Survivor (2000–…): Season 4, Episode 7 - True Lies - full transcript

Tensions begin to rise among the castaways after the two tribes merge into one.

>> PROBST: Previously on

Survivor: John made an alliance
with the other three original

Rotu members and took control of
the tribe.

>> Everyone knows I'm the

Everyone knows it's my plan.
>> PROBST: But Rob and Sean were

left out of the alliance and
have their own plans for John.

>> If I have any opportunity at
all to get rid of John, I will.

>> PROBST: Rob and John decided
to make a pitch and join John's

>> I'm giving you my word, 100%.

>> PROBST: They cut a deal.
In case of a merge they'll vote

together to eliminate Maraamu

>> I want them to trust me, but
he shouldn't.

>> PROBST: Go!
Rob then led Rotu to victory in

the immunity challenge,
>> Rotu wins!

>> PROBST ...sending Maraamu to
Tribal Council, where they voted

Gina out of the tribe.
The tribe has spoken.

Ten survivors remain.
Who will be voted out tonight?

>> It's a skull of a man!
>> Oh, that's definitely a

>> What is that?

Is that the eyeball socket?
>> Yeah.

That's the eye socket.
>> Oh!

>> This is unbelievable.
>> It really is.

>> It's hard to believe how many
centuries we're looking at right

>> Look, that's his ribcage.

Do we agree that's a paepae?
>> It is a paepae because these

rocks are too evenly formed.
A paepae is a Marquesan

That's where they had their

ceremonies and where they even
performed cannibalism.

>> They just buried them in the
side of a wall?

>> Look at how this skull is

>> Yeah, that's what I was
talking about.

>> It's obvious it had some
blunt trauma to the head.

A fracture all the way across

>> I think it was an emotional

Last night, it was tough.
Tough vote.

I was happy at one point that
the vote went my way, but when I

saw Gina leave, I felt really

>> Go over here, back under...
>> Paschal and Neleh, I don't

think I can break up that

They have a really great bond.
Because we're at three right

now, I have to work it.
It'll be tough.

I think if we do get to another
vote, they'll vote me off.

>> You're thinking of catching a

I'm thinking of catching a pig.
I mean there are a bunch of pigs

running around.
There's one right there.

>> This tribe is a bunch of

I've just about had it with this

>> Hello.
>> How are you?

Good morning.
>> Doing great.

>> Vecepia is just so fake to

The way people are acting, it
drives me crazy.

Maybe that's their game.
Everybody is going to be happy

to each other, but I hate it.
I think at the other camp I

always had an ace in the hole,
and over here I don't.

>> The only thing is we don't
know if they're keeping their

Say, like, they get rid of Kathy

like they said the first time,
but then say just as a

precaution they might get rid of
one of us.

Just so we can't do an alliance.
I've been stuck in a roadblock

situation for the past ten days,
and I haven't been able to get

around it.
And it's like I've tried going

up one side of the mountain and
I've tried going up the other

side, and maybe it's time to try
to just dig a hole right through

>> Mail call.

Okay, ladies!
>> No, you.

>> Yeah, go right ahead.
Oh, it's a long one.

>> It's a long one.
"You'll be left in stitches if

you sew up this reward.
Give this map to one survivor.

Defeat can you not afford.
Choose your one wisely with

long sleeves and long pants.
Don't send the wrong tribe

This may be your last chance."

One of us has to leave.
>> There's a map here.

We've got five minutes to pick
one person, get them outfitted

in long-sleeved pants, tennis
shoes, and have them start

following this map.
Okay, who do we want to send?

>> I'll volunteer.
I'll go do it.

>> Is there anybody else that
wants to go do this one?

>> Okay, that's fine.
>> I've got five minutes?

>> Less than that now.
Put on long pants.

>> I'm going to do it for us.
Rotu, come on.

>> All right, man, Rotu, Rotu.
>> I got my pack.

I'll take some mango.
Thank you.

Give me the map.
>> Be careful!

>> I will.
>> Where's the knife?

Give me a knife.
>> You going to want socks also?

>> Might as well, right?
>> We're all counting on you,

Put some coconut in your pocket.

