Survivor (2000–…): Season 35, Episode 5 - The Past Will Eat You Alive - full transcript

One castaway struggles to keep his head in the game at a tough reward challenge, and a tough physical immunity challenge weighs heavily on castaways.

Jeff: Previously on

"survivor," at the yawa tribe,
Cole broke a healers' trust.

Jessica's got an advantage
for the next tribal.

Jeff: And got caught.

It's my prerogative on who I

Kid... did I chew to form a
relationship with someone I

shouldn't have?

Jeff: At the soko tribe,
Ryan had an old alliance with a

hustler and built a new bond
with a healer.

So you andry going to have to
be friends.


Jeff: At the levu tribe,
Desi held all the power.

At tribal council, the game
turned upside down.

This is being used against
you to block your vote.

Jeff: And Joe seized the

I got something for you,

Making a big move.

This is a hidden immunity idol.

And sending a hero home.

Alan, the tribe has spoken.

I read your face.

Thank you, baby girl.

Jeff: 14 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

That was wild.

All I have to say is well

At tribal council when Joe
decided to play the idol for

himself, my entire jaw dropped.

Everything in my whole world
just stopped.

I wouldn't say they was like
100% team Alan, but he was the

one hero on my tribe.

What did you say to me at the

I read your face.

That's all it was.

I caught myself.

It's too late at that.

Jeff: Joe made himself
target on purpose.

He tricked us all.

Joe is a scary one.

He's getting crazier and
crazier, but right now it's 2-2.

So who knows what is going to

I knew you were crazy, but I
didn't know you were crazy and

I'm crazy and smart.

I have completely blindsided the
entire tribe with the idol.

I had to play the nervous route.

I didn't want anyone thinking I
was overconfident.

I put my head down.

That was all an act.

I had the idol.

I'm not going home.

Every single tribal is so scary.

Every single tribal is so scary.

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Oh, my lord.

Oh, man.

My become hurts.

Are you okay?

You all right, Ben?


What was it that popped like

Just the bamboo.

Oh, you got to be kidding.

Sorry, Ben.

What was that?

I don't know.

You all right, man?

I'm good.

I think just the leaves.

I think it has a little heat.

If you're a marine, you hear
a bang like, that you think my

friends are dying.

I feel bad for him.

Yeah, that is bad.

There was a bamboo explosion
in the fire, and I don't like

loud noises like that.

Like when they're unexpected, it
kind of put me in a bad spot.

I was in the marines for three
and a half years.

When you go through combat and
you come back, there is no way

to adjust fully.

There's things that are there

Coming back with that stuff,
it's hard, and you feel lonely,

and you feel that nobody

You sure you're all right?

All right.

Other people, civilians or
whatever have no idea what it's

like to be shot at or have
people try to kill you.

You can't comprehend that
without being there and going

through it.

And so those reactions are 100%
real for men and women that have

fought for our country.

And it's hard to be around other
people that don't understand


Before I met my wife, that was a
monkey on my back.

My wife and kids have definitely
saved me from my demons, my

nightmares, and the past.

I used to live in the past.

That's in the a good thing for

You have the look forward to the
future, because the past will

eat you alive, but the future
will save you.

You know, winning the $1 million
for my family is my goal, but

there's a bigger picture, and
it's bigger than me, my family,

the game of "survivor."

It's about just being able to
show vets who have gone through

battle and war and depression
and p.T.S.D., there's a way to

life outside of all that hell.

That's what I'm doing.

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We go further, so you can.

( Theme song playing )

Jeff: Come on in, guys.

Yawa, soko, getting your first
look at the new levu tribe.

Alan voted out at the last
tribal council.

All right.

You guys ready to get to today's
reward challenge?

Yes, sir.


Jeff: For today's
challenge, your feet will be

tied together.

Your arm will be bound to your

On my go you will slither
through the sand while pushing a

ball relay style through the

When you reach the finish, the
remaining tribe member will

shoot five balls into a very
high basket.

First two tribes to finish win

Want to know what you're playing


Jeff: It's at hot day in

It would be nice to cool down
with some iced coffee.

Oh, my god.


