Survivor (2000–…): Season 35, Episode 14 - Live Reunion Special - full transcript

The castaways reunite.

Jeff: Welcome to the finale

of "survivor: Heroes vs. Healers
vs. Hustlers."

We are live, CBS television city
in Los Angeles.

And this is really a "survivor"
fan's fantasy.

We haves set up on the lop.

We have fans playing against
some of our most popular


Andrea's out there, Cochran's
out there.

It's starting to rain, which is
perfect for "survivor."

You guys, come in.

Get in!

They're going to miss the show.

All right, our first season...
think about this... aired in the

summer of 2000, 17 years ago.

And many of you have been
watching with us from the start.

You've never missed a season.

You've never midst an episode,
and now, a lot of you are

watching with your kids, which
is awesome, because "survivor"

can play on so many levels.

On one hand, you have this
fantastic social, political game

of human chess with strategy and

But it can also inspire this: A
sense of adventure, where kids

that are watching imagine
themselves in the jungle making

fire, catching fish.

And as you've seen over the last
few years, it happens... those

kids, watching now... yes, I'm
talking to you.

You grow up, and you end up on
the show.

It can happen.

All right, let's get to this
season and our live studio


( Cheers and applause )
Hottest ticket in town.

All right!

So this season... have a seat,

Have a seat!

This season, we started with
three tribes.

And by design, the idea was
let's put a lot of secrets in

the game.

That's what our big creative
idea was.

Let's have secrets.

They'll be everywhere.

They'll blindside each other
with secrets and then nobody in

this game could keep a single
secret pup never know what

they're going to do.

We lost some favorites early.

Katrina, Simone, Allen, Jessica,
Patrick, Ali, and even roark,

went home early.

You don't come out here and give
up everything to leave early but

that's the way the game goes.

And we have our jury.

Movie our jury.

We have a couple of spots left.

Once you get to the jury phase,
it gets complicated.

Because even though they're out
of the game, they ultimately

have the final say in who wins
because it's their votes and

they're going to be choosing
between three of our final five.

Devon, man, looking studley.

Look at that.

Dr. Mike, we've got Ben.


And the only woman left in the
game, Chrissy.

( Cheers and applause )
All right, so let's set it up.

At this point now there are 35
days in, they're running on


But everybody's still in it,
because each of the five could

make a case right now about why
they deserve to win this game.

Seats really going to come down
to who they're sitting next to,

which is why every decision you
make on "survivor" matters.

We are are really excited to
share tonight with you.

It's an epic final episode, one
of the best ever.

And you are going to see a
battle to the very end.

Let's get to it.

The finale, "survivor: Heroes
vs. Healers vs. Hustlers."

* *
Jeff: 35 days ago, in the

islands of Fiji, six heroes, six
healers, and six hustlers.

It begins now.

"Survivor's" on.

Let's go!

Began a season of "survivor"
that would be fueled by secrets.

I see something labeled
"secret advantage."

I was like woo-hoo!

Jeff: An early secret was

Oh, my gosh.

"Someone has secretly chosen you
to receive a super idol."

Jeff: Is and forged a
lasting relationship.

So you and I are going to
have to be friend.


Jeff: But sharing secrets
is tricky.

Confide in the wrong people...

And they'll use it against you.


Jeff: At tribal council,
new advantages...

"this is being used against
to you block your vote."

Jeff: ...Required bigger

I hope using this works.

Jeff: ...Resulting in
surprising moves.

Well, this is the real idol.

And it will never be played.

Jeff: And a series of
devastating blindsides.

The tribe has spoken.

And sometimes, the best-laid
plans fell to the best help kept


I'm going to play this for

Jeff: This is a hidden
immunity idol.

At the last tribal council, a
"survivor" first...

I'm in the final five, Jeff.

Jeff: This is a hidden
immunity idol.

He's playing it early as a sign
of power.

...sent a clear signal...

I just turned the five
against themselves.

Jeff: This season will be a
battle to the end.

Now, only five remain.

Ben, this American hero is a
strategic powerhouse, but his

bold and aggressive game play
has turned him into public enemy

number one.

With now allies left in the
game, can he find a way to keep

his torch lit?

I'm not going to give up.

I'm going to keep trying.

And I'm going to go look around
this island for another idol,

and if I can't find it, I'm
going to do my best to win


Jeff: Mike.

He's the only healer left in the
game, and despite being excluded

from nearly every vote, this
doctor has found a way to stay


With the end in sight, can Mike
rise to the occasion?

I'm running on fumes.

But I'm ecstatic.

I'm on day 37 of "survivor," and
it's like nobody realizes that

I'm gonna win.

Jeff: Devon, true to his
nature, he has hustled his way

through the game, controlling
votes and orchestrating


But with only five players left,
will that grit be enough to get

him to the end?

I'm sort of seeing my destiny

This whole game, I've been in a
power seat.

I've been making decisions.

I've manipulated people, but I
ain't backing down.

I'm going for the million.

Jeff: Ryan.

This super fan's knowledge of
the game helped him find

advantages and idols.

But it's his strong social
abilities and his alliance with

Chrissy that have kept him in
the game.

Will that loyalty pay off?

As a super fan, final five is
not good enough.

Second place isn't good enough.

I need to win this game.

Jeff: Chrissy, a rough
start nearly sent her home, but

she recovered and seized early
control of the game.

When the tides turned again, she
had to win immunity to stay


Chrissy pulls it out!

Chrissy wins individual

Now this resilient mom is the
only woman left in the game.

Will her roller coaster journey
end on a high?

The finish is going to be
absolutely incredible.

We have so close.

There are so many combinations
that could happen.

I hope we can pull it off in a
joyful manner.

Of course, it's "survivor," so
that will never happen.

Jeff: Who will have what it
takes to outwit, outplay, and

outlast all the rest to win the
million-dollar prize and the

title of "sole survivor?"
* *

-== [ ] ==-

thank you.

Did Ben just take off?

Is he looking for the next

There can't be another one.

I don't think there is
another one.

The fact that Ben played his
idol, means he now has no idol,

which is lovely.

And, frankly, I'm happy that
Ashley is gone.

So it worked out just fine for

And now I am in a group of five
where four people have the exact

same target... Ben.

I can't believe he found another

I mean, that really is skill.

Ben is like the bad guy in
any horror movie... I just keep

trying to kill him, and he keeps
coming back to life.

Not even entertain hearing
him out.

That's what I would recommend.


One of us must win tomorrow.

I know.

Oh, yeah.

Oh, yeah.

Ben needs to leave this game.

He's very dangerous.

You know, I don't mean the $1

I'm playing to win "survivor"
because I am going to be the

ultimate "survivor."

Ben's playing because he feels
this need to win this money for

his family, which makes him

Hopefully he doesn't find
that idol.

