Survivor (2000–…): Season 4, Episode 11 - The Princess - full transcript

Kathy sets her sights on catching and eating a shark, Sean serenades Vee for her 36th birthday and the 10th person is voted out.

>> JEFF PROBST: Previously on

Survivor, the Soliantu camp
embraced a new spirit.

>> This is a new day we're
starting here!

>> The people that play this
game fairly have a good chance

to get to the top.
>> PROBST: The remaining members

of John's shattered alliance
fought with each other to stay

in the game.
>> From the get go, I didn't

like you.
>> PROBST: Sean and Paschal won

a Marquesan feast in the reward

>> Felt like Julius Caesar, man.
>> PROBST: And they smuggled

some food back to share with the
rest of the tribe.

>> Thank you so much for
bringing food back.

That is so nice of you.
>> PROBST: Tammy won a crucial

immunity challenge.
>> Whoo! Yes, yes, yes!

>> PROBST: And Soliantu went to
Tribal Council, where Zoe was

voted out of the tribe.
Zoe, the tribe has spoken.

Seven are left.
Who will be voted out tonight?

( theme song playing )

( theme song playing )

>> Day 28.

>> Ain't got long, sweetheart.
>> I know.

11 days.
11 days to go, that's it.

>> It was cold last night.
>> It was freezing last night.

>> Good morning.
How you doing, Sean?

>> Can't sleep.
>> Can't sleep.

My mattress.
>> It's got some lumps.

It's lumpy.

>> We're all one big family,
man, we spoon, we snuggle, but

it's strictly for keeping warm.
I mean the whole love tribe

aspect of this game has been a
fallacy to a certain point.

Let's call ourselves the love
tribe when this game is over,

like will you really call me?
Will I really call you?

I think there are certain people
who genuinely are affectionate

and feel family vibes.
But in the context of a game

where people are trying to
position themselves, can a love

tribe truly exist?
>> Don't you know it's your

You're not supposed to be

working on your birthday.
>> Well, it is my birthday.

>> Is it true?
>> Yes, it is.

>> Oh, my God, are you 20?
Or 21.

>> Happy birthday, girlfriend.
Birthday girl!

>> Got to blow it out.
>> In celebration of V's

birthday, we cut open the last
two bananas and mango.

Made her a little candle and
sang to her this morning, 'cause

we knew that was going to be the
best meal of the day, so...

>> Thank you, guys, so much.
>> Happy birthday.

>> If I wasn't at home, you guys
are the next best thing to be

>> That's very sweet.

>> V's birthday was pretty
subdued, but as much as I could,

I kept trying to make her feel a
little bit special, being that,

you know, she's not with her
husband and her family.

>> I feel like we're all like
used spark plugs, because I'm

telling you it's a very, very
difficult time for me food wise

and just from the energy

>> We don't really have much
choice in our dinner, lunch and

breakfast menu is pretty much
troko, taro and definitely

>> You know, we tried in the

beginning, everybody's been
out there, trying to catch

And even though we talk about

it, I think our energy wanes as
the day goes on, and the odds of

us actually catching a fish are
unfortunately diminishing.

>> There are black tip baby
sharks right here, in our front

And I'm determined.

They swim right under my feet.
I'm going to see if I can whack

it because they come so close.
You can see their little black

fins popping out of the water.
They're right here.

But there's too much wave action
here to see them.

They're taunting us, it's crazy.
It would be great food.

>> You know what?
From today's reward challenge, I

would give anything if the
reward was food.

>> I never thought I could feel
the inside of my ribs, but I do.

>> Oh, I'd give anything if it
was Oreo cookies and have, like,

Twix or Snickers ice cream to
put on top of the Oreo cookie,

and just inhale.
>> All the food that we've been

dreaming about.
>> Snickers, s'mores.

>> Oh, big fudge brownie.
>> Big fudge brownie.

>> A hot skillet with caramel.
>> Oh, God!

Oh, that sounds so good!
>> I think the sugar food

fantasy is making things worse
for everybody.

They just sort of get people
lethargic on a raft, thinking

about it and talking about it
instead of getting up and taking

some action to find new food.
It's fun, but at the same time I

do think the diversion is wrong.
I don't think it's healthy.