Jeff: Iced coffee, huge
array of pastries, plus coffee

and tea to take back to camp.

Fill you up and pick you up.

It's gun to run right through

I don't even care.

Jeff: Second tribe to
finish, one jug of iced coffee.

Losers, nothing.

Soko, you have one extra person.

Sitting somebody out.

Cannot sit out the same person
in back-to-back challenges.

Whoever sits out here must
compete in the immunity


Who you going to sit out?

Chris, you're going to sit this
one out.

Yawa, who you going to sit out?

Me, I guess.

Jeff: Chrissy, Lauren, take
a spot on the bench.

Everybody else take a minute to
strategize, and we'll get


All right.

Here we go.

For reward, survivors ready?


Come on, guys.

Jeff: Jessica, roark, and
Desi out of the gate.

Desi is ripping it up.

Desi with an early lead.

Got to get there with her head,

You're good.

Go, Ashley.

Blue out the a fast lead thanks
to Desi.

Come on, roark.

Get in there, baby.

Jeff: Roark struggling.

Come on, roark.

You got it.

Push it.

Jeff: And it is Jessica now
getting very close to Dr. Mike.

Good job, good job.

Get your head over here.

Jeff: Get your head.

There you're good.

Go, Dr. Mike.

Come on, Mike.

Nice job, ash.

Jeff: Ashley has that ball
over the hill.

Now she's got to get herself
over it.

Great, ash.

Jeff: Ashley slithering

Come on, roark.

Jeff: You're there.

Go, Alan.

Come on, guys.

You got it, girl.

You're doing great.

Jeff: Ashley, you're good.

Go, Joe.

Levu is ripping this course up.

Go, Joe.

You got it.

Jeff: Levu with a huge lead
right now.

Use your knees, Mike.

Jeff: Dr. Mike struggling
to get any kind of a rhythm.

Alan is moving quickly now.

Soko back in this.

Use that body.

Roll it.

Jeff: Joe is already up the

You're good.

Go, blue, go!


Levu with a huge lead right now.

I got you, ash.

Come on, Mike.

Jeff: Mike face first.

Come on, Mike, you got it.

Jeff: You're good, Ali.

Go, Ryan.

Nice, Ryan!

Go, Ryan.

You got it

Jeff: Devon already
shooting for leefer leaf.

The other two teams will have to
move very fast to have a shot at

this reward.

Mike is now in last place but
continues to work.

You are only as fast as your

Ryan digging in now.

Ryan loses the ball for soko.

A giant setback.

Let's go.

Pick it up.

You're there, Mike.

Jeff: Opens the door for

Devon with another shot.

You got it, Dev.

Jeff: First one drops for

Good job, good job.

Jeff: It is now Ben who is
tearing it up.

That is how you do it right

You're good.



K078 on, Cole.

Good job.

Drew: The door is still open
for yawa to win this.

Deferred action for childhood
arrivals... Devon misses again.

It is now Ryan trying after
losing his ball.

Ryan, you can do this.

Control, Ryan, control.

Jeff: Ryan loses the ball

Ryan, don't give up.

Jeff: Come on, Cole.

Cole is shooting for soko.

Devon shooting for levu.

This challenge is wide open
right now.

Def within the second for levu.

Ryan's tribe is still in it.

Trying for a third time.

Come on, Ryan.

You're strong.

You can do this.

And Ryan loses the ball again.

There you go.

You're doing great, Dev.

Jeff: Devon with the third
for levu.

Come on, Cole.

Jeff: Cole with first for

Devon with the fourth for levu.

Devon could win it right here,
and he does!

Devon wins reward, iced coffee
and pastries.

Looking for second place.

We can still come back, Ryan.

There you go, come on, Ryan.

Jeff: Ryan the closest he's
been to getting it over the


Cole misses again.

Ryan working his way up, using
that face.

Let's go, man.

There you go, there you go.

Ryan, you got this.

We are definitely still in
this, Ryan.

Jeff: You're good, soko,

Everybody got to get on the

Cole with the third.

Cole, I need my coffee!

Jeff: Cole scores the

J.P. Has to get everybody to
that mat before he can shoot.

Won't matter, yawa wins reward,
sending soko back the camp with

absolutely nothing.