It was a long tribal, and now
we get to sleep.

I agree.

Bring it in.

Let's finish it.

I wonder where he is.

I'm vulnerable, you know.

I have no protection now.

I have no alliance.

And I know they're gunning for

The only thing that could blow
up their game is if I find

another idol.

It is absolutely crazy.

Nobody followed me.

They're feeling too comfortable.

I don't know why because an idol
can be played until five, so as

long as my heart is beating, I'm
looking for an idol.

Everybody's sleeping.

Everybody's zonked out, cozy
with their blankets and pillows,

and I'm out here for my family.

So there ain't no time for
sleeping or rest.

This is more than a game to me,
you know.

This is a mission.

This is a job.

I'm so exhausted.

I'm trying to hold my eyes open,
and I just can't.

I looked everywhere.

And I can't find this thing.

You know, I feel like I'm
letting my wife down.

But I know she'll be proud of me
for how hard I tried.

I'm not just going to roll over
and die.

But my back supagainst the wall.

Oh, my gosh!

No way!

No way!

No way!

Are you kidding me?

Are you kidding me?

I was about to get some sleep,
and literally, right there

behind me, is the ding mark on
the gosh darn raft that I've

been looking for, forever.

No way!

Are you kidding me?

I can't believe this.

I cannot believe this.

Oh, my god!

Number three, baby.

This idol guarantees me a spot
in the final four and, you know,

Ryan, Devon, Chrissy and Mike
think they have control of the

game, but I'll be dropping a big
old Ben bomb at the end of


You think I'm going home?

Watch this.

* *
all right.

Nice job, Devon.

Sleep all right last night?

I slept all right.

Oh, yeah.

My relationship with Ben is
so incredibly complex.

We were friends to the end, and
now we can't stand each other.

So I decide that I'm going to
approach Ben and simply make up

with him.

Can we be friends again?



Come here, honey.

We hugged it out and, you
know, now I suppose we're


But, honestly, it is only for
game play at this point.

I really did miss you.

I missed you, too.

I missed talking with you.

I missed sleeping next to you.

Now we sleep next to each
other but with eight feet

between us.


Truthfully, I still don't
trust Ben at all, but for game

play, I needed to have him think
that we were working our way

towards a better relationship.

Because in the event he wins
immunity, I just need to make

sure I get to the final four.

If you win today, would you ever
consider this: Would you rather

give the final three to the
final three best players in the


Well, that's the... like...
you know what I'm saying?

Well, I don't know.

I don't know.

I'm not stupid.

Chrissy's trying to finagle her
way in, if I win individual


And it ain't going to work at

If you win, immunity today, are
you going to take me?

I don't think so.


You know what I mean?

Okay, so just in the idea
anyway that if you end up...


I'll give it to the lady, props
to her.

At least she's trying.

But you're barking up the wrong
tree there, sister.

Chrissy is my biggest

She's building a resume at this

She could win the million

It's just something to think

I don't want her in the game
any long longer.

I'm going to play my idol and
she's gone.

I'm going to play my idol and
she's gone.

Jeff: All right, shall we
get to today's immunity dismj.


Jeff: Chrissy for the
second time, I have to take it


Hope to see you soon.

Jeff: All right.

Raonce again, immunity is back u
for grabs.

For today's challenge, you're
going to swim out to a platform,

climb up a stack of crates, leap
off, and retrieve a set of keys.

You'll then cross a balance beam
and retrieve a second set of


You'llize thoyou'll use those ke
your puzzle.

Finally, you'll maneuver balls
to match the corresponding


First person to line their balls
up with the colors on the wheel,

wins immunity, guaranteed a spot
in the final four.

Losers, tribal council, where
somebody will become the seventh

member of our jury.

In addition, you're playing for


Jeff: You want to know what
you're playing for?


Jeff: The winner will enjoy
back at camp good old comfort


Chicken, mashed potatoes.


Jeff: Gravy, veggies.

Oh, my!

Jeff: Wine, and cheesecake
for dessert.


That's my favorite!

Jeff: Big boost going into
these last few days, huge


I know it's worth playing for.

We'll draw for sports.

We'll get started.

All right, here we go.

For immunity, a guaranteed spot
in the final four, and reward.

Survivors ready?


Your first step is to retrieve
those first set of keys.

Devon flying through it, takes
his leap, he's got it.

Ryan has his!

Mike has his!

Ben's got his!

Chrissy last to get there.

Chrissy has hers.

Everybody now has their first

Devon now on to the beam.

Ryan crawling out.

Ryan drops.

He's got to go back.

Mike is going to crawl across
that beam.

Here comes Chrissy, dead last.

Ben now on the beam.

It is Devon working on those

Mike working on the knots.

Devon trying to hang in there,
he can't.

Devon's got to go back.

And it's going to go Mike first
across with his second set of


Who would have guessed that!

Devon's across.

You're good!

Ryan drops again.

He's got to go back.

Devon and Mike reach the final

Unlock your puzzle!

Here comes Chrissy.

She is quickly trying to make up

Ben is across now.

He's good.

It is now Ryan left alone trying
to get across that beam with his

second set of keys.

Now you've got to find which key
openopens that puzzle and start

solving it.

Ryan's across.

He's good!

Chrissy has her puzzle unlocked.

She is quickly back in this.

You've got to maneuver the balls
through the middle and match it

with the corresponding color.

Ryan last to get here.

Now he's got to get his puzzle

Ben has his puzzle unlocked.

Mike was first to get across,
but has lost a lot of time

trying to find the key to open
his puzzle.

Now Mike's in it.

Another complicated and
brand-new "survivor" puzzle.

You're going to spin that wheel
and move the balls around until

all of the balls line up with
all of the matching colors.

Once you start figuring out how
this works, you can start moving


But the key to this challenge is
you have to be able to look

several moves ahead and figure
out where these balls need to

get to and how to get them

Mike moving nicely now.

He's got something going.

Chrissy has been moving fast
from the beginning, like she

knows this puzzle.

Ben now moving nicely.

Ben is making progress.

It is Ben, Chrissy, and Mike
right now, with Ryan and Devon

getting lost.

The only person left in the game
that has won an immunity is


She's won two.

Immunity at tribal is the single
greatest feeling you can have at


The only way to make sure you
live to see day 38 is right


This could come down to a few
moves, and who will get there



Jeff: Chrissy thinks she
has it.

Chrissy has it!

Chrissy wins individual
immunity, guaranteed a spot in

the final four and a nice reward
back at camp!

Nice job, Chrissy.

Thank you.

Jeff: Chrissy, come on

Third individual immunity win
puts you within one of the

record on "survivor" by women in
this game at four.

More importantly, guarantees you
a spot in the final four, one

step closer to the end.

And you have reward back at

Comfort food for one would be
nice with two.

