Survivor (2000–…): Season 35, Episode 2 - I'm a Wild Banshee - full transcript

Two castaways find a clue and begin searching for a coveted idol. Also, one castaway's annoying behavior could jeopardize their game, and romance is in the air for one pair of Healers, on Survivor.

Previously on "survivor," at the
healer tribe, Joe interrogated

I personally think you have
the idol.

I wish I did.

Mike is public enemy number

At the hustler tribe, Patrick
found his partner in crime.

I got your back.

I got you back if you got

JEFF: And Ryan confessed to
having the super idol.

If we don't go to trial, I
have to give it to someone else.

JEFF: The hero tribal was
facing tribal council, and a

core four came together.

I wanted us four from the

JEFF: Which put the two
moms on the outs?

Do you think it's you because
I think it's me?

JEFF: But Chrissy received
Ryan's super idol.

It can only be used at
tonight's tribal council.

JEFF: At tribal council,
Alan accused j.P. And Ashley of

being a power couple.

To have the term "power
couple" even thrown around is


I know what I know, and I'm
in the crazy.

I'm confident.

JEFF: In the end, the
alliance of four stuck together.

Katrina, the tribe has spoken.

And Chrissy decided not to save
Katrina, holding on to her

secret but now powerless idol.

17 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

I'm happy to take a walk to
the watering hole.

I'll get water at night
before I go to tribal again.

Let's never go there again.

That was brutal.

I never want to go again.

Tribal council was really
heated and angry.

Great for me, right?

I started out on the bottom.

Now I think that I'm no longer
on the bottom because all these

other cracks come up because
people do it to themselves.


Good job.


I was also glad that I did
not use the super immunity ID.L.

Idol, because in the
future I can use it as a decoy.

It has no power, but it still
has power.

I don't plan on going back to

Not at all.

Tribal council was intense.

I mean, I was not expecting
fists to start flying like that.

But at the end of the day, I
think I got what I wanted in

terms of people really thinking
that Ashley and j.P. Are a power

couple, so my plan worked
essentially, like whether I'm

right or whether I'm wrong, I
think I created some kind of


A lot of times suspicion gets
you the results you want.

First of all, how do you
convince people of something

when you have in proof?

You know what I mean?

I'm trying to convince you I
don't have something and that me

and j.P. Are not... as soon as
the word "power couple" got

thrown into it, oh, my gosh,
that's crazy.

The whole spectacle that Alan
created tonight at tribal

council just kind of showed
everyone how off the hinges he

really is.

I'm not going to sit become and
tell my whole tribe that I'm in

a power duo with j.P. And we're
hiding idols.

I think he went from a really
safe place with the core four to

now putting a huge target on his

Do you guys believe me?

I'm starting to believe you

Thank you.

Alan has to keep it under
wraps period.

He has.

To I I don't understand what
he's doing.

The group is like old paint.

It's cracked and fractured

I'm not sure who I can trust.

The core four is gone.

The perception might be there in
some people's heads, not

actually, no, it's not.

It's done.

The whole thing is shot.

Now it's every man for himself.

-== [ ] ==-

Look at that, baby.


We have definitely as the
days have gone on really owned

the hustler mantra.

I cobust my bum.

The hustler tribe is feeling
really good about itself.

We have some momentum now.

I think I'm in a pretty good
spot socially.

I feel like me and you are doing

We're doing good.

We're doing okay.

I think we're the best
players in our tribe.

For sure.

Everyone else, when I talk to
them, I'm not smiling when I

I'm like, oh, okay, I'm all

But with you I'm able to talk
strategy and have a smile on my


I think we're tight.

We're lock-step.

We've gotten along so well.

Honestly, I feel like I've
connected with everybody on my

tribe, maybe Nazi moan, but I
don't think anybody has a

connection with Simone.

She's weird, and weirdness, you
want to blend in on these first

couple days, and the people who
blend in the best are the ones

that escape.

I did it!


Oh, my god.

But it was terrifying.

I'm not an outside person.

The fact that I was leaving
myself in the water was the

biggest milestone.

I can't believe I did that.

I feel like a super hero.


And that's your superpower.


