Survivor (2000–…): Season 35, Episode 3 - My Kisses Are Very Private - full transcript

One castaway's romantic feelings for another tribemate may cause them to spill secrets, and another castaway's lack of social skills could prove to be a problem.

Jeff: Previously on
"survivor": The hero tribe, Alan

was aiming to take out a power

Whatever jp is actually
trying to do, I'm blowing it up.

Jeff: At the healer tribe,
Joe and Cole went on the hunt

for an idol.

Got it.


The fact that Cole knows that
I have the idol could absolutely


Jeff: At the hustler tribe,
Simone and Patrick were the

clear targets.

Simone's not that great at
challenges, but Patrick, even

though he's strong, I don't
trust him.

Jeff: At tribal council,
Patrick made a questionable


I feel like I can trust most
of the people here.

Jeff: But in the end,
Simone was sent home.

Simone, the tribe has spoken.

16 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

-== [ ] ==-

It's big on me.

Here, let me try it on with

I look like Willy Wonka.

Simone's clothing was up for

It was kind of like a yard sale.

She left a lot of of clothing
here, including a nice pair of

boots, a nice pair of pants, a

It's like your "Miami vice"

Look at that.

A perfect fit.

You're like my kid getting ready
for prom.

How about the boots?

Zip them up.

Zip me up.

The practicality of the
knee-high boots is, it goes on

I mean, you could avoid crack
when does you're idol searching.

Finally, Simone is showing her
worth in some capacity.

I think we should wait until
the girls get back wash the

I don't want to make Lauren mad.

Do you have a preference
between the two?


To go?

To stay.


I like Ali.

Ali is the most relatable female
that is on our tribe.

She's in the same age range as
us, so that's a knock on Lauren.

I don't think anybody has
anything going on with Lauren,

so that's why she's probably the
next one to go.

* *
were you nervous last night?

Of course, you're always

How about me and you, like?

Because it's getting down to... i
mean, if we have another... if we

go to another tribal council,
then what?


I think that if we just, you

know, kind of keep the way we
are, whatever happens in the

next few days.

Even though I didn't get any
votes at tribal council, I still

feel like I'm on the outs,
because I'm having a hard time

trying to make sure that I'm

Come join us.

Oh, yeah?

It's nice!

Am I invited?

Being a single mother, I am
the only one on my tribe that,

you know, has a kid.

And my tribe members, they're
like holly buddies.

And I'm like the damn teacher.

Poor pat.

Pat, I mean,... mmm.

How fast is your heart beating?

I didn't like what he said.

That made me nervous.


Patrick at tribal he said, "I
trust almost everyone here."

Well, I don't know if that was
really directed towards Simone

or was that directed towards all
of us?

But now it's given me the
opportunity to put the target on


When you say that in front of
all us.


It does kind of put people
un-at ease with you, because is

it all of them or most of them?

I have no idea what's going
on with Patrick.

At tribal council, he's just
blurting out words.

Don't know.

We are more calmer than he is.

But if Patrick goes, we're
not going to be as strong in


It looks like a photo shoot.

He brings a lot in
competitions and he works

extremely hard, and I think
that's easier to tolerate than

someone who doesn't really bring
much at all.

Hey, look at the octopus.

That's a rock!

Look at him now.

Are you all stupid?

Patrick doesn't understand
that the social game is so huge

for "survivor," but at this
point, I kind of need him, so I

kind of need him not to say
things that rub people the wrong


You all are all pissing me
off now.

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We go further, so you can.

( Theme song playing )

Tribe, at this point, you could
say that Chrissy and I are

driving the train.

But moving forward, Chrissy and
I need to figure out who's going

to be the next target.

Ashley is a good, hard worker
and she's fun so the better

choices are jp and Alan.

Alan and I were aligned on day
one, but Alan is a hot head and

loose cannon, and jp is walking
around here like he don't know

what's going on.

But jp would be good to have
around cam because he does fish

and everything.

Right now, Chrissy and I haven't
made any decisions.

Ah, I've been having trouble
with the coconuts.

Everybody else has figured out
how to get the coconuts open,

and I am struggling with them
and I don't know why.

God dang it!

It is a workout.

It frustrates me that it
takes me 30 minutes to get a

coconut open.