I'm sorry, guys.

Jeff: Levu, new tribe, new
result, nice win.


Big reward.

Iced coffee, pastries, and
coffee and tea to take back the


Come get it.

Enjoy the afternoon.

Good job, guys.

Jeff: Yawa, not as big a

reward, but on "survivor" any
win is a win.

Come grab your jug of iced

Enjoy it.

Head back to camp.

Soko, got nothing for you.

Gab your stuff.

Head back to camp.

Brian didn't this well in the
reward challenge, but challenges

are only part of the game.

I've been are Ryan the whole
time, so my trust is there.

I need to do everything I can to
have his back.

I need to do everything I can to
have his back.

We got goodies.

This is the happiest I've
ever been.

We won the sweetest reward so
far, literally and figuratively.

Not only did we have this huge
tray full of pastries, but a

coffee brewing, tea brewing kind
of setup.

Oh, my god.


We got this.

Cheers, cheers.

To the first and best win

First of many.

After tribal council last
night, we were clearly divide,

but with this reward, it's time
for us to come together as a


So I think we can do it.

What an amazing day to have
after last night.

Winning that reward, it was
just so nice.

Spiritually, physically,
mentally, all of it.

But it makes me realize more and
more how important it is to keep

my mind in the game.

Thank you guys for letting me
step up.

Thank you for trusting me.

No egos, bro.

I think the best thing for my
game in the end would be to get

rid of Joe.

He's the strongest player I've
met here as far as knowledge of

the game, strategy.

He's a good player.

He scares me.

I'm going to go bathe.

Ash, you good?

On water, yeah.

So ash, the situation now.

I know.

Just know I'm with you.

I want us go to stay together.

Two versus two.

I'm sticking with you because
I trust you.

After a night like last
night, I'm feeling incredibly


The only good thing is that I
have Devon.

We are in this together.

I'm not voting with them,
that's for sure.

All right.


I don't trust either of them.

I'd rather have it be a tie
than go with them two.



Right now Joe thinks he's
finally in control, but me and

Devon are still in this.

It's still 50/50.

There's just no middle man.

How do we get Desi.

I don't know, but Joe is

Devon and I are really going
to work on Desi.

With a tie vote to keep herself
safe, I think she'd flip on


If not, the next vote is going
to rocks.

I'm so fricking sorry, guys.

It's a-ok, dude.

It's just a reward.

Thanks for cheering me on,
guys, I kept hearing you.

I did nothing in, in this
challenge, so you did way more

for me.

An argument can be made I did

That's so funny.

The reward challenge was an
absolute disaster.

I lost the challenge for my

Let's open a coconut.

Want a small one?

Want me to try and do it?

But at the same time, I just
have to continue to cater to my

specific skill set, which is my
social game, and my social game

is everything.

It is built upon making people

I'm a coconut opener watcher.

If I can help people get through
the day and laugh, then it's

easier for them to crack open
that coconut for me.

Oh, that was good.

And pick me up after I lose a

Everybody has failure in the


You just don't want that failure
to be getting voted out.

I haven't grabbed water.

Want a couple of us to do a

I can go.

I'm objectively on the
outside, as I am the lone healer

at soko beach.

I love a 2-2-1 split, and I want
to start developing friendships

with these people where they
feel safe with me to talk game

with me.

How are you feeling, the fact
that you had sick people and new

it's you?

Obviously I have faith that I
can return with them for sure.

I feel like I've always
gotten very good vibes from all

of you girls.

It's definitely good to
receive some support from Ali,

some interest in working
together, and when we merge, if

she is looking for numbers, I
can bring some numbers.

It would be girls and then
what, Cole?

Cole and I believe I have


I think I have Ryan, but the
thing is it's hard because I

feel like whatever happens next,
like we need strong.

I know.

But Ryan definitely plays the
best social game out there.

He's a total sweetheart.

I want to keep him because
you have to be... the hustlers

were just a group of losers, but
being here I can build these

personal relationships that I
know will further my game.

So if I can build this rapport
with roark, hopefully when the

merge does come, she will take
me in as part of their six,

seven, because at the beginning
you need a lot of numbers.

