Survivor (2000–…): Season 4, Episode 6 - The Underdogs - full transcript

Tribal loyalties shift, Rotu's self-proclaimed leader is targeted for ouster and the sixth person is evicted.

>> PROBST: Previously on

Maraamu found a new source of


...and won a crucial reward
challenge and got to raid

Rotu's camp...
Maraamu, prepare to raid.

>> It was amazing.
We got everything.

>> PROBST: ...which caused Rotu
to become a more unified tribe.

>> Everyone just felt like they
had a purpose in the tribe.

>> PROBST: But unity was
fleeting when John became

suspicious of Gabe's behavior.
>> Are we staying tight?

Is that the deal?
>> PROBST: The tiny Maraamu

tribe also won their first

And John took steps to oust

>> We vote Gabe, tomorrow.

>> PROBST: Rotu went to their
first Tribal Council, where Rob

went along with the vote, but
had a message for John.

>> I know exactly what you're

First chance I get, I'm going
to get you.

>> PROBST: And Gabe was voted
out of the tribe.

Gabe, the tribe has spoken.
11 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?
>> The four original Rotu

Who will be voted out tonight?
>> The four original Rotu

members, Zoe, myself, John and
Tammy, we made ourselves a

little pact that we're going to
try to control this and take it

down to be the final four

And right about now, we're
feeling pretty confident that we

are in control.
>> It's, like, no line of

B.S. what I'm saying.
I mean, if we do it right, the

winner will come out of this

I mean, I've been waiting for us
to lose one so that I could,

you know, that I could get rid
of Gabe, so...

My leadership has emerged since
we voted Gabe out.

There was definitely a shift,
basically now everyone knows I'm

the leader.
Everyone knows that I'm running

the show.
If we were to lose our next

immunity challenge, we're up

So to be honest, the reward
challenge is the one that we

want today.
No matter what it is, we just

make sure our best personnel are

And maybe not put as much focus
and effort into the immunity

challenge that comes up after

>> John has made himself the
power guy in our little group.

That's fine with me.
Right now, it's time for me to

sit back, relax, let him take
the grief.

He's going to be the one who's
going to be the target.

>> Maybe it's my new tribal
baptism or whatever you want to

call it, but I got silly and
decided to go skinny-dipping.

Hey, Rob, I'm going to jump off

There I was with the original
Rotu people, and after voting

Gabe out, it was like being able
to wash off all that other stuff

and like starting new.
That was definitely a powerful

Symbolically, it's just showing

that there's another level
of our relationship with

each other.
I would not be comfortable doing

that with the other three.
>> Only chance we got now, hope

we win immunity tomorrow, and
there's a merge.

We've got to hook something up
with the other side.

Otherwise, we're going out.
Without a doubt, we're

outnumbered 4-3.
By losing Gabe, we definitely

put ourselves at a big

We know they got four, we got

They're knocking us off one at a

And these smoochers...
>> And V.'s definitely...

I don't know what V. is doing,
but she's definitely

disassociating herself from
us in a real clear and

visible manner.
>> V's driving me crazy because

it's just so obvious what she's

I don't trust V.
I never trusted V.

I'll tell you one thing, Sean,
my main goal is to get rid of

Just because he's so full of it.

If I have any opportunity at
all to get rid of John, I will.

I don't have an angle yet.
I don't have a strategy yet, but

if I have any opportunity at all
to get rid of him, he will be

the first to go.
And if we lose the immunity

tomorrow, yeah, it's probably
going to be me or you.

>> On this side, there's more
time to be casual because you

don't have to work at gathering

It's just right at your

>> Paschal, did you find any?
>> Well, I see one.

Where there's one, there's more.
Physically, we're not a match

for the other team and we
know that.

But we just approach it as best
we can.

I mean, you can only do what you
can do and you can't worry about

>> Holy Mother McGrady, look at

this dude!
>> You got that side?

>> I got this side.
>> Good job.

>> I was always concerned that
having this small little band of

women and one older gentleman
was going to be very difficult

to win.
But now that I'm here, it's

totally about spirit and energy
and desire.

>> Oh, baby come here.
Where is that pincher?

Oh, no, you don't!
No, you don't.

>> You booger!

You booger!
Booger head!


>> You sorry sun of a gun, you!
Wow, he got me double.

