Survivor (2000–…): Season 4, Episode 12 - Marquesan Vacation - full transcript

A shocking event brings the castaways to tears; a newcomer joins the tribe and quickly gets immersed in plotting strategy.

>> PROBST: Previously on

Survivor: Go!
Paschal won the reward

challenge and brought Neleh with
him on a cruise ship.

>> I'm so lucky to be here with

Oh, my heck.
>> PROBST: The other tribe

members suspected Neleh was not
all she seemed.

>> She's playing sweet, little
girl next door, and before you

know it, "Hey, I'm in the finals
and I'm so happy, oh, God, oh

>> PROBST: Tammy and the General

were concerned about their
chances for staying in the game.

>> I catch a pig, you win

Look, she's immune-- you got to
keep me, I got pig.

>> PROBST: But instead it was
the general who won immunity...

>> Sanctuary.
>> PROBST: ...leaving Tammy

vulnerable and she was voted out
at Tribal Council.

Tammy, the tribe has spoken.
Six are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?
(thunder rumbles)

Who will be voted out tonight?
(thunder rumbles)

(rain pattering)

(rain pattering)

>> The mood is, there's a lot of
anxiety because the time has

been very long, and everyone's
feeling depleted.

We're just depleted energy-wise,
you can feel it.

Then everybody, just over the
past two three days has been

talking about missing home,
moms, wives, boyfriends.

So it's getting really old.
And I was good about it even up

until like I'm here three days

And I wake up now and I have no
idea, I'm sobbing in the morning

under the stars, it's weird.
Because I know he's fine.

My son is fine.
He thinks it's great.

You know, his mom is out here in
the jungle, trying to do this

But it's just really uncanny to

see what's happening with our
mental stability.

>> We need something on the
other side.

>> You know what?
Slide some of it that way.

Yeah, like that.
>> Whoa!

>> Oh, Sean.
>> I got you.

Just let go.
>> The people in our lives here,

we're spending 24 hours a day, 7
days a week with some of these

You pick up a new family, and if

you do the math, you're spending
probably 900 plus hours with,

intense hours, with a lot of
individuals that you've never

But by the end of that 900

hours, you know them probably
better than anybody in your life

other than your immediate
family, certainly better than

your best friends, because if
you were with your best friends

a couple hours a week, which
most of us are because of our

jobs, won't allow us to do any
more than that, you know, how

many years does it take to
collect 900 hours?

>> We were eating the taro root
and V and I and Sean almost

simultaneously, our mouths just
started burning like we had cuts

and sores.
So I don't know what happened.

All I know is I'm not eating
taro any more.

>> Okay, now lift up your

No blisters.
I just want to make sure there

weren't icky blisters forming.
>> It's really weird to miss

home so much and then have this
family here and then you're

going to go back home where you
really want to be, and I know

what's going to happen.
You know, we're going to miss

the others.
>> I got to think about what I'm

doing out here, and I'm out here
to win this game right now, and

I just cannot focus on my family
and fall into depression like

other people are doing.
You know, thinking about their

mom, thinking about their wives
and husbands and sons and

I got to think about what I'm

doing out here.
I'm out here to win this game

right now, and that's it.
>> Whoo!

>> I'll open.
>> Make it good.

>> Look at this thing.
A turtle?

>> Slow.

>> "Each step you take can
decide your fate.

Which way to go, or should you

"It's all strategy now to get to
the end.

"Big night for the winner,
choose just one friend."

>> I've got no clue.
>> Even though I'm exhausted and

sick of this place, this is fun.
>> PROBST: Okay.

We are now entering our second
month out here.

Day 31.
And there's one thing that's

become very clear is you guys
are missing the people who

matter the most to you in your

So I'm just wondering how you
would react if I offered you a

phone call home.
>> Hell, yeah.

>> PROBST: It's not going to
happen today, I was just curious

how you'd react.
>> Oh, my God, that's cruel.

>> Love you, too, Jeff.
>> We're about to do you one

>> PROBST: Neleh, here's your

mom, Rebecca.
>> Hey!

Way to go girl!
We're so proud of you, we love

you so much.
Just keep going, babes.

