Survivor (2000–…): Season 38, Episode 9 - Episode #38.9 - full transcript


That was some tribal.

That was incredible.


Going into tribal, I felt
Like it's going to be me.

And then aurora starts talking
About the dysfunction of the.

Kama tribe, and tribal just goes

But you never know if stuff is
Just theater at tribal council,

So rick and I play the idol on

I didn't need it.

So that's a wasted idol, but who

It was the right move given the
Just complete chaos that we were.

Surrounded by.

She did.

I don't think she realizes
It's her fault julia is gone.

Aurora just kept spewing on and
On, and essentially put.

Everybody's cards on the table,
And it literally was like a.

Perfect storm of, like,
Something's about to give.

In this case it was julia's
Torch gone.

It's done.

I want to build a six-person
Alliance, and what I bring to.

The table is me, kelley, and

We voted always together, every
Single vote.

You and julie always voted

And the other person I really
Trust is gavin.

That's what I want.

In the old lesu, I was the pilot
On all the votes, but since the.

Merge, I was just a passenger on
The plane.

And was like I thought.

The wardog is being told what to

But now kama has fractured and
I'm going to take advantage.

I propose that the six of us go
Loyal to the six.

After that, hey, gloves are off.

We're all playing for a million
Dollars, right?


Wouldn't it be nice if we
Could just relax and be strong.


I told them my idea, and they.

All loved it.

And now they want aurora out

It's just amazing how these
People just imploded.

Somehow, it all went to hell.

I literally put my foot in my
Mouth, and I ruined possibly my.


And now, everyone's going off on
Walks but me.

So I'm good being alone.

And so, I'm just trying to see
What tomorrow brings.

I'm going to play.

I'm not giving up.

The problem is I don't know if I
Have a tomorrow.


Come on in, guys!

This looks medieval.

All right, shall we
Get to today's immunity.



First things first, Gavin.

Gotta take it back.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Once again immunity
Is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge, you'll
Have a bar resting on your.


It will force you into a very
Uncomfortable position.

If you go too low, your flag
Will pop.

If gutoo high, your urn will

Either way, you're out.

Last person left squatting wins
Immunity, safe from the vote.

Losers, tribal council, where
Somebody will be the tenth.

Person voted out of this game.

But if today you feel a certain
Level of safety, this is a good.

Challenge to just sit out.

And instead... >> no!

Feast on a Mountain of pizza!

My god!

My god!

Plus cold beer and Root beer.

Big decision to make.

You're going to make it, and
We'll get started.

Let's do it.


All right, lauren,
Victoria, wentworth, and ron.

Have chosen to sit out and eat.

Everybody take your spots.

Slowly lift that bar.

Make sure that stripe is right
There on your shoulders.

Here we go in five, four, three,
Two, one... Everybody looks.


This challenge is on.

Big in!

The mountain of pizza is going
To be devoured, as lauren,

Victoria, wentworth, and ron
Decided to give up their shopt.

At immunity and eat pizza.

David already looking over.

I wanted that.

It's not what you Chose.

It's great.

It's a game of Decisions.

It's so good.

You're already Feeling it.

This is an uncomfortable spot,
And the trick is, if you try to.

Get a little relief by going a
Little lower, that flag will.


If you go a little higher,
Thaturn will drop, dousing your.


Either way, you're out.

You cannot waiver with your

Wardog's out, first Person down.

We are down to five.

Gavin cannot hang in there

Gavin drops.

I'm debate.

Julie just gives out.

Her legs dropped out from under

Julie is out.

We're down to three.

David, aurora, and devin.

10 minutes into this challenge.

So nice to go to tribal with

David trying to stretch it out
And, man, those bars are moving.

Devens struggling.

You can see it, but he's still
In it.

No movement from aurora.

19 minutes into this challenge.

You all are amazing.

How about you, devens?


This sucks.

Aurora and david
Still in it, but not looking as.

Good as devens.

I can't believe he's talking.