Come on, boy.
>> Now it's in God's hands.

>> Yeah, I volunteered because
I thought there may be a change

and something might be getting
shaken up.

But that's how I've been playing
this game.

I've been taking chances.
>> PROBST: Hey, guys.

I've been taking chances.
>> PROBST: Hey, guys.

>> PROBST: How you doing, man?

Kathy, how are you?
>> Good to see you.

>> PROBST: Welcome to Kamuihei.
This area in particular is

called a tohua, which is a
public meeting place, so

anything important that would
happen in tribal life would

happen right here.
You will now serve as

ambassadors to a very important
event in your world, the merging

of your two tribes.
Rotu, Maraamu, no more.

Tonight, the new tribe will be
born under your guidance.

You will sleep under the stars
on the same paepae where rival

chiefs would meet 500 years ago
to discuss and make decisions.

By morning, you will have made
several important decisions,

among them creating the new
tribes' name, and painting the

new tribal flag.
Now because this is a very big

responsibility, we want you guys
to be well fed, so you're

thinking very clearly.
So if you guys will have a seat,

I will go get your food.
>> We got a lot to talk about.

>> Yeah, man.
>> PROBST: Tell me this is not

going to be a fun night.
>> Oh, my God, yes!

>> PROBST: A little more to

>> Thank you!
>> PROBST: Now what would pizza

be without beer!
>> All right!

>> Oh, my God.
Jeff sat us down to pizza and

30 Coors Light.
>> Cheers.

>> Cheers.
>> I was siting across from this

young buck, and I'm going,
"I'm going to pound beers and

eat pizza with this guy?"
I've heard a lot about you.

>> I've heard a lot about you.

>> So we have to come up with a

>> Bernie's tribe.
>> That's original.

>> I was just on a total high.
I knew that by responding to

this challenge I was taking a
chance, and it paid off.

Pizza and beer!
>> I feel so bad.

My tribe people would love

>> I feel bad, too.
>> You do not.

>> That's too bad for them.
>> We started talking

immediately about what's
happening with the tribes.

Zoe and I were like the moms.
You know, we were cleaning up.

We were getting the tribe going.
>> Really.

>> Oh, yeah.
>> You and Zoe feel you're

pretty close?
>> Zoe and I were like moms.

"Let's clean the place up."
>> Unreal.

That's unreal.
The lies going on.

Honestly, you feel you're close,
you and Zoe?

>> Zoe?
>> Yeah.

Zoe is funny because I

confronted Zoe.
She told me that she was voting

you off, right, and then I go to
John, I said, "John, who's

next?," and he said, "Kathy."
She doesn't know if I'm telling

the truth or lying, just like I
don't know, just like nobody in

this game knows who's telling
the truth.

>> After talking to Gina, I
thought he was just a lazy kid.

Young, didn't care.
I'm having a hard time with it.

>> What exactly did Gina say
about me that made me out to be

such a bad person that they want
to vote me off so bad now?

>> You're a lazy bum and you
don't care about anything.

>> Really?
>> She thinks you were two-faced

and you were mean.
>> Really.

That's unreal.
>> You're telling me Zoe is

voting me off.
Zoe and I bonded, so you think

that's not a shock to my system?
>> Let me tell you something.

I'm sitting here talking to you
right now, Kathy.

I may be writing my own destiny
up here.

If they find out that I said
anything, then they're going to

take me out and you'll be

Unless we're going to change

You want to make a pact, me and

>> Do you want to?
>> They'll never know.

It will be just me and you.
>> I felt this pact we were

going to form was okay, but it
happened so quickly, and he

wanted it so badly, I just sort
of shook hands.

All right.
>> All right.

>> Let's do it.
>> Serious.

>> All right, I am really

Don't stab me.
>> You don't have to ask me

I swear to God, I will never

vote you off.
I promise.

John thinks I have an alliance
with the team.

Now she thinks I have an
alliance with her.

Dude, I've been lying this whole

John thinks he's going to ride
it all the way to the end.

I'm being serious.
>> No, I'm totally agreeing with

I just can't get over how

conniving it is.
>> Who is John, some kind of

Marquesan god?

