Survivor (2000–…): Season 38, Episode 7 - Episode #38.7 - full transcript

Where were wendy and keith?

Did they quit?

Maybe they decided to go Home.

They're still at extinction.

After my first tribal there
Were two idiots, one was joe,

The next one was me.

We were the only two out of the
Original cambo kama that were in.

Dark about tonight's vote, so it
Pretty much suction right now.

If I have to work with kama
And play nice, I can do, that.

But I have no allegiances.

I don't care where I go at this
Point, but I am only going with.

The numbers.


Can I have a hug?

Thank you.

Thank you!

By saving david and rick,
They trust me.

They're loyal.

They owe me a major one.

I had three votes.

I thought so.

That's what I figured.

Not only did they want to do It.

They were evil about it.

Like, no remorse whatsoever.

I really wanted rick and david
To be so angry with the members.

Of lesu, because I didn't want
Them for a second to think about.

Going back and work with them,
And the cavern I have built with.

Lesu is so strong, they're not
Going to cross.


If we just stay the course,
Three votes from now, you know.

Where that puts you?

Family visit.


I can't wait to be loyal with
You guys.

They made us go against each

It is.

It is aurora.

Right now we need each other for
The next two votes.

Otherwise, we're all done.

If we patch those wounds with
Devyns and david, it may bring

Aurora in, weak say... maybe we
Can go to rocks.

We can gamble on rocks.

If we don't go to rocks, we're
Going home anyway.

20 more days and counting.

19 left to go.

Stupid game.

I love it so much.

Damn, it gets harder.

Just trying to keep it all

That's all you gotta do, just
Keep it... keep it together.

Figure it out.

Come on in, guys!

All right, let's get to today's
Reward challenge.

For today's challenge, you're
Going to race through a series.

Of obstacles, retrieve the bag
Of puzzle pieces, then race to.

The finish.

You'll then use them to solve a

Do you want to know what you're
Playing for?

Chinese take out, waiting for
You back at camp.

It's look a wednesday night back
Home watching "Survivor."

Order in.

Losers, nothing.

We're going to do a random draw.

We'll get started.

Let's do it.

All right, we have our two

For reward, here we go,
Survivors ready?


First pair, gavin and wentworth
And wardog and erik for blue.

Got to get to that platform.

Come oerik!

Erik gets to the Platform first.

Gaffen now there.

Come on, wardog.

Wardog right behind.

Here comes wentworth.

Both have to be at the crows
Nest buffer can climb that.


Go yellow.


It's erik going up to untie,
Gavin going up to untie for.


Good job, erik.

You guys are doing good.

Erik with the first
Puzzle planks for blue.

Good job!

Good job.

Go, wardog, go!

Good job, boys!

Gavin has his puzzle Plank.

Let's go!

Go, go, go!

Come on!

Gaffeip in the water.

Here comes wentworth.

Gotta get them back to shore.

Come on, wardog, let's go!

Good hustle, guys.

Come on, let's go.

Go, blue!

It is aurora and devins in the
Water for blue.

Good job, devin.

Go, yellow!

Lauren in the water with julie.

They've got some time to make

Blue in the early lead now.

Aurora crossing the beam.

It's going to be aurora going up
Up to untie that second bag of.

Puzzle planks.

Come ojulie!

Julie taking a while To get up.

Every second you lose could be
The second you need.

Come on, julie!

You're good.

Go, yellow!

Huge time advantage right now
For blue as aurora has her.

Planks free.

You're good, jump.

Aurora in the water, just misses
The planks.

Devin is in the water.

He has to swim back to shore

It's going to be julie untying
The knots.

Come oyellow!

You're doing great!

You're good.

Puzzle makers take over.

It's going to be victoria and
Julia now have to untie each bag.

And get them in the because of

Yellow has their second batch of
Puzzle planks.

Just put it under that... Yeah.

Julia and victoria
Way big lead root now.

Can they take advantage of it?

You're good, yellow.