Devens drops out, and
We are down to two, another.

Showdown, david versus aurora.

How you feeling?

I'm not dropping, dude.

You knew last tribal council.

I won't survive if I don't have

I'm not going down.

Sorry, bro.

You're at 22 minutes.

Careful, david.

That's getting high, bro.

Aurora hoping david
Makes a mistake and drops.

Aurora hoping david
Makes a mistake and drops.

David drops.

Aurora wins her second
Individual immunity challenge.

Safe tonight at tribal council.

And breaks it, sorry.

Can barely stand.

Good job, guys.

Good job, guys.

Aurora, come on over.

For the second time, immunity is.

Yours, safe tonight at tribal
Council, cannot be voted out of.

This game.

And the way things have been
Going, that has to be a great.


Very good.

As for the rest of
You, after 25 days, tribal.

Council tonight.

Somebody will be the tenth
Person voted out of this game.

Grab your stuff.

Head back to camp.

See you tonight at tribal.


It won't be you.

I am not thrilled that aurora
Won immunity.

I really, really wanted her to
Go home tonight, and now the.

Game has changed so much, I
Don't know what I'm going to do.

At this point.

Great job.

That was not easy.

Aurora wins immunity, which
Is frustrating, because people.

Don't want her in the game
Anymore, but there are other.

Options on the table.

The shix should have a Powwow.

Let's do that.

I think the six are staying

Essentially there are four
People on the outside.

With aurora winning, you have
David, devens, or victoria.

It's like when whichone do you
Take out now?

This is a group of six so I
Think we need to come to a group.


What if we snuck attack and
Take out david now.

All of us are voting david.

I wanted david out at the
Last tribal council, because.

He's a returning player and a
Huge strategic threat.

My god.

If we don't get him out now,
He's going going to waltz his.

Way to the end of the game.

There are people out there
Who will get us to try to start.

Turning against each other and
We don't need that.

My plan to take out my
Nemesis in this game, david

Wright, happens tonight.

I never worked with ron or julia
Ever on any vote.

And in a senior where we've had
Five major blindsides, you can.

Never say, "Yeah, I've safe

Well, then there were two.

That lesu three was going to
Be gone right away, and they.

Keep going.

I think we go for wardog.

It's insane that we even have
To have these conversations.

Because they're a power trio.

Just do the math.


Victoria seems genuinely not
On the other side, doesn't she?


I feel like vic is with us.

We need to, like, figure out
Where ron and julie are at.

And get aurora.

Praise jesus.

It looks like devens or
Myself could be going home.

Tonight, but I've played
"Survivor" before, and I know I.

Can turn things around for

Maybe I'm just myopic, but I
Want to vote out wardog.

I know that he doesn't want me
In this game, and I have to get.

Him before he gets me.

How do you feel?

I'm trying to think about
What's best-case scenario for.


There's 10 of us, right?


If you, aurora, julie, ron,
David and I come together.

That's what I was hoping.

We run the game.

That was my ideal scenario.

So I'm glad that you just
Counted it off.

I think that would be Amazing.


At this point, I feel like I'm
On the bottom, so definitely if

I can get out of that role, I'm
Going to.

And this sounds like the plan
That could work.

Have you already made up your
Mind, like, what you're doing.


You don't even have to tell me
What it is.

I haven't.

Obviously, there are two main
Sides still.


Who... okay, who would you
Want out?

I think it's only smart to
Get rid of someone in the power.



I would prefer wardog first.

And then I don't care what the
Order is.

My long game does not include
Three lesu members.

It's absolutely true that the
Lesu three are controlling the.


And they are not talking to me.

So even though I never thought I
Would work with devens and

David, I don't see any other
Option right now.

It's been very rough for you
These last few days, I know, so

I don't to but putt any, like,
Unnecessary pressure on you.

But, like, people are trying to
Preserve the power trio.

They're skating through this
Game to the very end, and.

Everyone is letting them do it.

I don't understand it.

