Survivor (2000–…): Season 4, Episode 5 - The End of the Innocence - full transcript

The tribe that wins the reward challenge gets to raid the losers' camp; a Rotu tribe member tries to assume power; the Maraamu tribe discovers a new food source.

>> JEFF PROBST: Previously on

The tribes were switched up

at random, making it a
brand-new game for everyone.

Number of tribe members in each
tribe hasn't changed, just the

members within the tribe.
While Paschal, Neleh and Kathy

discovered Maraamu's beautiful

>> I feel like we're
at a four-star hotel.

>> To our new little family.
>> PROBST: ...Rob Mariano and

Sean didn't like their new Rotu

>> Life over here is about two
degrees shy of hell.

>> We're not going to walk
around here like slaves to prove

anything to anybody.
>> PROBST: And Vecepia avoided

all conflict.
>> As far as the drama, bump

I ain't with it.

>> PROBST: New faces couldn't
break Maraamu's losing streak.

>> Yes!

>> PROBST: At their fourth
consecutive Tribal Council,

Sarah was voted off the island.
The tribe has spoken.

12 are left.
Who will be voted out tonight?

>> Three days ago, we switched

And now I'm over here at the
Rotu tribe.

Kind of gross, huh?
I'm not really too happy about

I had pretty much everything

under control at Maraamu.
Over here, we're five against

And we're in the minority.

>> Like it?
>> Nectar of the gods.

I love it.
>> Sean definitely is done with

the game.
He's just laying around, he

doesn't want to try to fit in at

I'm definitely almost positive
he's going to be the first to

go, then it's probably going
to be a tossup between myself

and V.
And they'll probably take me out

second, because V's a lot better
at... (smooching sound)

You know what I'm saying?
>> It's cool to finally get a

chance to talk with all of you,
get to know you all.

>> Myself, I wanted to try to
get in with their tribe, make

some kind of agreement or an

You consider us Rotu more than
you consider the other people

that were originally on Rotu?
>> As far as I'm concerned, you

guys are Rotu.
Right now, that's what we deal

>> I couldn't tell you that,

honestly, you know, you're more
Rotu than them, or them more

than you.
Right now, you're here.

You're Rotu, man.
>> That's the way I feel, for

>> People are worried about how

long they're going to be here.
These guys brought the game in

with them.
They brought the game with them.

It started here in our camp now.
>> Ready?

We're off.
>> I came here to try to build a

society with seven strangers,
but the switch sort of turned my

initial experience around.
>> Sounds like their game has

been so different than ours,
really interesting.

>> It's like it was cutthroat
from the beginning in their

group, though.
>> Especially if you start

getting the thing where you're
actually lying to people.

>> Yeah, that's weird.
>> They were lying from day one.

I mean, these were like real

Granted, we are in a game

>> Not "like," they are real

>> Be honest, stick to your, you
know, stick to your ethics,

>> What are the ethics in this

>> To me, it's tell the truth.

Be honest.
>> Maybe.

>> Are you saying that you would
lie to win this game?

>> Oh, I'm not even here to play
the game, man.

I'm here for what we had.
I'm here for that society

that we had of eight people.
I'm here to see if eight people

from all over the country,
from eight different kinds of

lives can come here and do this,
and live and be happy.

And build something amazing.
>> But would you lie to win the

>> I'm not here to play the

>> But you are playing the game.

You are here.
>> No, that's not what I'm here

>> Gabriel says he's not playing

the game.
I mean, you are here to play

this game, you're not here
on a commune.

You know, this is not the
'60s, and free love and all that

kind of stuff.
>> Once the swap happened, it

really should have been game on
for everybody, but I could just

sense that something wasn't, you
know, right.

So I'm like, "Okay fine, I'll
just, you know, watch him

carefully, watch who he's
talking to, and then I'll deal

with him accordingly.
>> Heavenly Father, we're very

with him accordingly.
>> Heavenly Father, we're very

grateful for this wonderful day
that we have ahead of us, and we

ask Thee if Thou would please
help us find all the things we

need today, that we may be able
to work hard together as a team.

>> The vibe, the morning after
Sarah left, was actually very

>> All right.

