Survivor (2000–…): Season 35, Episode 1 - I'm Not Crazy, I'm Confident - full transcript

The castaways battle to prove which group has what it takes to win -- Heroes, Healers or Hustlers. Also, one tribe will earn an advantage when the game is immediately "ignited" by the ...

JEFF: "Survivor" is back.

18 strangers are about to begin
an adventure that will forever

change their lives.

They'll be abandoned and forced
to work together while voting

each other out in the greatest
social experiment on television.

In the end, only one will remain
to claim the $1 million prize.

39 days, 18 people, 1 survivor!

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JEFF: Welcome to the
35th season of "survivor."

For the first time you've been

divided into three tribes based
on the positive traits most

associated with you by others.

This is how the world sees you.

First group, you are the hero

I'll take that.

I'll take that.

JEFF: You are heralded for
your courage, your achieve.

S, for your ideals for which you

Guy in the cowboy hat, what's
your name?


JEFF: Does this ring true
to you?

What is your world about?

Well, I have a family, a wife
and two kids.

I was in the marine corps and
served our country.

JEFF: So being in the armed
services, you have to have heard

the word hero associated with

Some people might say that.

To us it's just us doing our job
and fighting for our country.

We'll go out and lay our lives
on the line.

JEFF: What else would we
expect from someone else that

serves our country than to say,
"it's just our job."

That's all it is, Jeff.

I definitely think I belong
on the hero tribe.

I feel proud of having had a
career and then stopped and

stayed home to take care of my
kids and then came back to an

awesome career, but I need the
really downplay that because I

don't want people to think, she
already makes a lot of money, so

we don't want her to win a lot
of money.

JEFF: Okay.

Next group, you are the healer

You receive gratitude for your
acts of service helping others

relieve their physical pain or
emotional pain.

Guy in the middle, what's your


JEFF: What do you do?

We take teens into the
outdoors and teach them lessons

like making fire and survival

The outdoors opened up my world.

I want to open up other people's
worlds with the same thing that

made mine so amazing.

JEFF: Guy here in the front
with the glasses, what's your



JEFF: What do you do?

I'm a sex doctor.

I'm a urologist and I specialize
in sexual dysfunction and male


JEFF: You receive a lot of
gratitude from guys all the time

Most guys are pretty happy

when they're through with me.

Winning "survivor" is the
biggest dream in my life.

My wife thinks I'm crazy for
doing this, my kids think I'm

going to die, but I'm going to
rise to the occasion and win.

JEFF: All right.

That brings us to our last

You are the hustler tribe.

You are respected for your hard
work ethic.

Your mantra is get it done no
matter what, 100% all the time.

Woman in the middle, what's your


JEFF: What do you do?

I'm a personal assistant.

I work for someone at YouTube,
daily disk duties.

Sometimes I do her make-up if
she doesn't have make-up artist.

I cook for her if she doesn't
have a cook.

I fill in the gaps.

I wake up that day and find out
what I have to do, and I do it.

DREW: Being part of a group
that's respected for work ethics

rings very true to you?

Oh, yeah.

Just looking at our tribe, I
think it's a strong group.

I hope they're macho enough and
they know how the build a

shelter and crack a conut.

I'm going to defer to them.

I'm 125 pounds soaking wet.

I don't drink and I don't have a

Who wants to align with me?

JEFF: All right.

We have three good groups.

Heroes v. Healers v. Hustlers."

Let me give you your buffs.

It's like Christmas.


JEFF: This is your first
opportunity to prove your value

to your tribe.

This boat is loaded with

Your job is to get as many of
the supplies from this boat to

your boat.

In addition, there's an even
bigger reward at stake.

On the beach, each tribe has a
burning urn 15 feet high.

When you hear mehring this bell,
that's your cue to get all six

tribe members on the boat and
start paddling to shore.

When you get to shore, you must
lift one person high enough to

light their torch.

First tribe to get fire wins
fire in the form of a massive

fire-making kit that will be
waiting for you back at camp.

Second tribe to finish, not as

pretty but gets the job done,

With this you can make fire.

The last tribe to finish,
otherwise known as the losers,

will go back to camp with no

This is day one of a 39-day, $1
million adventure, and it begins


"Survivor" is on.

