Survivor (2000–…): Season 38, Episode 5 - Episode #38.5 - full transcript

Previously on.

"Survivor," at the manu tribe,
Wendy was making enemies.

Wendy let the chickens go.

She kind of went nuts.

At the kama tribe, joe
Thought he was making friends.

I feel great with you, bro.

I feel great with you, too.

I acted like I love him, but
He's a returning player, and he.

Can be really dangerous.

At the lesu tribe,
David and devon saw eye to eye.

I'm not going to write your
Name down no matter what.

And so did lauren and Kelley.

I want to vote with you.

Yeah, I want to vote with You.

Leaving wardog in the Middle.

It's classic.

I'm in a swing-vote spot.

At tribal council,
Wardog made up his mine.

Devon, the tribe has spoken.

Leaving devens with a de
To make.

Grab a torch and go to the edge
Of distinction or go home.

Grab a torch and go to the edge
Of distinction or go home.

I was voted out last night.

I thought I was going home and
Eating a burger and drinking a.


I get thrown on to the edge of
Distinction with three people.

Who are so happy I failed.

Everything about edge of
Distinction, starting with that.

Big map just says, you don't
Want to be here, you're not.

Going to enjoy yourself, it's
Going to suck.

You okay?

But to me it's just another
Test put in front of you where.

It's like, do you have the
Fortitude to go into something.

You know nothing about and see
It through and come out on top?Ñ.

You know nothing about and see
It through and come out on top?Ñ.

Come on in, guys.

Kama, manu getting your first
Look at the new lesu tribe.

Devens voted out at the last
Tribal council.

All right.

Shall we get to today's reward


For today's
Challenge, you'll race through a.

Series of obstacles collecting
Bolos along the way.

You'll then attempt to land
Those bolos on a target.

First two tribes to finish win

Want to know what you're playing


First tribe to
Finish, a little something from.


My gosh.

Peanut butter and
Jelly, peanut butter and jelly,

First tribe to finish plus a jar
Of peanut butter and jelly, loaf.

Of bread and ice cold milk.

Second tribe to finish, not as
Much, a small plate of p.B. And.


Last tribe to finish, nothing.

Kama, you have one extra person.

Sitting someone out.

Who is it going to be in.

I'll sit.

Eula, take a spot on The bench.

Manu, one extra person.

Aubry, take a spot on the bench.

Everybody else, take a minute to
Strategize and we'll get going.

All right.

Here we go.

For reward, survivors ready?


First you got to get through the
Rope bramble.

Nothing easy about this.

Launch yourself through it.

Julie comes out.

Wendy is through.

Wardog is through.

Wentworth is through.

Manu, you're good.

Start working.

Kama, you're good.

Lesu, you're good.

You got to lift someone up to
Get the two bolos.

David almost dropped by his

Hold me.

Hold me.

David struggling Again.

Julie has the first for kama.

Victoria has the first for manu.

This group of four on lesu
Continues to struggle in every.


David goes down hard.

You're good, manu.

You're good, kama.

Now you got to crawl to get your
Next two bolos.

Give me your hand!

Now it's lauren
Trying to get up.

Absolute disaster for lesu.

They finally have lauren out.

Go, go!

Kama has your next Two.

You can start throwing, kama.

Manu has their four.

You're good, manu.

Every tribe member has to land
One bolo.

Got to throw way harder.

Lauren still working
On that last bolo.

She's got it.

Dammit, wardog.

And a big fall by Lauren.

Gavin's first for manu.

Their first.

Lesu fighting to stay in this
Peanut butter and jelly.


Go, wardog!

Wentworth is through.


You're good, lesu.

Start throwing.

It is manu with one.

Nobody else on the board.

Lauren tosses.

She just misses.

You got it.

Aurora on and off.

Eric with a nice touch.

And that will work.

Ron now up for kama.

Ron withçó a nice toss.

That will hook.

Ron has the first for kama.

Joe with one toss lands the

You have to land four.

Wendy scores the third for manu.

It is now manu with three and
Kama with two.

Lesu still with nothing.

Can I go yet?

There goes david now
Trying to get into it for lesu.

David just misses.

David sprinting back to get his

Victoria for the win.

Nice and soft but going to fall

Aurora scores the third for

It is now manu with three and
Kama with three.

It is victoria versus julie for
The win.

Just short.

Julie can win it right here.

And she does!

Kama wins reward.

We're looking for second.

Wentworth launches and sticks

Victoria for the win.

Just misses.

Guys, I'm so tired.

Wardog now in.

And he snags the second for

Suddenly lesu is back in it.

Here goes lauren.

Just short.

For the win, victoria.

And she does it!

Manu wins reward, peanut butter
And jelly, leaving lesu empty.

Handed once again.

Kama, the five of you have lost
One challenge this entire.


Big victory today.

Huge reward of p.B. And j will
Be waiting for you back at camp.

Grab your stuff, head become and
Enjoy it.

Manu, nice victory for you.

Your p.B. And j. Will be waiting
For you.

Grab your stuff, head back to

Enjoy the afternoon.

Thanks, jeff.



I think we're running out of
Adjectives to describe these.


It's almost like we're cursed or

We have to think positive, and
We keep going back and saying.

That, we have to think positive.

It's the only way out of this.


I didn't even ask a question.

You already know the story that
Is unfolding.

All right.

Lesu, got nothing for you.

Grab your stuff.

Head back to camp.

God, like how bad can we be?

You have david, who basically
Acts as a female.

I mean, he weighs less than me.

Basically we have three girls
And wardog.

So I'm just trying to figure out
What to do, because we can't win.


One, two, three, kama!

Winning that reward just
Showed us once again that the.

Kama tribe is a force to be
Reckoned with in this game.

We are completely dominating and
We're on this winning streak.

Love you guys so much.

You guys killed that.

However, it is in the back of
My mind that joe is the biggest.

Threat in the game right now, so
I would rather get him out of.

This game sooner rather than

How lucky are we?

We're spoiled.

We're all love and sunshine
And sprinkles and rainbows right.

Now on kama strong, but it's
Pretty obvious that I'm a big.

Target and that I'm a challenge
Beast, so it sucks.

It's really difficult to try to
Shake that stigma.

So I'm just trying to do
Anything I can to make it.

Comfortable for my tribe mates,
Make them feel like they need me.

So that I'm not the one going

So that I'm not the one going

Where's joe right now?

At the beach.

This is like our one shot to
Get him out premerge probably.

Joe's dangerous.

But there three of us, if we can
Blind side him, it would be.


I'm in a good situation

And since day one, I kept
Telling everyone we have to get.

Rid of joe, but now I have
Another consideration.

Joe is a workhorse.

I mean, he knows everything, and
A lot of our people on our tribe.

Do not.

We're not catching the fish.

And we're not getting all the

We don't know what to do.

