Survivor (2000–…): Season 38, Episode 8 - Episode #38.8 - full transcript

Previously on
"Survivor," devens and david.

Weren't seeing eye to eye.

Remember, we do have that Idol.

Just give me the half back.

If you don't mind, 'd like the
Hang on to it.

Facing tribal Council.

Wardog tried to get kama to turn
On each other.

The final ain't going to be

Wardog may have a point.

And it worked.

Ron and jelly were left in the
Dark when eric was voted out at.

He chose to go to the edge of

Wardog controlled the vote.

Now I know the kama people are

Ryan and julie did not have any
Idea it was coming.

Their reaction was gold.

So now myself, lauren and kelley
May get a chance the crack this.

Game open.

That tribal council was

Julie and I were left out of the

So I'm kind of gutted.

Are you okay with your decision?

I mean, I guess we'll find Out.

I've spent a lot of time
Making kama strong.

We had the numbers.

I'm sure people are going to
Look at this and say, how stupid.

Were they?

All they had to do was vote out
All the lesu members.

Eric, I don't see him ever
Playing you, gavin, ever.

All the power and control I
Thought I had I realize now I.

Have absolutely none.

I'm on the bottom and I'm
Probably going to be voted out.


I don't know what to say.

I just didn't want the get
Played out.

I pull off a huge move.

Eric was my closest ally in this

But he was keeping me behind the

Well, that worked out well.


I'm not wanting to go to the
Final three with blank resume.

I stepped up and decided to be
First one to throw the punch.

I just want you all to know
Three million percent I'm with.

You guys.

I trust you all, and if we want
To make it a six, then we get

Julia and victoria, because
Those are the two I have the.

Most trust in.

I made it apparent that I have
This new alliance, and I told.

Them, guys, I'm with you now.

This proves that I'm ready to
Take this six, you know, a new.

Alliance, to the end.

Ride or die.

Ride or die.

Tribal council went exactly
How I wanted it to go, except.

For the fact that rick and I
Voted differently, because he.

Wasn't willing to see my side of

The right side of it.

We're on separate pages.

But we're still together.

We are, we are, we are.

Even if I wanted to split with
Rick, I couldn't.

We have to figure white house
Gets custody of our kid, this.

Nugget of a hidden immunity idol
That is so very powerful, but.

Not as long as it remains

How do we move forward.

We reestablish trust with ron
And julie.

Which should be easy for me,
Since I voted with them.


So the relationship needs to
Work because that idol is a tool.

We're going to need to avoid one
Of us going home, and then we.

Can make shake things up and
Actually take control of this.


I had a horrible tribal last

It was a horrible blindside.

Now here I am.

On the edge of extinction.

I finally get to see it.

All I know about this place is
That it is hard, and there's not.

Much to do.

Plus I came to edge of
Extinction immediately after the.

People that I sent here.

And now today's going to suck.

When you read that sign, no
Disrespect to everyone else.

Here, but it doesn't hit as hard
When you're the second, third,

Fourth, fifth person some when I
Showed up here, it was just in.

The corner crying.

The edge of extinction is its
Own unique challenge.

There are no rewards here.

There's no chance at pizza.

In the game, there are a million
Distractions every day.

Then you get here, and it's the
Great slowdown.

It goes from a million to zero.

And so it becomes easy to talk
Yourself off the edge of.


You raise a flag, and all the
Difficulties are gone.

You guys ever seriously
Contemplated leaving this place?

No, I'll stick it out.

For a split second, I was
Like, to the right is the.

Burgers and food.

But that's not who I am.

Eric is fighting himself and
Having some inner conflict, and.

It does eyeball you, you know,
That flag is waving out there.

It's so easy just to say, you
Know what, I don't think I'm.

Going to win.

It's only going to get harder,
And it might be wearing on eric.

A little more.

My god!

You got a stingray, reem!

All right.

But chris ain't going Anywhere.

Aubry I know for sure, she ain't
Going anywhere.

