Survivor (2000–…): Season 38, Episode 3 - Betrayals Are Going to Get Exposed - full transcript

Teamwork is the key to success in an all-new immunity challenge. Also, two castaways attempt to get along while trying to survive on the "Edge of Extinction."

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Previously on "Survivor"

At the karma tribe all eyes were
On the returning players.

They've had their moment to

It's our chance.

Joe and I are under a
Magnifying glass.

Another returning
Player was being targeted.

I'm all about blindsiding

I think that's a great idea.

And chris wanted to
Bring in war dog.

Now would be a really good
Time to make a move on.


But war dog had his Own agenda.

It's got to be keith.

How is keith in the game
Helping the war dog out?

And the answer is, he is not.

At tribal council,
Keith was voted out.

Keith, the tribe has spoken.


And had a decision to Make.

My god.

Go home or grab the
Torch and go to the edge of.


Come on, god.

Come on.

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They sent you away!




I'm so sorry.

No, dude.

I'm sorry.

Don't be sorry.

This is insane.

This is actually insane.

I'm scared out of my mind.

It's dark.

It's freaking dark.

You literally cannot see in
Front of you.

Keith, it's rough out here.

I'm going to tell you straight

It's really rough out here.

I haven't eaten in days, man.

Are you serious?


I definitely want to get
Sleep tonight.

It's an emotional roller
Coaster out here.

And knowing all of that, I feel
Now responsible for keith.

I definitely want to get some

There is no food here.

You gotta get it yourself.

I was ready to raise that mast,
But now, I'm in that "Motherly".

Role and I hate to leave him

I have to stay to make sure he's

I have to stay to make sure he's

There's something.

Ing this' up.

There's new things.

My god!

"Keith" and "Reem."

this freaking game, bro.


It's a map.




It says that there's these

I have no idea where they are,
Which is interesting because

I've kind of scoured this beach,
I thought.

But I didn't see anything.

I mean, granted, this island is

It's exhausting.

Do you see anything?


There's no step paths.

My god!

I don't know how far I need
To go or if I'm just wandering.


It's difficult because this
Island is huge.

But then, I see the steps.

We're at the steps.

Are we?

Without a doubt.

Probli'm tired.

Something's in there.

It's rice!

Thank god!



My god.

This is hardly any rice.

My god.

Damn it!

That freaking note says, "You
Have to work hard for everyth."


We have to do this every day.

Apparently, every time we've got
To climb up mount everest to.

Find a little bit of rice.

This sucks!

Come on in, guys!

Kama getting your first look at
The new manu tribe.

Keith voted out at the last
Tribal council.

All right, for today's
Challenge, you're going to race.

To assemble a wheelbarrow.

You'll push is through a series
Of obstacles collecting.


You'll then dump the sandbags
Into a trough, take the.

Wheelbarrow apart, and use the
Pieces to build a slickshot.

You'll use the slingshot to fire
Sandbacks at targets.

The first tribe to knock down
All four targets wins reward.

You want to know what you're
Playing for?


Once again you have a Choice.



You got it.



I love chickens.

Three hens, one Rooster.

Big choice.

Cam aykama, you have two extra p
Sitting two out.

Who is it going to be?

Everybody else gets a minute to

We'll get started.

It's going to be fun.

All right, here we go.

For reward.

Survivors ready?


The first thing you.

Have to do is assemble the

That's going to take team work,
Good communication.

Manu quickly working together to
Get the wheel and the axle in.

Kama now has their wheel in.

David guiding them.

Keep going!

Let's go!

It's manu out of the Gate first.

The trib who has yet to win a
Challenge this season.

This thing is heavy.

Kama now right on Their tail.

It is erik, julie, and joe for

It is david, devon, and war dog
For manu.

Get out of here!

Back up, guys!


You've got to get in There!

There you go!

Now you're good!

Now you're untying knots trying
To release that first batch of.


Kama untied their knots a lot

Kama is now in the lead.