Have another beer.
>> I'm a little hesitant on why

he just suddenly decided to make
me on as his soulmate or

whatever it is.
It was so quick.

And I just don't trust that
element of it.

We're going to sleep well,
under mosquito netting, my God.

Does that mean that we can sleep
without pants on?

Don't panic.
>> You're crazy.

We can't talk about anything
that's going on.

I basically saw another Sarah in
her for me.

Warm me up, baby.
Want to massage me, baby?

It's going to be interesting
because if I actually do stand

by my word and go with Kathy,
it's a new game.

Will you remember in the morning
that we made an agreement?

>> We made an agreement, buddy.
>> Then in the end it'll be me

and you.
>> That will be a riot.

Let's see if we can do it.
>> Rob and I promised each other

Let's see if we can do it.
>> Rob and I promised each other

not to tell anybody that we
discussed the tribal issues.

We just were going to tell both
the Rotu members and Maraamu

that the conversation was about
the new tribe name, the flag,

getting to know each other.
>> Don't panic.

Don't be nervous.
>> We came back to Maraamu.

>> Hi, guys!
>> And we had to inform Paschal

and Neleh that we had to get
everything out of the camp onto

a raft in five minutes.
We got five minutes!

Everything we got, come on.
Everything we got.

Get the kettles.

Get the knives, Neleh!
>> Put everything on top.

Water jugs, Pappy.
Kathy, help me get it on top

>> We got it. We got it.

Keep going.
Keep going.

>> Let's go.
>> Okay, that's it.

Grapefruits coming down.
>> One minute!

One minute!

Everybody back to the raft.
Now, Paschal!

Touch the raft.
Good job, guys.

>> Good job, buddy.
Nice to meet you.

>> Yeah, you too, buddy.


>> Oh, my God, we did it.
>> With only four of us we did

We're a team.

All of us.
No, there's a merge.

>> Oh, really.
>> We have so much to talk

>> Here you go, man.

>> So this is our new buff?

>> This is it.

>> Good job, guys.

>> You know, upon arriving to
the new tribe, it was great to

see everyone, but I definitely
entered with hesitancy.

>> You're the only person I
didn't give a hug.

>> I know.
Hi, Tam.

Good, I'm tired.
But it's good to see you.

>> You guys also.
>> And I was aloof and trying to

figure it all out after hearing
what Boston Rob told me about

these people wanting to vote me

>> Great seeing you.
>> I was disappointed, too, that

the loyalty's shot.
It's gone.

>> So how you doing, Zoe?
>> What's that?

>> How you doing?
>> Doing better now that you

guys are here.
Here, I'll put this up in a

I think we got most of it.

I was aloof to Zoe, worried that
she actually was going to vote

me off.
I didn't trust her.

I didn't trust John.
I didn't trust Tammy.

I didn't trust the General.
I didn't trust anybody when I

got back here, really.
I was very, very, aloof and

somewhat quiet, just sort of
hanging on the outer rim.

>> All right.
So these are the new buffs and

the new flags.
>> What's the new name, guys?

>> Yeah, what's the new name?
>> The new name, we had like a

half-hour to make this, this
morning, so.

The name of it is Soliantu.
>> Soliantu.

>> And the name means...
Sacred allegiance to the sun.

>> That's cool, guys.

>> Everybody hold hands.

>> Ready?
One, two, three.

>> Let's just get it out of the

way right now.
>> Rob and Kathy together

developed our new name,
Soliantu, and our new flag.

We got our new buffs, pink

The women were very happy about

You know, I don't care what they

Real men don't wear pink.
>> What was that?

>> I said real men wear pink.
>> Okay, Rob.

>> Well, when we finally got the
ramp and the supplies on shore,

everybody just like busy little
beavers went right to doing what

they had to do.
>> Reposition.

There we go.
>> We were just so happy to be

back together again.
It was like old times.

>> So we got a harvest here,
Dear Lord, in the name of Jesus,

with new tribe members, new
colors and a new life.

We thank you, Lord, in the name
of Jesus that everyone got here

safely, keep our spirits high,
for we know not what's going to

happen tomorrow.
We give you all the honor, glory

and praise, today and
forevermore, for Solianu.