And so I'm starting to realize,
I don't like the thought of camp.

Without joe.

I think I'll be miserable.

Joe is allowing us to win all
These challenges so we don't.

Have to go to tribal.

If we are without joe, we're
Probably going to lose them.

We can survive without him.

We can't let him keep making a
Case of why he should win if.

He's done everything.


Joe cannot go too far in this

That's a no-brainer.

And I'm very concerned that the
Four returning players are all.

Still in the game.

Come merge, he's going to be
So hard to get out of this game.

But when he doesn't see it

If you don't get rid of
Returning players, by the time.

The merge hits, they could run
Away with the whole thing, so if.

We were to lose immunity, joe
Has to go now.

So p.B. And j. Powers Activate.



Peanut butter and jelly, it's
Like a flavor change, some.


It's pretty good, but I'm so
Hungry today.

Today is first day I'm like real


I feel like if we can't fish,
We should eat a chicken.

If I see one, I'll grab one.

Wendy doesn't want us to eat the

So they're free range.

They're part of the island.

As long as they don't end up

I feel like working with
Wendy would be more like.

Carrying around an alarm clock,
But you have no clue when it's.

Going to go off, but there is an
Issue of the returners.

The longer they're in the game,
The more dangerous it gets.

So like all things in this game,
It's a balancing act.

Like they're gone and they're
Out there and it bothers me that.

They're out there.

We're in the "Survivor" waiting
Room right now on the manu.


We haven't gone to tribal yet.

Nothing has happened, and we're
Talking about chickens.

It's so frustrating.

Like "Survivor," there are many
Ghosts in the jungle in fiji.

I am dying to play.

I came in aggressive.

I found my idol.

And I kind of simmered down.

Now we got to heat the dish back
Up, so what I'm trying to do is.

Figure out who the strategists
Are and find myself one that is.

Going to be able to wake up from
The kama kool-aid and do.

Something about everything come
The merge.

Would you rather go into the
Merge with aubry or with wendy?

I think I'd rather go with
Wendy just because she's less of.

A strategic threat.

What if I went to aubry and
Said, do you want to do a girl's.

Thing, so if she does have an
Idol, she would literally never.

Play her idol.

It would make me believe more
I'm not with you guys.

It feels like the safest way to
Placate and.

And then she would feel more

I think it would be a good

I think we tell wendy, say,
Let's just tell her...

I think it's in our best
Interest to get rid of aubry.

First when she doesn't see it

As a person, I really like
Aubry, but for me, it might.

Sound bo bad, but I have no
Problem separating friendships.

From the game.

Like I don't really care about
How people feel out here, but.

Now I have to keep aubry
Thinking that I'm on her side.

Like I have no clue what jeff
Has in store, and everybody here.

Is like, I don't know unless I'm
Missing something major, people.

Are really calm, which is good.

Yeah, I think everyone is
Calm, because we have our buffer.



I think so for sure.ÑI
But you have seen "Survivor."

You know it's like...

nothing is going to be this

It's going to get weird.

I just wanted to see where your
Head was at.

Would it make sense while we
Still have wendy, to do.

Something with wendy, me and
You, me you and wendy.

We could.

Because if we get rid of like
An eric in the next vote and

Gavin after that.

Victoria said, we have to go
After the big boys sooner or.

Later, and I was psyched to hear
Her say that.

I think you're the only one I
Trust even a little bit right.


Vick was just under my nose.

She's been sneaky the whole

Those glasses may be big.

Maybe I didn't see her eyes

We're the misfits that Couldn't.

Obviously the tribe is in
Need of a serious pick-me-up.

I was thinking if you and I want
To try to go fishing.

I've never fished before in
My life.

Honestly, I'm half full of rice.

I have no calories.


That's fair.

This tribe is so on the edge of
Distinction that scientists.

Stopped looking for us.

They already think we're dead.

We're like the last four dodo
Birds living on a remote island,

And I think I'm next should we
Lose the next immunity.


I'll try to find snails.

If I know my "Survivor" history
At all, there is absolutely a.

Hidden immunity idol on the new
Lesu tribe.

Finding it is critical.

It's so frustrating.

Because I need it bad.

I look around at all my peers
Back home, and they're married.

And they have kids.

And it's something that kind of
Escaped me for years.

I'm 44 years old.

All I have is a two-bedroom
Apartment and some d.V.D.S on.

A shelf.

But I need to shake that.

I need to shake that in my life
And I need to shake that in this.


It wasn't until I played
"Survivor" the first time that I.

Think I really started to get up
Off the couch and start living.

My life again.

It's time to build on that and
Move forward rather than just.

Stay in this one spot.

So I absolutely want the find
The hidden immunity idol.

I keep looking and I keep coming
Up short.

But I will never give up in this

He's the biggest problem in
Every challenge.

He can't go off by himself.

We can't trust him.

I have been so sick.

Luckily wardog is on my side.

Kelley is on my side.

And I have an idol from the
Original manu.

So if we go to another tribal,
It's going to be david.


Here's what I'm thinking.


I think that me and you make
The best combo post-merge.

I really do.

One major concern is a david



The second major concern is in
The become of my mind, if it's.

Me, you, and lauren, I'm
Thinking that lauren and you.

Might take me out.

And you're thinking lauren and
Me might take you out.

Lauren just hurts us.

I think me and you vote lauren
Out now.

Wardog is a crazy man.

I think he has a little tony in
Him, but if we do lose, that.

Seems to be a trend on this
Tribe, it's always important to.

Have an a, b, and c plan.

I do have a great relationship
With lauren and I want to work.

With her, but I feel like wardog
Has been truthful with me so.


He's been the one who comes to
Me with ideas, and desperate.

Times call for desperate

So I have to figure out a game
Plan that's going to work for me.

Moving forward.

We take her out.
You're an evil mastermind.

It's "Survivor," and it's kill
Or be killed.

There's something here.

This is the most exciting thing
That's happened in the last five.


What the heck is this?

We have news.

Wake up, wake up!

We have information.

We have news.

All right.

I'm going to collect wood, and I
Find this box.

My god.

And it's got something for each
Of us.



On the edge of extinction,
You have literally nothing some.

As soon as chris came around the
Corner with that box, er knew.

I freaked.

This is something new, some more

I was like some way or somehow
Something is going the happen in.

My favor.

You're on the edge of

Your goal is to get back in the

If the stars align, they'll
Point the way.

Your goal is to get back in
The fold.

If the stars align, they'll
Point the way.

Back in the fold.

Are we supposed to fold it so
The stars align?

Where are stars?

On the border?

I figured the map out really

The stars on the border match up
With each other.

And you can see that it makes
The arrow point right to this.

Tree with no leaves.

Then on the other side, this
Arrow points right to this tree.

With lots of different roots.

So it might be my proudest
Moment on "Survivor" so far.

It's pointing to the tree.