Manu now has their sandbags.

They're trying get out of here.

You got it?

Erik, julie, and joe
Doing a nice job of maneuvering.

Their wheelbarrow.

It is heavy.

It is awkward.

Nothing about it is easy.

Kama now wheeling into that
Second batch of sandbags.

You're good.

Devon, david, and war dog doing
Everything they can to get bag.


You're good!

Kama has their second batch of

Get in!

Get in!

Get in!

You have to get them
All in that truck.

You can't help.

Manu has their second batch of

You're good, kama!

The challenge now turns over to
The next four... aurora, gavin,

Julia, and victoria.

Turn it this way.

They have to take it
Apart and build a slingshot.

Manu has to toss by hand, taking
More time.

You've got to get them all in

Manu continues to struggle at
Every stage of every challenge.

You're getgood!

Get out of there, guys.

It is now a race to disassemble
The wheelbarrow and build a.


Good job.

Good job.

Kama struggling to Get it in.

Something is not lining up.

And here comes manu now.

You will know when it's in.

It will seat very nicely.

Manu's goes right in.

You're good!

It is now manu in the lead.

Kama struggling it get this
Slingshot to line up.

Now they're good.

Once again, chris is in the hero

Can he get it done this time?

And he does.

Manu has their first.

It's going to be gavin for kama
And chris for manu.

There are four targets.

You've got to knock down all

Gavin just misses.

Chris hits the second target for

Manu has half their targets
Down, only two lift.

Gavin going to step out.

Here comes julia to give it a

Big reward on the line.

Julia knocks the first target
Down for kama.

She's going to go again.

It is 2-1.

You got it.

Chris back.

And he's got the third target.

One target left.

One more!

Julie just misses on The second.

Chris could win it right here.

Love it, chris, love it.

Chris, don't mis.

And he does!

Manu wins reward, their first
Challenge of the season!

Good job, everybody.

We needed that win.

Manu, first win of The season.

It's a big one.

What's it going to be, comfort
Or chickens?



All right, manu,
Chickens will be waiting for you.

Back at camp.

Grab your stuff, head back to
Camp, and enjoy your best.


Cam ai got nothing for you.

Grab your stuff.

Head back to camp.

Thanks, jeff.

We should be happy.

It's our first win.

But suddenly, my ankle started
Throbbing when I was leaving the.

Challenge, and I looked down and
It was really tender, and it.

Started looking swollen, and now
I can't even move it.

It keeps getting worse.

I don't care.

Just drop me wherever.

In the second part of the
Challenge we had to disassemble.

The wheelbarrow and I lifted up
A pin and it fell on my ankle.

I was so focused on the
Challenge I thought I'll worry.

About it later.

It hurt and I just pulled my
Foot out, and I got the wheel.

Out, and we ran to finish.

And I didn't notice.

It was hurting but not this bad.

As I'm walking to camp, I guess
I calmed down or something, and.

It just started throbbing and
Progressively got worse and.


And I'm just, like, worried
Because I've never broken.


I don't know.

Like, I just eye just don't want
This to be serious.

Seriously, if you need
Anything, call us.

We'll grab it for you.


Let's give her some space.

I would like to look at our
Beautiful chickens.

My god!

No, he's going to be dead.

The chickens, we can eat the
Chickens before our most.

Important immunity challenge.

I'm so pumped.

Rotisserie chicken sounds
Amazing, doesn't it?

All I have to do is sit here
In pain and listen to what.

They're going to do to these
Chickens and it's so upsetting.

I'm just like, poor chickens.

What did they do to the players?

Like, the players signed up for
The game not the chickens.

So why should they be penalized.

It takes a couple of hours to
Kill it, pluck it.

Who is killing the chicken?


There's no way I'm killing

If they're going to lay eggs,
That's awesome, that's why we.

Shouldn't kill them all.

Coming into this game, I
Always said, if my tribe were to.

Win chickens, I would release
The chickens.

