Survivor (2000–…): Season 4, Episode 14 - The Sole Survivor - full transcript

The final survivor from the South Pacific island of Nuku Hiva is revealed.

>> JEFF PROBST: 36 days ago, 16

Americans began the adventure of

a lifetime.

Abandoned in the Marquesas,

thousands of miles from the

nearest continent, they quickly

formed first impressions.

>> Sarah's arrival was almost

like Cleopatra, it was like the

servants are paddling and

lifting and she's sitting on the

crate looking so marvelous with

her boobs hanging out.

>> PROBST: Their goal, to work

together to build a new society

while competing against one

another for the title of sole

Survivor and $1 million.

Without fire, water, or food,

they utilize the resources of

the land and their own survival


(rooster crowing)

>> Did you hear that?


Can you hear that gobbling?

Don't move.

It's a chicken, I swear to


They can't fly, can they?

>> This guy's moving.

Here's our lunch, guys, how does

it look?

>> Well, that was slimy.

>> PROBST: While some

relationships were quick to


>> I'm already in love with


>> We fill this thing up and let

it cook in the sun all day


>> There you go.

>> ...we've got a hot tub.

>> That's an idea.

>> I'm definitely attracted to

Rob, and him the same.

He's told me the same.

>> PROBST: ...others were quick

to battle.

>> I know, everything needs to

go back where you find it.

>> Go back. I'm tired of...

where's the knife, then?

>> I knew immediately that you

guys were talking... saying I

wasn't working.

>> Please, don't be sensitive

about this...

>> Apparently, I have to be.

>> PROBST: And everybody had to

deal with the realities of a

harsh tropical landscape.

>> I landed right on top of a

sea urchin.

I need somebody who can pee

on my hand.

That's supposed to be what

you're supposed to do for that

kind of venomous sting from a

sea urchin, is to urinate on it.

>> PROBST: Go!

They were divided into two

tribes, Maraamu and Rotu.

They competed against one

another in challenges, but from

the outset, Rotu easily defeated


Rotu, immunity. Who wants it?


Rotu, immunity!

...and again.



Maraamu was forced to vote out

three members in a row.

Hunter, one of the tribe's

strongest members, had harsh

words for his former tribe.

>> I was camping with a bunch of

knuckle heads though, and I'll

tell you that to your face when

I see you again.

>> PROBST: With Hunter gone,

Rob became Maraamu's self-

appointed leader.

>> Fear keeps people loyal.

That's straight out of The

Godfather, it's true.

>> PROBST: But a reshuffling of

the tribes sent the survivors

scrambling for new strategies.

Pick a disk, it doesn't matter,

it's totally random.

Swap out.

You're now a member of Rotu.

The new Maraamu was the obvious

underdog, but after an initial

loss, resulting in one tribe

member's departure, the tiny

tribe of three women and the

oldest male castaway came

roaring back to win three

challenges in a row.

Maraamu wins feast.

At Rotu, John led an alliance

with Tammy, Zoe and the General

that seemed destined to go to

the end.

>> We made ourselves a little

pact that we're going to try to

control this and take it down to

be the final four people.

>> If we do it right, the winner

will come out of this group.

>> PROBST: After the alliance

claimed their first victim and

Maraamu lost one more member,

the two tribes merged on day 20

and a new tribe, Soliantu, was


>> One, two, three, Soliantu!

>> PROBST: But the good cheer

and camaraderie quickly

disappeared, when an argument

broke out over voting


>> You included us!

You said all right, we're going

to go in seventh.

Everybody was like, "We a team,

we a team."

>> PROBST: John's alliance voted

again as a block, and Boston

Rob was the seventh person voted

off the island.

Rob, the tribe has spoken.

>> Good luck, guys.

>> PROBST: Feeling vulnerable,

Neleh, Paschal, Sean, Vecepia

and Kathy came together and

decided to dismantle John's


>> I'm not going to go out fifth

or sixth.

We've worked too hard.

We've been here for too long and

worked too hard, and I'm not

going to go out like that.

>> Obviously, Paschal and Neleh

started to see what I've been

talking about all along.

So now the new agreement we have

is myself, Neleh, V, Paschal and


We're going to vote John out


>> PROBST: John was voted out,

and the alliance was

systematically eliminated one by


Only five survivors remained.


Last week, Kathy won immunity

and found herself caught between

two groups vying for her vote.

At a heated Tribal Council,

tempers flared, as Sean and

Paschal fought for Kathy's vote.

>> That tells me a lot of what

Sean's been doing and thinking

and I think he's disingenuous.

>> I don't think it was


What I think is, five minutes

ago, I stick to my word.

>> Listen once in a while,

instead of running your mouth

all the time.

>> I'm listening! I'm listening!

>> Okay.

>> PROBST: In the end, Kathy

decided to align with Paschal

and Neleh to vote Sean out of

the tribe.

Sean, the tribe has spoken.

Only four remain-- Neleh,

Paschal, Vecepia, and Kathy.

Tonight they will compete

against each other in their

final immunity challenges.

Two will continue on to face the

jury, one will outlast all the

rest and become the sole


>> Let me get some dry stuff.
I think they're a little wet.

It rained here, it feels like.

>> There you go.

>> Oh, Kathy, Kathy, Kathy.

It's that bad breath.

>> It is that bad breath.

>> Good job, you guys.

>> That was an interesting

Tribal Council.

Good God. Whoo!

A lot of stuff brought out on

the table, it was funny.

I'm not okay with that vote.

Forget it. Nope.

Didn't like it.

Too much pressure.

Don't know if I did the right


Don't know if I made the right
decision for myself, so it was a

very odd situation.

I hated it.

I will not know if I made the

right decision last night until

two days from now.

>> This is, I think, day 37.
Two days left.

We're right at the end.

We're all ready.

>> Hopefully, the sun will come
out today and dry up everything


>> Get some dry clumps, 'cause

everything is wet out here.

>> I feel good mentally.

Physically, I feel not as good.

Maybe it's the combination of my

age and I never did look real

good, but I look probably worse

than I've ever looked in my life

right now.

>> You know, we're all just sick
of being here, so to avoid the

monotony and boredom you know,

you literally have to shut down

and go, "Stop thinking about the

bugs and that you're locked down

here and that you're so

uncomfortable and hungry and


You've got to stop thinking

about it.

♪ Show me the way to go home.

I'm tired and I want to go to

♪ bed

Well, I had a few drinks about

an hour ago

♪ And it went straight to my

head ♪

>> It wasn't until, you know,

the last ten days of being out

here that I really felt super,

super close to Kathy, like, and

I just trust her 100% now, you


I mean, she totally saved me


You know, if she would have went

with Sean and V, I would have

been voted on last night.

>> Bring in the Marquesan ghosts

and spirits...

>> She is going crazy!

>> ... to lift us out of this

valley and bring us into town.

Confucius say we are going


>> Oh, man!

It's the game that's driving

me crazy.

>> The game.

Maybe we should scream.

>> Let's scream.


>> That was great.

>> I hate this place!

>> I hate...

>> Oh!

>> I want to go home!

(screaming continues)

>> I've had about enough of

these people, you know?

Love them, but I've had enough

of them. (chuckles)

I am the only one that has to
work at this because basically

if I win the immunity tonight

then I'll be here another night.

If I don't win immunity tonight,

I'll probably be the one to go.

So I am the only one that has to

work for the next two or three


And I will work.

♪ Work, work... ♪

>> Tree mail.

>> Let's see if we've got

anything in here, guys.

>> Tree mail, tree mail.

>> Guess we have a book.

