Survivor (2000–…): Season 4, Episode 10 - Two Peas in a Pod - full transcript

Two reward challenge winners are treated to a helicopter trip, horseback ride, a feast and a dance celebration.

>> PROBST: Previously on

The alliance of John, Tammy, the

General and Zoe maintained
strategic control of the camp.

>> They've all decided to vote
the same.

>> When I give you my word, my
word is huge.

It's the most important thing to

>> Neleh and Paschal, I think,
are really supporting my success

in this game.
>> Three strikes and you're out!

>> PROBST: But the alliance's
blatant display of power at the

immunity challenge caused
Paschal and Neleh to rise up

against them.
>> They just didn't play it

smart in that game.
I'm not going to go out fifth or

We've worked too hard.

>> PROBST: At Tribal Council,
they joined V., Sean and Kathy,

and voted John, the leader of
the alliance, off the island.

John, the tribe has spoken.
>> Okeydoke.

>> PROBST: Eight are left.
Who will be voted out tonight?

>> Very nice.
>> Oh, God, it's so good!

It's a new day.
I think I can win.

>> I feel so good this morning.
I found myself before, kind of

having my destiny in other
people's hands, and now it's a

new spirit.
It's a new day we're starting

Hello, world!

>> Hello, world!
>> You're going to be the first

jet beauty of the week.
>> Now that myself, Kathy, V.,

Pappy and Neleh got together, we
said you know what, truly may

the best man win, with no

>> Marquesan islands!
>> It is beautiful!

>> We want the people who play
this game fairly, and don't try

and manipulate people, to have a
good chance to get to the top.

>> This is funny, I mean, to
see that we had turned around

like that at the last second,
and beat them at their own game,

I just think it's hilarious,
like I just laugh my head off.

>> Oh, yeah.
The taro that did it.

>> Okay, all the lamps are fixed
and full.

>> All right!
>> The mood is very, very happy

among those five people.
I mean, they're all very...

they're happy.
You know, they're sitting

pretty, they've got five of

>> We're going to have to go to
bed at night.

>> It's so important that we
just maintain this.

Maintain this.
>> I got to tell you one thing,

though, we need to have some fun

>> I know, for real.
>> I want to find some more

cowry shells.
So when you guys are going, I'm

going to be in search of cowry

>> Okay.
>> We're two outcasts.

>> I feel like an outcast
sitting over here.

>> You can't make them come over
and hang out with us.

>> They see us as traitors.
Even though they've all done the

>> Oh, yeah.

>> I want to be so truthful.
I just want to be truthful.

>> We have been from day one.
That's why I said, you know

what, when it comes down to it,
I want to be with people

that are going to be honest with

>> Basically, we got screwed
because of John.

It's our fault for trusting him.
I think that myself, Rob and

Zoe all have targets on our
back, because of the alliance,

and unless something changes in
the next few days, because I'm

seen as the "leader" after John,
I'm the next to go.

>> You, then me, kid.
That's the pecking order.

>> Yeah. That's all right.

We'll see.
The game's not over yet.

My allegiance is to Zoe and Rob
at this point.

Zoe fits right into that group
now, huh?

I really don't know what game
Zoe is playing.

I wanted to see how strong our
alliance was.

I just told Zoe, I said, you
know, I'm glad that, you know,

we were on a team for a while.
Well, it was a pretty loose

friendship on my line.
The alliance was...

>> I mean, whatever game you
want to play now is fine, but

that's not what you were saying

Zoe tried to say that she wasn't
in alliance with John, Rob and

And you know what?

That's just not true.
If you want me to keep my mouth

shut now, so you can play your
game, that's one thing.

Be straight with me.
I'd respect that much more than

... me right now.
>> You want me to tell you from

the get-go, I didn't like you.
I didn't really dig you.

I didn't like dig the way your
eyes were, your presentation.

>> I have changed my opinion of

Zoe is a bitch.
I mean, she's just trying to

save her own butt right now.
Maybe her true colors will start

to, you know, shine through and
somebody will figure out who she

is and want to vote her off
instead of me.