But how... how would I be able to
Do it with this busted ankle.

I think they're going to get
At least one.

Not today.

Did the chickens do?

You eat chicken back home,
Though, right?

We're bleeding heart hypocrites.

These chickens don't deserve
To die.

I'm with you.

Convince them not to kill the
Chickens then to prove it.

I'm not I setting the chicken

I wouldn't tell on you.

But I think it would come back
To haunt you.

I need an accomplice.

I... I count my out.

Count me out.

It was probably the most
Surprising part of my game so.

Far when wendy asked me to be an
Accomplice in a jail break.

She wants to set chickens free.

She's literally willing to
Sacrifice her entire game of.

"Survivor" to save these

I don't think I've ever met
Anyone like wend pep she's a.

Lovable, emotional nut.

We lost the reward challenge
Today, which kind of sucks.

But we haven't lost an immunity
Challenge yet.

We haven't had to go to tribal

And that's way more important.

You were so great.

They got lucky.


We're all still here.

That's all that matters.

Let's rest tonight and let's
Crush them tomorrow.

I have found myself in a
Group of six... me, julie, julia,

Gavin, ron, and erik.

Which makes a lot of sense
Because there's a general.

Feeling on the tribe that
Returning players have played.


They've had their shot.

This is our first chance, and we
Should get to play before they.


Joe and aubry are a target, and
Aurora is the only one who seems

1,000% on board with the
Returning players.

So if we were to lose the next
Immunity and we had to go to.

Tribal I think one of them's got
To go.

Hoare you feeling about


If we lose a challenge?

I feel like if we lose, we've
Got six of us.

It's a matter of deciding which
One of the three you want to.

Vote out.

In joe and aubry kind of come
As a pair.

They do.

What do we do?

You and aubry are a pair?

I mean, we are kind of on the
Bottom of the barrel.

I don't think there is a Barrel.

I mean overall like, you
Know, what I mean.

Of all the people playing in the

My god.

Joe is over there, and I had no

You guys feel good?

I mean, obviously, we can tell
That you guys are all kind of.

Talking amongst yourselves and
Trying to figure it out, and me.

And her, we're getting nervous.

I feel like I just can't get a
Read on victoria and ron because.

You ask them kind of what
They're thinking, and they only.

Give you nothing.

So I have a funny feeling that I
Might be on the chopping block.

So do you guys feel good?



I mean, it's very clear.

Yeah, I got super weird Vibes?



I think joe is looking for
Redemption, just like I am, and.

We are scared coming into this
New group of players.

I guess this is the point in
The game now where...

at least we're seeing what
People's true colors are.

I think returnees are an easy

So I feel like I do need the

I'm looking for the idol.

I'm looking high, low, in trees.

I dig up around tree mail,
Digging on the side of the path.

Looking in trees.

I mean, it's something I've
Dreamed about my entire.

"Survivor" experience.

I feel like it's in here.

I've done nearly everything in
"Survivor," except win and get a.

Hidden immunity idol.

And I know how hard it is to
Win, and I'm here to win.

But first I need to check one
More thing off my "Survivor".


I want every experience on
"Survivor," and that's one I.

Haven't had.

So I keep looking.

There's something here.

Anything I can see to find the

Can the congratulations!

"You have found the hidden
Immunity idol."

I find the idol, and I break
Down in tears.

I never... I never thought I'd
Find one.

And I've been through so much in
"Survivor," and this is.

Something that I haven't gotten

I'm so proud of myself.

It's worth the effort to work
Through the struggle.

And I love this game so much.

I'm going to make it work for

All creatures scerve to live.

Do you eat meat at all?

If you were to kill the
Animal, I wouldn't.

You can eat it from the store
But you wouldn't if somebody.

Else did it.

They're dead already, but
They're actually treated worse.

We need to try to win this
Game, and to win this game we.

Need strength.

Wendy is losing her mind.

Back home she eats chicken and
Pork and meat and all that.