"16 have come, four are left, I

hope you've paid attention,

their hopes and dreams, their

place... of birth..."

>> Oh?

>> Yeah.

>> "It's immunity for your


This is it, remember we were

talking about this?

>> That's it.

I suspect the immunity

challenge is going to be

something having to do with the

personalities involved in this


You know, where they're from,
what they do, what their dreams


Why don't we go back and talk to

Kathy, compare notes.

>> Kathy may know some of them.

>> Even though this is a big

immunity, I want ya'll to know

as much as you can, too.

And I certainly don't know any

of that.

>> I'm trying to think.

Okay, go ahead...

>> See, I didn't know if they

would do it with four or three


>> I'd like to agree with that.

My voting options, if V wins

immunity is to either vote for

Kathy or vote for Neleh.

So to keep that from even being

remotely possible, I suggested

that everybody compare notes

because I thought it was fair.

Some of us haven't been with the


>> Kathy, we've got a book.

>> As a matter of fact, I think

V may be the only one that's

been with everybody.

Where was Miss Patricia from?

South Carolina somewhere.

>> Yeah, um, starts with an "L."

>> I'm not going to sit there

and try to compare notes with

those guys.

This immunity is too important

for me.

I know where Patricia's from.

But that's why I said I think it

starts with an "L."

I know exactly where she's from.

One of the goals that I had
while I was here was to develop

a relationship with everyone and

know as much as I can about


>> Tammy wants to write her


>> Sarah we don't have a clue

about, she's from California.

So John... what's John's last


See, those are some of the

details we don't have on

everybody, the small, little


>> The good thing about it is

that a lot of the stuff, I wrote

down in my little book.

>> If it's a question-and-answer

situation, I think it will be


And I'm pretty good... I'm
pretty good about it.

Now I'm just weighing how good V


>> She wouldn't know Zoe.

>> She knew Zoe a little bit.

>> But she wouldn't know dreams.

>> No.

>> She wouldn't know Gabe.

We got to know Gina, and I got

to know Rob from the summit.

Who else doesn't she know here?

>> Kathy may be a little worried

right now.

She put herself in a very

awkward position.

I mean, she got safe last night,

but then tonight either myself

or her have to win immunity in

order not to go home.

>> We sort of got this down,

don't we?

All right, you guys, go win


>> Are you ready, Kitty Kat?

>> I think so.

I've got to get my torch.

Put this stupid thing on.

>> I feel great about going to
this Tribal Council.

I feel real good about the

possibility of winning immunity

if it's what I think it is.

This immunity is key.

Because whoever gets immunity,

they're going to be in the final


Good luck, girl.

>> Same to everybody.

I'm going to go in there.

I'm going to play the best

immunity game that I can.

If I don't win it, I know I'm

out of here, and so be it.

>> PROBST: Go ahead and have a
seat and put your pads on your


I'll now bring in the members of

our jury.

Tonight's immunity challenge

will take place here at Tribal

Council, it will be followed

immediately with a vote in which

the 13th member of the tribe

will be voted out.

Tonight's immunity challenge

will test how well you've gotten

to know your fellow survivors.

I'm going to ask you a series of

questions that will be based

either on individuals you've all

lived with, who are no longer in

the game, or events that have

transpired in the past 37 days.

The first person to get to ten

points wins immunity.


I'll take back the immunity


Thank you.

The all-important immunity back

up for grabs.

First question, what was the

first immunity challenge that

Rotu lost?

And for an extra point, who did

they vote out?

Everybody reveal.
The correct answer is the S.O.S.

challenge and it was Gabe.

Paschal, V, Kathy, it wasn't the


Neleh got both right.

So, she gets two points.

Paschal, V, Kathy each have one.

Next question, what is the name

of Sean's girlfriend?

>> Gosh!

Okay, I need an answer, have

everybody reveal.

The correct answer is Ingrid.

Paschal, you're right.

V, you're right.

Kathy, you're right.

We're all tied up.

Everybody has two points.

Next question, whose dream job

is it to work for the New York


Okay. Reveal.

Tammy's right.

Everybody's right on this one.

Everybody gets a point.

We're still tied.

Everybody at three.

What was Boston Rob's

explanation for his absence

while he competed on Survivor?

Okay, everybody reveal.

The correct answer was he said

he was in the Army for training.

Paschal, you're right.

V, you're right.

Neleh, you're right.

Kathy, he wasn't on vacation in


Paschal, V, Neleh tied at four.

Kathy, you have three.

Who was the 1997 National

Watermelon Seed Spitting


Everybody ready?


Gina is right.

Everybody's right.

Paschal, V, Neleh, you each have


Halfway to victory.

Who does this necklace belong


I'm going to pass it around.

Everybody reveal.

Tammy's right.

Everybody's right.

Paschal has 6, V has 6, Kathy

has 5, Neleh has 6.

How many siblings does Sean


How many siblings does Sean


Everybody reveal.

Zero is the correct answer.

Everybody is right except


V and Neleh are now leading with

seven each.

Paschal and Kathy, you're tied

at six.

Another personal item, whose

American flag belly ring is


Does anybody want to see it?

Everybody ready?


John is right.

Everybody's right.

V, you're at eight.

Neleh, you're at 8.

Paschal you're at 7.

Kathy, you're at 7.

What is the name of Tammy's


Okay. Reveal.

Mike is right.

Everybody's right.


Neleh and V, you're both tied at


Kathy and Paschal, you're both

at eight.

Remember, we're playing to ten.

Next question, in which branch

of the armed services did John

train to be a nurse?

In which branch of the armed

services did John train to be a


Paschal, we'll go to you first.

The Army.

That's not right.


Army. Not right.


Army is not right.

V, if you get this right, you

have ten and you win.

Show me your answer.

Air Force is correct.

V wins immunity.

You can put your pads down if

you want.

Well, this is obviously a very,

very big vote.

V, as it sits now, you have that

immunity necklace, you can't be

voted for.

But, as always, if you want to

try and parlay that into

something else, help get you

through this game, that's your



>> I got an offer.

V, if you keep your immunity and

we formed a vote alliance today

and tomorrow, you'll definitely

get to the final two and if it

results in a tie vote tonight,

I'll take the questions.

>> PROBST: I don't know that

we've discussed how a tie-

breaker works.

>> Whatever the heat is for the

tie-breaker, I'd take it.

If it doesn't work, I'm out.

>> PROBST: Neleh, you had a


>> I'm just thinking about what

they're saying.

Seeing how it's going to work


>> PROBST: Do you have a thought

on it?

>> No, I'm still figuring it out

real fast.

>> PROBST: So let's state it


Kathy's saying keep your

immunity but don't vote for me.

And if you don't vote for me, go

to the final two.

>> I can handle that.

If I don't lose my immunity,

I can handle that.

>> PROBST: So you two have a


>> Yeah, we've got a deal.

>> But I need time to talk to V

about who we're voting for.

>> And have it be in front of


>> Now my conversation here, I'd

prefer not the jury to hear.

These are conversations that are

on the beach, and the jury

doesn't hear it.

>> PROBST: No.

Maybe alliances as you've known

them before.

>> Okay.

>> But you're making a

deal in a public forum.

>> Yeah, no, I understand.

I just want to make sure.

If Neleh stays, Paschal can get

some food.

He is sick of being on the

beach. Paschal and I...

>> Wait a second.

Don't talk for me.

Let me say what I'm sick of.

>> That's fine.

That's just my opinion.

These are my...

>> Don't put me on the chopping

block on your opinion, okay?

>> Okay. Well, let's see...

>> Well, my vote was going for

Neleh tonight, anyway, so...

>> Okay.