>> PROBST: Kathy, it's your son,

>> Mama!
(Kathy sobbing)

>> PROBST: General, say hey to
your sister, Diana.

>> Hey, Rob!
>> Told you I I'd got you out of

Maryland some day.
>> You were right.

>> PROBST: Sean, it's your buddy

>> Big Sean!
>> PROBST: V, your husband,

>> What's up, baby?!

>> PROBST: And, Paschal, your
lovely wife, Beverly.

>> Hey there!
We're all great, don't you worry

about it.
You stay focused and stay here.

I love you!
I love you.

>> PROBST: All right, guys,
your loved ones traveled a long

way to be present for this

Let's do it.
Each person will start on one

piece of the puzzle.
When it's your turn, you'll step

off that piece onto another
piece of the puzzle, flipping

over the piece that you were
just on, revealing green, and

green is the reminder you can
never step back on that piece.

Once you're boxed in with green
all around you and you can move

no more, you're out of the game.
The last person standing on this

board wins.
Obviously this is a game about

You're not playing, you're the

You guys will be playing.

>> Oh, my God.
>> Patrick!

>> Oh, baby.
>> Yes, Patrick!

>> Come on, Le!
>> Baby!

>> PROBST: Here are the rules
you need to know.

There are six skip-a-turns.
If you decide, when it's your

turn to step onto one of those,
on your next turn you won't

That could be a good move or a

bad move, depends what everybody
else does in game.

There's also one wild card; you
won't know you've stepped on a

wild card until you've turned it

When you turn it over, you'll
reveal, "vote one person out,"

that means you will have to vote
another loved one out of the

Final rule, absolutely no verbal

communication or help between
Survivors and loved ones.

Nonverbal communication is fine.
As we always do in every

Survivor challenge, we will
draw numbers to determine the

order in which you will start,
so that it's random.

Let's begin.
All right, guys, we're going to

Pat, you go first.

>> PROBST: Diana.


Remember it's okay to

communicate non-verbally.
If you want to look for help,

that's fine.
Getting really bunched up in the

that's fine.
Getting really bunched up in the

Still got some room over there

to maneuver.

Goes on the retreat.
Strategy very important at this


It's only a matter of time.
Leaving himself some room over

Beverly, blocked in, no more

You're out of the game, Beverly,

come over here.
>> All right, Beverly.

>> PROBST: I'm not about to let
you leave without a little

Paschal, come on over.

>> Watch out, out there, okay?
>> I'll be okay... I love you.

Oh, my God, I love you.
>> You hang tough... okay?

>> Be strong.
>> Okay.

>> I love you.
>> Bye-bye.

>> I love you.
>> Love you.

>> All right, Beverly.
(mouthing words)

>> PROBST: All right, the game

Pat, you're next.

Looking for real estate,

everybody looking for real

You have to vote another loved

one out of this game.
Obviously you don't have any

axes to grind, you don't even
know these people.

Part of Survivor, you don't have
a choice.

You can base it on strategy.
You can pick a number in your

head between one and ten,
doesn't matter to me.

One of these other four is about
to be out of the game.

Leander, you're out.
That was a pretty fair way to do

It's a tough break of the game.

Leander, I'm sorry, come on down

Let's go, V, come on over.
>> I'm sorry.

>> That's all right, hang in
there, you made it this far.

I love you to death.
Just stay in there, all right.

>> Way to go, V.
All right, V!

>> Home sweet home.
>> Leander, you're the best.

>> It's okay, baby.
>> It's all right.

>> PROBST: We're down to four.
The game continues.


You have nowhere left to move,
you're out, come on down here.

Come on over, Sean.
Say hi to your buddy.

>> ...soul album.

>> I love you brother.
Tell mom's.

Tell mom's.
Don't forget.

>> All right.
>> All right, Sean.

>> PROBST: We're now down to

>> Pat.

Mother daughter talking with

Becky, that's it, you're out of
moves, come on over here.

Neleh, come on.
>> much, Mom.

Neleh, come on.
>> much, Mom.

>> Here's a little present for

>> Oh, thanks.
I love you.

I love you, Mom!
Send all my love.