She's like, "I know I'm

I said, "Absolutely right,
You're hip kittal."

but we're not.

If you can so help tyou can be a

You're going to be a vegetarian?


All right.

Even when she's on the losing
Side of an argument, she's so.

Stubborn to the point she said
She's going to be a vegetarian.

Wendy, mark my words, the minute
I find out you have one piece of.

Meat in your belly just don't
Talk to me again.

She's lost her rocker.

You want to kill it, fine.


I'll kill it.

But do not sit on your high
Horse and tell me that we can't.

Eat that chicken.

Doesn't she eat chicken back

Chicken you eat at home comes
From a worse place than here

it's ridiculous.

If this tribe loses again, I
Would want to target wendy.

Because wendy does not want to
Kill the chickens.

She had to be carried into camp
Because her ankle is so bad, and.

On top of that, I saw one vote
At tribal for me, and that was.

From wendy.

There is one thing I wanted to
Tell you guys.

At some point, people... sometime
It's better to stick together.

I don't know.

We've got four right here,

I mean, if you're coming
After me, I have to get you.

Before you get me.

It's kill or be killed.

If you come after me, like, I
Mean, watch out.

To get to today's immunity


First things first,
Julie, got to take back the.


We noticed.

Watch out.

Once again, immunity
Is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge, three
Tribe members will be in a boat.

The other four tribe members
Will be tethered to the boat.

On my "Go," those four will dive
In, begin swimming and put boat.

To a tall tower.

Wowns reach the tower, the tribe
Members in the boat, will climb.

Up, leap off, and grab a key.

Once you have all three keys,
You'll use them to unlock a.


Inside the chess, puzzle piece.

Use the puzzle pieces to solve a
Chip's wheel.

First tribe to spin their wheel,
Raise their flag, wins immunity,

Safe from the vote.

Losers, tribal council, where
Somebody will become the third.

"Edge of extinction."

Kama, you have two extra

You're going to sit two out.

Victoria, julia will sit out.

Give you a minute to strategize.

We'll get started.

All right, here we go.

For immunity.

Survivors ready?


Brand-new "Survivor" challenge.

Four members of each tribe will
Swim literally pulling their.

Other tribe members in a boat.

You are trying to get them to
That tower.

Come on, guys!

Let's go!

Let's go!

Good job, guys!

Out of the gate, we
Are dead even.

You're doing great!

That is what you call
Team work right there.

Wendy, even with a bad ankle,
Very good in the water.

We are neck and neck right now.

You've got to get to the ring.

That will line up the boat.

Go, go, go!


Wait, wait!

It's going to be
David heading up.

Kama is there.

There goes gavin.

Gavin has the key for kama.

He's got to get back.

David has the key for manu.

He's got to get back.

You're good!

Go, wentworth!

Gotta get in the boat.

You're good, go, Julia.

Wentworth now out on the beam
Looking for that second key.

Kelley has hers.

Julia has it.

She's in the water.

Go, lauren!

Go, go!

Manu in the lead Right now.

Lauren has the third key.


Aubry heading for her third and
Final key.

Start swimming in.

Aubry with the third key for

She's got to get back to the

You're good!


Kama trying to get back in this.

You're good, manu.

Get up!

Get up that ladder.

Let's go, guys.

Kama trying to stay Close.

Manu still in the lead now.

They have won only one challenge
This season.

Here comes kama.

Gotta get everybody here.

You're good.

Go, aubry.

It is david on the keys for

He's got that chest open.

There are three sets of pieces.

You're solving that one first.

Kama now has their chest open.

They can start working on the

The first bag are the spokes.

You have to figure out which
Pieces go together so that they.

Fit in perfectly.

This is a puzzle in the form of
A ship's wheel.

Manu won the last challenge for

They have yet to win an immunity

No, this isn't long enough,

Yes, it is.

It works.

It's all about Communication.


Where does this one go?

Kama quickly back in This.