( Laughing )
Take a break.

This is not my element at

At the end of the day, I played
in the n.F.L., and I can't even

get a coconut open.

Get it.


I tried to laugh about it so
people don't think, "oh, this

guy can't even get a coconut

But it's tough out here.

Jp is becoming, like,
dreamier and dreamier as the day

goes on.

Every time he walks out of the
ocean with a different animal on

his spear, something happens
inside me.


That's a good size, jp.


He's becoming the provider,
and he's, you know, making

himself more useful lately.

And less and less like Alan as
the days go by.

That's a good piece of fish.

Yes, it is.

Fut on a stick, cook it.

What's up?

That is beautiful!

Not bad for a little guy,

Jp and I, we can't talk to
each other, because on day two,

Alan decided to go absolutely
nuts, calling out jp and I as

some kind of power couple.

Are we going to boil?

Fry him?

That's gorgeous.

So now if Alan sees anything
between me and jp, he's going to

point it out and he's going to
blow it up.

So I'm ready for him to go,
because I don't know when he is

going to go off again.

I don't know if that was part of
some master plan he had, but

either way, I don't like it, and
I could definitely do without

him here anywhere.

Jp has been doing more fishing

Alan has been cutting more
coconuts lately.

It feels like they both are
trying to be valuable, which is


We all really are, I guess.


But you have to think about
your own personal game.

It's, like, Alan, he makes his
moves out loud.

Alan just doesn't seem look a
safe bet.

Right, but neither does jp.

Jp is just a puppy waited to be
led somewhere.

But he can be our puppy.

Yeah, but...
we could train him.

But anyone else with a piece
of meat dangling in front of his



He's going to go towards

Yeah, but I feel like Alan
would do the same "my tribe

thinks I'm crazy."

Oh, yeah.

Ashley is tossed to a power

What's that is the truth or the
whole Alan thing but I can't

fully trust Ashley at this point
because she keeps pug for jp to

stay in the game, which makes me
think jp and Ashley are still

working together.

Normally, as a power couple on
"survivor" tdon't work out good.


Are we bringing this bag?

We can bring both bags in
case we catch this big fish.

I'm feeling good.

We've won every challenge.

We are a dominant tribe.

Life at camp is great.

Everyone is still on the same
page, with Mike being the number

one vote-out.

I got everyone believing Mike
has the idol.

So I'm cool and conflicted right

I mean, things couldn't really
go better at this point.

The only thing is Cole knows I
have the idol so that's a

concern of mine.

I don't think Cole has told
anybody but I'm definitely

concerned about his relationship
with Jessica.

They have been spending a lot of
time together, fishing and

things like that.

Cole is like a love bird, and
that love bird disease is


It's worse than the flu.

* *
the fishing experience is

100% bonding for Cole and I
because it's really the only

time we get to be alone,

And we're really forming a

Got one.

They're biting!

I shouldn't have stayed down
there, that long.

You could have had, like, five.

But then life outside of
"survivor" I move like a slug

when it comes to romance.

Like, I don't even know if I
know what romance means.

To be honest, I come from a
super-religious background, and

I am a virgin.

Oh, my god, I really... it's

I could stay down there for a
really long time.

So my face feels red thinking
about him thinking about me.

Being a couple on "survivor" is

And it's dangerous.

So we'll just have to wait and

We have a long time left
together, I hope.

Are you enjoying yourself?

Yeah, I'm having a blast.

I like to be out here.

Like, away from the game.


I feel like I can let my head

I'll shut up about the game

No, no, I want to talk about
the game.

I can guarantee you that
you're safe.


I better be.

You can't get to the end without

I don't know about that!

But I 100% know that Mike
doesn't have the idol.


Because there's some other

What other information?

I feel like I do have a shot
with Jessica after our outing


She just showed me more of
herself, and I kept liking it.

There wasn't anything I could
find wrong with her, honestly.

So I was defining her as my
dream girl, I guess.

So I decided I wanted to share
with her some information.

So Joe has the idol.

We found it together.



I'm so... can I kiss you on
the cheek?

Having the knowledge that Joe
has the idol brings me so much


I'm going to go rinse off.

Yup, yup.

Secrets are really powerful in
this game.