So I'm going to try to do some
different things for food, and

also mentally it's just a

It feels better than sitting
around talking about sweets.

>> V, I'm holding on to a
thread, baby.

What are you talking about?

>> Just my energy, I can't put
it into words.

I'm just trying to hold on.
>> We're just trying to conserve

It is a pull to get through the

day now.
This is without a doubt the

worst place I have ever been on

And it's just a constant battle
of dirt, filth, heat, sand,

wind, insects.
Everything about it is nasty,

dirty, filthy-- it's just pure

>> See if my check came in.
>> Let's see.

A place mat.
>> "You're about to hit rock

>> All right, let's show this to

everybody else.
>> Was there anything else in

>> Let me see.


Birthday wish, baby.
Come on, give me a birthday hug.

>> Oh, my brother.
Thank you so much.

>> I know how much this means to
be away from home and our family

on this day.
I just want to tell you happy

birthday, sister, I love you,

>> No one likes to be away from
home on their birthday, of

course not.
But at that point that was kind

of tough.
Because I really hadn't thought

too much about being away from
Leander on my birthday.

So it was a little special and a
little sad as well.

I miss him so much.
I can't wait to see him.

>> I know.
>> But we are here and we are

going to do this.
God is with us, each and every

>> We've been blessed beyond our

means, okay.
We can head back and give it

We'll have a nice meal there.

>> That's right. We gotta
remember that.

>> Exactly.
>> You guys, we got some good

tree mail!
>> Very good.

>> Somebody may be getting a
nice hot shower.

>> Ready?
"Should we just give you

treasures, I wouldn't hold your

"You're about to hit rock bottom
if you're faster than the rest.

"The style of the rich and
famous, pampered like a king,

"hot showers, clean clothes,
great food.

That's what victory brings."
>> Oh, my gosh!

>> God, we have to dive again.
>> Yeah, we got to go down.

>> Down, and it's going to be
tough going underwater.

(indistinct chatter)
>> I can swim to save my life if

you give me a short distance,
but I don't really feel too

comfortable in a whole lot of

>> The worst thing you can do is
be overanxious, like overzealous

or anxious.
You just got to be real calm.

>> Either way it's going to be

>> Oh, God, it's going to be

>> Well, hey, I'd like to win a

I'd like to win something.
I need something.

>> Look around, man, all of us
are on our last leg.

>> PROBST: Good morning, guys.
Today's reward challenge is an

island version of musical

First round starts with all
seven of you.

Scattered along the bottom of
the ocean floor are six shells.

They're marked by yellow rocks
to make them more visible.

The seven of you are going to
dive down.

Who ever comes up without a
shell is eliminated.

Next round, six people dive down
for only five shells; we'll do

this until we have four tribe
members left.

Those four will compete then
in a final sprint from the dock

to the shore carrying a 40-pound
rock underwater.

First one to drop the rock at my
feet wins the reward.

This is what you're playing for.

My personal Visa.
Which I will loan you for one

You'll take this Visa and you'll

book yourself a room on a luxury
cruise ship.

That cruise ship right out

(horn blowing)
So you go on board, check in,

make your way to your room.
I imagine you'll want to take a

nice, long, hot shower with all
the amenities, and a fresh set

of clothes.
New clothes for the first time

in 28 days.
You'll then make your way to one

of the observation decks where
you will enjoy a full course

All right.

Take a spot, wait for my go.
There are six shells, first six

of you back with these shells
move onto the next round.

Survivors ready!
>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: Go!
>> PROBST: General and Paschal

>> PROBST: Go!
>> PROBST: General and Paschal

got a shell.
Tammy's got one.

Kathy's got a shell.
There are still shells down

there guys, don't quit.
V, are you giving up?

>> I'm giving up.
>> PROBST: Okay. Sean, there's

the opportunity, baby.
Let go of that buoy, swim over,

find a shell and get it.
>> I know, I just have to catch

my breath.
I'm going to go there.

>> PROBST: Look at that.
Neleh's got a shell.

Find that little bit of extra
strength and grab it.

Sean may have one.
Look at that!