Okay, guys.
>> I think they wanted her out

just as much as I did.
I think we all just bonded.

We knew our team was pretty much
complete at that point.

>> This is so nice to be over

It's like so peaceful today.
>> It reminds me of living in

Atlanta, which I did most of my
life, and living in a little old

country town, which I do right

>> I think the point is that all
four of us, are, like, we just

all have this energy about us.
We just have this spirit that we

just all want to win.
>> I have a feeling that we're

going to win our next
challenges, too.

>> I keep hearing crabs over in
the corner, what I thought were

crabs in the back.
The only thing I can think is

that they're eating our basket.
>> Kathy and Paschal wanted to

go get crab, and then Neleh and
I are like, "No, we'll all go.

Let's go as a group."
I think that was really the

first thing that we had done as
a tribe that meant something.

>> So before you know it we were
under these acacia trees and all

of a sudden, these dudes, these
androids were just going back

and forth...
And they were so easy to catch.

>> I've got three here.
>> I've got two here.

>> It's really hilarious to see
them, because they're all

screwing around thinking they're

>> Yow!
He got me.

>> Oh, look, here's one right

here, too.
>> Oh, my God, look at the size

of this puppy.
>> We pocketed probably about

12 crab.
Good job.

>> The crabs then came back to

>> Oh! Oh!
So we put them in one big pot of

salt water and started boiling
them until they change color,

and, unfortunately, it does take
a lot to get the meat out...

but the reward is so huge.
Because it's fresh plumpy crab

So we were just picking away,

and every little thing went in
that was edible.

Then we just ate the biggest

We weren't dainty at all.
>> You couldn't ask for

anything better.
>> Maybe little crackers.

>> Boy, that's delicious.
>> If that isn't a morale

booster, I didn't know what is.
>> Whoo-wee.

>> I think we all have the
spirit, and it's here, this is

our time now.
>> We're going to win today,

that's a promise.
>> PROBST: Come on in, guys.

Maraamu, lost another member at
the last Tribal Council.

Sarah is out of the game.
They're now down to four.

Rotu still a full tribe at

Today's reward challenge
requires teamwork, but most

importantly, trust.
When the challenge begins, four

tikis for each tribe will have
been deconstructed and the 14

pieces separated and scattered
out into the surrounding area.

Four members of each tribe will

Three will be blindfolded.
One person will be your set of

This caller will direct the

blindfolded members to the
various pieces scattered in the

First tribe to get all 14 pieces

back may remove their blindfolds
and then begin constructing

their tikis.
First tribe to get their tikis

constructed properly wins

And this reward is a big one.
The winning tribe gets to visit

the losing tribe's beach and
then gets to basically raid the

>> Oh, my gosh!

>> PROBST: So for Maraamu, a
chance to get in this game.

For Rotu, potentially a chance
to put the nail in the coffin of

A very big reward.

>> Wow.
>> PROBST: Rotu because you have

eight, you have to sit four out,
keeping in mind you cannot sit

the same people out in back-to-
back challenges.

Who's sitting out?
All right, V, Sean, Rob and Zoe,

you four will hang back with me.
You guys will get blindfolded.

Let's do this, begin.
>> Let's go, guys.

>> Let's do it.
>> PROBST: Okay.

>> This is going to be fun, you
guys, just remember that.

>> Yeah, this is fun.
>> PROBST: Survivors ready!

>> John, move to your 2:00.

>> John, keep going straight.
>> Gabe.

>> All right, John, move a
little to your left.

Move to your left.
Straight, straight, John.

Okay, turn left, John!
Turn left, John.

Keep going, keep going.
>> Gabe.

>> All right, John, right in
front of you on the ground to

your right.
On your right, John on the

That's you, that's you right

All right.

>> Gina in front of you, down,
barely left.

That's it, you got it.
Stop, Paschal, take a right

Paschal, no, left!
Left, Paschal, you got it, left,

I want you to keep going, keep

Okay, you're on it!

You're standing on it!
That's great.

>> Okay, Tammy, stop.
Tammy, stop.

Right on your left there's a
basket on the ground.

A little to your left, Tammy.
A little to your left.

Tammy, to your right.
Tammy, to your right.