It's "survivor," and so it's to
my benefit that I know Joe's


That's power.

So unrelated, I mean, I gave him
a kiss on the cheek.

It just happened.

My kisses are very private.

Like, my lips don't go near
other people's cheeks very often

so, this is big!


You don't really search for the
idol in front of everybody

because it's not good
relationship building, and it

makes people parinoid.

I do kind of have idol fever.

I want the idol.

Now, I mean, I'm not really
hiding looking for an idol and,

you know, maybe that will turn
around and bite me, but being a

hustler, we're always moving
along... pun intended.

I have a moving company in
Alabama and the moving industry

is it not stop... wheels always
on the ground, something always

in motion.

That's why the work harder than
the rest of my tribe members,

looking for an idol.

Me and Patrick have a pretty
good relationship, but he

doesn't really have a social
game, and I want to look out for


So I think that for my game, I
need to help Patrick mesh better

with the group.

You have to play smarter, pat,
you know, because you going idol

crazy, is going to make people
think like, "why is he so

You know?

All right.

I'm just telling you because,
like, I don't want something to


She's looking out for my best
interest, and I'm looking out

for hers as well.

You know, I don't want your
name to be next or my name to be


But Ali telling me to cool it
is difficult because it takes

away from my personality.

I may not be Abe to create
relationships if I'm not being


Don't dwell on it.

It's over.

Can't change the past.

Look forward the future pup
learn, though, learn from it.

I will, always learn.

Thanks for cooking, guys.

My pleasure!

Oh, my god!

Yeah, that's pretty good.

Not if it's raw.

That one's completely raw.

See the color.

I just don't think we can be

I mean... it's not being

This is (Bleep) Completely raw.

I'll eat it.

I don't care.

You'll eat the raw ones.

Joe had some issue with the
way we cooked the pa-ta-tas, not

wait he wanted them cooked at
exphoam if it's not to his

liking he Chucks it in the woods
instead of offering it to

somebody else to eat so that can
be a bit off-putting, when food

is scarce.

I can't eat raw food.

I don't know how you all do it.

Joe, you're welcome to cook
next time.

Joe complains a lot sometimes
around camp.

So he's already rubbed some
people the wrong way.

And then on top of that, Joe has
the idol.

And the more I thought about Joe
having the idol, the more I

realize that Joe has all the
power, and I don't like that at


Here's one idea.

So Joe does have the idol.

And if we were to lose tonight,
like, he'd be super confident

that Mike would go home.

A blindside?

I thought that last night.

Send him home with the idol
in his pocket.

I know, I know.

The idol is unpredictable,
especially in an unpredictable

person's hands and it has a lot
of power.

And I don't want that power
being thrown around without my

say in it.

I want to tell you something
real quick.

Joe has the idol.



Cole just word vomits that
Joe has idol.

And I was like, what are you

Like, it's too soon.

I'm like, why are you sharing
that information.

We found it together.

And so, we could potentially, if
we want to get rid of that

threat, if we lose tonight, we
could split votes between Joe

and Mike.

I think that he needed to
wait to see what happens after

the challenge and talk to me

And we decide is it what we want
to do.


If we get rid of Mike this


And then Joe's still left
with the idol, we can't... he's

going to be a lot more
suspicious that he might be on

the chopping block.

Joe is an amazing blindside
candidate because he is locked

in on Mike.

So I am full buy-in into the Joe
blindside enjoy your idol a

sufnear plan.

We're thinking Joe over Mike
tonight potentially.

He's not a strong swimmer.

He will not be super good at

And he complains a lot.

Right now would be the best
time to take him out because

Mike knows he's on the bottom.

He's already told me that.

He'll go wherever I want him to

I like the thought process,

Yeah, yeah.

I'm ticked off at Cole for
just running his mouth.

He lost a lot of power with me
by telling roark and Desi, and

the last thing we want is for
Joe to find out that we know

because he could play his idol,
and then any of our heads would

be on the chopping block,
probably Cole's first.

So right now, him wanting to
blindside Joe I am not sure is

Jeff: Come on in, guys!

Jeff: Heroes and healers
getting your first look at the

new hustler tribe.

Simone voted out at the last
tribal council.

All right, you guys ready to get
to today's immunity challenge?



Jeff: First things first,
take back the idols.