I love you so much.
>> PROBST: All right.

Now to conclude this game, we
got Kathy's son; Pat, General's

sister, Diana.
It's only a matter of time.

Pat, you go first.

It can't get any closer than


Look at that.
One piece of the puzzle is all

that separated the two of you.
Okay, even though you both have

nowhere to go, Diana it's your
turn to move.

You're already boxed in.
Come on over here.

Well played, obviously.
>> I'm sorry.

I'm so...
You're doing so good.

You really are.
I'm so proud of you.

All right, Robby, you take care.
Bring it on home.

Kathy get out here and say hi to

(Kathy screaming gleefully)

>> You did such a good job.
I miss you so much.

>> PROBST: Here's how it's going
to work, Kathy.

You're going to hang out with
Pat, have some lunch, do a

little catch-up, give him an
idea of what this world is like,

maybe have some dinner.
You'll be together tonight and

you'll wake up in the morning.
Welcome your new tribe member.

Soliantu, you can head back to
camp with them.

>> All right.

>> Pat, for one night, you're a
member of Soliantu.

>> All right!
>> PROBST: Guys, take him back

to camp.

>> Oh, God, isn't this fun!
I've got such renewed energy!

Thank God you're here.
I think I can make to it the

Because it has not been easy,

and it's all very real.
>> Yeah.

>> Having my son here was a true
lift, and the love coming out of

my heart just having him here.
You're so casual!

You don't understand!
We don't have any rap music out

here, baby.
>> I had so much I wanted to ask

>> I forgot to ask him about if

they won the national

>> Damn.
>> I was so overwhelmed with

>> This is the most incredible

experience of my entire life.
Ever, ever, ever.

>> I'm ordering him around like
a mother.

>> She's our mother out here,
just so you know.

>> Your mama is awesome.
>> What are you doing?

>> I'm just looking at you, I
got to check you out.

Have you been lifting?
Look, check it out.

It's Irish.
I was ripped when he did it.

How is the house?
Have you been partying there?

Seriously, tell me the truth.
>> No, not at all.

>> Yes, you have, I can tell.
>> Come on, Patrick, you wrecked

the joint already.
>> Good, yeah.

>> Yes!
I can't believe you're here!

This is so weird.
>> You know, Pat's had some good

experiences in life, but he
basically hangs around New

We're going to make Patrick get

the taro.
>> That's right.

>> We're going to make him crush
the troka.

>> And we're making Patrick
crush all the troka.

>> I get a break.
>> Now, the key is just to do

whatever you want, drop it.
>> Is it hard to smash?

>> Big Rob just lets it drop a
little lower.

>> You let the rock do a lot of
the work.

>> Yeah.

>> You might want to hang onto

>> Oh, I got you.
Yeah, that's fine.

>> Oh...

>> Give it an umph.
Everything is fine with money?

>> Yeah.
>> Good job!

>> Good job!
>> Can you believe it?

We eat that.
Look at this boy!

>> Eww.

>> I've never been an outdoor

I've been the preppy little kid
from the East Coast.

I like my TV and my couch,
coming out here, it's just like

wow, it's a whole another word.
>> It's so good to have you

Can I go home?

Not yet.
>> Your first flavor of Mom's

>> Nasty food.

>> If you swallow it with an
apple it's not too bad.

>> It's really not good.
I give them credit for eating it

every day.
>> Patrick and I, we went into

the jungle and we were
harvesting taro for our dinner.

Oh, that's a great one!
That is the joy that we get when

we find good roots.
You look like a natural!

>> Yeah. I'm a real natural.
It was muddy and disgusting, got

my hands all dirty which I
usually don't do.

I'm usually a pretty boy.
I don't know what my buddies are

going to think.
They'll think I'm crazy.

They'll think my mother is

You're crazy.
>> Am I crazy?

>> Yes.
>> I'm not crazy!

>> Everybody got something out
of that.

I am so glad.
>> I am so happy.

>> Yeah, everybody did, Pap.
>> Doesn't it feel so good to

kiss Beverly?
When I saw Leander for the first

time, I wanted to touch him to
make sure he was real, and there

was so much going on and he was
just smiling and looking so...