So who's your person to vote


I don't think we have the

We have the numbers.

if you and ron come on board.

With us.

Not to pull this card...
no, please, do.

But I've played "Survivor"
Before, and there's always that.

One conversation after the game
Soever you think about and I.

Wonder, "Why didn't I do this
Other thing?"

And that's this conversation.

I'm very nervous.

Ron and I formed a six-person
Alliance with the lesu three,

Which I don't know if I'm 100%
Committed to right now.

Wardog's dictating who is going
Home tonight.

That does not sit well with me.

And now I'm wondering if ron and
I are doing the right thing.

Rick and david, they were
Talking about a final six of you.

And me and victoria and aurora.

So I feel like we're in a
Position now kind of in the.

Middle where we could decide
Which final six do we want to go.


Right now, I'm feeling pretty
Good with wardog, lauren, and.



My only fear is, again, the two
Of us will end up on the bottom.

Two days another I was in

But now I'm in the middle of two
Alliances, and both are trying.

To gain my favor.

On the one hand, I think wardog
And his alliance of six could.


But problem is I think wardog
Would kin if he gets to the.

Final three.

He's playing a really good game.

But at the same time, I don't
Trust david.

He's sneaky.

And so I don't know if I want to
Get in bed with david or wardog.

Us in the final five with
Three of them is too dangerous.

Like, I obviously want to work
With you.

Like, I'm hoping you want to
Work with me.

Of course.

Jewel semi ride or die, and we
Have the power tonight.

I wish I could have a little bit
More time to let it marinate,

But we're going to have to make
A decision quickly.

We're pretty sure it's going
To be david or I tonight, and.

Then you guys are going to be in
The minority.

You're going to go home, too.

And we're all going to be on the
Jury, and it's just a matter of.


Let me think about it.

Devens and david's pitch
Makes sense to me.

But ron's unsure.

Together, we can flip the game
On its head, but we have to be.

On the same page.

This could be our million-dollar
Decision, and no matter what.

Happens, I'm ready to expect,
Like, fireworks tonight.

Happens, I'm ready to expect,
Like, fireworks tonight.

I'll now bring in the
Members of our jury.

So, david, after the last
Tribal, which started calm and.

It erupted, you can feel an
Emotional drain on everybody?

Yeah, yeah.

I mean, everyone walked in with
One of two plans, and a third.

Plan emerged.

It was insane.

It's almost like it's the
Beginning of the game, because.

We're all trying to figure out
Who are the people I can trust.

And work with right now going

So, devens, when
You're juggling all of these.

Temporary relationships, is
There always one or two that are.

Locked in?


Loyalty and trust is so
Important in this game.

And I didn't come into the game
Playing a loyal game.

I backstabbed chris, and I got
Voted out the next trooibl.

And when I got back, I decided
I'm playing a loyal game.

Tonight, david and I feel like
We're in trouble.

We asked for help, and we hope
Someone shows up.

Julie, last tribal
You were vocal and loud about.

Saying you did not believe in
The people you had believed in.


Where are you sitting Tonight?

How did the game shift for you?

Ron and I came into that
Tribal feeling like we were on.

The bottom of the alliance.

I realized, I'm a passenger on
Someone else's plane, and I'm.

Hitting the "Eject" button right
Now, and I'm so glad that I did.

Because now I feel like maybe
I'm on my own little plane right.

Now, but it's still me flying
The plane.

So, devens, is this
The kind of person you go to,

Someone who has their own


Someone like julie who made a
Bold move last time, you go to.

Say & say, "Let's make another
Bold move together."

Wardog, you don't Agree?

What better example than me,
Lauren, and wentworth.

We have voted together eight

We demonstrated loyalty more
Than anybody else.

Does that sound like a group
That's going to be easy to.


No, but are you assuming

You don't know the dynamic in
The group.

Just because the three of vus
Voted together, because we've.

Had to, didn doesn't mean that t
Going to last forever.

I don't agree at all.

