Survivor (2000–…): Season 38, Episode 6 - There's Always a Twist - full transcript

Alliances are tested after a highly anticipated merge between tribes; one castaway wins the first individual immunity challenge of the season.

Were going to have to earn.

Kama getting your.

Still intract.

Kama getting your first look at

Wendy voted out at the last



Wardog, did you see that.

That was a true celebration.

It was.

Definitely the tribal lines are.

Its eight kama and four old.

All right.

Shall we get to it?


Everybody drop your.

We are merged.

Thank you.

Your new buffs, take.

I love the color.

How fun is that.

As soon as jeff says were.

True, but I dont know whats.


Thats what makes survivor.

You never know whats looming.

Well, over the years.

Have become iconic.

Some moments take years to.

Others become iconic the moment.

This might be one of them.


Come on in.



I knew it!

I knew it!

My god.

Are you serious?

Theres always a twist.

My god, theyre all

my god.


Theyre all back.

To make.

They could give up, or they.

For another shot to get back in.

This season every player voted.


They were taken to another

my god.

The details of what.

Will be theirs to share as.

Compelled to share that they.

Hard as you have since theyve


Heres how its going.

One of these sticks is about to.


For your edge of extinction.

Through a series of obstacles.

You must maneuver a ball through.

First to finish earns their way.

Before we run, during your time.

Opportunity to earn advantages.

Some of you were successful.

Chris, you earned the advantage.

Do you practice the middle phase.

Did you put it to use?

Yeah, every morning.

You also earned a.

Another person.

Yes, I did.

By giving them 30.


Who did you decide to give those

im going to assign this to.

So, chris, you have.


Everybody else, youre on your.

This is the moment youve been.

Lets do it.

All right.

Here we go.

For your shot back in the game,


First youre going the race up.

Its a ladder without any rungs.

Then its over the cargo net to

Chris is out quickly.

Devens is out quickly.

Theres keith.

There comes aubry, wendy, and.

You spent a lot of time on.

Whatever is in the tank you need

Chris has his bag.

Devens has his.

Keith has his.

Wendy has hers.

Aubry has hers.

Chris in the lead.

Everybody now racing to untie.

Stage of this challenge.

You guys got it.

Keep working.

There you go, rick.

Everybody is sill in.

Reem has her bag.

Drop and get it.

Chris is through first.

Youre trying to build a bamboo.

Stick it through the cage and

Chris earned the advantage with.

Will it pay off here right now?

Aubry now with her stick.

Will it be long enough?

Aubry very close.

My god.

Aubry has hers.

Aubry is first to get her key.

Aubry is going to get through

shes coming for blood,

Aubry is through,

This challenge.

Her job now is to maneuver that.


Chris now going the give it a.

Devens now going to give it a

my god.

Chris has his key.

Devens has his key.


Good job, rick.

Chris is through.

Devens right on his tail.

Wendy has her key.

Reem has her key.

Chris now has 30 knots as a


Come on, keith.

Keith falls short.

Got to work on that stick.

Reem is through.

Wendy is in the final phase of

Chris feeling the penalty of.

The good news is there is a.

Final phase.

This is going to require.

Panic is not your friend in this.

Aubry drops and has to start.

Reem drops and has to start.

Devens looking good.

There you go, rick.

Wendy doing a nice.

Very slow, very steady, inch by.

Moving up this track.

Wendy with all kinds of.

Is doing it.

It is wendy and devens right now

Chris now has his balls free.

He can get in on this.

You got it, keith.

Keith still working.

Hes been out there a long time.

Going to give it another go.

Is it strong enough?

Keith has his key.

Keith is going to be in this.

Lets go, keith!

Keith is through.

Weve got everybody now in this

Wendy is the one the beat.

Very close to the top.


Devens just behind

good job, rick.

Take your time.

Chris is back many

mice move, there chris.

Reem struggling.


Aubry playing.

She has to.

Keith has figured this challenge.

Three people in it now.

It is wendy alone in the lead.

Chris and devens right on her

Wendy inches away.

Can she get it to drop?

Wendy drops.

Wendy has to start again.

Chris now in the lead.

You have plenty of time,

Chris now very close.


Hes got a steady hand.

Is this it?

You got it.


Chris drops.

Inches away from the top.


It is now devens with a shot.

Inches away.

Can he drop it?

My gosh.

Still hovering.

Devens does it!

Devens earns his way back into.

Devens has done it.

That time on distinction was.

A huge effort by everybody as.


Im really sorry.