Looking so good!

And I just, I was just so

>> Man, all I can do is keep
seeing him walking out of there.

>> I'm like, "Mom, concentrate."
I know that she was so excited

that she wasn't listening to his

>> He told me everybody, all my
boys, all my family are praying

for me.
>> It was, you know, home being

brought to each one of us.
>> I just told my sister how

much I loved her.
>> I guess it's just human

Once you get towards the end of

something like this, your
intensity of your thoughts of

home are really more acute than

It's really a wonderful
opportunity that I've had to

come out here and, you know, I'm
57 years old and for the first

time in my life, I have come
face-to-face with myself.

And, um...
some of the things I've seen

and reflect on, I'm not real
proud about.

How much I take for granted,
and, you know, what a wonderful

situation I have and a wonderful
wife, and, you know, I'm

determined when I go back home
that a lot of that is going to

We're the most blessed nation in

the world.
We just take so much

for granted, and it takes an
experience like this to realize

what you can really do without,
and what really is important in

your life.
And it's not a fancy car and

it's not the number of TVs you
have and it's not your bank

account and it's not the clothes
you wear.

It's, it's the people in your

>> Being out here, I've really
learned not to take the small

things of life for granted.
I mean, there are so many times

where you buy a loaf of bread
and you got three little pieces

and the ends left, "Oh, we don't
need these" and toss them in the

garbage can.
To be out here knowing that we

are scraping the last bit of
food out of a coconut husk makes

me realize that going home I
need to think twice about what

I'm doing.
>> I need your help.

What I need help on is the game.
And I have to tell you

I respect how you play games.

So here I am, I have this
loyalty to Paschal and Neleh.

Well, Paschal and Neleh are like
father and daughter, you've seen

them together.
>> Yeah.

>> You can feel it.
So if we get down to the final

three, Pascal and Neleh are
voting me off.

Unless I get immunity.
So how do I get in the game?

Because they're going to boot

So the way to get back in the
game is sort of right now...

>> Vote with Sean and V.
>> But if I end up in the final

three with Sean and V, they'll
vote me out.

So the key player here is Rob, I
have to make a decision to go to

Rob, V. and Sean.
Do I go to those three people

and form an alliance of four
against Paschal and Neleh and

look like a total...
>> Bitch.

>> ...bitch.
Help me.

>> You've got to hope that Rob
gets immunity.

That's about it.
>> No, I'm saying I could form

the alliance today, before the

All of this is seductive and
cunning and it's not like me.

>> Yes, I don't like this side
of you.

>> But that's what the game does
to you.

>> I know.
>> All of a sudden, I'm just

trying to play the game.
So what do I do?

>> I don't know, I never played
a game like this before.

>> You got to help me though.
I got my family here, my most

trusted ally.
>> It's messed up-- the

situation they put you in.
>> It is messed up.

If I won the million bucks now,
if I were to form this

alliance of four...?
Patrick, I'm so proud of you.

You looked so good up on that
game board.

>> You did.
>> What's your favorite meal,

Let's talk about something we

all love talking about.
>> Favorite meal?

>> Cheeseburger?

>> I love cheeseburgers.
>> What's your favorite dessert?

>> Tumbleweed.
>> What's that?

>> What's Tumbleweed?
>> A bed strawberries, take a

clump of vanilla ice cream, roll
it in coconut.

>> Oh, you just ruined it, man.
You just ruined it!

>> He mentioned coconut!
>> Pick a different dessert.

>> What's your second favorite

>> I slept terrible last night.
Slept on that... grass.

It wasn't very comfortable.
But I slept a little.

I'm glad I can sleep in a bed

>> Patio...
Do you have to go home?

>> Yes.
I'd love to stay, but...

Actually, no I'm not interested
in staying for another 24 hours.

>> You don't like it here?
(engine humming)

>> Hey, you guys, Patrick's got
to go.

>> Stop that.
>> I know.

>> Come on, now.
>> I'm fine.

>> It's okay to cry.
>> It's just weird that you came

and then you're going, it's just

>> I love you being here.
Thanks for taking care

of my mom.
>> Yeah.

