Survivor (2000–…): Season 38, Episode 4 - Episode #38.4 - full transcript

Previously on "Survivor"

At the kama tribe, aurora, joe,
And aubry were outcasts.

Nobody wants to talk to us.

At the manu tribe,
Wendy was ruffling feathers.

All creatures deserve to Live.

Do not tell me that we can't
Eat that chicken.

But would go had a
Plan of his own.

I decided maybe it's not Wendy.

It's chris.

At tribal council,
Chris was voted out.

Chris, the tribe has spoken.

Home or grab the torch and go to.

The edge of extinction.

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I can't believe it!

I am still processing it.

You know I'm not... >> you!

I'm not sad.

They got me.

How's it feel?


I just feel betrayed.

That's how it feels?



Man, I got blindsided.

Man, I can't believe it.

Seriously, you voted me out, and
He totally blindsided keith, so.

That is a taste of your own

Give me a break.

You're not going to show up here
And be treated with open arms.

No thank you.


This is what I went through.

Read the sign, bro.

"If at any point you wish to
End your adventure, raise the."

"Sail, and a boat will pick you

you're not going to come in
Here to the freaking holiday.



It's the edge of extinction.

I'm actually not as good as

Wendy looks skinny.

Your waist looks small.

"Survivor" diet.

Wendy's always under threat
Of going home, but it's never


Everybody has different styles
Of playing the game, and this is.


You don't know what I'm going to
Do next.

But, at the same time, I
Understand that I was being.

Crazy for taking the flint, so I
Put the flint back and, like,

David found it.

And he said, "You guys, you
Found the flint."

"And everybody is like," Look.

It mysteriously popped up."

she literally took the flint.

Like that's not normal.

I'm not even close to being

I already told rick my master

What is it?

What's your master plan?

I don't want to tell you.

You're going to get mad at me.

God you are... I've never
Either played with or seen.

Anybody play the way you do.

Like a wild card.

You want to win, don't you?

Yeah, of course I do.


I... Okay.

Hey, look, I haven't been
Eliminated so far, so something.

Must be work.

I feel like if I just go with
The flow, things will work out.

This should really be wendy.



Nobody playing games.

Only because she's literally,
Like, living in her own little.

Eye don't even know what's going
On up there.

Why do you have such a
Ridiculously small shell?

Right now there are five
People working it, and wendy is.

The outsider.

She's not a normal person.

She hid our flint and thought it
Was funny.

Who does that!

She's always going to be this
Person you won't be able to.


Wendy is the vote.

That seems to make the most
Sense for everybody.

Come on in, guys!

Kama getting your first look at
The new manu tribe.

Chris, voted out at the last
Tribal council.

My god!

So wrong!

That may be the
Biggest reaction I've ever seen.

To a vote-out.

Ron, what is it that you're
Reading into seeing chris being.

Voted out?

You see how hard he works in
Challenges and you you see he.

Was carrying all... the whole
Entire tribe.

It & to see they would vote him
Out, it's almost like a.


Wow, lauren, big
Words, "Betrayal," and "Chris.

Was carrying the entire tribe."

I think it's interesting to
Throw out words like that when.

You have no idea what our camp
Life is like.

Once again, it speaks
To the true, unpredictable.

Nature of this game.

Because you're right, you don't
Know what's going on.

Everybody, drop your buffs.

Jeff probst!

You're switching from
Two tribes to three tribes.

Expansion to three.

When jeff said, "Drop your
Buffs," I literally turned to

Joe and said, "I'm going to pee
My pants right now."

You have this pit in your

You have no control over that
Part of the game.

It is completely random who you
End up with.

It's turns your game upside

He we are.

The moment of truth.

Everybody reveal.

Here we go.

Good luck y'all.

If you're blue goes.

Go to blue.

Yellow goes to yellow, and green
In the middle.

I'm green.

I'm green.

My god!

We're the whole tribe!


The happy family staying
Together, I guess.

Everybody find your Spot...

you're green.

My god, I'm green!

I thought I was blue.

This is crazy.

At first glance, everybody is
With their own former tribe.