Puzzle makers, take over.

It's going to be david and ryan
Working on the puzzle.

Victoria, the third from the
Top is number one.

I can't... I'm not tall Enough.

Julia and victoria
Having to work together.

These are heavy pieces of wood.

You have to use both players to
Get it in.

It's higher than that.

It's higher than that.

Just put it in.

David and ron trying
To get back in it.

Julia, this one is top.

Julia and viktorria,
They are take a long time.

Figuring this puzzle out.

Here comes david and ron with
Their last plank.

They have done a nice job of
Closing that time gap now.

Julia and victoria starting to
Pick up the pails.

They are getting the hang of

We are very close right now.

David wedged in there, can't get
It out.

David, the one above it.

Get this, get this!

David and ron going.

To switch sides now.

There you go, perfect, Perfect.

Victoria and julia
Slowly figuring this puzzle out,

Plank by plank.

Julia, are you killing it.

Ron, pull yours out!

Switch it!

Yellow doing a lot of
Yelling at each other.

They have hit a roadblock.

Julia thinks they are one.

Board away weapon are they?

Big reward on the line.

Victoria and julia think they
Have it, and they do!

Aurora, erik, devins, wardog,
Julia, and victoria, chinese.

Takeout waiting for them back at


So we lost.

Everyone's upset, but I'm
Sitting back thinking this is.


Because the last thing I want is
For wentworth and lauren to be.


I want them to be lost and
Lonely because I'm the puppet.


I'm trying to break them down.


Good reward, you guys!

This is so good, you guys.

This is best chinese food
I've ever had in my whole life.

I'm so happy right now.

Guys, I know I just met you a
New days ago and this might be.

Fast, but I love you guys.

We love you!

My god!

My god!

I feel so bad because I now
Know what it feels like to lose.

A reward.


We have not won a damn thing.


Do you know what would be

If a chicken walked through this
Camp right now and just sat.



It's like, "Hey, guys, I heard
What happened at the challenge."

Eat me."

y just needed some sort of
Food, and some sort of win.

I am so freaking hungry.

We killed that food.

Good reward, guys!

That was a good one!

I feel like I am cursed.

Like, can't win anything.

I just want to apologize for
Voting for you last night.

No, no, no.

Hey, and I'm sorry, too.

Yeah, all good.

At this point, I'm kind of on
The bottom with wardog and


I don't know where rick and
David stand completely.

But we've got to bury the

It's dumb.

The leser group is totally going
After each other and forgetting.

There is this whole kamaization

It's what kama wants to run the

If the lesu five come together
And pull in... the lesu five.

Come together and pull in
Aurora, we have six people to.

Try and vote one of these kama
People out.

Here's the deal... you know how
This game works.

Either we come together and try
To take one of them out, or.

We're probably going to go one
By one.


Obviously, I'm sure they told
You guys like you are working.

With us now, or whatever.

Here's my thing, though.

Once devin and wardog, that's



You really think she's keen on

I mean, I know she's on the

Number one, obviously, being
Left out.

Because it would have been so
Easy to tell me before.

So I don't feel like any of them
Trust me.

I've heard no one say your Name.

I mean, I know our goal is we've
Got to get to this level, but

I'd like us to stay longer than

Aurora feels on the outs.

She is.

Let's say we do have six.

It would be a tie.

Unless they think they have,
Like you and devins or.

Something, and then try and


and then we have the numbers.


Actually, I like that plan.

I'm really excited about what
Wentworth is proposing because.

The kama tribe are in control of
This game.

I'm not in control of anything.

I'm... I'm just a piece in their

Especially the people who are in
Charge of tlike ron and erik.

I'm sort of leaning towards
Splitting the votes over lauren.

And kelley.



we need to band together and
Flip this game on its head.

I've just got to pull in my
Strongest alliance member, which.

Is devins.

That should be no problem.

I'll talk to rick later,
Obviously right now now.

I hope he understands there
Are no hard feelings about.


