Survivor (2000–…): Season 35, Episode 4 - I Don't Like Having Snakes Around - full transcript

Tribes drop their buffs and switch things up, and one castaway rubs their new tribe the wrong way right before an explosive tribal council.

Jeff: Previously on
"survivor," at the hero tribe,

Chrissy was running the show
with Ben.

We're in the prime position.

Jeff: While Ashley and Alan
were butting heads.

Are we strong or not?

Dude, you are tripping.

Jeff: At the healer tribe,
Jessica and Cole were loving

life and sharing secrets.

Joe has the idol.

Jeff: At the hustler tribe,
Patrick and Lauren went after

each other.

I'm assuming you'll try to
vote me out tonight.

Jeff: And at tribal
council, Patrick lost the


Patrick, the tribe has spoken.

15 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

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Jeff: Come on in, guys!

Heroes and healers getting your
first look at the new hustler


Patrick voted out at the last
tribal council.

All right.

You guys ready to get to it?


Jeff: Everybody, drop your


Jeff: We're switching


Oh, my god.

Jeff: I'm going to hand you

It's day nine, and we were
all starting to get a little bit

comfortable, but when Jeff says,
"drop your buff," all of that

gets erased, and it's a
brand-new game.

Drew: All right.

Shall we?

Everybody reveal.

Once you find your color, take a
spot on the mat.

Bring you stuff with you and say
hello to your new tribe mates.

Oh, my god.

Bye, guys.

I instantly looked over at
Cole and saw that I had a red

buff and he had a red buff, too.

My palms were sweating, my heart
was racing.

It was awesome.

Welcome, Ryan.

Jeff: Wow.

Big mix-up.

Let's start with our first

We have two heroes together with
Ashley and Alan, two healers

withydesi and Joe, and one
hustler with Devon.

Desi, what do you make of this
new tribe?

Looking around, I don't think
we fared too badly.

The swapped worked out really
well for me.

We have three of the strongest
men, and Ashley I know is a

super strong swimmer.

I think we're in a great

Physically I don't think there's
a reason we couldn't dominate.

Jeff: Okay, next group, we
have two hustlers with Ryan and

Ali, two heroes, Chrissy and
j.P., roark, you're the odd

person out on this tribe.

Concerns or is that a

I think it's fair to say

I just don't know.

I'm excited to introduce these
people to the beach.

I hope we can all be friends.

Jeff: Go to our last tribe.

We have three healers with
Jessica, Dr. Mike, and Cole, one

hustler with Lauren, one hero
with Ben.

Ben, what does this feel like,
because you were on a dominant

tribe doing very well.

Now you're a lone soldier out
here with a group of new people.

Yes, sir.

It looks pretty bad for me, and
what was you name again?



We walked over here.

Open arms.

They gave us all hugs.

I think we'll do all right.

Being split up from Chrissy,
that's a shot in the foot.

Things were well-oiled and
greased and we were moving.

I'm going to have to put some
work inch I'm not just going to

roll over and die, but my odds
at this point are real low to

move forward.

I'm scared.

Jeff: All right.

We have three new tribes.

The big question is how well
will you work together?

Why not right now for your first
reward challenge.

Are you ready?

Let's do it, Jeff.

Jeff: For today's
challenge, three members of each

tribe will be attached to a
braided rope.

On my go you'll work together to
untangle that rope.

Once you're completely
separated, you'll use the rope

to hook a sled and pull it back
to you where the two remaining

tribe members will use the
pieces on top to solve an

upright puzzle.

Want to know what you're playing


Jeff: Peanut butter and
jelly banana.

I knew it!

I knew it!

Jeff: Peanut butter and

jelly sandwiches to eat right
away, and enough peanut butter,

jelly, and bread to make
sandwiches for a while, plus an

individual back of potato chips
for each player.

One more thing, this is a
winner-take-all challenge.

No second place.

Take a minute to strategize.

We'll get started.

All right.

Here we go.

First reward challenge as a new

Survivors ready?


Let's go, guys.

Jeff: Lots of new groups.

We have Alan and Ashley who have
worked together but don't know


For soko we have Ryan, roark,
and j.P.

Nobody knows anybody.