That's it.
All right, straight ahead, John.

Now stop.
>> Go to your left, right there,

go left.
Okay, you're here.

>> Keep going, keep going.
Okay, Tammy right towards me.

Hear my voice?
Hear my voice?

That's it.
Stop, stop, stop.

Thank you.
Rob, stop right there!

On your left, there's another
one on the ground.

>> Okay, Gina take a left.
>> Right, right, right, right.

I'm sorry.
>> Step over the log.

Right there on your left, Gina,
Paschal, turn around.

>> You got this.
What is this?

>> Go, okay, straight.
Stop, Paschal, right in front of

>> Rob, put that log down.

Rob, put that log down, that's
not it, Rob.

>> Neleh, I'm sorry.

>> Rob, big step, there's logs
right in front of you.

>> Keep going straight.
To your right.

Right there, Neleh.

>> All right, stop.
All right, come on, Rob.

You're almost there, almost

>> Okay, you guys.
Left, left.

Gina, okay, right, right.
Okay, Neleh.

>> PROBST: Seven Maraamu.
Rotu you have nine.

>> Neleh, take a left.
Neleh, take a left.

There, keep going.
Gina, stop!

Take a little right.
Gina, take a little right.

Paschal, I want you to go

Paschal, go straight.

>> Which way, come on?.
>> Straight, ten feet.

>> Paschal, little bit to your
right, a little to your left.

Okay, stop Paschal, to your
right, in the basket, that's it,

you got it.
>> John, right behind you.

There's some oars.
The other side of the oars.

That's it.
It's the last one, John.

Follow my voice.
>> Through the bushes, keep

Left, left, it's on your feet to

your left!
It's by your feet, keep going.

>> Come on, straight.
Come on straight.

Come straight, come straight.
Come on, right here.

All right.
Last one.

Can they take them off?
>> PROBST: No, Rotu, you got 13.

You're still missing one.
>> Go down, that's it.

Okay, you can run.
>> Where's the last one?

>> Keep coming back.
One, two, three, four, five,

six, seven, eight, nine, ten,
11, 12, 13.

How many?
>> PROBST: 14, 14.

Take them off.
>> PROBST: Maraamu, take them

Rotu, still need one more.

>> Come on, come on!
>> I can't see it, man!

>> All right, John, straight

John, straight ahead.
A little to your right.

A little to your right.
No, no, left.

>> Come on, gang, let's go.
Straight ahead!

Right on your right, on the
ground, right there on the

ground, that's it.
Straight to me, straight to me.

A little on your left.
Right here, no, no, you're

right, you're right.
That's it, let's go.

That's 14, right?
Let's go, guys.

>> PROBST: That's it, Rotu,
blindfolds off.

>> Let's go.
>> This is done, this is done!

>> Come on, you guys, help.
That's right, that's right.

Okay, keep going.

Okay, okay.
But where's this guy?

>> Don't match.
Yeah, these match.

We're fine.
>> Yes, where's this one go?

>> This goes on top of this one.
>> Yellow on the top.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God!
>> PROBST: Maraamu wins!

We won!

>> PROBST: All right, guys,
we're heading over to Rotu's

Maraamu, prepare to raid.

>> PROBST: Let's go, guys, this

>> PROBST: Let's go, guys, this

Okay, guys, come on in.

Gina, this is Rotu's home.
Kathy, Paschal, Neleh, welcome

back to your old camp.
All right, keep this in mind

during the raid.
These are the items you cannot

take, these are the items you
must leave.

One knife, one cooking pot, one
water container, the magnifying

You cannot take any personal

Everything else is fair game.

You guys have two minutes and it
begins right now.

>> What about their lanterns?

>> Lanterns?
>> PROBST: One minute 15 to go.

>> PROBST: 45 seconds.
>> Where's their knives?

>> 20 seconds left.
10 seconds.

Five, four, three, two, one.
Raid is over.

>> We did this as a team, okay?
>> PROBST: All right, Maraamu,

start gathering your stuff.
Your boat is waiting, head back

to camp.
>> We got the peppers.

The peppers are in there.
Here you go.

>> Let me put that in there.
>> Why are we taking a coconut?