Bring one person to join you.

I would like to bring doctor

Jeff: Doctor Mike come on

Thank you.

I went with him on the last

Thank you.

Jeff: All right, Chrissy,
there is enough food for one


I think I'd like to bring

Jeff: Devon, come on over.

Join us.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

Jeff: All right, so back at
camp, you guys will enjoy the


Ryan and Ben, you'll enjoy...

Jeff: You're right, I got
nothing for you.

Somebody going home tonight will
become the seventh member of our


It will not be you.


Grab your stf, head back to
camp, see you tonight at tribal.

Chrissy is unbeatable.

I'm bummed she won because I was
gunning for her.

I just have to figure out the
best way to use this idol and

make a decision on who is going

* *
oh, my god.

Oh, we each have our own

Are you serious?

Guys, do you think...
we each have our own chicken.

Do you think there's a clue
here to the idol.

I think there might be a clue
here so can we just look for two


There might be.

Look under all the chickens.

No chickens, no napkins.

We're good.

Let's eat.

If Ben somehow can find
another idol, then this game

could blow up yet again.

So the first thing we did at the
reward was went through every

scrap of everything looking for
a clue, and there was nothing.

With kwe please cheers to us
three and Ryan being final four.


Oh, yes!


Tonight's tribal council is
about trimming the fat, and

getting to the final four.

My entire game at this point is
focused around getting Ben out.

So can we discuss the
possibility of Ben playing

another freaking idol tonight?

No way.

I'm voting Ben.

I'm voting Ben.

I'm voting Ben.

And if I go because he plays
the third idol in a row, then so

be if.

Yeah, but good for us, that
Ryan is baby-sitting Ben.

So you got baby sitting
duties while they're off eating.

That's the way they figured,

It does kind of suck.

You're telling me.


If we could find the immunity
idol, and I'll wear the immunity

necklace, then we'll give
someone the dead super immunity


And just be like, "sorry, dude."

Hold on.

You have a necklace associated
with your super immunity?

It's dead.

It's been... it only was... it
only was good for a day.

We could plant it.

But we can, one, plant it.

Or, two, we can tell Ben we had
a clue and found the idol.

It would be like, Ben you're


I mean, this is the best plan

It's going to make... it's going
to shut him down.

He'll just lay in the shelter
all day.

How fun would that be?

Ben has proven himself to be
incredible at finding idols.

So the plan is simply to use
that dead super immunity idol

that Ryan gave me at the first
tribal council, put it together

with the instructions from
Ryan's actual idol that was


And tell Ben that we found the
idol so that he'll stop looking

this afternoon.

It's so brilliant.

I'm going to go fill my

I'm going to start looking.

Don't waste too much energy.

What is that?


Well done.

No way!

For real?

You found an idol?

It was more than a reward.

Let me see... let me see the

Oh, wow.

That's a fancy one, too.

I'm just telling you, you
might as well not waste your


I mean, save your energy.

An idol at a reward, huh?

Nothing like two in one day.

( Laughs )

I don't know which one I'll
wear on top, but, clearly, I'll

be giving this one away tonight.

To me?


Well, that's a downer.

I figured if I didn't win today,
I was going home anyway.

Well, I'm going to go get some

I would say that went well.

( Louvres )
That was so good.

Oh, man, he bought it hook,
line, and sinker, and it really

worked to perfection.

He was shocked, and that let us
all know he does not have a

hidden immunity idol, which is a
very good thing.

Are you kidding me?

There ain't no way it's a real
idol because I got the one in my


Oh, my god.

How epic is this?

"Well don't waste too much

Classic, classic.

It's a good-looking fake idol,

Now I don't even have to fake
look for idols no more.

She just made my job easier.

Yeah, two-fer.

Got me a two-fer.

Nope, no, you didn't.

You got a one-fer.

I'm one step haefd them through
this whole darn game.

Is that the idol?

You found it?


These four think they're so
smart, but it's like a bunch of

blind mice just running around
bumping into stuff.


Nobody saw that.

Are you okay?

Oh, yeah, I'm fine.

I just fell.

I think they do underestimate
me, you know.

And it's hilarious for me.

But one of them's still going

I mean at this point I kind of
got my hand on everyone's fate.

Tonight, it comes down to who I
can beat.

And the challenge tomorrow.

Ryan is safe because as far as
challenges go, that boy ain't

done nothing.


So it's between Mike and

We're set, dude!

So physically, Devon is the
strongest competitor.

But doc, he's good at challenges
and he's good at solving


Not fast, but he's good.

So this decision is huge.

I know you're bummed.

I'm not bummed.

You're not?

No, dude.

I'm going to have a meal


I would have rather have
liked to make a million dollars

but, whatever.

It is what it is.

I'm getting a weird feeling
from Ben.

He's acting like he's givingip
in this game.

But he wouldn't just give up
like that.

Ben's a good player.

He's dangerous.

He may just be acting one way so
that we think he hasn't found a

hidden immunity idol.

It's terrifying.

Do you know whose name he's
writing down?


I'm voting Ben.

Yeah, I know, I know.

So you're certain he doesn't
have an idol.

Because I'm thinking of putting
doc's name down tonight just in



I don't know.

I mean, I followed him all

Yeah, but it couldn't hurt,

I don't think you should do

Just, you know...
pis him off?

Yeah, you know.

I'm going to see how tribal
goes tonight.


As long as you're certain...

All right.

I want to believe that there's
no more idols.

I mean, for Ben to find another
one would be crazy, but maybe if

I vote Mike, it's kind of
provide meeg with a little

safety net.

The super bowl, Mike will be
pissed off at me, and wouldn't

take me in the final three.

And, you know, this is our real
shot where we actually feel

like, finally, we're getting rid
of Ben.

I just got to pray that Ben
doesn't pull off a miracle


( Applause )
Jeff: So much game play


Chrissy's on fire.

She's unbeatable.

The four are gloating.

They think they're sending Ben

But Ben knows that isn't

But the question... the question
is Devon.

He suspects something's off.

He's considering voting for
Mike, but it's risky because if

you're wrong, it can cost you.

One bad decision in this game
haunt you forever.

Stand up, you you guys.

Where are you from?

Originally from New York, but
we live here in L.A.

Jeff: All right, so what do
you do in this case?

If you're Devon and you've got a
weird sense but you're in an

alliance with four?

Your gut, you have twoog your

I mean, if you're Devon, you
have to ensure you're in this

game another day.

So if you've got to put Mike's
name down, put it down.

Jeff: All right, okay.

See, and that's why this game
continues to entertain us.

It's a strategy, and you can
play along at home because you

have to be playing at a high
level, and if you're not the one

making the move, somebody else
probably is.

I total you, it's a battle to
the end "survivor" finale.

We're just getting started!

