Survivor (2000–…): Season 4, Episode 4 - The Winds Twist - full transcript

A sudden turn of events inspires new activity at the camps and the fourth person is voted out.

>> JEFF PROBST: Previously on

Injuries plagued Rotu while

building their raft.
>> Nice work, butcher.

>> Okay, okay, okay.
>> PROBST: Go!

But it all paid off in the end,
as their raft led them to

victory at the reward challenge.

Taking advantage of Maraamu's

low morale, Rob strategized
behind the scenes, and was the

puppet master of the tribe.
>> Fear keeps people loyal.

If they're afraid they have
something to lose, they're going

to do what I tell them to do and
not know that I'm telling them

to do it.
That's straight out of The

>> PROBST: Rotu remained

untouchable with another victory
at the immunity challenge.


Nice job.
At Tribal Council,

Maraamu followed Rob's lead and
voted Hunter off the island.

>> Good luck, you guys.
>> PROBST: The tribe has spoken.

13 are left.
Who will be voted out tonight?

(indistinct voices)
>> Without a doubt, I think this

is my game, and I'm the one
that's controlling it, for the

most part.
I don't think Hunter saw it

coming a mile away.
>> Need some more... more

>> Last night at Tribal Council

the four other members decided
to vote out Hunter, which I

think was a pretty stupid idea.
>> There you go.

You got it.
>> I think the reason being is

because Rob and Sean were tired
of having somebody else in a

leadership role, and now they're
ready to take over.

You can see it in what they do.
I mean, we come back and we got

to build a fire.
And I think that was their main

motivation in getting him off.
I thought I was the one gone.

I just want to know why you vote
one of your strongest members

>> I think we all probably had a

different reason.
>> I mean I'm glad I'm here.

>> Uh-huh.
>> 'Cause I thought I was going.

But I'm just, I'm really just

>> Basically just kind of do
something different.

I'm just like not the big

I mean, the game has no rules.
>> I know, I mean, we talked,

and I told you why we voted on
each other.

So I just, if you guys want to
tell me, that's fine.

If not, then, that's fine, too.
I'm just asking.

Nobody had a good explanation,
no one.

Sarah's explanation was she just
felt like, you know, she had two

people and that's who she wanted
to vote on.

Well, Rob voted on that person,
that's why she voted on him.

She doesn't think for herself,
Rob tells her what to vote on.

>> I don't know, it's hard to
explain what I was thinking.

You thought you were the one to

>> I mean, I thought it would be
stupid to vote him out.

>> I'm glad I voted the way I

>> After seeing the votes I'm
glad I voted the way I did, too.

>> They think it's the beginning
of Maraamu-- I have no idea.

I hope it's not the end, because
I don't want to go.

I'll be the next to go.
If we lose, I'm gone.

They're not going to keep
somebody like me around.

>> This is a big pig tail in the

>> A big pig tail?
>> A big braided pig tail.

>> Yeah, like a Barbie doll

>> Oh, yeah.

>> Let me see. There you go!
>> Thanks, babe.

>> I jammed.
>> You did, you did a great job.

>> No lumps.
>> Good morning, buddy.

>> This tribe is a family.
We've said that from day one.

I don't know that the mood could
be any better.

It's just a real calm, peaceful

It's just family pride here, and
I don't think the other team has

>> I think as every day

passes here, I think our tribe
is beginning to find more of its

People are beginning to relax a

little bit.
I mean, yesterday was honestly

the best day I've had here.
>> Yeah.

>> Hey, buddy.
>> This tribe is unbelievable.

The reason we keep winning is
because of the unity and love

that is in this tribe.
It's an unreal experience to see

eight people coming together
every single day to provide for

each other, not just rally
around each other for a

challenge, but every single day
doing an activity that will

provide for the rest of the

>> I am preparing toasted

There was a discovery last night
by the infamous, infamous Chef,

John, to try and make our food
taste better, and we just

happened to discover that the
coconut just got burned on the

bottom of the pan and it tasted
really good.

>> Survivor snacks.
It's warm, so be careful.