We're going to have to have a
Pact we go all together.

Am I right?

I agree.

You want to have rice first?

We might as well.

That's not to.

Rick figured out the map.

To be honest, I was not going to
Figure out that map.

That whole folding the thing
Together, that never would have.


This is tasty.

This is good.

This spoon is half broken,
But it's like my own little.

Left-handed spoon.

Thank you for the rice, reem.

It's good to have a mom on
Your tribe.

Everybody said we're going to
Go fair and square.

I was like, what?

I was like, that's not going to

Where is keith?

Where is he?

Did he have his shoes on.

Keith, get back here.



Go down there and see if he's
Walking down there.

Is he going?


He's way down there.

My god.

Did he go?

Yes, he went.

Keith, you jerk.

Darn it, that is so... you
Know what, that is.

Disappointing, dude.

Shoes on.

Wow, keith, what an... hurry up.

You guys have the map?


We're coming for you, keith.

What a guy.

The path is going to split,
Just so you know.

This is exactly why we voted
Him out.


I got to find it.

I got to find it.

Come on, god, come on, god, come
On, god.

Is he there?

What the hell, keith?

This is for family.

It's not for chris.

It's not for reem.

Keith, you dog.

You got him.

Not cool.

You got it, chris?


I look in the tree.

I pull out three bamboo rods.

There's string attached to these

And there's a note.


It says practice on it.

This is the first exciting clue
To what we're going to be doing.


My guess, it's got to be
Something you practice with to.

Get back into the game.

My move is to be that person.

Rick, why did I fold that map
Right in front of everybody?

Chris, you will wait for me,


I got it.

Chris ran to one tree.

I ran to the other.

We had the advantages in our

You have earned the right to
Give this extra vote to any.

Player heading not next tribal

They will not know it is from

Choose wisely.

So I found an advantage they
Can give one person heading to.

Tribal council an extra vote.

Whoever gets this vote, they
Have no idea the edge of.

Extinction exists.

That's pretty good for
Whoever gets it.

It was a wake-up call that
We're on the edge of extinction,

But we're not out of the game,
So I'm playing out here now.

All right.

You guys ready to get to today's
Immunity challenge?


First things first, I
Got to take back the idol.


You have to give it up.

It's part of the game.

Once again immunity is back up
For grabs.

For today's challenge, you're
Going to swim out to a ramp,

Race up, and leap off.

You'll then dive down to
Retrieve a puzzle piece.

Once you have all your pieces,
You'll pull your pontoon to the.

Finish and use those pieces to
Build a back to buoy pyramid.

First two tribes to finish win

Losers, tribal council, where
Somebody will be voted out of.

This game.

Sitout, kama, one extra person.

I'm going to sit out.

Julie will sit out For kama.



Victoria will sit out For manu.

Everybody else take your spots.

We'll get started.

All right.

For immunity, survivors ready?


It is eric first in for manu.

Come on, kel.

Aurora first in for kama.

Come on, kelley, come on.

Nice and easy.


Wentworth first in For lesu.

Now you got to dive down and
Release that first puzzle piece.

Eric has it for manu.

Got to get up on that pontoon
With your piece.

Wentworth now trying to get that
Mask on.

Come on, kelley, come On.

You got this, kelley!

Go, manu.

Now aubry in the water for manu.

Aurora cannot get the buoy.

This is going to be a setback
For kama.

Joe now inñl the water.

Aubry can't get it for manu.

Here goes gavin.

He's going to give it a go now.

Wentworth still working.

She can't get it.

You got to get down there.

Joe has it for kama.

They have one of their two

Go, kama.

It's going to be julie in the
Water now for kama.

Wentworth still struggling.

Going to give up.

Wentworth got to get on that

Wentworth exhausted and came up
Empty handed.

Go, lesu!

It's going to be lauren in the
Water now for lesu.

Gavin has the second puzzle
Piece for manu.

Manu has their two puzzle

Wendy just has to get to the
Pontoon now.

Big lead for manu.

Julia releases the second piece
For kama.

Kama now has both their pieces.

She's got to get back.

You're good, manu.

Unclip and start pulling your


Kama has both puzzle pieces.

Ron just has to get himself to
The pontoon.

Lesu in dead last once again.

They are empty handed.

Both of their tribes have both
Puzzle pieces.

Ron back to the pontoon for

Start pulling.

Manu now can start working on
Their pyramid.

It's a huge time advantage over

Here comes kama.

This is the kind of puzzle you
Could solve very fast as there.

Are only four pieces.

But it will fool you.

We can't do it that way.

Manu and kama
Fighting for immunity and the.

Advantage they have is two
Tribes will win immunity, and.

Right now one tribe is doing

Lauren now going to give up.

She's heading back.

This might be one of the biggest
Blowouts in "Survivor" history.

Once again lesu with lauren,
Wentworth, wardog and david have.

Been through every single

Right now that appears to be a
Streak that will remain intact.

As they have none of their
Puzzle pieces while both other.

Tribes are already solving.

Right there.

See that?

There's only four
Pieces, but it can be very.


Until you figure it out, and
Then it will solve instantly.

Wardog can't get it either.

Wentworth in despair once again.

She sees the challenge slipping

Wardog pops the first puzzle
Piece for lesu.

There is life for lesu after

David, you can do it!

Now david in the Water.

A chance for david to shine in
An environment he really.

Struggles in, the ocean.

Come on, david.

David's got to get
Down and release it, david.

Let's go!

The good news is manu and kama
Have not solved the puzzle, so.

That door is still technically
Open for lesu.

David, come on.

Come to the pontoon, I'm going
To go.

David going to give
Up and swim back to the pontoon.

Somebody from that four will
Have to go back.

Lesu is not a tribe that's

They're just a tribe having a
Very tough time winning.

Get out of the water.

Lauren goes back down
Yet again for another try.

Is this the one?

I'm going to get it.

I'm going to get it.

I believe in you.

You got this.


And she does it.

Lauren frees that second piece
For lesu.

Tell me when you're ready.


Start pulling.

Here comes lesu now.

We got a challenge.

Pull, guys, pull.

Manu and kama have
Had a long time to experiment on.

This puzzle.

But it has resulted in nothing.

I hate puzzles.

If lesu could pull
This challenge out, it would be.

One of the greatest comebacks in
The history of "Survivor".

Let's go, lesu!

Victory here would be a major

This one.





Kama thinks they have It.

Pull that up.

And that do.

Joe is right.

Kama wins immunity once again.

We're looking for one more.

Four on the bottom.

Quick, quick.

Manu is amped up.

Guys, we're so close, guys.

Yeah, yeah.

Who is going to get There first?

Will it be manu or lesu?

This is going to go here.

This is going to go right here.

Right there.

Is that it?

That might be it.

Put that there.

Put that there.

David trying something

Lesu thinks they have it.