So, the five lesu together.

I'm dying to get back about
The old lesu.

Now that I know I can trust you
Guys, I really want to get back.

With you all.

You... >> except they don't.

Want to get back with you guys
At all?

What do you mean?

Why would I work with you Guys?

Well, I mean...
you guys stabbed me in the.

Back over and over again.

I don't want to work with kelley
At all.

She tried to vote me out twice.

You come here for ninth or
Eighth, that's fine.

I came to win the game.

Why would I want to work with

Because it gets you farther
In the game.

I don't know that that's True.

I don't know that that's true.

I know it gets you furgts in the
Game and shiks things up.

It was so stupid, don't come out
Here and wardog me and yell at.

Me that I'm not playing the game
You think I should be playing.

I'm going home.

Did you come to me?

Did you come to me?

I don't like being barkd at.

You're playing with emotions.

You keep saying I'm playing
With emotions.

You have playing with.


If I can't trust lesu, let's
Get in with kama.

They just saved me at last

Don't bark at me that I'm not
Playing the game because I'm not.

Doing what you want me to do.

He needs david and I to swing
With them but it's not going to.


You always remember one
Conversation in "Survivor," you.

Will remember this one.

I'm a pupet and you're a puppet.

We are not driving this game.

Erik is driving it.

And ron is driving it.

We need to navigate our own

But my way is better for me.

You're not getting numbers, bro.

I think you're dreaming.

I think you're getting played.

There's nothing more
Important than break up kama.

But, unfortunately, devins is
Not on board, 100% opposed to.


One of us is drunk right now,
But I don't know which one.

I think I'm the sober one.

I'm not coming to your side.

Remember we have the idol.

I just thought you would give
Me the half back.

If you don't mind, I'd like
To hang on to it.

Devin is letting emotions run to
His game, so the last thing I.

Want to do is give him the half
Of the idol.

It's so frustrating to have
Found someone I trust as much as

I trust devins and realize I
Have to find another path.

I wanted it to be with devin but
The way it's shaping up right.

Now I'm not sure there's any
Hope of that.

These wine bottles.

All at the same time?


Honestly, I'm terrible with

I'm even worse with maps.

I was ready to take a nap.

It's been rocky thus far but
Your game is still at stake.

Step back and assess, an
Advantage awaits.

"Step back and assess, an
Advantage awaits."

did you hear about what
Happened last time?

I already have my shoes on
Because I know what happens when.

There's new on extinction... you
Best be running because it's.

Like black friday and you better
Get the toy.

If because someone here's
Going to get it.

I'm coming for you, aubry.

I'm coming for you.

Chris, are you not going to
Get me this time, pal.

It's been rocky thus far, but
Your game is still at stake.

Is there a stake somewhere near
The rocks?

Did you find it?

Step back and assess.

I've been here for three
Freaking weeks.

I would just like to find

"Step back."

I'm not sure exactly what it

There are some stairs.

There are some steps.

And I feel like it's right under
Everyone's nose, but I can't.

Seem to find it.

Everyone starts checking the

They see absolutely nothing.

I took a step back, look to my
Left, there's a big hole in the.

Rock wall.

But I'm like, "This is mine!"

"So sneaky, sneaky, like kelley

Nothing here.

I stick my hand in, and turns
Out, there is a key and a clue.

That says, "Follow the rocks to
The last in the sand, where your."

Practice begins."

All right.

What the hell, man.

I go over the rocks, get to the
Sandy beach, and I see a post.

With rope.

It looks like I found the
Practice advantage.

And I am stoked.

I've been hanging with these
Bros, listen to them talk about.

How they're going to get back in
The game and win.

But little do they know that the
Practice advantage even exists.

And I found something else
Tucked up in the rocks... this.

An extra vote for someone in the



That's big.

This is amazing!

Now, not only do I get to
Practice to get back in the.

Game, but I also have a decision
To make.

I have to decide who I want to
Give this extra vote to.

Loosen that.