Is it good?
>> Oh!

Let's just make that every two
hours on the two hours.

>> The bottom line is, everybody
in this tribe likes each other

and respects each other as

Whether we wanted it or not,
we've become a second sort of

And it's a good thing, it works

for us.
>> We have mail!

for us.
>> We have mail!

>> Okay.
Here we go. Listen up.

"Challenges of brain and brawn
are nothing compared to this.

Your world will turn, your head
will spin, as you stand upon the

>> Might be like a wheel of

>> Into the water?

>> Could be like if you get
dizzy or not.

>> Mm-hmm.
>> Today's mail was a disk, it

was a wooden disk.
We kind of, like, threw some

ideas around, but then we
decided we're just going to shut

up and wait.
In a nutshell, we've assumed

every single one.
We have been wrong on every

single one.
So maybe today when we go in

there, expecting the unexpected,
who knows?

>> Here's where the game gets
really interesting.

>> PROBST: Hello, guys.
>> Hello.

>> What's up?
>> PROBST: All right.

Today is not a reward challenge
or an immunity challenge, but it

is an activity of sorts, and
certainly some of you will be

rewarded and others no doubt, as
always, will go back

Let's begin.

First step, pick a disk, doesn't

matter, it's totally random.
Follow your gut.

Go wherever you want.

Go wherever you want.

Zoe, you're first.
Step off your disk.

Flip it over.
Pull off your new buff.

Take your old one off.
Put your new one on.

Nothing changes for you, you're
still on Rotu.

Put it on, and take a spot over

Gina, you're next.
No harm, no foul, still with


Pick a spot on your new mat.
You're still Rotu.

First change.

Now part of Maraamu.
Take a spot on the mat with

>> Welcome.

>> PROBST: John.
No change.

You're still with Rotu.
Take a spot on the mat.

V... here goes.
Swap out, you're now a member of

>> God is still good,

>> PROBST: Say hi to your new

tribe members.
>> What's up, babies?

>> PROBST: Rob.
You're now a member of Rotu.

>> Hi, Robster.
>> PROBST: Kathy...

you're now a member of Maraamu.
Say hello to your new tribe


You're now a member of Rotu.
>> Sean, man.

>> John.
>> PROBST: Sarah.

Okay, Sarah, same buff, still a
member of Maraamu.

>> What's up, ladies?
>> The chicks, man!

The chicks are here!
>> It's all about the chicks.

>> Yes, Sarah, Kathy, Neleh.
>> PROBST: Robert, you're up.

You're a member of Rotu.
The new Rotu.

>> Hey, Rob.
>> What's up, man?

>> What's up, man?
>> It's going to be all women.

>> Mm-hmm.
>> PROBST: Paschal.

>> All right!
>> Yeah, pappy's on our team!

>> We got pappy.
>> PROBST: You're now a member

of Maraamu.
>> Nice to meet you.

>> You, too.
>> PROBST: All right, Tammy,

you're last.
Join your new tribe.

>> What's up, tribe?
>> What's up, sweetie?

>> So good!
It's good to get to know new

>> Welcome, guys. How you doing?

>> PROBST: All right.
These are the new tribes.

Maraamu, Rotu.
The number of tribe members in

each tribe hasn't changed, just
the members within the tribe.

And let me assure you that like
everything else in this game,

this part of your destiny was
planned long before you guys

even got to the Marquesas

I have no doubt that some of you
are probably looking at this as

a reprieve, others may see it as
a sentence.

It is neither.
It's just the game.

I'll see you guys tomorrow.
>> What's your name? Tammy?

>> I'm Rob.
>> Rob.

>> Sean.
>> Nice to meet you.

>> Sean, baby.
(sobbing gently)

>> It's good, it's good.
>> Oh, my God.

>> It's good, it's good.
>> Oh, my God.

>> This is our new house, you

>> This is so beautiful.
>> Let's show you guys around.

>> What is this here?
>> This is the breadfruit, this

is a mango tree.
>> When we got back for the

first time the new group, it was
interesting, we walked around

and showed them the fruit trees
that we had.