If they have it, it would be
Their first win.

And it is!

Lesu wins immunity sending manu
To tribal council.



My god.

My god, guys.

My god.

Guys, guys.

My god.

My god.

Are you okay?

My god.

My god, my god.

Kama, a familiar Story.

Once again immunity is yours.

Thank you, jeff.

Swim out.

Enjoy the night off.

Lesu, your first immunity win.

For the first time this season
David, lauren, wentworth,

Wardog, I will not be seeing you
At tribal council.

Swim out.

Enjoy the celebration and the
Night off.

Manu, somebody going home

Swim out.

See you tonight at tribal

Right now we do have a common

We all think aubry needs to go.

But I still think we are making
A big move, and big moves are.

Always risky.

So I'm going to pick and choose
My words carefully to not overor.

Under expose what's really

Sorry we couldn't pull it
Out, guys.


Going to tribal, I know the

It was almost surreal coming
Back from losing the challenge,

Because the four original kama
Came together, and it just.

Seemed so easy.

Right now we need this four
To go further.

I know.

Like we need this to further
Ourselves in the game.

We're going to forge this Four.


Plan is to voted out wendy.

But I was talking to victoria
Yesterday, and she said do we go.

For one of the big guys right

I can tell you want to do

Don't want to miss the Moment.


I'm 1,000% down with you.

The advantage to doing it now
Is we have numbers.

I think wendy would do
Anything to save herself, you.

Know what I mean?

Yeah, I know.

Having wendy right now is an
Opportunity to do something.

There are three girl, two guys,.

I know vick andry good right

We could kill eric off Tonight.

I'd like to make a move.

You've seen me play.

That has been running through my
Mind for days.

It's all timing.

We do that now we could be
Shooting ourselves in the foot.

We weighed the pros and cons Do.

We work with wendy and take out
An eric or a gavin.

Eric is going to be a threat at
The merge.

We might not be able to get him
Out physically.

Do we take our hit while we have

What kind of game did you come
In hoping to play?

What kind of people do you want
To play with?

Play with?

Yeah, like, I mean, we could
Go for one of the boys.

If that's something you're
Interested in.

Like if you guys say, yeah,
And I say new york it's not.

we wanted to do something.

Like that, it would be now.

Because there's three of us,

We have the think on it.

Wendy can't make a decision.

It is incredibly difficult to
Get even an opinion out of her.

And if you can't give an opinion
When you're neck is on the line.

And it's four original tribe
Mates against you, I don't know.

How I can work with you for the
Rest of the game.

The decision for me is a big
Decision, because it is forging.

An alliance for me, but nobody
Has seen any game yet.

We're good?

I don't know who these people
Are as players some the idol is.

Always factor for me, and I'm
Walking around with my bag,

Making sure I got a good little
Spot for my hidden immunity idol.

To nestle before going to
Tribal, and there's an envelope.

Someone has sent you the
Advantage in the form of a.

Secret extra vote.

When it's time to vote, use the
Parchment to cast the second.


If you're clever, nobody else
Will know you voted twice.

The last time this vote can be
Used when there are seven people.

Left in the game.

The extra vote extends to a tie
And revote.

My gosh.

Someone in the game is looking
Out for me, and I want to know.

Who it is.

Because that's someone who is on
My side.

This extra vote changes

I mean, do I use it now and
Knock out eric?

Or do I save it post-merge and
Use it when the numbers get.


It's about to get real.

I'm not good with power Stuff.

I'm used to playing from behind.

I don't know how to play when I
Have cards in my hand.

When I have the royal flush, I
Don't know what the hell to do.

I have alliances starting.

I feel good with vick, but I
Almost don't know what to do.

When something somewhat positive
Happens in this game.

Like I have choices to make with
Big things, and I feel like that.

Means I'm going to be voted out

But maybe that's not the
Mentality to have.

Every time I try to do something
In "Survivor," something goes.

Wrong, like maybe I have to have
A little faith that maybe just a.

Little bitty thing can go right.

If you don't yet have
A torch, grab one we hide you,

Dip it in, and get fire.

Part of the ritual at tribal
Council, because in this game,

Fire represents your life.

And when your fire is gone, so
Are you.

So, dwaffen, you can often get
Scenes of how tribal will go.

Based on the mood of the tribe
Right after you get back to camp.

From losing a challenge.

What happened when you guys got

The mood was pretty dang
Relaxed whenever we got back.

So I'm curious to see what
Tonight holds.

Aubry, does that mean
Nobody talked?

Everybody just knew what was
Going to happen?

Absolutely not, jeff.

Everyone is always talking inch
This game you have to be a talk.

Ahead, otherwise you're out
Before you even realize.

Victoria, aubry says,
Yeah, there was talking.

Aubry's absolutely right.

There were definitely
Conversations that I was in.

I'm just hoping that everyone
Didn't get into their own heads.

So wendy, you're an
Obvious consideration tonight.

For the simple reason that these
Four have been together from the.




And yet you're still Smiling.

I feel like people are more
Confused than anything about my.

Game play.

They're just like, who plays the
Way you do, right?

But I don'tñl know, I just feel
Like if I were to walk down and.

Get my torch snuffed, why be sad
About that?

I made it here.

Aubry, one of the
Most brutal parts of "Survivor".

Is the fact that somebody is
Typically on the bottom.

But if you're with a group of
Four and there's a fifth, does.

It shift that dynamic a little

I think everyone is trying to
Suss out more than just their.

Alliances, like who do they
Connect with on a game level,

Who speaks the same language in
The game.

When you find a black cat to
Your witch in "Survivor Edge of."

"Extinction," it's a perfect
Halloween night.

It's like hocus-pocus,
Abracadabra, you can find that.

Person at any point.

Have you found your Black cat?

I'm hoping I found my black
Cat or my black cats.

Gavin, the other
Thing that sticks out in this.

Group of five is aubry, the only
Returning player in this group.

What's a positive of having

I think she's brought advice.

That's one of the big things for
Us, and I think me and aubry.

Have connected on a personal

I don't see her as a returning
Player as much as someone that I.

Can trust down the road.

That's one of the reasons I was
Attracted to her from the.


So wendy, experience
Is a positive that aubry brings.

What's a negative?

Well, I don't think aubry
Brings any negatives.

She's just the nicest person

Wendy, is it hard for
You to separate the game from.



It's hard transition between
Normal life to this game that is.

Just like you have to just drop
All your morals down.

I found the transition very

I don't think I have made it
Completely yet.

So gavin, where are
We in the game right now with.

This group?

I think us four, we're just
Getting started up the roller.


Wendy has already went down a
Couple hills and she survived,

But I'm basing my vote off who I
Think is going to benefit me the.

Most and who has my back for the
Days to come.

Eric, do you gee with That?

Yeah, I know I've had moments
Where I thought, am I getting.