* *
Jeff: We'll now bring in






And Ashley, voted out at the
last tribal council.

So I'm dying to know, last
tribal council, everything goes

crazy, Ben plays another idol,
everybody turns on Ashley.

You get back to camp, Ryan, what

So, there's a lot of
confusion because, once again,

nobody knew that Ben had the
immunity idol prior to tribal


And it was another "survivor"

I don't think anybody has ever
played an idol before the votes

have been cast.

But, ultimately, we were happy
that we all made the final five

because of the confusion that
was going on at that tribal.

Jeff: Devon, is it fair to
say that the group has made Ben

the common enemy?

Yeah, it's very clear.

He's thrown his moves out there,
kind of in-your-face moves.

He's not one to stay behind the
curtains and make secret moves.

He's just out here to play.

Jeff: Chrissy, at the last
tribal, you were surprised that

Ben had an idol.

How does that happen when Ben is
the common enemy?

Why is he left alone to find an

As much as we try to baby sit
a person around camp, we just

can't be with them 24 hours a

I mean, he's getting up in the
middle of the night and running

around looking for idols.

I mean, we're at day 37, and
we're all exhausted and running

on fumes.

And we're just hoping somebody
else will take that on.

Jeff: Mike, does that feel
true to you, that maybe it is a

combination of the four of you
thinking in similar ways, and

then hoping somebody else is
actually doing the hard work?

I think that I spent my fair
share of time with Ben or

watching Ben.

But at the same time, Ben has
been a great buffener this game,


Like, every time Ben is still
here, there's a common enemy.

Jeff: And, Chrissy, while
Mike was talking, you pulled

something out.

So, the immunity challenge
was the gift that keeps on


Not only...
I'll say it for you... not

only do you win your third
individual immunity, which puts

you within one of the record for
a woman in this game... four.

Right, thank you.

Jeff: You also win reward.

I win reward.

And I took Mike and Devon to a
feast back at camp.

And while I was there, I found a
clue to the idol and went and

dug it up.

And I actually did end up sort
of doing what Ben did, which was

playing the cards out in the

So the plan is just by the end
of the night, I'll give it to

one of these guys since,
obviously, I don't need both.

Jeff: So, Ben, how did
Chrissy deliver the news to you

about the idol?

I was going to go get some
water and look for an idol, and

she said, "well, don't waste
your energy."

And then she pulled it out and
showed it to me.

And, yeah, it was pretee that
was a heartbreaker.

Jeff: And did the vibe at
camp change after that?


These guys are all pretty happy
about it.

My chances of staying in the
game was either to win the

immunity necklace or find the

And Chrissy had quite the day

Jeff: Devon, how would you
describe it in terms of graceful

or gloating?

I don't think Chrissy was
gloating in any way.

I think she was being more

It was 100% gloating, Jeff.

She was on cloud nine with her
little necklace, and I think you

said, "oh, it was a great day.

It was a two-fereday," or
something like that.

I might have said it was a

I'm proud of my day.

I had a good day.

Jeff: Ben, what's it feel
like to sit where you are right

now and know that the end could
be tonight?

It's pretty rough.

I came out here to win a million
dollars for my wife and my kids.

You know, it sucks.

It sucks, flat out, Jeff.

To see the dreams get ruin by
these four... and good on them.

But it's a hard pill to swallow.

Jeff: Ryan, when you hear
Ben say that, it's sort of the

truth for everybody who gets
voted out is they, in essence,

they are blaming everybody else
for killing their game.

And, yet, that's the point of
the game.

Ben really completely
destroyed the game.

I had to completely readjust my
game and retool to get to the

point where I am at today.

I don't know.

I don't like blindsiding or
voting anybody out.

I love this game, but that is
not something I take joy in.

But at the end of the day, us
four had the numbers, and it

just so happened that he was on
the outside of them, and

that's... that's the game.

Jeff: Okay, it is time to

Mike, you're up.

Oh, man.

Oh, man.

Jeff: I'll go tally the

If anybody has a hidden immunity
idol and you want to play it,

tonight is the last time you can
do so.

Does anybody want this?



( Whistling )
( Explosion )

Ben bomb!


While you guys were sleeping,
what's that saying, "the early

bird gets the worm?"
Oh, my gosh!


This guy is insane.

Jeff: This is a hidden
immunity idol.

Any votes cast for Ben will not

I'll read the votes.

Since we're pulling fake
idols out, I might as well get

mine out, too.

Jeff: First vote, Ben.

Does not count.

Well played, Ben.

Jeff: Ben, does not count.

Ben, does not count.

Dr. Mike, one vote Dr. Mike, one
vote left.



Jeff: We have a tie.

One vote Mike, one vote Devon.

Did you write down my name?

I did.

Sorry, Mike.

Jeff: So here's what's
going to happen.

We're going to revote.

We will only vote for Mike or
Devon, and Mike and Devon will

not vote.

Ben, you want to come grab the

Now your faith is in those

Yeah, it is.

Jeff: I'll go tally the

I'll read the votes.

First vote, Devon.


One vote Mike, one vote Devon,
one vote left.

14th person voted out and
the seventh member of our jury,


You need to bring me your torch.

Good game, guys.

You lived your dream.

Jeff: Mike, the twrieb has

Time for you to go.

See you, doc.

Love you.

Good luck, everybody!

We love you!

Thanks, Mike.

Jeff: Well,

You have made it to the final

Tomorrow, you'll compete in your
final immunity challenge.

And to give you something to
sleep on, there's a twist.

Grab your torches.

Head back to camp.

Good night.

I thought you were literally
going to give us something to

sleep on.

I think they felt like they
needed Devon more than they

needed me in order to beat Ben.

And get it.

If I made it to the final three,
I would have won "survivor."

But I made it 37 days in the
greatest game ever invented on

the face of this earth.

( Cheers and applause )
Jeff: He did it!

It was a huge move, but that is
how you play "survivor."

Devon had a bad feeling.

He listened to his gut, and as a
result, Devon's still in,

Dr. Mike isn't.

Dr. Mike, come on out!

( Cheers and applause )

Look at the love!

How you doing?

I'm good, Jeff.

I'm good.

Jeff: That's got to feel
pretty good.

It's amazing, guys.

It's amazing.

Look at this.

This is awesome!

( Cheers and applause )
Jeff: All right, so, here's

what I want to know.

Given how tight you guys were,
when you saw that vote, were you

shocked or did it go through
your mind that it could happen?

These guys are all great

And I knew this could happen.

But I was hoping it wouldn't.

I was, like, holding my cards,
one more vote.

I almost made it.

Jeff: Did you debate doing
the same thing to Devon?

Oh, I was planning to.

I told... I told Ryan I was
voting for Devon tonight.

And I just...
so that... okay, that's the

difference right there.