Let's go!

Who can swim, who can swim?

I can.

Let's do this!

JEFF: This is it.

This is the moment you've been
waiting for, and it's happening

right now.


Go, go, go.

Oh, my god.

JEFF: Out of the gate it is

People already going overboard
with lots of supplies left on

the boat.

So far there is no plan at all.

Let's go, guys.

JEFF: Wow, people launching
stuff, Patrick launching fruit

like a quarterback with no

Let's go, let's go.

JEFF: 30 seconds.

Remember, when I hit that bell,
you can head out.

Let's go, guys.

I see something labeled
secret advantage.

I am super excited.

My hands are trembling.

I was like, whoo.

JEFF: Lots of fruit in the

Now it becomes getting it to
your boat.

A little bit more.

JEFF: Everybody over.

You have to get out of here now.

Let's go, dude.

Get over!

That means now.

Get in your boat and start
heading to the beach.

Get in, get in.

JEFF: Now it's first to get

Let's hit it.


JEFF: The hustler tribe is
struggling to even get in their


Healers really working together

Heroes right on their tail.

And the hustler tribe pointing
the wrong way.

They're heading to a different

Which way are we going, guys?

Spin it right.

Let's go, let's go.

JEFF: Healers going to get
to the beach first.

Then the heroes with the
hustlers literally lost at sea.

Come on, come on.

Someone jump out and help me.

JEFF: Healers get here

You got to hook that boat.

Here comes the hero tribe.

Let's go, guys.

Come on.

DREW: We are neck and neck
right now.

Both tribes very even.

You're good.

Start untying your torch.

You're good, hero tribe.

Start untying your torch.

Come on.

JEFF: Okay.

Paul has the torch for the
healer tribe.

You're the lightest.

You're the lightest.

No way.

JEFF: You got to get
somebody high enough to get that


You hold the torch, you hold
the torch.

JEFF: This is going to come
down to a very close finish.

Healers there.

Healers close.


You got it.

Healers get fire fire in a
massive fire reward.

Heroes have it.

It is healers and heroes with
the hustlers still trying to

figure out what show they're on.

All right.

Healer tribe, you will have
waiting for you at camp a

massive fire-making kit, and you
will know you're at your beach

when you see the fire already

Nice job.

Hero tribe, flint, you can make

fire with this.

All right.

Each tribe has a map in your

Get in your boat, start paddling
and good luck.

Coming from that horrible
competition, I was just pretty


I'm hoping that our work ethic
and our strength alone can push

us to come together and get it
done, but at this point I'm very


As we row in, we see the
biggest fire any of us have ever


And it sets us off on the right

I'm so proud of us.

I know.

Way to go, team.

Healers are definitely a
team-based group in terms of how

we approach our careers, in
terms of how we approach our

lives, and I think that's a
really distinct difference

between us and the other two.

I'm literally with the three

There's a group strength, right?

And you, you got the eight pack.

Cole is Tarzan, I like him a

He's fun.

He's trying not to be the tough
guy, but he is.

I mean, he's ripped.

He has beautiful, tan skin,
blonde hair, blue eyes.

I think I'm in love.

I'm so glad we have this

Even if we have an off day,
we're still safe.

I just don't see it.

It's all about communication.

It's about communication.

That's what we do for a living.


I wanted to be in the tribe
they could easily manipulate,

and I feel that when you're a
healer, you have a big heart,

and when you have a big heart,
you don't think with your mind,

you think with your heart.

I'm a healer in the fact that my
main job is rehabilitation, but

I'm not a from base officer when
I'm out here.

I came out here to win.

I'm probably more strategic than
everyone altogether.

So they're all my victims at
this point.


Big piece on the bottom,
little piece on top.

Let's go.


Now we're happening.

Need help with that?

The qualities of being a hero
are going to help in "survivor,"

because the whole idea of being
a hero, you're putting others

before yourself, which makes for
a really strong tribe.

What about firewood?

But game on.

The hero cape falls off and
automatically you're thinking

alliances, conversations need to

So it will definitely start to
get interesting.

What are you thinking?

I like cowboy.

What's up?

I like cowboy?