>> Damn!
Woo, look at that.

Oh, my God.
No wonder it hurts to get

We did not eat as well at Rotu

because we had more tribe
members and less food.

>> We'll have to bowl them up
right away.

>> We did not eat in the
morning, we did not eat at

lunch, we only had dinner.
That was great, Paschal.

I was just waiting for them to
pop out of the hole.

>> Yeah, you've got to, if you
just find one going back.

>> Yeah, that was timing.
>> Okay, we know where to come

There you go.

Good one, Kathy.
>> Yeah.

God, they're strong.
>> If we can win this one, the

way we're eating, and you know
what they're eating.

You got to believe what they're
not eating.

>> I think they're more worried
about the food than immunity,

because they probably already
have their alliance.

They already know who they're
going to boot.

>> I'm totally looking forward
to see which one of my old

members got kicked off.
>> It's going to be a shock to

us if it wasn't one of her old
members, because I think we're

all assuming it's going to be
one of two people.

>> I think it's going to be Rob,
the others think it's going to

be Sean.
So it will be interesting to

find out.
>> You guys, this is done.

>> The food over on this side is
so much easier to get to than

the food over at Rotu.
It's just, it's unbelievable,

it's like night and day.
>> And it's so fresh.

>> We don't need the food like
they need it, I'm confident of

>> Let's see what do we got


>> Oh, it's going to be food!

>> Yeah, it is.
>> "It's time to visit a

mystical place.
The perfect setting for your

next race.
Across land and sea, in the

fastest time, the first tribe
finished sits down to dine!"

>> There is no way they're

going to beat us.
>> No way.

>> No way in hell, and if there
is any food at the finish line,

that's motivation enough.
>> Rock and roll, man.

>> Rotu!
>> They voted Gabe off.

>> Rotu!
>> They voted Gabe off.

>> Oh!
>> What?

>> PROBST: Right in front here,

Okay, let's get to today's
reward challenge.

It is a jungle relay race.
Here's how it works.

Four members from each tribe
will compete.

There are three legs to the

In the first leg, one member of
each tribe will race through the

jungle until you reach a paddle.
It's tied with knots.

You'll untie it and continue on,
tagging a tribe member along

the way.
You must stay together.

Both of you will find another
paddle that's tied up.

You'll carry both paddles to the
second leg, which is a pile of

Hidden inside is a key.

Start breaking the coconuts open
until you find it.

Then pass the key and the
paddles off to the other two

members of your tribe.
For the third and final leg,

those two members will use the
key to unlock your outrigger

You'll paddle out, retrieve your

flag, turn around, paddle back,
and drop your boat on the beach.

The outrigger must be within
reach of your chain.

First tribe to get both paddlers
back to the tiki and place their

flag on top wins reward.
Want to know what you're playing

>> Yes.

>> PROBST: First thing, nice,
hot, humid day like today,

something a little cold, a
little Sierra Mist.

>> Oh, that's so cold, look at

>> Oh!
>> PROBST: Here's a little

sampling of what's waiting for

>> Oh, my God.
>> PROBST: Chicken, quiche, bean

salad and a really nice

Rotu, because you have seven

members, you're sitting three

Which four are participating?
Okay, V., Sean, Tammy, you guys

are sitting this one out.
First two, head to the start,

wait for my go.
Here we go, guys.

Survivors ready!

>> Take it easy, Rob!
>> Go, Paschal!

Go, baby!
Come on, Paps, you got it.

>> Take it easy, Rob.
>> Good job, Paps!

Come on, Paps, you got it.
>> Want me to hold the paddle?

>> I got it, I got it.
>> I see it, the change in the

knot right there.
>> They change it halfway.

>> Very good, nice and steady.
>> Okay, Paps, ready?

>> Go.
>> Let's go, Paschal!

>> Let's go, Rob.
All right, you can do it!

>> Come on.
>> Take your time.

>> Take your time, take your

>> Come on, Paschal!
>> We got it, come on.

>> Go!
>> The paddle!

The paddle! The paddle!
>> Ready? One, two, three.

>> Which side?
Come on...

Rob, stop, stop, stop.
>> One on one side, one on the

On this side, my side, my side.

Turn us around.
Row on the outside this time.

>> What are they doing?
>> You guys!

>> I'll go on the inside, you go
on the outside.