Members with one exception,
Wendy, the only lone wolf not.

With her own original pack.

No way!

Holy crap.

My god!

I am stunned.

We're stunned.

Would have been nice to meet
You guys.

Gavin, you've been a
Fan of this game since you were.

A kid.

Ever recall a switch like this?

I don't think so but I'm
Happy to be a part of this one.

So I'm all smiles right now.

All right, we have
Three new tribes, and we end up.

With, on manu, four members from
Kama, and one original member.

From manu wendy.


How are you feeling right Now?

Because if "Survivor" is a game
Of numbers, and these four are.

Tight, you would be in trouble.

Yeah, I would be in trouble.

But all of these people look
Very athletic so I don't think.

We're going to lose challenges.

Down at kama, five
Original kama, still wearing.

Yellow, still going back to the
Same camp.

And in the middle, with a
Brand-new tribe, five former.

Manu, your tribe name, lesu.



That sounds about right.

Kama, grab your stuff
And literally head back to camp.

Thanks, jeff.

Have fun, guys.

Manu, grab your Stuff.

Wendy, show them around camp.

Good luck with the chickens,

Wendy is gonna hate him if he
Kills the chicken.

Lesu, a map to your New home.

I could not believe we were
Still together.

And wendy is still on the tribe
With her tightest alliance,

Which is the chicken.

And I'm think, good luck.

Good luck with wendy.




Coming into this tribe swap,
I was super nervous because I.

Really didn't know where I stood
With the original o.G. Kama.

Tribe, but our numbers got cut
In half so a new dynamic.

Kama strong, one, two, three.

Kama strong!

I think the one difference
I'm doing this season than past.

Season I'm trying to build more
Strong, solid relationships.

Sand everywhere, sandy.

I feel really good with aurora.

Early on I feel like we'll
Connected and I do feel like.

She's on my side.

But there are only five of us,
And I want to make sure we have.

A little bit of a majority

I'm really trying to solidify a
Relationship with ron, who I.

Seem to have a pretty good
Rapport with.

I feel great with you, bro.

I feel agreement with you, Too.

And I think aurora would vote
With us.

Every time I talk with her she's
Nothing but smiles and.

Lovey-dovey and awesome.

Like we're in a really... we're
In a great spop spot.

I'm just trying to think of,
Like, down the road, who is.

Going to try to take me out?

The last thing I would want
To do.

Nobody's going to vote you out.

That's ridiculous.

I hope not.

I had a great conversation with
Joe at the watering hole because

I had to convince him I was with

I acted like I love him, I adore

And he was like, "All right,
Ron, I got you."

Back at kama.

Kama, kama.

Best tribe.

So he's walk around feeling
Really confident.

What he doesn't know 20 minutes
Ago I told julia, why don't you.

Go through joe's bag.

I'll keep him at the watering

I have to make sure joe
Doesn't have an idol.

Because if we lose a challenge,
I may consider voting him out.

He's too big of a threat, and
He's a challenge beast, and we.

Need to get him out as quickly
As possible because if we get to.

The merge, they could be really

Hey, julia.

You find anything?


There was nothing in there,
Nothing in his pants, nothing in.

His bag of sea shells.

I don't think he has it.

Good job.

We're probably not going to lose
A challenge when you look at how.

Strong our tribe sand if we do
Have to worry about it, we know.

That joe doesn't have an idol.

He's going to be an easy target.

You guys, the odds of that.

That's a small percent.

You take a constant, four out of
13, four out of 11.

You multiply that four times.

It's less than 1%.

I was looking at those tribes, I
Think in challenges we stack up.

Really well with those two

I think we do.

That's all we have to do.

That's all we need to do.

The good thing about being
All together on the new lesu.

Tribe is we have relationships

We trust each other.

The problem is if we don't win,
We're going to fracture real.


I wonder what wendy is
Contingent them.



Wendy was the odd duck out
And we could all really around.

That and now we're all looking
At each other.

There's no odd person out.

There's no distraction.

We just know that if we lose,
One of us is going home, and.

Thus far, we have not been good
At winning.