Yeah, me, you, cowboy?

That's pretty good?

He's smart and useful.

I think we can make that

I played in the n.F.L. For
nine years, and after you play

for a while, you can see who is
a tempo setter.

Just now, I got a sense of how
people are playing the game.

We're going to need a lot

I'm definitely going to play
the game, which for me is full

tilt sprint out the gate.

Who are you thinking of working

We need to win challenges.

We need strength.


We have to win.

We need strength.

J.T. Is an asset.

You and Ashley, that's four
right there.

We're going to explode on that.


I work with so many
firefighters and soon-to-be


You remind me so much of all of

Oh, yeah?

They must be pretty cool

They're all my best friends.

I've been watching those two
for a while.

I honestly think Ashley and
j.P.M. Are working together, so

I want the make them believe
I'll work with them, but this

power couple or whatever they
got going on is over.

They're going to go get


Hey, y'all, four, right?



I wanted us four from the

Right now we're looking at a
core four, and that's me, Alan,

Ashley, and j.P.

We're all younger, we're fit,
and then we got the two moms,

Chrissy and Katrina.

The whole young crowd.

It is.

If you and I don't work
together at some level...

No, no, we have to.

We've labeled them the mom

That's an easy target at this

Keep it strong.

That's it.

We're done.

Winning is the most important
thing right now for this tribe.

We're going to be fine.

When it comes down to it, we
have each other's backs.

Can I make a suggestion?


We need to be over here, away
from this over here, because,

you know, there's critters and
spiders and snakes.

I'm just disappointed we didn't
win the challenge, but at the

same time, let's not give up.

Get it in there, baby.

Being hustler, we're hard
workers, so we kind of kick it

in gear.

I like it.

This is what we need to do
the rest of this game.

Really if we play as a team,
we'll be fine.

If not we're going to be

That's a walking stick.

Should I eat it?


You don't think so?


My priorities for day one are
to make sure that I connect with

people, and Patrick seems like
he's meshing well with the group

just from the very beginning, so
I kind of want the see where his

head is at.

I forgot I have a crab in my

I know if we never lose, we
don't have to worry about an

alliance, but the way we looked
in the first challenge, we

should probably start talking

How do you feel about it?

I feel we have a good team.

We've got to win first tribal,

Definitely want to make a game

You at least have to have the
mind set, but I got your back if

you got mine.

I got your back.

Ali, she's a very smart girl.

On an island where we can trust
no one, I feel I can trust her,

but it's "survivor," so you
can't know for sure.

I feel good, but I'm not

Now I'm wondering who got the
clue on the boat.

You think someone found

If not, somebody overlooked

It was on there.

I found an advantage on the

Nobody knows about it.

It's in my pants.

I'm dying to know what it is.

For the first time someone is
dying to get in my pants.

I kind of just wait for the
perfect moment to get away.

I go into the jungle by myself.

I am super excited.

I have never had an advantage in
my entire life.

I'm a hustler.

Hustlers don't get advantages,
and the hustler got an


You have found an immunity

It can be played after the votes
have been read and will save

whoever you play it for.

Oh, my god.

This could be my power to win
this game.

I have a super immunity idol.

That could be used after the
votes have been read.

That gives you so much power.

A twist.

It's only good at the first
tribal council.

If your tribe wins immunity,
that means you will not go to

the first tribal council.

You must send somebody to the
losing tribe.

The recipient will not know who
sent it.

If we pull out a win, I have
to give it to a member of the

losing tribe that goes to

That means that I have the most
power right now in this game,

and nobody else has any clue


I'm ready for marching orders.

Lest gather some more bamboo
so we have everything here.

That sounds good.

The shelter will go over here I

I'm fortunate to be part of
the healer tribe.

We're in high spirits.

We know that first and foremost
we can communicate, and as long

as we do that in camp life,
everything runs smoothly.

Holy crap, nice.

I know.

My son told me to look for
the idol.

He's ten years old, and he
watches survivor.

If my ten-year-old son knows to
look for the idol, I should go

looking for it, and so should
everybody else.

I think the only concern is
being this close to mosquitoes.

Should we check the fire?

I'll go check it.