>> PROBST: You're still in this,
let's go!

>> Come on, you guys!
>> Steer, steer, you need to

I'm rowing, you steer.

>> Come on, girls, way to go!

>> Steer, steer, steer.
>> Good job, girls.

>> Rob, steer, don't row!
I'm going to row.

Put your paddle in.

There you go.
>> Good job, come on, guys!

>> Sharp, sharp, sharp.
>> Come on!

Oh, yes.

>> Come on!
>> Come on, Rotu!

>> Go!
(all yelling encouragement)

>> PROBST: Pull it to your

Pull it to your chain!
>> Come on, guys.

Come on!
>> Push, push.

>> Get the flag!

Get the flag!
>> PROBST: Rotu!

>> Rob wasn't here.
Rob wasn't here.

>> You're right.
>> Rob wasn't here!

>> PROBST: Hold up, I got to
check something.

Maraamu is protesting.
To win, your boat has to be

within a chain length, and both
paddlers have to be at the tiki.

The boat has to be within the
chain link, Maraamu's boat is

all right.
Rotu's boat is not okay.

In addition, the General was not
at the tiki when you put your

flag in.
I spoke too soon, I'm sorry.

Rotu, you do not win.
Maraamu wins.

>> Yes!

>> Oh, my God, look it's a

>> I love picnics.
>> Oh, my gosh.

>> Oh, my God, look at all the

Oh, my God, there's ice!
Oh, my God.

>> God, my hands are shaking.

>> Can we get a couple more
Sierra Mists?

>> Oh, my gosh.
>> I cannot believe it.

>> We can each have a half.
>> Oh, my God, they have French

>> Oh, my gosh, you guys,

this chicken is incredible.
Oh, my God, have you tried the

bean thing?
It is so good!

What's in here?
It's like a relish or something.

>> The challenge was very

It was a relay challenge.
It was definitely a reward that

we needed.
Not necessarily did we need the

food, but we needed to keep Rotu
away from the food.

>> I honestly have probably had
20 cookies.

I kid you not.
>> Me, too.

We have to eat slowly,
so we can eat longer.

>> It's so hard though.
>> Oh, it's so hard.

>> God, I feel so bad.
Why were they so grumbly?

Would we have been that grumbly?
>> I got to tell you, it was

utter disbelief this morning.
>> Oh, Gabe?

>> Absolutely shocked.

>> I mean, I was really shocked.
Honestly when we were over

there, Gabe was probably the
strongest member of our team

over there, he did everything.
So there's got to be some big

quarrelly stuff going on over

>> I mean, I think it's a
consensus that we all feel like

a family here, us four, I mean,
it's truly a family.

>> I'll tell you what, it's
heaven on earth.

An old guy like me with three

Does it get any better than

>> I love when you say that.

>> That's going to make me throw

>> Gross.

>> I'd rather you thrown up.
>> Oh, my gosh.

>> Three quarters of the time
that we're out here, we spend

fantasizing about food.
So it was a huge, huge

disappointment when they said
that we didn't win.

>> They'll probably end up with
an upset stomach all that food.

>> I hope they puke right after
they eat it.

>> I ran the race, I smoked

I did my part.
I handed the key to dumb and

dumber, and they proceeded to
screw up the rest of the race

for us.
Maraamu is over there having all

kinds of good food.
And we're over here eating

>> It wasn't that big of a deal

to me to lose that challenge.
To me, it was just a meal.

And I avoided apologizing.
Because I am in a leadership

position, and I'm not going to
apologize because we lost.

Those guys are going to just be
crapping their brains out.

Those four over there, they're
going to be sick as dogs.

The food looked great.
But cucumbers, green peppers and

High, high gas foods.

We would bloat up in a second.

A lot of that stuff I wouldn't
have touched.

Two hours of yum-yum would not
be worth, you know, three days

of ... your brains out.
That one little meal don't mean

>> We've got 26 days left.

We didn't come out here to eat
fried chicken and quiche.

>> There you go.
>> We came out here to play the

game and win the game, and
that's what we're going to do,

bottom line.
>> This is the Tony Robbins

crew, boy.
Let's take this show on the

>> We have taro, we have

Even though we have it every

day, we keep tricking ourselves
that John's cooking up something

See what happens when you got to

use your imagination?
>> What I do is, I cook the

seafood first, then I pour it
off the juice.