Sean got a shell!

Nice job.

>> Way to go. Whoo!
>> PROBST: Now you just got to

do it again.
Moving on to the next round.

V, you can head back to the

This round we're looking for

There are five shells.
Survivors ready!

General and Paschal got a shell.

General and Paschal got a shell.

Tammy's got one.
Kathy's got a shell.

Neleh's got a shell.
There it is.

We got all five.
Nice work.

Kathy, General, Neleh, Tammy,
Paschal, moving on.

Sean, when you get your breath,
you're swimming in.

Nice effort.
Here we go, guys.

First four back with shells move
on to the final round.

Survivors ready!

Get down there Neleh, go!
Kathy's got one.

Tammy's got one.
Paschal's got one.

General's got it.
That's it, Neleh.

Catch your breath.
Neleh is going to swim on back.

You four stay here.
Wait for my go.

First one to bring a yellow
stone back to me wins.

Survivors ready!

>> Come on, Pappy!
Bring it home!

>> Yeah, Pappy!
>> Come on, Pap!

>> PROBST: Paschal is pulling

>> Come on, baby!

>> Come on, baby, come on now!
>> Come on, Pappy!

>> Bring it home!
>> Don't look back.

Don't look back.
You're doing great.

Come on, man.
>> Come on, Paps.

(all cheering Paschal on)
>> PROBST: Nice job.

(all cheering Paschal on)
>> PROBST: Nice job.

Well earned.
>> Thank you, Jeff.

>> PROBST: Here's the deal.
I'll hold on to the Visa card,

we're going to bring the cruise
ship to you.

We'll get you a shower and some

Guys, good effort, everybody out

>> Wow, Pappy, your own cruise

There it is!
Oh, Pap, way to go, baby.

>> Very cool.
>> All of a sudden there's this

cruise ship, and the closer the
ship got, the more excited I

And I was ready to swim out to

It's a beautiful sight.

All for me.
>> Don't cheat yourself on the

desserts, Pas, you know that.
>> You know what's really good,

bananas foster, because we're on
French Polynesia.

>> That's the thing to get?
>> That's a French dessert.

>> Just open up the menu and say
okay, bring it all on.

>> Paschal! Come on aboard.
>> Bye, guys!

>> Bye!
>> Bye, Pappy.

He's going to be in a warm
shower in no time.

>> PROBST: Okay, I got to tell

I hate for you to have this
great experience all alone.

>> Okay,
>> PROBST: So, is there one

tribe member you want to bring?
>> You got to be kidding me.

>> PROBST: No.
>> Neleh!

(Neleh screams)
>> Oh, wow.

>> Have fun, Neleh!
>> There was no conscious

decision; it was automatic
spontaneous reaction.

She's just the epitome of a
young lady that deserves it.

It was a wonderful opportunity
to enjoy something together.

(Neleh shrieks)
>> You deserved it.

>> Did she deserve as much as
anybody else? I mean, to me, it

was V's birthday that day.
She was feeling a little down,

and I don't know, had I won I
would definitely have picked V.

(Neleh screaming)
>> Bye!

>> Oh, my God!
Oh, that is so sweet.

>> If I go home tomorrow, I will
be like the happiest woman in

the whole wide world.
We were just beside ourselves

with excitement.
I've never been on a cruise ship

before, and I had never thought
that it would be that beautiful.

>> Thank you.
>> Thank you.

Oh, it smells so good, Paschal.
Here, Pappy and I, we're

these grubby little rugrats
coming on to this really, really

nice cruise ship.
It was just awesome.

>> PROBST: Here's the deal, my
Visa card.

Michelle's going to check you

Enjoy your night.
>> We appreciate it.

>> PROBST: Okay.
>> Thank you.

>> PROBST: Bye, guys.
>> Bye, bye, Jeff.

Hello, how you doing?

>> Good.
>> This is really something.

This is beautiful.
>> This is your room key.

Welcome aboard.
>> Thank you so much.

We're going to take you to your

>> Oh, wow!
>> Oh, look at this.

>> Oh, my heavens.
Paschal, there's candy right

Our clothes-- we haven't had

>> Look at the view!

Oh, How cool is this! I mean
look at this!