>> I would say vote off Neleh.

If you don't feel that's


>> No, that's fine.

>> ...we can vote Paschal then.

>> PROBST: Do you guys have a


>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: Okay.

Thoughts from you guys?

>> I mean, you know, Paschal and

I have come this far together

and whether it's me or Paschal,

I don't care.

>> PROBST: Kathy?

>> I always knew that I was on

the chopping block when I got

down to the final three with

Neleh and Paschal, and it's very

difficult to make the decisions

because they're very tight.

As you can see my voice is even


So that's it.

>> PROBST: Okay.

It is now time to vote.

Paschal, you first.

>> Don't worry.

Simply an amazing woman.

>> Kathy, my vote tonight is for


I said I would never, ever vote

against Paschal.

Looks like it's going to be a

tie-breaker, and I'm definitely

not ready to leave.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the


Once the votes are read, the

decision is final.

The person will be asked to

leave the Tribal Council area


I'll read the votes.

First vote, Neleh.


One vote Neleh, one vote Kathy.


Last vote.


We're tied two votes each.


Here's how a tie-breaker works.

Previous votes don't count.

There's no Q & A.

I'm going to give you two

minutes to discuss who should

stay and who should go.

At the end of two minutes, you

need to come to a unanimous

decision as to whether you're

voting out Neleh or Kathy.

If there's no consensus, it will

come down to what's in this bag.

Three rocks in it.

Two rocks are yellow, that's


One rock is purple and that

means you're out of the game.

The only person who won't have

to reach into this bag tonight

is V.

She has immunity.

So you have two minutes to

decide yourselves or it goes to

chance, which is a lousy way to

leave after 37 days.

>> I agree.

>> Well, I've played this game

honestly, fairly.

You know, the entire time I've

loved every single minute of

this whole entire game.

If I leave tonight, I'm gonna

leave with a smile and high


>> Um, I think I worked hard.

I think I was very honest and it

was just hard to jockey around

your pact, so I think I provided

well and I got food and the

adventure that I just went

through is going to change my

life back at home.

>> Neleh, not taking anything

from you, I love your spirit.

>> Yeah.

>> And I thank goodness that it

was there, but I have to go with


>> Paschal?

>> You've got to look at the

ultimate goal in this and that's

to stay in at the end.

I think whoever's making the

decision would be foolish to put

Kathy in the finals, because

Kathy is quite capable of

winning any immunity, much more

so than Neleh.

>> We can't do unanimous, it's

not going to work.

>> So, we have to draw rocks.

>> Yep, which is too bad.

>> PROBST: Where you guys at?

>> Drawing rocks.

>> Drawing rocks, to me, seems

like the fairest thing.

>> PROBST: It's fair for you


Paschal, a guy who had no votes

cast tonight, is now vulnerable.

So because together you guys

couldn't make a decision as to

who to vote out, it's now out of

your hands.

You're leaving it up to chance.

Here's what's going to happen.

Neleh, first you'll grab a rock,

then Kathy, then Paschal.

Very important you don't

look at the rock.

When I tell you to, you'll all

three put your hands in the

middle and open it up.

Here I come.

>> All right.

>> Good luck.

>> Good luck, everybody.

>> PROBST: Yellow is safe.

Purple means you're going home.

>> Well, that feels like purple,



>> Oh, God, I'm sure it's mine.

I got ourselves into this gnarly


>> PROBST: Put your hands in

the middle.

Three, two, one, reveal.

>> No!

>> I told you it felt purple.

>> PROBST: Paschal, you need to

bring me your torch.

>> Hey, man...

>> No, Paschal.

>> Congratulations.

>> Paschal, Paschal, that's


This game's crazy.

>> I love you all.

I love you.

(Neleh sobbing)

>> I love you.

>> See you.

>> PROBST: Paschal, it has been

a one-of-a-kind Tribal Council,

but the tribe has spoken.

>> Been great, thanks a lot.

Thank you. Thank all of you.

I appreciate it.

>> I love you, Paschal.

>> PROBST: Well, one way or

another, you three women have

made it to the final three.

You have a long journey ahead of

you tomorrow.

You can head back to camp.

>> It's been an amazing


I've met some wonderful people

and made some life-long friends.

And to the competitors that

remain, I wish each of them


They're all worthy.

And to the other jury members, I

look forward to being part of


>> PROBST: Hey, guys.
Wake up.

>> Hey, Jeff.

>> PROBST: Good morning.

It's day 38, and you have a very

long day ahead of you.

>> What's the plan, dude?

>> PROBST: I'm just going to lay

out the day for you.

>> What time is it?

>> PROBST: It's early.

Very early.

All right, guys. Day 38.

Time to prepare for your last
immunity challenge.

It begins with assembling this

outrigger canoe.

One last chance to work together

before you compete together for

one last time.

Once you have it built, paddle

out into the South Pacific over

to Hakititi Beach, where you

will celebrate a native

tradition by tattooing yourself

Marquesan style, and then you'll

pay tribute to your former tribe


Finally, you will cleanse

yourself with a Marquesan

purification bath, before

meeting me at the final part of

your immunity challenge.

All right?

Here's a map with your journey.

I suggest you build a fire.

It's a long day, and you'll be

leaving here in an hour.

>> So, where's the

Soliantu camp?

Where's Challenge Beach?

>> This is challenge immunity

right there.

>> Right there.

Anything else that it says?

I'm blind as a bat.

>> It just says "mountain


>> Yeah.

>> Okay.

>> First we have to disassemble

a raft?

>> No, we have to assemble an


>> Putting the outrigger canoe

together was quite easy.

Myself and Kathy are pretty good


>> Go around this way to tighten

it up once.

>> We kind of like just stepped
up, put that rigger canoe

together, like the chicks that

we are, and Neleh went ahead and

prepared the water, got the

canteens ready.

>> The key is, does that go to
the stern or the bow?

Okay, I got it.

This will go over the canoe like


>> Yup.

>> Yep, perfect.

>> So, three women working

together, those heads worked

pretty dang good together, I

should say so.

>> Take it slow.

>> I can't find the words yet,

what it's like to be on that

beach for that long.

>> Okay, girls, you ready?

>> Paddling away from it, and we
knew something was ahead of us

that was going to be probably

challenging but also really


It felt great.
It was exhilarating, it was fun,

it was a sense of release and


>> Guys, as we're going, I'm

going to say a prayer.

Father God, in the name of Jesus

I thank you for...

(indistinct shouting)

>> All right.

>> All right, woman.

>> It's so exciting.

>> You guys, this is so neat.

Seriously, what an experience.

You know?

>> Yep.

>> You guys, this looks like it

right here.

>> This is so cool!

>> We'll all do fun stuff on

each other.

>> Whoo!

>> I don't want to talk now,

because I don't want to...

I'm just...

>> I know.

>> ...reflecting on


>> I am.

>> I am, too.

I am reflecting, totally.

>> Oh, I love this.

Seriously, every step I go along

I just love it more and more

and it means more and more to

me, you know?

My tattoos mean a ton of stuff.

is mainly, like, my family,

because they're by far the most

important thing in this

entire world to me.

My leg, of course, this is my
original Rotu tribe that I

started out with, and I put

"love" just because I

seriously love every single

person that I've met out here

and I love the experience that

I've been able to have.


>> When I think of some of the

people, if they were here

watching me, they'd think I'm

insane because they wouldn't get


>> They're going to love it.

>> But they still wouldn't get


Like, have you lost your


>> No, that was yesterday,


>> I lost my marbles yesterday?

>> I have 16 tribes members on

my leg dancing.