We should definitely get a
Fire going.


Coming to a new camp sucks.

There is no shelter.

There's very little rice.

How crazy is this?

This is insane.

Being a returning player, I
Know "Survivor" is hard.

Even the strongest person can
Break under these circumstances.

You okay?

Yeah, I just thought I was
Going to throw up for a second.

But we're good.

I think I thought coming out
Here would be super fun, and,

Like, I really underestimated
How difficult it is to not.

Expeet to not sleep.

It's a lot harder than I was
Ever expecting it to be.

I'm so hungry.

But, like, I can't eat the rice
Anymore because it just makes me.

Really nauseous.

I know, it tastes so good.

But more than, that I think
The hardest part for me is not.

Being able to talk to my family.

I really miss my mom and dad a

And it's really hard not to have
That support system that tells.

You, like, "It's okay."

Like "Everything's going to be

So you're just kind wife these,
You know, four other people that.

You kind of trust, but they're
Not your family.

They're just people that you're
Competing against.

Why don't we go down to the
Beach and I can give you the.

Grand tour.

That's perfect.

We have the entire beach.

And the beaches kind of meet
Right there.

And there's our makeshift fire

That's a clever idea.

If you guys want tree mail,
It's down that path.

There are a bunch of sharks so
This is the best place to fish.

So then... >> this is the well.


Thanks for showing us around.

It's your camp, too.

Yeah, thank you.

I am really excited about the
Tribe flop.

We have four kama with the loan

If we liewrkz we've got wendy.

She's the easy pickoff.

You've got spunk, girl.

You did.

You've got spunk.

Right on.

The I think is that's tough
Sireally like wendy.

She is very sweet and she's a
Kind heart.

Our camp was nice but we
Didn't have the views you have.


We have the views, but, like,
My tribe sucked.



I'm happy I got stuck with
You guys.

I don't care if I'm on the

They were bullies.



Who is the ring leader.

That girl is giving me
Everything about the manu tribe.

She's giving us a full rundown
Of every single player.

You don't think dave and
Kelley want to play together?

From what I've seen, I don't
Think so.

This girl is a wealth of

And these an save the.

Where are the chickens at?

Did you kill them yet?

We have two left.

We have fishing gear.

Do they lay any eggs?

They're going to start laying

You think they will start

I think so.

Chickens seem to be doing Good.

They're cute, aren't they?

Hey, chickens, no pressure
But you better start laying.

Eggs, or I'm going to eat you.

I think you just cut the head
Off, and then you boil it, I.


And then the feathers come out

Rotisserie chicken.

I genuinely like my new Tribe.

I feel really bad doing this.

I know on their agenda was to
Kill these chickens and,

Obviously, I have my own agenda.

And I finally released the

They're free!

Their lives are saved.

This is my faster plan.

I'm ecstatic.

I just have to head back now, go
To sleep and pretend, "What?"


What chickens?

I'm so happy!

It's raining, bro.

Okay, now it's coming.

Okay, now it's coming.

All you could do was just sit
There in your wetness and just.

Be angry, be mad.

Be hungry, be whatsoever.

It just sucks.

The mind is the strongest thing
You have out here, but it's also.

The most dangerous thing.

It has made me look at that
Mast, raising that mast is a.

Complete losing solution.

Like, that mast is my food.

That mast is my burger.

It's a nice bed.

It's a hot shower.

It's a freaking dry towel.

That mast is everything.

So right now my mind is my
Freaking best friend, but also.

My worst enemy.

You all right?

You all right?


I needed a second.

I'm sure he thinks we're
Plotting against him.

Who cares.

Just because you cry and you
Were blindsided in the game does.

Not mean I should automatically
Feel sad for you because you did.

Not feel sad for me when you
Voted for me.

I don't need him.

He's going through the
Remorse process.

He is.

I don't want to be here.

But I am.

It's, like, voluntary torture.

I'm stuck on an island with two
People that are pissed at me.

I've got nothing but myself.

It's really hard being out here.

A lot of my fears started to
Come out.

I've got a fear of failure.

Of, need for approval.