I know people think this is

But it's tough out here and it's
hot all the time and there is no

air conditioning.

I hate the outside.

You hate the outside in we're
outside right now.

We're in the outside.

I'm challenging myself.

I'm having an adventure.

I'm trying to try new things.

I think people look at me and
think here is this person who

has no experience in the
outdoors, but, you know, I'm a

hustler because I'm good under

So who is going to gut the

I'll clean the fish.

I've never done it before.

You've never done it before?

I read up on how to do it.

Just don't cut your finger.

You got it.

All right.

Get it.

"Survivor" might push me to
my limits, but I've been playing

"survivor" my entire life.

I live on a tribe.

I have ten brothers and sisters,
so I was fighting constantly to

outperform everybody.


All right.

Hey, you did a good job.

I plan on gaining everybody's
respect by just working hard,

because this is the hustler

This is the work ethic tribe.

How have you been doing,

I've been adjusting.

Gutting that fish, that's a
big deal.

I can tell you're putting
yourself out there, you're

putting yourself out there to do
things you normally wouldn't do.

This game is all about handling

different personalities.

I think it's something I'm good
at, and I don't know if everyone

is thinking, oh, Simone is the
diva, I don't want to deal with,

that but I see Simone's value at
this time.

Being here with a whole bunch of
random people is a big step for


I definitely could use that to
my advantage and kind of pull

Simone on to my side.

You keep doubting yourself.

I think you need to be more
optimistic in how you think.

If you think less of you, other
people will think less.

You have to hype yourself up,
because if you don't, who else


I could see her being loyal for
a long time.

I could definitely mold her.

I'm here to win.

So I feel like Simone, I could
use as putty in my hands.

This is the worst game of cat
and mouse ever.


It's really frustrating.

I keep shooting at the same one.

It will happen.

I feel so disappointed.


I want the try again.


I think Jessica is super
cute, although she just turned

30, so she probably sees me as
some little kid and doesn't even

give me a sideways look, but
she's a great person to be


I'm digging the energy a lot.

I think I make too much noise.

Sometimes I talk to them.

That's super cute.

We do flirt a lot.

Maybe if I keep catching her
fish, she'll come over.

She's a cool girl.

Like I could see myself with

You were miss Virginia twice.

When were you miss Virginia?

What year?

I was miss Virginia 2013 in
the American system and 2014 in

the U.S.A. system.

We're on the wrong tribe, and
there's a beauty tribe.

We the ugly ones.

Everyone on this tribe except
me is hot and smart.

You definitely have the
smarts, bro, the beauty, you is

one ugly dude, but you're still


I'm okay with that.

We're definitely in the wrong
tribe, Mike.

My relationship with Mike is
he's still my public enemy

number one, but he's definitely
growing on me.

He's a likable guy and I kind of
like him, but not enough to keep

him around.

So I'm still feeding everyone
that Mike has the idol.

I truly don't know if he has the
idol or not, so now it's kind of

almost like backfired on me
because now I can't look for the

idol as much as I want the look
for the idol.

So I'm trying to figure ways to
leave camp.

All right.

Are we well, ?

See you in ten, Joe.


The window is a very, very
small window.

But, you know, I could
accomplish a lot of things in a

small time.

I wonder how long we've been

A couple hours.


There it is.

It's a clue.

Ocean, looks like a raft, five
feet, I found a clue.

And it looks like a map to the

I think it's a raft.

It looks like a raft.

When I see it, automatically I
think of Cole.

Cole has been out there fishing.

So I'm going to talk about it
with him.

Hopefully he opens up to me.

If not he'll definitely trust me
that I'm giving him some


I haven't really explored.


But I found an idol clue


It's marked on a tree.

So it's in the a physical clue.

It's a square, like a raft, and
it said, ocean, five feet.

You've been out there swimming
all day.

I just assumed you had it and
didn't tell nobody, which is


I haven't gotten it yet.

It's there.

Where is the clue?

It's all the way in the back
where the rocks are.

Joe brought me in on the fact
there's a clue I can't see.

I am beside myself.