Thank you, thank you.

Once gae, immunity is back up
for grabs.

In today's challenge, you're
going to race through a series

of obstacles.

You'll then use sandbags to
knock blocks off a ledge.

You must then stack those blocks
one on top of the other.

First two tribes to finish win
immunity, safe from the vote.

In addition, we're playing for

Want to know what you're playing


Yes, sir!

Jeff: First tribe to


Jeff: Four chickens!

Oh, my god!

Jeff: One rooster, three

Second tribe to finish:


Jeff: A dozen eggs courtesy
of the first-place chickens.

Last tribe to finish, nothing
but a date with me at tribal

council where somebody will be
the third person voted out of

this game.

Healers, you have one extra

You have to sit somebody out.

Who is it going to be?


Jeff: Mike going to sit out
for the healers.

Mike, take a spot on the

Everybody else give you a chance
to strategize and get it on.

All right, here we go.

For immunity and reward,
survivors ready?


Under and over, under and over!

That's it!

Everybody doing great out of the

Gotta get everybody to the mat
before you can start working on

this next phase.

Go, heroes!

Go, healers!

Go, hustlers!

Now you have to get everybody

Ashley up first, Cole up first
help healers pushing Lauren up


There goes desdezy for the
healers and Patrick for the


They're now going to pull up jp.

And that leaves Alan as the last
for the heroes.

That's a leap right there.

The heros are up and over

Let's go, let's go!

Jeff: It is work, the last

And here goes the last hustler!


It is Ben tossing sandbags for
the heros.

It's Cole for the healers.

Chuck them, pat!

Jeff: And Patrick for the

We've got a challenge going

Day eight on "survivor."

Right in the middle.

Jeff: Ben with a nice hit.

Way to end it, good job.

Jeff: Jp coming in for Ben.

Patrick with a nice hit!


Jeff: Cole with another big

You're doing awesome!

Jeff: Jp with another nice

Another big hit by Cole.

There you go.

Jeff: Heroes down to four
blocks left.

Good job, pat.

Hustlers down to seven.

Keep it going, baby!

Jeff: Jp with a nice hit.

He's down to two!

You want to switch out?


Jeff: Joe now throwing for
the healers.

You want to switch?

Don't get tired.

Pat, can I attack a turn?


There you go.

Jeff: Patrick still going
for the hustlers.

Jp down to one block left!

There's one for Joe for the

Patrick with another hit for the

Heroes have one block left.

Just misses!

Joe with another hit for the

They're down to two!

The hustlers down to two!

One more!

Jeff: Healers down to one

There it is!

Go, healers!

Start getting all your blocks
over before you stack.

Jp hits the last block for the

Gather your blocks!

Pat, do you want to switch?

Jeff: It is now the
hustlers, last group to get

through this.

Patrick has one left now.

Here we go.

Big ones first, big ones

Pat, do you need to switch?

Jeff: Patrick still firing
for the hustlers.

He's get sewing tired.

Jeff: While the healers and
heroes start stacking.

You can put them in any order
you want.

It just has to be one on top of
the other.

Are you ready to swap?

We can swap if you want, pat.

Pat park.

Jeff: Patrick still the
only person to throw for the


If you want to switch, you
can switch.

Jeff: There it is!

Go, hustlers!

Got to gather all your blocks
before you start stacking.

I can't get it up.

Here, two at a time.

I need to be higher.

Jeff: This is reminiscent
of the first challenge when you

had to stand on each others'

Hold my leg!

Healers doing a nice job.

Healers working very quickly.

Hold my legs!

Jeff: Hustlers still racing
to catch up.

Chrissy is up on the shoulders
of the heroes.

Jessica up on the shoulders of
the healers.

This is the last one!

We're winning.

Jeff: Healers have not lost
a challenge yet.

They think they have it!

Something is not right, no.

What's not right?

Are we missing a block?

Jeff: This opens the door
for the hustlers and the heroes.

What's not...
block, block, block.

Oh, my god!

Jeff: The healers did not
have all their blocks!

Huge mistake by the healers.

Get down!

Joe, give it to me!

Jeff: Heroes got it!

Get back to your mat.

3, 2, 1, heroes win immunity and

Jessica now back up for the

Hustlers struggling to get Ryan

Let me down!