Like, just trying to be perfect.

This perfectionist.

And, you know, all those fears

I failed.

Like, it got me voted out, this
Ideal of playing a perfect game.

Is completely shot.

So coming to terms with that.

Maybe that's a part of this
Journey, too.

My god.

My god.

Good job!

That's a win for the day.

Yeah, congratulations.

I like chris today better
Than chris yesterday, right?


The real test to adaptation
Is out here.

I'm out here to get as far as I
Possibly can despite all the.

Obstacles that are being thrown
At me right now.

Thank you for lunch.

This is amazing.

We're so hungry.


Thank you for being a Fisherman.

I don't know what this island
Has in store yet.

Are we on a tribe?

Are we going against each other?

Time will tell.

So I'm just going to look out
For them as best I can and hope.

They look out for me.

We're kind of a strange family
Out here.

It's a lizard.

Dude, get that away from me.

Watch out, it's coming to get

I swear to god, dude.

I will drop-kick you.

That is lame, freaking lame.

In the morning, chickens are

To me it seems like there's only
One person here to doesn't want.

To see the chicken, wendy.

It's possible wendy let the
Chickens go.

She's like, "They're going to
Kill them."

I'm going to let them go.

Chickens, I just think it's a
Soft spot in wendy's heart.

But if I catch one, it's not
Going back in the coop.

It's going under the machete.

It's crazy.

She... Serious?

That's not cool.

That's not cool, chickens!

So what do you guys want to do

What if we just... let's try.

To catch it.


Well, wendy, you're making ma
This tough.

Please, guys.

That would be worse than me
Going to tribal council.

Girl, you set free breakfast,
Lunch, and dinner.

Like, I'm still 100% all for
Killing the chickens.

I do not care if wendy cries
Herself to sleep at night.

Please, guys, you're my best

You're my tribemates.

She kind of went nuts.

You'd rather get voted out than
See a chicken die?

That's bizarre.

That's not someone you can

That's someone you vote out.

Come on in, guys!

Come on in, guys!

All right, shall we
Get to today's immunity.



First things first,
Julia, I got to take it back.

Once again, immunity is back up
For grabs.

And today, two tribes will win

Two tribes will be safe at the.


Let's get to it.

For today's challenge, you're
Going to race over a series of.

A-frames while carrying coils of

You'll then use that rope to
Pull a heavy crate to the.


Use the pieces inside the crate
To solve a puzzle.

First two tribes to solve the
Puzzle, win immunity, safe from.

Tribal council, losers, somebody
Will be the fourth person voted.

Out of this game.

All right, give you a minute to

We'll get started.

All right, day 11, on
"Survivor," rain coming down in


Here we go.

For immunity, survivors ready?


You gotta get up and over that

It's siply, it's slippery.

Everybody slides down For lesu.

Quickly, erik and gavin are up
For manu.

They pull up victoria.

They're pulling up wendy.

Joe gets up now for kama.

There goes lauren trying to get

I can't!

It is manu in the Early lead.

Grab the rope, pull.

Yes, yes, you got it.

I got you.

David trying to get Up.

Kama's good.

Lesu falling behind now.

Manu now working on that second

Get the rope!

Get the rope!

Get the rope!

It is lawreb first up for lesu.

She uses the rope to pull up

That rain has made the wall very

Want to help each snrg.

Joe now going to use
Himself as a human ladder.

Go, go, go, go!

Finally lesu has Everybody up.

Kama making a human ladder.

This is what you do on

Working together as a tribe to
Solve a problem.

I can't reach.

Ron on julia's shoulders.

And here comes aubry.

The entire tribe is a human

Good job, aubry!

Everybody struggling
To get to the top.

David gets to the top for lesu.

There goes gavin, now.

Julie now gets to the top.

There goes wentworth.

You're good, manu!

Get the rope!

Would go sup, and joe is up.

Everybody comes down at once.

Second phase of this challenge

You've got to attach your three
Coils of rope.

Go, go, go!

You're going to use
This now to pull that crate.

Once your rope's together, you
Can start pulling.

One, two, three!

