Survivor (2000–…): Season 4, Episode 13 - A Tale of Two Cities - full transcript

Kathy is faced with a difficult decision; an uneasy campfire meeting is followed by a heated and emotional tribal council, where the 12th member is voted out.

>> PROBST: Previously on

Survivor: The tribe's spirits
were lifted when they got to see

their loved ones at the reward

>> Way to go, girl!
>> PROBST: Kathy's son won, and

spent the night at Soliantu.
>> Coming out here, it's just

like, wow.
It's a whole other world.

>> PROBST: But focus soon turned
back to the game.

>> I'll tell you, Paschal is our
strongest adversary.

>> PROBST: Where old bonds were
as strong as ever.

>> It's now Rob's turn to get
chopped, but Paschal and Neleh,

that unit needs to be severed.
>> PROBST: Vecepia won the

immunity challenge.
>> Yeah, baby!

Oh, give it to me!
>> PROBST: And at Tribal

Council, Rob was voted out.
General, the tribe has spoken.

Five are left.
Who will be voted out tonight?

>> Oh!
>> Oh, yeah, now that's a fire.

>> Guys.
>> What?

>> He's hungry.
>> Oh, we're going to go get

some apples.
>> I want some real food, man.

>> I know.
>> This sucks, man, these days,

they're not going as fast as you

At this point, people just want
to eat, get through another day,

count them down, win some
immunities and then see where

the cards lay.
The next few days, depending on

the immunities with five people,
I can give you ten different

combinations of what could
happen, and I'm not going to sit

here and do that because that
takes too much energy to

At this point, like I told V,

just one day at a time.
I'm just tired of strategizing

and even thinking, but I'm going
to go out fighting.

>> The perception was always
that Kathy was being cool

because people were continuously
linking Sean and I, and then

linking Paschal and Neleh.
And so... and then obviously,

Kathy being the fifth person
saying, "Well, who's going to

get her to sway their way?"
But I truly do not believe race

is an issue on this beach.
With the subsequent swing vote,

they're going to look at these
two African Americans,

regardless of what we talk
about, they're going to say

"Okay, those two are in
together, you know, they may

vote the same, or whatever.
The two African-Americans, these

two are close and you're right
in the middle."

>> They made mention that I am
definitely a swing vote.

It's going to look big, playing
the race card of it.

I actually hadn't thought about
that until V said that.

>> Then, to be on that side,
with Pap and Neleh, and hearing

them saying, you know, "We're
not going to vote for one

>> To come out here and be stuck

on an island with five people
who are talking and

backstabbing, that's really

V took Kathy aside and had her
little discussion with her, and

you know the whole race thing
just is... is just ridiculous.

It's never ever played a part in
this game.

Every once in a while they'll
just throw in something like,

"It's us two African Americans
against you two, and then Kathy

is a swing vote."
That made me really irritated.

It's almost like a guilt thing,
you know.

>> It's like you owe them

>> I know.
>> That just gives me more

I bet Kathy feels like an

absolute fool to even be asked
to consider something like that.

If V is coming to Kathy and
suggesting to Kathy that this is

a race thing, right here at the
end, I think V is really foolish

to believe that Kathy is going
to allow herself to be put in

that spot.
I mean, that's just sickening.

>> Just Sean's attitude
seriously is just like dragging

me down.
He just complains like all the

>> There's absolutely no reason

from day one to believe either
one of them, never.

>> I would absolutely be puking
sick if you and V and Sean are

at the end.
I would just throw up.

>> I don't want to be cast like
the swing player that made the

wrong swing move.
Every minute I'm trying to

figure out this game and the
best way to play it.

I'm still looking out for

>> Oh, no!
We have to do stilts again.

>> Shoot.
>> "Balance, aim and cunning,

You've done it all before.
Capitalize on past mistakes,

come for a weight behind the

>> Well, we got tree mail that
was written on a pair of stilts,

and it basically said that we
had done whatever we're going to

do before, whatever that means.
It might not have anything to do

with stilts.
>> Oh, yes, it does.

>> Well, if it does, I'm out.
I can never figure them out, so

I'll just wait and see.
When Jeff tells us, that's when

I'll know.
>> PROBST: All right, guys.

You've been out here 34 days,
covered a lot of ground,

experienced a lot of things,
hopefully with very few regrets.