This is our own boat.
The ship was just absolutely

I can imagine how the royalties

of people on Earth must live,
because that's what we were

presented with.
>> Oh, my gosh, Paschal, look at

yourself in the mirror.
>> Oh, no!

>> It was just so weird to see
myself for the first time.

My hair looked like it was dark
brown, just greasy dread locks.

It was just gross.
It just felt so refreshing to

have hot water just pouring down
your body.

I mean, this was like luxury.
I put my hair up in this nice

fluffy white towel, put lotion
all over.

>> Whoo! Gosh!
That was wonderful!

I haven't felt this good in over
a month.

>> I felt like a whole new

I didn't even feel like I was in
the game anymore, to tell you

the truth.
This is a dream come true,

We are so lucky to be here.

I'm so lucky to be here with

>> Oh, look at this.
>> Oh, my heck!

Oh, cool.
We went around the corner and

there's this one table set up,
with the white linen cloth, like

ten pieces of silverware.
>> Cheers, darling, my little

>> Cheers, Pappy.

>> Oh, look what's coming.
>> Don't even.

Oh, my gosh, it's bread!
>> Thanks.

Oh, wow.
Oh, my heck.

>> The best bread I've ever had.
>> The best butter I've ever

>> To see them go off onto that

boat and we came back here to
prepare our muscley troko

That was a tough one.

None of us was happy.
>> Neleh is probably ordering

desert first.
And then again desserts.

>> Neleh's hair is probably
nicely conditioned and

shampooed, and it's probably
just flowing so nicely right

>> I bet you she got it blow

>> Just beautiful, and having a

really good time.
>> You guys think they'll be

able to smuggle any food back?
>> Yeah.

>> So the next thing that came
out was, oh, what's it called,

what's the delicacy?
>>Escargot, that's for you, sir.

>> Thank you so much.
I don't think I've ever

had escargot.
I knew what escargot was, but I

couldn't envision that snail
would taste good.

>> Wow.
>> Oh.

>> Yum!
>> Oh, my heck.

Cream potatoes, vegetables.
>> Oh, my heck.

>> Would you care to have some

>> I wouldn't care for any.
>> I wouldn't either.

>> Thank you.
>> I just hope they don't get

upset and vote me out because of

>> Paschal!
>> Dessert was the final course

and it was creme brulee which
I've never eaten in my life.

>> Ooh, what is that?
>> It is so sugary.

Man, that was good.
I was really looking forward to

the bill because I had no idea
what something like this would

cost, I figured maybe $150.
>> Holy cow!

Oh, my heck!
>> The bill was $312.

Which of course I didn't flinch
because it was not my money.

It could have been $3,000 and it
wouldn't have mattered to me.

That's $200.

>> Thank you, sir.
>> Worth every penny of it.

Thank you very much.
>> Thank you, sir.

Have a nice evening.
>> Thank you.

>> $200 tip.
>> Paschal, I can't laugh

I'm going to puke.

>> They're going to have beer

>> Neleh doesn't drink and
neither does Paschal.

They got the wrong people on
board to do some drinking.

>> Boy, that's for sure.
>> I would have been throwing

them back.
>> We were all sitting on the

raft waiting for them to come

Everybody sitting there
wondering, do you think they're

going to bring food back?
Do you think they're going to

bring food?
>> Hi!

>> Hi. Did you have a great

>> Oh, wow.
>> Look at your blow-dried hair.

>> We had the best time.
>> Don't get near me, I smell.

>> Hi, guys!
>> Oh, I'm going to puke if I

get too close.
>> Hi, guys.

>> Look how cleaned up you guys

>> The first thing I did was I
stuck my face in Neleh's hair,

and her hair just smelled

>> There's a bathroom off to the
right and they had, you know,

the shampoo and the like a
loofah sponge.

I had to take the loofah sponge
and literally scrub.

It's almost like when you peel
stuff off your body, it's like

that black flaky stuff.
>> She was going on a little too

much about her shower and how
clean she was.

She's so damn sweet.
>> Anyway, and so the first

thing they brought out was a big
basket of bread.

And then after that...
>> The food sounded really good.