So all you got to do is pick up
the limes off the ground.

>> There's a rooster.
>> Their limes are on the

ground! Hello!
>> Yeah, there's a rooster.

It was very exhilarating to
actually see some people who

didn't want to just sit around
and be lazy.

>> You guys, check out this
grapefruit tree!

There's zillions of them.

>> Strawberries.
>> Oh!

>> Watch your head!
>> Whoo-whee!

>> I just came from a tribe that
would get up at dawn, check the

pig pit, you know, and go out
and forage for shells.

So to us we feel like we're at a
four-star hotel, that there's

fruit on the table.
So it's pretty nice.

>> You guys, look at all the

(indistinct voices)
>> Didn't you say you have

mangos, too?
>> Oh, heck, you guys.

Grapefruit just made my whole
entire day.

>> It was nice to get away, you
know, and see some new scenery.

The beach here is beautiful.
And the fruit definitely by far

outdoes everything over at Rotu.
I would have chosen here over

that place for the fruit.
>> So, what do you all do in

real life?
>> I was a teacher until this

year, and then I took off.
I'm bartending, saving money for

grad school.
>> Oh, cool. Yeah.

>> I'm a real estate broker, but
I'm going back to school,

changing careers.
>> Are you? For what?

>> Environmental studies.
>> That's what I'm doing!

>> Come on.
>> Get out of here!

>> Gina and Kathy right away had
something in common.

They're both all about the
environment and want to go

hiking and do all that.
So that was good.

Gina found someone right away.
We have a morning show every

Sean is really, really funny.

We each had a part in the
morning show.

I was the beauty.
She was the sports report,

Hunter was the, uh, helicopter
weather guy.

>> Hunter's the one they voted
off last night.

>> Last night. I thought...
we called him surfer boy.

We thought he'd make it until
the end, dude.

>> He was, yeah, he was strong,
he was a hard worker.

He was everything.
Just the four people decided

just, for whatever reason to...
>> Really?

>> Yeah.
>> Nicest guy in the world.

>> I thought the tribe that had
been here was lazy.

And fortunately, those members
are no longer around, from what

I understand.
Having said that, the fruit

situation over here, which we
did not have over there, has

made everything just worthwhile
so far.

Oh, man!
>> I'd rather eat this than fish

any day.
>> Cheers.

>> To our new little family.
>> Nice little crib's better

>> To our new little family.
>> Nice little crib's better

than the projects.
>> Yeah.

>> So what is the routine of the

What do you guys normally do?
>> Up at dawn.

>> Make sure we have water and

>> Okay.
After the challenge we got

three new tribe members.
We got V, we got Rob and we got

I couldn't have been happier

when they switched us up.
I love the people that I was

part of the first original eight
with, but I was also thrilled to

get some new people in our

>> This is our coconut popcorn.
>> Oh, yeah, try that.

>> You gotta try that.
It's really good.

>> You guys hungry?
Want to get some taro cooking?

>> That has flavor to it!
>> When we landed here on Rotu

camp, I truly felt that there
was a genuine welcome.

But I also felt that their
expectation was for us to just

jump right in.
Because everybody was

immediately on their jobs.
>> You guys want to go get some

Will that be on the way to the

>> We've been getting 40 limes a

day, and we've been going
through them.

>> We noticed immediately these
people were like ants!

>> One.
>> They were... and we're

standing there like...
right now we'd be chilling, you

Work done in the morning.

Afternoon, chill, the rest of
the day.

I tell you, at the other camp we
never even fired up our frying

Everything was sliced, slurp,

>> Those are our nicknames.

>> Johnny Pots and Pans.

>> Tonga.
>> Scoop.

>> The General.
>> Scoop, Scoop and the

General, right.
>> At this point, I'm really not

sure how I'm going to overcome
the numerical advantage that

they hold.
Having five members stay and us

being the three newcomers.
The biggest thing now is going

to be to see how I'm going to be
able to bond with these other

Gabe seems pretty cool, he's

definitely a brainiac.
He probably thinks he's a lot

smarter than he really is.
When I first saw John, I thought

he was a big-time queer.
I really don't know, he seems

kind of rough and tough over
here, but he does all the

So I don't know, I won't be

sleeping next to him tonight,
not the first night, anyway.