Devon has... we always say to
people before... before the game

starts, "play as though you're
playing for the second time,"

because you have to make big

Devon made the big move pup

You're here.

He's still in.

Thanks, Jeff.


Should I throw the check in the

Jeff: One other... one other
ye, just from a dream point of

view, you talked about... your
wife even said it... it's the

only selfish thing you've done
in your life.

Did it fulfill?

Why was this the dream?

I mean, you're as a kid, you
grow up and you want to have a

family and you want to have a
wife and kids and I got it, and

it's amazing.

But at the same time, I want to
win "survivor."

I want to play "survivor."

And it...
( Applause )

I got so close!

37 days!

And this was the first vote that
I was, like, you know what, I

got to look one more vote ahead,
set up my final three so I can

win and then...

We got a Ben bomb.

Jeff: Just remember if
you're watching, say I'll do it

next time.

There is no next time on

We're down to four.

There are no more immunity
idols, but as you just heard,

there is a twist, and it's a big

( Applause )

* *
is and then there was four.

We made the final four!

Tribal councilful not what I
expected at all.

Ben shocked everyone, pulled out
his third idol in a row.


You know you're the only
person ever to write my name

down in this game.

Welcome to the club, then,
welcome to the club of having

your name written down.

Welcome, welcome.

I'm just so stoked to be
here, guys.

Me, too, man, me, too.

If I didn't write down doc's
name, I would be out of the


I just had this feeling Ben was
playing all of us, and I went

with my gut, and doc went home
and I didn't.

I'm still sitting here alive.

So I potentially did make a
million-dollar move right there.

"Survivor" encyclopedia.

Has a survivor ever played three
idols in a row successfully?

No, you were the first.

You're ruining my game.

Vote by vote.

I'm so happy for you.

( Laughter )
Triba>> tribal council was amazi

but, you know, this is where it
gets tricky.

I have no more Ben bombs to drop
in on tribal.

There ain't no more idols in the

So the final immunity challenge
is by far the biggest moment of

my life, and I have to win it
because ain't none of them going

to take me to the end.

The only way I'm getting to the
end is if I take myself.

Damn you, Ben!

I have to win!

I have to win immunity

I have no protection now.

I have no alliance.

But I do have my wife and my

That's what I'm thinking about,
and that's my driving force.

So it's "go" time.

I'm going to give it everything
I got.

Y'all, I'm going to go get

Go ahead.

Do you want to follow me?

No, good thing we don't have
to do that anymore.

I wonder what the twist is.

The twist is we need to beat
Ben tomorrow, I feel like.

The eenl way we have a shot
is if we beat him at immunity.


That's pretty much where
we're at.

I can't get rid of Ben, and
it's driving me absolutely


But the reality is, even though
I feel like can beat Ben, I

don't want to bring him to the
final three.

So as long as one of us wins
immunity, he will be voted out

of the game.

Then again, we don't know what
the twist is, right?

So the twist could totally foil
those plans.

I have no idea.

I've come to decide that you
can't expect anything in

"survivor" because no matter
what you expect, something else

is going to happen.

Jeff: Come on in, guys!

All right.

Final four.

Shall we get to your final
immunity challenge?

First things first, Chrissy, for
the third time, I have to take

it back.

I hope to see you again soon.

Jeff: For the last time,
immunity is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge, you're
going to stack letter blocks on

a very wobbly platform.

First person to spell "heroes,
healers, hustlers," wins

immunity and with this necklace,
guarantees themselves a spot in

that final tribal council, where
you will get a chance to plead

your case to the jury about why
you deserve the title of "sole

survivor" and the million-dollar

Losers, tonight, somebody will
become the eighth and final

member of our jury.

And as I mentioned, last night
at tribal, there is a twist.

The winner of today's challenge
also receives the final secret

advantage of the game.

Stakes don't get any bigger.

We'll draw for spots, and we'll
get started.

All right, here we go.

Big stakes.

Final immunity challenge.

Survivors ready?


First it's home blocks can you
carry out?

Then you have to unlock this
structure with your foot, and

then it gets wobbly, and that's
where the work starts.

You have to balance these
letters without them dropping.

Ryan off to a fast start.

Ben now working on two letters.

Chrissy has letters quickly.

Chrissy drops.

She's got to go back.

Once you drop, you've got to
lock your structure in, pick up

your blocks, and go back and
start again.

But any blocks that remain are
still good.

Ryan locking out, locking out is
a big part of this challenge.

When you lock your structure
back in, that is often where you

drop blocks.

Ryan now with the early lead.

He's going to head back.

And Devon drops.

That's what I'm talking about.

You have to be gentle when you
lock this back in.

You've got adrenaline pumping
through your body, but you've

got to remain calm.

This is your final immunity

This is not going to be easy.

Ryan now with the early lead.

He's got "heroes" spelled.

Devon is starting over.

Chrissy still working on

Ben now has his first word

Can he lock in with the touch
required that nothing will fall?

And he does.

Ben now heading back for more

We are neck and neck right now
with Ryan and Ben.

Ryan begins working on
"healers," the second word.

Devon back on "heroes."

Devon drops again.

Chrissy drops.

Chrissy struggling for the first
time in a long time in a


Right now it is not looking

It is now Ben working on his
second word.

Ben really taking his time, not
panicking at all.

Ryan's got "healers" completed

Ryan is two-thirds of the way
there, and starts his way back.

Ben right on his tail.

Ryan at the critical point.

And he drops three.

Ryan has to go back.

And that opens the door for Ben

He's now going to try to lock

It is now Ben in the lead.

He has nobody even close to him.

Immunity on the line, a line.

A guaranteed spot in the final

This is all all-in move by Ben
right now.

No secret, Ben has been the
target, trying to get him out,

unable to do it.

And here we are in the final
immunity challenge.

Ben just a few letters away from
winning his way to the end.

Ben places another letter.

Ben has four letters left.

If he's right, this would secure
Ben a spot in the final tribal


Ben places his last letter.

He's still got to get this
locked in and be right.

Ben looking for that last touch.

To lock in.

Ben thinks he has it.

Jeff: No, something is not

What's wrong?

Ben's got to figure out what he
did wrong.

The door is still open!

Devon now picking up the pace!

Ryan sees the opportunity.

Chrissy not giving up.

Now Ben is panicking.

Racing to get back out there,
and he loses blocks.

Ben loses almost everything!

Disaster for Ben.

He's got to head back and redo
all the work he just lost.

Ryan now with a comfortable
lead, and he can now slow down.

And Ryan haas lost nearly

And Chrissy loses everything.

And Devon drops.

He's got to go back.


What a turn of events.

The door is Wyatt open again in
this challenge.

Ben is back in the lead now.

Ben quickly has put "heroes"
back together.