Gotta tighten here.

So I might be out of sight, out
Of mind at the edge of.

Extinction, but I know that the
Game is always there.

And the advantage could be
Literally the key to someone's.


Come on in, guys!

Come on in, guys!

All right, shall we get to
Today's immunity challenge?



First things first, Julie.

Got to take back the necklace.

The frown.

You can win it again.

That's true.

Once again, immunity is back up
For grabs.

For today's challenge, you're
Going to balance on your toes.

With a block wedged between your
Head and the top of the frame.

The longer the challenge goes,
The more fatigued your legs will.


When they finally give out, your
Block will drop.

You're out.

Last person left standing wins
Immunity, safe from the vote.

Losers, tribal council, where
Somebody will become the eighth.

Person voted out of this game.

Take your spots.

We'll get started.

All right, here we go.

Everybody place your blocks
Above your head.

You're going to wedge them
Between your head and the top of.

The frame, which is going to
Force you to stand on your toes.

That's where this challenge is

Everybody looks good, and this
Challenge is on.

And quickly, you will feel it.

Somebody may drop very fast.

If you lose your balance and
Touch the frame, even a little,

You're out.

Wardog quickly struggling to

That block falls.

Within 15 seconds, wardog is the
First out.

No shot at immunity.

Take a spot on the bench.

Wentworth already feeling it.

I'm, like, shaking.

22 days on "Survivor"
Is impossible to imagine.

You only know what it feels like
When you are the one who has.

Experienced it.

That's why you're shaking
Seconds into this challenge.

Wentworth really fighting to
Keep that balance.

Keep digging!

Erik is out.

He'll talk a spot on the bench.

Gavin drops out of nowhere
Purpose we're down to nine.

And wentworth drops.

She's out.

We've already lost four of the
Fittest people in this game.

Devens a sudden five of the
Fittest now.

Devens joinsz the ranks of the
Fittest survivors in this.


We are down to seven.

Julia wobbling.

Julia, block drops.

She's out.

Down to six.

My god!

Ron drops.

Ron is out.

And we are down to five.


Julie's out of the Challenge.

Victoria, aurora, and lauren.

David, a nice Recovery.

Holding that block steady.

You're still looking good up

Thank you.

Viktorria, very calm
Right next to david, hasn't.

Moved, hasn't opened her eyes.

Aurora still very solid.

Lauren very solid.

Are we could be here for a

Are we could be here for a

25 minute in, david,
Viktorria, aurora, and lauren.

Still fighting for that

David's feet moving once again.

I'm a little dizzy.

First bit of movement
From lauren, just a slight.

Adjustment, trying to keep from
Going numb, probably.

Very dizzy.

Aurora with a bit of Movement.

Victoria still absolutely solid.

Damn the skinny girls.


David drops.

Thanks, guys.

That's how easily it Can happen.

A slight change in the pressure
From your head to that block to.

The top of the frame.

And you're out.

I can't see anything.

I'm about to black out.

My god!

My god!

Medical, medical!

What happened?

Iauren passed out.

Just keep going.

My good.

She's got people around her,

She's okay.


Joe, let me know if
We need to stop this challenge.

Don't worry, she's in good

For now we'll let it run.

Go dr joe will let us know.

Iauren, you can hear me?

Victoria it's you and I.


I'm okay, aurora.

I know.

You know that I was the only
Person out of that vote.

What did you say?

I need this, just to feel
Better about our group.

Pass me the orange case over
There, please.

Lauren, lauren.

Even now, while lawr
Sen on the ground, aurora is.

Pleading with victoria to give
This to her.

I was the only one left out
Of the vote, dude.

Aurora, just wait.

Aurora, it's not the time.

Yeah, it really isn't.

No, dude, second-half
Challenges are all about skinny,

Lean people.

It's okay.

Check her pulse.

Give her a moment.

Hey, lauren.

You just fainted.

Damn it!

How you feeling?