But I know there's one or two
challenges you wouldn't mind

getting another shot at.
Today's reward challenge

combines elements of six
previous challenges.

You'll begin by assembling a

You each will have a color-coded
tiki that's been chopped into

eight pieces.
The pieces have been spread out

into the jungle.
Find all eight pieces, bring it

back, assemble it correctly.
Move to the next stage.

You'll find a pile of coconuts
and a bamboo chute.

Break coconuts until your bamboo
chute is overflowing with

coconut juice.
Continue through the jungle.

You'll find stilts hanging in
the air tied to a log.

Undo the knots, releasing the

Take the stilts with you to the
fourth stage: The stilt-walking

portion of the challenge.
It's a ten-foot section.

You must complete it before you
can move on.

Once you're done with the
stilts, you'll come to another

pile of coconuts.
Inside one of these coconuts is

a key.
Use that key to unlock the box,

you will find a slingshot.
That brings you to the final

stage of the competition.
Take your slingshot and your

colored rocks and break the tile
over your tiki.

First person to fracture their
own tile and get sand on their

own tiki wins reward.
I know how tiring 34 days is.

I hope you find the reward
worthy of a very long challenge.

Bring it down, guys.
It's a Saturn Vue, all-wheel

drive SUV.
Fully loaded, got all the

For you to enjoy when you return

All right, guys.

Take your spots.
Let's go.

Here we go.
Survivors ready?!

V's getting it.

V's getting it.

There you go, Neleh.
You're still in this.

V's almost there.
Sean and Neleh, tikis are taking

That's it, V.

You're moving on.
Neleh, you just about have it.

You're moving on.
Neleh, you just about have it.

Sean, you're getting closer,

Neleh, you got it.
You can move on.

>> I don't have it, right?
>> PROBST: Not quite, Kathy.

Keep trying.
Sean, that's it.

You can move on.
Way to go Kathy.

You got it.
Move on.

>> Good going, Kathy.
>> PROBST: You're still in this,

V's got about half.

Neleh, you got about half.
Sean's got about two thirds.

Kathy working for her first.
This might do it for Sean.

A little more.

That's it.
You're done.

Get the last knot.
Heads up, stilts coming down.

Nobody close.
Let's see if you can do what you

couldn't do a few weeks ago:
walk on stilts.

Cross this line and you're good.
Look at that!

You're good!
Find the key.

It's as good as yours.
Nobody close.

>> Yes!
God is so good!

I can do all things through
Christ, baby.

I can do all things through

Jesus Christ!
>> PROBST: Nobody even close.

You know what?
You may not look good, but

you're going to look good in
that ride.

Nice work.
>> Give me some love, brother.

You got the reward!
>> Go, Sean!

>> It's beautiful.
It's automatic, too.

>> Yeah, you look great!

>> Is that the temperature?
>> Temperature outside.

(honking horn)
>> Fantastic, Sean.

(honking horn)
>> Fantastic, Sean.

That was so great.
>> Boy, your students are going

to be proud of you.
>> I can't believe it.

I just can't believe it.
The car is great.

It's a new car with no car

I'm blessed, man.
I can't ask for anything better.

I mean, the car is, you know,
it's beautiful.

First of all, it was winning and
overcoming the feeling of being

fatigued and tired.
>> I'm proud of you, brother.

Came up in here running things.
>> All those kids in the inner

city, for everybody who feels
like they can look at me and

feel represented, this was for

It's funny when you play this
game, you don't realize that you

get emotionally attached to

Before you know it, you're like,

>> I'll tell you something else
you don't realize when you set

off, and that's at my age...
how difficult it is for somebody

my age.
Physically, I'm a wreck.

I felt like I was quite capable
of dealing with anything that

was thrown my way, but the last
two or three days have been a

real struggle for all of us.
You know, we don't get any

We're not getting much

We're not getting much of

Our bodies have just been taking

a pounding and it's really
beginning to take an effect on

I need to go up to the waterfall

and get some water.
I may wait and do it in the

I can barely get up.

When I get up, I have to stand
up next to a tree and close my

eyes because I'm so dizzy.
>> We're not really all in our

right frame of mind right now,
you know, we're like holding

on, literally.
After almost five or six weeks

of having diarrhea, having to
dig holes to take a crap, after

doing challenge after challenge
and dealing with mental games

and people lying to you and
sleeping in dirt.