They think they have the spokes

Good job, kama!

Come on, guys!

Kama moving on to bag
Number two.

They've got their spokes put

It's now manu who is struggling.

It's not going to work.

This one, this one!

Come on!

You look at it and you tell me
What to do.

The two veterans,
David and wentworth, struggling.

On this puzzle and they have
Given up the lead.

They are absolutely nowhere with
The spokes.

Those don't go together.

I know.

This can't go here.

Why is this on here?

Immunity on the line.

Kama has a big lead right now,
And they know it.

Kama moving on to that third and
Final section.

Where they put the handles in.

Okay, okay.

Go, go!

Manu is wrong again!


Kama thinks they have it.

For the win.


Kama wins immunity
Sending manu back to tribal.



Sorry, guys.

Puzzles are hard.

Puzzles are hard.

Kama, for the third
Straight time, immunity yours.

Nobody going home from your

Grab your stuff.

Head back to camp.

Enjoy another night off.

Once again, manu, tribal
Council, somebody will be the.

Third person voted out of this

Grab your stuff.

Head back to camp.

See you tonight at tribal.

Losing the immunity challenge
Was incredibly devastating, but

I've always been wanting to
Target wentworth, and I think.

People are going to be really
Focused on wendy.

So I have a real opportunity to
Take out wentworth.

I trust my "Survivor" instincts.

It's telling me right now target

Challenge, I'm injured, and I
Still killed it.

I feel like dithe best I could
Have done.

I'm really sorry, guys.

No, no.

I'm sorry.

You guys have nothing to be
Sorry about.

I'm bummed because I know all
Eyes are on me at the moment and

I feel like tonight I'm going

This is the lowest of low so

I just want to cook the
Chicken for us.

Are you guys okay with that?

I'm okay with it.

You don't have to convince me
To kill a chicken.

If it's up to me tonight,
They're not eating that chicken.

Ready to do that thing.

I have to find my flint.

Where is the flint?

The flint is on the...

don't do it to me, all.

Don't do it to me.

It's supposed to go there.

Dude, I'm the last one that
Started it.

And it was in that area.

You think you left it in this

I did not touch it from here.

I would wait to kill the


Where's wendy at?

She walked off.

She walked off?

Down the beach.

Do you think she took it to
Save her chicken?

No, that would be insane.

That would be psychotic.

I took their flint.

I'm sure it's around here.

Being the smatter I am, I
Thought they can't cook a.

Chicken without fire.

And they can't make a fire
Without flint.

Is there any possibility that
Webdy took it?

She was up to the camp while
We were all talking and as soon.

As we were done, she runs away.

She did actually come to Camp.

Would you mind asking her, Dude?

Should I be the one.

Just ask her.

, "Girl, do you have the flint?"
I'll go with you.

The flint, it disappeared,
And there's this theory floating.

Around that maybe wendy took it
Because she's been against us.

Cooking the chicken.

Strategy here.

Approaching her.

How are you?

I'll let you approach, and
I'll just kind of... at the right.

Time I'll come in like bad cop.

Everyone is losing their mind
Because of the flint.

They're probably going to want
To vote out wendy because of the.

Chicken debate but I want to
Take out wentworth.

You may get your wish about
The chicken.

We actually can't seem to find
The flint.

You haven't seen it lying
Around, have you?

Chris had it.

Yeah, chris had it, and he
Doesn't know where he put it.

He had it this morning.

How do you feel, talking shop
A little bit about tonight.

Let's say I were to be going
Home today.

You may not go home.

What are you thinking right Now?

It would be cool to make a
Big move.

It's got to be kelley.


But ift requires some

you guys go ahead, and I'm
Sorry... don't think I'm sulking.

Wendy is absolutely the best
Smoke screen.

She has delivered on a silver
Platter, vote me out.

We'll get the fire going.

Did you find it.

She didn't take it.

She did not.


I don't, so.

Where is it.