>> Soliantu.
>> Soliantu.

One, two, three, Soliantu.
>> The game faces are on in full

tilt and nobody wants to talk
about it.

Nobody wants to talk to me about

I think the game has changed in

the sense that the Rotu loyalty
has dissolved or it has taken on

new shape.
And there is definitely some

undercurrent alliance that's
been formed while we were over

at Maraamu.
But in my heart I just can't get

over that this Rotu tribe wanted
to vote me off.

>> I'm about ready to get axed.
>> Eh.

>> No, I'm serious.
I believe it.

So I don't know what to do.
Powerful people on this beach,

if you ask me.
They're playing us, just so you

They're playing you and Neleh

too, and I just want you to
understand that.

>> Oh, I understand that

>> Yeah.
I think it's time to find out

how we all are playing out in
these people's minds.

Not just sit and wait to get
voted off.

>> Well, when we first landed,
Kathy, I think she may have been

advised by Rob either on the way
over here or sometime shortly

after we got here, that she was
being looked at very closely as

a possible first elimination,
and she was really upset about

I just told Kathy, I said look,

you know, I'll listen and maybe
there's an opportunity that

we'll find ourselves in, and if
I do, I'll let you know.

I just didn't want her to get in
a confrontational mode this

early on after reuniting.
>> By God, it's a game.

But I don't think lying fits
into games.

So just tell me the truth, man,
and keep it upfront because

I just can't deal with lying.
And integrity is critical in

this game, I feel.
So I really appreciate it.

>> Those little white ball
things-- I don't know what those

are called.
>> A couple people said that you

absolutely should not lie to
play this game.

Let's, you know, start something

Let's tell everybody before
they're going to get voted out

and let's not lie, ever.
And you know what, that is just

great, up here.
But it's not realistic.

>> I don't want any bugs
crawling in my ears.

Same here.
>> This is a game about being

the smartest person, outwitting,
outplaying and outlasting

everybody else, and you may have
to tell a white lie along the

way or two or three.
But I went into this game

knowing that I was going to do
what it takes to win the game.

I hope when all is said and done
that these people still look at

me and still like me.
I don't intend to lie to any of

their faces, but I do intend to
play the game and win it.

>> What's up?
Should we have a little talk?

>> Sure.
>> I wanted to talk to you two


>> Branch down here to sit on.
>> I want to talk about a couple

>> Oh...

>> I'm just curious.
Who you guys voting for?

>> I haven't figured my vote.
>> I don't think it's any of

your business, first of all.
>> I find you amazing, Zoe.

>> Excuse me?
>> I find you amazing.

>> Why thank you.
>> I trust you, and everybody is

lying, left and right.
>> You know what it is, it's all

about tribal loyalty.
There's still a ghost of Rotu,

and that's what the problem is.
>> Right, but that wasn't the

way it was supposed to be, was
it, Zoe?

I mean, I thought we had an
agreement, Zoe, you know?

You and I and John and Tammy and
Sean, and Vecepia and Rob.

>> Agreement about?
>> Didn't we have an agreement

about taking everybody from
their side of the island off?

You don't remember anything
about that?

>> No.
>> See, this is what I mean.

And Kathy wasn't your first

choice as soon as she got here,
and we promised that if we got

rid of Gabe that we'd stay

>> How did you ever get that?
>> How do I ever get that?

Tell the truth, go on, will you?

Tell the truth.
Don't worry, everybody.

I'm telling everybody tonight,
Zoe, everybody.

The other day, didn't you tell
me you were voting for Kathy,

yes or no?
>> No, I didn't.

>> No, you didn't?
You paused and you lied.

I can't say that I didn't see it

It was like a certain degree of
trust that I felt, among the

And it completely got shattered.

Where you going?
You leaving, Kathy?

>> Yeah, for crying out loud, I
get a story from you and then I

get a story from Zoe and people
are lying through their teeth,

and I haven't lied once, man.
I don't know what this stupid

game is about, but I'm out of

>> You can believe what you want
to believe, okay.

>> I don't like to be lied to,
and then again and again and

It irritates me.

>> Zoe is lying to me.
They're all lying to me.

They're all lying to me,
and I'm being played as a pawn.