Let's be cautious with
Chrissy and j.P.

I agree.

It's very difficult to know to
make the right decision, but I

think going with roark is best
for our game.

The next two tribals if we have
to go, we can vote out Chrissy

and j.P.

If this works out, we can go far
in this game.

I had a good talk with roark.



She's like, I really want to
work with you.

I was like, if we lose
Chrissy, er think we'll be fine.

I like it.

So tell roark that we're on
board with her.

The good news is I continue to
be in positions where people

want to work with me.

I'm going to still Chrissy
that we're on board with her.

For sure.

But unfortunately my two
closest alliance members,

Chrissy and Ali, will never work
with each other.

So I'm in the middle.

And I need to tread very lightly
not to mess this up.

And I need to tread very lightly
not to mess this up.

Cole's eating habits are very

He's very inconsiderate.

He's like a pig.

He licks everything.

He is licking the spoon.

Then he scratches between high

It's very gross.

Anybody else want the rest of
my rice?

I'll eat it.

Ben notices it.

He's rolling his eyes.

He's getting ticked.

I hope Cole keeps digging his
hole deeper and deeper and

deeper, and maybe his lips will
stick together.

I'm going to get water.

Anyone else need water.



When we first got here after
the split, I felt like Cole,

Mike, and I were in control, but
after seeing Cole tell secrets,

I do believe that Mike is
paranoid about Cole as a number.

We have to win today.

Yeah, we do.

On the flip side of that,
Mike can keep a secret, so right

now it would be to the benefit
of my game to form more of a

bond with Mike.

Do you want the dig while I


On our last island, Joe and Cole
found an item near the well, so

this morning I go to the well
with Jess cash she says, Mike,

why don't you dig some more.

So I start digging again.

I'm going to start right

Cole would tell us if he
found it, wouldn't he?

I'm just digging and digging
and hoping I find something.

If there is an idol, I'm going
the find that idol.

If there is an idol, I'm going
the find that idol.

Oh, my god.

Oh, my god.

Oh, my god.

Oh, my god.

Oh, my god.

I have been looking for this
idol non-stop.

There's always a danger in
somebody else knowing about the


Congratulation, you have
found the hidden immunity idol.

I'm okay with Jessica knowing
I have the idol.

So at this point I'm trusting

Cha-ching, baby.

This is for us.

In reality, this idol is mine.

"Survivor" is only one-third

But things have changed in going
from the bottom to the top.

This has been the story of my
life, but you can never

underestimate Dr. Mike.

Jeff: Come on in, guys.

Jeff: Come on in, guys.

All right.

You guys ready to get to today's
immunity challenge?


Jeff: First things first,
take back the idols.

Thank you, Chrissy.

Thank you, Jessica.

Once again immunity is become up
for grabs.

For today's challenge, we're
going to swim out the a boat and

retrieve three bags of rice.

You must then push the rice
through a hole, get it across

the balance beam to sure, where
you will tear open the bag

searching for three balls.

Finally you'll maneuver those
balls through a maze of holes to

the top.

First two tribes to finish win
immunity, safe from the vote.

Losers tribal council where
somebody will be the fifth

person voted out of this game.

Soko, you have one extra person.

Who you going to sit out?

Chrissy sat out the reward

She must participate.

Who is it going to be?


Ryan going to sit out.

Yawa, one extra person.

Lauren sat out at the reward
challenge, must participate.


Mike going to sit out for

Sitouts take a seat on the

Everybody else take a minute to
strategize, and we'll get


All right.

Here we go.

For immunity, survivors ready?


Your first step is get somebody
on your boat and get those bags

of rice off.

Yawa doing a nice job.

Roark doing a nice job for soko.

Ashley is doing a nice job.

Everybody has their bags of

Now comes the fun part.

You've got to squeeze a
rectangular bag of rice through

a very small round hole.

Ashley going over.

Desi is over.

Ali going over.

Chrissy going over.

Lauren is over.

And very quickly yawa has their
first bag through.

Soko has their first bag

Levu still working on that first

Yawa has their second bag

Soko has their second bag.

Levu has their first bag.

Trying the stay in it.

Soko with that third bag.

You're good.