The General seems like a nice
guy, also.

He's big and tough, and wants
everybody to know that.

Probably got a little sausage.
Tammy is engaged, there's not

too much hope there.
And Zoe is pretty nice, but...

come on.
Without a doubt, Zoe is

definitely the toughest guy in
this tribe.

I don't think this is the type
of group where I can jump in and

joke around and just be all
outlandish and stuff like I

could in the other group.
Definitely the game is changing,

and maybe for the better.
Maybe for the worse.

I don't know.
>> All right, the map!

>> And I am embarrassed to say,
I don't know how to pronounce

this tribe.
>> Maraamu.

>> Maraamu.
>> Maraamu.

>> Is that...
Where's your water, right there?

Our water's way up here.
>> We walked up the trail and

got water-- unbelievable to
actually see somebody want to go

get water.
>> Go ahead, mama.

>> All rightie.
>> So there is a new lease on

I stayed with Maraamu, but I

got three new tribe members that
totally kick butt.

>> Hunter and I, we got water,
we got food, everything.

And he was so awesome.
We had so much in common.

He was the nicest guy in the

I mean, I thought it was me
going last night.

So, it shocked the hell out of

I mean, I can't believe they got
rid of Hunter, and then they

jumped down my throat for asking
why they did it.

Lazy, lazy.
This is our water, guys.

>> That's the water.
>> You guys would die if you saw

where we got water from.

I'm in shock.
Sorry, I usually jump in to

>> But water is water when it's

boiled, so...
>> Oh, no, I know.

It's just the exact opposite of
what we got.

Isn't that funny?
It's very interesting being

away from Rotu.
Because that tribe is just

workaholics, and...
It's just weird being here.

Because it's so kicked back.
>> The guys are definitely going

to be...
>> Oh, the guys will be in

>> I don't know, there's not

that much shellfish.
>> We're very happy with what

has turned out to be.
I know they're a little

disappointed because they had it
so well and their tribe was so

close, but since they have the
majority of the people they

could just pick off people on
each tribe.

And I definitely would not mind
it if that happened on the other

They deserve what they get.

>> All right, so just start
some piles.

>> How much wood is this for,
for the entire day we're

>> Yeah.

>> Pretty much, life over here
is about two degrees shy of

It's absolutely terrible.

It's a night and day difference
between the other camp.

These people are workaholics,
that's all they want to do.

They don't give you a second to

Every two seconds somebody is
asking you to do something else.

>> We can dig this one up, this
one's a good one, but we do need

to make a new one.
I don't like this one very much.

It's not steep enough.
>> Why give in to this bull

That's all it is.

>> Believe me, I worked
construction for years, man.

I know what it's like to dig

>> Really?
>> It's hard to do it with

shovels, let alone with freaking
oars and paddles, man.

>> I feel like we're doing too
much labor on this island.

Definitely feel like the master
is watching.

I'm like, slavery has been over.
I feel like we're in the woods.

I hear the Roots theme as we

Hear it?
By the end of the night, I'm so

tired all I want to do is lay
down, you know.

I want to sit around the fire.
So, Rob, how do you feel about

being over here?
>> To tell you the truth, I

really don't enjoy this part of
the island.

Yeah, the women over here
don't look half as good as they

did at our other tribe.
>> Oh, no, the women on our

island had big boobs with tiny

>> Over here, I think we got
eight guys on the island.

We got eight guys and one girl.
I think her name is John.

>> I don't know anything about
that one.

>> Ah, here's one of my favorite
girls right here.

Hmm, Tammy?
>> You just like me because I

bring you food.
>> That's right.

>> Take a handful, and I'll
bring it over to the other guys.

>> Tammy knows the deal.
>> Tammy knows what's up.

>> Thank you, Tammy.
>> Thank you, babe.

>> You're welcome.
>> Now see, see...