A pawn.
I need the immunity because I'm

getting the ax.
I don't know.

It's just not adding up, but I'm
going to trust what Rob told me,

and I need immunity to stay in
the game.

>> PROBST: First things first.
As always, Edgar is coming back.

Let me say, congratulations on
making the merge.

The good news is you now have a
one in ten shot of being the

sole survivor.
Now because we are an individual

immunity, the idol is no more.
This is what you covet.

Since you're now competing
against one another, you have a

chance to win individual

Win it, you alone are safe from
the vote.

To win it, you're going to have
to have some good sea legs for

our immunity challenge today.
Each tribe member will stand on

a platform in the water.
The person to stand the longest

without falling off wins.
Only your feet may touch the

Any other body part touches the

platform, you're out.
You've randomly drawn numbers

for which platform you'll stand

Take your spot on your platform.
Wait for my go.

>> Good luck, guys.
>> PROBST: Immunity at stake.

Survivors ready?
>> Ready.

>> PROBST: Go!
Challenge is on!

Neleh, you touched the platform.
Neleh and General are down.

Neleh, General, take a spot on
the shoreline.

Paschal is down.
>> Watch out.

There you go!

>> PROBST: V. is down.
Going to do the backstroke to

the beach.
Zoe, you look very comfortable

out there.
>> Nice recovery, John.

out there.
>> Nice recovery, John.

Oh, baby.
>> Come on, Johnny.

>> PROBST: Sorry, Sean, you

Down to five.
Zoe, you're out.

>> Oh.
>> Hang in there, buddy.

Hang in there.
>> Whoa!

>> He touched it!

>> PROBST: Whoa, Rob.
You're done.

>> Told you about being a wise

>> Oh, God.
>> Steady foot, John!

>> Go, Johnny, pots and pans.

>> PROBST: Tammy goes in head

Take a spot on the shoreline.
We are down to two.

>> Yeah!
>> PROBST: John and Kathy.

For immunity.
>> So many times he's like

stumbled and he just stay there,

And he hasn't touched once.
He just stays up there.

Kathy is holding in there.
>> Kathy is pretty steady.

>> PROBST: Whoa.

Kathy wins immunity.

You lost your concentration,

>> What?

>> PROBST: You want this?
>> Yeah!

>> PROBST: Come get it.
>> All right, baby!

Well earned.

Well earned.
>> PROBST: Turn around here.

Here we go.
>> Yes!

>> It's terrible living over
here with these people.

They're all trying to merge into
one like they're one big happy

The way I see it now, Kathy

probably blabbed to John, ratted
me out.

John's slick, but he's not as
smart as he thinks he is.

See the thing is, you can't have
secrets too long in this game,

especially in an individual
situation like we're in now.

But within the next two Tribal
Councils, John is going to get

exposed one way or another.
I mean, that's the game.

If you can figure out what
buttons to push on what people,

then you're going to have the

>> Hey, what's up?
Where you going tonight?

>> I have no idea.
>> I thought we were taking them

out one at a time.
>> There's lots of things we

came up with.
>> What happened about my word

is my bond?
>> Oh, yeah, mine was fine

until you went right to Kathy
and went right over at that

other side and said, "They're
going to vote you out first."

>> I did not say that to Kathy.
>> I'm not going to have this

Don't lie to my face.

>> There we go.
Now it's on, man.

Now it's personal.
>> No, no.

You know why it's personal
because you're going to stand

here and act like you didn't
have that conversation.

>> You're over here, Mr. I'm Not

>> We had conversations.
We looked each other in the eye,

looked each other in the eye.
And if it would have rested and

it would have stayed still,
then I would have been like fine

with it.
>> So why you didn't come to me

man to man, then, John?
>> Because at that point you

betrayed me.
>> How I betray you?

>> This is too much drama.
>> Obviously, it was a mutual

agreement between everybody.
Now this changed?

>> Dude, how can it be a mutual

Each person is an individual,
they get to decide.

>> Why wasn't the individual
vote thrown in when it was

Gabriel's turn to get voted out?
It wasn't individual then.

It was a (blip) alliance of
seven, right?