Just drop me!

It's okay.

It's okay.

Jeff: Healers win immunity
and reward, sending the hustler

tribe to tribal council again.

Good job.

Oh, my god, that was so

Jeff: Here organization

Immunity is yours.

Nobody going home tonight.

Thank you, Jeff.

Jeff: Healers, once again,
safe from tribal council.

Nobody going home.

Hero tribe, thanks to the
mistake by the healers, nice

reward for you.

Come grab your chickens.

Head back to camp.

Enjoy the night off.

Healers, fortunately, you still
have the eggs.

Come grab them.

Grab your stuff, head back to

No tribal council tonight.

Patrick, what's the feeling?

We're only eight days in, and,
yet, you're going back to

tribal, gog lose another tribe

You're already down to five.

Is it going to be a bit of a

Yes, Jeff.

We all like each other and we
all get along well, and it's

quite depressing knowing that
we're going back.

But we're going, and we gotta
do it.

Jeff: All right, guys, grab
your stuff, head back to camp.

See you tonight at tribal, where
somebody will be the third

person voted out of this game.

We just lost the challenge,
but Patrick didn't want to stop.

It was like a one-man show.

I've been playing center field
for 25 years.

I can hit a catcher in the

And I think everybody's pretty
much over Patrick in the way

this he cost us today, and I
want to make sure that Patrick

is going home.

Hitting all the targets like I
should have been, and I should

have let somebody, possibly, sub
in for me.


You jaent justify it, you
know what I mean?

I should have been better.

Lauren's not happy with me.

But by looking at her, I don't
think that her coming in for me

would have really changed much.

I'm sorry, guys.

Don't be sorry.


We're all good.

I know you tried your
hardest, man.

That's all that matters.

That's all that matters.

I'm gonna rinse off.

Well, guys, what's...
we're good.

She wants you out.

We're getting her out.

That's all there is to it.

I mean, she has said him?

I think she assumes.

That's great.

Why is it great?

I'm being very sarcastic.

Don't even worry.

So tonight, I've got the guys
on my side.

I've got Ali on my side, and I'm
comfortable knowing Lauren's

going home.

But I don't want her going
around worrying, so I'm trying

to, you know, make sure I
continue to have her part of my

conversation and, you know,
making her enjoy herself here.

You good?

I'm as good as I can get, I

How about you?

I feel terrible.

Feel terrible?


Freaking couldn't knock any of
those freaking blocks down.

Well, we kept saying we'd
switch out with you.

We kept saying, we could tell
you were tired, and I played

outfield for 25 years.

Me and Ali kept saying that.

But you acted like we weren't
even there.

It was like a one-man team there
for a little while.

To lose today it, just in
general, I'm bummed out about

it, but Patrick wouldn't quit.

And it really did cost us.

I would much rather lose as a
team than one person lose for


I'm assuming you all are going
to try to vote me out tonight.

I don't know if that's right.

If it's not me, who else is
is it if you have somebody else

in mind?

Because I can look at you and
tell you have me in mind.

Yeah, but...
yeah but what?

I don't want to go home.

Redheads don't do very well
at lying.

So you costing us the win cost
vote meeg out today.

That makes no sense whatsoever.

All he could do is grin, so I
know for a fact that Patrick

will write my name down.

You know, to be a good fisherman
do I sit here in the same spot

every day and wait for the fish
to come by?


I try numerous different things
and I never threw my handsut

without trying my hardest.

What upset me at the end is
the way he was grinning at me,

like it was funny.

If he had... he would have
realized, it would have been

more on the team than him.


It wouldn't have been a
Patrick loss, it would have

been, "at least we all tried."

Patrick being the competitive
person that he is, he was

supposed to be one strong in

But again, when it came down to
it, we didn't win.

And it's kind of like a
repetition for us.

So I need to figure out if
Patrick being around is really

an advantage anymore.

I mean, don't take this
offensively, but you're the


Yeah, yeah.

And I'm the old woman.

Now that Simone is gone...

And I trust Ali and I trust
Devon but I don't trust...

pat, yeah.

He's a wild card.

Lauren just came up to me and
she's just like, "it's going to

be Patrick."