Just give yourself a minute,

You feel a bit lightheaded.

Dr. Joe, you're okay Over there?


Lawr sen good.

She's back.

You just relax.

No one was left out but me,

My god.

I'm gonna losa.

You want me to trust you, I
Need this.

Lauren, I'm just Checking.

You're good, right?

Yeah, I'm just embarrassed.

You just... you
Literally just dropped pup fell.

Off the challenge.

Well, that's embarrassing.

No, I'd say that's a
Sign of a warrior.

I can tell everybody you're

Yeah, I'm great.

Lawr sen okay.

Just get back in this.

I mean, even... you hear erik
Saying, "Go, vic."

No one said, "Go, aurora" again,
Vic, you want me to trust.

Good luck, aurora.

I don't know if that one Counts.

And out of nowhere,
Victoria drops.

Aurora did not have to negotiate
For individual immunity.

Aurora wins immunity.

Safe tonight at tribal council.

Both women now trying to get
Some feeling back in their legs.

Take your time.

Have a seat.

Yeah, yeah.

I'm okay.

Aurora, come on over.

Aurora, safe tonight at tribal.


Cannot be vote out of this game.

As for the rest of you, after 22
Very tough days, somebody will.

Become the eighth person voted
Our the "Survivor Edge of."


It won't be you.

Grab your stuff.

Head back to camp.


Great job.

It was really scary when I
Passed out, but I was even more.

Pissed that I was on the ground
Because that means I didn't win,

And it leaves me very, very

But playing my idol is the
Absolute last resort.

You girls were incredible.


That was awesome.

There's not a better feeling
Than going into a tribal,

Knowing that you're 100% safe,
Especially when everything.

Around you has told you lately
You are not safe.

Good job, guys.

So I get back to camp, and
I'm happy.

But then I go in my bag, and
There is a parchment.

And I'm pretty sure I don't have
A parchment.

So I immediately sneak away.

What is this?

"When it is time to vote, use
This parchment to cast a second.


Holy crap.

I love you, joe, or aubry, or

I went from feeling like not
Accepted, to then having the.

Power of an extra vote to cast
At any time.

It's amazing.

But right now, I'm going to
Stick with the numbers, and hold.

My tongue until it's time to
Make a move.

We made it, kama.

Kama strong, one, two, three.

Kama strong!

If we stay together, all of our
Loved ones come.

What an amazing journey we
Started together.

Loved one togethers.

Erik and I are working
Together to control everybody.

And we're using the loved one
Visit as a threat almost by.

Saying, "Don't we all want to
Have our loved ones here?"

By saying that it makes them not
Flip and try to have another.


It's genius.

The only reason to not split
Is if we don't trust seven.

People standing here right now.

And that's why I think we should

I think you go... you have to
Go after kelley first.

If you're going to go after the
Girls, you have to go after.


I find the girls a threat
Overall, but lauren is much more.


She's competing very well.

I know this kama alliance
Won't last forever.

Things are going to get crazy,
And when it does, myself and ron.

Have david and devens in our
Pocket to make the big move.

But it's not a worry for today.

Let's use our nabs we so
Craftily acquired, and let's.

Split some votes, and let's get
Some of those lesu players out,

Starting with kelley.

I feel like I'm going to cry.

No, I know.

It's like they're so happy to
Just pick us all off, and then.

they're not looking at, like,

The bigger picture.

They're not.

They just want to have a civil
War after we're all gone.

That's what they want.

Well, see you on extinction.

That's about probably the
Size of it.

The original kama people,
Along with rick devens, are all.

This big voting bloc, like
They're going to vote probably.

For myself or lauren tonight.

And it's a scary thing.

Luckily, lauren and I have

Yeah, exactly.

When you have an idol, it's
Just about, like a gut feeling,

And hoping that you are right.

I know this is going to play

It could be me going oracley
Going home, or lauren, but the.

Seven of you kama, the final
Seven ain't going to be seven.

We have to go out there and try
To find cracks.