>> We can take, like, two
trips if we have to.

>> Good-bye, pirates.
>> They just called us pirates.

>> Forgot this!
>> We should have taken the

frying pan.
>> Everything that we had worked

frying pan.
>> Everything that we had worked

for this whole time, everything
that we won was just, like, the

rug was pulled out from under
our feet.

>> You guys, let's kind of split
up and go get everything we need

for dinner.
>> A lot of times when you face

adversity and you feel that
you're at your weakest point,

the best thing you can do is
bond together and strengthen as

a unit.
>> I will start peeling taro if

somebody else wants to start
chopping coconut.

>> I was going to do that after
he finishes up.

I felt that this was a perfect
opportunity for all of us, you

know, because we were still in
some sense still a little

divided, still with the three
and the five.

That this would be the
opportunity for us to really

>> Nice.

We'll cook it.
That's the tiniest bird, boy.

>> Woo!

>> We had a great time just
bringing everything on shore.

>> Oh, my God, that is so much

I even like seeing that sitting

>> We are relishing every little
item we took from Rotu, but,

most of all, we were happy to
put a dent in the big tribe.

And we were happy that they
lost, so they could experience a


>> It's an amazing feeling to
have this victory.

I mean, more than anything I
wanted to win so bad, especially

for Gina, because she doesn't
know what it feels like to win.

>> This is the first time I have
ever won here and it's day 13.

>> And that is not easy.
>> We have blankets, we got

We got a knife.

We got lanterns.
We got their water jugs, we got

their cutting board with their
name on it and we got all their

hot peppers.
Words cannot explain how I

felt when we won.
I was so happy and so ecstatic.

It was the first time I'd felt
as though I'd been on a real

>> You know the old saying, they

took everything but the kitchen

>> Mm-hmm.
>> I think we took the kitchen

>> I think we did.

>> Being the underdog and coming
back in a situation like this is

just, like, huge.
It's triumphant.

It's like the best feeling I've
had since I've been here.

It beats any one that I had with

God, it's fun to win.
>> Mm-hmm.

>> ♪ Now chillin' on my rap
in the South Pacific

♪ Looking to my home is going to
seem terrific

♪ Got a little taro
cooking on the stove

♪ Got a lot of love
in my little shack home

♪ Living out here
in Survivor IV

♪ Never been south
of the equator

Dipping in the ocean... ♪
The new members of our tribe,

and they are members of our
tribe now, are really cool

And I love it.

I love that they're here, and
this is Rotu.

We are Rotu now, we are a tribe
of eight, Rotu.

♪ Challenges, immunity,
♪ We never know the next day

who we're going to be
♪ Because we're Rotu

and we can do
So lets have a rap... ♪

>> Over the last few days,
I've noticed Gabriel really

starting to bond with the three
new members.

Spending a lot of time together,
lots and lots of time together.

Gabriel has pretty much said as

much that it's five and three
and his plan was to vote them

all out and to go back to, you
know, one big happy family.

>> I'm just going to reconfirm
with him saying, you know, are

you on board and do I have your
word that you're going to stick

to this?
If he does then I'm fine.

Two days ago, you said you were
going to vote them off one by

>> No, no, what I said was, I'm

not here for anything that I
can't show to everybody.

I'm not here to do or say

>> So your goal isn't to put the
eight back together then?

I'm going to deal with voting
people off when we have to vote

people off.
I'm not going to say no matter

what I'm only going to vote for
these three people.

>> I don't care what you say to
me, I mean, you're going to play

your own game.
>> No, I'm not!

>> You are.
>> No, I'm not.

>> But I think you are.
To me at that point, when he

said that, I'm like, "You know
what, you're done.

You're not safe any more."
>> Anybody that I'm going to

vote for in this tribe, on this
tribe or on a new tribe or the

old tribe, I will tell you
before it happens.

>> So we just want to make

>> It just got misconstrued.
That's all.

>> Okay, are we staying tight?
Is that the deal?

Are we trying to put Rotu back

>> John pushed Gabe a little bit
too far.

He hammered him on it.
He pushed, and he's still got a

chip on his shoulder about it.
>> Okay, it's all good.