I kept some little white pieces,
and I put in some coconut, and

then I put in the taro.
>> This isn't that bad.

It's not fried chicken, but it's
not bad.

>> Great recipe.
>> I'm fooled.

>> I still say the chicken would
have been the bomb.

But here's the bottom line.
He said maybe like you would

crap your pants.
What else we got out here but

nature and opportunity?
>> "In the jungle, insects

In the love shack,

eight friends sleeping.
We've got fire, food and

Water for the tropic swelter

And a pig pit set with spongy

I don't say it as good as him.
>> Gabe had written Paschal a

poem while they were all over
there at Rotu the first ten

And Paschal and Gabe bonded like

father and son.
Paschal doesn't have any sons,

and he has said repeatedly that,
if he had a son, he would, you

know, love for him to be just
like Gabe.

>> Can you hand this back to

>> Thanks.
>> That's really special.

>> This morning when I saw Rotu
for the first time, I was

And really, I was bitterly

disappointed, because I know
what it was like when we were

there and what Gabe offered.
23 years old.

What a kid.
You know, all the people over

there, I still love dearly,
but it's different now.

I mean, we are who we are now,
and that's in the past.

>> Oh... It makes me so mad.
He should not have been the one

that left.
>> He was very talented.

Yeah, he should not have been
voted off.

>> I knew that would break his

heart today when we saw him

>> I think the mood in our tribe
is very relaxing, it's very

And we're at a point where we

can just basically hang out.
>> It's all in the breathing?

>> Uh-huh, it's for breathing,
and to just de-stress yourself.

>> So how long is this...?
>> Chi gong.

>> Chi gong?
>> Five minutes.

>> Kathy's awesome.
Kathy's got a really good

She's very go get 'em, and I

think she's probably a little
more adventurous than I am,

>> What does that do?

>> Just gets you going.
>> Oh, okay.

>> And then you can go lay down
on the couch, turn on football.

Pop open a beer.
>> Gina fits in, for sure.

I mean, we fit in with Gina.
I think at the beginning, she

was tentative, but she's
definitely coming out of her

shell, so that's a positive.
But I think there's a little

undertow of politics in our

>> Have you ever felt each
other's words by just putting

out your hands?
>> Paschal's looking at us

>> Wait, wait, you got to go

Now tell me when you feel the

I can feel it.

Can you feel that?
You can't feel the heat?

Paschal, you're numb.
You're old and numb.

>> That's it.
>> I'm definitely worried about

the Paschal-Neleh bond and that
Gina's going to step into my

>> Neleh.

>> Yeah.
>> Close your eyes.

Close 'em.
Keep them closed.

I just want you to sniff.
Tell me what you smell.

What do you smell?
>> Hold on.

It's really sweet.
>> Mm-hmm.

>> Candy?

>> It's soft.
So we're going to cut it.

>> Yum!
>> I think Gina is part of our

tribe like there's no more Rotu,
and we're just one big tribe

together and that's how I'm just
going to finish playing the

>> Oh, man.

>> I can smell it from here.
>> Good gracious.

>> I love Gina to death and I
feel closer to her now than I do

some of my other tribe members.
Good little picker!

>> As soon as they got Gabe
kicked out, I knew there was an

alliance with those four Rotu

I just wanted to see them lie to
me to my face, when I asked them

if there was or not.
Can I ask you a question?

You, the General, Tammy and
John, you guys don't have an

alliance, the four of you?
>> We have a friendship, not an

>> That's interesting.

I knew she was lying the second
she told it to me.

I could just tell.
Don't sit there and tell me that

I'm 100% honest and everything
is 100% legit and then turn

around and lie to me and stab me
in the back.

Because, game or no game, I
won't forget it.

You know what I'm saying?
>> I understand what you're

>> I don't trust Zoe.

At this point, I don't trust
anybody in the game except

>> I mean, if we win tomorrow,

the game is still alive for us.
What's up, man?

>> Pretty much I had had it with
the quiet treatment from John

and the rest of the four-member
cast of Rotu over here and I

wanted to get things out in the

You're telling me straight up
that you four don't have an

You four over here?

>> No, how could you say that we

I mean, you'd have to be blind
not to see that.