>> We could've used her
on the island.

>> She's all right.
Long as she keeps serving,

she'll do fine.
>> Minute she stops...

>> See ya later.
>> ...she's out.

>> If Sean and Rob decide not to
work, we will still feed them,

but their asses will be gone,
first vote.

>> Tomorrow, I think me and you
should go on a hike and

basically, what we'll do is,
we'll go around that corner over

there, and we'll chill out all

What do you think? Cool?
>> This morning, we got up.

What do you think? Cool?
>> This morning, we got up.

We started a little fire.
Decided we were going to go for

a hike.
Filled up some water bottles,

and then took off around the

I look like I have the measles.
>> You ready, pappy?

>> I'm ready.
>> All right, you want to carry

a water?
>> Sarah, are you okay?

a water?
>> Sarah, are you okay?

>> Yeah, why?
>> Sarah just strolls.

She's a stroller.
>> Kathy decided she was going

to take lead, and somewhere
along the way we missed a trail

or something, but we got
sidetracked and basically got

>> Yeah, we're too high now.

We've got to traverse down.
We're going to backtrack just to

be safe, instead of sliding

>> All right.
>> Everybody enjoyed it up to a

And then I think people started

getting tired of the long hike
and wondering if we were getting

They weren't used to

I was used to it, so I was

feeling rather confident that
we'll be okay.

We either go to the lagoon or we
go back down and up and try to

find that trail.
But why don't we move over a

little bit further?
>> I'm game. Go ahead.

Neleh and Paschal, I think, were
very irritated.

Sometimes I see that Kathy gets
on their nerves just because she

is so aggressive.
And they're not aggressive

people; they're very passive.
>> They're back there.

I'm not waiting. Sorry.
>> They were irritated with her

because she wanted to go on, and
that might tend to break down

after a while their bond that
they have.

>> It was hard going, somewhat.
But we finally found this very,

very deep rock pool.
>> There is the biggest shrimp,

you guys.
>> Look at that shrimp, you

guys, hurry, look.
>> It's huge.

>> Oh, my God.
I don't know if that is.

Is that a shrimp?
>> Yeah.

>> It's a shrimp.
>> Whoa!

>> There's five huge ones right

>> We found a bubbling brook,
and there was a pool there with

pretty good-sized shrimp, maybe,
you know, three-to-four-inch

size shrimp.
Neleh decided it would be nice

to try and catch some shrimps.
>> Oh, wow, there's a nice one.

>> Dang it!
>> Sarah basically just sat on

the shore the whole time
scratching her legs, and really

not doing much of anything to
help with the food situation.

>> I'll see you guys in a little

>> All right. Be careful.
>> See you.

>> Sarah decided that she was
getting eaten pretty bad by the

no-nos, so she decided she
wanted to leave and head on back

to camp.
We truly didn't care, she wasn't

doing anything, anyway.
>> I have lost an extreme amount

of weight, and I'm getting very
weak and the bug bites are

driving me absolutely insane.
I thought I was going to come

back to camp and cut my legs off
with a machete.

>> Gina, can you hear me?
>> Sarah's lost.

>> How far up here is the trail?
Do you remember?

>> I don't even know where
you're at.

Sarah basically just couldn't
find her way back, so she came

>> Apparently, I'm not going

>> Sarah likes to sit back.

I think that's probably her
thing-- she doesn't participate.

But Neleh, and Paschal and
obviously Gina and myself are

willing to explore and get some
food other than just plucking it

off a tree.
>> Yes!

>> Got another one?
>> Two.

>> She got two nice ones.

>> Guys, how is it?
>> Great, thank you.

>> Want a little bit more?
>> Yeah.

Thank you so much.
>> You're welcome.

>> Thank you, Tammy.
>> I'm telling you, as your

friend, man, they're already
five strong.

And their group... their group
is real tight, I mean...

What we can do is win the next
challenges and ensure that we

stay here, but me you and V are
going to get picked off one by

one, anyway.
>> Whoo!

>> These five have been here
before us.