David, it's still wendy.

Yeah, yeah.

I don't want to vote out wendy.

I think wendy is someone I can

She's loyal to me.

She'll vote with me I think
Every time.

You want to kill the chicken?


What we really want is to
Send kelley home.

Kelley wentworth needs to go

And now, it's a matter of
Pulling over chris.

What do you want to do Tonight?

I think the safest thing to
Do is wentworth.



Don't say anything to lauren or
War dog.

I think war dog would be a

I'm going to be honest with You.

I think... I really believe in my
Heart of hearts if you tell war.

Dog what we're doing tonight,
This entire thing blows apart.

Kelley is not going home.

He's in much tighter with her
Than anybody knows.

Wentworth, she's too good to
Keep around.

The problem si'm in pretty close
With war dog, and david wants it.

To be just us four.

But back home in my real life,
I'm someone who is open with.


So my biggest fear is that I
Burn bridges with some of the.

Relationships I've built out

Just to prepare for tonight.


What are you thinking?

I mean, wendy.

Is it?

What do you think?

I mean, talk to me.

Do you have another idea?

We could brainstorm now.


I think it's either going to be
Wendy or wentworth.

She plays this game kind of like
A snake, dude.

I'll go with what you want to

Wendy shouldn't obvious vote

Wendy's got a hurt ankle.

Wendy doesn't want anything to
Do with any of the chickens.

But chris approached me for the
Second time to keep options over.

To take out wentworth.

I trust wentworth more than

I decide maybe it's not wendy or

Maybe it's chris.

Chris, he's out to get you.

This guy's a problem.

I want him out.

This guy...
what votes do we have?

It's basically four-three,

I just have to get rick and
We have to keep it shush.

Tell me what rick says.

What do we do with this guy?

Get him out.

So chris is coming after me now,
Saying my name and trying.

Potentially put this plan
Together to get me out.

That's not going to work for me.

If you're coming for me, like,
You have to go.

No more wendy.

Vote chris.

Look, here's the deal, chris
Says leave open the possibility.

That maybe we take wentworth out

Did you already talk to her
About this?

I talked to her first.

I want to talk to you first.

I don't want to bring david in.

I don't want to bring wendy in.

If you're in, we both talk to
Lauren and make it happen and.

Take one of the big threats out
Of this game.


War dog wants to get chris out,
Because chris is going after.

Kelley which I'm like

I'm glad he doesn't know I've
Been going after kelley.

It would be you, me, lauren and

Yeah, four-three.

I don't want to alienate
David because, like, I do think.

He's a number for you and I.

If you're in with this plan,
I'm in with you talking to


I've been waiting all game to
Make a big move.

Apparently today is the day for
Big moves.

It sucks because now it's all
Coming to a head, and I'm.

Getting pushed into a corner
Where I'm gog have to betray.


I'm a villain now.

I've been turned into a villain.

She wasn't ever supposed to
Know her name was coming up.

And now she does.

So... >> he played himself.

We weren't going to approach

We have a lot to talk about.

My god, now it looks like
Wendy isn't even an option to.

Vote for anymore, which was a
Simple vote.

Now it's become a vote between
Wentworth and chris.

It sounds like we have our Way.

We do.

What do you think?

Wardog paint aid very pretty
Picture of kelley's loyalty.

Here she comes.


Now rick and I find
Ourselveses in the middle.

Whatever name rick and I land

I've been brought up to Speed.


That is who should be
Going home tonight.

David, I don't trust anybody.

On one hand it's good to vote
For wentworth, because she's the.

Person I least trust in this

But funny thing is, if I vote
Chris out, no one in the game.

Would know that I'm the one
Coming after wentworth.

No matter what, tonight's tribal
Council is going to be huge.

Secrets are going to get

Betrails are going to get

And I think nobody is gog view
Any of those betrails kindly or.


Watching at home how would you
Judge this tribe?


We have three immunities and one
Win we end up with an injured.