>> As far as the game goes now,
I don't trust you.

>> I don't trust you either.
>> Cool.

Then let's go gather some
shells, because that's what I

came here for.
I didn't come here for a bunch

of ....
I came here to get some shells.

I'm distancing myself from
Tammy at this point.

I'm here to win.
I'm here to be the final

Survivor, and if I had to say
something to someone and do

something exactly the opposite
without them knowing or them

finding out later, well, that's
just the way it is.

That's the way life is.
>> Uh-oh.

A big coconut.
We got mail!

You guys are going to be so in

Okay, you guys ready?
"Hard as a rock, sweet as can

be, tough to get into as you
soon will see.

You're going to pair up, but
you won't know with whom,

full bellies and a party if you
both can pull through."

>> This is going to be good.

>> PROBST: Okay.
For today's reward challenge,

you will compete as teams, four
teams of two.

You guys have already randomly
drawn lots to determine who's

paired with who.
Sean and Paschal, Tammy and

Vecepia, Kathy and the General,
Neleh and Zoe.

Your goal today, fill your
three-foot tall bamboo shoot to

the top with coconut juice.
You can gather the coconuts in

two ways, you can swim far out
and get the large parcels of

coconuts that are anchored in
the water, or you can stay here

on shore and pick up the
coconuts that are scattered

along the beach.
First team to fill their chute

Now for the reward.

The winning team will be picked
up at your beach by helicopter.

You'll be dropped off atop a
mountain where two horses will

be waiting for you.
You will take a really fun ride

down to an authentic full-on
Marquesan feast.

You'll come back fully sated and
ready for your last 13 days.

Make sense?
Take your spots, wait for my go.

Remember, you can get individual
coconuts on the beach or those

tethered out in the water.
Survivors ready!

>> That a way Sean.

>> That a way Sean.

>> That a way Sean.

>> That a way Sean.

>> That a way Sean.

>> That a way Sean.

Sean and Paschal with a really
healthy coconut!

You guys need to pick it up.
You guys are dry, what's up?

Keep working hard, guys.
Kathy and General, you guys need

to pick it up.
>> Come on, let's get going.

Let's do it, man.
>> Okay.

This is a healthy one, too.
>> Okay, let's do that one.

You might want to try to chop
that other one.

>> PROBST: You're in this game,
guys, keep it up.

>> You got it, Zoe.
Look at that, you're in the game

with one coconut.
>> Oh, Zoe, we are on top of it.

>> PROBST: Keep fighting, guys.
Sean got a system.

Sean and Paschal have a bit of a
lead over Neleh and Zoe.

>> Pap, go get us some more

I got this.
>> Check them every once in a

>> PROBST: Tammy and V, falling

You guys got a whole lot of

coconuts and no juice.
Kathy and the General right back

in it.
>> This is it, we got the

We're doing well.

>> PROBST: Zoe and Neleh,
gaining fast.

Now you're going, Sean.
That a way, Vecepia.

One coconut can get you right
back in it.

>> Keep going.
>> PROBST: We got a game right

Sean and Paschal getting closer.

Guys, don't let up.
>> Get me some more, Pap.

>> More?
>> Come on, I don't care if it's

hard, we've got to keep going!
>> PROBST: Sean and Paschal very

>> Pappy!

We're not out of this yet, baby.
>> PROBST: We're in a dead heat

right now.
>> We're going to win it.

This is your win.
>> PROBST: This could be it.

Sean and Paschal!
Nice work.

Sean and Paschal!
Nice work.

Well earned.
Is this the most unlikely pair?

>> Huh? The old man and the

>> The old man and the brother.
>> PROBST: Pulled it out.

>> By the grace of God, man.
>> PROBST: I guarantee you

tomorrow is going to be a great
day for you guys.

You guys can head back to camp.
I'll see you tomorrow.

>> I'm ready.
I'm ready for my mission.

>> I want a full description of
it as soon as you get back.

>> Look at those clouds, you

That's pretty cool.
>> Look at the pink in the

>> I never thought I'd be

sitting here on day 26.
>> Do I look okay?