They're a strong knit group,
we're going to be the first to

go if they have to vote anyway.
So there's nothing you can do to

try to prove yourself.
And if you don't kiss butt, like

I don't plan to do, then you
just know that your butt is

If I'm the next one voted off,

so be it.
But I tell you, I can't hold my

mouth for too long.
They are definitely going to

know where Sean is coming from.
We're not going to overexert

ourselves knowing we're coming
into a situation where we may

get voted off anyway.
We're not trying to prove

We're trying to fit in, have fun

while we do it.
And whatever game y'all five got

>> Listen, listen, I want you

to, I want you to... I mean,
you're going to think what

you're going to think.
>> I hear you, but the thing is,

we're not going to run around
here like slaves to prove

anything to anybody.
That's why we're going to rest

when we want to rest.
Y'all are Clydesdales.

Every last one of you all are
getting up every five seconds...

(panting): "Yeah, I'm going to
go 50-mile hiking.

Okay, let's cut up some coconut
and let's cut this up."

Let's sit our butts down and
freaking relax!

Man, I'm getting tired of this
working around.

I'm a grown man out here.
I'm going to be real with you.

>> I want you to be real...
>> I didn't come out here for

all of this.
I'm getting tired of this bull.

We're not tip toeing around a
mother out here, and I'm coming

out my shell, telling you right

The bottom line, if y'all are
going to vote us off, vote us

>> What do you think about all

this, V.?
>> It's too much damn drama for

You know, I'm down with you

I'm going to be with you

regardless, you know that.
But as far as the chitchat and

the drama, bump that.
I ain't with it.

Stay drama-free, and that's the
way to be.

You know, when the drama starts,
I walk away.

If my name's not in it, then I'm
not in it.

>> So, this challenge thing.
Oh, God.

It's gonna be interesting.
Oh, I just love tree mail.

"Look for the pattern or you
may be leaving.

The key to victory is all in
the weaving.

You need to be wary of the time
you're using.

If you take too long, eviction
is looming."

Oh, God, thank God my weaving
skills are good.

How about you?
>> I know, good.

>> Oh...
>> Sarah...

>> Sarah.
>> We got tree mail.

>> What's it say?
>> You want to come up here?

>> I think Rotu is going to do

I think they'll back off.
If they don't like the people

that came over, I can see that
tribe backing off on a

Just taking it slower, maybe

allowing us to win, just so they
have the opportunity to vote

somebody off.
>> One, two, three, Maraamu!

>> That just sounds weird.
>> It does sound weird.

>> PROBST: Okay.
First things first.

Give it up, Gabe.
New tribes, maybe new energy

around the immunity idol, or
maybe it goes back home with

Rotu once again.
Okay, today's immunity challenge

is all about the weaving.
Each of you have a woven

tapestry that is scrambled, it's
very simple.

The first tribe to unscramble it
correctly wins immunity,

guarantees themselves three more
days on the island, and you're

one step closer to a million

Losing tribe, Tribal Council
tonight with me.

For somebody, life on the island
will be over.

Big enough stakes, I'm sure.
Rotu, you need to sit out three

Sean, John, Rob.

All right, you guys are sitting

Take your spots, and we'll go.
Survivors ready!

>> It's oriented, it's

Pull back around the bottom.

Pull back around the bottom.
Pull your way.

Go the other way, the other

That's it.
That's the bottom piece, three

dashes, three dashes on the

>> Three dashes...
>> Keep going, keep going, this

way, this is it.
>> Good.

>> Okay?
>> We got to do this one.

>> Which way, that way?
>> Let's start with the eyeball.

>> We need to kind of figure out
the design.

>> Okay, so pull and push on
that eyeball.

>> Here's the eyeball, right

>> Okay.
>> Look.

>> Yeah, but I think we should
be working on this quadrant.

>> That matched, babe.
>> No, it didn't.

>> Yeah, it did.
The eyeballs were perfect.

>> Pull, pull, pull!
>> Okay, now line up this one.

>> Go that way, go that way
first and see what we got.

>> It's going to line up the
other side, right there.