Come here, guys.
>> Thanks, Tammy.

>> Yeah.
>> At that point, I realized I

had to get rid of Gabe right

So I started to devise a plan to
be able to do that.

Basically, I want four people
that I know will not vote for

me, just plain and simple.
I don't have those yet.

But I mean, I just want, whether
you call it alliance, an

agreement or whatever.
>> I have no intention of voting

you out of here, so don't worry
about me.

>> Okay, then I'll give you the
same word back.

I mean, Rob, I'm serious, when I
say that, that means that I will

not write your name down.
100 percent.

So right now, what we're
shooting for, for the final four

is yourself, me, Tammy and Rob.
Just voting this block.

>> Okay.
>> We just hope we have your

support for that.
>> Yeah, of course you do.

>> Because otherwise if we
don't, you know, we're screwed.

We have to vote as a block.
Tammy, I'm not playing you.

Trust me, 100%.
I mean, I don't know what else I

can say to you.
Split my hand open, rub blood on

I have your back.

You are my partner.
>> Swear you're not playing me.

>> Tammy, on my mother's ...

>> If you're playing me, I swear
I'll kick your ass.

>> What else can I tell you?
On my mother's life.

>> All right.
>> I mean, who is going to stand

here and say that they're going
to swear on their mother's life?

What kind of creep is going to
do that?

Right now, I've got Rob, Zoe,
Tammy and myself.

The only thing I have to really
worry about is if we lose

tomorrow's immunity challenge,
because if that happens, I could

be out.
Gabe is a wild card right now,

and he could turn the tables on

>> Ooh, it's so simple.
"Ships passing in the distance

when you're struggling to
survive, to get that ship's

attention might just keep your
tribe alive."

>> "Build any signal possible,
except no fire can you blaze, if

you hear the ship's horn sound.
>> "You just bought three more

>> Yes!

We can do this!
>> We got tree mail.

We're really excited.
It's going to be some type of

S.O.S. thing.
The ship's going to come by and

we've got to make our camp as
colorful and creative as

possible, so we can catch their
attention and win immunity.

>> Is a red triangle distress?
>> Black.

>> Maybe we could put our sheets
together and, like, wave them up

and down.
>> We can do a red sheet and

then we got black ash and put
S.O.S. on the red sheets.

We started brainstorming.
Came up with the idea of using

our blankets that we had gotten
the day before.

>> Plus we have four pillows.
>> Use the old pot of theirs.

Win immunity by using their

>> Oh, we're going to win again!

>> Yeah, we are.
>> We're like, thank you, Rotu,

you know, thanks for everything.
>> So we got to build something

to hold the sheets, too.
>> It's definitely got to be

standing up.
>> What do you think about using

a triangle instead of S.O.S.
>> Ooh, yeah.

>> We can win this one.
>> Yep.

>> I want to win this immunity
for two reasons, one of those is

because we don't have to go to
Tribal Council if we win.

But the other reason is so that
we can send the other team to

Tribal Council.
One of my hopes is that one of

the three members of the old
Maraamu will get voted off

tomorrow night.
>> Good-bye, Sean.

>> Good-bye, Rob.
Bye-bye! Bye-bye!

>> Oh, man.
>> Can't build a fire, but

anything else goes.
>> Can't build a fire.

>> And the four that helped
yesterday can't help at all

The four people that are sitting

out today, which is, myself,
John Gabe and Tammy.

We competed in the reward
challenge yesterday, so we're

not allowed to compete in this
challenge today.

>> Okay, one thing we're going
to want to use is our magnifying

>> Did you help yesterday?

>> Oh, we can't talk even.
>> You are not involved at all.

>> You know what, we should
brainstorm with all the

materials that we may use, lay
it out, look at it and see what

we're going to do.
>> The way I look at it is,

Maraamu might have won two
challenges in a row by winning

the one yesterday and raiding
our camp.

Because a lot of the materials
that we would have used in our

signal for immunity, would be
the stuff they took, especially

the white blankets.
>> They have the blankets and

all that.
>> We're just going to worry

about what we have, we can't
worry about what they have.

>> How about this, how about...
>> Building a structure or

>> We need to make orange

standing out on a white

>> Either white or the black.
>> Black.