A waterfall, because it gave me

so much strength during the hard


The sun showering down upon us

into a little love fest.

>> Does that look right?


Did I spell "vision" right?

>> I can't see. (chuckles)

>> I saw tattooing as an

opportunity for me to reflect

personally on my own odyssey.

This is supposed to be 16
people representing fire.

Each one has the person's name

and the number in which they

have been voted off.

Peter one, Patricia two,


It stops at number 13, which was

Paschal English.

It was so funny because the Rotu

people asked me if there was

anybody I would like to be in

the finals with who would it be

and I said with Kathy, you know.

We both have a 50-50 shot, I'd


>> Yeah.

>> But as far as deserving of


>> Yeah, yeah...

>> be up there...

>> Yeah.

>> ...definitely Kathy.

>> You haven't won yet.

>> Thank you.

>> Huh?

>> You guys haven't won yet.

>> What do you mean?

>> Oh, no, we were just in


>> Yeah...

>> Just in theory.

>> Right now, I mean, there's a

lot of arrogance in the air, you

know, between V and Kathy.

It's been kind of annoying today

to tell you the truth, sitting

over there on the mat finishing

up my tattooing and hearing, you

know, her tell Kathy "Oh, if I

would have, you know, had to

make it to the two I definitely

knew it was going to be you" and

all this drama.

It's like throwing it in your

face which I don't think is very

good sportsmanship.

>> (sobbing): I love you.

>> I don't think we're there

You guys okay back there?

>> Uh-huh.

>> Yep.

>> We got off the ridge and we

hiked to an area of


>> Oh, wow.
>> This is wild.

>> Apparently, the Marquesans do

some type of baptismal ritual

with manui oils, ginger, and

God knows what else.

>> God, it smells good.

>> You guys, we need to say a

prayer over this.

>> Yes, we do.

>> So being that this was really

the last rites, in a way, of us

being here, we took a moment of

prayer to recall our journey

from the beginning of the day.

>> We're so grateful for the

strength to get this far and

for all the energy that we've


>> Yes, yes...

>> We're so grateful for this

time that we have to be together

and please watch over and

protect us the rest of the day,

that we may be so grateful for

all we have and I say these

things in the name of Jesus

Christ, Amen.

>> Amen.

>> Talk to me, I didn't know it

was going to be yellow.


>> Come on, Neleh!

(screaming continues)

Are you going to pour it, babe?

Do it.

>> It's just amazing that a meek

21-year-old, a very, very deep-

thinking religious individual

and then a businessperson like


That feels pretty good. on the final three we
are, the three... the three...

I don't know if it's chicks.

I don't think that's the right

word, but I find it amazing.

>> Gosh, this is neat, you guys.
>> It is cool.

>> Yeah.

>> V, can I tell you how tribal

you look?

>> Do I look tribal?

>> Yeah.

>> V, do you want some flowers

in your hair?

You'll be beautiful.

>> As we were finishing up the

purification, we knew that we

would have to change modes from

enjoyment and remembrance to...

challenge and compete.

We knew that the next step

would be the last for somebody,

and the enjoyment of the day was

over with.

>> Are we ready?

>> Let's get our hands in here.

>> One, two, three, Soliantu!

>> Soliantu!

>> Kathy and V made that pact
last night saying, you know, if

one of us wins immunity we're

bringing each other to the top


I have to fight for my life, you


I want the million dollars more

than anything out here.

And so I'm not going to go down

without giving it definitely my

best shot.

>> PROBST: Well, the game is
back on now.

You're about to begin your final

immunity challenge.

It's very simple.

It is a test of endurance.

You'll each take a position

around the idol.

You'll step up on to two logs,

one foot on each log.

You'll then take one hand--

either one-- and place it on the


Those are your three points of


If at any time any of those

points of contact are broken,

you're out.

Feet have to stay touching the


Hand has to stay touching the


Additionally, if your other hand

comes in and grabs on to the

idol or the tiki to gain your

balance, you're also out.

Last person standing wins

immunity, guaranteed to go to

the final two and, as

importantly, gets to decide who

sits next to them for the final


So before we begin, I will take

that one last time.

>> Here you go.

>> PROBST: Boy, you even smell


That's a first.



Sorry to be the bearer of bad


Guys, for the last time,

immunity back up for grabs.

All right, guys, the final and

most important immunity


Survivors ready?


This one comes down to will.

You want immunity bad enough,

hang on to that thing.

It should be a nice hot day,


The sun's starting to peek

through the clouds.

>> I knew Jeff would be here

bugging us.

>> PROBST: I'm just setting the

stage for you.

>> That's good.

>> PROBST: I'm happy to inform
you, you've just reached an hour

and a half.

>> Whoo!

>> PROBST: On a day that started

at about 3:00 a.m.

>> I have to win this, otherwise
I'm out.

>> PROBST: Do you think that

deal is going to hold strong

between these two?

>> Yup.

>> PROBST: If Neleh is the first

one out, V, do you and Kathy

just end this, 'cause you've

already got a deal?

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: Have you thought

about who you'd take with you?

You've already made your


>> Uh...

Yeah, I think I've got that

one down.

>> PROBST: So Kathy, you pretty

much feel like you're fighting

for your life?

>> Yep. Neleh is mad at me.

>> Oh, I'm not mad at you,


>> Yes, you are.

>> Why would I be mad at you?

>> I don't know.

>> I swear on my life, I'm not

mad at you.

>> Well, not mad.

>> We've come this far together.

>> I know.

>> We love each other.

It's a game.

>> I love you, too.

>> It's a game.

>> PROBST: Guys, you've reached
three hours.

>> All right!

>> Whoo!

>> Whoo!

>> PROBST: How are you feeling?

>> I'm good.

>> Oh, feeling pretty good.

>> PROBST: I'm going to start

updating you guys a little more

frequently now.

You're now at three and a half


Four hours, guys.

Four hours.

>> Good job, girls. Way to go.

>> Stay in there, baby.

>> Watch your blouse.

>> Oh!

>> Showing every...

>> Oh...

>> Showing the jewels.

>> PROBST: Don't-Don't walk next

to Neleh.

>> Neleh.

>> What?

>> I'll give you immunity, I'll

drop off, if you keep me in

with you, okay?

>> PROBST: What are you guys


>> I told her if I drop off now

and she gets immunity, will she

guarantee to take me in the

finals with her.

>> 'Cause I could stay up here

all night. I'm not even tired.

>> I could stay up here all

night, too.

>> Yeah.

>> I'm not tired either.

>> Do you want to do it?

>> We might as well, I mean,

Kathy already went out.

>> I'm fine with that.



>> PROBST: Well earned.
You're safe, and it sounds like

there's a new deal in place.

I will see you at Tribal Council


>> All right.

>> PROBST: We'll now bring in

our jury.

As you can see, one member of

the jury, the newest jury member

Paschal, is not here.

You guys have been through a lot

in 38 days, not going to hide

anything from you now.

Just before Tribal Council was

to begin, Paschal collapsed.

He's been evacuated to medical


He's in excellent hands, and,

luckily for us, one of your own

tribe members is also a

registered nurse.

John was there, and if you

wouldn't mind, this is your


Would you just put their minds

at ease and tell them what

happened with Paschal?

>> Shortly before we came here

he basically just kind of

fainted on his feet, and he's

just showing signs of


Everything looked real good.

He's within normal limits.

He was talking, he was alert, he

knew where he was.

So we said a prayer, and he's

going to be okay.

Okay? Okay.

>> I'm just glad he's okay.

>> Yeah. I'm glad he's okay,


>> PROBST: We have a Tribal

Council to deal with.