Manu has their rope Together.

Manu starting to pull.

There goes kama now.

Lesu now has their ropes

They're in on it.

All three tribes fighting for
Immunity on day 11 in "Survivor".

Edge of extinction"!

One, two, three!

Kama's first there.

Manu's there.

You're good!

One, two, three!

Big pull by lesu.

You're good, lesu!

Now you have to start untying
Knots to get that top off.

Then untie knots to get the
Puzzle pieces free.

Great communication from

Everybody calm and talking.

Manu right on their tail.

Lesu is right behind.

Put them all in.

It will be joe and
Ron on the puzzle for kama.

Erik and aubry on the puzzle for

Here comes lesu with their
Puzzle pieces.

And it's going to be wentworth
And david on the puzzle for.


Now you can start solving.

Grab that... ron, grab that

It's a slow,
Methodical process as you begin.

To figure out when pieces need
To move where.

There are two dragons.

That's right.

One at a time.

This is where
Communication will be essential.

Right to left.

Up to the make sure
You're making complementary.


Yes, joe.

You will know you're
Making progress as you start to.

See these symbols start

See the open space, the one
On the left?

That has to match iewp.

No, switch those.

Aubry going to swap Out.

Here comes wendy now for manu.

It's erik and wendy.

Good job, guys!

Good job, guys!

Ron and joe have a
Lot of momentum now.

The one on the end of the
Dragon is not correct.

Wendy is coming in
Moving a lot of piece.

David and wentworth still
Studying, trying to figure out.

Which moves to make.

That's right.

The one in your left hand is

Good job, guys.

Maem thinks they have It.

And they do!

Kama wins immunity.

We're looking for one more.

Another one at a time.

One at a time.

Come omanu!

Come on, manu!

It is manu and lesu Now.

Let's go, ma tue.

You got this.

Erik and wendy
Quickly moving pieces down.

They think they were just off a
Little bit.

Yes, yes.

Are you sure on this?

Wentworth quickly Moving.

David moving pieces.

Who will get there first.

Is that right?

Is that right, guys?



Manu thinks they have It.

Manu wins immunity.

Safe from tribal, sending lesu
To tribal council, where the.

Fourth person will be voted out
Of this game.

Good try.

Good work.

Kama, Congratulations.

Immunity is yours.

Kama remains undefeated in
Immunity challenges.

Manu, your first immunity win.

New tribe makeup, same tribe

Maybe that's the difference.

Kama, manu, grab wur stuff.

Head back to camp.

No tribal council.

Nobody going home.

Thank you, jeff.

Thank you, jeff.

Lesu, first challenge
As a new tribe.

First loss.

See you tonight at tribal where
Somebody will be the fourth.

"Edge of extinction."

Grab your stuff.

Head back to camp.

This tribe is so bad.

We're like the cleveland brown

Like, we can't get anything

I feel like I'm, honestly, in a

This is a group of five people
That has been voting together,

And now we're, like, cutting out
One of the family.

It's horrible.

We're not very good at

Lesu proves to be as good at
Losing as manu.

And now we have to cannibalize

Someone is going home.

On the one hand it was really
Great swapping with all you.


But on the other hand, now, here
We are.

This is when it would be nice
To have one common person to.

Vote out.

It would be.

It really sucks.

You build these relationships
And you think they're going to.

Be the relationships that propel
You forward in the game, and.

Then we end up in a position
Where the people we trust the.

Most, we've got to turn on.

Listen, I'm not going to
Write your name down no matter.

What, like...

I'm not going to write your
Name down no matter what.

That's a promise.


Iauren has been not eating.

She hasn't eaten in three days.

She threw up what she had eaten
Today, this morning.

I don't know if you know that.

We love lauren.

But she's not eating.

We're not going to be strong.

Wentworth is the person I
Want out of this game for sure,

But the timing just isn't right.

Yeah, 100%.

Within the first three days.

I have no evidence to back this
Up, but I'm 100% convinced that.

Wentworth has a hidden immunity

I know wentworth's game.

She always starts looking for
The idol on day one.