Wow, chris.

Reem is too invested to go

Chris, look at you go, man!

I ain't going nowhere.

Everyone is here the play.

No one is going to be quitting
Any time soon.

Nice job, buddy.

Look at that guy.

Chris comes back with a really
Big stingray, and I'm thinking,

There's a story here for me to
Tell my kids about not giving.

Up, because there's going to be
A lot of days in their life,

Hard days, where I'm going to be
The one telling them, don't.


Joe's up next.

I don't know how many times
I'm going to have to talk myself.

Out of raising that flag.

That's amazing, but as a
Firefighter, I think I have more.

Grit than the average person.

Now I'll get to see how much
Grit I actually have.

It may be a lot.

How you feeling this morning?

I don't know.

I voted with you guys.

You did?

So it was me and ron were the
Only two out of it for kama.

Everything is up in the air
After eric gets voted out.

I was right that there were huge
Cracks in kama, I just didn't.

Expect them last night.

I'm going to concentrate on ron
And julie, because I showed them

I was loyal, I voted with them.

So I'm open to whatever you
And obviously... see how things.

Develop and I want to make this
My own game at this point,

Because I'm like...

let's be the pilot.

I was really upset that I
Wasn't included on the vote for

Eric last night.

It made me really start to
Question what to do and what the.

Future of my game is doing to
Look like.

So we could be a voting bloc
Of four.

All we need is two more.

I don't... I'm not saying
What I'm doing.

I'm not saying anything.

You think aurora would work
With us?


I think it's more one of your
Guys than ours at this point.

What about wardog?

Obviously I have my issues
With wardog, but he could sort.

Of possibly work with us for a

I know you think we're kama
Strong, but I'm way past that.

I feel like julie has been
Running the show for a long.


I feel like she could run away
With this whole game.

She's so strategic.

To me the two of us are on the
Bottom, and they're thinking of.

Them as the final four.

So I'm ready to jump ship now.

But it's just scary to jump

There is no one watching out for
Me here, and, my god, it's.

Like it's been 23 days, and I'm
Just counting the days until I.

See my family again.

Because I have no support.

And last night's blindside on
Err thank I wasn't a part of.

Just added to it.

Sometimes the game is played in
Three-day chunks or it's like.

Three-hour chunks or it's like
Three-minute chunks.

That's how I feel.

You are strong.

You're going to do this.

Thank you.

I try and remember, why did I
Sign up for, this and it was to.

Push myself and it was the move
Myself, but I feel like what aim.

Even doing out here and where do
I go from here?

I've already got my mind on
What I think needs to happen.




Play it out for me.

We need the stay with the
Alliance we made last night.

If you feel comfortable, we pull
In whoever else we want and just.

Get david out.

David is very sneaky and
Strategic, but there is this.

Trio of lesu members in wardog,
Kelley, and lauren, and moving.

Together with them, that is
Something that worries me.

So what do y'all think today?

The only reason I think we
Should do david overall is.

Because he's been top four in
The immunity challenges.

The next few votes I'm really
Going to have to evaluate the.

Social relationships in the game
And whether I have the numbers,

Because they have a trio that
Are just as strong together and.

Don't seem to be going anywhere.

And it's all very concerning for

Come on in, guys.

This thing.

My god.

David having Flashbacks.

Yes, I am.

We ran this challenge
In your season.

Yep, I remember it well.

How did that go?

Not well for me.

All right.

Let's get to today's immunity

First things first.

Aurora, take back the
Hard-earned necklace.

Thank you.

Once again immunity is back up
For grabs.

For today's chang, you're going
To stand on a narrow beam while.

Balancing a ball on a wooden

At regular intervals you'll move
Further down the beam, making it.

More difficult.

If at any point you fall off the
Beam or your ball drops, you're.


Last person left standing wins
Immunity, safe from the vote.

Losers, tribal council where
Somebody will be the ninth.

Person voted out of this game.