Stretch it out on this.
>> I don't believe that the

people that are making our
distress signal are the most

creative that we have in the

Our immunity fate is in the
hands of the three ex-Maraamu

people and Zoe.
>> One, two, three.

>> I have full confidence in
Zoe, you know, she's been a

seafaring woman her whole life.
Rob and Sean have sat out both

the challenges so far, so this
is the first time they're

actually stepping up to the

A lot of it is riding on them,
you know, to see if they can

pull out a victory for us.
>> Good.

>> Yeah, that's a good design.
>> Now, how will we make the

life preservers stay?
>> We could put one in each

>> Propped up, I think we could

also use it to stretch out our

>> The importance of this
distress signal is that it's an

immunity challenge at stake,
which means if we don't pull it

off, one of us is not going to
be here.

If we do pull it off, it also
guarantees us three more days.

>> We know this is the challenge
that one person is going to be

leaving and it is not going to
be Rotu.

So, Father God, in the name of
Jesus, we thank you for the

wisdom and knowledge today.
We thank you for understanding,

Father God.
We thank you for the coming of

the minds, Dear Lord, that we
can come up with the best plan

that we know That we can win
this challenge.

>> Even though it looks like Fat
Albert and the Cosby kids'

S.O.S. sign, it's still...
I think it's pretty good,

considering what we have.
>> Win one for the Gipper.

>> The Gipper?
>>> Yeah.

>> Who's that?
>> I don't know.

Somebody says that.
Some big name says that,

"Win one for the Gipper."
>> Rotu!

>> Okay, we have our oars ready.
>> We don't have to hoot and

holler, but let's get in
position and see how we're going

to be.
>> Gabe, Rob Mariano, V. and

Sean could create a foursome.
That would put me at a

I needed at least one of the

other new members, so I don't
get myself caught in a tie, in

case Gabe figured out that I was
trying to vote him out.

Sean, take a walk with me.
So then I went to Sean because I

wanted to get him to vote
against Gabe.

And that's no bull.
I mean, I told you straight up

when you first came to this
camp, that I would always be

honest with you.
That I was never going to lie in

this game, ever.
Just, because... it's just this

gut feeling I have.
>> Mm-hmm.

>> I'm going to vote Gabe

>> Mm-hmm.
>> But I do want you to know

that, if we lose this one today,
you're not going home.

>> Okay.
>> But you have to be tight.

You have to keep your mouth

The fact is, we need your
strength and that puts your ass,

you know, way up there.
What I want to do is just get

everybody to the merge.
That's my whole point.

Just get there, and then we can
all just duke it out.

>> As you see the story unfold,
the consensus is that they're

going to get rid of Gabe, which
is surprising.

I think it was a mistake that
John told me that.

If they're going to vote for
Gabriel, they needed to just do

it and let me just sit there and
think that I was going to be

next, or Rob or V.
That's their own camp turning on

one of their own.
It doesn't negate what Rob,

myself and V. have.
Now we have the upper hand.

All I'm saying is... stay tuned.
>> We got one shot at this, so

if we got the three of us with
Gabe, we got a chance of going

in four on four.
>> The boat.

>> The boat's coming?
>> Yeah, that's it, guys.

>> PROBST: We're on board the
French vessel, Kaohanui with

Captain Lauren in the South
Pacific, just off the coast of

the Marquesas Islands where our
two tribes are living.

If you were marooned on an
island, the one thing you'd want

to see passing by is a ship like
this one.

We've asked both tribes to build
a distress signal.

The tribe whose signal is most
clearly visible and, in the

expert opinion of Captain
Lauren, most likely to attract

attention, wins immunity.


>> Keep it going, we'll get
their attention!

(whistle blowing)
>> Come on, boat!

>> PROBST: All right, Captain,
we are at Camp Rotu.

Grab the binoculars and let's
take a look.

Would this attract your

>> No, not really.
They got plants, trees, it's not

very clear, I don't think it's a
big attraction.

Maybe after the other I can see
if they're better.

>> PROBST: Okay, let's go to
Camp Maraamu and we'll let you

>> Okay, we go.