Don't hand me that individual's
(blip) when Gabe's ass was time

to get out because he didn't
fit into your plan.

So he had to go.
Now we're talking about, well,

everybody got their own vote.
Everybody got their own vote.

You all got a four thing going,
you included us and said, "All

right, we're going to go in

Everybody was like, "We team.
We team."

>> You flat out said...
>> But I'm saying, don't tell me

one thing and just because I
think about something or just

because I talk to somebody, then
all of a sudden it's off.

>> So wait a minute.
What am I supposed to be?

Like, naive?
>> You're not playing both

>> I'm not playing both sides,

>> It's all right, well,

everything is coming out
tonight, so don't worry.

>> It's already out.
What more do you want?

It's already out.
>> I hope you don't have any

This here is getting clean.

>> That's fine.
I'm totally clean, too.

I have no worries.
>> Cool.

>> Rob, you want to vote me out
tonight, vote me out.

But tell me man to man like Gabe
did, okay?

Okay, bud?
Don't go to Kathy and say...

>> I've been true to one person
had this whole thing, me.

I keep my word to me.
>> I hear you.

I hear you.
I keep my word to myself, too.

>> I've told nobody nothing, and
that's the way it is.

>> You haven't told anybody

>> I made no alliances to you.
I made no alliances to nobody.

I just keep my word to myself.
>> That's what I'm saying.

That's cool.
>> I haven't talked to anybody.

Nobody's talked to me.
Fine, I'm happy.

I do my own thing.
>> That's fine.

If you're telling the truth...
>> I'm The General and that's

>> Cool.

>> It's tough because you're
looking for angles.

You're constantly looking for an
angle to play.

Maybe everybody is lying, you

Who knows?
>> Five years ago, I'd have been

worse than Rob.
I probably wanted to push John

into that freaking fire.
The reason I'm more upset

because I've had personal
one-on-ones with John and we've

self-disclosed stuff.
How it's like to be a black man,

how it's like to be a gay man,
what it's like to be isolated.

We shared moments that got
nothing to do with this game.

And when we share those kind of
moments, and then you come and

try to pull some BS like this,
it's really hurtful.

>> What outfit should I wear
tonight to Tribal Council?

>> Now everybody is back to that
love tribe, happy family thing,

so I didn't expect it to be that
way, but it is.

God only knows how many people
are real about it.

It's flipping me out.
>> Like I said, day one is

completely different than day 21
or whatever.

>> Let's go over it so I feel

Okay, babe.
Thank you.

I just have to keep telling
myself it's a game, and get into

this peculiar act of kissy and
love, and I love you, but guess

what, when we go to the next
Tribal Council, you're out.

>> PROBST: Welcome to Tribal

Congratulations on making it
this far.

Survive tonight, you are
guaranteed a place in the jury

and a chance to be the sole

Let's start at the top.
V, is it a different mindset

now that it's no longer two
tribes facing off, but it is ten

>> Most definitely.

I think it is a different
mindset because you're coming

from competing as a group entity
to competing one-on-one.

So you're no longer looking at
the other person as your

teammate per se, but looking at
each and every one of these as

our adversary.
I mean, they're all our great

friends, but this is my
adversary now.

This is my adversary now, but we
love each other very much.

>> PROBST: Sean, what's the mood
of this tribe?

>> I feel like the outsider,
quite frankly, because it is an

old reunion of old tribe

I can't speak for Maraamu right
now is a mixture of emotions,

right now, because I'm fighting
for my life individually, since

I came over, I felt like.
>> PROBST: Zoe, how do you

respond to Sean feeling like,
you know what, I don't have a

shot in hell right now, because
you guys all have a pact and no

matter what I do, no matter how
I contribute, you'll never let

me in the group?
>> Well, I don't think that's

necessarily the case.
Everybody has their own feelings

about, you know, how strong they
feel within our family and our

And if that's the way Sean

feels, I feel sorry for him
feeling that way, but if that's

the way he feels, I don't see

>> PROBST: How about you,

What's your point of view on how
far you'll go in this game?

>> I'll never do anything to
compromise my values.

You know, I am who I am, and I,
you know, my word is my bond.