This is the greatest day ever so
far, and this is why I'm here

the play survivor is to find the
ID.L. And have the power, but

I'm suspicious that the idol is
on the raft because I've been

out fishing all day.

So I'm like, dude, I need to see
this clue.

That's the clue.

Five feet, ocean, raft.

No, no, no, no, no,.

That's the symbol for the well
on the map.

That's the symbol for the well.

So five feet from the well, x
marks the spot.

That's the symbol for the well.

Dude, it's second nature for me
to enable people and help them

accomplish their goals.

That skill set I feel like is
giving me power in this game.

Since Joe would have never found
that out by himself, he probably

sees me as a really good
resource now.

Showing Cole the clue was a
major risk, but I needed help.

Like I don't honestly think I
would have figured it out on my


It's now or never.

In my mind if anything pops
out of that ground, I'm

snatching it.

I want it.

And I'm going to find it today.

Got it.


I got the idol.

It feels good.

I feel good.

That's the idol.

Now I know no one else has
it, but I'm concerned because

the fact that Cole knows I have
the idol can absolutely


It's all about power and

He has too much knowledge.

I don't think he's going to use
it against me, but at the same

time, if he does, I might have
to put target on his back.

It's all about getting things
done and taking care of


So I'm out fishing, trying to
get some board, and just one

step at a time and go from

He's walking up with

I think that's a lobster.

No way.

It's something.

He got something.

I have never really been
super big enter drama or the

confrontational type or anything
like that, so if I can get some

fish, some lobster, things like,
that make sure everybody has a

full belly, I think everyone
will be happy and taken care of.

Oh, my gosh.

Nicely done.

That is meat.

That is delicious.

The other night at tribal,
ash and I got called out as the

power couple.

That label sucks.

I don't see ourselves as a power
couple at all.

We're not dating.

We're not hooking up.

We're not doing any of that type
of stuff.

If we're a power couple, we
might as well hook up and be a


Might as well take advantage of

So ash and my connection is more
on the backburner now, but in

the fire house, that's what my
profession is, staying calm in

an emergency situation.

I might not be the guy out there
talking strategy to everybody,

but I know that I need to clean
my rep up a little with bit and

straighten things out.

Obviously ash and I don't
have an idol and obviously ash

andry not a couple.

How is everything else going?


I'm feeling good.


I needed to get through that
first tribal so I could get a

foothold and I got through it.

Now I really this believe that I
can go far in this game.

I just need to figure out who I
want to move forward with,

because I do believe that you
need a strong partner to get to

the end of the game.

What about game?

Let's pretend me and you.


People would never say he
would go with her and she would

go with him.

We wouldn't get labeled a
power couple.

That's true.

You know what I mean?

So what I do as an actuary is
analyze data and figure out what

is my next best moving giving
everything I know some here's

what I know... j.P. Can be
helpful in challenge, but

truthfully I don't think he's
that smart.

I think j.P. And Alan both want
each other out almost.

Yeah, yeah.

I'm worried Alan wants me

Ashley is a very good player,
but I don't entire trust Ashley.

I am not convinced there is not
a power couple.

We're solid?

Yeah, we're solid.

Then after Alan had his
blow-up, I'm concerned about

having a twosome with Alan.

At this point the data shows
that Ben is a better option for


Ben has a lot of social charm,
and I can think several steps

ahead strategically, so together
we complement each other very


Right now we have two options,
you, me, and Ashley, or you,

men, and Alan.

Let Alan think he's with us.

Let Ashley think she's with us.

J.P. Doesn't talk to anybody.

Who knows what the heck his game

As we stay together.

You and me, yes.

This is crazy how this is

Totally crazy.

Alan and I were aligned from
the get-go.

But after he blew up at tribal
the other night, I don't know if

I can work with him.

Chrissy is a smart woman, and
she has a good head on her


That's going to help me get
further in the game.

I'm in.

Like this is crazy.

We're good.

We're safe.

We can totally ride this out
the entire way.

We can ride it out the entire

At this point Chrissy andry
in the driver's seat, and

whatever we decide to do is
what's going to happen.

So let's do this.

Let's do it.

Let's totally do it.

But no more talking between
you and I.