My biggest fear going into thi
game is being voted out first.

I left my kids and my wife
behind to play this crazy game,

but I did not come out here for
an adventure.

I am out here to win $1 million
and be the best "survivor"

player ever.

So I am willing to do what it
takes to win this game.


When Mike comes back, I'm
going to ask him to draw us map

of the island, because he knows
it like the back of his hand,

like legit.

He knows everything.

Mike is definitely a player,
and I'm a tad bit concerned that

he's running around trying to
find the idol.

So I think he wanted to look for
the idol.

Now he's probably going to be no

He's getting firewood.

I have a great lie detector,
and I'm thinking Mike is not a

trustworthy guy.

We undid the bad with the
bandannas on the other side,


Mike's suspect running around
this island.

I personally think he has the

I wish I did, that would be

So you looked through this
whole island and you didn't find


I haven't looked through the
whole island yet.

We both watch the game.

I'm honored that you think
I'm a hustler.

No, no, no, the thing is I
respect you enough to come see

you individually right or wrong.

That's nice.

I respect that.

Hopefully you respect me, as
well, that's all I'm saying.

I do respect you.

I don't trust Joe for one

He's pulled me aside to have a
man-to-man talk with me to

essentially bully me into
telling him that I went looking

for the immunity idol.

I wanted you to be aware that
we are all aware.

That's what I'm saying.

But at the same time it puts
me at risk.

Perception is 90% of reality,

And with that you don't want to
be having to fight perceptions.

Oh, my god.

This is so light right now.

I don't know who got all the
weight, but it's not me.

I feel like it's me.

Three, two, one, drop... good

These first impressions are
crucial, and I really like

having Devon in this group
because he's different than me.

Devon, what do you do again?

Teach kids how to surf.

I don't make a lot, but it pays
my rent.

He seems like a guy who is
looking for someone who is more

strategically sound.

So I'm waiting for the perfect
moment when everybody is cleared

out of camp so I can build a

So I found an advantage

You did?

On the boat, yeah.

Only for the first tribal.

I have the idol that could be
played after the votes.


And that's it.

And if we don't go to tribal, I
have to give it to somebody else

on their tribe.


I'm so happy, dude.

Dude, I was so scared to be
first one.

You're not going to be first

No, no.

Ryan tells me about this
special immunity idol and said

he will be willing to use the
idol for me.

Ryan and I have the same
mindset, same ideas, our

chemistry is perfect.

We're going to cause chaos

I haven't told anyone else
and I'm not.

Keep it, keep it.

That's how much I trust you.


She was about to hit me.

Did you see that?

I did.

If you were closer I would have
hit you

you were just too far away.

It's not first time?

First time what, for us to

I know there's something
going on between j.P. And


It's red flags all over the
place between those two.

I need to let everybody know
those two are stronger together

right now than question are all
as individuals.

Yo, you got the idol.

It's cool if he got it.

I don't have the idol, 100%.

How far are you willing to go
to move... to prove that?

Let's go to the swim.

Let's go to the water's edge
right now.

I swear on my mom's grave.

I don't want to do that.

Man's handshake.

I don't need that.

Just put your hands up.

I swear the god.

I know where the idol is
right now.

I know where it's at right now.

I just kind of know what's going

Trust me, I promise.

What did you just say, I know
what's going on?

Are we four strong or not?

I thought so.

You are tripping like you're
tripping, tripping.

I don't know if they have an

I didn't actually see anything.

I just threw it out there.

I know I look like the crazy
man, but now I got suspicion

going, and I just put target on
their back if it worked the way

it's supposed to work.

You're insinuating that
there's something going on that

you don't know about, and
there's not.

Nothing going on that I don't
know about?


Will is no idol?

There is no idol.

Alan is a crazy man.

He gets this crazy look in his
eye and it's his drama and

everything he causes is I think
maybe not worth his strength.

Just a loose cannon like that
rocks the ship.

Are we four strong?


Dude, you're tripping hard
right now.

I know, I know, because it
looks like I'm tripping, right?


So the idol in your pants I'm
tripping about?

If he has an idol, I know
nothing about it.

Don't turn around, why are
you turning around?

I know you got the idol, my man?

Where is it at?