I'm not a youngster.
You know, my word is all I got.

>> PROBST: John, same for you?
I think you've told me that, you

know, I'm going to tell you the
way it is.

>> My personal rule is that, you
know, if somebody wants to have

a bond with me or whatever you
want to call it, fine.

Come talk to me, and if I agree
to it, that's great.

If you come to me and say one
thing, and you agree to it, and

then you immediately turn around
and start adjusting it without

telling me you're adjusting it,
to me that's the same as lying.

>> PROBST: How about you, Rob?
Are you happy with the way you

>> I'm happy with the way I've

play the game.
>> PROBST: Have you lied?

>> Yes.
>> PROBST: Anybody else here

lied to you?
>> Without a doubt people have

lied to me.
People that are sitting here

telling you right now that they
have not lied, they have lied.

Those people know who they are.
I don't feel it's necessary to

one by one single them out, but
I think people need to be able

to look in the mirror at
themselves after and if they're

happy with the way they played
the game, that's fair enough for

>> PROBST: All right.

There's a new facet now to
immunity, now that we've reached

the individual stage, and it
works like this.

When you win immunity, you now
own immunity, and you can assign

that immunity to somebody else.
So if you feel very secure, you

can buy a favor, you can buy
somebody's vote, you can protect

somebody if you want simply by
giving your immunity to them.

Kathy, you didn't have the
luxury of negotiating today.

So I'll put you on the spot now.
And are you secure enough now to

give that immunity to somebody

>> After what I went through

I do not feel secure.
Because I feel that there were

some really strange things that
happened today with deceit and

lies that I'll talk to people
about it and hopefully get it

resolved, but I question the
whole loyalty thing.

It evaporated.
So the immunity to me right now

is important.
>> PROBST: It's time to vote.

Kathy is the only one safe from
the vote.

Neleh, you're first.
>> Boston Rob, I'm voting for

Neleh, you're first.
>> Boston Rob, I'm voting for

you, boy.
You tried to stir up a lot of

stuff today.
I knew from the beginning that

you weren't going to keep your

You attacked me personally, so
I'm more than happy to put this

in here for you.
>> I vote for Johnny.

You play the game real well.
Hopefully, if things swing

right, you'll be gone.
If not we'll see you on the flip

>> Yo, look here, man.

I'm voting for you because you
dissed me and my boy, and if I

get voted out next, I really
don't give a damn.

But your time is coming.
You definitely lied to us.

That's for me and you, dawg.
>> My vote tonight is for Rob

That's for me and you, dawg.
>> My vote tonight is for Rob

Brother, you know, we came into

this tribe with not the right
numbers, so we were kind of

But I know soon I'll have to set

up that debt for the Maraamu
tribe and give you guys all

pizza and beer.
I'm looking forward to it.

See you soon.
>> PROBST: I'll go tally the

Once the votes are read,

the decision is final.
The person will be asked to

leave the Tribal Council area

I'll read the votes.
First vote...



Three votes Rob, two votes John.

Four votes Rob, two votes John,
one vote Zoe.

That's five.

Seventh person voted out of the
tribe: Boston Rob.

No need to read the last vote.
Rob, the tribe has spoken.

>> Good luck, guys.
>> PROBST: Well, you've made it

>> Good luck, guys.
>> PROBST: Well, you've made it

21 days.
You've reached the final nine,

which means the fate of two of
you rests in the hands of the

And from what I heard tonight,

should make for a very
interesting final 18 days.

You guys can head back to camp.
See you tomorrow.

Stay tuned for scenes
from our next episode.

>> PROBST: Next time on

Kathy confronts Zoe about her
lying ways.

>> There was never any intention
of voting you off.

>> Zoe just lied to me

>> The Survivors reach new

Neleh gets upset with the

actions of some of her tribe

>> I've been nothing but honest
to everybody.

I'm following my heart.
There's got to be something

changed here.
>> I like people to know that

this was a game, and I hope
everybody doesn't take so much

of everything that I said

I was trying to be funny.
It's just my personality.

I definitely enjoyed the game.
I like trying to manipulate more

than anything else.
I hope nobody comes away with

any bad feelings afterwards.
I hope we can all be friends.