>> You look beautiful.
>> Oh, my God, remember, you

have to have lots of alcohol and
lots of pig.

>> That's right.
>> I've got to eat slow because

of my stomach.
>> Yeah, go real slow, and get

really silly and have so much

I'm so happy for you two!
>> Sean and Paschal won a

helicopter ride and awaiting
them will be a Marquesan feast.

And I'm happy for them.
Sean deserved it.

After all of the mess that some
of these people in the Rotu

tribe put him through, he was
down, but he was never out.

>> See you when we get back.
>> I'm about to start crying

with these guys.
I'm so happy for them.

>> Oh, my God, I feel like
they're going away.

>> They're only going to be gone
a couple hours.

>> I know, but it's exciting.
It's so exciting, isn't it?

>> Pap, look how beautiful that

>> We're going to see this thing
all the way through, buddy.

>> Yes, sir, man.
>> This is getting ready to be

>> I'm going to tell you, man, I

love you, Pappy.
>> You too, my man.

>> Now this is what I call a
reward right here.

>> Unbelievable.
>> Look at us!

>> Hello!
>> This is crazy.

>> Look what we have coming

>> Pappy and I are standing
there, like, okay.

All of a sudden these Marquesan
men come down the hill with

these horses.
>> My name, Akatini.

>> Paschal.

>> Akatini.
>> Akatini.

>> Sean.
>> I got to get the wild one?

>> Your horse.
He's okay.

>> Okay.
The only horses I've been on are

merry-go-rounds in Central Park.
Where does my other foot go?

And it was a bit scary, because

it was huge, I mean, horses are
big animals.

I hope these horses are all

If they decide they want to
throw you off, you're on the

ground with broken bones.
Nice horsey, how you doing?

He's biting him!

Oh, my God.
I want off.

>> Okay, come on here, on this
horse, with me.

>> And the last thing you want
to see is two horses, or the

horses like biting each other
and just... and just...

Oh, see!
But the Marquesan men seem to

have them under control, I'm
like, no, this is not going to

It really hurts.

Wait, my balls.
My balls.

It really hurts.
Oh, my God.

You got to remember, we're not
on flat land, we're on like a

mountain cliff.
So if you fall off, you're

falling off the damn mountain
with a horse under you.

This is the kind of stuff that
scares me.

>> It was a long ride for some
of us not used to horses, but

Sean began to loosen up and
began singing, and after they

made some different

>> ♪ I'm chilling on a horse
with Marquesan men

♪ Everybody knows that we want
to do it again

I said... ♪
Oh, I hear the drums.

>> We're getting close.
>> What?! What?!

Marquesan forever!

>> Yahawa.
>> Yahawa.

>> Yahanewi.
>> Yahanewi!

>> This is better than
Gilligan's Island.

All right!
What you doing afterwards?

>> My name is Layla.
>> Layla, hi, I'm Sean.

You're very pretty.
A little too young for me,

We get to the beach and these

two beautiful, although young,
Marquesan women lead us to these

two beach chairs with these huge
pillows with these two huge

coconut drinks.
Here's to you Pap.

>> You too, baby.
>> Success and happiness man.

>> I wish our team could see

>> Well, who knew that a little
black boy from Harlem would be

here with a judge...
>> A Southern white judge.

>> A Southern white judge from

I dig the fate in that, the
irony in that.

>> Two days ago, I would have
mortgaged my house on the fact

that Sean was going to be voted

But things have dramatically

Sean, while he may have some
problems, he's honest.

He's straightforward.
That's all I can ask.

>> Sometimes relationships start
out rocky and to look and see

where we ended up, man.
The sky is the limit for all of

>> We became much closer than we

were, and I feel very close to

I feel very fortunate to know

That's what's good about this
game, you never know what's

going to happen.
>> I'm ready to eat, man.

Are you?
>> It just can't get any better

than this.
>> Folome?

Oh, follow you.
>> Follow?

(speaking foreign language)
>> Pork?

After we finished our drinks
they took us to the Marquesan

There's a ceremony where they

bury food for a certain amount
of days.