If you guys are okay to go


Long day.

Highs and lows for everybody.

We get to an immunity challenge

where it really is about

willpower, ultimately.

You guys wanted it.

You hung on for a long time, and

then what happens?

>> I just lost my concentration.

I looked down and I was

correcting my shirt and I fell


So it was totally concentration.

It was my own fault.

So it's not a big deal.

I, you know, I was getting tired

anyway, I was going to give it

one more hour and then I had

to... I had to cash out.

>> Yeah, and it was totally... I

just did not want herself


>> Yeah.

>> It wasn't anything trying to

lure her off or anything.

>> No, no, not at all, so...

>> PROBST: You fell off the


>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: Before you know it,

V's made a deal with Neleh, like


>> I know.

I was disappointed, because I

thought we had a little thing

going on, but you know what?

What goes around comes around.

I negotiated a deal yesterday,

she negotiated a deal today.

It seems like that's what's

happening with the game.

We're doing deals every five


So, I was disappointed.

I thought we were going to ride

it but, you know what, c'est la

vie, what can you do?

>> PROBST: Vecepia, what was

your obligation to Kathy at that


>> To be honest, um, when I

think about what we discussed

yesterday, I don't recall

anything about me trying to

carry her.

>> Hmm...

>> When she told me that she was

having cramps I said, "Well, how

much longer can you last?"

But then all of a sudden she

fell, and then at that point I

was, like, "Okay, so am I... am

I carrying her?

Is that part of our agreement?

I'm not sure."

>> Well, I thought we did.

I actually thought we did.

>> And I said at that time, the

best thing to do... I mean, I

could have stayed up there for

another three hours.

I was okay, but I said, you

know, the best thing to do right

now, we can stop this charade.

I can just ask "Neleh, hey, you

want to end it?

I'll give you the immunity if

you give me the spot."

And so I did that.

>> PROBST: Neleh, were you going

to outlast V?

>> You know, I was not going to

go down today without a fight.

I've been on the chopping board

for two days now.

All day long I have known that

if I didn't win this immunity

tonight, that I was going to be

the one that was leaving


And I wasn't about to give up.

And so, you know, when it was

offered to me, definitely, you

know, I took it.

>> PROBST: Let me ask you a


Both you and V have been very

open and very vocal about your

beliefs, spiritual beliefs,

religious beliefs.

Kathy, faith play any part for

you out here?

>> Yeah.

I was on those logs, and I was

praying just to get through it,

just to get through it.

And there were a lot of other

deep thoughts that were going

through my mind to keep me


>> PROBST: Like what?

>> Oh, you know, let's see.

I hung by my dad's bedside for

five hours while he died and I

said, "If I can do that," and he

would want me to hang in on

those logs.

I really focused on that for

quite some time.

In addition to saying the Lord's

Prayer and also just... just

talking to my father.

It was pretty cool, because I

haven't been doing that.

>> PROBST: Nice feeling, it

looks like.

>> It was great.

I haven't talked to him in


I guess I just had to go deep.

>> PROBST: Well, a big vote.

Kathy, V, you can't vote for


You can't vote for yourselves,

so therefore you can only vote

for each other, so you cancel

each other out.

You won't vote.

Neleh will be the only person

casting a vote.

Interesting thing is, within the

last two Tribal Councils, each

one of you at different times

has either changed your mind,

offered to change your mind, or

considered changing your mind

about who you were going to vote


The question now is, will Neleh

change her mind?

It is time to vote.

Neleh, you're up.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the


Once the vote is read, the

decision is final.

The person will be asked to

leave the Tribal Council area


I'll read the vote.

The 14th person voted out of the



>> Good luck, you guys.


>> PROBST: Kathy, the tribe has


>> All right, Jeff.

Thank you.

See you guys.

>> PROBST: So long.

Here's where we're at.

You two have done what 14 others

failed to do.

You've gone as far as you can go

in this game on your own power.

This game now shifts from you to

the seven members of the jury.

Seven people who you had a hand

in voting out will now have a

hand in deciding which one of

you two wins this thing.

You have one night left, one day


Drink it in.

There's nothing left to do.

Take your torches, head back to


I'll most definitely see you


>> 16 total American strangers

hit this island.

First thing off the bat, we're

working as a team.

It was done with positive

attitudes, integrity...

Honesty, uh, it might have been

a little shaky at times.

It's the relationships and how

you can improve upon them that

I'm taking away.

But, uh, I loved it.

>> Oh! I can't believe it.
>> What?

>> We're here.

I can't believe I'm here.

It'll catch any second.


>> There we go.

>> All right.

You know what? When V said I'll

give you immunity and then you

take me to the final two with

you, I was planning on bringing

V to the final two with me

anyways, and so it was like no

big deal.

I know I'd have a better

shot against V in the final two

than I would Kathy.

And whatever deal her and Kathy
made was between her because I

was not a part of that.

And I felt good about it.

>> All right.

>> Oh, my heck, we got a fire,


>> Yes, yes, yes.

>> Last night together on this


>> The reason why I offered

Neleh the immunity was for

several reasons.

I took the risk because once

Kathy slipped, I knew that her

and I would probably be battling

for a long time.

>> Oh!
>> Girl, you and I.

>> Had to sit on the tiki thing

for four hours.

>> You and I.

$100,000, $1 million.

>> Oh, my gosh.

>> I was just assuming to make

it to the final two with Kathy,

because I know Kathy had some

situations with some people in

her old tribe, but then when I

turn it around, I also know that

there are a lot of people that

felt that Neleh has been riding

coattails and that she's not

deserving of being in the

position that she's in.

And looking at both scenarios, I

knew that my best shot was to

make it to the final two with


I wish you the best, sweetie.

>> I wish you the best, too.

>> I really do.

In every game, sometimes you

have to make a move that you

really don't want to.

But in order to keep the upper

hand, you may have to.

I myself, I think that's okay.

I've asked the Lord for


So, being a Christian, we know

we have that ability to go to

our father and say, "Lord, this

is what I did.

I know you saw this.

Please forgive me and I will go

to my brother and ask him--

after it's over with-- and ask

him for forgiveness, as well."

Oh, let's say a pray for

Pappy real quick.

>> Oh, yes.

Our heavenly Father we are so

grateful for this wonderful day

and the opportunity that we've


As this night comes to a close,

Heavenly Father, we ask that

Thou would please watch over and

protect our loved ones,

especially Pappy at this time,

as he is in the hospital, that

he may be able to get the

strength and encouragement that

he needs so that he may be

good and strong.

If it be Thy will, that he

may be able to come to Council


>> Amen.

>> Thank you.

Okay, I'll see you later.

>> Night, sweetie.

>> Okay, have a good sleep.

>> I shall.

How are you this morning?
>> Good. How are you?

>> Wonderful.

>> We're going to take a mud

bath in the waterfall.

>> Cool.

Go get us some apples and taro,

get some porridge.

>> Oh, look at that huge pig.

Look at that.

We were just amazed that that

cute little pig gravitated

closer and closer to the


Then we noticed a couple feet

from him, two or three chickens.

We weren't even thinking about

trying to run after them and try

catch them.

It was good to see the pig for

the last time, it was great to

see the chickens for the last


And it was great to get up and

cook popcorn for the last time.

>> Mm-mm-mm.

>> The popcorn of the Marquesas.

>> I mean, I'm going to miss

this place.

I'm going to miss the beach and

the sand.

You know, I am going to miss the

people that I, you know, became

really close to out here.

Last mud bath together.

This place is beautiful, but
being out here for 39 days, I'm

definitely ready to leave it all


Want to burn some stuff with me?