Duped tonight?

Could this be how my game ends?

But at some point you have to
Trust the people that you trust,

And I think we'll forge it in
Fire tonight.

Aubry, this may be a
Case where it is a very easy.


No surprise, no blind sides?

I can sometimes be an
Overthinker, but sometimes.

Things are more simple than they

All right.

It is time to vote.

Wendy, you're up.

I'll go tally the Votes.

If anybody has a hidden immunity
Idol and you want the play it,

Now would be the time to do so.


I'll read the votes.

First vote, aubry.


One vote aubry, one vote wendy.


That's two votes aubry, one vote

Fifth person voted out of
"Survivor," aubry.

That's three, that's enough.

You guys are unbelievable

You need to bring me Your torch.




Aubry, the tribe has Spoken.

Good luck, guys.

Thanks, aub.

Kill it.


That's an easy decision.


I woke up and none of this is a

I got burned real hard last

I truly was blind sided in epic
Fashion with an idol and an.

Extra vote in my pocket.

Like j.T.-style embarrassment.

I am completely in an utter
State of shock.

And it's hard to know how to
Play when you don't even know.

What the ending is.

You don't have information.

You're with angry people, and
You don't know if you're playing.

A game or in a big waiting room,
But I never give up.

For me as soon as it hits the
Rock bottom, that's my favorite.

Part, because I know it can only
Go up.

I thrive on pulling myself up
From the bottom, and that's what

I'm going to do.

Come on in, guys.

Kama and lester getting your
First look at the manu tribe.

Aubry voted out at the last
Tribal council.

My god.


Joe, what do you read Into that?

First returning player out of
The game?

Obviously the kama strong is
No longer so strong.

All right, guys.

Ready to get to today's reward

For today's challenge, you're
Going to leap over a series of.


You'll then pull a will every,
Dropping sandbags.

You'll then work together to get
Those sandbags to the finish and.

Throw those sandbags at a target
Until you drop a flag.

First two tribes to drop both
Their flags win reward.

Want to know what you're playing



Show it to me.

First tribe to
Finish, coffee, tea, pastries,

Cookies to celebrate with back
At camp.



Second tribe to
Finish, a little smaller, still.


Iced coffee and cookies.

Last place, nothing but another
Day back at camp with whatever.

You can scrounge up.

Kama, you have one extra person
Whom are you going to sit out of.

This challenge?

Aurora, take a spot on the
Sit-out bench.

Everyone else take a minute to

We'll get going.

All right.

Here we go.

For reward, survivors ready?


Go, go go,.

Go, go, go.

Over the tables is
The first part of this.


Come on.

Go underneath if you.

Can it's easier.

You got some sunnies
Getting skinned up.

I can hear it.

Come on, come on, come on.

Start untying those Knots now.


Victoria, lauren, and
Julia untying knots.

Good job, julia.

Lauren is whipping
Through those knots.

You got it, lauren.

Julia doing a great
Job for kama.

Good job, julia.

Julia is through.

You're good.

Lauren is good.

Victoria is good.

We are very tight right now.

Go, go, go, go.

Two people at one
End, the other two tossing the.


Come on, guys.

You got it.

You have to have all
The sandbags in your bin.

Come on, julie, come on.

Further guys, further.

Further, further, further.

There you go.

The closer you get to
Your tribe mates, the faster.

They will get them in the bins.

I got these, I got these.

Look over there.

A couple more.

Go, go, go.

Got to get them all In that bin.

Almost done.

We're done.

Kama has all theirs.

You're good.


It's going to be joe
Throwing for kama.


Once again joe out of
The gate starts knocking those.



Come on, wardog.

I got it.

Don't yell at me.

Lesu still working.

Manu still working.

Come on, guys.

An early lead for Kama.

Yeah, joe.

Get the last one in.

Lesu has theirs.

You're good.

Gave within a nice hit for manu.

And another.

Go, go.


Come on, wardog.

You got it.

It's okay.

"Survivor" is tough, Man.

Nowhere to hide.

Wrong way.

If you never threw a
Banal, it's going to show.

Let's go, joe.

You got this.

Joe with another hit.

Nailing it, joe.

And another.

And another.

Joe is on fire.

Let's go, joe!

Good job.

Gavin now starting to
Get the hang of it.

Good job.

That one on the right.

Yes, joe.


Joe drops first flag For kama.

Gavin drops the firsting from
For manu.

Lauren now in for lesu.

Yes, lauren!

Lauren trying to keep
Lesu in it.

Keep going, lauren.

But it's a showdown
Right now between gave inane


One more, one more.

Joe very close.

You got it.

That does it.

Kama wins yet again.

A big reward.

We are looking for one more.

Lauren trying to keep lesu in

Someone want to go?

I can come in.

I can come in.

It's up to you.

It's going to be Wardog back in.

He was completely ineffective.

Come on, try it.

Gavin can do it with
This toss right here.

Slow down.

You got time.

Gavin does it for Manu.

Manu wins reward sending lesu
Back to camp with absolutely.


All right.

Kama, the winning streak stays

Victories in seven out of eight

Grab your stuff.

Head back to camp, and enjoy
Your reward.

Manu, second case, not quite as
Much, but in this case, any.

Victory is sweet.

Cookies and iced coffee waiting
For you back at camp.

Grab your stuff, head back to
Camp, enjoy.

Lesu, got nothing for you.

I think the kama tribe is on
Joe's shoulders.

The dude wins everything.

I'm just jealous another tribe
Has basically had a two-week.


It's just so frustrating that I
Want, that and I don't have.

That, and there's nothing I can
Do about it.

My god.

My god.

Everything you wanted and More?

My god.

Kama strong!

It feels a little bit at this
Point like I'm expecting that we.

Will win the challenges.

And I know I shouldn't expect
That, but it's hard to even.

Imagine us losing at this point.

Joe, you won that challenge for

I just worry that it's going
To put a bigger target on my.

Back, so I'm going to feed you
All to protect me even more.

I'm appreciating this right
Now and I want you to know how.

Much I appreciate this.

At this point, I'm pulling the
Wool over joe's eyes.

He's the biggest target in this

He knows he is.

And I keep just pretending that
I'm going along with him, but.

Short term to have joe on our
Tribe right now is a huge.


So aubry, I think they saw
The merge coming and they.

Decided to take out a returning.

It broke my heart a little to
Watch aubry go.

Seeing aubry go home, it was
Definitely a telltale sign that.

These new players are seeing us
Return-ies as threats.

Strategically that really hurt
My game, because I fell like I.

Could really trust her.

It's really hard when you want
To come back and play this game.

That you love so badly, but you
Also know that you're at a.

Disadvantage as soon as you hit
The mat.

You have nowhere to hide.

You have no... You got no one to
Rely on.

You don't.

But it makes you appreciate all
The people you do rely on at.