You get to a point where you
don't know which way is up.

But I think Pappy-- he's more
lethargic and tired than

>> Every time when I get up,

I get so, so dizzy.
>> Same here.

>> I sit up against a tree for a

>> What's that from?
Is that dehydration?

Let's drink some water.
>> I don't know.

I've been drinking lots of water
and all day yesterday I was in a

complete fog.
I mean, I couldn't see things

>> Same here.

Not only am I depleted
physically, but I'm depleted

mentally, and that's why Paschal
right now is cashing out.

He's just hibernating.
He's not going to do any major

twists and turns because it's
just too much.

>> We have to go out and get

Just in the next hour, the tide
is the lowest, it's the easiest

to get them.
>> I'll go with you.

>> I just need some help.
>> Everybody, if everybody goes

and just gets four or five,
we'll be okay.

It's much quicker.
>> Yeah.

>> Finding troca is more than
just troca.

It is beautiful to get away from
this beach and in that serene

South Pacific waters.
It's warm.

It's like a bathtub.
But I'm trying to bring people

out there to teach them; to go
out there are get that troca.

Because I don't want to be the
sole provider and work and work

and work.
It's tiring.

>> My first troca.
>> All right, man!

I'm telling you, it's like an
Easter egg hunt.

Sean's out here with his first
troca discovery.

It's taken a lot to get him out
here, I'm a little disappointed,

but he's a city kid.
So, I'm glad I finally got him

out here.
>> I caught my first troca

You know, they hang onto the

They like suction.

You just got to pull them off,
but the only thing is the rocks

are slippery as you're walking,
and you know, I'm not a ocean

guy and there's black-tipped
sharks out here and all kinds of

sea urchins.
So you got to be careful.

So, I got about five or ten.
You know, that's pretty good for

a brother from uptown, you know.
>> Today I just noticed that

Paschal was a little down
throughout the day, and he said

that he felt that people were
thinking that him and Neleh have

some type of agreement, you
know, outside of the five of us

making an agreement.
So I said I think it's best to

clear the air.
I don't want you looming with

some concerns that we're trying
to do something, coming together

that... to get you guys.
>> My attitude is: May the best

man win.
Out of this five, whoever wins

is very deserving.
I've got no problems with that.

>> Why don't we address that
tonight again?

I mean, I don't know if anyone
needs reassuring, but maybe some

people do.
>> That would be nice just to

say, you know, say how we feel.
>> Tonight, at some point, we'll

all sit down.
We'll allow Paschal to clear the

It's best to try to get as much

of it out in the open as we can
than to sit here and have it

I'd hate for all of us go to bed

still feeling uncomfortable.
Let's just go ahead and open up

still feeling uncomfortable.
Let's just go ahead and open up

this conversation.
I know Pappy, I saw you earlier

today, and you had been looking
pretty down all day, and I

finally took the opportunity to
ask you, you know, what was

And you addressed some concerns.

And since we're all here, you
can just go ahead and address

>> Well, my concern was that I

felt like that you and Sean
thought that Neleh and I had

entered some type of pact to
vote solid on everything.

And I've said from day one that
I wouldn't vote against Neleh

and that's my word, if it costs
me in the end, so be it, but

that's my word.
>> I didn't know that.

I know you guy had a bond and a
friendship, but I honestly

didn't know you were not going
to vote each other out.

We're talking numbers, okay?
We're at five.

All right.
But you guys are really one.

>> I'm not trying to justify

I mean, if you all want to do
something based on the fact that

we're honest with you, go for

>> And the thing is, too, is
that I feel that Sean and V have

a very, very tight bond.
And I think if it came down to

it, they're going to stick

You know, they've been together
until the end.

They've got a really tight bond,
and maybe that's just something

that's like not coming out or
something, you know.

Like I have no idea.
>> I respect that.

>> I'm just saying...
>> Don't use me and V as a

You came out of your mouth and

said, "I'm not voting for Pap.
Pappy is not voting for me."

Don't assume that V and I...
>> I'm just saying...

>> But you're assuming if
there's something underneath.

We're all being truthful.
I already told you V and I had

our differences and we still
have our differences.

So don't sit there and say, "I
think people are not saying

stuff" because that's an

>> I'm just saying...
>> I'm reading between the

>> Sean.