>> Whose clothes are those?

>> Oh, John's, Patricia's,


You know, just start up a little

bonfire and burn people's

clothes that they didn't want


It just felt good and helped to

pass the time.

I'm not returning to this beach

tonight because everything is

going to be burned up.

Here go Pappy's pants that he


Going to Tribal Council tonight,

it's a huge thing.

The power is no longer within

us, you know, to be able to vote

each other off.

The power is totally in the


They are the ones that are going

to make the ultimate decision

tonight in who wins a million


>> Like Christ said when he was

hanging on the cross, "It is


It is almost done.

I hope that the jury will look

at the way I played this game as

very strategic, extremely

deciseful, in some parts

deceiving, but when you look at

some of the deceptive parts,

they have put me in line to get

to where I am, and it was a

great strategy.

>> I've been thinking about this

all day, you know, who is going

to vote for me tonight.

And all I can do is just say

what I, you know, feel.

I really feel like I have great

relationships with everybody.

I hope they'll look at me and

know that I've been up-front and

honest, and hopefully that will

work towards my advantage.

>> This may be the last time

we'll be able to just look out

and see the ocean like this from

this view.

We both are ultimate survivors,


>> Yeah, you know it.

Here we are.

>> That's right.

>> We totally made it.

I owe it all to the Lord and my

family and everybody that's just

kept me so strong out here.


>> I think this game was played


I think it was played honestly.

I don't know what caused two

Christian women to end up where

they are.

It could be faith.

It could be a lot of things.

I think it was probably as much

a camaraderie in a game as I've

ever noticed.

An awful lot of it is luck.

It's hard to make an argument

that both of them didn't play

the game very well, because both

of them are right there at the


>> Good-bye, stream.

Good-bye, coconuts.

>> Last night I woke up and I

felt I was in the jungle.

I looked at the wall and the

banyan trees and the vines

were there.

And I turned on the light and

they were gone.

I am definitely detoxing, and

it's freaking me out.

So when it comes to talking

about the vote right now, I

can't even process the game

right now, except for the fact

that I lost and I haven't

focused on who I'm going to vote

at the moment.

>> Bye, chickens and crabs.

>> To have an all-women's final

is the best.

Girls kick ass and I'm glad to

see it.

We had some strong men on the

team, but you know what?

I'd say the women kind of ruled

the roost.

I think V and Neleh are both

well-deserved of the money.

They both did a hell of a job.

It is going to be a tough call

tonight for me.

>> Well, I can't tell you that I

feel good about seeing the two

women that are left in there,

and knowing that they got past

me, that they actually beat me.

But I'm one of seven who have

the power now.

So I'm going to make a

decision who goes home $900,000


That's kind of a little bit of a

coup for myself.

>> I hate when you're African-

American and you talk about

race, people say this race card.

Whoever wins this million is not

going to be swayed by my

preference for race.

Because we are in a game and I

am a competitor, I think the

best person who played a good

game should win.

V has switched alliances on me.

If I feel like she is being

dishonest or if I feel like her

integrity is questionable, Neleh

may very well get my vote.

>> There is a huge feeling of

power being on the jury.

And I didn't realize that until

I became one of the jury members

and had to accept the fact that

I was out of the game and I was

now on the jury.

I don't think I want either of

the two people that are left to

have the million dollars.

So I have a huge decision now.

Basically, I have to figure out

which one of them I think played

the game the best and which one

screwed me over less in the


>> I don't know what to do.

You got these Bible thumpers up

there, and you know, just

banging either The Book of

Mormon or banging their Bibles

and lying out of the sides of

their mouths, and now I have to

search within myself to figure

out which one of these creeps I

want to give a million dollars


I really want to go in and say,

"Okay, the slate is clean.

Your reaction to my statement

will determine whether or not

you get my vote.

If you answer honestly, you're

repentant, then I will say okay.

If you start lying right off the

bat-- pfft!-- you're going to

lose my vote."

The power now is shifting back

to the two of them.

And I'm saying, "Let's see what

you're going to do with it."

>> PROBST: We'll now bring in
our jury.

As you can see, tonight we have

our full jury of seven,

including Kathy who was voted

out at the last Tribal Council.

And Paschal is back, who was

unable to make the last

Tribal Council.

He has been in very good hands

throughout the night and day.

He's been fully informed about

the last Tribal Council, he's

completely up to date and ready

for tonight.

Okay, before we get to the main

event, I want to find out how

you guys spent your last day,

the 39th day.

Neleh, how was the day for you?

>> The day today has just been


You know, I slept in as long as

I could, just because I knew the

day was going to go by so slow.

I pretty much just kind of

rested for about two or three

hours, I couldn't really sleep.

It was more just kind of like in

a daze, just, you know, thinking

about the last 39 days out here

and just the people I've met and

just all the different

encounters that I've had.

And then after that, I just got

this really big spurt of energy

just out of nowhere and I just

got up and just started burning


>> Burning everything.

>> I pretty much just went to


I was a pyro today, you know,

putting soot and stuff on my

face, just burning everything

that I could, so it was a nice


>> PROBST: Okay, you two have

come as far as you can.

The focus now shifts to the

seven members of the jury.

It is one of the most unique

aspects of this game.

Seven people that you had a hand

in voting out now get to decide

your fate.

You start this game with a clean

slate and over 39 days, you

build a history.

Tonight that history is going to

be evaluated and ultimately


Your behavior, good or bad, as

well as how you respond to

tonight's Tribal Council, will

have a big impact on the final


Here's how it will work.

We'll begin with an opening

statement by each of you-- a

chance to address the jury and

explain why you think you're the

most deserving person of the

title Survivor and a million


Then the jury gets a chance to

address you.

They can make a comment, they

can ask a question.

You'll then get a chance to make

a closing statement addressing

some of the things that have

come up.

Then we go to the vote.

How you respond to these

questions is very important.

It's time to begin.

Neleh, opening statement to the


>> Okay. Well, what I just want

to say to you guys is I've had

the most incredible time out


You know, the last 39 days, I

honestly when I first came to

this island, I was like, oh, my

heck, I don't have a chance to

be in the final end.

I mean, just that I was up

against such competitors and

such strong-willed people.

And there were times where

literally you guys were just

pulling me through the entire


I wasn't the strongest person

but spiritually and mentally, I

just tried to provide, you know,

upliftment and you know, just

everything that I did for you

guys, I want you to know that I

did sincerely out of the love of

my heart.

Just overall, I seriously want

you to know that I have given

everything 100% out here, and I

just love you guys

unconditionally, no matter what

your vote is tonight.

I want you to know that

sincerely, from the bottom of my


>> PROBST: V, why do you deserve

to win this?

>> Well, guys, this has been a

wonderful ride for me.

The vision was brought to me

about four months ago.

And just like the Scripture

says, that I write my vision

down and I make it plain on

tablets and that I kept it

before me each and every day.

From the day I came out here, I

made several things clear that I

wanted to do.

The first thing, I wanted to

have a strategy, and I saw that

strategy all the way to its


The second thing was I promised

myself that I would develop

relationships with every single

person, and I value each and

every one of you.

And the third thing was that

when I came in here, I didn't

want to come in here and ride

anybody's coattail.

I wanted to prove myself with my

work ethics, with my

spirituality, and with my... my

gumption to come out here and

be the ultimate survivor.

And I feel that I

contributed wholeheartedly 100%

to everything I did, even when

people called me deceiving.

I still were friends to all of

you, and I hope that you

remember that.

But I put my faith in God

knowing that you guys will all

look at this objectively.

That's, that's all.