That's how they cook their food,
underground, with the heat and

the volcanic rocks.
There was a roasted pig under

there with plantains and
potatoes and roasted goat.

Oh, man, look at the...
Look at the meat, Pap.

>> Can you believe this?
>> The Marquesan people, when

they were going through their
tribal ritual, I don't know how

to put it in words, for me to be
here on this island in the South

Pacific, with all the history it
has, you just have to sit down

and comprehend and savor the
moment, because this is not

going to happen again probably
in my lifetime.

(speaking in foreign language)
>> And then both over here.

>> Oh, man.
Oh, man.

>> Heavenly Father, we thank you
for this food which we are about

to receive and Lord we thank you
for the Marquesan people and

their beautiful, rich culture.
I thank you for bringing Pappy

into my life and I pray this is
a life-long friendship, Lord.

Through your son, Jesus Christ
name, we pray. Amen.

>> Amen.
>> After having a diet of

nothing but taro root and
shellfish, to have this stuff--

I mean, we should have paced

ourselves a little more, but

>> I feel like Julius Caesar,

>> It's unbelievable.
>> The ladies, the ladies, the

(singing in native language)

>> This is one of the best fish
I've ever eaten in my life.

While Sean and I were at the
feast, the rest of the tribe was

probably fixing their dinner,
getting things ready, the same

old crap we've been eating.
This is incredible.

>> Well, here we are.

>> It's so much easier having
just one meal a day really.

>> Yeah, it sure is.

>> Excuse me.
That means you enjoyed it.

>> I didn't feel bad for the
others because Pappy and I were

smuggling food for them.
We had one napkin underneath the

table and one hand, even though
there were eyes on us, we had a

move where maybe I'd block for
him and we'd drop all kind of

stuff and then ball it up in our
napkin, and stuff it in our

>> Take this home to my sweet

I've got a pocket full, man,

I've got a whole bag full.
Sean and I were brought out

into a circle where they danced
around us and asked us to dance

with them.
But what really made it funny,

we had stuffed all kind of food
in our pockets before then to

bring back to camp, and I
promise you my pants were at my

knees most of the dance because
the weight of the food was

causing my pants to fall down.
We looked at each other, two

guys from different walks of
life, 10,000 miles away from

home, in paradise, and said, you
know this is incredible.

I will never hear another tribal
drum beat that I won't think

about that day, and bring a
smile to my face.

>> Thanks.
Thank you so much.

(speaking in native language)
>> My brothers!

These Marquesan people, you
could tell that the ritual and

the dances they were doing
were authentic, and you could

tell that the love they gave us
was real.

Whether we got voted off first,
or 9th or 16th.

I don't know what to say.
It felt good to get away from

the island and not think about
the game and just remember what

it's like to be a human being.
Like that, bam, bam, bam.

I feel the same way.
>> We did miss our island

I feel the same way.
>> We did miss our island

I feel the same way.
>> We did miss our island

I feel the same way.
>> We did miss our island

When we came back, the welcome

we received was awesome, it was
nothing but hugs and kisses.

I think they were happy to see
us and once we told them we had

food, it was on.
We took out the food, put it

I mean, they looked like roaches

around the table.
>> Fish and fish.

>> Oh! Oh, my God.
>> Paschal, thank you so much,

for bringing food back.
That is so nice of you guys.

>> Even though they may be the
same people who vote you off,

there's a human side that you do
realize, and it was exciting

coming back bringing food for
the tribe, because the best

victories are the ones you can

>> Paschal, I'm so proud of you
that you smuggled.

You're the best.

>> Breakfast is served.
>> Oh, man!

>> We're talking a real
breakfast. Never again will I

throw away a banana.
I'll never let one get so ripe

that I'll throw it away.
>> This morning, I felt

I felt absolutely desperate.