And we have Cole, Ben, and
Lauren, where nobody knows


So the first stage of this
challenge is going to come down

to how well groups of strangers
can learn to communicate very


Me over you?

Step over.

Nope, nope, nope, nope.

Jeff: Lots of talk with

Okay, okay.

Jeff: Ben, Lauren, and Cole
are moving faster by the second.

They've really got a rhythm

Now you got to get over and

Now the yow oo tribe in red in
the early lead.

Guys, you're ahead.

Jeff: The soko tribe in
yellow trying to catch up.

They're free.

Now you have to get over and

Joe, Alan, and Ashley struggle.

Pop over to the other side,

On the right side.

Jeff: Roark launches
herself over.

Ben throws himself over.

Everybody getting physical now
on "survivor."

Good job, good job, one more

Jeff: Moving on to the
third and final section.

Soko is moving on to this third
phase of the untangling.

It is still yowa in the lead.

J.P., roark, and Ryan doing a
great job of working together,

slowly catching yowa.

You're almost there.

You're almost there.

Come on!

Jeff: And once again Alan,
Ashley, and Joe struggle to get

a rhythm.

All right.

You got to move a little bit

Jeff: It's j.P. And Ben
side by side trying to get over

that last bit of rope.

J.P. Launching himself.

Go one person.

Soko now in the lead.

Now you're trying to hook that

Ben is over now.

Red can go.

You did all this work to
untangle the rope.

Now you're going to use it to
bring those pieces to the two

remaining tribe members.

Alan, Joe, and Ashley are

Nothing easy about this

All tangled up with the rope

All that effort and we are now
back to even.

Yowa lassos it.

They are back in the lead now.

This is heavy, and it's taking
three people a lot of effort.

You're good.

Take over, puzzle solvers.

Jessica and Dr. Mike working on
that puzzle while j.P. Continues

the try the hook the sled for

Alan now in for levu.

It is an upright puzzle, not
easy to solve.

Jessica and Dr. Mike have been
together in this game from day


It would same they would have an
advantage in terms of


Focus on the end.

Jeff: J.P. Launches and he
has it.

You got to pull.

It is heavy.


On three, one, two, three!

Jeff: Ryan giving
everything he.

Can it requires all their

One, two, three, pull!

Jeff: You're good.

Go, puzzle solvers.

You guys are done.

It's now Chrissy and Ali quickly
trying to make up ground.

Alan now feeling the pressure.

They have no shot without those
puzzle pieces.

Can't get it to hook.

Jessica and Dr. Mike have a big
time advantage.

But Chrissy and Ali are not
messing around.

They don't know each other, but
they're working together


Move this, move this, and
move this.

Jeff: Yowa continues to
move forward.

I'm getting it.

Jeff: Alan falls short

Is this a sign of the new levu

Do you want somebody else to

Let me get one more.

Jeff: Jessica and Dr. Mike
continue to make progress as

Mike smashes Jessica's fingers.

I'm sorry.

Jeff: It would be a huge
comeback for soko if they could

pull this out.

Dr. Mike and Jessica arguing.

Ali and Chrissy are working
together trying to close that


That's it, that's it.

Jeff: Dr. Mike makes a

We have it.

Jeff: Jessica makes another

Is this right?

This would be a huge reward,
biggest of the season.

They think they have it, and
they do!

Yowa wins reward!

Peanut butter and jelly bonanza.

Yowa, congratulation, nice way
to welcome in a new tribe.

Big reward.

Grab your stuff, head back to
camp, enjoy the afternoon.

Oh, my gosh.

Jeff: Soko, levu, got
nothing for you.

Grab your stuff, head back to
camp, spend the afternoon

getting to know each other.

Now that the heroes and the
healers and the hustlers are all

switched up, the game has
stepped up a level.

You have to perform.


This is awesome.

First initial impression of
this tribe swap, there's a

little bit of comfort in our
tribe knowing that we work well

together and won that pb&j.

But three healers, one hustler,
and a hero, that's target pinned

right on my tail.

So I have to earn respect around
here and gain trust to keep my

butt in the game.

Obviously us three know each
other pretty well.

My name is Cole.

I'm from Arkansas originally.

But I've been living in Wyoming.