I feel like wardog, kelley, and
Lauren, have been together since.

Day one, have never deviated on
A vote.

Why would they want to sit next
To a kama, when they can sit.

Together in a final three,
Having only turned on the exact.

Same people and argue their

But nobody for the last several
Votes is willing to take that.


And they're going to lose this
Game because of it.

Ron, where are you in This?

I feel like it's been a very
Hard sell to julie and me.

I don't understand well to that.

I don't respond well to that.

I don't think julie does either.

We have to make decisions over
Who we feel has treated us the.


Wardog did nato you.

Wardog is very aggressive.

He's very aggressive and vocal.

Hey, my brand, honestly, is

My god!


Stop, stop, stop, stop right

The same time he said,

"Lauren, I will not vote for

"Lauren, I will never write
Your game down."

We can't play that card.

You're such a squirmer.

You squirm from place to place,
From person, to person, to.


You're a great talker at tribal
Council, and that's why, in my.

Opinion, you have to go.

David, as the numbers
Dwindle, the burden shifts on.

The other people to own their

That's exactly right.

Tonight is a choice between an
Easy vote or a hard vote.

The hard vote saves us all, and
Puts us in the better position.

To make it to day 39 and make a
Case for the million dollars.

That's what I want to do.

The easy vote sends one of us
Home, but more importantly, ends.

The games of the other people
I'm working with.

That plan is taking on water.

So all I ask is how deep must
Our ship sink before the rest of.

Us realize we're drowning?

Wow, wentworth,
That's a pretty compelling.


I just know what he's doing.

I've been in his position

I've been on the bottom.

But there was a group born from
The last tribal, and I feel.

Confident that the group that is
Together will stay together.

All right, it is time To vote.

Lauren, you're up.

If anybody has a
Hidden immunity idol and you.

Want to play it, now would be
The time to do so.


I'll read the votes.

First vote, david.

Wardog david.

Very formal.


We're tied, two votes david, two
Votes wardog.


That's three votes david.


That's four votes david.


That's five votes david.

Two votes wardog.

Tenth person voted out and the
Seventh member of our jury,


That's six, that's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

Here we go again, jeff.

David, the tribe has Spoken.

No hard feelings, guys.

You know I had to try.

But I am going to claw my way
Back in.

Iater, buddy.

Decision to make... I'm
Taking the torch.

Decision to make... I'm
Taking the torch.

It's my first morning on the
Exej of combination, and joe.

Walks in with sieve bottles with
Seven clues.

I'm like gam on.

It's a clue to an advantage,
And the rest of these people,

They've been here for days and
Days, and so they're just hungry.

And tired and angry and

Whereas I just got voted out of
The game.

I'm still in game mode.

See ya!

And I take off.

Immediately, I have an idea
In my mind where I think it's.

Going to be.

It says something about "When
You're at your most hollow," and

I think maybe it means hungry.

So then I think maybe it's near
The rice bucket.

It's not there.

David and myself, we run down
This side of the beach, can't.

Find anything.

And then I'm thinking through it
With joe... "Hollow, jagged and."


And we're like what if it's at
The mast, because the sail.

Itself is jagged on the edges,
And it's where you go when.

You're at your most hollow.

We dig around there, but we
Can't find anything.

I read the clue, and
Immediately, I think it's got to.

Be in these rocks around here

Unyou know, "Hollow, smooth,

It's got to be in the rocks.

Finally, I see it, sitting there
Right before me is the advantage.

Hidden under a rock.

And I'm like, "My god!"

This is the first lucky thing
That's happened to me this.


"Your advantage allows to you
Help someone else."

You must send an advantage in
The next immunity challenge to.

"Someone in the game."


I have a decision to make.

I have a chance to make somebody
Feel good about me because.

Fimake it back into this game,
That can be the difference.

Between winning and losing.

For so long, I've been trying to
Turn my game around, and to find.

Something that can finally flip
My game around, it means the.