No, we are not a power

I don't even know you.

Huge crab.

Look at that!

This thing has claws like

I got us a meal.

Geez, look at those claws.

Grab it, dude.


Has he got you?

Are you hurt.


What is your problem?

What is wrong with you?

Why do you have to do that alin
my face.

They're so scary.

I'm scared of crabs.

So I should probably
continuinger my fear because I'm

a lot bigger than that crab.

He's moving.

What is he going to do.

Holy geez.

I'm a wild banshee.

I'm someone what wants to have a
good time all the time.

My strategy is to keep everyone
having fun.

When you do that, you don't have
to worry about being the


Dancing skills, what would
you say your dancing skills are



You do any performing at

What about in the shower?

No, I might fall and break my

Patrick is starting to get

on my nerves.

He wants to be in the spotlight.

I'll do my Australian accent.

Want to put some shrimp on the

We'll mingle.

Sit still.

He's too loud for me.

His volume is at a ten.

He needs to be about a volume

He is a big kid.

He's a 25-year-old boy.

You can look him dead in the

face and say, Patrick, do not
touch, that an he will look at

you and touch it.

You know, it's like really?

I can't just come out and say,
shut the hell up, just because I

am older, I think they would
want to stick together.

It's very tough for me.

I'm in the a social butterfly.

To be a commercial fisherman,
you work alone.

I don't want to be exploited, so
I'm trying to build a

relationship with Ali, trying to
get on the same page with her.

I just want to see that you
andry on the same page, you know

what I mean?

The more you think about it,
Patrick's going to start wearing

on us after a while.

It's hard to not get short with

Yeah, it definitely is.

It makes me nervous.

Patrick's name is starting to
come up.

It's so early.

How am I supposed to come up if
Patrick is getting on people's

nerves and he's nuts.

He's just so adamant on


With Patrick, I feel like I'm
babysitting a lot.

I don't want that to be my job.

I'm here to play for me, not
anybody else.

I think I have to definitely
think about where we stand and

how important this relationship
is, because if people decide to

vote Patrick out, I don't think
I need him in this game anymore.

JEFF: All right.

Healers and hustlers getting
your first look at the hero


Katrina voted out at first
tribal council.

Chrissy does not know I'm the
one that gave that to her.

I don't know how that first
tribal went.

Maybe she used it and that's why
she's still there, but I hope

she sticks around so I can get
an opportunity to use that

connection down the road.

JEFF: All right.

You guys ready to get to today's
immunity challenge?


JEFF: First things first, I
need to take back the idols.

Thank you.

Thanks, Mike.

Once again immunity is back up
for grabs.

For today's challenge, three
members of each tribe are going

to swim out to a floating net

You'll then dive down and
maneuver a bundle of puzzle

pieces through a cage.

Once you've collectedded all
three bundles, the two remaining

tribe members will use those
pieces to solve a signpost


First two tribes to finish win
immunity, safe from the vote.

In addition, you're playing for

Want to know what you're playing


JEFF: First tribe the
finish, the ultimate "survivor"

fishing kit.

All right.

JEFF: You've been catching
fish, this will take it to the

next level.

Traps, net, knife, line, lures,

Second tribe to finish, smaller
but still effective, lines,


Last tribe to finish, nothing
but a date with me at tribal

council where somebody will be
the second person voted out of

this game.

Healers, you have one extra

Going to sit somebody out?

Who is it going to be?


JEFF: Joe is going to sit
this one out.

Hustlerring going to sit someone
out, who is it going to be?


Everyone else take a minute to
strategize and we'll get


JEFF: All right.

Here we go for immunity and
reward, survivors ready?


First you got to swim that life
ring to the buoy.

Then you got to dive down, unto
a bundle of puzzle pieces, and

then maneuver it through the

Hustlers get there first.

Healers are there.

Heros are there.

Ashley comes up empty handed.

J.P. Down for the heroes.

Devon quickly up for the

Let's go!

Come on, guys.

JEFF: Devon going under
again for the hustlers.

They're out to an early lead.

Paul is up without a bundle.

Now roark in the water for the

Heroes have their first burn l.

Mice job, guys!