I'm so blessed to have so much
Love, and I appreciate all my.

People, my family.

You have to take all that and
You have to use it as fuel.

You have to remember that when
You think you're going home,

When you think you're out on the
Outs, when you think you have no.

One that wants to work with you,
That's the challenge is to how.

Adaptable are you really?

How much can you go beyond what
You think you're capable of?

Because if you have a mindset
Where you no longer have.

Options, then that's probably
Where you're at.

And I don't want to be there.

I like to do well in challenges.

But we have to be super careful.

It's going to be easier to put
Targets on us.

Do you think there's bad
Blood on their side that we're.

So strong and they just might
Try to take us out?

Absolutely they're going to.

The other tribes have seen us
Be a really strong group of.

Five, and if first thing I would
Want to do is take out that.

Group of five, split it up, take
Out some big threats in the.


So if I can make everyone feel
Like they're a big threat, maybe.

We can all unite.

Let's be real, you're
Beautiful and smart, med.

Student, you know this game
Really well and you've been.

Killer in challenges.

Don't say all, that joe.

You know they're all thinking

I don't think any of us are part
Of their plan, or if we are,

It's temporarily.


People are easily threatened
By someone who can win a couple.

Challenges and so we have to
Stick together.

We'll go far.

Because I'll win the immunities
And we get to decide where we.

Want to go.

When you start hearing joe
Saying that you're a threat,

It's like, crap, like if
People see me as a threat, that.

Is going to make my game a lot
Harder once we do get to a.

Merge, so I'm definitely
Anticipating having to adapt and.

Rearrange some things to stay in
The game.

Joe is amazing again.

My god, what must it be
Like to be him?

I really think we should take
Advantage of this low tide.

There's crabs down.

There maybe crab legs for

I don't know.

I'm down.

I need something.

We lost.

Yet again.

And it's so frustrating.

It's not even that we're losing,
It's that we're losing, and we.

Come back to this crappy-ass
Beach that has no food, a crappy.


We're sleeping in the mud.

It's 24 hour days of just hell,
Absolute hell.

I literally never cry at home,
And I've cried like four days in.

A row now.

I'm dying, like literally
Walking up and down I was.

Blacking out.



I'm so hungry, but the rice
Makes me so sick.

I can't function.

Girl, you and I are like the
Only people doing things like.

Super physical in the

I need you.

I just need that merge right

We've had almost no food for

And we're all feeling it.

Especially lauren.

He found a crab.

Pull that thing up.

He's really on there.

The idea of fishing I think
Is counterintuitive because we.

Need to save our calories and
Energy for these challenges.

How are they getting away.

But at least david still has

You know?

Lauren is kind of like giving

Maybe she's the one to go next.

I know that wentworth is good
With it.

But to pull it off, I need

I feel very torn right now.

Lauren is somebody that I've
Been close to from day one.

But her mind is not in the game.


I can see her just twimping.

I need someone who will ride or

Let's just say we lost lauren,
Are you with us to the end, ride.

Or die?

I don't think I have a
Choice, but yes.

Hopefully we just win and

I understand that at some
Point I might have to vote out


She's literally wasting away.

However, wardog, who is a
Psychowhen it comes to number.

Crunching and flipping
Alliances, he's almost scaring.

Me now.

I don't know if I want to work
With him.

The thing is I feel like with
Him I just agree a lot.

That's what I do.

He doesn't want to hear your

He really wants to bark an order
At you and have you go on with.


It's a dictatorship.

Wardog is playing really
Hard, flipping back and forth,

And it's really annoying.

He does nothing at camp he
Spends most of his days.

Strategizing and crunching

Also he sucks at these physical
Challenge, and all of that is.

Putting a huge target on his
Back, which is great with me.

We have to do whatever is
Best for us.

I'm with you.

When the game started, I wanted
To vote out wentworth, but now

I'm working with the person who
I thought was my biggest.

Adversary out here, but if
That's going to get me to day

39, then that's what I'm going
To do.

What's up?

I got more info.

This morning we found a basket
With five new maps.

They look the same as before,
Except there's a bunch of holes.

So I'm assuming that means
There's something else to find.

Can we lessen the level of
Paranoia this time and no one.

Take off?

No promises.

We get the map and everyone
Starts following it.

I'm a newbie in this edge of
Extinction language.

All right.

I'm going to go ahead and go.

I don't know what the hell is
Going on.

But they seem to know if you
Fold it and something points,

You're going to find an

Is this thing even out here?

There's mad scramble up top.

I was able to figure out first

But the second map was much
Harder than I thought.

I'm looking everywhere and then
Finally it's like, my gosh,

It's on the beach.

What I figured out is all the
Holes line up to one hole.

When you layer that on top of
The other map, it puts it right.

Next to the mast.

Come on.

I was so sure it was there.

I dug and dug, but apparently I
Was at the wrong spot.

I know devens is good with Maps.

So I'm thinking maybe he's just
Off a little bit.

Then I think when it's super low
Tide, there are all these rocks.

Showing themselves, so I start
Walking by the water to see if.

Maybe it was in there.

What is that?

Freaking insane.

This entire time I have
Needed a breakthrough, and then.

All of a sudden in the sea water
I found this.

Chris, he's got it.

Thank you, jesus.

When the time come, penalize
Your biggest threat by assigning.

These maps to them.

This is exactly what I prayed

Chris has been getting the best
Of me.

This is going to let me put a
Little curse on chris.

Apparently we're going to have
Some kind of competition, and.

This could help myself get back
In the game.

I needed it.

And thank god that I got it.

I'm just pissed because I said,
What do you have.

But I didn't touch it first.

What the hell, reem?

You gave it to someone else.

You think I gave it away?

I'm not that stupid.

I wanted that.

The rules are the rules.

Those two get on my damn nerves.

You just accused me of giving
Away an advantage.

Do I have complete idiot written
On my forehead.

I don't even know what to Say.

You just said I gave it to Him.

Don't you tell me I gave
Something away.

Well, you point at it and he
Picks it up and runs away.

You got the biggest mouth in
The whole country.

You're the one who said I gave
Him the advantage.

By saying that, you lit off a
Volcano, bro.

It is a disaster here.

It truly is the most
Dysfunctional family I've ever.


I don't need zero.

Then why are you talking
About it?

Because you're getting on my
nerves, and it's 12.

Days of listening to the bull.

And I'm done with it.

The worst part of it all, no
One knows how long this train.

Wreck can last.

That's a scary situation,
Because people are legitimately.

Losing it.

Reem, that's all...

Come on in, guys.

All right.

Let's get to today's immunity

First things first, got to take
Back the idol.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Once again immunity is back up
For grabs.

For today's challenge, you're
Going to climb a ladder and then.

Maneuver a bag attached to a
Rope through a bamboo frame.

You'll then use the ball inside
To drop the cage door.

