROBST: The game is on, huh,

>> It's always been.
>> All right, Tammy.

>> PROBST: All right, Tammy.
>> Oh, I see what's going on.

>> PROBST: General.
Let's get this game going.

You're a marked man, Sean.
>> That's all right.

>> PROBST: Next question.
Cannibalism was common in the

Marquesas for which of the
following reasons:

A: as a means of purging the
sins of a tribe?

B: as a source of protein due to
the scarcity of meat?

C: a form of tribal sacrifice?
Or D: to seize the power of the

person being eaten?
The correct answer is D.

They wanted to seize the power.
John, V, Zoe, Sean and Neleh,

all got it right.
>> Kathy, I love you.

You're on a roll, girl.
No hurt feelings, though.

>> Nice job, baby.
>> Stay away from that green.

>> Oh, that was a tough one for

Payback's a bitch.
Good man.

>> Sean?
>> I got that, baby, right here.

>> PROBST: All right, Sean,
you're the first casualty.

You can take your box, have a
seat right over here in the

viewing area.

>> Go, Sweet Pea.
>> PROBST: Vecepia takes a first

>> Sweet Pea, whoa, you'll be

cracking some nuts.
>> Oh, there's a conspiracy

going on, y'all.
>> Three strikes and you're....

>> I'm calling Johnny Cochran,
if somebody hits V's.

>> PROBST: True or false: Within
a survival situation at sea

without freshwater, you should
refrain from eating?

True or false?
The answer is true.

John, General, Paschal, Zoe,

>> Where's Johnny Cochran?
I want him on the phone right

>> PROBST: Vecepia, you join

Sean in the waiting area.
Kathy takes her second hit.

>> You look tired, Kathy.
>> Ow!

>> PROBST: Kathy's out of the
game, joins Sean and V.

Paschal takes his first hit.
>> Whoa!

>> A little to the right, John.
>> Sorry, Neleh.

>> PROBST: Neleh's got one hit.
>> Ow.

>> PROBST: With authority.
>> Yeah!

>> I swear we could take them
out, I swear we could.

>> I don't know if we had
Paschal and Neleh for sure,

>> What, dear?

>> I said that was ugly of you.
>> PROBST: John, General just

took you out, but you still get
a shot.

>> This is the order how it's
going to go.

That's my boy.
>> You guys are cooking tonight.

>> PROBST: Paschal, you're out.
John, you're also out.

You can join the other three.
All right, Neleh.

General has all three of his
bundles of coconuts left.

Zoe and Neleh and Tammy, you
each have two left now.

Next question: In the Marquesas
Islands, what is a horse?

A: a rearing flower.
B: a vermilion sea creature

found in lagoons.
C: a horse like any other found

all over the world.
Or D: a traditional podium for

tiki statues.
Spanish explorers introduced

horses to the Marquesas, so a
horse is just a horse.

Everybody but Zoe step forward.
>> Everybody's got to have two,

also, right?
>> Ow!

Oh, nice.
>> One last person in the game

evens the odds.
>> Oh, good.

I needed a rest.
I'll remember.

Don't worry.
>> PROBST: Payback's tough.

>> Heads up, General.
>> You want me to leave it out

for you?
>> Ooh.

>> Why wouldn't she have given
Neleh another chance?

>> You whacked me.
Turnaround is fair play.

>> PROBST: Take your box and
join the group.

>> Hey, it's green.

Money color, baby.
>> PROBST: It's down to you two.

You both get it right,
we'll move on.

Somebody misses, it's over.
True or false: The sea cucumber

can actually be deadly to human

It can cause burns, but it is
not deadly.

Tammy's right.
Chop down his last coconut.

I'll have immunity when you get

>> Oh, doesn't that look

>> PROBST: Nicely done.
Tammy's safe from the vote.

Somebody else is going home.
See you at Tribal Council in a

few hours.
You guys can head back to camp.

Nice job.
So long.

>> You know how people always
say everything is not perfect.

When you get back from a
challenge, you find out just how

everything is not always

>> Took care of business right
off the bat, man.

Thank you, baby.
>> At the challenge, there was

quite a bit of cockiness with
Tammy, Zoe, Big Rob and John.

>> I almost was going to do you
because I hated to get Paschal

at another time.
>> It didn't seem to bother you

that much.
>> Today in the trivia game,

Sean went out first, then V,
then Kathy.

I had some satisfaction that I
was the one that cut Sean's last

So hopefully that will be an

omen tonight.
>> Everybody saw for their own

eyes at the challenge how
arrogant the four was, and I

think it rubs people the wrong

>> They just didn't play it
smart in that game.

>> They didn't.
>> Yeah, they were never going

to give us any consideration.
>> No way.

>> None.
>> I think the way that immunity

came down, the coconut chopping
and all, I think it signaled to

us that there was a pecking
order, and we were included in

it, even though we had been told
that that wasn't true.

>> When we saw the coconuts,
they hacked down John's, you

know, these just in the order
that they were going to

eliminate us.
I've been nothing but honest to

I'm following my heart today.

I would be lying to my heart and
to myself if I went up there and

voted for Sean tonight.
This is really how I feel,

If me and you are going to get

anywhere towards the end, we
have to do this.

We would be fools not to.
I'm not going to go out with

those six.
We've worked too hard.

We've been here for too long,
worked too hard, and I'm not

going to go out like that.
I just had this feeling, you

know, especially after today's
immunity challenge.