Head on.

Yawa has their third bag.

You're good.

Head on.

It is now levu, who dominated in
the reward challenge, now

struggling in the immunity

They cannot get that second bag

Next phase is the balance beam.

You got to get those heavy bags
of rice across that beam.

Levu finally has their second

J.P. Heading across that beam.

Slow and steady.

Jeff: He's through the
first third.

Lauren gives it a go.

She drops.

Devon has their third bag.

Start moving, guys.

J.P. Is across.

That aboy, j.P.

Jeff: Devon making it look

Levu is right back in this.

Cole now heading across for

Ali trying to carry a bag of
rice on her head.

Desi doing the same thing.

Once again Desi is making a
challenge look easy.

J.P. Now trying again with
another bag for soko.

You can go as often of the as yo

Levu got off to a terrible
start, but they have now taken

the lead.

J.P. Across with the second bag.

Ben very close with the second

And he's got it.

Devon has the third bag.

Go, levu.

Cole has the third bag for yawa.

It is now Joe working on
recovering those balls.

They've got a big lead.

Lauren is across.

Go, yawa!

Go, guys.

You got this.

Jeff: It is now soko in
dead last.

The lead is opening now for levu
and for yawa.

It is now Ben ripping through
that bag trying to find those


J.P. With that third bag for

Joe has that third and final

J.P. Has carried all three bags
if he can make it.

And he does.

Ben has the second ball.

Ashley is first on the maze.

Here comes soko with that first

Ben has the third ball.

They can start on the maze.

J.P. Trying to make up some lost

Soko had a rough go of it on the
balance beam.

Slow it down.

Jeff: Ashley's had a lot of
time to learn this challenge.

There you go.

Jeff: Head starts matter in
this game because there is a

learning curve.

J.P. Trying to get that third
ball free and he's got it.

They can start working now on
this maze.

It's going to be Chrissy going

Come on, Chrissy.

Jeff: Ben is doing a nice

Ben gets very close to the top,
and Ben has the first one for


It's going to be Jessica now in.

Do I have enough balance beam
behind me?

Jeff: Chrissy drops.

Got to drop it and start again.

Ashley is one big move away from
dropping that first ball for


And they tie it up.

Levu has one.

I got to take my sneakers

Jeff: Chrissy drops again.

It's now Ali in for soko.

Devon on the maze for levu.

As Jessica inches closer and
closer with that second ball for


All right.

You're good.

Take a breath.

Up, up, Jess.

Jeff: There it is!

That's two for yawa.

They take the lead.

It's going to be Cole.

You're through, you're

Jeff: Ali very close now to
landing that first ball for


Devon close with the second for

Ali has it.

That's one for soko.

Chrissy going to come back in.

Devon very close with that

Devon is there with the second.

Tied again.

Cole, you got it, buddy.

Jeff: Cole two-thirds of
the way up for yawa for the win.

Very close to the top.

Chrissy is halfway through for
soko, who is trying to get back

in this.

And Desi now on the course for

Cole has passed the last spot of

He can just get that ball to
drop, it is immunity for yawa,

in tribal council.

Cole closer, closer.

For the win, yawa has it.

Yawa wins immunity.

We're looking for one more.

This is it.

Chrissy feels the pressure now.

Got to drop that second ball to
stay in it.

Chrissy falls again.

Cannot figure out the beam.

Does one of you guys want the

Do you want me the try?

It's up to you.

I can try.

Do you want Ali to try?

Chrissy not going to give up
her spot.

Desi threading the needle

Chrissy is trying to catch up.

I can't stay on the balance

Jeff: Chrissy drops again.

Another huge setback.

Dead very close for the win with

She can do it right here.

It's over.

Desi wins immunity, sending soko
to tribal council.

Nice job, guys.

Sorry, guys.

Jeff: Yawa,

In tribal council tonight.

Thank you, sir.

Jeff: Levu, nice job.

No tribal council.

All right.

Yawa, levu, grab your stuff,
head back to camp, enjoy the

night off.

All right, soko, grab jury stuff
head back to camp.

See you tonight at tribal where
somebody will be the fifth

person voted out of "survivor:
Heroes v. Healers v. Hustlers."