>> PROBST: Camp Maraamu, here we

>> They're turning around.
>> Come on, Rob, wave.

It looks like they're turning.
(whistle blowing)

Did you hear anything?
>> I didn't hear anything.

>> I've always said, not for a
million dollars would I do this.

>> Yeah!
>> I made him wear a hat today

because he looks like a pilgrim

Look at him.
>> Hot damn! Paschal!

>> I'm going to kill you, Pixie.
>> Run with it, it's cute.

>> This is our ace in the hole
right here, the American flag.

I don't care where you in the
world, when you see this, you

recognize it.
If this can't do it, there is

nothing on earth can do it.
>> All right, guys, this is it!

Better do it.
There's the boat, guys!

>> Keep it straight up and down,

you guys.
>> What?

>> Keep it up and down.
>> Tighten it up, Gina.

>> Come on, guys, honk your

>> Keep it going.
>> PROBST: All right, Captain

we're at Camp Maraamu.
Grab the binoculars and take a

What's your call?

>> Oh, I see a big color red on
the sand.

Red ball, and American flag that
attracts me.

>> PROBST: So the color red?
>> Yes, the color red moving,

and the flag, too.
>> PROBST: Comparing the first

distress signal at Camp Rotu to
this one, which one would more

clearly get your attention?
>> Oh, I think this one more

than the other one.
>> PROBST: Very good.

Okay, Captain Lauren has made
his call.

Camp Maraamu's distress signal
is most clearly visible, would

attract the attention of a ship.
Therefore, Camp Maraamu wins

Hold it steady, I'm going to

drop some cargo.
>> Help! Help us.

Come on!
Honk your horn!

>> Oh, come on, blow your horn.
>> I want that horn!

(horn blares)

>> Hey, we tried.
We did the best we could.

>> Let's go get it, guys.
>> Are you serious?

>> Oh, my God.
>> Let's go get it.

>> All right!
>> Who is that under there?

>> All right!
>> Who is that under there?

>> Are we feeling better, dude?
>> I'm feeling much better.

>> I was just telling Sean that,
you know, it's like, if it is a

normal merge, then we'll just go
in and we take out the other

side and we all just stick
together, and then the worst

that any of us can do is seventh

After that, everyone just dukes
it out.

>> All right, man.
I appreciate it, you know, for

including us.
>> Well, we're all a tribe.

>> To tell you the truth, I
don't believe John for a second.

I think he's, like, slick, and I
have a plan that may work to get

rid of John.
I'm just saying we have to

figure out a way to spin it.
I thought Gabe would have been a

good way if we could get him.
If we can trust him.

If we could, then we'd have the
advantage over here.

You know?
>> If Gabe is willing to align

himself with us we may vote for

>> Did we stir the taro lately?
>> I'm watching it.

>> If you get rid of the head
and we have numbers, then, you

know, the rest may fall.
I look at how the cards are

stacked, it's five on three.
Unless there's a shakeup, either

myself, V. or Rob are going

>> Do you know how you're

>> No, I don't know 100% yet.
I guess a lot of it is going to

be how I felt after I talked to

My only question I have for you
is if you were 100% set in the

way you wanted to play the game,
and you're happy with it, that

it's your time to go, then I
have no arguments with that.

I can't argue with that.
If, however, you would consider

anything else, then maybe we
could talk, definitely a twist.

A way to shake things up.
Just do me a favor and don't

tell anybody what we talked
about right now.

>> Rob Mariano was explaining
that it's probably going to be

me voted out tonight.
I knew there was only so far in

the game I could get doing it
my way, and now I got another

>> The more zip you put on it,

the tighter your spiral.
>> I wish I had not hatched my

plan so quickly with Rob Mariano
and Sean.

I had this little feeling that
said, you know, they're going to

maybe try to hatch something

I'm a little bit nervous, is
this plan going to work?

And if it does, it's awesome.
I'm sitting in a really great

If it doesn't, I'll be eating

some good food tonight.
>> So, dude, we have to bring

>> Yeah.

>> I think of all the votes that
probably have occurred anywhere

in this game up to this point,
this one is the most pivotal.