It's very clear that Sean and V
are very, very tight together,

whether they want to call it

I think the only difference is
that Paschal and I have been

honest about saying, up front,
you know, we formed a great

Sean and V are kind of skipping

around the table saying, "Yeah,
we have a strong relationship,

but it doesn't necessarily mean
that they won't vote each other

>> From day one myself and V

never had a pact.
Although some people thought

"Okay, there's the black couple.
They're definitely..."

>> You know, we haven't walked
around saying, "We're the two

African Americans.
We're sticking together."

>> By no means is there a V
and Sean connection that's going

to download or whatever.
I felt like the conversation was

sidetracked when Neleh tried to
interject that there's something

going on with V and myself, and
I had to tell her just because V

and I are African Americans, we
share a bond that you won't

really be able to understand.
Does that mean we're an

automatic alliance?

Because a few times V has
slipped the script on me and let

me down.
>> The most important thing out

of all this is honesty and

>> I agree.
>> I think the bottom line is

there's a little alliance.
You know, there's a small one:

you guys made a pact.
I'm not saying it's wrong.

I'm just saying it throws askew
in how we progress.

That's all.
♪ ♪

>> It all depends on Kathy
because I know V and Sean will

vote for me-- 100% positive.
>> I'm not worried about it.

>> Oh, I'm not worried about it.
You know, last night was pretty

intense at the fire.
Everybody had a lot to say.

Things got pretty hyped, and I'm
definitely feeling vulnerable.

I just hope Kathy, you know,
doesn't fall for what Sean and V

are kind of playing out on the

>> I'm totally confused.
>> You shouldn't be confused.

This thing is so plain to me,
it's sickening.

>> Well, then fill me in, will

>> I will, as best I can.
I mean, this is my perspective.

I wouldn't ask you to change a
thing that's in your heart,

but this is just something that
just hit me like a ton of bricks

last night.
Geez, these guys are, have

planned from day one.
On the other side, I mean, both

sides have said the same thing,
and we've been duped by V and

They've duped everybody else on

the other side and they've duped
people on this side.

>> Yeah.
>> Both Vecepia and Sean,

they've been just basically
skating for 33 days, and not

really contributing their part
until right here at the end.

We got that from the people they
were with at the other camp,

plus we were told the same thing
when we got back here about the

other members of the tribe that
was here.

Plus, the conversation that we
had last night around the fire

really got heated, and Sean, you
know, he got quite emotional,

quite loud, and that just turned
us all off.

It's not my desire to change
your opinion.

It's just my desire to say what
I think is going on and what's

been going on.
>> I just don't see that.

>> Well, believe me.

It's cultural.
>> It's what?

I'm so naive.
>> It runs deep.

>> I know it does.
>> V and Sean, they're trying to

make Kathy feel like she's a
swing vote.

I mean, they've got an agenda,
and I don't give a damn about

their agenda.
I'm just kind of fed up about

hearing their crap about, you
know, them not being an

And if you think for one second

if it came down to Sean, V, and

>> I'm out of here.
>> Kathy, you know, she's from

I'm from Georgia.

And Sean's from Harlem.
This thing runs deeper than a

I'm not willing to capitulate,

and, you know, I'm going to dig
in-- to heck with them.

If they're lying and deceiving
me, then first opportunity I get

to vote one of them off, they're
out of here.

>> Come on!
Come on. Come on!

Get it up there.
Come on! Come on. Come on!

Come on!
Get it up there!

Tensions are way too high.
Paschal thinks that Sean and V

are definitely up to something
from day one.

So I thought I'd fly my kite.
And it's too gusty.

It's not consistent wind.
I think if I go to the final

three with Paschal and Neleh, I
will invariably get voted out.

So I've been trying to figure
out how I can get to the final

two, and I think Sean or V is an

And when we do get to the three,
the three of us, we just... we

have to be fair.
>> Definitely.

Because I'm the odd one out,
man, I'm the white girl.

>> Don't say that.
>> I'm the white mama.

>> You know, V and I have had...
she's switched a few times on

>> I know.

>> ...and people think that our
loyalty is brother and sister.

>> When she does, she moves
around a little.

>> Just remember that.
So, I'll play fair.