Thats okay, dude.

Devens, you.

Distinction, which is they there.

Then make it pay off.

You are back in this game.


Join your new merged


Congrats, rick.

Im looking forward to this.

Devens has a fresh.

All you have.

And now distinction begins


Every person voted.


All right.

You are merging the manu beach,

Grab your stuff, head out, come

before edge of extinction the.

Getting the best of me, but if I.

Game, I can win challenges.

Im a whole new man thanks to.

Aubry, thats the.

Thats what kept you going.

"Survivor" has just given me.

Much to this game, and im

I got played hard.

Im proud to stand with these.

You, jeff, and everyone here,

Have grown up without.

Sand on the beach, you guys are.

Not a lot of people have.

Chris, what was the.


When I came out here, I.

Game, and to have that slip.

Embrace that and understand,

Youre going to screw up.

But being out there with these.

You didnt have to fake.

You could just be yourself, and.

All right.

Reem, keith, chris, aubry,

To make.

For the love of god.

Who wants to go back.

Another shot back in this game?

Lets do it!

Everybody going back.

Grab your stuff, head back to.

Your adventure continues.

Were back, were back, were

when you think youve gone.

Much lower, the lower you go,

When jeff said that we could.

Down like a child on christmas.

Were still in.

Im not out of it.

I am still playing "Survivor."

my god.

You look so good.

We arrived at the merge, and.

Of excitement and joy.

We are going into this with all.

Together some we have eight.

Were going to have the.

Thats an incredible feeling.

How was distinction island?

Its purgatory.

The twist is right on your buff.

You get a torch, theres map,

The one person I thought,

Like why are you back here now?

I dont want him back here.

How are you with the dad bod

dad bod is back in the game.

Im back, baby.

Im back in the game.

But there is definitely a fear.

Out because you just came back.

Maybe they resent it.

Maybe its just easy.

So I need to make a human.

Dont write me off as the easy.

Before they get to know me.

I dont know how you feel in.

Didnt know...

So as much as I love them, im a

the minute I start speaking.

Knew that I really liked him,

Person, just the fact that he.

Able to win a spot back into.


I would never want to see him go.

So quickly.

I mean, it sounds like a scary.



I new that coming ban was

I needed.

Other people, though, we get.

Buyers remorse.

Their journey is out of this

after I lost, I honestly felt

and then there was three.

Then there was three.

I dont think anyone has had.

Everything that could have gone.

End of the day, I feel so proud.

Most important for me.

How crazy.

The edge of extinction will.

The weak arent going to.

Crumbling around me, I know just.

Im going to get my butt back in

im working with lauren.

We have two idols.

Thats a lot of power.

We can do a lot with that if

we need to find a crack.

The problem is im in this.

Im going to need every tool.

That im in.

So I, 000% have to have a talk

how are you feeling about.

I feel like were... I feel

here I am again with joe.

Here he is again in the majority.

I feel like im at his mercy.


This is an absolute nightmare.

Well see how welke pitch him.

This is a sales pitch for me.

I dont know how you feel act.


I dont like it.

I dont trust most of my kamas.

Together, but me and aubry were

Aurora was on the outs.

I feel like im on the bottom.

Its a weird state of limbo.

I definitely see david and

I see them shifting to that.

That will try to take you out.

Im not coming for you, joe.

Im not coming for you.

I need you here, too.

I definitely feel like joe.

Still trying to decipher, figure.

So I think the best plan is to.

Out rick.

So now we have all the girls.

What is this six girl, seven.

What are you thinking?

Whats the ideal?

Im open to hearing all.

We want to get through a safe.

And ricks name kind of popped.

He could be an easy vote that.


That doesnt cross too many.

I am shocked kelley and.

First and send him right back to.

Just from a moral standpoint,

Possibly do that to somebody to.

They came after facing the odds.

I dont think ricks bad.

I dont think it pisses anyone.

I think we get rid of devens,

Ill do it.

Kelley and lauren seem so.

Maybe one of them should be sent.


Thats a lot of pieces that

thats good right there.

You guys need a hand?

Not really.

When I got back to camp, I.

Little something there.

Is sitting in my bag.

And so I practically run down.

Trail, I unwrap it, and... Holy.

And its this beauty.

Two pieces with a note.


You have earned your way back.

Staying in may not be as easy.

"This may help."

You must give one half of this.

If youre both still in the game.

These two pieces when used.

Full power.

So its an immunity idol.

I cant use it this time.

I keep half of it.