And so I think best-case
Scenario tonight is that the.

Vote goes towards lauren.

All in on lauren.

All in on lauren.


What do you think?

I don't know.

I know, I know.

But I want to vote with you.

Yeah, I want to vote with
You, too.

Going into this tribal, I
Feel like my life in this game.

Is the line.

I'm worried they will think I'm
The weakest.

Even though I don't think I am.

I think not eating gives this
Perception of, "That's a."

Reason to vote her out."

I was a collegiate athlete.

I played division one soccer for
Four years and I'm a strong.

Player and I don't think people
Know it.

I think it's more likely that
Wick switches.

I think so, too.

I think rick has the ability
To go to the other tribe...

and schmooze his way in.

I think I have a little bit
Of stability because I have the.

Idol but that's stressful, too,
Because I want to bring the idol.

To the merge.

I think he will be with us.

I think he will be with us, Too.

So what do we think?

I'm writing down what you and
Lauren want to write down?

You and lauren are really Tight.

She needs to start eating,

I know, I know.

Wardog is in control of this

I think he does want to work
With me.

My fear is he could use david
And gavin to vote out lauren

and he might be more
Susceptible to throw us under.

The bus at the merge.

Wardog is really hard to Read.

I think he's trying to play
"Survivor" like poker, so I.

Don't know if he's telling the

I know he's not just having a
Conversation with me.

There's no way.

Where's your head at?

I'm torn.

The only thing I would think
Is, like, lauren is not even.


She hasn't eaten for days.

I like rick a lot, and so
It's sad.

And I feel like he can easily
Talk himself into anything at.

The merge.

And out of... like, I don't think
He would stay true to us.

No one's brand is more
Loyalty than me.

That's my brand.

So lauren's weak, I'm loyal.

That's just my pitch, man.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

After being able to talk to each
Person individually, it's.

Obvious that I'm in a classic
Swing vote spot, and I love it.

I'm built for this game.

Whether it was being in the
Army, whether it was playing.

Poker, whether now law school,
I'm always thinking, always.

Going through options, never
Closing doors.

And that's what I'm doing now.

I'm going to take 15-20 minutes
Of wardog time to think.

The tribe say tight-knit group
But it's no longer about the.

Tribe now.

It's about wardog.

And I need a dance partner.

Who can get wardog closer to
Winning $1 million.

I will mark day 11, our last
Day together as a happy family.

God, this is awful.

Sometimes you just have to go
With your instinct, go with your.

Different skill sets, your
Tools, blend them all together.

In the blender and see what
Color comes out and that's what

I'm doing right now.

Me a news report about what's
Going on with this tribe?


Love in tribal council, but will
It last?

Good evening, I'm rick devens.

"This may be my last report."

What's good right now
About this tribe?

We love each other.

We love each other.

There's a lot of mutual respect.

And that's it.

Everything else is just crap
Right now.

Wardog, literally,
That's it... affection for each.

Other is the only good thing
Happening right now?

And respect.

Two things.

Two things.

And everything else is a mess.

You see in challenges, we're a

Our new camp is a mess.

Lauren, what's up
With the new camp?

There's limited amount of Food.

There's limited amount of

And building an entire new
Shelter with only five people is.


I mean, it was exhausting with
Nine people.

So it's really bad.

Wentworth, there's a
Lot to be said for having played.

Before, some advantages come
With that.

Does that help at all when it's
Raining and you're sleeping in.

The sand?

Or is it the same for everybody?

It's the same for everybody.

I mean, I went through the
Ringer in cambodia.

And then when I'm here with this
Tribe and we're going through it.

Together, I'm instantly put back

I'm going to get emotional just
Thinking about it because it's,

Like... I feel like everything is
Just piling up today.

How so?

We're just so close.

It sounds ridiculous because
We're all strangers.

But... We've been through a lot
Together already, and I just...

Tonight is just really hard.


I'm just a little sad tonight.

Devens are you
Surprised how fast you can form.

A family with people you might
Never even meet in life.


It is crazy.

We've been out here 11 days, and
I love these people.

Like, even if I was voted out
Tonight, I would love these.