Here comes roark with the first
bundle for the healers.

It is now Jessica going down.

All three tribes now with one

Devon back up with the second

Hustlers with one bundle left.

J.P. Has a second bundle for the

The healers stuck at one right

Jessica comes up empty handed.

Cole going to go back down now
for the healers.

Devon has the third bundle of
puzzle pieces for the hustlers.

Hustlers can head back.

Hustlers with a huge lead right

The healers have their second

They've got one left.

Roark going back down.

J.P. Has the third bundle of
puzzle pieces for the heroes.

They can start swimming their
pieces in.

The hustlers with a nice lead.

Got to get everybody up here and
the pieces on the platform.

Healers still looking for that
third bundle.

Healers falling way behind now.

Heroes got to get all your
pieces and everybody on the


Cole has the third bundle for
the healers.

Healers can now start swimming

Nice work, nice work!

JEFF: Hustlers can start
working on their buzzell.

It is Ali and Simone for the
hustler tribe.

Heroes have all their pieces

They can start solving.

Ali, I'm going to need your
help banging these in.

JEFF: It is now Alan and

Heroes working to make up some
time lost under water.

Got to get everybody up here and
on the platform with your


Your signpost puzzle contains
the names of places survivors

visited over the years.

Hustlers our to an early lead.

Too long.

JEFF: Heroes trying to get
in this and the heroes now can

get in it.

Everyone now working on their
signpost puzzle.

The goal is you want to spin
that so it doesn't hit any of

the obstacles.

As long as that's working,
you're good.

We good, we good, we good.

We good.


JEFF: Heroes got to try
something else.

Right here.

Okay, which is the

JEFF: Healers, that won't

You will have to swap out.

There's a lot of trial and

If it were easy, it would not be



Switch cam benda and

JEFF: The hustler tribe
getting close.

Heroes still trying new

They think they're close.

Healers with one piece left.

Hustlers with one piece left.

The question is where does it go
right there, put that there.

JEFF: Simone and Ali hope
they have it.

No, something is not right.

Not there, not there, Simone.


JEFF: Simone and Ali have
had a huge head start, but it's

evaporated now.

We're dead even.

Anybody can still pull this out.

Desi, Desi.

Behind you!

JEFF: Hustlers still
working with their last piece.

No, another block.

Something still not right.

Find which pieces need to go
where, Simone.



JEFF: Healers now getting
some momentum again.

If they're right...

Keep spinning.

JEFF: Healers think they
have it.


JEFF: They do.

Healers win immunity for the
second time in a row.

Let's go, baby.

JEFF: We're looking for one

Go to go back.

It is now the heroes versus the



Which one, which one?

JEFF: All the pressure on
Ali and Simone.

You better be right if you're on
the puzzle.

Put that piece back.


No, it's way too small, guys.

Try it.

JEFF: Patrick yelling out
orders to Ali.

Too long.

JEFF: It's wrong.

Another block.

Get down, Simone.

You just observe, Simone.

JEFF: Heroes trying a new
series of pieces.


JEFF: And they've got it.

Heroes win immunity and reward,
sending the hustlers to tribal


Healer tribe, who wants to come
get it?

There we go, Cole.

JEFF: Nice job.

Nobody going home once again
from the healer tribe.

And a big fishing reward will be
waiting for you back at camp.


JEFF: Hero tribe, somebody
come get it.


I'm on it.

I'm on it.

JEFF: Nice job, hero tribe.

Nobody going home tonight.

And a smaller but still useful
fishing kit will be waiting for

you back at camp.

Hustlers, you know the drill.

Tribal council where somebody
will be the second person voted

out of "survivor."

Head back to camp, swim on out.

In my mind, Simone is our
least-valuable member.

She doesn't fit in with all of

We saw today she can't do

It's a bummer, by Simone's got
to go.

We played hard.

Oh, man.

I can just say, I'm really
sorry, like we had a lead and I

wish I had been more dominant in
the puzzle.

We all wanted it so much, like
it's the worst thing that could

have happened.

And we're in the middle of
connecting with everybody,

bonding with everybody, and to
have to remove one of us, it

just makes me feel sick.