It's huge.
I think it will be the biggest

move of the game.
I think it will send it into a

whole different direction.
>> PROBST: V. and Sean and Rob,

whole different direction.
>> PROBST: V. and Sean and Rob,

you guys can remain seated.
The rest of you guys, there's a

personalized torch behind you.
Go ahead and find your torch and

approach the flame.
Go ahead and light it up.

Put it back in its slot.
For a lot of you, it's the first

time at Tribal Council, and for
this tribe a pretty interesting

first 15 days.
Started out as a very strong

tribe, unbeatable, won every
immunity, then suddenly your

first loss.
Results in a camp raid.

Then you lose immunity and here
you are tonight.

Tammy, tonight, as of now what
is the mood of this tribe?

>> I think we're still very

I mean, it was going to happen
sometime that we would lose

immunity or lose some challenge,
so it was just a matter time.

But we had a good roll and we're
still optimistic that we're

going to keep winning.
>> PROBST: Anybody in here the

jester of the group?
So far, Zoe, who within your

tribe is the person that can
light the mood?

>> Well, that is definitely

He'll take a really down moment
and it will hit just that little

giggle Gabriel has, just like

That's all he has to do is just
a little giggle.

>> PROBST: Gabe, one of the
benefits of this experience--

new friendships.
Do you trust these guys?

>> Is trust the biggest member
of our tribe?

People are here to play the

People are here to win a million

So trust is fleeting here,

because there's only going to be
one winner.

>> PROBST: John, is there a
leader in this tribe?

>> I would say if anything, I
think I've stepped up if you

want to call it a leader, but I
wouldn't say that I'm a leader,

you know, like most people would

But I have definite leadership

>> PROBST: At this point in the
game is it good to be a leader

because you still want a strong
tribe, or are you setting

yourself apart a little and
letting people know that, hmm,

he's a bright guy, got to keep
an eye out.

>> I think being, basically,
it's coming out of the shadows

and into the light puts you at
risk to a certain extent.

>> PROBST: If you were betting
tonight, how confident are you

that you're not going home?
>> That's an evil question.

I mean, you know, if you want on
honest answer, I feel pretty

confident that I'm not, but
again, you know, anything is

>> PROBST: We're going to vote

here in just a minute.
But before we get to that,

what's the voting criteria going
to be tonight, Rob?

>> Tonight, I'm going to vote
for what I think will be in my

best interest.
>> PROBST: So at this point,

it's an individual vote for you?
>> I think all votes, when it

comes down to it, are individual

When we come to Tribal Council,
I think people in general are

looking out for themselves.
>> PROBST: All right.

It's time to vote.
Gabe, you're first.

>> I'm voting for Gabriel.
You just proved yourself

untrustworthy and we're too far
into the game at this point to

be wishy-washy.
>> You've made it clear from the

be wishy-washy.
>> You've made it clear from the

beginning, you're not here to
play the game.

You don't care about the money,
and I'm here to play the game

and I care about the money.
>> PROBST: I'll go tally the

Once the votes are read, the

Once the votes are read, the

decision is final.
The person will be asked to

leave the Tribal Council area

I'll read the votes.
First vote, Gabe.

Two votes Gabe.

Three votes Gabe.
That's four votes Gabe.

First person voted out of Rotu,

I don't need to read the other

You need to bring me your torch,

Gabe, the tribe has spoken.
It's time for you to go.

In voting out Gabe, you vote out
a guy who appears to be strong,

kept your spirits up, works

We'll see how it plays out.
You can get your torches and

head back to camp.
Stay tuned for scenes

head back to camp.
Stay tuned for scenes

from our next episode.
>> PROBST: Next time on

Paschal is stunned to learn Gabe

had been voted off Rotu.
>> I was bitterly disappointed.

>> I knew that would break his

>> What a kid.
>> PROBST: Back at Rotu, Gabe's

departure has left John firmly
in control.

>> Everyone knows I'm running
the show.

>> PROBST: But Boston Rob's not
buying it.

>> Do I have "stupid" written on
my forehead?

>> I miss you guys already.
The experience of being with all

of you, even the new members,
was really, really fantastic.

But I came to experience the
game, not to play the game, so

this is... looks like perfect

You guys play safe, all right?
Have a good time.