The whole tribe is getting to
know each other.

I look in my chip bag and I see
to my surprise the word "secret


It looked like a big chip.

I almost just ate it.

I'm like, well, that would have
been awful.

I probably stared at it a little
too wrong.

And then I realized.

Jessica, you're staring at your
chips too long.

And so then I rolled it up until
I can get a better read of it.

Chrissy seems so nice.

Chrissy is really nice.

And Alan looks like he can be
a hothead.



Right now I feel like I have
a. Of power.

I have the opportunity to block
another player's vote at the

next tribal council.

"If you win immunity and do not
go to tribal council, you must

send this to someone on the
losing tribe."

Oh, my goodness.

I can only imagine what kind of
chaos this could cause when it's

actually used.

So I feel lucky that I found it.

Somebody's angel.

Here you go, my friend.

Hey, I found a secret advantage
in my chip bag.



Long story short, if we go the
tribal council, I can block

someone's vote so it doesn't

But it has to be used as the
next tribal council.

Jessica just gave me a huge
piece of knowledge.

Knowledge is power in survivor,
but I shared with Jessica that

Joe had an idol.

Instantly her next reaction was
to give me a hug, kiss me on the

cheek, and say I trust you now,

I plan the use that same method
with other people.

So I'll share a secret with

Jessica has an advantage, and it
cancels out one of you all's




Jessica's secret sounds like my
olive branch.

I can extend this information
and maybe they'll see me as more

trustworthy because I've chosen
to tell them something that I

had no only gigs to...
Obligation to tell them in the

first place.

So Jessica's got an advantage in
her bag of potato chips.

How can you believe that?

Supposedly Jessica got an
advantage in the bottom of her

chip bag, which is odd that Cole
told us that.

It could be that Cole was just
telling myself and Ben to make

us believe in him, and if he is,
that's great, but I'd rather

just put my faith in my own

So I will be using your little
secret to my advantage.

I can't believe this beach.

What was your beach like?

Not like this.

Not pretty.

The new soko is myself, j.P.,
and Chrissy from the heroes.

And Ryan and Ali from the

I pretty much went from the
tribe of six healers who were

super tight to the lone healer
of soko beach.

So we only slept in here the
night it rained.

We definitely slept in our

The swap brings such act
dayty, but I'm very lucky that

Chrissy was swapped on the my
tribe because I awarded her the

super immunity idol that I found
on the boat day one, and I

ensured her she would not be the
one going home that night, so I

have an in.

I just think it's cool that
you're from jersey.

I know.

I think we'll be friends.

I think so, too.

I was glad to see you.

You know, I'll tell you
something, so I found an

advantage on day one on the
boat, okay, and that advantage

was I could save someone at the
first tribal council.

I know why you're telling me
this obviously.


Thank you.

You're welcome.

Why did you pick me?

I just had a good vibe, and I
wanted really to play the game

with you.

I felt very loved when I got

Well, it was easy to give to

That is so nice.

You're welcome.

Thank you so much.

Ryan blew my mind.

He totally gave me the super
idol and seriously made me feel

so loved.

I thought, what was it about me
on that ship that he looked over

and thought that I looked like a
kind person that he wanted to

play this game with.

Maybe he thought I was like his
mother an he wanted to play the

game with his mother.

I don't know.

I give you my word, I hate to
say pay you back, but you know

what I mean.

I gotcha.

I am absolutely thrilled.

I feel very, very secure,
because now I have one more

person who can help me get
further in this game.

Welcome home.

Thank you.




Hey, gorgeous.

Right now we've got two

We have Alan and Ashley, two
healers, me and Joe, and then

we've got I think the strongest
of all the hustlers in Devon in

the middle.

Thanks for being so

It would be easy for the four of
us to throw Devon out, but I'd

rather work with him because
he's potentially the swing boat.

How you feeling?

If there was one person out
of all three tribes that I did

not want on my new tribe, that
would have been Alex.

He's proven to be this wild car.

He'll call you out and three
your name under the bus.

He's already done it to me.

I was really nervous.

I know I got history with

Yeah, all this stuff between
me and you, doesn't matter.

That was last chapter.

Luckily I think Alan is as
nervous as I am.