We'll draw for spots.

We'll get started.

All right.

Here we go.

Everybody plant your feet.

Try the find a steady spot.

Place your ball on your bow.

And this challenge is on.

Everybody concentrating on one
Thing, balancing a ball on a.

Wooden bow while on narrow beam.

A little bit of early movement.

Nice correction.

Devin's... devens' ball moving

He has to get it back the a
Resting spot.

And he's now back quiet again.

Dead still hot day in fiji.

Any other day this is a
Beautiful day in fiji.

Right now, for some shade.

Wet, dripping.

Wardog with some movement.

Wardog right on the edge.

Wardog the first to drop.

We are down to ten.

After the shocked faces at the
Last tribal, pretty certain.

Everybody here feels they high
Need immunity tonight.

They might need immunity

Julie with a little bit of

Julie's the second person out of
This challenge.

An we are down to nine.

Ten seconds left in this round.

Aurora with a little bit of


Gavin with more movement.

Three, two, one... Everybody

Grab your balls.

My god.

Now we're going the
Move farther down the beam.

You first have to balance on the
Most narrow part of the beam.

Then you have to get the ball on
The bow.

Three, two, one... And this
Challenge is back on.

Very little room on that beam
For your feet.

They're going to cramp quickly.

Ron is struggling trying to hold
That balance.

My feet are on fire.

Ron is the first to drop.

Ron is out.

Devens with a lot of movement.

, but he's keeping it alive.

And right behind ron devens
Right next to help.

Devens drops.

Devens is out.

We're down to seven.

Two men left in this challenge,
Five women.

Both immunitys havezódlñ been wo
Women so far this season.

Will that streak continue?

Aurora with a little bit of
Movement now.

Aurora is out of the challenge.

Victoria can't do it.

She's out.

We're down to five.


That was fast.

Lauren had no chance to recover.

Lauren is out.

And we're down to four.

It is gavin, julia, david, and

David did this once.

Could that be the difference

That experience.

Wentworth very solid.

Gavin with some movement now in
That lower half of the body.

Causing the ball up top to move.

But another nice recovery.

Come on, kel.

Wentworth's ball is
On the move, but she recovers.

Come on, kel.

Come on, ke le.

Wentworth can't
Recover this time.

Wentworth is out.

We are down to three.

Gavin and david on the ends and
Julia in the middle.

Julia still very solid.

Nobody is going to give up.

People are going to just give

Out of nowhere julia drops.

Julia had been rock solid the
Entire challenge.

Now hobbling back to the bench.

An we're down to two.

It's a showdown, gavin versus

For immunity, fight right now.

This is one of those moments
Where you can start to drift.

You don't want the drift.

Wake up.

Gavin's ball takes a big move.

Almost caught him off guard, but
A nice recovery.

David looking very solid.

David's first big movement.

Has to recover.

Can he?

Gavin's ball still moving.

David now in trouble.

David can't recover.

Gavin wins individual immunity,
Safe tonight at tribal council.

Good job, man.

Good job.

What a showdown.

My god.

Gavin, come on over.

I've been waiting for this
For a long time.


How long?

Sentence I was about eight.

Eight years old,
Watching "Survivor," dreaming of.

A moment like this.

Here you are.

You just outlasted everybody

What is it?

I was thinking about watching
This with my family, you know?

I can already see my mom and my
Dad and my wife and my brother.

Just saying, come on, a little
Bit further.

Well, it worked.

Gavin immunity, safe tonight at
Tribal council.

As for the rest of you, somebody
Will be the ninth person voted.

Out of this game.

Grab your stuff, head back to

See you tonight at tribal.

I felt so accomplished
Beating david in this challenge,

Because my plan was to get david
Sent home tonight, and if david.

Would have won, it was the worst
Possible scenario for me.

Now I can say I'm the reason
That david got sent home.

Good job.

Good job.

Thank you.

Everyone is going to go Crazy.

Can I talk to you?