He's now going to try to lock

And Ben once again moves too
fast and loses absolutely


The lesson in this challenge is
staring you in the face: You

never give up because all it
takes is one person to drop one

piece, and you're back in.

This is what you want on day 38
in the final immunity challenge

on "survivor."

Oarve is still in this!

Oarve is still in this!

Jeff: Devon drops again.

Ryan drops more.

And more.

Chrissy working on "hustlers."

Ben closing the gab right now as
he finishes "healers."

He's now trying to lock in
without dropping any blocks.

Ben races back, and he's going
to grab all the blocks for his

last word once again.

Chrissy places another letter in

It's Chrissy in the lead.

Ben right on her tail.

All the letters he needs to win
this challenge in his arms if he

can finally complete the

Ben places his first, Chrissy
places another block.

Chrissy is four blocks away from
finishing this challenge, but

the block blocks are a long ways
Ben has all of his with him.

Which strategy will pay off
right now?

Ben places another letter.

Chrissy trying to get out there

She is within one challenge of
tying the record for the most

ever for women on "survivor"
with four.

Ben places the last letter in

But he has got to get back to
the start with all of the

letters in place.

And he cannot do it again!

Ben cannot believe it.

He has once again dropped almost
half of his stack, and now

Chrissy is back in the lead.

Ben has now got to lock in, race
back, and hope for a mistake

from Chrissy right now.

Chrissy has one letter left.

Chrissy reaches out and places
her last block.

Ben is not giving up.

Chrissy just needs to lock in
without dropping anything.

And she is guaranteed a spot at
the final tribal.

Chrissy has it.

Chrissy's back.

Chrissy wins her fourth
individual immunity challenge!

Guaranteed a spot in the final

An absolutely epic final

Good job, Chrissy.

You're amazing.

Well done.

What a challenge.

* *
Jeff: Chrissy, come on

that's a big smile.


I thought the first one was

Jeff: Fourth one even

The fourth one is even

Jeff: Chrissy, for the
fourth time individual immunity

is yours.

This necklace guarantees you a
spot at the final tribal


There's one more thing that
comes with this win.

I forgot!

Jeff: The last secret in
the game.

Only you will know it.

As for the rest of you, after 38
days, tough "survivor" days,

Ryan, Devon, Ben, somebody will
become the eighth and final

member of our jury.

The final immunity challenge
was awesome.

I am in the final three.

And tied the record for a woman
for the most individual immunity

wins in a season.

And the icing on the cake will
be Ben going home.

( Cheers and applause ).

Jeff: That was one of the
most dramatic challenges in

"survivor" history.

You had exhaustion, elation,
despair, the upside-down "u."

And it was madness here.

Roll back some of our audience
watching this.

It is so fun to be here and
listening to these guys with

every oooh, and aaah.

The upside down u.N.

And Chrissy setting a record.

Chrissy is unbeatable right now.

Stand up, what is your name?


Jeff: You look like you
have to be a Chrissy fan.

Oh, yeah, she is unreal.

Jeff: What do you say when

you... hi, how are you doing?

I'm doing great.

Jeff: I'm so glad yawr here
with your buff on, too.

Think about this, applied for 16
years, oldest woman out there,

only woman left, tied the record
for women with individual wins.

What is Chrissy never giving up
on her dream say to you about

your own life?

Man, it just tells me that
it's never too late to just rock


I mean, that woman!

She's amazing!

Jeff: Your mom's rocking

She's ready to rock it.

And I gotta ask... pop up,
qliewrs name?

I'm grant.

Jeff: Because I was
watching you.

Are you a Ben fan?


Jeff: The upside down "u."

It's going to haunt him forever,
that "u."

Chrissy is in the final three,
and the question is who will

join her?

There are no more challenges.

There are no more idols.

But there is one twist left, and
chrissys that.

The question is what is it?

Find out.

( Applause )

* *
good game, you all.

You kept us all on our toes
that whole time.

How many times did you almost
have it?

Three or four.

Daggone, man, that one hurt.

Everyone was in the lead at
one point.

like there was...

that final immunity challenge
was a butt-kicker, man.

I was so close so many times.

I knew I had to win immunity to
stay in this game.

And it just hurts that a silly
mistake is going to cost my

dream and my family's dream.

Good job, mischrissy.

Thank you so much.

A million dollars is at stake
today, my kid's college,


I just let it slip away.

And that... that hurt.

That hurt.


I do feel for him as a

You can be a millionaire,

First of all, you could be a
millionaire, and Devon could be

a millionaire.



I know one thing, Ben will
not be.

I'm pretty much the only
target on the board at this


But until Jeff snuffs my torch,
there might be options.

Is there any way that I could
stay in this game and go to the

end with you?

I'd love to sit next to you.


And I respect if you don't
want to sit next to me.

Okay, so this is, actually,
how I will respond to you.

And that is by saying I will go
into tribal tonight and hear you


And you have my word on that.

Ben approached me to see if I
would consider taking him to the

final three.

Now, I didn't want to say
absolutely not, because I didn't

want to shut him out.

So I told Ben, ", you know,
what, I'm willing to think about


But there's no way that's

Ben needs to go.

All right, you.

But before I can think much
further about, that I need to

get away privately to read my
secret advantage.

Okay, secret advantage.


You are in the final three.

You have also won an advantage
in the form of information.

This is the last and perhaps
biggest secret of the game, and

you are the only one who knows.

Tonight, you are in charge and
will cast the only vote.

You will choose one person-to-to
sit... " uuuh!

"You will choose one person to
sit next to you at the final

tribal council forcing the two
remaining players to around

their way to the end by battling
it out in a fire-making


The winner secures the final

The loser becomes the eighth
member of the jury.


This is a huge twist in the
game, and it means the door is

open for Ben to potentially come
to the final three.

Not good.

But right now, I have the power
because I am the only one who

knows about the fire-making

So my decision is simply based
on who can beat Ben.

I've got Ryan and I've got

Ryan probably never made a fire
in his life.

So the only way to send Ben home
is to have him make fire against


Now, I need to tell Devon so
that he has time to practice.

Like, whatever he needs to do to
get ready for this challenge, I

want Devon to do.

"And you'll choose the person to
sit next to you."


If I pick you to sit next to
me, then Ryan has to make fire

with Ben.

If I pick Ryan, you will need to
make fire.

So it's up to me.

It was shocking to me.

I didn't expect this twist.

Immediately, I know she's
showing me this because she

thinks I'm the only one who can
beat Ben.

I'm excited, man.

I'm pumped.

It's going to give me that exact
umph at the end of my game to

show the jury they deserve the
million dollars, that I'm one

who took down Ben.

I don't want Ben to know he
has a chance.

This is your day.

Okay, I can do this.

How fun is this twist going
to be, o a scale of 1-10,



What is it?

Devon and Ben are going to
have a fire-making?