Alan is starting to lose his

He made j.P. Strip to check his
pants for an idol, so my mind is

literally blown right now.

His paranoia is so bad, like
where is this coming from all of

a sudden, because I trusted him
and I thought he trusted me, but

just like that, trust is
tournament window.

So moving forward with him seems
like it could be a liability

down the road.

JEFF: Come on in, guys.

All right.

You guys ready to get to your
first immunity challenge?


JEFF: For today's
challenge, you're going the race

up a cargo net to the top of a

You'll then pull a heavy cart
up, hop in, and careen down to

the bottom where you will find a
choice of three "survivor" table


The first tribe here gets first

Second tribe to arrive gets to
choose between the remaining


The last tribe gets what's left.

You'll then work together to get
that maze to the top of an even

taller tower, where two players
will maneuver three balls

through the maze.

First two tribes to finish win

These are the immunity idols.

This is what you want.

With one of these in your
possession, you are safe in this


Losers, tribal council where
somebody will be the first

person voted out.

In addition, hustlers, you are
still playing for fire in the

form of flint.

One more thing, at tribal
council this season, tie votes

are back in.

Give you a minute to strategize.

We'll get started.

Let's do it.

All right.

Here we go.

For immunity, survivors ready?


You got to get up that cargo

Attack it.

Heroes first on their part, then
the healers, then the hustlers.

Those carts are heavy.

This is where adrenaline is your

It gives you strength you didn't
know you had.

Healers get to the top first,
then the heroes, then the


Once you're in, release it.

Go, go.

JEFF: Hustlers get out
first, then the hero, then the


That is how you do it.

Come on, come on, everybody.

JEFF: Heroes here first.

You have first choice.

What do you want?

They choose three.

Hustlers have a choice between
the remaining.

Two they choose one.

Healers left with number two.

Next phase is getting to the top

Heroes out of the gate first.

You got it.

JEFF: Now you got to get
two people to the top.

Go up top.

JEFF: Alan going up, Ashley
going up for the heroes.

It is Cole and Joe for the

It is Lauren and Ryan, a
surprising choice to be pulling

for the hustlers.

This sled is heavy.

It's going to take a lot of

Joe taking a long time to even
get to the top.

They can't start pulling until
he gets there.

Three, two, one!

Three, two, one!

Three, two, one!

JEFF: Cole and Joe going to
pull for the healers.

Watch out.

Watch your leg.

JEFF: The healers working
to make up some time.

Guide us in, guide us in.

JEFF: Hustlers get up

Heros have theirs.

Healers now have theirs.

You got to lock in your handles

It is Chrissy and Ben for the
heroes in a traditional phase,

Devon and Ali for the hustlers
on the obstacle maze.

Mike and Desi for the healers.

This is where adrenaline works
against you because you brain is

playing, please slow down so I
can think.

There is definitely a learning
curve, like most "survivor"


You've got to figure it out.

When there is a bar on the

Lean a little right.


That's it.

Now lean a little left.

Yes, yes!

JEFF: Healers with a nice

And they have it.

The healers have their first

Great job, you guys.

You have this now.

JEFF: Now the heroes and
hustlers are feeling that


Nice move by the heroes.

They're figuring it out.

Hustlers getting close.


JEFF: Hustlers have their
first point.

It is now healers with one,
hustlers with one, heroes yet to

get on the board.

Heros have their first ball.

Moving on to their second.

We are tied now 1-1.

Healers are through.

They're close to their second if
they can save it.

They have the second ball for
the healers.

Hustlers very close to landing
their second ball.

Heroes are once again very

Heroes in and out.

Heroes have their second.

And the hustlers drop right
behind them.

It is 2-2-2.

Healers very close.

Steady, Mike.

JEFF: Dr. Mike and Desi
trying to'd that in for the win.

Healers win first immunity.

They are safe from tribal

Jeff, Jeff.

JEFF: We're looking for one

Slow, slow.

JEFF: Hustlers are around
their difficult spot.

They are very close to closing
this out.

This is the big move right here
for the hero tribe.

Toughest spot on their maze.

Chrissy and Ben with a nation
move and they're through.

Too far back, too far back.

JEFF: There is a showdown.