We cleared that out fast.

Sure did.

For the first time since
We've merged we get back from an.

Immunity challenge and there's
No pretense.

Everyone in camp scatters.

David andry left in camp with

I wanted to talk to her in that
There is a big target in kelley,

Warren, and wardog.

Those three have been together
Since the very beginning.

They're the three that never
Voted different from each other.

And then gavin comes in.

I'm able to give him the same

Those three, they have been
Together the entire game.

They have never voted apart from
Each other.

Then victoria...
all the lesu members are.

Still here.

It's like, how did that happen?

So I'm strike patient.

I'm trying to let them see that
What's best for all of us is to.

Break up a power trio in the

Meanwhile, david and I will
Probably flip a coin to see who.

Gets to use the immunity idol
Tonight if we feel things aren't.

Going our way.

Here is my fear, that we vote
Out david, they go back to kama.

For the next vote and vote one
Of us out.

I think if there is a way to
Convince us to do ron over

David, that's our best play,
Because that really alienates


I actually wish that david
Would have won, because ron.

Would be next on the chopping

Ron is a strategic cal threat.

He has been kind of a leader on
The kama cult for a while.

And I don't trust him.

Here's my thing.


Ji just my thought.


David has an challenge.

If you do these challenges with
Ron, I feel like aurora.


We have options.

That's good.

So lesu is saying that they're
Fine with the david vote.

However, they keep pushing other
Option, such as ron.

It makes me believe that they
Might be all working together on.

The low and they're trying to
Bamboozle us.

I'm not rallying for either One.

I don't really care.

So I much prefer to change it
Up and try to reunite kama.

Strong and target the powerhouse
In this game, which is kelley.

What are your thoughts on who
You think the best person to go.

Home would be?

I'm more for getting rid of
Either kelley or david.

So are we going for kelley or

I would say if we're going to
It, break up the trio.

I'd say get kelley out of here.

There is a lesu three package
Deal and then there's dave and


We want to get rid of which
Package we consider most.

Dangerous first.

Three is bigger than the work
And it seems that we're all.

Leaning toward kelley some if we
Get rid of the queen bee, maybe.

The live will fall apart.

I tried to be strategic.

That obviously didn't work.

So I just want to be a
Passenger, and I will vote.

Whoever you say, and I don't
Want to go home.

So I will work with y'all an
I'll earn your trust back, and I.

Will do whatever needs to

The kama group obviously is
Wanting to make ron and I feel.

Really comfortable.

I don't feel like y'all trust

But I don't know if what
They're pitching me is really.


I don't know who I can trust.

That's what I can't stand about
This game.

It's how does the paranoia ever
Go away?

I don't have anything to lose
Right now, because I'm already.

At such a low, and I got to
Somehow pull myself together.


That's happening, soon.

I need the make a move.

We want to vote for kelley.

David is a challenge beast.

He's been in the top four every
Single time.

I swear to you, you are safe

I'm telling you, david
Tonight and this game is ours.

This is theturning point, plain
And similar.

Everyone wanted to blindside

That's not what I've wanted.

I've grown closer to kelley.

But they shut it down, and I was

I thought I had a vote on what
We said.

But it turned into a

It's pretty crispy today.

Moving forward, I'm just
Trying to establish trust with.

The remaining kama people.

But I have developed over my
Time a survivor spidey sense.

And now we find ourselves
Sitting at a dinner table and no.

One is saying a word.

And if no one is saying a word,
It's because there's probably.

Talking about you and thinking
About you and voting you home.


There's no question that we are
Playing the idol tonight.

The only question is on who?


Let's talk about how we want the
Use that idol.

My spidey sense says it's me.

I think it's you, too.


Did you see julia?

I haven't talked to her all Day.

I don't know.

The kama people all day
They've been fine with me.

And then julia is just going...

We got the plan.

Like, okay.

And then aurora is just like

She won't talk to me.

And victoria is scraping the pot
Like, doesn't want to say a.