As far as challenges, it
obviously stands out that I'm

not one of the strongest people
here, so I think I would be an

so what I need to do is start
shaping the narrative of the


Clearly Patrick is getting on
Lauren's nerves, and that's

going to play to my advantage.

It is very easy for people to
have opinions about Patrick,

which makes it very easy to
shape the narrative around him.

Honestly I don't want to out
pat, but I notice you and

Patrick are butting heads.

I know it sucks to talk about...

Patrick is earning my nerves.

He's only energetic when it's
something concerning him.

I feel the same way.

So you must worry about him.


We could probably convince maybe
either Ryan or Devon to vote

with us.

Patrick is unpredictable.

I don't trust him, and he
doesn't follow directions.

So he could hurt us.

You know, even though he's
strong, strong isn't always what

you need.

Simone's not that great at
challenges, but Simone at least


We got to get back over there so
they don't trip out.

So Patrick.

All right.

It's not going to be one of

I hope not.

It's not.

It's Simone.



Tonight at tribal council,
Simone is going to be the one

going home.

I have not seen her in any way
helping us as a tribe.

It seems like everybody else is
on the same page with me.

The boys are already together,
and Ali's on my side, so I've

got a majority here.

I think this tribe will be
definitely better without


Simone's the first one.


I hope that's all right.

No, yeah.

Of course.

I'd rather be on the majority,


We're on the majority.

Going into tonight, I
definitely have options.

You know, I know Simone will
listen to me and I know she

would follow me, but me and pat
have been together since day


He looks at me and I can tell
that he trusts me more than

anyone else in this game.

I'm excited going for it.

Me too.

My only concern is people
aren't sure about Patrick for

the long haul.

I think everybody knows he's way
too unpredictable.

They never know what he's going
to do.

So gun to my head right now
I'd probably say Simone.

Yeah, but she said pat's

Oh, my god.

If we vote out pat, we'll
probably lose every single time.

Well, right now I feel like
we have Simone eating out of our


What are you thinking?

Do we keep her around because
she's someone that...

Right, right.

Is easy to control?

That's a very good point.

Because pat is unpredictable.

I know.

So if we have the three, with
me, you and Devon, we're golden.

We could easily survive.

If we have us three, that's all
we need.


Because three is a majority.

Initially I kind of wanted
Simone out, but it's a lot of

uncertainty with Patrick.

It's like you got a newborn
baby, like you really want the

like it, take care of it, but
it's really, really annoying

because you have to watch it
every single second.

He's really good around camp and
he's great in challenge, as

well, but he's unpredictability,
and predictability is the best

thing I can have in an alliance

That's why I like Devon so much.

As long as we get out of this
hellhole, perfect.


But it's not like I'm
dragging along a elementing in


She scares me.

She's really smart.

We're good?

We're good.

For sure.

I want to be aligned with
predictable people who are

socially good and want to listen
to me.

Tonight is about who can we
trust more going forward, and

who is going to be the most

It's really scary, but you got
to put your trust in people in

this game because in a
six-person tribe, there is no

place to hide.

JEFF: Behind each of you is
a torch.

Go ahead, grab a torch, approach
a flame, dip it in and get fire.

This is part of the ritual of
tribal council, because in this

game, fire represents your life.

When your fire is gone, so are

All right.

Ryan, six days in, what's the
vibe of the hustler tribe?

Obviously we're sad that we
lost today.

It was a tough challenge.

But we've been in it a lot of
the time, and we've bonded so

well together.

I feel like it's a birthday
party that your mom makes you go

to, and you don't like the kid
whose birthday party it, is and

we don't want to go to it.

We all love each other.

JEFF: Oh, tribal is the
birthday party for the kid you

don't like.

But I want the keep everybody
that's going to the party, but I

don't think that's going to

JEFF: Lauren, that's a

really interesting observation.

For me it's not a birthday

It's more like a funeral.

Hustlers usually work alone.

We're the oddest group of

I thought I was going to have a
problem coming in and hanging

out, but we are capable of
working together if there is

enough communication, so I hope
it continues to work and I hope

we don't get seen for a long
time after tonight.