I was not ready to leave the

I talked to Rob this morning and
I said Rob, basically the only

chance we've got is to see if we
can get Paschal and Neleh on our

I don't know if it's going to

happen, but, I said, that's the
only chance we have to stay in

the game.
>> Tammy, make a left so you

avoid the water.
>> Neleh and I were approached

by Rob and Tammy, and wanted to
talk about how the game has

>> Want you to know that when

John said he was speaking for a
group all the time, he wasn't.

>> It was like a final gasp.
"We really weren't in with John.

We didn't know what John was

He didn't speak for us."
>> No one ever came to me and

asked me.
So I don't want to be held

accountable for what John said.
I'm associated in that group,

and no one ever came to me.
>> And it was just, it wasn't

sincere and it just didn't make

>> No one, in the whole period
of time, did anything remotely

to disassociate yourself with
him or to say, "Hey, John,

that's your opinion and things
may change.

>> We didn't know what he was
talking about.

>> He never told us what he said
to you.

>> Paschal and Neleh, obviously
don't believe everything that

we're saying.
I've never lied and they know

I've never lied to them since

day one.
You want to believe what you

want to believe.
>> The only thing is, Paschal

and I deserve a fair chance at
this, too.

>> Bottom line is, sit down.
Do you want to be standing next

to Sean and V. in the end?
>> I want to be standing next to

somebody that I really have some
confidence that they never told

me anything that was distorted
and in order to manipulate me.

>> You can't say that without
talking to me, you can't read my

If this is what they choose, if

Neleh and Paschal choose to have
Sean or V. standing next to

them, I'm not going to stand
there and beg for anything.

It's a little personal to me and
it kind of hurt.

I said what I had to say and
that's it.

That's the end of my business
with them.

Like I said when I'm on the
branch just let me know, all

>> Rob got up and walked away

because I guess he feels that we
don't trust him and that we

trust V. and Sean more than we
would them and blah, blah, blah.

I think pretty much he just got
caught in his own game and so

now he's just trying to
manipulate us a little bit, and

we're definitely not falling for

Rob is definitely pouting right

I mean, maybe he just needs time
to think, I don't know, but he's

definitely having a real bad

>> We're going to go get taro at
the waterfall, you want to come?

>> I got something that I got to

>> Yeah?
>> People don't like that I'm a

little grumpy, hey, I don't give
a fat ass what you like.

This is me.
You don't like it, I could care

You still got to live with me

for a couple of days.
And if I win immunity, you're

going to have to live with me
for longer than that.

>> The General, to me, is a bull
in a china shop.

He's hard to deal with.
He does things only when he

For me, I've had enough of him

and Tammy.
I don't want to cook on the

green wood, because it takes so
long to get going.

>> I'm burning it all in the
next four days.

>> What? No, I just don't want
to cook on it.

>> I'm just saying I'm burning
it all in the next four days.

>> Great, we burn the whole
house down.

>> I'm saying, I cut it all, I'm
going to burn it all.

>> Cool.
To put it blunt, I have no

intention of sticking with Tammy
and Rob.

They weren't people that I
trusted from the get-go.

I guess you would say I'm
letting people know in little

ways that I'm no longer part of
any alliance, that I'm kind of

off on my own.
So I ended up making some shell

jewelry just so everybody had

I'm still working on a few,
trying to fit in here.

>> Oh, how darling.
>> Oh, give me a smooch.

Thank you.
That is darling.

You're going to get a name as a
jeweler out here.

>> Yeah.
>> Yeah, that one's cute.

>> Oh, that looks good.
>> Zoe is sucking up and making

everybody jewelry, because she
wants to be their friend and she

wants them to like her and she
thinks that by them liking her,

she's not going to get voted

>> How about a bracelet, I would
love a bracelet, though,

>> But you know, the thing is,

it's funny, because when Zoe
sits there and does these

sucking up things, and it's so
fake, and it's so apparent

that she's being fake, I just
don't understand how it's not

apparent to everybody else.
>> You are seriously the most

tender-hearted person.
>> We're going to have fun

>> Yes.

>> There's mail.
>> Oh, my God.

>> There's mail you guys!
There's mail here.

>> Stilts.
>> Oh, my God.

"Don't care if you're big,
if you're not you'll be taller,

maybe strength could help, or
be a plus if you're smaller.