>> Zoe just told me straight up
in my face not even five minutes

ago, John.
>> Maybe she's not thinking that

>> John.

>> Hey, have I ... you yet?
>> Do I have "stupid" written on

my forehead?
>> I'm saying, in my mind, yes.

>> There's definitely an

>> Absolutely.
>> All right, that's what I'm

saying, you're being honest
right now.

I appreciate your honesty.
>> But if we're going to talk

about that, then we also have to
look at, you know, when we were

going to vote out Gabe.
Your behavior to me completely

changed and you were trying to
figure out maybe another

scenario to take out me.
>> Not you in particular, but

somebody on that.
>> Look me in the eye and tell

me it wasn't me.
>> It wasn't you.

>> Uh, huh, yeah, right.
Do I have "stupid" written on my

But you guys are our team.

You're here.
We have strength in numbers.

If there's a traditional merge
and we all merge at the end,

three of them and seven of us,
those three go first.

That is my absolute word.
Only thing is that freaks me

out, I don't trust you.
I don't trust you.

>> I promise you I won't try to
like swing to the other side or

anything like that.
I promise you I'll tell you

straight up.
>> I'm giving you my word 100%,

we will not get over there and
try get those old Rotu people to

vote you out.
It will not happen, okay?

And don't try to ... me.

I'm taking your word.
>> I will.

>> Okay.
>> Same thing buddy.

>> I think to a degree, I may
have convinced him that I'm part

of the team now.
I want him to trust me, but he

Are you gay, dude?

>> Eh, don't ask me that.
>> You don't want to say that?

>> Yeah, I am.
It was very passive aggressive,

like a throw away comment, "Hey,
are you gay?"

But, you know, hey, I'm 36 years

I've been out for a long time,
so I said, "Yeah, you know, I

I said, thanks for outing me,

you know.
But this 36-year-old gay boy

from Omaha is running the show
and just whipping his pants.

>> This immunity challenge is
critical to me.

If we don't win this challenge,
then I'm probably gone tomorrow.

Sean, V. and Tammy definitely
have to play in today's immunity

challenge, because I sat out

I'm going to be the fourth
member, I'm not going to back

down, I want to participate.
If we lose and this is my last

one, at least I want to know
that I gave my best.

Don't count me out.
>> Tammy and the General and I

have had a couple conversations
about if we were to lose the

next immunity challenge, who
would be the next person to go.

I'm just saying, I mean, I'm
trying to stay two steps ahead.

Rob is desperate to do

I think we sit in a much better
place if we don't have Rob at

the merge, period.
He is a little bit dangerous and

we have one opportunity to get
rid of him.

My gut is screaming to me that
it would be better if we

actually lost this challenge and
lost that voice, and that person

that Rob represents that's so

>> But the thing is, I'm not
throwing immunity.

I can't go in there and not try.
>> Just don't do anything extra

to, like, help them if they're,
like, falling behind.

I'm serious.
We're talking a million dollars

is at stake here.
What I was trying to say to

Tammy is there are certain
battles that you definitely need

to win and there are certain
battles that you don't.

>> I hate the fact that I'm in
this challenge and you don't

want to win this.
>> I don't know what to tell

you, it's better if he's just

>> To be completely honest, I
mean, I don't know what I'm

going to do when it's time to
step up to the plate for today's

I just don't know.

>> PROBST: Come on in, guys.

First things first.
Immunity is back up for grabs.

Today's immunity challenge is a
giant maze.

Hidden within the maze, five
rungs that each tribe will use

to build a ladder.
Each tribe will start next to

each other.
You'll head in opposite

directions to find the first

First tribe to collect all five
rungs in order from one through

five, build the ladder from top
to bottom, get to the top of the

ladder, one person with your
flag, wins immunity.

To make it interesting, you'll
be tied together during the

At stake, the vote.

Win tonight, guaranteed one in
ten shot of being the sole

Lose, your tribe goes to Tribal

Council, another person voted
out of the tribe.

Rotu, because you have three
extra, you'll sit three out.

Pick your four.
We'll get you tied up.

Kathy is leading Maraamu
Rob is leading Rotu.

John, General, Zoe, you're
sitting out.

Survivors ready!

>> Left, left, left, left.
>> More?

>> Remember that.
Ready, left.

We're going left.
Go left.