It ain't over, man.
>> Thanks so much for

>> All right, buddy.

>> Hey, enjoyed meeting you.
>> Nice meeting you, too, man.

>> I'll see you later.
>> You're a great kid.

Wonderful meeting you.
Be blessed, okay?

>> Thank you.
>> All right.

>> Have a good time.

>> Yeah, we'll have a ball.
Anyway, thanks for coming.

>> It was awesome.
>> Thanks for stopping by.

>> Nice taste of the life we
left behind.

>> Of the life we're getting
ready to see.

>> Mm-hmm.
>> Stop it.

>> Okay.
>> Go back, have fun.

>> I know, I'll be fine.
I don't know why I'm crying.

>> Be yourself.
>> I know.

>> Bye. You look so good!
Can you hear me?

>> Yeah.
You look really good.

>> You do, too!
>> (laughing) Yeah...

>> Peace, baby, I love you.
I don't want to get depressed

>> Peace, baby, I love you.
I don't want to get depressed

out here.
So I just use his strength to

come back, and come back to this
game and just finish it out.

You know, finish what you start,
that's always been my motto to

him, so that's my motto to
myself, even though it's feeling

very peculiar out here, it's

He gave me a lot of strength,
but it's hard to see him go.

It's crazy, and he kept saying,
"How crazy this is, Mom."

I said, "Yeah, it is crazy."
But I'll finish it.

>> Yeah, Sean and V are a little

>> Are they?
>> Yeah.

>> At each other?
>> No.

>> At us?
>> No.

>> When did you see that?

>> Well, Sean said something

And V said to me today, she
goes, "You definitely deserve to

be here longer."
I'm feeling vulnerable because

it seems like if you look at the
way it's going, each member of

the jury was part of old
alliance, you know?

And it seems like they're being
picked off one by one and I'm

the last one left.
But this game has so many

twists, turns, just when you
think you know what's going on,

you have no idea what's going

>> Do you think Paschal and
Neleh will be in the final two?

>> No, I think...
>> Doesn't it feel that way?

>> I think that's the way it's
planning out.

>> I know.
>> Do you think there's a way to

change it?
>> Everything about yesterday

was so amazing, though,

Just being able to see our

My mom was so happy.
I'll never forget that look on

her face for as long as I live.
>> "I am so happy to be here, my

mom came, and I am so happy that
I saw..."

You know, I didn't even get to
see my mother.

Basically V and I feel like
Neleh is riding on Pappy's

I feel like she's been playing

the girl next-door role, way,
way to the next level.

"You guys, this is so fantastic
that we're here.

You know, guys, I just love it
when we just sit out here.

You know, guys, I'm always
feeling like I'm in Disneyland."

>> Nobody, not even Paschal is
going to be offended if we play

the game and knock him out,

>> I know.
I don't want to vote for him

>> But I couldn't vote for him

over Neleh.
>> Yeah.

>> I couldn't see, I couldn't
vote for him over Sean either.

>> But I've got to tell you,
Paschal is our strongest

>> You know, we're within a week

now, so...
>> It definitely gave me the

strength I need to finish this
thing out.

There's no way in the whole wide
world I would ever give up now,

Paschal, ever.
No way.

>> You know, cute little Mormon

Sweet little Mormon girl, ain't
got jack to do with this game.

>> If we truly are going to go
all out fighting to the end...

>> Mm-hmm.
>> ...she got to go.

>> Neleh talks about it a lot.
>> Does she really?

>> Oh, yeah, she talks about it
all the time.

>> She plays more than I think
she does sometimes.

>> Oh, yeah.
>> Woo!

I love it!

>> There she go with the BS.
I hear her loud mouth already.

>> Woo!

>> If I end up in a final three
with Paschal and Neleh, they've

got such a tight bond, they
would vote me out.

My other issue is if I'm in the
final three with V. and Sean,

definitely they're going to bond
and vote me off.

So theoretically, strategically,
I should do this, and Rob and I

should become a unit.
>> Anything can happen in this

After yesterday, you could

definitely see, you know, after
reward challenge-- seeing where

everybody saw their family--
this game takes you through

every mental, emotional and
physical high and low there is.