Don't forget about the flint.

We lost the flint in camp Today.

And arguing over the Chickens.

It was a disaster.

Lauren, what was the
Argument about the chickens?

Wendy decided that she would
Not eat a chicken if we killed.


I mean, I didn't feel like it
Was much of an argument.

It wasn't like, "I'm going to
Cause chaos if you guys kill a."


It was basically, "I don't feel

I'll step aside."

Wardog, is that your Take on it?

She eats chicken back home
With no problem.

She said, you're right.

I'm going to be a vegetarian

How is that?

It's almost like talking to

She has a lot of wardog in her.


Technically I have been
Vegetarian for eight days now,

So I'm that stubborn.

So, devens, when you
Lose one after another after.

Another, there's a point where
It might just become I have to.

Kick into game mode.

I can't worry anymore about the

The first two tribals was
Based on we need to get stronger.

And it's not working.

So you have to re-evaluate, and
I think a lot of people had that.

Running through their minds

Wentworth, did you
Feel a shift after today's loss,

Three this a row.

Something has to change.

We're obviously doing
Something long and it's coming.

Down to loyalty.

As we get smaller and smaller
And that you recall, you're.

Going to have to trust the
People you're with.

David, it's an
Interesting ideal if a tribe.

Were to give up on itself and
Lts ability to win, then.

Somebody who is slowing you down
In challenges isn't as big a.


Well, that's, I think,
Exactly what's going to happen.


So whether or not someone is a
Liability in a challenge is.


I think that tonight is really
About eliminating the biggest.

Social threat.

Wentworth, that
Seemed to get your attention.

Yeah, I mean... there could be
Multiple plans going on.

I'm not sure.


I rarely see you
Being unable to answer.

I'm trying to process what
David said.

Don't worry...
yeah, don't worry about it.

He's just talking.

Wardog, what do you make of
David's comments?

A lot of his comments kind of
Throw me a little bit off.

Balance, to be honest.

I'm sticking to my plan.

And I think cohesion is the best
Way forward.

Wendy, when you hear
This comment from david, does it.

Make gu, "Maybe there's more
Game afoot?"

honestly, whatever happens in
Tribal council, I always feel.

Like the tribe is a pyramid of
Different layers and I'm right.

At the bottom.

I'm just extracting all my
Information from what's.

Happening right now.


Devens, this is fascinating!

A tribe that seems to have
Nothing going on but loss after.

Loss after loss right now seems
To be playing a very complex,

Layered game, only eight days

I hope this can be our
Advantage because kama hasn't.

Done any of this, and we have
Three days of pure strategy.

Under our belt right now so
We're playing a much more.

Developed game.

I think just coming out here,
You don't realize how good these.

Players are.

Like, these are real

These are real relationships.

These are real people.

And that's something that you
Can't feel back home.

All right, it is time To vote.

Lauren, you're up.

I'll go tally the Votes.

If anybody has a
Hidden immunity idol and you.

Want to play it, now would be
The time to do so.


I'll read the votes.

First vote,




That's two votes wentworth.


We're tied, two votes wentworth,
Two votes chris.


That's three votes chris, two
Votes wentworth.

Third person voted out of


That's four.

That's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

Chris, the tribe has Spoken.

Time for you to go.

Time for you to go.

Screw those guys. I'm getting
Back in the boat.

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From our next episode.

Next time on "Survivor"

You can fly the coop...
I finally did my plan of.

Releasing the chickens!

But you can't escape A twist.

Everybody, drop your buffs.

Now we have to cannibalize

We are switching from
Two tribes to three tribes.

It's a whole new dynamic now.

I just got lied to my face.

Tomorrow it's going to be
Motivation and refocus.

Tonight it's painful.

Something in my stomach hurts.

I didn't see the blindside

This is a blindside inside of a
Blindside but it's a redeeming.


I've been given a second chance
And I'm going to mieskt of it.

Screw those guys.

I'm coming back for you.