JEFF: Ali, I'm getting a
sense from this group that

harmony is what's going to make
you really gel.

So does that make tonight's vote


Not only thinking as a tribe,
but thinking personally, I have

the think, how is this person
that either goes or stays going

to benefit me and my tribe.

This game changes so rapidly,
and you have to have people you

can trust and people that are on
your side that you know you can

go to them, you know, when

JEFF: Patrick, Ali makes a
really good point.

Every person you vote out
impacts the tribe, but they also

impact your game.

Yes, we've come to this sad
birthday party, and it's

definitely impacting the way I
want to vote and who I am going

to vote out.

I want to keep our tribe the
strongest and keep our tribe

moving forward at its best pace.

JEFF: Ryan, every vote
matters, not only in harmony,

but also in terms of strategy.

Because everybody here is
already looking down the line.

First of all there are a lot
of facets.

You can focus on physicality,
short term win the challenges.

You can say, we need to focus on
social dynamics and try the

build trust into something

There are sick different agendas
up here, but everybody thinks

there is just one plan.

JEFF: Simone, what will the
vote be based on for you?

If we were playing ole-school
survivor, it is always how did

the challenge go, but I think it
has more to go with building up

a body of people you trust and
understanding your relationship

with them and building a solid
foundation so you can move


JEFF: Ali, those are the
kind of words said by somebody

that if they're true could be an
alliance partner that goes deep.

Yeah, I think so.

I mean, once we vote, we're
going to find out exactly where

we stand.

So strategically someone like
this that wants to stay tight is

going to be beneficial, of

JEFF: Patrick, how
important is trust to you right

now in this group?

Having trust is huge.

And I feel like I can trust most
of the people here.

JEFF: Most.

He didn't say all.

He did not.

Sorry, Jeff, I meant to say

JEFF: Wow.

That got a big reaction,

It did.

It was a slip of words.

I'm talking too fast.

They shouldn't have come out.

I'm going to say I trust all of
our members.

I'm sold.

Yeah, me too.

That's it.

JEFF: Lauren, while Patrick
jokes, the truth is what comes

out out here is usually a lot
more authentic.

I agree with that.

This is very real.

I mean, if you mean all, say

If you mean most, say most.

This is a game.

JEFF: Patrick, if I can put
a heart monitor on you, how many

beats per minute right now?

A lot.

I would guess about 180.

I think that's way faster than

Jeff, you know, I am nervous
right now.

It makes my stomach
uncomfortable thinking that

anybody could want to vote home
the only redhead on the time.

JEFF: And yet, it's

Jeff, I would say I'm one of
the most trustworthy people you

can know.

The last thing I want is me
going home.

I want to be here on the last
day with you.

JEFF: How many of you were
listening to that answer

thinking, oh, god, I hope it's
not me tonight, because that's

how I feel?


JEFF: Everybody.

Big time.

DREW: Ryan, if it's you
tonight, six day, is that


Everybody leaves so much

I'd be gutted if I went home
early, because your story is

just chopped, and you only have
such a short time period to look

back fondly upon when you know
that the game continued without


JEFF: Simone, if it's you,
not what you want?

I agree.

This is 100% real.

This struggle is so different.

I come from a city.

I've never been camping before.

I'm terrified 100% of the time.

But the good thing about being a
hustler is you challenge


So send me back to the bugs.

I don't want to go home.

JEFF: All right.

Time to vote.

Simone, you're up.

JEFF: I'll go tally the

If anybody has a hidden immunity
idol and you want the play it,

now would be the time to do so.


Once the votes are read, the
decision is final.

Person voted out will be asked
to leave the tribal council area


I'll read the votes.

First vote Patrick.



Two votes Simone.


Three votes Simone.

One vote Patrick.

Second person voted out of
"survivor," Simone.

That's four, that's enough, you
need to bring me your torch.


I know.

I know.

JEFF: Simone, the tribe has

Time for you to go.


JEFF: Well, the bad news is
you lost a tribe member.

The good news is, you're the
hustler tribe.

When you get knocked down, you
get back up.

The game is early.

Grab your torches.

Head back to camp.

Good night.

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