Practice does make perfect, so
play with these all day.

Fail to heed this warning, be
the next to go away."

>> Oh, my God.
>> Tree mail for the immunity

challenge we got some stilts.
I'm not sure what it's going to

be like tomorrow, so we're just
going to practice and hope it

goes good.
>> Balance is the key.

>> You know what, it was fun
watching everybody practice on

those stilts, because they

>> Oh, man.
No good.

>> It didn't look like they were
going to get the hang of it.

>> That was my practice.
>> The challenge is going to

make or break me basically.
I have to win, or I'll get the

boot tonight.
I actually went down to the

beach like far away where nobody
could see me practice.

But I'm not out of it.
Not yet.

Not until I hear my name read at
Tribal Council.

>> PROBST: First things first,
as always, give me that necklace

>> It doesn't want to come off.

>> PROBST: Immunity, back up for

For today's immunity challenge,

it is Marquesan stilt fighting
which is something that is still

practiced out here for fun and

Very simple.
Two at a time, you'll enter the

ring facing each other.
First person to fall off is out.

You've randomly picked numbers
to decide who will pair off

against whom.
We'll work our way through a

series of heats until we are
left with one.

Big stakes, obviously.
Right now, it's one in eight.

Win this, you cannot be voted
out tonight.

You're guaranteed a one in seven
shot at being the sole Survivor.

Take your spots, wait for my go.
All right.

First two up.
V., General, mount your stilts.

>> This is going to be funny.
>> PROBST: I'm going to say

Survivors ready.
You step on with one foot, then

I'll say go.
You have you to have both feet

Survivors ready.

>> Oh, that was close.

>> PROBST: V. wins the first

You're here.
General, you're out.

Next two.
Kathy, Paschal.

>> Good luck, guys.
>> Good luck, you guys.

>> Pappy!
What are we doing?

>> PROBST: Survivors ready.

That's it.
Paschal, moving on!

Next two.
Tammy, Neleh, let's see if

somebody can do the impossible
and stand on these for more

than a second.
Survivors ready.

That's it.

Tammy moves on, Neleh you're

Good effort, guys.
Sean, Zoe.

>> Here we go, boys and girls.
Giddy up.

>> PROBST: Sean and Zoe, trying
to move on.

Survivors ready.

Sean, you're out.
Zoe moving on.

General, Kathy, Neleh, Sean,
you're out.

We're down to these four, V.,
Paschal, you're up first.

>> All right, baby.
Here we go.

This is for immunity.
Moving on to the next round.

V. and Paschal, Survivors ready.
>> Come on, V., baby,

>> PROBST: Go.

V., you're in the finals,
Paschal, you're out.

Tammy, Zoe.
Winner moves on to the finals.

Survivors ready.

You all right, Zoe?
>> Yes.

>> PROBST: Zoe is out.
Tammy, squaring off against V.

>> Good luck, girls.
>> What do you think, baby girl?

>> PROBST: Here we go, for
immunity, Tammy and V.

Survivors ready.

That's it.
Tammy, wins immunity again.

>> Yes, yes, yes!
>> PROBST: Very much earned.

>> You have no idea how much I
needed this.

>> PROBST: You cannot be voted
out tonight.

>> Whoo! Yes!
>> PROBST: Tammy obviously safe

Everybody else vulnerable.

Tribal Council in a few hours.
You can head back to camp, I'll

see you in a while.

>> I'm so happy for you.

>> Thanks, Rob.
Don't give up, I mean, keep

thinking positive.
It could go either way tonight.

Paschal really likes you.
Sean really likes you.

>> That's okay.
>> I think the foregone

conclusion was that Tammy would
be voted out, and of course

Tammy, since she's won immunity,
she can't receive any votes.

So, you know, the consideration
I think is going to be Rob or

>> You know, between Zoe and

Rob, Zoe's just been a hard
worker from day one.

I know we need to get rid of her
because her chance of winning

immunity over Rob is a lot

But the way Rob's kind of been

lately, just kind of down and
depressed, maybe it will work

out better that he leaves

His attitude has just been
horrible, nobody wants to be

around him any more.
>> Cool.