It kind of sucked listening to
them describe it in detail.

>> I wish so bad I could have
brought something back, you

I feel horrible telling you guys

about this.
Did you guys feel horrible

telling us?
>> No, but then we also brought

back some food.
>> The only thing I have left to

share is this mint that I shoved
in my mouth really fast.

So if everybody wants to take a
little nibble.

>> I'm okay, sweetheart.
>> Come on, you guys.

It's good, it's a little hard
mint; I don't want it.

>> You're offering seven
starving adults a piece of candy

out of your mouth.
Keep your mint candy, man.

You know, that's like saying
anybody want this piece of doo-

>> Nobody wants this?

>> Morning, guys.
>> Good morning.

>> Look how clean you are.
>> Oh, man.

I had the best night's sleep

>> The next morning when we wake
up, Neleh is still on the clean

kick, just kind of being the

And has her feet propped up in
her new clean clothes, looking

at her nails.
>> Can't believe my skin is

>> This is so weird.

>> Who cares if your nails are
clean or dirty?

I mean, there's chores to be
done and there's regular living

back on Soliantu.
She's one of those people who

cleverly will have the
perception that she's working,

but I don't really see her
carrying jugs.

I don't see her lifting wood, I
don't really see her doing the

work that she says she's doing.
But she's always the first one

to go, "I have so much energy."
I'm like I would too, if I

wasn't doing anything but taking
naps and walking and relaxing.

>> How is your porridge coming,

>> Well, let me see the

>> I think it's going to taste
just like it did the other day.

>> Yuck.
>> Do you want porridge or do we

want flank steak?
(Paschal chuckling)

>> I hear you, Pappy.
>> You do?

>> I think Neleh has definitely
snowed Paschal and everyone

I think she's playing this game

harder than anybody left on this
island, and she's playing sweet

little girl next-door, and
before you know it, hey, I'm in

the finals and I'm so happy, and
oh, God, this is, oh heck.

>> And the bread, then you dip

>> Hey, Neleh, you want to get
green leaves for our taro?

>> Absolutely.
Porridge hot, porridge cold.

>> I think Neleh has about 60 to
70% sweetness and about 30% or

40% she's working it.
I think it's a little much right

now, and she's working it too

She genuinely cares for everyone
here, but I think she's working

it with Paschal.
She's hovering under his wings

for protection.
>> Paschal, do you want any

>> No thank you, not right now.

>> Where is that creme brulee?
>> Hey, big man, come here and

sit in the shade.
>> I just had a little coconut,

and now I'm ready to do pig

Who wants to help?
>> A pig snare?

>> Sure.
He comes out here every night,

and he's about this tall.
I got a good look at him.

So I got a pig that comes down
into our camp every night.

I'm getting a little tired of
him taunting me, so I want to go

and catch that thing and make
some pork chops.

I figured this one, we bend it
over that way.

That way we won't really have to
bend it that far, but when he

lashes it, he'll be up.
>> Rob is building a pig snare.

I think because not only he's a
little bit frustrated that we

haven't got a pig, but I think
Rob wants to secure his place in

the tribe.
If he doesn't win, you know, the

next immunity challenge or the
following immunity challenge, at

least if he wins a pig, he can
hold that up and say, "Hey, I'm

a valuable member of this tribe.
Don't vote me out."

>> It might hold if this one was
farther down.

>> Whoa, it's all right.
I got it.

>> I catch a pig tonight, you
win immunity, and I'm going to

tell them, look, she's immune, I
caught the pig.

You can't get rid of me and not
let me have any of my pig, you

got to keep me, I got a pig.
And then he'll pull, look at

that release.
>> Guys, we got mail!

>> Guys, we got mail!
>> Mail, at this hour, weird.

>> Sounds like it's happening

>> Happening tonight?
>> Big wow.

>> Big wow.
All right, guys, ready?

>> Yeah.
>> "Race against the others

until you're feeling hot.
"The most basic skill of

survival, show them what you've

"Food, water and protection,
most important in this game.

"You may as well just pack your
bags if you fail to strike

>> Guess what we're doing

We're going to have to make fire

>> We've got to make fire.