Sprint to the finish to solve a
"Survivor" slide puzzle.

Kama, you have one extra person.

Who you going to sit out?

Aurora sat out at the reward

Ron, take a spot in the sit-out

One extra thing.


This challenge only
The first tribe to finish wins.


The two losing tribes go to
Tribal council.

My god.


I'll give you a
Minute to strategize.

We'll get started.


All right.

Here we go.

For immunity, survivors ready?


Get up that ladder, and then
Start tracing that bag along the.

Ropes to get it out of the
Bamboo frame.

Try not to let it...

You can't get ahead Of the bag.

You're only as slow as that
Person working on the bag.

It is kama in the lead, which is
Becoming predictable story in.

Challenges this season.

And then manu and lester side by

It's going to be kama out first
With their bag.

Aurora is down.

Here comes julie and joe.

They've got to untie it now.

Come on.


Manu coming down.

Got to untie their knots.

It is now lesu in dead last once

Julia working on the knots.

You're good!

Joe now going to start untying
Knots on the bag, trying to.

Release that monkey's fist.

Up on the platform.

Manu, you're good.

Going to be gavin untying knots
For manu.

Lauren's got it.

It's going to be wardog now.

Come on, joe.

Joe has that monkey Fist.

Now he's looking to drop it in
That hoop, which will drop that.

Cage door.

Joe drops the cage for kama on
His very first toss.

Good toss.

Gavin tosses.

He drops his cage.

Go, manu.

Two people on the puzzle now,
Going to be "Julie & julia" for.


You got this, wardog.

Give the rope some slack.

Manu is over.

It's going to be victoria and

Here we go, wardog.

Wardog, no, no, no.

You got to stay on It.ÑI




Wardog has not had a
Lot of success.

Wardog's got it for lesu.

Awkward but accomplished it.

Get over that cage.

It is david and wentworth for

Everybody now working on the

Julie going to step out.

Joe and julia in now.

Okay, joe.

I got it.

I got it.

I think I got it.

This puzzle could
Take a very long time or if you.

Know your way around a slide
Puzzle, you could get this very.


David thinks he has something.

Lesu has been on a losing streak
Of epic proportions.


Can lesu pull out a
Victory right now?


Kama thinks they have
It and they do.


My god.

Joe and julia solve It for kama.

Kama wins immunity sending lesu
And manu to tribal council.

Once again kama wins immunity.

Nobody going home.

Nice work.

Grab your stuff, head back to

All right, lesu, manu, tonight
Both tribes will come to tribal.

Council together and vote one
Person out of the game.

Grab your stuff.

Head back to camp.

See you tonight at tribal.

Going into tribal tonight,
I'm like panicking.

There's four lesu and four manu.

We could find ourselves at a tie
And going to rocks.

I have gone to rocks before, and
As a fan, it's exhilarating.

As a player it's nauseating.

Strap yourself in, everybody.

It's going to be chaotic.

The challenge went horribly.

Kama wins again.

With the added twist that both
Tribes will be going to tribal.


Wait for it.

Drum roll.


Which is an interesting problem,
Because if we go to a 4-4 tie,

Everyone votes again.

If no one changes their vote, we
Draw rocks.

Anyone can go home.

First of all, I think the
Best thing we could do is stick.

Together as a four.

We can't possibly split.

Are you all willing to draw

That's the thing.

We have no alliance.

So if we hit lauren or wardog, I
Think they would flip on our.


I think we have a really good
Shot in being able to sway

David, because the lesu tribe,
At least from when I was part of.

That tribe, they weren't loyal
To each other, and he doesn't.

Have the numbers to survive the
Merge, so I'm hoping that david.

Realizes that he's on a sinking

I think that somebody will do

I don't think they would all
Go to rocks.

What returning player is going
To come back for a third time.

And be willing to go to rocks?

I think right now the fact
That they have two returning.

Players is an advantage for us.

You don't come out here two,
Three, times to get sent home.

Before the merge by a rock.

So in terms of this crappy
Situation, I feel like our side.

Could possibly be slightly
Better off.

If we will all go to rocks, I
Think all we have to say is, you.

Can believe us or not, but we're
Willing to go to rocks tonight.

We don't think your tribe is.

Roll the dice?

I think that's our best bet.

Everything is a gamble Tonight.

But I'm a big fan of this game.

I've been imagining myself in
These exact situations for.


You don't imagine yourself in
The easy tribal council vote.

You think yowfers in this
Situation, going into tribal.

Council, probably going to go to

That's what makes a person like
Me at home want to play this.


It's this, tonight, but is it


I could go home tonight.

No question.

Do you think they're more likely
To put votes on you or me?

I have no idea.

I wish I knew.

And you'll go to rocks?

I guess.

I'd be willing to do that.

I don't want to go to the next
Stage without you.

Of course.

We're in it together.

You're my man.

No one wants to go out with

That's the big fear in this
Game, but I did sign up to play.


I feel like that's what I'm
Doing tonight.

So it feels good, but I'm also
Going to be crapping bricks.

I have 100% trust in eric and

And after last tribal council,
Wendy is with us 100%.

I'll draw rocks for one of them.

I hope the god they'd do the
Same for me.

This is going to be a huge
Move either way, but I think it.

Can work.

I just want to make sure we're
All on the same page.

No question.

The whole thing tonight could
Come down to drawing rocks.

We just all agreed that we're
All down for that.

I'm not.

I'm kind of willing to put my
Vote wherever to keep me in the.


If I feel like I need to betray
An alliance to move myself one.

Step further in the game, I'm
Going to do it, because I can.

Find an in somewhere else.

Don't ever trust me, man.

I don't know if anyone has
Figured that out yet.ÑI.


So here's the thing.

If I were them, I would stay
Four strong.

Try and flip one of you.



I want to take out one of the
Big guy, but I feel like the.

Last person they would think we
Would take out would be.


What do you think?

Four votes on wendy, right?

We vote, one of them might be
Like do, you want the draw rocks.

For wendy.

They might flip on wendy right

Once again, wardog didn't
Thereon what anybody else had to.


He tries to overpower people.

He's got his plan, and that's

But to be honest, wardog is

Wendy is not an original kama

So hopefully we have to revote
Someone will flip and help us.

Vote her out.

I think I should go over to
Wendy and say vote for whatever.

Name we want her to vote for.

It goes 4, 3, 1...

I think they're going to vote
For me, because they're going to.

Think kelley or you has the

I think she would be the
Logical vote.

We just can't crumble.

That's the thing.

We cannot.

We have to go in there four

I'll go to rockings.

I'll go to rocks.

Me too.

I've done it before.

This plan makes me really

I didn't come this far just to
Go to rocks, but wardog always.

Has his own agendas and nobody
Can even have an input.

So I'm pissed.

I'm so close to making the
Merge, and this could ruin.


We got to merge tomorrow.