>> Yep.
>> I think what Kathy is feeling

is what we're saying.
She didn't really like the fact

that Pappy and Neleh had that
so-called alliance.

So maybe we're leaning towards
getting rid of Neleh and Pap.

>> I think both of them won't be
big adversaries.

I really don't.
It's a wide-open game, no doubt

about it, and I think the
immunity challenges are going to

really swing it.
Because they're not physical,

anybody can win.
>> PROBST: First things first,

anybody can win.
>> PROBST: First things first,

I'll take back the immunity

Immunity back up for grabs.

Have a seat.
All right.

Your success in tonight's
immunity challenge will be based

on your ability to answer a
series of questions from a story

I'm about to tell you.
Here's how it will work:

There are six stations,
spread out around the area.

Each station has a question
and two possible answers.

Only one person is allowed in a
station at a time.

So when you reach a station,
take your torch, put it in the

That means it is occupied

and nobody can join you.
If you answer correctly, you'll

reach in and you'll pull out a

Attach that to a necklace around
your neck and move on.

If you answer incorrectly,
you'll get a bone, and you must

go to the firewalk and offer
your bone as a sacrifice before

you can continue.
So a wrong answer will cost you

valuable time running to the

First person to get five out of
six correctly and cross the

finish line with five tikis wins

This is a very important and
beautiful place for the

Marquesan people, but as
beautiful as this place is,

it is steeped in a history of

This area, in particular, was
home to a legendary warrior,

He was the chief of his tribe,

and he was feared among all
other warriors.

His body was covered in
intricate Marquesan tattoos.

Now, the tattooing process
itself was very crude.

Tattoo comes were usually made
from human bone, sometimes

pearl, and even occasionally
animal bone.

The comb was pounded into the
flesh using a mallet made of

iron wood.
Very painful, took years.

Keikahanui was feared in battle
because he always seemed to know

what his enemy was going to do,
and he did this by infiltrating

the tribes of his rivals and
posing as an ordinary tribesman.

Well, he was living with a rival
tribe when he learned they

planned to make war on his own

He didn't want to battle his own
people, so he decided to fake an

He went down to the sea and he

grabbed two sea urchins.
He took the guts and he wrapped

them around his foot with a
tapa, trying to fake an injury.

The smell was so bad the trick

The rest of the rival tribe
thought he was incapacitated.

They went off to do war.
As soon as they were out of

sight, he stripped off the two
urchins, disguised himself by

taking his long hair and pulling
it up into two buns and then he

grabbed his favorite weapon of
choice, the war club, made of

iron wood, designed to kill with
a blow to the head.

He knew a shortcut, took off

His plan was to ambush the war
party, kill the chief, and then

the tribe would feast on the

This cannibalism was a very
common part of Marquesan life.

It was believed that if you ate
the meat of another warrior, you

inherited their power.
So the fleshiest part of the

meat was reserved for the
warrior who made the kill, and

Marquesan chiefs would preside
over this ceremony.

And a mana stone would be placed
at the top of the victim's skull

to capture their spirit.
Keikahanui's plan worked

Victory for Keikahanui.

He feasted on the dead chief and
then he let his hair down and

revealed his true identity to
the defeated tribe.

So with the power of the
vanquished chief now in

Keikahanui, legend has it, he
unified the tribes.

That ceremony took place on this
very spot.

I'll give you your necklace,
grab a torch, and let's do this.

This is for immunity and a
guaranteed spot in the final

Survivors ready?!

>> The warrior who made the

>> The warrior who made the

>> The war club was made from

>> "A mana stone was used to

crush the skull of the dead...
capture the spirit of a dead

Crush the skull of the dead.

>> "Keikahanui disguised himself

> Wrapping his feet with two sea

>> PROBST: V and Sean have one
wrong, got to put the bone in

the wok.
>> False.

>> Warriors...

>> "Warriors most lethal weapon

in battle was..."
>> PROBST: If you miss it,

take your bone to the wok.
>> Oh, my gosh.

>> PROBST: Neleh and Kathy each
have four.

It's very close.
>> Okay, "disguised himself for

battle by:
gathering his hair in two

...wrapping his feet with two

sea urchins."
Disguised himself for battle by

gathering his hair into two

Okay, gathering his hair into
two buns.

>> False.
>> PROBST: Let's see the tikis.

>> False.
>> PROBST: Let's see the tikis.