And that's all I have to say.

And, um... God bless you all.

>> PROBST: Okay, jury.

I want you guys to take some

time to think about what Neleh

and V just said, because in a

moment, you are going to ask

each of them a question that

will help you decide who will be

the sole Survivor.

>> PROBST: There's now a chance
for the jury to address Neleh

and V.

You guys have a very big vote to

make tonight.

This is a chance-- one last

chance-- to elicit a little more

information, before you vote for

the person who will win a

million dollars and the title of

sole Survivor.

You can ask a question or make a


We'll begin with Tammy.

>> I have always been up-front

about the way that I was going

to play this game.

Said all along that I was going

to lie, I was going to cheat.

I was going to do whatever it

took to win this game.

But sometime during the game,

my strategy changed.

I started feeling bad about the

way I was playing the game and

it was because of you two and

your holier than thou attitude,

and "I'm not going to lie, I'm

not going to cheat, let's take

this game to a new level, let's

play it with ethics, and morals

and integrity."

Well, you guys are hypocrites,

as far as I'm concerned.

And you may have been the two

biggest liars out on the island.

While you're condemning Rob and

John and Zoe and myself for

manipulating and being

deceptive, you guys were doing

the exact same thing behind our

backs, but under the guise of

Christianity and "we're not

going to lie."

V, you flip-flopped so many

times in this game, I don't even

think you knew which team you

were playing on half the time.

But you always made yourself

feel better, because after you

lied to somebody, you always

went up and asked for their


And then you asked God to

forgive you for lying.

Neleh, you started this game out

as a 21-year-old Mormon woman

who seemed to have a lot of


The one thing that you said you

wanted from the beginning was to

make it to the jury.

So Rob, John, Zoe and myself

offered you a chance to make it

to the jury.

That sounded good to you, until

you got greedy and decided that

being on the jury wasn't good


So you lied to us, you stabbed

us in the back and you voted us


This is the thing.

I don't think either one of you

deserve the million dollars.

I think the person that deserves

the million dollars is the woman

that you voted out yesterday,

right after you stabbed her in

the back, V.

But this is a game, and you guys

beat me at my own game.

You lied better than I did.

You manipulated better than I

did, and you deceived everybody

better than I did.

So congratulations.

>> PROBST: Sean.

>> (laughs)

Oh, man...

First of all, I want to say

congratulations, ladies.

I didn't come up here to playa

hate on either one of y'all.

Both of y'all deserve this,

'cause you out-played, out-

witted all of us.

It is really tough, because, you

know, it is easy for people to

pick on religion.

I don't like that, when people

pick on people with religion and

say you're contradictory.

'Cause people do it all the time

and people get funny about

religion, you don't want to

throw it in people's face.

As I sit and look at you two

guys, I want you to directly

answer my question.

Is there... some kind of moral

message that you feel like

you've gained from this game?

>> Morally, there were times in

the game where I wanted to

follow my heart, but because of

the strong alliance that I had

made, I felt like I couldn't do

that, and that is one thing

morally that I've learned, is to

follow my heart from now on.


>> And I would fall in line with

the same thing.

The lesson is that when I'm in a

situation, I will really think

it through before I give my word

on something.

Because sometimes I acted very

quickly on making decisions and

I would just give somebody the

answer just to appease them.

So now, instead of just quickly

giving people answers, I will

take the time to really think it

through and tell them, you know,

either, "I'll get back with you"

so that I know I'm not battling

with my morals as opposed to

giving somebody my word.

>> That's it.

>> PROBST: Thanks.


>> Well, I haven't really

prepared anything.

I was more concerned about being


Uh, both of you ladies are

completely deserving, in my

opinion, of being the ultimate


You are both the epitome of what

this great country of ours has

to offer.

I am so proud of both of you.

I would love to have had either

one of you as my daughters.

You're those types of


And through it all, you have

given me the strength to get to

the point that I got through,

and realize that, from this day

forward, I'm going to be a

better person for having met

y'all and having y'all as part

of my life and all these other

individuals, too.

So whatever happens tonight, I

wish it could be a joint win for

both of you, because I really

think you're both so deserving,

both so incredible, so


Ya'll are incredible


And I wish both of you the best

of luck, and I look forward to

having you in my life forever.

>> Thank you.

>> Thank you.

>> PROBST: Thanks, Paschal.


>> I have one question for both

of you's, and I'm seeking direct


I always believed that you

should never regret any decision

you make or any action you take.

But during the course of this

game, what specific decision you

have made or action you have

taken do you believe can most

adversely hurt you tonight?


>> I believe that, number one, I

do not regret anything that I

did in this game.

>> I'm looking for specifics.

Just one specific thing.

I don't want an explanation.

>> What I did yesterday to


>> Thank you.

>> With me, the main thing I

regret, I guess, is having you

and Zoe go when it got down to

us four, rather than me and Sean

in the end.

But because of the alliance that

I made with the five of them, I

felt like I needed to stick to

that, but that is the main thing

I regret.

>> No explanation.

>> Okay.

>> Just specific.

>> PROBST: Thanks, General.

>> Thank you.

>> PROBST: Zoe.

>> (sighs)

Well, I have a work hard,

play hard attitude.

And I feel like I should be

sitting up there in that seat.

I feel I worked really hard out


I played hard with the people

who wanted to play, but I'm not

going to talk about lies and

deception because I was there,


We all were there.

Basically, I believe both of you

have good hearts, and you made

it... to the spot that all

of us wanted to be at.

And congratulations there, and

that's all I have to say.

>> PROBST: Thanks, Zoe.


>> Um, I just have two

questions, and first question is

for Neleh.

I was just curious, at what

point in the game do you feel

that you did your most dramatic

strategic movement, and what the

decision was and when and the

decision that you made by


>> The time in the game where

actually I started playing the

game was day 24.

You know, Paschal and I

both talked about this together.

It was one of those things

where, you know, Sean had

approached us earlier saying the

four of them are in an alliance,

you know, we can switch this

game around at this point.

Up until that time, I mean, I

was seriously 100% going with

Rotu and just hoping that in the

end, out of the six of us, maybe

something would change, because,

you know, there was the four of

them and the two of us.

But when it got down to the

nitty gritty, that is when, you

know, we made the biggest

strategic move.

And that was the five of us

against the four of them.

And that, it's... you know, I've

been saying that all along.

That's when I started playing

the game was day 24.

>> And then V, um, one time you

did tell me your strategy and

the strategy was that you were

going to wait to be approached

by people for alliances,

strategy, that you were never

going to set forth and do it on

your own.

The question is, how can you go

through the game, you know,

adjusting with all these

alliances and not feel part of

the devious behavior?

That was my question.

>> My strategy, yes, was for me

to wait for people to approach


Now if I felt that there was a

strategic move being worked that

I can weasel my way in there, I

would take the initiative and


Everyone is constantly changing

their game plan, and you're out

here to outwit, outplay,


Outwit may be, immediately I

need to make a change.

So, that's what it was.

It's like when you wanted to

line up with me and said don't

oust me, you weren't even a

person I was going to even get

rid of.

I had Neleh in mind.

>> That's okay. You...

>> So, I mean, you know, you

made the decision...

>> You're not answering my


>> ...for me to ally with you,

and I just said well, that's

fine. I hope I...

Did I answer your question?

>> No, but that's okay.

>> PROBST: Thank you.


>> I just want straight-up talk.

Okay? Straight-up.

>> Okay.

>> You know how I feel.

I threw out the honesty card.

I played it, I lost.

It's important to me.

Integrity is important to me.

You both lied, okay?

Cut to the chase, you're not

innocent, you're not naive.