Gavin comes in camp and he has
His head down.

Won't look at me.

Like I'm having flashbacks of

Like y'all have got some plan in

You're trying to make me feel

There's a good chance I'm
Getting some votes.

My gut is telling me that I may
Want to play my idol.

And trusting your gut in this
Game is huge.

Because even the people that you
Think you can trust you can't.

Always trust.

And right now I'm trusting
People acting very strange.

Now bring in the
Members of our jury.

So there is an implicit
Agreement on "Survivor" which is.

Nobody is to be trusted, and yet
Everybody will choose to trust.

One or more people.

It's this implied agreement that
Makes the blindside possible.

So, julie, what's the feeling of
Being on the right side of a.

Blindside and the wrong side of
A blindside?

I was definitely on the wrong
Side of the blindside last.

Tribal council, and it is not a
Good feeling.

So I felt like my whole game got
Turned upside down because I.

Don't trust anyone at this

Aurora, what was the
Fallout from the last time, what.

Appeared to be a blindside?

A blindside comes with Danger.

You have to not bring everyone
In, because if you do, likely.

The blindside won't happen.

And a lot of these people were
People that left out people the.

Time before.

So it's not about each move that
You're left out, it's the final.

Goal that you want together.

Why the reaction to
That, wardog?

It sounded like, last week we
Needed to use a few people to.

Take eric out, and this week we
Don't need those people some was.

A passenger on their plan or a
Passenger on our plan.

Wentworth, you were
Nodding in agreement.

I think that was the vibe
Back at camp.

I was trying to establish trust
With a group of people, however,

This kama group may have gotten
Back together.

So I'm not completely certain
What is going to happen tonight.

David, any time you
Hear a statement followed by,

"However" or "But," it means I'm
Not sure I meant anything I just.


It's way to give you an
Answer without blowing up your.

Own game, but... This morning in
The water I spotted this huge.

Pool of minnows.

Eventually a shark came through
And ate a bunch of them.

And tonight with the
Reconstituted kama, it's likely.

That one of the lesu is a

Did that really Happen?


It was while I was taking a
Poop, but yeah.

Devens, we have a new
Analogy thanks to david.

Where are you?

Are you a minnow or a shark?

I might be the poop at this

I have no idea what's going on.

There are a few people at camp
That were the hot date today,

Which was gavin and aurora and
Julia and victoria.

And they were going to get back
To us with an answer, and they.

Intentionally let the clock run

Wow, gavin, that is a very
Bold, honest statement.

Yeah, I mean, that's not as
Much as I'm avoiding you and.

Everybody breaking off in

You think you have a set plan,
You meet back up with your.

Group, and things have changed.

Julie, I have seen
Enough tribals to know that.

Trust isn't what it appears to

It changes.

It definitely can change

I was feeling good yesterday,
And I feel like I've hit an.

All-time low today.

I am physically and mentally
Drained, and I can't do it again.

What's going on?

I don't know.

M/< feel like a lunatic for
Getting this emotional because.

It's a game.

There are so many other worse
Things going on in the world,

But it's so much harder than I
Thought, because I don't have a.

Clear mind.

And then when you feel like
You've been left out in the dark.

Of people that you trusted, no
Matter how much they say you can.

Trust them, I don't think the
Plan I've been told is happening.


I'm sure it's another blindside
On the two of us 100%.

So I just feel like, if I'm here
Tomorrow, I'm a free agent at.

This point.

Like I can't trust the people
That I tried to trust all along.

In this game.

Well, this vote will let
Julia and me know if we can.

Trust the people we want to work
Work and if all goes as planned,

Then julie and I will be in
Great shape and we will feel so.

Much better.

Two things to Address.

First, one of the great things,
Julie, about survivor being in.

This 38th season, is the
People that are fans of this.

Show, they understand this game.

There's nobody watching that
Thinks you're a lunatic because.

You're exhausted after 23 days
In this game.

Everyone gets it.