>> It's fine, right?
>> One fell off.

>> PROBST: You've only got four.
You lost a tiki.

You must have lost one, too.
The game is still alive, guys!

Make sure you hang onto your

You got to go to a new question
if you can't find it.

You can't go to the same

>> PROBST: Kathy has five tikis!
>> Woo!

All right!
It's so fun to win this game!

All right, yes.
>> PROBST: Turn around here.

Add this to your necklace.
>> Thanks, you guys.

>> PROBST: At this point in the
game, I don't think immunity can

get any more valuable.
>> Oh, that's for sure.

♪ ♪
>> I am the core fifth player.

♪ ♪
>> I am the core fifth player.

I got two people on either side
of me.

Paschal and Neleh are on one

Paschal and Neleh and I have
been together from the get-go.

Paschal and Neleh have already
told themselves many moons ago

that they'll never vote against
each other, so that's a dilemma

for me.
But my other two people, Sean

and V, are also original tribe
members from the get-go.

They're telling me they don't
have a strong bond, and yet

they're both Afro-American and I
know that's very important in

their culture to stick together.
So I got Sean and V, and I got

Paschal and Neleh.
I got all these different issues

weighing back and forth, and I
have to make a decision

which way to go.
♪ ♪

>> PROBST: We'll now bring in
the jury.

John, Zoe, Tammy, and the
General, who was voted out last

Tonight one of you five will be

voted out.
You'll become part of the jury,

the jury who will ultimately
cast the final votes to decide

who is the ultimate Survivor.
So Kathy, you got to be sitting

back there thinking, "Wow,"
because obviously right now,

four people vying for your vote.
You are clearly the swing vote.

You're the one that everybody is
directing their request to.

So where are you sitting right
now in terms of that?

>> I mean, the layers of it,
it's ridiculous.

The strategy of it is number
one, because I would be paired

up with Paschal and Neleh or
Sean and V.

And to just dissect how I'm
going to fall within those two

pairs is very difficult.
>> PROBST: So, the irony is that

tonight we have five people,
really only one of whom doesn't

need immunity-- you.
You're not in any danger and

you're wearing this very
valuable thing.

Have you thought about utilizing
the value of the immunity

necklace in another way?
>> I always think that this is

up for negotiating if somebody
wants to come to me.

I have to say, nobody has come
to me.

>> PROBST: Are you surprised by

>> Very.
If it's a game and people are

playing and they want to win,
nobody has come to talk to me.

>> PROBST: Anybody here want to
approach Kathy?

>> Me.
>> PROBST: What's the deal

you're offering Kathy?
>> You give me immunity, I don't

vote for you, and we go to the

>> PROBST: You have two.
So why is that a good thing for

You're still outnumbered.

>> I don't want to put all my
strategy out there.

I mean, there's some things that
are obvious, but I'm telling

Kathy, you won't have my vote
against you, and you can read

between the lines all you want
with that.

It's tough, Jeff, because...
>> You haven't explained it to

me, though.
You haven't explained to me...

You haven't explained... come to
me prior to this, and so I don't

understand where your head's at.
>> My thinking was this: Because

these two had an alliance, I
thought that maybe Kat would

want to hook up with me-- this
is funny, us getting into this--

would want to hook up with me
and V.

The thing is me and V never had
that kind of agreement where you

had to feel apprehensive about
coming in and saying, "Here's

two African Americans.
Are they going to now band

together and oust me out?"
If they're going to have a pact,

then we need to have a pact
and then go and say, "May the

best man truly win."
Everybody is quiet.

So I can say what I know what I
can do.

>> Let me go ahead and just jump
in here real quick.

I understand what you're saying,
Sean, and if this was to happen,

if Kathy was to agree to give
him the immunity, I would fall

in line with that and work as a
threesome and have a threesome

>> Let me just say one thing

A lot has been said that by

Sean, who is quite capable of
explaining very well his

position, but in some fashion I
find it quite amusing and

Here he's said all night there's

no association between him and
V, and yet when Kathy pressed

about what his game plan was,
why he was willing to present

her to get her to the top, it
wasn't, "Well, let me talk to

It was, "Well, you can get with

me and V, and then we'll have
the numbers."