>> I could care less if I'm the
next person to go, because I

know I'll be here to the end
on the jury anyway.

I can accept my fate, as long as
everybody else can accept their

fate when I make my decision in
the jury.

>> PROBST: I'll now bring in the
first member of the jury.

John is here merely to observe.
He won't be speaking to you, and

you should not direct any
comments to him.

For a moment, let's just put the
vote aside.

We're 27 days in, I want to get
a gauge of what this has been

like for you guys.
Sean, what's it's been like for

What have been the moments where

you thought, man, I'm here.
I can't believe I'm out here a

month living on my own.
>> For me personally, it's been

really difficult not talking to
my mom.

And... it's like, when I won the
challenge with Pap, I just think

everything I accomplished is
because of my mom.

I don't really have a father.
So the man I am today, is...

See, Jeff, I tell you, man.
>> PROBST: General, any

revelations for you while you've
been out here?

>> Yeah, the last three days
have been my days of reckoning.

>> PROBST: What do you mean by
that, in what sense?

>> I analyzed myself, and I
analyzed the people around me,

and I've seen changes.
I've seen one person who was in

denial of their past actions and
alliances and sucking up to the

powers-that-be right now.
And I've seen people who have

been looked upon as nobodies
become great players in this

I came here with pride, dignity,

integrity and a backpack.
I leave with another thing, I

leave with a couple of bonds and
a couple of friends and

relationships that I hope will
take to the rest of my days.

>> PROBST: Zoe, is there a
moment that stands out after 27

days on a deeper level?
How well you've done, how tough

obstacles you've overcome?
>> Oh, certainly, certainly is.

Things have changed, like the
way I've conducted myself has

been a bit difficult.
But other than that, I'm still a

play hard, work hard, play hard
sort of person.

>> PROBST: All right, it's time
to vote.

But first we have this matter of

Tammy wearing it, well earned.
She can certainly give this

immunity away to somebody if she
chooses to.

Any chance of you giving that

>> You know what, there's no
chance in hell I'm giving this

immunity up.
I worked way too hard for it,

and I know my butt's on the

If I gave it up, I have no doubt
that I'd be voted out tonight.

So I'm not giving it up.
>> PROBST: All right.

You cannot vote for Tammy.
Everybody else is fair game.

Zoe, you're first.
>> I had enough.

Zoe, you're first.
>> I had enough.

Zoe, you're first.
>> I had enough.

>> Maybe this will be my one
valuable contribution to the

>> This is strictly a strategy

>> This is strictly a strategy

>> This is strictly a strategy

I'll see you on the other side.

>> Zoe, I'm voting you out
tonight, because, well, I just

don't like you.
>> PROBST: I'll go tally the

don't like you.
>> PROBST: I'll go tally the

don't like you.
>> PROBST: I'll go tally the

Once the votes have been read

the decision is final.
The person will be asked to

leave the Tribal Council area

I'll read the votes.
First vote, Zoe.


That's three votes Zoe, one vote


Four votes Zoe.

That's five, and that's enough.
You need to bring me your torch.

Zoe, the tribe has spoken.
>> Strength and honor.

>> PROBST: It's time for you to

Well, there's no doubt that
Survivor can be very

challenging, both physically and

But as we saw again tonight,
don't ever give up or count

yourself out of this game,
because you never know how it's

going to play out.
You can head back to camp.

Stay tuned for scenes
from our next episode.

>> PROBST: Next time on

The tribe wakes up hungry, so
Kathy sets out for food.

>> I'm going to see if I can
whack it.

>> Happy birthday, girlfriend.
>> PROBST: Vecepia celebrates

her birthday, but it's not
exactly a happy one, until the

tribe learns their next reward
is on a cruise ship.

>> Go!
>> Well, it was a bit of a

surprise to be voted off this

But I guess that's just the way
it goes.

I did my best, work hard, play

Zoe is, uh... she's leaving,
that's that, I guess.

Sweet dreams to all.