Tonight is my first tribal

I am nervous, but Chrissy
definitely struggled in this


She needs to go.

I do not feel safe going into
tonight's tribal.

And I am having a hard time
trusting anyone, but I think

that I'm going to have to go
there in order to move forward

in this game.

You guys good?

I don't know if I want the
get wet again.

I agree.

I'm probably pretty good.

You always are nervous in
this game, and I feel like if

I'm going to play, I want the
play big.

Do you want to go down?


See that big log that washed
up, I wanted to grab that before

the tide came back.

Can we just sit for a second?

I want the have a thoughtful

Of course.

I believe that roark is in t
next most dangerous player

behind me.

I haven't been able to put my
finger on it.

You to me are the most
strategic player in this game,

and I really thought you and I
together could sit down here and

talk out options.

If we send a by home...

I completely agree.

We're headed to tribal and
today is the first day Chrissy

ever feels the need to talk game
with me.

In my head, I'm like, are you
kidding me?

I want Chrissy to go home.

That allow, you, Ali and me
to keep open an all-girl option.

I personally don't have an

Is that potentially a
workable plan?

Of course.

I was really hoping that
roark wanted to work with me

going forward, but I don't
believe anything she says and I

wish I could stop and say to
her, you are not the smartest

person here, but I don't want
the ruin my game, so my plan is

to create this imaginary girl's

If there is a girl's alliance,
then clearly I would not be the

one voted out, and j.P. Might
think he were the next to go.

What are you thinking?

The four of us get together
and vote out roark.

I think she's good in
challenges, though, too.

Roark wants to do an
all-girls alliance.

Oh, really?

Oh, she's got to go.

Simple as that.

J.P. And I are two, so now I
need Ryan.

I want to believe that Ryan has
my back.

I think roark is trying to
get Ali and me.

So they would vote for me,
because they need the keep j.P.


So we would need to make you,
me, and j.P.


I brought it up with j.P., he
really likes roark, and then I

said to him, I heard she might
be doing an all-girl alliance,

and then he's like, I'm down
with that.

So you, me, and j.P. At least?


The plan right now is that
j.P., Ryan, and myself will

blindside roark and send her

Chrissy should have just
backed out after she tried so

many times.



Chrissy's probably going to
say you.

Let's keep whittling the
heroes down.

The main reason for taking
out Chrissy tonight is she could

not balance on that beam.

And with her, we're not going to
be as strong in challenges.

And so I want Chrissy to go home

What did roark say?

Roark said we get rid of


All right.

You know I trust you and I
trust roark.

I trust you the most.

I'm in the swing vote

I seemingly have the choice
tonight on who to send home.

Me and Chrissy are so tight
because that first day I went to

her with the advantage.

On the other hand, Ali has only
played the game with one person,

and that person is me.

And whoever I go with, there's
going to be one person who is

going to hate me.

This is a huge decision, but I'm
here to try and win this game to

build the best social game I
can, and unfortunately I'm

breaking that social bond with
somebody tonight, but I still

think it best advances my game.

Jeff: Roark, grab the unlit
torch, dip it in, and get fire.

This is part of the ritual at
tribal council, because in this

game, fire represents your life.

When your fire is gone, so are

So Ali, one of the things about
"survivor" is everybody brings a

different approach to the game.

Have you noticed any difference
in how the hustlers or the

heroes or the healers are
playing the game?


I mean, I think today's loss
kind of showed a little bit,

where if I was unable to
complete the task at hand, I

would say, we have three other
people the make it happen and

move out of the way.


I did that.

Are you talking about me?

I felt that you started it...

I turned around so many times
and said, does anybody want the

take over, and you guys were
like, no, keep going, keep


I but I would have said, you
guys tree, we need someone to

get us on the board.

I remember turning several
times and saying, who wants to

take this?

And they all stood there and
said, you go again.

Jeff: Wow.

It's her side, my side, and
the truth, right?

Jeff: And there is a voting
booth 20 yards from here about

to get used.

Ryan, these are the things that
ultimately can decide a vote.

A lot of the times the truth
is what you made of it.

I didn't see anybody give up or
anybody controlling.