So even though I don't trust
him, I do trust that he doesn't

want to go home.

I gotcha.

Ben, where is your head at
right now?

I'm just trying the get
further in this game.

I loved my tribe.


Thanks to the swap, it's a
whole new game.

When I was with the healers, we
won every challenge, so I had no


But now I'm not as confident.

It's true, I do have an idol,
but I'm not taking any chances.

Devon is a swing vote, and I
want him on my side.

The thing is, they kind of like
said, why don't we take them.

I may be healer, but I'm also a
strategic player.

I said, listen, Devon, they want
to vote you out, but I made it


I don't care.

This is a game of being
deceitful, so I want to do what

I have to do.

Was it Beth of them or just


I don't know if I can really
trust Joe, but this is the first

time that I've felt like, shoot,
I might be going home next.

So I got to figure out my next
move or I feel like I could be

in big trouble.

I thought we were all going
out there.

I don't know.

I just think it's funny that
every time you see them, they're

like this.

Ben and I are a little
outnumbered here.

The only way the really gain a
little bit of control would be

to get Dr. Mike to join us.

So if Dr. Mike doesn't know that
Jessica got the advantage, I'm

going to use that against those

Do you think there was an
advantage yesterday?

I don't know.

That's a good question.

I hadn't thought about it.

Like where would it have been.

It would have been in the

Yeah, I don't know.

I heard there was one in a chip
bag yesterday, and I didn't get


You didn't get it, and he didn't
get it.

And you don't know about it.

Do you know what I'm saying?

So Lauren says there's an
advantage in the game, which

clearly somebody from my tribe
has then told her.

It is clear to me it's Cole,
because Cole sometimes can't

keep his mouth closed.

And those things come back the
bite you in the butt.

Hey, if you guys are playing

What are you talking about?

They know about your

They know about my advantage?

When he said they know about the
secret advantage, everything in

my crashed, because only two
people knew, Cole, and Mike.

So one of them opened their

Did you tell Lauren about the

She's like, Mike, there's an
advantage in her potato chips.

How would she know about

In my head I'm like crap,
crap, crap, crap, crap.

Jessica is going the look at me
and think, Cole, you betrayed


Either you or him told

I didn't tell Lauren.

I certainly wouldn't have
gone and told Lauren.

That's there's no benefit to
tell her.

Somebody told her.

I'm so sorry.

I mentioned it to Ben.

I thought it would extend trust
to him.

Colburned me bad.

He can't even keep a secret for
a day.

The same reason I told you
about the idol.

Cole, but you have to protect
that knowledge a little bit.

It's my prerogative on who I
tell what I have, you know?

You hurt me.

Whether he meant to or not, he

But I would never admit that to

When I get hurt, I always
wonder, was it me, and did I

choose to form a relationship
with someone that I just

shouldn't have?

And that's why I got hurt.

That's how I feel now with Cole.

Did I make a poor decision from
the beginning, and how do I move

forward in this game thinking

So, yeah, I had to swallow that.

It hurts.

Jeff: Come on in, guys!

Jeff: Come on in, guys!

All right.

You guys ready to get to today's
immunity challenge?

Yes, sir.

Jeff: First things first,
take back the idols.


You're welcome.

Jeff: Ashley.

Once again immunity back up for

For today's challenge, you're
going to race out to a large

crate of puzzle piecings and
maneuver that crate through a

table obstacle and under a net.

Once you reach the finish,
you'll unlock your second set of

puzzle pieces.

You'll then arrange those pieces
so each intersection is the same


First two tribes to finish win
immunity, safe from the vote.

Losers, tribal council where
somebody will be the fourth

person voted out of this game.

Take a minute the strategize.

We'll get started.

Do it.

All right.

Here we go.

For immunity, survivors ready?


That crate of puzzle pieces is

And already yawa feels the
weight of it.

You now have to maneuver it
through a table obstacle.

The big question is: Are your
tribe mates helping you, or are

they throwing a monkey wrench
intooff plans?

Go back.

You, you, you.

Me, me, me.

Jeff: It's very close.

Another hot day in Fiji.

My poor brain is fried.

It's levu through first.

Now you're on to the net.