You can't say, "Ooms, I tried."

It didn't work."

You keep fighting in this game.

Like I want to have open
Communication with you.


Sound fair, right.

I love to leave the lines of
Communication open.


And I'm feeling like somebody
Is going to get eag or the.

Seven, and you, david, and
Devens are the soldiers in their.


My best strategy is to convince
Those younger kama people that.

They need soldiers for a war.

Because once that war starts,
Who is david and devens siding.


And devens, if that war goes.

Down, and theatre two left, are
They siding with you or siding.

With ron or erik.

And they got those two guys off,
They win the game.

When it's time, if you need a
Soldier, you have wardog here.

Got you.

You know what I'm saying?

Dial him up.

Wardog was breaking down his
Perception of the dynamics of.


Saying that ron and erik are
Trying to pull in david and.

Devens, and strcially make a
Move on gavin, victoria, and.


And wardog might have a point.

And I didn't realize it until he
Said it.

What's going on, erik?

Not much.

I'm going to have to test
Erik by trying to push a david.

Or devens vote, and that will be
The true testament who 2 who's.

Working with who.

Let me run something past you.

Do you think it would be wise to
Maybe take out david before a

Lauren or a kelley?

You mean, like, right now?


Um, I think... I think we can
Make it till eight.

In the past he went to rocks.

In his old season.

So I think he has a good track
Record of loyalty.

Wardog was right... they are
Going to try to use david and.

Devens down the road to flip on
Us kama members.

Just no one do anything Stupid.

We're going to vote for family

It might be my time to make a
Big move.

I feel like erik, ron, and
Jail, and me, you and vic.

I feel like they're trying to
Bring in david and devens.

It's me, you, and vic vote
With wardog...

hold on.

And kelley, we can take out
Whoever we want.

What if, like, we do this
Vote, and take out erik, and.

Then... >> why not ron?

Eare, ic and ron saying,
"We've got to get to the family.


It was like an epiphany.

I have to win for my family, and
That's why I'm stepping my game.

Up and coming in with guns

We're not going to win this game
If we don't make big moves like.


I'm telling you, it's the best
Move for us.

I'm in.

What if
They're keeping david and devens.

To flip on kama.

If that's how you feel, then
We just make sure we get out

David second.

Vic's not down with the

You're not.

She said it's too soon.

I just think you go one vote
Before you do any of this.

I do.

Every decision, every option
Carries some risk in this game.

Tonight, we can stay kama
Strong, and it can be an easy.

Vote taking out kelley.

Or we can pull in the people at
The bottom, and we can make a.

Big move now.

And target ron or eric.

They've taken advantage of the
Power that this alliance has.


But the bad part for them is
That we realize it.

And they might be at the wrong
Side of the vote come tribal.


We'll now bring in.

The members of our jury.

Eric, one of the big
Topics at the last tribal was.

The dominance of kama.

One of the things that comes
With that is you have to.

Navigate the relationships that
Can win or lose a game.

Well, tonight, the kama seven
Had a beach-front roundtable,

And we came up with a group

But that still leaves
Five people not in.

How do you navigate those

Well, I think these lesu
Members, they come in packages.

And so, you navigate them
Carefully, of course.

I like that terminology,
"Packages," because this package

I'm part of wasn't given any
Kind of marching orders, so.

Maybe the other package is more
In with the kama seven than I.


Devens, were you
Aware of the kama seven having.

Their beach-side chat?

Yes, they didn't try to keep
It a secret, and they know.

Exactly where I stand.

I was out of lesu's five as soon
As I was voted out of lesu's.


So the trust factor from lesu is
Pretty messed up.

Okay, okay, devens, okay,
Whatever you say.

I mean, straight up.

I have no reason to lie.

I'm already against you guys, so
I'm doing everything I can to.

Get on the kama train.

David, do you know
What devens is talk about.

Devyns and I were spared last

They saved us.

We are stay taij in the game
Where everyone up here has to.