I'm so hungry.


We need a ton more firewood for

Just to keep us going.

I got like 15, 20 minutes to
Dry this wood out.


I'll go down to the beach.

He doesn't contribute at all.

It's crazy.

He's so obviously like Plotting.

He's totally plotting.

We have a good plan tonight,
However, I'm worried to death.

About lauren.

She isn't well.

All she talks about is the
Merge, food, merge, food, merge,


I can't work with someone like

So I'm like do, I really want to
Go to rocks for this girl?

I'm not so sure.

Let's go explore.

However, the manu tribe might be
Targeting me.

But if I can find an idol that
Will give me tremendous power.


I can in the believe it.

He literally does nothing.

It's insane.

Like where is he?

He's probably looking for the

Wardog disappeared.

He's not helping at all.

He's not contributing at all.

He goes off into the jungle.

Wardog is creating a war.

I guess that's what war dogs do.

He's being divisive.

We need to be united.

I'm going to go look for it.

Let's go look I guess, right?

Where were you?

Down by the beach.

We couldn't find you.

You weren't looking hard Enough.

I want to find the idol
Before wardog.

He's a schemer and manipulator.

He's already calling the shots.

And with an idol, he's just
Going to get more and more.


It shouldn't be this hard.

It shouldn't.

This is ridiculous.

I have no idea.

And then I look up in the tree,
And, bing, it's just sitting.

Right there.

Let's go on the other side of

I'm going the stay here.

In "Survivor," you never give
Up, because this game is always.


And neg that tonight is such a
Crazy tribal potentially, having.

That safety is huge.

I'm perplexed.

Tonight's tribal council is

Kelley and I have idols.

I have no idea what I'm going to

It's not worth going home.

I know.

Tonight the manu tribe is
Most likely targeting me or.


Everyone is banking on the fact
That they're not going to want.

To go to rocks for wendy, but if
They stay strong, rocks will.

Determine who goes home.

I really don't want the draw

Would you go to rocks for

I'm not going to rocks for

If we go to rock, it's a 1-6
Chance you go home some if.

They're voting for wardog, I'm
Going to flip.

But I can see them going after
Me, so I got to decide if I'm.

Going to play my idol or not.

Tonight is going to be a lot of
On-the-sly decisions.

You just never know what's going
To happen.

All right.

Two trikes gear to vote out one

Victoria, any time there's a
Twist involving tribal, it can.

Be unnerving.

Did you feel a different sense
At manu this afternoon?

I would say the main
Difference was there were no.

Side conversations.

It was one large conversation
Because we got even tribes here.

It's four against four.

If we're not all on the same
Page, we're immediately screwed.

Let's talking about the lesu

Lauren, was it similar to manu
In that you all got together and.

Said, we have to be united.

We didn't even have to talk
About staying united.

We knew we were going the stay

We're a very strong four that
Genuinely has been through so.


Wardog, pretty
Interesting, four from one.

Tribe, four from another, but
Only one going home.

It's kind of crazy, because
When you first said only one.

Tribe gets immunity, I felt that
Pain in my stomach, but when you.

Find out 1 out of 8, preparing
For the gun knight at the o.K.


I have my wyatt earp.

That makes me doc holiday.

We have our plan.

We're going to stick with each

It's going to be fun
the tricky thing is they.

Don't know us in a tribe in the
Same way we don't know them.

So it's hard to put a lot of
Weight into anything that's.


Wentworth, this
Really is "Survivor" warfare.

I think this is definitely a
Battle tonight, but we are four.


We would welcome anyone over
Here with open arms.

Gavin is... gaferren,
Wentworth is saying, join us.

Right now and we'll change the

That's a great speech.

I would like to extend the same
Thing to you guys, because we're.

Going to stick stroke to our
Gun, as well.

Wendy, one other
Interesting aspects is you have.

Some insight.

Did the tribe look to you and
Say, what do you think?

That's essentially what

I feel like I'm having a
Flashback on my first part of.

The game.

So it's like I'm basically in
The middle.

David, that's Interesting.

Wendy didn't say, I used to be
With them.

She said, I feel like I'm in the

Yeah, that's really good to

I think it was unfortunate that
The swap kicked wendy out of the.

Group of people, but we still
Consider her part of the tribe.

All of a sudden.

We love you, wendy.

We always did.

That wasn't the sense when
She received wendy.

She felt on the outs.

We welcomed her with open arms
Some we're not concerned about.

Her feeling in the middle.

So david, you had to
Discuss the idea of a true.

Deadlock tie in which you would
Force a rock draw.

Yeah, and, you know, I'm
Someone who has been to rocks.

I go to rocks for my people.

If it has to come to rocks
Tonight, then that's exactly.

What's going to happen.

Nobody here is afraid to do

We trust each other.

Victoria, when you
Hear a veteran say, I will.

Go to rocks, check my history,
Does that have any weight with.


Not really.

I find it really hard to believe
You would come back into this.

Game again and again to have
Your fate be put into rocks if.

You had another option.

So I get it and I respect it,
But I don't think you played.

"Survivor" twice, three times to
Go home on a rock before you hit.

The merge.

Eric, you're nodding, You agree.

"Survivor" is fun, but it's
Not that fun.

I don't know if I would do it
Three times to go home on a rock.


Wendy, I would like to talk.

To you for a quick second.

Sure, let's go ahead.

Is that it?

You guys ready to vote?


We're ready.

All right.

It is time to vote.

Wentworth, you're up.

I'll go tally the Votes.

If anybody has a hidden immunity
Idol and you want to play it,

Now would be the time to do so.


I'll read the votes.

First vote, wendy.



That's two votes wendy.


We're tied, two votes wendy, two
Votes lauren.


That's three votes wendy.

Tied again.

Three votes wendy, three votes


That's four votes wendy, three
Votes lauren, one vote left.


We're tied.

Here's what's going to happen.

We're going to revote.

Lauren and wendy, you will not

Everybody else you can only vote
For lauren or wendy.Ñr.

Everybody else you can only vote
For lauren or wendy.Ñr.

I just want to say one thing.

Once we merge, we just met you.

This is our first conversation.

I know, I know.

Our group is going to cave.

This is like the worst
Cocktail party ever.


Wentworth, come grab the urn.

I'll go tally the votes.

I'll read the votes.



Two votes wendy.


Three votes wendy.

Sixth person voted out of
"Survivor Edge of extinction,"


That's four, that's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

Sorry, wendy.


It's cool, it's cool.

Can you call me big wendy?

You're amazing.

The tribe has spoken.


Bye, guys.

I get a hug.

We'll miss you, wendy.

We really well.

Time for you to go.

Get out of here.

Cheeseburger and shower.

One of a kind.


I'm not good with the path.

What's this?

If you do not want the play
Anymore, follow this path and.

Your adventure will end.

Yeah, where am I going?

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