Yellow are right on their tail.

Come on!

Come on, come on, come on.


Here comes soko.

They're entering the second
phase of this challenge.

Now is when it gets dirty and

You have to work together.

One, two, go.

Jeff: Levu doing a nice job

Yawa doing a great job.

Yawa now in the lead.

It is now soko that is
struggling to get through this.

These crates weigh a ton.

Yawa is through first.

They won the first challenge.

They would love to win the
second and send a signal.

Got it, got it, got it.

Jeff: Levu trying to get

Levu through.

Yawa is untying their puzzle

Levu right on their tail.

Yank 'em, yank 'em.

Jeff: Here comes soko.

Yank 'em.

Jeff: Immunity on the line.

You do not want to go home


Go, go, go!

Jeff: It's now Lauren on
the keys for yawa.

You have to find the right keys
for both blocks.

Ashley on the keys for levu.

Soko taking up a lot of time.

Chrissy now on the locks for

Guys, guys, guys.

Jeff: Lauren has the second
lock and the pieces are free now

for her tribe to start working
on the puzzle.

Out of nowhere Chrissy has the
second lock for soko.


You guys are good.

Ashley still working on the
locks for levu.

You got it, ash.

Jeff: You are looking for
both color and the shape.

This one.

We got to flip that one.

Jeff: They have the line up
at the crosses with the same


Ashley struggling with the locks
for levu.

It's if last one.

Jeff: In times like these,
you need a little luck.

It's the last one.

All right.

We're good.

Jeff: Good job, ash.

Ashley has the second lock.

Ashley's work is done.

I do not think that is right.

There are no two ends that are

Jeff: Where the pieces
intersect, the colors must


You must finish however long it
takes, otherwise it is a

listening road to ruin at tribal

I'm lost.

I'm loves.

Jeff: Levu is having

"Right decisions," right

Red, purple.

Switch 'em, switch 'em, switch

Jeff: Yellow thinks they
have something.

This is not right.

That's in the right.

Jeff: Something is not
right for soko.

They got to rethink it.

Guys, over here.

That one is over here.

That one is over here!

Yes, yes!

Jeff: We're flat.

Are we flat?

Yawa thinks they have it, and
they do.

Yawa wins immunity, safe from

Looking for one more.

Come on, come on.


Jeff: Levu doing a nice

We are neck and neck right now.

It's a race to the finish.

This is yellow, white,

Jeff: Soko put the last

If they're right, soko thinks
they have it.

And they do.

Soko wins immunity, safe from
tribal council.

Somebody from levu will be the
fourth person voted out of this



Jeff: Yawa,

Immunity is yours.

Thank you, sir.

Jeff: Nobody going home
from you tribe.

Soko, congratulations.

Immunity is yours.

Nobody going home from soko.

Yawa, soko, grab your stuff,
head back to camp.

No tribal tonight.

All right, levu.

Somebody going home tonight,
somebody will be the fourth

person voted out of "survivor:
Heroes v. Healers v. Hustlers."

Grab you stuff, head back to

See you tonight at tribal.

Tonight I have the
opportunity to block a levu

player who votes at tribal

The goal is to help the healers,
so I'm going to disrupt the levu

tribe as much as I can.

The keys were such luck.

We just couldn't do the

It was the very last one I

Don't even worry about that.

I think everyone was just on
their own page instead of

working together.

We lost again.

It was deflating.

So you got me and ash, you got
Desi and Joe, and then you got


No question Devon is a swing
vote, and whoever he goes with

is going to come out on top.

Devon, I don't want you to
think that because you're the

odd one out you'd be target,
because the healers need to go.

Listen, are you telling the
truth right now?




Because Joe told me that you
want to vote me out.


That's [Bleeped].

We don't want you to go.

It makes no sense.

All right.

You guys didn't even consider

Not even for a second.

All right.


That is scary.

To pull something like that.

What a sketchy dude.

When Joe told me that Ashley
wanted to vote me out, I had a

gut feeling when they're going
me that whole pitch, I felt like

I was being talked to by a car

I was like, this might be a lie.

And now I think it was.

He's a player.

That's why I like talking to

You seem the most honest.

I think I can trust ash.