She's like, "you're the
oddball, and, like, I'm the old

lady, so... I was like uh...

What matters is we have...
fu for sure.

Everybody coming to us.

Devon and I are in position
where we can sort of dictate the


The options now are vote off
Lauren or vote off pat.

What do you joong this is
unequivocally a big decision for


And I don't know exactly what to
do yet.

Pat's just...
I want to save pat.

We get rid of Lauren tonight.

And we can do the boys to the

What do you want to do?

Pat and Lauren hate each other.

Yeah, but I'd rather... i
think I'd rather go to the merge

with Lauren than with pat.

We don't know if we'll get to
the merge.

I'm going back and forth.

Pat stepped up at the
challenge, but if you're going

to step up, you better be able
to handle what you step up for.

It was just pat choking.

And I do think we lost because
of that.

Lauren, on the other hand, she's
very steady.

I trust her.

But, she doesn't really fit in
with the other tribe members,

and if we keep Lauren around,
we're more likely to lose the

next immunity challenge, and
we've already lost two in a row.

I could be a hot head, but at
the same time, I know when to

turn it into I know when it to
turn it off.

I feel like I've done everything
I can do.

Obviously, I'm a hustler for a

So if it is me going home
tonight, I will promise you, I'm

not going to go home without a

Not going to go home without a

Jeff: All right, so Lauren,
eight days in.

You've lost two out of three
immunity challenges.

At what point do you guys stop
talking about how well you get

along and start owning the fact
that it just isn't working right

now with this group?


I mean, that challenge should
have been a win for us.

But one of us kind of took it to
their own level and tried to

complete it by themselves.

Jeff: Patrick, she can only
be talking about you and the

sandbags, right?

Yes, sir, I am.

Definitely talking about me,

I can see where she's concerned
with me not winning that, and

there is a point where it could
be my fault.

I should not have taken the
entire time for myself.

I agree.

I mean I was going to finish the
sentence, but he finished it for


He shouldn't have took the whole
time himself.

I mean, I played outfield,
center field for probably 25


You have to realize that it's
not a one-man show sometimes.

We have to lose together and we
need to win together.

And today, we didn't lose

It's an adrenaline rush.

I understand that, son, but
you know when you went up there,

there was five of us.

And then there wasn't
mysteriously just one person


We didn't disappear.

I totally understand.

Jeff: Ali what was your
take on the challenge?

Patrick did call an executive
decision and say, "I'm staying


Yon if that should have to do
with anything about us being


Who knows if we had switched we
could have tooken even longer?

For me I don't like to dwell on
things from the past and we need

to look further from here.

Jeff: Patrick, does that
give you a little sense of

comfort that you're not going to
be judged on one element for one


For sure.

Jeff, I tried my best, and it
definitely gives me a sense of

comfort in knowing I'm not going
to be held totally accountable.

I wanted those chickens.

They looked so good.

Jeff: Lauren, you had your
hand raised.

Like I said, we still have to
play as a team, and today just

showed that Patrick is not
exactly a team player.

I mean, he's a good idol hunter.

That's all he does.

Ey admitted, "I'm constantly

I'm constantly looking."

It keeps you on edge knowing
that someone is trying to play

strategy and worried mus enough
they need to cover their back.

I don't think I've looked for
the idol yet, but if he's

hunting, maybe we should all go

Jeff: Patrick, you had a
big reaction to Lauren saying

she hasn't looked yet.

I'm worried that Lauren has
an idol, and her saying she

hasn't looked was a big relief.

I have two of them.

I had a quick conversation
with Lauren and said, "who are

and and I didn't give her an

Let's say what you really

You approached me with a smile
which is very obvious and I

said, "obviously, you're voting
for me tonight."

And he sat there and grinned and
I said you're trying to comfort

me when I never believed a
redhead a day in my life.

Jeff, I will say, tonight, one
of us is going to be blindsided.

I can say that.

You're right, somebody will
be blindsided for sure.

Jeff: Ryan, it's kind of
like you're in a relationship...

I've never been in a

Jeff: Okay.

You know somebody?

( Laughter ).

Jeff: Well, I was just
going to say, it's kind of like

if you're in a relationship and
guto therapy.

The first thing the therapist
will say is let's just talk.


Jeff: Get it out, and
things will get better.