I give the other half to another.

This may be the only bar.

In the game.

This idol has no power until.

Holy crap.

But its tricky because I cant.

So I have to do what I have to.

I have something to tell.

I have an immunity idol.

Are you serious?

Yeah, but I have to


Before the tribal.

Are you kidding me?


Davids the one I can trust.

Like if I have to work this idol.

Share it with my closest ally.

So obviously im planning on.

If either of us gets voted out,

for the first vote, its not.

Its just a bargaining chip.

I feel like I might be on the.

So im scared to death going.

So im scared to death going.

Come on in, guys.

All right.

Lets get to your first.

First things first, ron.

Got to take back tribal.

Thank you.

Tribal immunity no more.

This is now what you covet.

The individual immunity.

Lets get to it.

For todays challenge, youre.

While balancing a statue at.

Youll move further down the.

If at any point you fall off the.

Youre out.

Last person left standing wins.

Losers tribal council where.

Person voted out of this game.

Take your spots.

Well get started.

Good luck.

All right.

Everybody looks good.

And this challenge is on, and.


Ron is first to drop.

Ron is out.

Your first individual immunity

3 people in the game.

Devens earned his way back in.

Could he pull it off right here?

Little bit of movement.

From victoria now.

Gavin drops.

Gavin the second person out.

We are down to.

All right.

It is time now to move further.

Its more narrow, more.

Start making your move.

This is a live transition.

So if you drop here, you are.

Wardog cant make the.

Wardog is out.

Everybody else has successfully.

And this challenge continues.

Youll be in this section for.

Just like that with absolutely.

His statue drops.

No shot at immunity.

Here comes another huge gust of

Victoria allve the place.

Victoria cant get this one.

More wind.

Aurora drops.

Aurora is out.

Six have already dropped.

Everybody successfully.

Of this challenge.

Well stay here for ten minutes.

Joe very steady.

David with a little bit of a.

Witness again that wind picking

my arms are numb.

Theres a bug on my leg.

It tickles.

Wentworth, her arms

im sorry.

Im sorry.

Wentworth cannot take.

She drops.

Wentworth is out.

Were down to six.

Eric, julia, david, julie, joe,

Were 20 minutes into this.

It is time the move into the.

You have to move all the way.

The red.

Start making you move.

Ill let you know when you get.

Slow and easy.

No need to race.

Eric cant make the transition.

Eric is out.

Were down to five.

Julia cant do it.

Julias out.

Were down to four.

And now david with a gust of.

Hes out.

Were down to three. D.

That transition got a lot of.

This is not easy.

Julie has been very steady this

julie, youre hot.

Ill take it.

Shes buff.

Joe has been very

Lauren really has the front of

Joe drops out of nowhere.

He had been rock steady.

And were down to two.

Julie and lauren.

Here comes the wind now making

Lauren moving all over.

That statue holding firm.

That wind no joke.

Really blowing.


Another gust of wind.


Lauren drops.

Julie wins first individual.



That was sudden.

Iauren, great job.

Great job, lady.

You girls are strong.

Julie, come on over.

Julie, first individual immunity.

Safe tonight at tribal council.

If you can express what it means.

What is it?

I feel like ive been wanting.

Years, and to win this first

yeah, julie.

Julie safe tonight at.

As for the rest of you, somebody.

Out of this game.

Grab your stuff, head back to.

See you tonight at tribal.


The plan to get out devens.

Everyone, and everyone appears.

Many different ways that it.

All I know is that I have a.

Im very excited that I have.

Playing "Survivor" before, I.

The merge, so I might have to.

Tonight, but the fact that ill.

Necklace, theres no blindsides.

Thats like the most comfortable

im dying to talk to you.

Kelley and lauren, we could.

Kelley out.

Kelley is a huge threat.

As a returning player, she needs.

These are the kinds of things I.


Im not just going along with.


Everyone on your tribe is.

Thinks you should go right back.

Theres in way in hell I would.

Have to trust me.

We know you and david look like.

I feel totally betrayed by.

Me right back is a total stab in.

But I got people on my side

well, let me give you this.

This is the half of the immunity


Julie said all of lesu is.

They have no qualms about voting

that is such bad game play on

julie said vote with us

I dont even know who were.

But they will tell me, and then.


It should be wentworth.

I agree.

Thanks for this, by the way.

It means a lot.

Were in it together.

We are, dude.

A whole will the on the line

I feel like if I can get through.

Hidden immunity idol.

It could be a whole new.