You both did it, so take a deep

breath and clear it.

Everybody knows it.

So I want to know now, right

now, why the hell should I give

you my vote?

Plain and simple, and knowing

me, John-- Johnny Pots and

Pans-- you knew me for 24

days, you know who I am.

Why should I give you my vote?

>> PROBST: Neleh.

>> Uh, why you should give me

your vote?

Goll, that... sucks.

Um... the reason why you should

give me your vote, John, is

because truly, honestly, I was

going to join your guys'

foursome alliance, honestly

hoping that in the end something

would change around and I would

be able to be more than fifth


As soon as I found out that was

not going to happen, that is

when I decided to not do that

anymore, and that's my answer.

Is that what you're looking for?

>> Yeah.

>> PROBST: Vecepia?

>> The reason why I think that

you should give me the million

dollars, number one is, you

knew I came in here with a


Number two, coming in here with

a strategy, playing the game all

the way to the hilt-- whether it

deceived you or deceived anybody

else-- I played the game to the

fullest to get me to where I am.

Did I answer your question?

>> Yes, you did.

>> PROBST: Thanks.

Well, there's been a lot

of questions and talk about

worthiness and justifying your

behavior while condemning the

same behavior in others.

You'll have a chance to address

that in your final comments to

the jury.

Take a moment, think about what

you want to say.

>> PROBST: Okay, you've heard
the jury's comments, had a

chance to think about what they

had to say.

Now this is your chance to


It is time for your final

comment, V.

>> I really only have one thing

that I do want to address, and

by the way, you guys blew me

away with a lot of your


I felt that some people just

made comments, and I wanted to

have questions so that you guys

will have a strong base to go

by-- not just simple

innuendoes-- but a very strong

base because this is a lot of

money at stake.

But just make sure that whatever

responses the two of us gave

you, that you really find what

you need to make a conscious

decision, each and every one of


That's all I have to say.

>> PROBST: Neleh, your final

address to the jury.

>> When you guys go to vote, I

just want you guys to consider

just the way that I treated you


Just my love for you guys, my

compassion for you guys.

And I honestly, truly feel that

everybody here would deserve a

million dollars.

I think it's luck that I'm up

here right now.

I want you guys to know, towards

the end, day 24, I did start

having to play the game.

I didn't feel like I needed to

up until that point.

And so everything that happened

before that was truly, truly

just honestly the way that I

felt for you guys.

That's all.

>> PROBST: Okay.

So we come to the vote.

Tonight's vote is a little


Tonight you are not voting

somebody out of the tribe.

The name of the person you write

down on the parchment is the

person you think most deserving

of the title of Survivor and a

million dollars.

You are voting for a winner.

It's time to vote.

John, you're first.

>> (sighs) This was an

unbelievably hard decision.

I hoped Neleh would really come

forward and tell me, "Sorry, I

betrayed you, I lied to you."

That didn't happen.

V, you came in the backdoor.

You flew under the radar.

It's not my style, but you

played the game, and I

appreciate you answering your

questions honestly.

And, uh, you go, girl.

>> More honest, less deceitful,

and always completed the race

whether she was first or last.

Very deserving.

>> Yo, we did it, baby.

Even though it was a tough road,

better you than me, sweetie.

You deserve this.

I know you're gonna represent.

It ain't even about a million


But if you do happen to win one

million dollars...

hook a brother up, you know?

Help me pay my rent, you know.

Hook it up so that we can do

this right.

But all the love to you, sister.

After it's all said and done, we

are definitely going to do some

chicken and waffles.

We'll hook it up, but...

God is good, remember that.

Whatever the outcome is, you

know, put Christ first and it's

all gonna fall into place.

So, I love you, sister, keep

your head up and good luck.

>> Going to make this short and


"V" is not for victory tonight.

Neleh is the Survivor here.

>> PROBST: I'll go tally the


>> PROBST: Okay.

I know it's been a long 39 days,

and I'm certain you would like

to see this settled tonight.

Unfortunately, it's going to

have to wait until we get back

to the United States.

Good night.

(helicopter blades whirring)


Central Park.

(cheers and applause)

(tribal music playing)

There you go, man.

Can I get a receipt?


>> PROBST: Well, we have... we

have traveled from literally the

most remote island in the world,

to, without doubt, the greatest

island in the world, Manhattan!

(cheers and applause)

I can't think of a better place

for this final vote to play out

than right here in Central Park

in New York City.

I have the votes.

We're going to get to them.

But first, it's been five months

since we finished this.

Five months since these votes

were cast.

Nothing you two are going to say

tonight is going to change these


Outcome already determined.

Just not yet revealed.

So with that in mind, as you

guys watched this play out over

the last 13 weeks on television,

I'm imagining a lot of what you

heard or said was said about

you, you're hearing for the

first time because you are not

always privy to the interviews

or what happens behind your back

or at the other camp.

So my question, Vecepia, I'll
start with you, is did you hear

anything when you watched it at

home when you said "Wow, that

surprises me that people would

say that about me or think that

about me"?

>> I was surprised about, one of

the biggest things is


Perception regarding myself and

Sean, how people thought that an

alliance was the same as having

a relationship or a bond.

Now we're going to have bonds.

We're going to have a Christian

bond, we're gonna have a bond

that we're African-American,

that we came from the same tribe

originally and went all the way

together and then also just

because we have some social

identities that we can relate to

like the fact that, you know, we

know the brothers and sisters

is chillin' at the barber shop

and they're talking about us.

That is an honorable thing.
But a lot of people thought that

that was an alliance.

So people felt that we had an

alliance and it was the same as

a bond, and it wasn't.

So it really surprised me to

hear some of the things people

said regarding that.

>> PROBST: How about you, Neleh,

did you hear anything about

yourself and thought, "Never

knew people thought that about


>> Well, I thought it was kind

of funny-- you know, I came out

here, you know, we all basically

came out here, obviously-- to

play the game for a million


I didn't have to really start

getting in and digging my feet

in until day 24, because I

wasn't really a target.

You know, I came out there right

away, you know, me and Paschal

were kind of like, you know, oh,

they can't carry us as much.

We were kind of treated a little

bit that way.

So it was... It was different

for me, I guess, to see people

kind of put me in like this

sweetheart role and then also

put me in this competitive


And people couldn't like put the

two together.

They're like, she's either

sweet or she's competitive.

If she's sweet... or if she's

really competitive, then the

sweetness must be a cover-up.

So, that was pretty different

for me.

>> PROBST: Well, there's no

arguing, I think Sean said it,

you two played better than the

other 14, no matter what they

may try to tell you later or

argue otherwise.

You're sitting here.

They aren't.

We're gonna find out now, of the

two of you, who played the best.

I want to poll the jury.

Has anybody talked about their

vote with anybody else?


Votes tonight...

>> (laughing)

>> PROBST: ... are a little


You're not voting somebody out.

Tonight, you're voting for


You're voting for a winner.

You want to see your name on

this parchment tonight.

There are seven votes.

It takes four to win.

At stake for the winner: Brand-

new Saturn View truck, color of

your choice...

title of sole Survivor and a

million bucks.

I'll read the votes.

>> Oh, gosh.

Come on!


First vote...




Two votes, Vecepia.


Two votes Vecepia, one vote



Two votes each.

Takes four to win.

Three votes Neleh.

Two votes Vecepia.


It can't get any tighter.

Three votes V, three votes


>> Oh, dang.

>> PROBST: One vote left.


The winner of Survivor



(cheers and applause)

(cheering continues)

>> God is good!

God is good!

(cheering continues)

(tribal music playing)