Alsoian... Alan seems like a
straightforward guy.

Joe is a snake, and I don't like
having snakes around.

Oh, my god.

Let's do it.

All right.

Jeff:>> That just made me so
I saw Ashley and Devon in the


I'm not sure what they said, but
at the end of it, they hugged.


It looks like Devon could be
playing me.

I think he has this emotional
connection with Ashley.

He's a surfer dude.

And Ashley is all about the

So I don't feel confident.

He's going to come after me

I'm going to have to play the
idol, but if I play it tonight

and they vote out Desi, then I
just wasted an idol and I'm

next, so if I'm going to get one
of them out, I have to make sure

they vote for me.

So is this the part that we
just act like everything's cool,


What do you mean?

I'm just saying, we're going
the tribal tonight.

I've been in this game for 11

I don't know who is part of my

I want to know, we're going to
move forward as a strong tribe,

or we're going to go back to,
all right, so we started off

yellow or we started off blue.

Somebody got to go home
tonight, bro.

That's what I'm saying, are
we not going to acknowledge.

It's acknowledged.

Somebody is going home tonight.

I understand that, but we're
not going to talk about it at


Who do you think should go

You brought it up and everybody
got to vote.

Who you voting for in.

All right.

Let's talk about it.

We had two challenges.

We lost both challenges.

So how do we move forward
stronger than we are right now?

What do you think is going to
make us stronger?

I don't mind, I'll put my
vote out there.

I'm voting for Ashley.

I think the strongest four is us

Joe wants to talk about who
we're getting rid of, and, of

course, it's my name that comes

What makes Desi stronger than


I think Desi's stronger in


What do you mean how?

There's always a puzzle.

You're not good at puzzles.

This is total bull crap.

I don't think I'm the weakest
link by any means.

He has to know the more he
pisses people off, the more

people want to get rid of him.

I'm not voting for Ashley or

Fair enough.

So I guess our name is on the
chopping block.

Let your man do the math.

Joe just blew up camp and in
the process he blew up both of

our games.

You just blew your whole spot

You'll see tonight.

You all my be surprised tonight.

I guarantee you that.

That was an idiotic move.

Now my name is on the chopping

I'm just pissed off and already
devastated and I haven't even

got to tribal council.

She's probably upset, but I
had to get the target off you


Listen, I have an idol, okay,
so trust me.

The far get is on my back.

No, it's not, because you
came in too confidently.

Now they're going to assume you
have the idol.

Trust me, you can't think
like that.

You don't know how...

Then play the idol for me.


You play the ID.L. On me and
then I got you from here on out,

but at this point in time, you
just through me under the bus.

I kind of screwed up, you
know, I wanted to start chaos,

and I did, but it kind of
backfired a little bit, because

now Desi's nervous they might
voted for her.

I was like, crap.

So what do you want to do?

I'm telling you, I'm willing to
give you the idol, because if I

don't have you, I don't have

So me giving you the idol is an
extra three days for us to find

some crack.

It's easy of me to work crabs
together by myself.

Give me a name, I'll write it

They're both writing my name

To be honest, you should
worry, if you have an idol,

they're writing my name down.

They're writing my name down.

Now everything is up in the

If he pulls out the idol, one of
us are going home.

He may have an idol.

She may have an idol.

We have to pick one.

Secret advantage, do not open
until it is time to vote.

No way!

We're about the go to tribal,
and I discover in my bag a

secret advantage.

If I have a secret admirer, that
is a beautiful thing.

It could be an extra vote.

It could be anything, like I
have no idea.

But with that and being the
swing vote, I have all of the

power in my hands.

Power in my hands.

Jeff: For those of you who
haven't been to tribal yet, grab

a torch.

Get fire.

This is part of the ritual at
tribal council because in this

game, fire represents your life.

When your fire is gone, so are

All right.

So Alan, off the a tough start
as a new tribe.

Wait, we haven't even started
and the look on your face is


It's been a long day.

Jeff: Let's get into it.

What happened?

We got back the camp and
things sparked off.

Some people were a little
anxious to get tribal started.

Well, we came from a loss,
and I wanted to discuss it.

And unlike Alan, I just speak my

Alan got upset and he's like,
you need the calm down, you're


I wasn't upset.