I saw us trying to complete the
task in the best way to catch us

up an complete the challenge.

What happened when you got
back from camp?

I hadn't talked any strategy
at all with roark and I didn't

want to come the tribal council
and never have had a

conversation with her about what
we were going to do next.

And I hope we can speak more
consistently about it, because

on the day when you needed me is
the day when you called, instead

of sounding board with me as we
were going.

So that would just be a
preference moving forward.

Jeff: Chrissy, that's two
strikes, Chris similar from Ali

on the challenge, criticism from
roark, yeah, you're my friend


She didn't talk to me either.

This is a two-way street here a
little bit.

I specifically talked to Ali,
Ryan came to me.

I was talking to j.P.

We were all talking to each
other, so I don't know why this

has to be a Chrissy has to
approach roark situation where

she could have come to me, as

She just said she
specifically talked to Ali.

She never specifically talked to

I have no comment.

Jeff: Ryan, what did you

Chrissy took roark down to
the beach.

I had no idea what they were
talking about.

You start running everything
through your head because it

only takes three tonight.

J.P. What was your take?

All of a sudden two girls
walk away, you start running

those scenarios through your

There's two guys and three girl,
so that could be another way to

go with it, and that makes me
uneasy sitting here.

Jeff: So Chrissy, if it's
true that maybe these original

lines are blurred, are you more,
less, or the same in terms of

uncomfortable about the vote

I don't know.

I mean, I think I came here
tonight expecting that it could

be me tonight.

So hearing all of this from all
of them, it's surprising and

it's not surprising.

I don't know.

I mean, I'm not going to beat
myself up over it.

I'm doing the best I can.

Jeff: Roark, how about for

Are you now more comfortable or
less comfortable since she sat


Can I feel the same

Jeff: Yeah.

I feel the same comfortable.

I've made bonds I believe in
that I can vote based upon.

Jeff: So Ali, that sounds
like somebody who believes they

have bonded with at least two

I think that you can't really
ever earn trust until you get


Roark had a great tribe with the
healers, but did they really

know and understand the trust
that say me and Ryan know

because we voted together or
Chrissy and j.P. Know because

they vote together?

Once we get here, that's when
you find out who you can trust.

Jeff: So roark, two
hustler, two healers, you in the


Are you the swing, or are you
the easy vote?

I think tonight I'm the

Nothing I heard tonight has
changed my vote for what I think

will make us a stronger tribe
moving forward.

Jeff: Chrissy, if this is
true, one of the twosomes is

about to be broken up.

I don't see it as a two, a
one and a two at this point.

I think the relationships have
formed over the last five days

that it could be any three

Jeff: All right.

Let's find out where the three

Time to vote.

Roark, you're up.

Next time don't come for me.

I'm outsmarting miss smarty

I'm outsmarting miss smarty

Jeff: I'll go tally the

If anybody has a hidden immunity
idol and you want the play it,

now would be the time to do so.


Once the votes are read, the
decision is final.

The person voted out will be
asked to leave the tribal

council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote Chrissy.



Two votes Chrissy.


We're tied.

Two votes roark, two votes
Chrissy, one vote left.

Fifth person voted out of
"survivor: Heroes v. Healers v.

Hustlers", roark.

You need to bring me your torch.

Roark, the tribe has spoken.

Good luck, guys.

Jeff: It's time for you to

Well, the stated goal of
tonight's tribal was a stronger

tribe, but with a divided vote,
clearly the first step will be


Good luck with that.

Grab your torches and head back
to camp.

Good night.

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Jeff: Text time on
"survivor," texs are high.

Why didn't you tell me?

You just wrote Chrissy's name

Because that's what I thought
you wanted.

I said I wasn't going to cry,
but it's rough.

Jeff: And it all comes
crashing down.

Oh, my god.

Cole, are you okay?

I'm not ready the play this
game without Cole.

It was a great experience.

I would tell any super fan to do
it, but I'm bummed.

I felt like I had a lot more in
me, and I suppose I trusted the

wrong people.

The problem is it was my first
tribal, so I can't tell who

voted with me.

I always think there is
something someone can do, and

evidently I didn't do that.

I own that.