Who can get that third ball to
drop first?

Heros in and out.


JEFF: Both tribes
maneuvering that ball to get it

to drop.

Hustlers win immunity, sending
the hero tribe to tribal


Good job.

We have to work together.

Oh, my god, yes!

Oh, my god.

JEFF: Healer tribe,

Impressive start, two wins in a

Nobody going home from your

Hustlers, nobody going home from
your tribe, as well.

In addition, fire in the form of

Good luck with that.

Thanks, Jeff.

JEFF: Chrissy, are you all

Chrissy, do you need a hand?

Do you want medical or do you
want your tribe to help?

I just...

JEFF: That's it.

Let it out.

We have medical here if you need
it, Chrissy.

You'll be all right.

You can't say that we didn't
give our all.

We did our best.

We're going the make lemonade
out of lemons.

JEFF: This is what
"survivor" is all acted.

You rely on each other, and the
complication is you have to get

rid of each other.

Somebody going home tonight,
first person voted out of

"SURVIVOR: Heroes v. Healers v.


Grab your stuff, head back to

See you tonight at tribal.


I'm good.

I found this super immunity

It is only good for the first
tribal council.

So I now have to give toilet a
member of that losing tribe.

I can give this to someone who
is in the minority and save them

tonight, and they can take out
someone who may be a threat and

change the game.

Before last night this vote
was easy.

I love our tribe the way it

It's too bad it has to change,


This is not how it was
supposed to start.

Alan created basically a
spectacle out of nothing.

Go get some water?

Go get firewood.


Do you want me to come?


In less than 12 hours,
everything went from 100% we're

safe, solid four, to there
really is no trust.

All right.

Katrina, we all good?

I'm good.

For tonight?


Easy, right?



I'm good.

Let's keep it simple.

Ashley and j.P. Think that
I'm still in the core four with

them, but I don't trust Ashley
and j.P. Further than I can

throw them.

They might be like, Alan got to

So whatever they trying to do,
I'm blowing it up.

What are you thinking?

Ain't nobody been talking to
me about game?

Nobody has.

We got to work together.

We still got only two votes.

We could go with Chrissy and


Come here.

What do you want to do?

This is what I'm thinking?

I nobody has talked game with

She's saying no one has talked
game with her either.

So that's two.

So you think it's you and you
think it's you, because I think

it's me?

Yeah, yeah.

I do think the three of us plus
Ben can make a strong four.

I don't feel safe.

I don't have a good alliance on
the team.

I knew I need to get people to
vote together.

We need four people to vote for

We're have a quick powwow.

We're trying to figure out a

Ashley and j.F.K. Talk.

They probably have a plan.

If that was the case, who
right now?


Right now I think I have plan
with Chrissy, Alan, and Ben.

I have to put faith in three
people I'm not sure totally have

my back.

Hopefully it works.

I'm with you.

It keeps us strong.

I just know Ashley, she's a
wild card.

We're still keeping our eyes

If everyone would have
stucked to the plan and calm

down and talked it out, we'd be

But here we are, day three, and
we've all just blown up.

I feel good with the plan.

Good plan.


At tribal council tonight,
there's two ways Alan and I can


We can go with the mom squad and
go straight for Ashley, or we

can go with j.P. And Ashley and
get Chrissy or Katrina out.

I'm a little worried about
Ashley and j.P. Having something

going on, but as a tribe, we
have to stay strong, and the two

older women are probably the
weakest links in our tribe.

Whether or not you go with
strength or loyalty, in the long

run it's about Alan and I, who
we trust most.

We're getting low on time,

I was getting ready for

I looked in my bag.

I see a package.

I have no idea what it is.

Oh, my gosh.

Someone has secretly chosen you
to receive immense power early

in the game.

Oh, my gosh.

This is an immunity super idol.

This idol can be played after
the votes have been read, but it

can only be used at tonight's
tribal council.


How lucky did I get?

I got the super immunity idol,
and it feels incredible.

I think the decision of what I
do with this super idol is

extremely important, especially
since half the tribe is

potentially on the chopping
block, Katrina, me, Ashley,

Alan, we don't know.

Clearly if it's me on the block,
I'm using it to save myself.