So, you know, anything can

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys.
First things first.

Hate to do it.
Got to take the immunity

necklace back.
Thank you.

Once again, immunity, back up
for grabs.

Today's immunity challenge will
test your proficiency with a

Each of you have a color-coded

hourglass structure filled with

At the base of the structure is
a tiki.

On my command, you will each
fire one rock at another tribe

member's structure.
Each time you hit a tile, you

release sand, the sand begins to
cover the tiki.

Once a person's tiki is
completely covered, they're out

of the game.
To keep things fair, after each

shot, you'll rotate one space

Last person left standing wins

Everybody square?
Grab your rocks.

All right, guys, everybody

Take your aim.

Sean took a little hit.
The first hit, Robert.

That will do a little damage,
but that's not going to cover

Everybody rotate one.

To your right.
Kathy, you go down to the end.

Ready, aim, fire!
>> Yeah.

>> Whoa!
>> Good one, Rob.

>> General, nice shot, that may
do it.

Paschal, you're out of the game.
Survivors ready!

Aim, fire!
V took a little bit of a hit.

Big hit on Sean.
>> Oh, damn!

>> You're getting buried, bud!
>> PROBST: Sean, that's it,

you're out of the game.
>> The women rule this place,

let's do this.
>> Chicks!

>> PROBST: Survivors ready, aim,

V. hits the General.
Very close, General.

That's it, General, you're out.
The guys have been eliminated.

We're down to Neleh, V, Kathy.
>> The chicks are in the final.

>> Do the chick dance.
Get serious.

>> PROBST: Ready, aim, fire!
Another hit on Vecepia, top left

by Kathy.
Neleh, misses her shot at V.

Vecepia big hit on Neleh.
Neither one covered the tiki.

Ready, aim, fire!
Neleh and V both connect on

>> You buried me big, thanks a

>> PROBST: Your tiki is complete

Neleh, nice hit.

Kathy, you're out of the game.
This is it, we're down to two.

V at Neleh.
Neleh looking for V.

Survivors ready.
Aim, fire.

>> Woo!
>> V connects with Neleh, but

no sand up in the top of the

>> Going to be a close one.
>> Oh, yeah.

>> PROBST: The wind is helping
you out, V.

One good hit by either one of
you, will put the other one out.

Survivors ready, aim, fire.
>> Dang.

>> Everybody rotate.
Neleh has got the best shot she

could hope for right now.
V.'s got the best shot she could

hope for.
You guys are both lined up in

front of each others.
Survivors ready, aim, fire.

Two big misses.
Survivors ready, aim, fire.

V. got a little hit on Neleh.
>> Gosh!

>> Oh, yeah!

>> PROBST: Neleh, you're out.
V wins immunity.

>> Yeah, baby!

Oh, give it to me!
Thank you, Jesus!



Thank you!
Thank you, Jesus! Yes!

>> PROBST: You are safe from
tonight's vote.

>> Woo!
>> I am feeling vulnerable

>> Woo!
>> I am feeling vulnerable

because of the past alliance
that I had made, and if it comes

back to bite me, it comes back
to bite me.

I will not change my fate by
pleading or begging or talking

to anybody.
If they have a mind-set that I'm

the next one to vote out, then
so be it.

I came here with four things,
and that was pride, dignity and

integrity and a knapsack.
And the only thing that's

tattered right now is that

Everything else is intact.
Plus an added extra bonus of the

relationships or friendships
that I have made here.

>> I love you, babe.
>> I love you, too.

>> Things have changed.
My motivation and direction has

Rob voted against us.

When he had the alliance with
Tammy and John, we were on the

chopping block.
So it's now Rob's turn to get

But Paschal and Neleh, they need

to be severed.
That unit needs to be severed,

because they're acting as a
twosome, and I was the odd man

out, and Paschal and Neleh will
totally understand that.