The other fascinating thing is
That while you are crying and.

Pleading your case, other people
Are almost giggling at the.

Audacity of what you're saying.

So julia, I know you have
Empathy for how she's feeling.


But from a game point
Of view, what did you find so.

Interesting about what she said.

What I was more so giggling
At was wentworth looking over at.

Me asking if we're till good.

I was like, yes, that was the

All these plans going on, and
The "Survivor" madness that is.

Occurring right now.

I don't know exactly what's
Going on, but I feel like julia.

Gave the game away when she said
Wentworth asked if the plan was.

In motion.

She said, yes, I guess they're
Going with the lesu three.

That seems pretty clear.

Aurora, you can't
Trust anything.

You don't know what wentworth
And julia are really doing, and.

You're sitting on the edge
Thinking what?

I love how lesu, whether
They're together or split,

They're playing the game just
Like we're playing the game.

We can't act like last tribal it
Didn't click with them that.

Maybe they could work together
If they got over their.


One side is like, we're with
You and we're going to blind.

Side the other.

The other is we're with you and
We're going to blind side them.

What they're trying to do is
Create mistrust.

Yeah, kama really gets along,
Ask eric and aubry and joe and.

The two people you left out of
The last vote how well kama gets.

Along and can trust each other.

I didn't say you were the
Only dysfunctional.

We admit it to.

We're totally dysfunctional.

We owned it.

No one is denying that.

It's very clear where lesu

It's not about generalizing each
Word in each statement.

Like david was talking about how
You've got sharks and minnows.

There are also other things in
The sea that are creating.

Problems or making them get into
A pack to be susceptible to.


Wardog, I'm just Confused.

I mean, I'm trying to get
Aurora's mindset.

Nobody is blaming kama.

Nobody is blaming lesu.

We're all dysfunctional.

She got left out of the second

She was left out of first vote.

We were all left out of a vote.

Just throwing this out there,
It seems like there is a really.

Strong kama group that doesn't
Want us messing with them.

Then we have five lesu and two
Kamas have been left out.

That's seven people.

We can do whatever we wanted if
Aurora really wants us to work.


I thought you guys were so
Dysfunctional that you would.

Never work together again.

So how is rick throwing out this
Plan where all of a sudden...

I think aurora threw it out.

I'm just on board.

That'ses assanine member.

You're such a passenger, rick.

I feel like I just handed out
The imment p.S.

I can see why julia would not
Want that.

For the seven of us, we could
Get through this vote and take.

The power from kama, who is
Clearly messing with all of us.

Rick, you're paranoid because
You're not part of any of the.

Many plans that are formed here

If I'm not part of any of the
Plans, shouldn't I form my own.

Plan, julia?

Sure, go for it.

Thank you.

But there are many plans
Already set.

So you're making a commitment
For the other lesu that you.

Haven't even talked to and that
That you just...

no, I'm broaching it with Them.

But I think it's a great idea to
Be honest.

Rick's proposal is sounding
Better and better to me right.



David, the smile on your face
Speaks to what I'm guessing is.

There are several layers of
Story happening.

Some people trying to misdirect
Some hoping this plan goes.


I'm actually seeing a lot of

Look at all these conversations
That are happening.

Everybody is trying the figure
Out what the hell is going on.

I don't even want to
Ask a question.

It's way better to watch.

That's right.

Here we go.

It's on.

I'll go aurora right now.

My god.

Remember me?

Yes, I remember you.




Hang on.

Can I ask you guys, if I talk
Plan to all of you guys, was.

That for sure?

There was no... >> okay.

That's what I thought.

Because I'm not going to turn
On your guys.

I'll be honest.

You guys will have the numbers.




I'm ready for the two of us
To jump ship.

The five lesu are on a journey
And the two of us will join you,

Because this is so beyond...
david, it's for your game.

You're not working with

Are you not?

I'm supposed to be.

I hope I am.

Nothing has changed.

I swear to you.