I'm endangered, but I'm not

Come on in, guys!

All right, let's get
To today's immunity challenge.

First things first, aurora, for
The second time, I must take it.


Thank you.

Thank you.

Once again, immunity is back up
For grabs.

For today's challenge, you're
Going to balance a padole a.


On my "Go," you'll roll a ball
Down the paddle, attempting to.

Land it in a dimple.

The first person to get one ball
In each of the five dimples,

Wins immunity, safe from the

Loser, tribal council, where
Somebody will be the 11th.

Person voted out of this game.



I got a present this morning
From my good buddy david.


It says I'm going to have
Some sort of advantage.


Devens your advantage
Is instead of five because you.

Only have to land four balls.

Big advantage.

Everybody take your spots.

We'll get started.

All right, everybody pick up yr

Devens, toss me one of your

Here we go.

For immunity, survivors ready?


Like ever "Survivor" challenge,
There is a touch to figuring.

This out.

Your job is to try to finesse
That ball down the paddle and.

Land it in a dimple.

Those are very shallow dimples.

It takes a nice touch.

There are five balls and five

Devdevens has the advantage of o
Needing to land four balls.

Devens is close to landing that
First ball.

You'll know it.

Devens has his first ball,
Working on his second.

Ron doing a nice job.

Ron lands his first ball.

Ron and devens now.

Aurora looking to stick one.

Aurora has her first ball.

Wentworth drops.

Lauren drops.

Julie drops.

She's got to start again.

Devens with his second ball out
There now.

Devens lands his second ball.

It is devens in the lead, and
Devens only has to land four to.


Aurora very close.

Aurora with two now.

Ron working on his second ball.

Ron has his second ball.

We've got a challenge going

This is so hard!

Lauren trying to Stick her virs.

Victoria still unsuccessful.

Julie still unsuccessful.

Gavin drops.

Wentworth, no love at all down
On the end.

Can't get anything going.

Devens has his third ball.

Devens now working on his fourth
And final ball.

Huge immunity on day 27.

Devens knocks off his third ball
With his fourth.

Now he's got to reland the
Third, opening the door for.


Aurora hovering around that

Aurora has her third ball.

It is aurora with three, devens
Working on his third.

Devens sticks his third ball

Once again, devens on his fourth

Ron trying to get back in it.

Ron has his third.

Aurora, devens, and ron each
With three, but devens only.

Needs to land four.

Here comes devens trying to be
Nice and easy for the win.

Devens knocks his ball out yet

Now he's got two balls on the

The challenge is wide open

Ron with his fourth ball.

Aurora now with her fourth ball.

Come on.

Devens has his third
Ball landed again.

He's had several shots at the

Can't do it, keeps knocking his
Balls off.

That ball is moving fast.

Can he slow it down?

He does.

He's close.

Jeff, jeff, jeff!

I got it.

Devens lands his Fourth ball.

Devens wins individual immunity.

Thank you, david!

Safe tonight at Tribal council.

The advantage pays Off.



Devens, come on over.

Devens, safe tonight at tribal.

Council, cannot be voted out of
This game.

As for the rest of you, 27 days
In, somebody going home tonight.

Somebody will be the 11th
Person voted out of this game.

Grab your stuff.

Head back to camp.

See you tonight at tribal.


Thank you.

I've always thought that
Aurora's dangerous because I.

Think not only is she a
Challenge beast, but she's.

Somebody that people might want
To bring to the end.

Last time she won immunity, and
We couldn't vote her out.

But I am praying tonight's our

I don't understand how you guys
Were doing it.

I just win every challenge
That has those little white.


Last tribal council I lose my
Closest ally in the game.

People were getting blindsided
Left and right.

Tribal has been live so,
Everybody really wants this.

Baby, including me.

And I'm glad I have it.


The fact that he's getting an
Advantage from the other side.

I know.


It's a mute point.

Aurora, it's an easy vote.

She's too good at these
Immunity challenges.

Yeah, she's too good, too Good.