>> I could be the next one going
out tonight if V and Sean and

Rob and Kathy decided to join a
four alliance together and boot

me and Paschal out.
I mean, there's still a lot of

ways the game could twist, you
never know what's going to

>> PROBST: I'll now bring in our

>> PROBST: I'll now bring in our

John, Zoe and Tammy, who you

voted out last week, they'll be
eavesdropping tonight, gathering

information, ultimately that
will help them decide which one

of you will be the last one

Let's talk about gamesmanship

Kathy, tell me about your own
discovery, as you got into this

game, the realization that, wow,
everybody is playing,

we all just play differently,
and how does that alter how you

look at everyone?
>> I definitely came into the

game thinking that I was going
to be able to summarize

everybody's motives much sooner.
And I would say 80% of the

people had a mask on.
So I could not read it.

>> PROBST: Are the masks off

>> No, I don't think so, no.
The masks are not totally off.

>> PROBST: V, would you agree
with that, has everybody played

their cards yet?
>> I wouldn't say that everybody

has played their cards just yet.
I believe that there may be some

people that started the game
late and are enjoying the ride

now, and maybe are waiting to
the last hurrah to really throw

in their trump card.
You just try to expect the

unexpected and go for what you

>> PROBST: General, what was
your first impression of V?

>> First impression was a very
nice lady.

We didn't really talk much, but
just seemed very nice, quiet,

>> PROBST: How would you

describe V today?
>> A player, definitely a

Stronger than I thought.

Definitely deceptive.
>> PROBST: Sean, anybody here

you underestimated now that
you're 33 days in.

You think, wow, never expected

>> Definitely Neleh.
Out of anybody up here, she's

definitely playing the game if
you were to watch, and I don't

mean that negatively, I mean
that kind of as a complement or

however else she's going to take
it, but she's not the girl next-

Although upon looking at her you

may think that because she's
very sweet.

>> PROBST: Paschal, you've been
pretty clear and honest that you

and Neleh sort of have had a
bond, like a father-daughter

bond from the beginning.
How would you assess her as a

player in the game?
>> She's 21 years old, but I

promise you, she's got as much
intelligence and cunning as

anybody sitting up here or
sitting on the jury.

You don't deceive this young
girl, and if you do, you only do

it one time.
>> PROBST: Neleh, couple of

people very surprised as they
I've gotten to know you, more of

a player than they expected.
What's your own assessment of

>> You know, I just think I kind

of fell through the cracks.
You know, definitely

I wasn't seen as a threat

because I wasn't the most
outspoken person.

So I realized that I wasn't
going to make it past, you know,

number six if I didn't speak up
and tell people how I felt.

But I want to make it to the

>> PROBST: Vecepia, nice job
today winning immunity.

>> Oh, it felt good.
>> PROBST: One of the new rules,

you can give that immunity up if
you like.

>> Well, since this is the first
time that I've won it, it feels

very good on.
So this baby is going to stay

with me tonight, and we'll see
what happens in three days.

>> PROBST: It is time to vote.
Paschal, you're first.

I'll go tally the votes.
Once the votes are read, the

decision is final.
The person will be asked to

leave the Tribal Council area

I'll read the votes.
First vote, General.

Rob, General.

Two votes General, one vote

That's three votes.
The 11th person voted out of the

tribe, the General.
You need to bring me your torch.

General, the tribe has spoken.
I know it's been a long,

General, the tribe has spoken.
I know it's been a long,

emotional couple of days.
Keep your head in this.

You've made it down to five.
It's anybody's game.

You can head back to camp.
I'll see you tomorrow.

Stay tuned for scenes from our
next episode.

>> PROBST: Next time on
Survivor: With the alliance of

four now completely gone...
>> I thought Rob was my only

out, but I had to stick with the
majority, so I took out Rob.

>> PROBST: battle lines
are drawn.

>> I feel that Sean and V
have a very, very tight bond.

>> Don't use me and V as a

Because V And I are African-
Americans, does that mean we're

an automatic alliance, no.
>> I always say knowledge is

power and all the knowledge that
I accumulated in every

conversation I had, every event
I took part in, is knowledge

that I will take from Tribal
Council over to the jury and

judge the people who have judged
me tonight.

So remember, the day of
reckoning comes for all.

Give me about six weeks and I'm
ready to do this all over again,

and that's about it, that's all
I got to say.