>> That's what it sounds like.
>> Yeah, we've got to make fire.

Yet another curve ball.
I've been busting my butt all

day, you know, chopping wood,
making a new pig snare and

everything like that.
These other people have been

sleeping all day and resting.
I wish I knew that.

You know, I thought it was a day

It's big stakes for me.
I think I don't win, I could go.

>> PROBST: Welcome guys to
Tribal Beach.

First things first.
Tammy, you want to give back

that immunity necklace.
Thank you.

Once again, immunity, up for

Here's the deal.

Tonight's game is especially
tough because it takes place in

the dark.
First, you're going to run to

the end of the course and gather
firewood from the perimeter.

You will build a fire under a
wok to heat oil to pop popcorn.

Once you've popped one kernel
of popcorn, you'll move to a

final station where you will
light your pyre from the bottom

to ignite the top.
You'll start your fire in a way

you haven't done yet.
Magnesium, flint and steel.

First person to ignite the top
of their pyre wins immunity,

cannot be voted out, guaranteed
three more days in this game.

Everything clear?
Take your spots.

Wait for my go.
Survivors ready!

>> Whoa.

>> PROBST: Think about stuff
that's really going to ignite.

Coconut husks work really well.
There you go, V.

Coconut husks work really well.
There you go, V.

V has fire.
General's got fire.

V and the General have fire.
Everybody else is still working.

That a way Sean.
Keep it going.

Kathy's got fire.
Sean's got fire.

>> You don't got any matches, do
you, Jeff?

>> Yes!
>> PROBST: Neleh's got fire.

>> Whoo!
How close are we to having

Very close, look at that oil,

really heating up.
Let's go, General, get one

kernel to pop and you're moving

>> I hear sizzle, man, I hear

Look at that, look at that.
Look at that.

It popped, right there.
>> PROBST: General, you got

popcorn, baby.
Moving on to the third station,

you're done here.
General's in the lead.

It's getting close.
Wok's heating up.

There it is.
V's got popcorn, moving to the

final station.
First one to ignite the top wins

General's got a good healthy

fire going, V.
You'd better get that fire going

General's looking good, very

Very close, General.

V's catching up.
They're neck and neck, guys.

>> Come on, baby. Yeah!
You're close, baby.

>> PROBST: General.
Yeah! Nice work.

Immunity, brother. Turn around
here and let me put this on.

>> Sanctuary.

>> PROBST: You cannot be voted
out. Congratulations.

>> You ain't going nowhere.

I'm going to try my damnedest.

>> How tall do you think this
is, you guys?

Probably about 250 feet, maybe

>> No, about 100 feet.
>> 100 feet?

>> Just won immunity, feeling a
little relieved, knowing I'm

definitely going to be here
another three days.

>> Who else gets this?
>> It's like being in a

torrential downpour and it's

>> The win was very big for me,
just lifted me up and bringing

me back to life.
I was feeling a little down, and

now I'm feeling really good
about myself again.

That was refreshing.
I'm definitely a little bummed

that it looks like Tammy is on
the way out.

She's like a sister to me.
I'd like to see if I could do

something to save her.
>> I think Tammy has a play for

I just don't know what it is.

I think it's something that's
going to get pulled out of a hat

and we're all going to come
tumbling down.

All right.
>> Over.

>> Hike, hike!
>> Over, hike, hike!

>> I'm not used to losing.
I'm super competitive.

And you know what?
I'm not giving up on this game

until I hear my name read at
Tribal Council.

>> I'm telling you something.
That Tammy is waiting for any

>> Oh, Tammy's waiting for

She's like a pit bull.

>> She's waiting there to take
advantage of something.

>> That's why I'm saying, you
know, if she comes up with some

plan, I can see her getting V
over on her side.

>> V has definitely flipped more
than anybody in this game.

Maybe Rob and Tammy could
somehow convince Sean and V

to join their pact.
>> A few moments we get to have.

If V and I hooked up with Tammy
and Rob, point blank, it would

put us in the final four.
My thing is, I'm approaching you

on this angle.
Neleh got mad game.

She's playing the girl next-door
role to the hilt.

It's important that V and I vote
Neleh off.