That's not too inspire you to do

But we feel like the whole
World's against us.

We're losing to these two tribes
Who are yelling and cheering.

Each other on, and the only
Thing we have is each other.

Wardog, what is it
About this adventure that even.

On your worst nights, you're
Still smiling?

For me, I feel like this is
The game of games.

And now that I'm actually in ti
Realize how complex the game.

Is... all the relationships, the
Challenges, the duplicity of.

Everything that's going on.

And then there's the actual
Survival part which tests all.

Your skills... your physical,
Your mental, your emotional.

I love it.

I'm in an adventure and it's the
Ultimate competition.

Devens, it's really
Interesting, everybody was.

Smiling at some point while
Wardog was talking.

What were you thinking about as
He was explaining why he's here?

In my regular life, I can be
Complacent, you know.

News is so competitive, and
Everyone wants to move up to the.

Biggest markets.

But there's also, like, fear of
Rejection, not wanting to take.

That risk.

And then you come out here and
It's like you send the biggest.

Risk you could do.

And you're, like, "I don't want
To go home right now."

I'm here to play."

And you prove something to

And you hope you can take that
Home with you.

David, you were
Really open the first time you.

Played about fearing rejection
From the world, if you were even.

Worthy to be on a tribe.


And what they realize or don't
Realize yet is there are things.

To be found in this experience
That are worth more than the.

Million dollars that's at the
End of it.

My life is way better for this
Experience, judging vuft played.

It once, than it would have been
Had I not played it at all.

I thought I just wanted to play

I wasn't until I got inside it
That I needed to play it.

And that is why
Everyone of you wants to play.

The stakes are so hard, and
That's why it's so hard and.

Winning is so glorious.

And yet, lauren, the game
Demands that somebody get their.

Torch snuffed moments from now.

Tonight is extremely hard.

We respect each other a lot.

This tribal is not going to be

It's not going to be hateful.

It's not going to be something
That tears another person down.

But there are going to be lines
Drawn because in a five-person.

Tribe, a 3-2 majority can turn
To a 2-3 minority really fast.

Jeff, the whole feeling for
Me is different than the first.

Three tribals.

The first three tribals had a
Reason behind.

There was games manship.

The tribal tonight, if it's not
Me, it's one of my four family.

Members here.

If my torch is snuffed, I have
No hard feelings, and if it's.

One of these four, I hope they
Have no hard feelings against.


A game is a game.

I have to say this is one of
The most emotional incredible.

Tribal... it is the most
Emotional incredible tribal I've.

Been to.



And I've been to a lot of them.

It does feel special in a
Very sad way.

All right, it is time To vote.

David you're up.

David you're up.

You're such a terrific
Person, but not the not eating.

Worries me about you and about
Our chances and challenges.

I'm so sorry.

I hate this vote so much.

I hate this vote so much.

I'll go tally the Votes.

If anybody has a
Hidden immunity idol and you.

Want to play it, now would be
The time to do so.


I'll read the votes.

First vote, lauren.


One vote lauren, one vote rick.


That's two votes lauren, one
Vote rick.


We're tied... two votes lauren,
Two votes rick, one vote left.

Fourth person voted out of
"Survivor Edge of extinction,"

Rick devins.

You need to bring me your torch.

Dude, I'm sorry.

It's all good.

See you later, brother.

Devens, the tribe has Spoken.

I take it all back.

You guys are the worst.

I love you guys.

Go win something.

We love you.

I'm rooting for you.

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From our next episode.

Next time on "Survivor."

A diabolical plan.

Wardog say crazy man.

And a ray of light.

Me, you, wendy, get rid of Erik.

I was psyched to hear her say

Can push you over the Edge.

Hurry up.

My god!

We're on the edge of
Extinction, but we're not out of.

The game.

I had already been picturing
Myself eating a burger as I left.

Tribal but holy crap, I'm stim
Stillin this.

I guess I'm going to do my best
To ingratiate myself to these.

People who hate me.

There could be a lot of anger.

Man, you are not in good
Grace here, sweetheart.

This is going to be wild.