She brings one person with

She's bringing you.

Oh, my god, thank you.

The other two must battle it
out and make fire.

The only way to get Ben out is
for Devon to make fire and beat


I couldn't beat him.

I know.

Oh, my gosh!

Devon's going to have to make
fire against Ben and Chrissy

says that "you're going with me
to the final three."

I am floored.

Who knew that my inability to
make fire would save me on day



He will be the one person who
can finally get him out of this


Go get flint right now and

Throughout this game, I have
been able to start fire with


I've done it plenty of mornings,
but I need to practice.

I've done it plenty of mornings,
but I need to practice.

So I'm strike the flint, and
all of a sudden, it breakses.

I'm thinking this probably meant
to be.

This flint just broke because
I'm not supposed to waste my


I need to go into this tribal
council calm, cool, and I need

to believe in myself because I
doment the million dollars for

my life, for my family's life,
for everyone I care about.

Tonight could change the rest of
my life.

It all lies on me.

It's crazy.

Ben has no idea that he will
be going to a fire-making

challenge tonight.

This game's in Devon's hands,
and I'm hopeful that he can do


But I am very nervous.

Either one of those guys could
win it.

So once again, it is going to be
a very interesting tribal

tonight, and we will not have
answers until the bitter end.

( Applause )
Jeff: A brand-new twist

sets up the biggest showdown of
the season, quite possibly a

million-dollar fire-making
challenge between two very

popular guys, Devon and Ben.

But Chrissy, so smart, only told
her alliance so Ben has no idea

he's going to get another shot.

He's got no time to prepare.

He thinks it's game over.

Which is why we say all the time
on the show you never give up.

Never give up!

Because you never know what is
coming around the corner.

We are live in Los Angeles!

* *
Jeff: We'll now bring in

the members of our jury.







Dr. Mike voted out at the last
tribal council.

All right, so let's start with
today's immunity challenge.

Chrissy, you win your fourth
individual immunity, tying the

record for the most individual
immunity wins by a woman.

Nicely done.

So what's the feeling?

When you just take in that
moment, knowing you have secured

yourself a spot at the final

For me, the fourth win was
incredible knowing I was going

to the final three.

And that was a super-hard

So it was just a great feeling
all around.

Jeff: Ryan, it was one of
the most electric challenges

we've ever had.

And you had the early lead.

Yeah, I did.

You know, I'm a huge fan, and
wearinwearing that necklace,

especially on day 38, is
something that you dream about.

It was tough, and I may replay
that challenge for a long time.

Jeff: Ben, you had more
shots on goal than anybody.

And you could not close the

An upside down "u" will
forever haunt me, because that

was a million-dollar mistake
right there.

You know, I know I'm on the

It's clear and evident.

So I hate to say it is what it
is, but if I get snuffed

tonight, I did my best, and I'm
proud of my game.

And I wouldn't change a thing.

Jeff: Chrissy, along with
winning today's immunity

challenge, you also won the last
secret advantage in the game.

Did you keep it a secret or did
you share it with anybody?

I did share it.

But not with everyone.

Jeff: Ben, you're looking
around now.

Yeah, I'm wondering who she
shared it with, because it

wasn't me.

She shared it with me.


That makes sense, though.

I mean, I get that.

I'm just wondering what it is

Jeff: Chrissy, do you want
to catch the jury up and Ben on

what it says?


"Congratulations, you have
won an advantage in the form of


Tonight, you will choose one
person to sit next to you at the

final tribal council, forcing
the two remaining players to

earn their way to the end by
battling it out in a fire-making



Jeff: So, Chrissy, I'm
guessing you thought a lot this

afternoon, given that you shared
it with Ryan and Devon.

Well, let me say one thing

For some of us to be in charge
of their own fate, I see the

beauty in that.

That said, I hope that it ends
in a certain way.

Jeff: All right, Chrissy,
you're going to choose one

person that you can guarantee is
sitting next to you, and you're

simultaneously leaving the other
two to fend for themselves.

That third spot will be earned.

It won't be just given.

Have you made a decision?

I have.

Jeff: All right, let us
know what you were doing.

I would like to take Ryan to
the final three.

Jeff: All right, so, Ryan,
first of all, how does that feel

to hear that?

It's just a really good

I thank Chrissy.

We've been in lockstep a lot of
way here.

And I get a chance to plead my
case to the jury.

It feels incredible.

Jeff: Devon, how does that
make you feel that you will have

to earn your way to the final

I love the feeling.

This is my chance to put my fate
in my own hands.

It feels great.

Jeff: And, Ben, your knee
is literally bouncing.

This is awesome.

You know, I blew it today.

And that's all me.

But I get a second chance.

Jeff: Literally, a last

I'm ready to go make some

And I'm going to do my best, and
we're going to compete, two

warriors battling it out trying
to make a fire.

May the boast man win.

Jeff: All right, so here's
how it's going to work.

38 days in, you should know how
to make fire.

And if you can, it could be
worth a million dollars.

I'll give you a minute to think


Jeff: All right, there is
one seat left at the final


It's time to find out whose butt
will be sitting in it.

Ben and Devon, take your spots
at the fire-making station.

We have chrisy and Ryan already
in the final three.

First time ever the final spot
will be earned by a fire-making


You each have the exact same

Your job is to build a fire that
is high enough and hot enough to

burn through that cord.

First person that burns through
their cord, that flag raises,

you are sitting at the final

Loser becomes the eighth and
final member of the jury, and

you will be sitting over there.

You guys both ready?

Yes, sir.

Jeff: Good luck.

This challenge is on.

This could go very fast.

Jeff: This is not like
making fire back at camp where

there is not a lot of pressure.

This is potentially a
million-dollar challenge.

Side by side, both guys with the
same process.

Devon going to go for it first,
trying to get a spark, trying to

get that magnesium to go.

Ben going to join him, both
sparking their flint.

Ben has a little something but
it goes out.

Devon now scraping more

Ben look for a spark to get
something to light.

Devon taking a more methodical
approach with magnesium, trying

to build a little pile of it,
hoping that will ignite.

Devon spark big.

Trying to get it going.

Devon's got one.

Jeff: Devon's got a little
something, but it goes out.

Ben continues to strike the
knife, and he's got a little

something going.

Can he keep it going?

Benben has the first flame, but
that's going to go out quickly.

Hey he's to get sticks on it and
get something to take.

Ben has more flame, has some
sticks on there.

Can he keep it going?

Devon striking faster now.

Working hard trying to get
something going.

Fire starting to burn for Ben.

Devon, you're still in it.

Jeff: Reactions from chrisy
and Ryan now.

Everybody's been very open about
what they want to have happen.

Ben is the only one who wants
Ben to win.

Everybody else pulling for

Ben now pulling out the bigger

And that's going to help lock
that fire in.