>> Yep, yep, yep!
>> Let's get this one.

>> Need the black line, so

Okay, there.
Now that one on the end.

>> Yeah, we're looking for three

>> Here they come.
>> Easy, easy, easy, easy.

>> You got it, you got it.
It's cool.

>> This is it right here.
Lined up with the eye right

here, okay.
>> That's it. That's it.

>> Keep on moving down.
>> You guys just have to keep

working. I, you know...
We're looking for the eyeballs.

>> The top is supposed to be
striped, just like that.

>> Okay, so this is the top, we
got eyeballs here.

See this little grid pattern?
>> Here's the actual eyeball.

>> There's lots of eyeballs.

>> Yep. Okay, work with that
eyeball right there.

Those aren't lining up.
>> This one is the top of the

eyeball right here.
This one doesn't fit.

>> The eyeball should be at the

>> Maybe it's the middle.
>> I think it should go the

other way.
>> Up and down we're good.

>> We're looking for this block

right here.
>> All right, we'll line this

up-- keep going, keep going.
I'll tell you. I'll tell you.

There, that's the piece.
That's it, all right, excellent.

>> We're going this way now.
>> Horizontal.

All right, line up the very
top one, work on the very top

Finish those eyes at the top.

Okay, now do the next one down.
>> Yeah, pull to you.

>> That's it, that's it.
That's it.

>> I think it should go the
other way.

>> Back the other way?
>> Go back and see what it looks

>> Yeah, there is stripes at the

>> You guys need to be working,

I think we need to be both

pulling and pushing, come on.
I think this way is kind of

Here, what about this one?

>> Okay, that's good, we're
matched over here.

>> But then this doesn't look...
>> Okay, work with that eyeball

right there.
I think this is matched right

>> That's the center piece, all

right, and now this one to fix.
Give me slack.

>> Wait.
>> Here it comes.

>> Here it comes.
>> Okay, keep going, keep going.

That side piece.
>> Right there, where you are.

>> Back corner, right there.
>> Yeah.

>> Try it through till you line
that piece up again.

>> Pull.
>> Here it comes, here it comes.

>> Keep pulling, pull.
Slow, slow, slow. That's it.

>> That's it.
>> That's it right there.

>> Rotu!
>> PROBST: Rotu.

>> All right!

>> PROBST: Rotu, nice job once

>> Yeah, baby!
>> PROBST: She's never felt that


Maraamu, Tribal Council.
For three of you, that'll be a

new experience.
Not a pleasant one, I assure

You guys can head straight back

out this way.

>> Oh!
>> Touche!

>> You know, Rotu just has this
heat on their breath that

they... (growling)
You know, they were just...

"We're going to get it."
And that's the way they do their

Just with that fierce

>> Definitely doesn't feel good

to lose, that's for sure.
As usual, Maraamu is heading

back to Tribal Council tonight.
This is our fourth time.

I'm kind of used to it.
But I still hate it.

I'm not looking forward to it,
at all.

And it's a little unnerving,
because we are outnumbered.

Sarah, I think, has kind of
pretty much given up.

I think she probably knows that
she's going to go.

I don't know that, 'cause the
type of person she is, she might

not have a clue.
>> I'm definitely not giving up,

but it's so hard to say with the
five people we have now who's

going to go, because we're all
getting along so good.

The one vote that I probably
will have will be for Kathy, and

it's because she's been very
overbearing and motherly to me.

Even though that may just be her
personality, I don't know how

long I could stand that.
>> Fire's done.

>> Warm... it's hot in here.
>> Kathy, she's a hard-working

She is very energetic, very

outgoing, I mean, she's out here
for the kill.

You know, she just wants to get
things done.

In the beginning of our
challenge, she was kind of

barking out orders and she's
kind of really uptight about

She wants it done here and now.

Go get the fire started, and she
kind of like, almost panics.

You know, so it kind of puts the
rest of us into this panic

>> That's fine, I just feel

better now. (chuckles)
>> No problem.

>> And who knows? I mean, I was
walking today saying, "Kath, you

just never know, you know?
You might get voted off."