>> Let's pick it up.
>> Left, left, left.

>> Okay, turn around.
>> Okay.

>> Remember that.
>> Come on, we've got to move

>> Right, go right.

>> There's something over here.
>> Okay, what's this?

>> Yellow.
>> Yellow, but what number?

>> Two.
>> Two.

Two dots.
>> Keep going.

>> Yes!
Hurry, hurry.

Hurry up, guys.
Hurry up.

>> Come on, we got to move

Okay. Number 4.
There's a ton of blue over here.

Inside, inside.
>> PROBST: Rotu takes an early

>> I want to get to the other

side, you guys.
>> Okay, we're right behind you.

>> I know, I just want to tell
what you I'm doing.

>> Right there, go left.
Go left, Rob.

>> Okay.
>> Yes!

>> Hurry up, quick.
>> Okay, we need three.

>> Way to go, Rob, way to go!
>> PROBST: Big circular maze,

>> Way to go, Rotu.

You're doing great.
>> Yes, yes, yes, yes.

>> Hurry up, hurry up.
Hurry up, guys.

>> Okay, we got one.
Let me go.

Three is going to be over here.
Here we go, back here.

Wait a minute, I got to get my

To get back in the center, I
think we have to go around

this way.
>> PROBST: Rotu has three.

>> Here we go.
Come on.

>> Back this way.
>> PROBST: Maraamu, finally on

the board.
>> Okay, guys, help me get back.

Okay, help me get back.
>> Hurry up!

>> Okay.
>> Go. Go.

>> Three is this way.
>> PROBST: Rotu has three,

Maraamu, two.
>> Come on, come on, come on.

Left, right, left, right.
>> Kathy, the other way.

>> What?
>> Go back the other way, honey.

>> That was four, that wasn't

Why can't we get around this

Come on.
We've got to get to the outer

We can't, that dead ends?

>> Go this way, go to the right.
>> This way, Kathy, this way.

>> That's not it.
>> We've been that way a hundred

>> No, we've got to get over

See, over there?

>> Let's move, let's move.

Left, right, left, right.
>> PROBST: Rotu has four,

Maraamu two.
>> Come on, this is it, last

>> Let's go, let's go.

>> You guys, we got to move

>> Double-time, baby.

>> Double-time.
>> Come on.

>> Go.

>> PROBST: Rotu wins!
>> You guys, slow down.

>> This is it.
>> This is what it's all about.

>> PROBST: Maraamu, I'm sorry to
say, Tribal Council tomorrow

night with me, one of the four
of you is going home.

>> How was your day?
>> Good.

I got troca and cowrie.
>> Are you serious?

>> Four troca and I think

>> Good job.

>> When we got back there wasn't
fire, so I was feeling pretty

You know, I did not do a good

leadership role in the maze, and
we got back and I drowned out

the fire.
>> You got to take the sand out.

>> I lit it this morning without
taking the sand out.

>> Gina and I sort of go back
and forth about putting sand on

the fire.
I always put sand on the fire

at Rotu and it worked like a

Maybe the sand was different
over there.

>> We're low on firewood, so we
just... I beefed it up, got a

coal bed and covered it.
>> The sand just puts it out if

it touches it.
>> What about piling as many

hot coals together?
>> These aren't hot.

>> Some of them are hot to touch
when I was digging them out.

>> They're not anymore.
>> She said at Rotu they put

sand on their fire to keep the
coals hot, and I know whenever I

go camping we put sand on the
fire to put it out.

>> As much as we were burning,
we just didn't burn enough of a

bed today.
>> You don't have to, I mean...

I don't think that's going to

>> We just don't have fire.
>> I was hoping that we would go

to Tribal Council and vote
tonight after having a

But I went to talk to Gina about

it and she felt that we
shouldn't talk about it.

So I'm not going to bring it up.
>> These guys do not like to

break through this.
>> No, they don't.

>> I don't think they have
enough guts right now to talk

about it.
I totally disagree with that, I

think we should just own up to
it, man, just put it on the

table and figure it out and
enjoy the rest of the day.

>> We are out of fire.
>> Out of fire?

>> No fire.
>> At all? For sure?

We know that one of us is going
to have to go, and it's a hard

I don't think they're going to

vote for me just because I
wasn't with them originally.