I just wanted to discuss it.

So I threw Ashley's name out

Jeff: Ashley, you could not
have liked being referred to.

Jeff, I have never been
referred to the weakest link.

Me had to pick someone.

He went for the easiest tribes.

His actions or his words might
affect him tonight.

Jeff: Desi, that was a
really honest statement.


I didn't expect that out of Joe.

Names were thrown out.

And part of what happened was I
got thrown under the bus in the


Jeff: Alan, is Desi's
concern fair based on what

happened at camp?


Especially when you bring in
things like talk of an idol.

I'm going to be quite Frank, by
vote is between her and Joe.

Jeff: Joe, this is like a

It's better than a movie.

Jeff: It's like that moment
where they want to get the bad

guy, so they get the bad guy by
getting his wife.

That's not what I wanted at
all, but on the flip side I got

a lot of information from Alan
knowing he's supporting Ashley.

His divide was made by him.

So thank you, Alan, I appreciate

Jeff: Wow.


Really interesting for you,
because when you first had the

switch, you could argue, I'm the
odd person out, and now it

sounds like we have two healers,
two hero, and you sitting in the


Yeah, it's out in the open
that I am the swing vote.

And my vote is based on who do I
think I can work with and move

forward with in this game.

Jeff: So, Joe, this is a
real showdown.


I mean, Alan wants me out
because I'm not a hero.

I'm not good for his game.

I'm sure she's not good for his
game because we're not heroes.

You can't Ben trait the hero, so
why let the heroes stay around

when there's no cracks.

Long-term you need to get rid of

It's that simple.

He says the heroes can't be

The healers were undefeated.

If you do the numbers, do you
want to be at the bottom of


Joe was the person hanging off
the cliff that you see each

finger peeling off because he's
scratching and clawing at

whatever he can.

Jeff: Devon, if everybody
here is ready to lay on the

sword for their partner, the
pressure on you is enormous to

make the move that moves you

Well, every decision I have
made has been, is this going to

further my game, and my decision
is going the stay the same every

tribal council I attend.

What's good for you?

Jeff: It sounds like we
have a showdown about the


It is time to vote.

Jeff, I got a little

It says "do not open until it is
time to vote," which is right


Jeff: Go for it.

I'm very curious.

Jeff: I think everybody
else is really curious, too.


It reads, "this is a secret
advantage, but it is being used

against you by another player to
block your vote at tonight's

tribal council."

That is not an advantage.

Jeff: Devon, just to make
sure we're clear, that advantage

is being used to block you from
voting, meaning Devon can till

be voted out, he just won't

Everybody else votes, and you
can vote for anybody.

Does that make sense?

All right.

Time to vote?

Joe, you're up.

Jeff: I'll go tally the

If anybody has a hidden immunity
idol and you want the play it,

now would be the time to do so.

I got something for you,

Can I keep it for myself or give
it to somebody?

Jeff: Yes.

All right.

So I'll keep it for myself.

Jeff: This is a hidden
immunity idol.

Any votes cast for Joe will not

I'll read the votes.

First vote Joe.

Does not count.


Does not count.


That's one vote Alan.

Fourth person voted out, Alan.

You need to bring me your torch.

Detroit, holler back, baby.

You got it.

I read your face.

Thank you, girl.

Jeff: Alan, the tribe has

Time for you to go.

Bye, Alan.

That was crazy.

What the hell just happened?

Jeff: Well, one of the
great truths about "survivor,"

you can have all the plans you
want, "survivor" gods don't


Grab your torches.

Head back to camp.

Good night.

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Jeff: Stay tuned for scenes
from our next episode.

Jeff: Next time on
"survivor," to win you have to

get dirty...
That is how you do it right here

be ruthless.

She wants to do an all-girl

Oh, she's got to go.

Jeff: And have a
willingness to risk it all.

It's 2-2.

We are in this together.

The next vote is going to rock.

I don't know where Devon came
up with this thing or what he

pulled, but it fell apart.

I blame a lot of my fate on that
damn immunity idol.

We discussed putting votes
toward Desi, but I have to give

credit where credit is due.

They played a hell of a game,
and they got me.