Decide soon whether or not they
Want to be a pilot or a.


And a pilot wins at the end.

With the numbers being what they
Are, I am a passenger tonight.

Eric, what does that Say to you?

It's a message, right, it's a
Message to the kama seven that.

Says, "Some of you may want to
Consider your position in the."


but, honestly, you have to
Avoid paranoia, and you have to.

Stay strong, and the longer you
Can keep that alliance together.

Where people trust each other,
The stronger you're going to be,

And the longer you last.

And I will say maybe it
Doesn't feel great to feel like.

A passenger, but I know from
Talking to everyone up here how.

Much we all want to see our
Loved ones.

So why don't we stay focused
Here, get a couple of votes down.

The road...
are we playing for a million.

Dollars or just playing to get
To the loved ones visits.

By then, the other lesu packages
Will be gone, and maybe you.

Can't make a move then.

It's crazy for me to be
Saying I'm agreeing with wardog.

On a particular point here.

Getting to the loved ones visit
Say benchmark and it's important.

To everybody and you crave it.

But if you aren't careful you'll
Find yourself on day 39 way.

Blank resume.

There are lots of blank sheets
Of paper sitting up here right.

Now with maybe only their names
And addresses.

And a lot of those addresses
Read, "44, 44, edge of."

Extinction drive."

Julia, is it to be
Amounted that at some point,

Yes, we are going to make a

We have to.

There are only so many spots at
The final.

I think it's on everyone's Mind.

And whether or not there of
They're willing to make a move.

Right now is where they're

Victoria, are you in
Line with that?

Is everybody thinking that on
Some level?

It's just a matter of when do I
Make my move?

Just because you're thinking
About it doesn't mean now with

12 people still in the game is
When you make your move.

Shoot your shot as long as
You're not shooting yourself in.

The foot.

I want to keep my feet tonight.

Ron, what do you say
Tonight to make sure people.

Don't make the move?

For me, personally, I
Wouldn't want to go with all of.

The lesu members right now,
Because I know they're put me on.

The bottom.

And, yet, are you
Fully open for business if.

People want to join your


We have limited spaces only for
A limited time only.

There's no space for me,
Lauren, and wentworth.

That's pretty clear.

Aurora, what's your
Mood right now?

Because you're wearing the
Immunity necklace, but until.

Just that moment, you had had
Not the least bit of a smile.

It was a scowl.

I mean, there's a lot of talk
About how strong kama is and how.

We really have taken control of
This game.

But if you look, it's not that
We've taken control of the game.

It's that everyone who's not in
This kama strong has literally.

Fall tone pieces.

Everyone has the chance to take
Control of this game.

It's just who's going to
Actually decide to do it.

All right, it is time To vote.

Wentworth, you're up.

Kelley, sometimes you're just
On the wrong side of the.


Tonight, that's you.

I'll go tally the.


If anybody has a
Hidden immunity idol and you.

Want to play it, now would be
The time to do so.


I'll read the votes.

First vote, Wentworth.



That's two votes lauren.


That's two votes wentworth.



We're tied, two votes lauren,
Two votes wentworth, two votes



That's three votes eric, two
Votes lauren, two votes.



That's four votes eric.


That's five votes eric.

Eighth person voted out and the
Fifth member of our jury, eric.

That's six.

That's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.



You guys are good!

Eric, the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

What a fun experience.

Hope see you soon.

By eric.

Come on!

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From our next episode.

Next time on "Survivor"

In a fight for the future...
how do we move forward?

We have to figure out who
Gets custody of our hidden.

Immunity idol.

They're trying to bamboozle Us.

Can come back to Haunt you wow!

I've never seen anything like

Yeah, they got me pretty Good.

Somebody mounted something, so
Here I am on the edge of.


All I know is that it's hard.

I don't know how many days I
Have to be here, but I have a.

Sense this is going to be the
Crucible of internal struggle.

Hey, this is better than I
Thought it would be.

Dude, don't get excited.