And I might be wrong, but I
don't feel that way.

I just don't like that sand idea
she uses.

That's how you put out fires.
>> That's what I thought, too.

>> If I work at strategizing for
myself, I'd have to vote on

Kathy, because I automatically
know that Neleh nor Paschal are

going to vote on each other.
Have you eaten those raw before?

>> Hmm-mm.
>> You need lemon.

>> They're hard as a rock.
>> I'm not going to start

tonight either.
>> Honestly, I haven't decide

what I'm going to do.
I've been back and forth all

I definitely know I'm not going

to vote Paschal, but between
Kathy and Gina, I'm having a

really tough time.
>> Look, on the other side, we

went to bed many a night without

>> We're going to go to Tribal
Council tonight and each member

is going to get up and vote and
it will be a secret until that

very moment.
>> PROBST: Okay, let's get right

very moment.
>> PROBST: Okay, let's get right

to it.
A lot has happened.

This small little tribe of four,
the true underdogs, has come on

very strong.
Paschal, what kind of tribe is

How different are things now

from the last time you guys were

>> If you would have told me
when I left Rotu that we were

going to duplicate what we had
at Rotu, I'd say there's no way.

Not only have we duplicated it,
we have surpassed it.

>> PROBST: Really.
So let's talk about loyalties

Kathy, where are your loyalties

>> I think there's a spirit of

Rotu still lurking about over on
the other beach.

But it's diminished, and we've
really formed something here

that's united.
I think both tribes have

dissipated and we're creating
something new.

>> PROBST: If you merged
tonight, would the four of you

go in together or would it be
hey, Gina, really been fun,

we're going to see if we can
infiltrate back into the

strength of the numbers of Rotu?
>> No, we would go as the four

of us, strong.
>> Absolutely, four of us.

>> PROBST: Neleh.
>> Absolutely.

>> PROBST: How about you, Gina?
Are you still a black sheep or

are you truly now a tribe of

>> We're definitely a tribe.
I would definitely call it even

like a family.
We don't want to vote anybody

off tonight.
>> PROBST: Kathy, let's talk

about the immunity challenge

You were dragging these guys
like they were school kids who

didn't want to get up.
At any point, did you think,

yikes, I hope we're still a
tribe here and I hope they're

not going to make me a

>> My head hung low because I
felt that I failed the tribe on

the challenge.
But the other thing is that

there's such a family feeling
between the four of us, that I

felt okay once we got outside
the maze and we got back to

>> PROBST: So if you guys are

such a tight family, how are you
going to vote tonight?

How do you make that decision?

>> Every ten minutes, I probably
am thinking someone different.

That's how many times it's gone
through my head today, because I

do not want anybody to go.
>> PROBST: Have you made your

decision now?
>> Honestly I haven't.

>> PROBST: Okay.
It's time to vote.

Paschal, you're first.
>> PROBST: I'll go tally the

Paschal, you're first.
>> PROBST: I'll go tally the

Once the votes are read, the

Once the votes are read, the

decision is final, the person
will be asked to leave the

Tribal Council area immediately.
I'll read the votes.


Two votes Gina, one vote Kathy.

Deciding vote...

You need to bring me your torch.
>> Love you.

>> I love you.
>> PROBST: Gina, the tribe has

It's time for you to go.

Well, you guys kept insisting on
using the word "family" tonight

instead of tribe.
Sometimes, families have to make

hard decisions.
I'm sure this has been one of

the hardest.
You guys can head back to camp.

I'll see you tomorrow.
Stay tuned for scenes

from our next episode.
>> PROBST: Next time on

The two tribes merge into one.

>> It's so good to see you.
>> Our Heavenly Father, we're so

grateful for each other and for
the bonds that we have together.

>> Amen.
>> PROBST: But can they all live

happily under one roof?
>> Tell the truth for once, will

>> Zoe's lying to me.

They're all lying to me.
>> Nobody in this game knows

who's telling the truth.
>> Don't lie to my face.

>> Now it's on, man.
>> Miss Kathy, Paschal and

Neleh, you're awesome.
I love you guys.

I understand the vote tonight.
The tribal members that are

left, the tribe mates, I hope
you play well, play good, play

I just have to say that I've had

the time of my life, and it's
been a wonderful, wonderful

Nothing will ever, ever replace

this experience.