I saw them hack down Paschal's
coconuts so fast, and inside I'm

just like, there's got to be
something changed here.

>> I don't know how to play this

I have no clue how to play it.
I don't want to know how to play

I tend to lay back and watch the

lay of the land and then when I
think I've got the lay of the

land figured out, I begin doing

This is exactly how I am in the
courtroom, in life.

The only thing I can say is I
think I'm a fair and consistent

I think I'm a fair and

consistent player.
>> I'm going to pack all my

stuff, and when I go to Tribal,
I'm fully prepared to be voted

If it's going to be that they

vote me out ninth, I don't like
going out like a wimp because

I'd rather go out with my head
held high knowing that I tried,

than staying around dealing with
the tribal people saying, well,

at least five, six or seven is
not bad.

♪ ♪
>> PROBST: Welcome, guys.

♪ ♪
>> PROBST: Welcome, guys.

>> Jeff.
>> Hi, Jeff.

>> PROBST: V, about today's

Do you think there was anything
to the first three who got

knocked out of this game?
Sean was clearly marked.

You were next and Kathy.
Boom, boom, boom.

Is that just the way this game
goes, or did you reflect upon

that and think, "Hmm?"
>> Jeff, I definitely reflected

upon that because it seemed to
me to be a little bit of

gloating as people were staying
in the game and going on,

and it was apparent to several
of us, and at that point, alarms

started going off in all of our

>> PROBST: John, tell me about
the kiss.

You gave a Godfather kiss to
Sean as you went to do his third

Sean received it, good-naturedly

and put it on his ass.
What was going on there?

>> Basically with me being the
mouthpiece and you're dead-on,

that's exactly what I was doing,
you know, just taunting.

We have a friendship with each
other where we understand that

we're playing the game, and that
nothing is meant seriously.

We have no hard feelings toward
each other at all.

>> PROBST: Paschal, for you,
what's the objective of this

You've been out here now 24

>> Well, from my point of view,

the objective when I came in
here was to be as honest as I

could be, given the framework of
the game.

And I'm one of the people that
really didn't start playing the

game until very late.
I think I started maybe playing

today, as a matter of fact.
>> PROBST: How about for you,

>> I came into the game wanting

to be, you know, Mr. Integrity,
Mr. Honesty.

And then you start building
alliances and you start doing

things, and then there is doubt
about what other people are

saying or doing.
I don't think I, like, flat out

I think I've adapted to the half

truths and all that, and I've
done my share of them, you know,

and I wish I hadn't, but at this
point, it just seems to be part

of the game.
>> PROBST: Sean, if you get

voted out tonight, are you proud
of how you've played?

>> I'm proud 100%.
I haven't lied to one person in

this game.
The people I kept my word to,

I've kept my word to up to this

For me, integrity is definitely

Stand for something or you'll
fall for anything.

So stand up for what you
believe, even if it means

getting kicked out.
>> PROBST: Okay, immunity.

Tammy, you're wearing it.
You own it.

You can keep it.
You can certainly give it away.

What are you going to do with

>> When I went into the immunity
challenge today, I didn't give a

(bleep) whether I won or lost
because I wasn't worried about

my position in the tribe.
But I hold this thing in high

respect now, and I realize how
valuable it is.

>> PROBST: So you're keeping it.
Okay, you guys are about to get

ready to vote out the first
person that will be a member of

the jury.
From here on out, you're going

to vote people out of this game
and then turn around and ask

them to come back and vote for
you to give you $1 million.

Very, very tough game to play.
It is time to vote.

Paschal, you're first.
>> You told me today you can't

Paschal, you're first.
>> You told me today you can't

wait for a shower, a meal and a
good bed.

We'll be hanging at NYC
eating good soon.

Later, bro.
>> You've been better the last

Later, bro.
>> You've been better the last

few days, but I still don't feel
like you pull your weight around

the camp.
>> Checkmate, brother.

the camp.
>> Checkmate, brother.

You thought you had me.
Any time you go to Vegas, bet on

We're definitely going to have

chicken and waffles when this
whole thing is done.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the

Once the votes are read,
the decision is final.

The person will be asked to
leave the Tribal Council area

I'll read the votes.

First vote: Sean.

Two votes Sean.

It's two votes Sean;

two votes John.
Three votes John.

We're tied: three votes John,
three votes Sean.

That's four votes John.
The eighth person voted out,

the first member of our jury:

No need to read the last vote.
John, the tribe has spoken.

No need to read the last vote.
John, the tribe has spoken.

>> Okeydoke.
>> PROBST: It's time for you to

Good night.

Just when you think you have
this game figured out, whoops,

This game is up for grabs.

You guys can head back to camp.
I'll see you tomorrow.

Stay tuned for scenes
from our next episode.

>> PROBST: Next time on

John's departure marks a new era
at Soliantu.

>> It's a new day we're starting

>> PROBST: Friends become bitter

>> From the get-go I didn't like

>> I have changed my opinion of

Zoe's a bitch.
>> PROBST: And two lucky

survivors get away from it all.
Now for the reward:

an authentic Marquesan feast.
>> Well, well, well.

So I'm the first member of the

I'm going to go eat really good

My abs are incredible.
I wish I could have done a

little bit better.
You won't be able to retire,

I'm sorry.

But, um, but I made the game and
I made the jury and I just...

I did really well and I'm very
proud of myself.