Can you feel that, the tribe is
airing to get movement going?

I do feel that way because I
think every member of the group

is thinking yeah, this is a
happy group and I'm contributing

to that happy group.

But it's not a happy group, and
we're not a successful group at


So somebody is influencing the
group in a negative way.

Jeff: Devon, is it possible
that part of the problem of this

group is just chemistry?


My vote tonight is, you know,
headed in that direction, what

is going to get that chemistry
going again, so that we can win

I think my vote is going to
be for the same reason.

Jeff: Chemistry.

Chemistry, to keep us

It ain't necessarily what was

It's how to make it better.

But, also, for whenever the
merge comes, we need to be best

suited going forward to socially
discern which group can we fit


Because strategically, what the
heck are we going to present

stroojically to them?

Are we going to show them how to
do challenges after that?

That's just not going to happen.

Jeff: Patrick, do you feel
that pressure, too, that if

there's a merge coming, man,
what are we going to do?

For sure.

We're already fewer numbers than
the other tribes so how can we

work together to gain numbers?

Who can talk the best?

Who can make friends the

And I think that's something I
can offer.

I can make people feel loved and
comforted and that's part of

making friends and getting an

Jeff: Ali, that's a really
honest statement from Patrick.

I guess that's his opinion.

He may think he gets along with
people but why can't you get

along with Lauren and we've been
together for eight days.

How easy is it going to be for
him with people who have clicked

eight, 10, 15 days and we have
to try to squeeze ourselves in


Jeff: Patrick, you have a
smile on your face.

Is that because something is
happening for this tribe, even

though we're at the worst place
you can be, tribal council?

You know, Jeff, I always
welcome criticism because, you

know, I'm not a perfect person.

I know I have... I have
difficulties in... in growing,

like everyone else.

Hearing Ali tell me that I'm not
necessarily a good social


And hearing Lauren tell me that
I'm not listening to the team

while we're going through
challenges, you know, it is a

wake-up call to me.

Jeff: So, Patrick, you just
took two lethal criticisms from

two different people and you're
saying, "I welcome it.

I'm learning."


And, you know, I want to grow
from all this.

Jeff: Ryan, is it too big
of a stretch to say that moments

like that between Ali and lawren
and Patrick can actually flip a


You know, tribal council is...
Is very... it has so much

momentum, right?

And you can gain so much because
you just come together and say,

"this is the group.

This is the moment that we're
going to shine up this crappy

little tricycle and try to sell
it to these other tribes who

now, we're not going to be used
as pawns.

That's not what we're saying at

We also understand we're not
comincoming in as the c.E.O.S.

We may be month the floors at

Which is why we're hustlers.


I'm not giving up.

Nobody here is giving up.

And we are the only tribe that
is going to have real unity and

that is something unique about
us and they don't have that.

Jeff: All right, it is time
to vote.

Lauren, you're up.

You're aggravating!

I'm sorry, Lauren.

You had to go.

Jeff: I'll go tally the

If anybody has a hidden immunity
idol and you want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

Okay, once the votes are read,
the decision is final.

Person voted out will be asked
to leave the tribal council


I'll read the votes.

First vote, Patrick.


One vote Patrick, one vote


That's two votes Patrick, one
vote Lauren.

Third person voted out of
"survivor," Patrick.

That's three.

That's enough.

You need to bring me your torch.


You guy guys are awful.

Jeff: Patrick, the tribe
has spoken.

Jeff: Patrick, the tribe
has spoken.

Jeff: Well, tribal is the
end for somebody but tonight, it

also appears to be a rebirth for
the rest of the tribe.

Grab your torches, head back to

Good night.

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Jeff: Stay tuned for scenes

from our next episode.

Jeff: Next time on
"survivor": Just when you think

you're on top...
things were well oiled and


We are moving.

Jeff: The game flips upside

Everybody drop your buffs.


Jeff: We are switching

My palms are sweating.

My heart was racing.


Everything gets erased and
it's a brand-new game.


This is the worst thing I've
ever felt.

I had no idea it was coming.

I it total trust with Ryan,
Devon, and Ali.

I hope you guys don't have a
very successful game because

you're liars and it really hurts
me that you would not keep your


It's too early in the game for
me to leave and this has been