I think people when they're in a
Position of power they want an.

Easy vote, and this one looks
Like the most easiest vote.

The group of six the target is
On aurora, but she really has no.

Ties in this game.

There are bigger threats out
There, so I think it's time to.

Make a move on the last
Returning player and that's.

Kellie wentworth.

What else can she do?

She's dead man walking.

She knows it.

You, me, and lauren at this
Point are calling the shots.

To make a move like this
Against somebody who knows he.

Well, somebody who has
Strategized for me for 27 days.

In had this game, you've got to
Be stell.

So this morning, I had had
30-second conversations with

Aurora, devens, and victoria.

We're doing it tonight.

Doing what?



I can't really be caught
Talking to because they all want.

You out but we're taking out
Kelley tonight.


Do you think you have the


Ron, that's all we need.

Okay, yeah, dude, music to my

Logically I knew they would
Work with me.

My plan still requires one major

Small concern, right?


We can't let a returner get
To the final three.


Too good of a story.

Toofgd a story.

Coach went to second.

Rob won his season.

We're all superfans.

We can't let that happen.

Why can't we take her out

I can't believe when I'm
Hearing right now.

Wardog is like, "You know, I
Think it's kelley."

We've got to get her today.

We've got to get her out!"
He is so unpredictable, and that.

Scares me.

Kelley is definitely the biggest
Threat, but everyone left in.

This game, but if anyone goes
Home tonight but aurora, julie's.

Going to be furious.

And so I've got to be careful
About that decision.

It's too easy, isn't it?

Sometimes when it's too easy
It makes me nervous that there's.

Some other plan in play.




it doesn't make sense to jump
Ship at this point.

I've always had to be the
Scrappy underdog, and so now.

That I'm in a majority alliance,
It is nice because there is just.

This kind of calm.

But, all it takes is one person
To be like, "It's time to get."

"Out wentworth," and they could
Try and make a move against me.

So I'm just so glad I have the
Safety of a hid hadden immunity.

Idol right now.

Do you really think he's
Doing it?

I do.

I think he's worried.

That he'd lose numbers if he
Waits too long.

Tonight, either I'm going to
Be blindsided because yet again,

I've just been told a pointless
Lie, or kelley's going home, but

I was given an extra vote from
Someone on the edge of.

Extinction, and could I maybe
Use that to try to gather favor?


And I really want to vote
With you.

If I give you my advantage, and
I get voted out, it's yours.

I'd like if I come back in, that
You give it back, and it's ours.

For us.

I will hold it and hand it
Back to you.


And if not, good luck in the
Game, bro.


Right before we leave for
Tribal, aurora gives me her.

Extra vote, and instantly my
Mind goes to a dark place.

I could vote her out and if I
Write down her name, she's gone,

And I keep this vote for myself.

So tonight I have two options.

I can work with my original
Alliance to vote out aurora...

she's got to go.

Do you understand what I'm


Or I can go and work with
Wardog, and the three who are on.

The outs, to vote out kelley

I love being in the middle and
Being the decision maker.

But I've got quite a dilemma.

I want to make sure I make the
Right call.

Because it could be the
Difference between losing or.

Winning a million dollars.

The members of our jury.

So, devens, when you
Look at whose happened so far in.

The game, very few people
Sitting over there on the jury.

Would say, "Yeah, I knew it was

So how do you know it's you that
Is about to be blindsided?

When it's you that's being
Tricked, I think everything.

Comes a little too easy.

When everything falls into place
So perfectly for you, I think.

With this group, this season,
You have to step back and go,

- "What am I missing here?"
- Victoria, how do you.

Know if you were in on the

I mean, I've been in on very
Little conversations independent.

Past few days.

There was one thing that I've
Been told, but since devens won.

Immunity today, me and aurora
Seem to be left as options.

Aurora, this is not
The first time your name has.

Come up at tribal.

It's the first time it's come
Up when I didn't have the.