I just want to see what plays
out, and I'm going to let the

discussion at tribal council
dictate whether I play it and

for whom.

JEFF: Behind each of you is
a torch.

Go ahead and grab a torch.

Dip it in and get fire.

This is part of the ritual of
tribal council, because fire

represents life.

And when your fire is gone, so
are you.

Sadly, that will be the case for

Ben, are you feeling, man, the
game really does move this fast?

It's exciting.

It's scary.

JEFF: But?

But that's the game we all
came to play.


JEFF: Chrissy, what was the
vibe those first few moments

when you hit the beach?

Immediately I felt that I did
not belong with this group.

JEFF: Really?

Yeah, I honestly felt that
the four major physical threats

would probably get together.

JEFF: And who is that?

Ashley, j.P., Alan, and Ben.

JEFF: Katrina, did you have
the same feeling?

Yeah, being older than a lot
of these other people here, they

might look to us to be voted out
first service somebody else.

JEFF: Ashley, one of the
unique things about this game is

you find yourself with people
that you might not ever even

meet otherwise.

The people out here will tell
you exactly what they think,

true or not, we never know.


There's a lot that you never
know in this game.

You kind of figure that out.

JEFF: How so?

Day two and a half there was
already a little commotion going


Alan pulls j.P. And me and says,
we have an idol.

No clue where that came from.

Either an idol or a clue.

I'm not going to back down
from saying that.

Jeff, we tried our best to
convince him that what he thinks

he saw is not true.

But that's not going to
change my mind, you deny, deny,

deny, deny.

He had j.P. Strip all his
clothes to check for a

non-existent idol.

JEFF: So j.P., you're
wrapped up in this, as well.

I guess a little bit.

JEFF: A little bit?

You took your clothes off to
prove you don't have an idol.

It's part of the game.

Everybody is welcome to their

You can only do so much.

JEFF: Chrissy, one thing
about survivor is the minute you

get linked with somebody else,
now you're seen as two votes.


And that really is what happened
in this situation.

People are concerned that we had
a power couple.

To have the term power couple
even thrown around is ridiculous

to me.

There is no me and j.P.

There has been no conversation
other than right in front of


Think thing was to let the
tribe know that there's

something stronger in the tribe
than the tribe, whether these

folks believe what I believe, I
know what I know.

I'm not crazy.

I'm confident.

You're going to feel very

If I go home tonight because
I'm silly, so be it.

But I don't think we need to
bicker and banter about.

This we are labeled the heroes.

We need to have the mentality
that we can do what we planned

and make our team strong and
then we'll hash out whatever we

need the hash out later.

JEFF: Alan, that sounds
like Ben has another plan that

he's trying to make sure that's
what's happening.


I could have afforded to sit
back with my feet up and be


I could have.

Because everybody has had the
talk about getting rid of


Everybody is throwing out names
to get rid of Chrissy.

But that's the risk I had to
take to let people know exactly

what's going on.

JEFF: Chrissy, Alan said,
I'll tell you what the early

talk was, the two older women.

That feels terrible, of

I think that would be unwise.

I think that voting me off is
losing my skills.

Jeff, I think there's a point
where everybody is at the

chopping block at some point and
we have to do what we can do to

connect with people, because if
we can all stay more honest

about what's really happening,
we'll get further in the tribe

than pretending these things
don't exist.

Jeff, I have no clue what's
going to happen tonight.

We had a plan, but it's up in
the air.

We're going to have to do some
damage control one way or the



JEFF: All right.

It is time to vote.

Katrina, you're up.

Katrina, you're up.

I'll go tally the votes.

If anybody has a hidden immunity
idol and you want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.


Once the votes are read, the
decision is final.

The person voted out will be
asked to leave the tribal

council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote Katrina.



That's two votes Katrina.


Three votes Katrina.

One vote Ashley.

First person voted out of
"SURVIVOR: Heroes v. Healers v.

Hustlers," Katrina.

That's four.

S that enough.

You need to bring me your torch.

Katrina, the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

Good luck, guys.

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JEFF: Well, while the vote
was united, this tribe is

clearly not.

Grab your torches.

Head back to camp.

Good night.

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