Because she's so young and
because she has this angelic

girl-next-door, everybody is
being deceived by aww, aww, and

not realizing the more sympathy
you have, the stronger this girl

She talks a good game, let's go

do this, let's go do this, but
don't do much but sleep and take

>> Every now and then she'll

turn around and pick up
something and make it look

>> See, you see exactly what I'm

>> It would be a sure bet if V

and I hooked up with Tammy and
Rob, but then again, it might

not be a sure bet, because they
may very well go to the other

force, and say hey, look, these
two tried to hook up with us and

save their own ass.
Then we're on the chopping

>> I'm ready to end this game in

a bang, baby.
We are close.

All right.
So we'll see what happens.

>> Okay.
>> PROBST: I will now bring in

the two members of our jury.
I'll remind you the jury is here

merely to observe.
This is the beginning of the

shift in the game, when the
power leaves those who are still

in it and goes now to those who
are out of it.

So how you vote becomes very
important in this game.

Tonight I want to talk about
what you are tired of, after 30


>> A big part of it is that you
are covered in dirt.

You know, you wake up in the
morning, there's dirt and no-nos

stuck inside your eyes.
It's just, it's absolutely

disgusting, and I mean the
nights are bad here.

>> PROBST: Kathy?
>> I can't stay on the beach.

For various reasons, it's the
bugs, the monotony, it's the

And my skin is literally ready

to fall off, I've got so many
rashes and infections, it's

>> PROBST: Paschal, what are you

sick of out here?
>> Just the daily grinds, the

monotony, the same food, the
same living conditions, the same

And the closer we get to the

end, it seems the more
difficult it becomes.

>> PROBST: On a scale of one to
ten, how valuable was the reward

of going to a cruise ship and
being able to take a shower and

get clean clothes and have a
good meal?

>> Seven million.
Neleh and I sat on the deck of

that ship and talked about it.
There was nothing, nothing that

I could have received that would
have invigorated me more and

made me feel better.
It was absolutely amazing.

>> PROBST: Kathy, what was your

Paschal and Neleh come back, not
only did they have a shower,

they're clipping their nails,.
They're doing a little buff pad,

I mean it was like they went to
a spa.

>> Hey, there is no doubt about
it, I was jealous.

I think all of us had a
difficult time listening to the

blow by blow description of
Neleh's shower.

But Paschal did an incredible
job on that challenge, man, so I

think when you win, you deserve

And Neleh going, so be it.
But I wanted to get him really

dirty the next day.
>> PROBST: General, you own

If it made sense, you could

assign that immunity to somebody

Have you talked about that, is
there somebody here you want to

give that up to?
Do you feel safe enough?

>> No, I got to stay.
>> PROBST: It's time to vote.

Neleh, you're first.
>> Tammy, you're one cool chick

Neleh, you're first.
>> Tammy, you're one cool chick

but lethal competition.
Take it easy.

>> You don't seem to pull your
weight actually as much as

everybody else pulls theirs.
So that's why I'm voting for you

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the

Once the votes are read, the

decision is final.
The person will be asked to

leave the Tribal Council area

I'll read the votes.
First vote...



Two votes Tammy, two votes V.
That's three votes Tammy.

That's four, that's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.
Tammy, the tribe has spoken.

Well, you made it 30 days; I
know you're having a hard time,

but nobody ever said Survivor
was going to be easy.

Nine more days left.
Hang in there.

You guys can head back to camp.
Stay tuned for scenes

You guys can head back to camp.
Stay tuned for scenes

from our next episode.

>> PROBST: Next time on
Survivor: Only six remain at

Soliantu, and island life has
taken its toll on all of them.

>> We're just depleted energy
wise, and it's really uncanny to

see what's happening with our
mental stability.

>> PROBST: And an event occurs
that will shakeup the entire

>> It takes an experience like

this to realize what really is
important in your life.

>> Even though I knew tonight
was coming, and it was my turn,

it still sucks to be voted off.
I've played this game exactly

the way I said I was going to
play it and I'm proud of the way

I played it.
This is the game of Survivor,

the people that are left, I hope
that they have it in them to

last the rest of the time,
because I'm not so sure they do.