But there's still options out

I have to just take all the
Information in front of me and.

Try and figure out the truth.

Ron, there's an idea
When had you play a game like.

"Survivor" that you have to make
Your very best move on the.

Assumption that all the other
Players are also making their.

Very best move.

Yeah, it makes sense, but
Once a group of people taste of.

Blood of a blindside, they
Become addicted and they want.

More of it, so that's why the
Past few days we put a lot of.

Effort into slid foog a group of
People who won't have to worry.

About blindsides.

Wentworth, does that
Ring true, there is something.

About the blindside that could
Potentially cloud the game.

Because you just want another


When you're part of a blindside,
You feel like you were part of.

Something the other people
Weren't a part of.

So I think there are times when
Blindsides are necessary, but a.

Blindside every time isn't
Always the right decision.

Wardog, do you agree With that?

I totally agree with that.

Last tribal was not a blindside.

David fought for his life, and
That was the right decision, and.

Hopefully more right decisions
Are made over these next few.

Tribals as well.

So, victoria, 27 days
In, if you're not feeling the.

Love at camp, what do you do?

All the time things flip on
Their head.

The smaller the numbers get, the
Less strong some alliances that.

Have been around for a while
Will become.

Because you can't just go with
Who you're comfortable with.

You really have to start
Thinking who do I want to sit.

With at the end of this game?

In that sense, there are a lot
More scary people left in this.

Game than me.

So, wentworth, when
Is the right time to start.

Thinking about who do you want
To sit next to at the end?

That's a tricky question.

I think people are thinking
Towards the end game but you.

Also have to think about who you
Can trust because if you don't.

Trust people getting there, you
May not get there at all.

Devens, there has
Been one advantage played in the.

Game by you, and there has been
One idol, also played by you.


27 days in, that's Very unusual.

Well, I would first like to
Thank the beautiful angel that.

Is david wright who gave me that
Advantage today.

But we scoured every beach we've
Been to, and no one claims to.

Have found anything, so I think
The group consensus is that the.

"Edge of extinction" is where
Advantages lie.

Ron, anybody that
Feels on the outs is a vote to.

Be scooped up.

Do you constantly sit back and
Assess, "Who can I get to."

Join the flock?"
I think sometimes when you.

Have an alliance you feel
Comfortable with, you don't want.

To do that because if others see
You doing that, then you become.


And so sometimes you have to put
The pedal down, and sometimes.

You need to relax a bit because
If you're too aggressive, you.

Become a threat.

Julie, in terms of a
Game, pedal down or backing off?

For me, I'm back off.

I feel like tonight would be a
Safe and easy decision to try.

And shake things up again would
Be like rearranging the.

Paintings on the "Titanic."

Like, there's no point.

All right, it is time To vote.

Wentworth, you're up.

I'll go tally the Votes.

I'm very cold.

If anybody has a
Hidden immunity idol and you.

Want to play it, now would be
The time to do so.


I'll read the votes.

First vote, aurora.




Three votes aurora.


That's four votes aurora.

One vote wentworth.


Two votes wentworth.


That's three votes wentworth.


We're tied, four votes
Wentworth, four votes, aurora.

One vote left.

11th person voted out and
The eighth member of our jury,


You need to bring me your torch.

Wow, guys.

A lot of lying going on.

Wentworth, the tribe Has spoken.

Time for you to go.

Good luck.

See you soon.

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From our next episode.

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Fueled rage.

Wardog talked to me like a dog,
And I want his head on a silver.

Platter, could lead to a
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Ron, wardog and I kind of need
Each other.

Or another blindside.

If I dont work with you now,
Maybe next time

I'm impressed with how the games
Moves and the other players.

I'm pissed to myself because I
Had an idol in my pocket.

I can't believe I'm that Person.

I'm that dumb "Survivor" player.

Congratulations welcome to the
Losers lounge.

My god, I had an idol. I'm so
Pissed. And lauren has the monu.

One. >> She does? >> Yeah