It look like we're not going
To have it.

Julia or lauren?

You tell me the name and I'll
Do it right now.

There are seven of us right

I love how there are seven of

They're saying your name, Julia.

Let's talk about it.

You want to talk about my name?

Too many looks all day today
That I call that you didn't.

Think I caught.

I'm out.

I'm out.

No, you know what, I've seen the

I have seen the looks, and ron
Should know not to trust it.


we're the only people that

What was the plan tonight.

Can you tell me?

It was me?



Thank you for your honesty.

No, no, last second I'm
Talking to people and they won't.

Even tell me which one was the

I wasn't even told until the
Very end by gavin which one was.

The choice tonight.

Julie, julie, julie.

If you want to do a plan,
Let's do plan.

I want to know I can trust You.


We can do something right now.

Julie, really?

You're about to throw away kama
Control to lesu.

I don't have kama control.

I'm on the bottom.

We all have the control.

I'm ready to jump ship.

I'm ready to jump ship.

I'm ready to jump ship.

Are you okay?

My god, she lost her damn Mind.

I was left out of that vote
And I've been left out all day.

Nobody approached me with any

We had just gotten back.

I can pull julie back over
Here, but don't mention that.

Julie, julie, can I talk to
You, please?


I heard that.

Whatever, man.

This is like a mess now.

It's actually very clean now.

I have been on kama with you
Guys since day one, and if you.

Think you can trust lesu members
Moving forward...

who voted with you last Tribal?

You weren't even the target.

Julia, I know I'm not the
Target, but guess what, I'm in.

The pilot's seat.

I'm trying the drive.

Go ahead, drive, buddy.

Drive, buddy.


I have never seen anything like

Let's vote.

Shut up, wardog.

Devens, it is still
Clearly up in the air.

Yeah, it's a live tribal, Jeff.

It seems to be pretty live.

It's the livest.

This is as live as it gets.

I was criticized for bringing
Up the idea, but I think I'm.

Glad that I did.

Everybody sat back Down.

Does that mean...

yes, we're ready.

We are ready to vote.

Let's lock it.

All right.

One of the single craziest
Tribals I have ever been witness.


I cannot wait to see what comes
Of it.

It is time to vote.

Aurora, you're up.

Well, that was one for the Ages.

My god.

I'll go tally the Votes.

If anybody has a hidden immunity
Idol and you want the play it,

Now would be the time to do so.


Just to add some excitement, and
So that there's no secrets going.

Back to camp, I think david and
I would like the play a little.


A little insurance policy,
Just in case, on a chaotic.

Night, just to make sure
Everything pays off, guys.

I'd like to play this for my
Buddy david.


When paired together, these two
Pieces do form one hidden.

Immunity idol.

Any votes cast for david will
Not count.

I'll read the votes.

First vote, david.

Does not count.



That's one vote wentworth.


One vote julia.


That's two votes julia.


Three votes julia.

One vote wentworth.


That's four votes julia.


That's five votes julia.

One vote wentworth.

Ninth person voted out and the
Sixth member of our jury, julia.

That's six.

That's enough, you need to bring
Me your torch.

Good job, guys.


Julia, the tribe has Spoken.

It's been such a pleasure, Guys.

I know it's a game, but really,
Take care of yourself and take.

Care of each other.

Good luck.

Thank you.

If you want chance to get
Back in the game, take the torch.

And get in the boat.

Well let's do it.

Stay tuned for scenes
From our next episode.

Next time on "Survivor,".

Empire rises.

I want to build a six.

Person alliance.

Which person do you take out

But with the kingdom
Together, we run the game.

A monarch could fall.

I think we gop
I'm ready to expect fireworks.


Tribal council was a mess.

I have no idea what happened
With the vote.

And now I'm this close to really
Being out of the game.

So I'm definitely going to have
To fall back on my will and my.

Motivation and that will be a
True test to whether or not I'm.

Willing to push myself to stay
In it.