>> PROBST: Neleh and Paschal and
Kathy, because this is your

first Tribal Council, we have a
little ritual.

Behind each of you is a
personalized tribal torch.

Why don't you go ahead and grab
it, approach the flame and light

it up.
The reason for the ritual?

At Tribal Council, fire
represents your life in this

So you'll take these torches

back with you to camp and you'll
bring them to all future Tribal

As long as you have fire,

you remain on the island.
When your fire is gone, so are

As will be the case tonight for

one of the five of you.
A lot has changed in the last

couple days.
Paschal, what was your reaction

to the switch?
>> Well, initially I was kind of

shocked, because I wasn't
prepared for it.

After we got back it was like
being thrown in a briar patch.

They like taking care of an old
man pretty well.

>> PROBST: So it worked out all
right for you?

>> Worked out great.
>> PROBST: Gina, how about you?

Nothing changed in terms of
tribe name, but certainly tribe

>> It was awesome, it was

probably one of the better days
that I've had out here, to be

honest with you.
>> PROBST: Do you think you were

in danger of being voted out if
the tribe Maraamu had remained

the same?
>> I would have been the next to

go if the tribe had stayed the
same, definitely.

>> PROBST: So you're not missing
the old tribe members?

>> Not really.
>> PROBST: Kathy, what was your

reaction as people were pulling
one buff out and putting a new

one on?
>> I was not happy, you know, I

was disappointed.
I mean, Rotu's a strong team.

I'm a competitor, I-I just
couldn't believe it.

I mean, the range of emotions
were just vast.

Angry, sad.
Oh, my God, what's going to

happen next?
I had no idea.

So it was just, you know,
pulling the rug right out from

under me.
>> PROBST: Do you feel like

you're with the losers now?
>> I don't feel like it's the

I just think it's a new era

So right now we're just enjoying

ourselves and trying to regain
some new spirit for the next

>> PROBST: Neleh?

What was your reaction?
>> I had a tough time at first,

especially, I mean, when I
flipped over my log, you know, I

saw two of our really strong
tribe members go onto the green

mat and I knew I to walk to

I was just really bummed out.
I just sat there waiting

patiently, hoping that some more
of the, you know, the people

would come over.
I just didn't know what to

expect, so I was very, very,
disappointed at first.

>> PROBST: Has that changed?
>> Yeah, I mean, once I got

there, it's beautiful.
The white sand beach is amazing

I got to meet some new people,

which was really nice.
So every day things are getting

better and better.
>> PROBST: How about for you,

Sarah-- reaction?
>> It was definitely a shocker.

It was a good thing, though.
I was glad to get to know some

new people, new faces, new

It's been a good thing, though.
>> PROBST: Okay, it's time to

Kathy, you're first.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the

Once the votes are read, the
decision is final.

The person will be asked to
leave the Tribal Council area

I'll read the votes.

First vote, Sarah.


That's a majority vote, no need
to read the last vote.

Sarah, you need to bring me your

Sarah, the tribe has spoken.
It's time for you to go.

>> Thanks.
>> This game is unpredictable.

To stay in it you have to adapt.
I give you guys credit for doing

You may be a new tribe, but you

are a tribe.
You guys can take your torches

and head back to camp.
I'll see you tomorrow.

Stay tuned for scenes from our
next episode.

>> PROBST: Next time on
Survivor, Maraamu finds a new

>> It's the first time I felt as

though I had been on a real

>> PROBST: At Rotu, suspicion
and doubt cause the love tribe

to fracture.
>> Are we staying tight?

Is that the deal?
Are we trying to put Rotu back

>> PROBST: And one tribe will

have a chance to devastate the

The winning tribe gets to
raid the losing tribe's camp.

>> Wow.
>> I'm getting kind of emotional

right now, which I didn't think
I would do.

But I'm excited for the people
that get to go back and finish

the game and do what they have
been doing very well.

And I hope that my original
seven other teammates, Rob and

Sean and V and Gina, especially,
do very, very, well, and I hope

they're having a great time.
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