It might be the path forward in

right back to work, joe.

Got to finish it, bro.

We got work to do.

Want to go right now?

Ill go.


Lets go.

Hey, buddy.


Whats the plan?

What do I do?

You go follow those guys and.

Chopping block tonight.


I hope not.

Who do you want to vote for?

I dont know, man.

This game moves fast, so a.

People get together and want the

joe made a mistake.

Joe, who do I voted for, whats.

He was very vague.

It did not make me feel good.

Joe is brushing me aside.

Right now I dont know that I.

What he doesnt know is my true

Julie, julia, gavin, and.

So im thinking joe losing is a.

Youre playing "Survivor" and.

Every time is the right time.

And so ive got to convince the

there they are.

Guys, theyre here.

Theres one, two, right here.

He doesnt have an idol.

Hes not expecting it.

Just the six?

What do you mean?

Focus on that one.

Focus on that one.

Go slow, guys.


We might have lost him for

round one goes to the

ron wants to do joe, because.

Now is the time to get rid of

I would rather go the safer.

But its definitely important to.


I already talked to julia.


Where are you?

Id a go kelley.



Theres a lot of different

Joe being one of them.

Ive heard ricks name thrown.

Ive heard kelley wentworths.

Theres three very good options.

We need to figure out which one

lets check in.

Im pretty sure were all on the

I think we have to take a shot

too soon to get rid of joe.

Listen, I can see the.


It can go a million different.

Of us have to come to a

there is not a general.

Voted out, because all of us can.

Kelley or joe should be voted.

Good cases.

It is really important to make.

Very first vote right at the.

The game.

If you dont yet have.

Well now bring in the members

whats happening?


Reem, chris, and.

All right.

Julie, what was the feeling with.


Was it this could be fantastic

it was the feeling, but we.

New supreme, peek speak to them,

We havent been able to before

Ron, you had a.

I love kama.

Everyone knows this.

I didnt want to swap.

I look down and saw the yellow.

Then I look down and saw a bunch.

Im like, this is awesome.

Wentworth, are you.

Hear ron say hes glad kama

im in the minority.

It doesnt make me super.

Days a lot of new relationships

I dont know its so cut and.

One of the other big.

You earned your way back into

all right I dont know the.

Plus I havent met anyone on the.

I spent all my time in.

Was there any talk to.

Voted him out once?

Absolutely not.

To send imright back, there.


Why would we get rid of somebody.

Into the merge?

I just think there are bigger

Joe, what do you read

victoria said there are.

As a stronger player, that

I now have to have many I little.

I dont think I said physical.

Because there are other kinds of.

There are strategic threats in.

Did I take it the wrong way.

Me then it was accurate?

There are other things that.

The clear up what I meant.

Ron, what about.

Anyone has one.

No one is mentioning it.

It seems like they dont exist.

Every season you feel that.

Idols pop up in the same tribal.

So if there are some idols out.

That information.

Devon, what was the.

Was it casual?

Was it frenetic.

Did paranoia kick?

When it came to strategy,

Theyre going after.

Joe didnt do anything today.

He just painted.

Are you that comfortable that.

Anybody, or are you that scared.


It was weird.

What was it, joe?

I know where I stand with

I home that kama strong does.

Im relying on those past.

This evening.

Jeff, when you have the.

Scramble so much.

We were relaxed because we knew.

We didnt need to scramble.


Wentworth, thats so frustrating

you kind of chuckle, because.

Said, that but if youre me,


All right.

Time to vote.

Victoria, youre up.

Victoria, youre up.

Ill go tally the votes.

If nibiru... if.

Idol and you want the play it,


Ill read the votes.

First vote, devens.




Thats two votes devens.


Thats two votes david.


Were tied.

Two votes devens, two votes


Thats three votes david.



Thats two votes joe.


Were tied.

Three votes joe, three votes


Thats four votes joe.

Seventh person voted out and the.

Thats five.

Thats enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

Good play, guys.

Joe, the tribe has.

Time for you to go.

Bye, joe.

See ya, joe.

You made a big mistake.

Easy decision.

Left the door wide open.

Thats the worst thing they.

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they have the power.

Im the puppet master.

Im trying the break them down.

And lose control.

One of us is drunk right now.

Youre getting played.

I have to find another path.

Prepare for a crash.


My god.

Can you hear me?

The one thing I feared.

Im trying the keep my emotions.

Maybe I need to be here.

Thats so lame.

The theme of the merge flag.

You got to die to be born again.

Thats exactly what im going to