That tells me a lot of what
Sean's been doing and thinking,

and I think he's disingenuous.
>> Jeff, I just wanted to,

because it was a remark made to

I want to defend my character.
First of all, I don't think it

was disingenuous.
What I think is five minute ago,

I stick to my word.
V and I didn't have an

agreement, so what I put out
there was V could have been

Tammy or anybody.
What I put out there was a life

raft to say, "Yo, hang on," and
I put it out there.

Me and V didn't have no

We've been the underdog, and
it's not like we've had an

Like when you're playing cards

and Monopoly and you make a

It's not disingenuous.
I've never broken my word.

I stick to that to this point.
I threw something out there.

Either she's going to say yes or

If she says no, then by all
means, my card has folded, then

vote me out.
Let me go.

If she says yes, let's roll the

>> PROBST: So let me just recap.
So Sean and V are saying, "Give

one of us immunity, side with
us; we'll go with you."

Paschal and Neleh are saying,
"Side with us.

We'll go with you."
So that's where it stands.

Anybody want to add anything?
>> Why didn't she know about

their pact a long time ago?
>> I assumed it was there.

>> I know you assumed, but you

>> See, I thought she knew until
that night at the fire.

>> Nothing was confirmed.
>> Wait a second.

Wait a second.
We never hid it from anybody.

So don't talk about assumptions.
>> Yeah.

>> I'm not saying you hid it,
but being so close, why wouldn't

she know?
>> Yeah, but I don't care.

>> She knows now.
Well, point the finger at me.

The point is you didn't know two
weeks ago.

>> Well, I'll point it at you.
>> All right, point it at me.

>> The point is, she knows now.
She knew today.

She knows everything.
>> No, no, no.

>> If you'd just listen once in
a while instead of running your

mouth all the time.
>> I'm listening!

I'm listening!
What are you saying?

>> I'm saying that she knew
about it and we talked about the

>> Please, please.

She did not know.
She just told me.

>> Look, this is the deal.
>> They ain't going to shush me

Vote me out, but I'm going to

speak my mind.
She did not know.

Now, they can play this hanky-
panky with everybody and do it

because I'm always speaking out.
Vote me out if that's your

But you all deal with the BS.

She did not know.
You're putting words in my mouth

right now.
All right?

>> But you didn't know about
their pact though is all I'm

>> I didn't hear officially, but

it's a logical assumption
because they've known each other

for so long.
>> Come on, man.

I know I'm young and I might
talk a whole lot, but some of

the stuff I make sense.
Damn, I do listen.

I still got respect for you.
But damn it, I'm a man, too, and

all I'm saying is none of this
jives up, because if these two

has a pact, that means they're
doing the same thing they're

accusing me and V of doing.
I'm disingenuous when I do it...

>> Just let it go.
>> Okay.

>> Let it go.
>> PROBST: All right.

So, here's where we're at.
Kathy, very powerful situation.

V and Sean obviously want your

Paschal and Neleh obviously want
your vote.

It's all going to come down to
what decision you make when you

walk from here to there.
It is time to vote.

Sean, you're first.
>> The girl-next-door act don't

Sean, you're first.
>> The girl-next-door act don't

work on me.
You're just here for the ride.

Y'all trying to win a million
just like me, and I hope

you go out tonight.
>> Sean, this vote is for you.

Just too much drama.
I just can't stand it.

>> A great competitor.
>> My vote tonight is for Neleh.

>> A great competitor.
>> My vote tonight is for Neleh.

She's a great girl, but I think
she started a little late in

trying to play the game, and,
um, that's about it.

>> PROBST: Once the votes are
read, the decision is final.

The person will be asked to
leave the Tribal Council area

I'll read the votes.

First vote: Neleh.


Two votes Neleh; two votes Sean.
Final vote.

>> D'oh!

>> PROBST: You need to bring me
your torch.

Sean, the tribe has spoken.
It's time for you to go.

Well, I don't know if you
noticed tonight or not, but the

jury is all dressed the same,
wearing black.

I don't know if it means
anything or not.

I do know this: the only thing
that guarantees you a spot in

the final two is winning two
more immunities, and that begins

You guys can head back to camp.

>> It's a lot one can say, but I
just know that through it all,

it's been a blast.
Y'all, forgive me for any

mistakes that I made.
I'm just a humble, young man

trying to find my way through
this world.

I just say keep your head up.
God bless America.