Devon continue to strike.

Faster and faster, trying to get
something going.

Ben's flame is burning high now,
and it's starting to hit that


Ben is very close right now.

Ben getting closer.

That flame getting taller and
burning hotter now.

Will it be enough?


Ben wins the fire showdown and
earns the final seat at tribal

council in a dramatic win
against Devon.

Good luck to you.

Jeff: Devon, sadly for you,
this is the end.

38 days on "survivor" is as far
as you will go.

You need to bring me your torch.


Jeff: Devon, you become the
eighth and final member of our


The tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

Good job, Dev.

Jeff: Well,

You have made it to the final

Chrissy, Ben, Ryan.

Tomorrow, the power in the game
shifts to the jury.

Eight people that you had a hand
in voting out of the game will

now decide which one of you they
think is most deserving of the

title of "sole survivor" and the
million dollars that goes with


You have one more night out

I hope you get some good sleep
because are you going to need it


Grab your torches, head back to
camp, good night.

Oh, man, it's a bummer to go
home at this point.

One day short, making final

But, congrats to Ben.

He killed it in that fire

Even though I lost, at least my
fate lied in my hands, and I

went out with a big bang.

No matter what happens to me,
I'm a stronger man, and I just

feel blessed to have had this

I'm walking away from here

( Cheers and applause ).

Jeff: You gotta love Devon.

Not many people would look at a
fire-making showdown as an


He's one of the most popular
players of the season.

Devon, come on out.

( Cheers and applause )
Look at that.

Standing ovation.

All right, have a seat, guys.

I don't know if we were on that
or not, but everybody stood up.

So, first, just what is that

Because you're just this young

You come out to play this crazy

When people come up to you, what
is it they say they're

connecting with, this love?

I've got nothing but good
feedback, Jeff.

It's beautiful.

I feel so grateful to ♪ just to
have gotten this whole

experience and all the positive

Jeff: Is it moms, dads,
kids, everybody?

Yeah, the best is just when a
parent tells me about how their

kid loves me and looks up to me.

I just feel so honored to be a
positive role model.

( Cheers and applause )
Jeff: It's really


Mike was out here, and he said,
"I thought about voting for

Devon, but I didn't."

You did.

So you're playing the game.

And then when Chrissy, you know,
some would say dumped the

responsibility on you, because
she was in good shape.

She had earned her way to the

Now she needed you to help her.

You didn't say, "wow, why does
Ryan get to go?"

You said, "I love it.

It's an opportunity"
guys look at this as game play,

nothing else, just a game.

It is just a game.

It's all fun, and to just be
able to get out there and play

the game.

I was already blessed just to
even be present.

So... and to make it as far as I

Jeff: I watched Devon
backstage watching that

fire-making challenge.

First time you've seen it.

And you were eye don't know if
you know, but you were


What... just what is that feeling
when you're watching what you

know happened, but you haven't
seen it?

Yeah, it brought me back,

It brought back all of the
emotion I was feeling and


And I'm super stoked for Ben.

I mean, he deserved to be in the
final three.

He's the man.

Jeff: And that's why
everybody loves Devon.

All right, and in case you're
wondering, that final four twist

is not a one-off.

That is a part of the show.

So you can expect to see it
again next season.

Devon, the final member of the

We have our final three...
Chrissy, Ryan, Ben, final tribal

council is next!

* *
there it is, day 39.

I'm going to the tree.

Have fun.

Day 39.

Day 39.

I'm marking the tree, dude.

I'm sitting here on day 39 of
"survivor," as a super fan.

My dream potentially four votes
away from winning a million

dollars and the title of "sole

It's really a dream come true.

I just got chills.

We made it.

Strategically, it hasn't gone
exactly how I anticipated it

going, but I was with the game
every step along the way and had

to control my way to the end,
Luke a true hustler does, and I

think I did that.

Last hustler standing.

I think I'm the underdog going
into this tribal council, so I

need to persuade the jury I had
control of the game entire.

Now, that's a complete lie.

But I think if might work.

Oh, my god!

I see a clean frying pan,

Oh, my god.

Milk, sausages.


Day one, I was terrified.

I threw up at the first immunity

That's how terrified I was.

Final three.

Final three.

Final three.

Cheers, you all.

Who would know I would tie
the record for most immunity

challenges won by a woman in
"survivor" history.

I killed it.

It was a fun ride.

It's a ride, for sure.

The ride is not over yet.

Of course, the game is not over

I have some fierce competition,
but I am a mom, so I'm an

everyday hero.

I think I deserve to win

I think I played a heroic game.

And I want other moms to know
they should always dream in

themselves and believe in their
dreams because eventually they

may just come true.

Everybody happy?

You know, I've never let off
the gas.

I've been full throttle 100%
from day one.

This game and I are like two
peas in a pod.

Being in the marines, I've been
through a lot of battles in

life, and tonight is going to be
a battle.

Because Ryan is a good talker.

And Chrissy won four immunity

I have to go in humble but

My game's been about providing
for my family more than

anythinges, and at the end of
the day I need to bring a

paycheck home to my wife and my
two kids.

I've never had a million-dollar

And I probably never will again.

This is the biggest night of my

This is the biggest night of my

Jeff: We'll now bring in
the members of your jury.








And Devon, eighth and final
member of our jury.

Welcome to the final tribal


Chrissy, Ben, Ryan, tonight will
be your biggest battle because

tonight the power shifts to the

They will decide who deserves
the title of "sole survivor" and

the million dollars that goes
along with it.

Final tribal council is centered
around the three aspects of the

game: Outwit, outplay, outlast.

Outwit is the social part of the
game... your relationships,

alliances, relationships outside
of those alliances.

The outplay is how did you deal
with the conditions put on you

by the game?

You have to compete in

There are switches and twists tw
and advantages.

And the last and maybe the most
important part is outlast.

Did you put on the jury people
who respect how you outwitted

and outplayed more than the two
people sitting next to you.

I'm going to give you a minute
to gather your thoughts.

We'll get started.

Jeff: All right, well, they
said it all.

Now it comes down to the jury

Oh, you have a buff on.

This is perfect.


Jeff: That's my daughter's

So, I have's question for you:
Do you know who you would vote


Jeff: Yes.

Okay, here's a piece of
"survivor... " real deal... here's

a "survivor" pen.

Don't show anybody.

Use my back.

Write down the name.

Don't anybody say anything.

And then we're going to see if
you agree with the majority of

the jury.


Don't say anything.

Fold it up.

Okay, keep that.

Next time I see you, I will have
the votes.

It's the "survivor" finale live
from Los Angeles.

Jeff: Okay, Chrissy, Ben,
Ryan, let's get started with the

who wants to get us started.


All right, great.

So, congratulations to all three
of you for being here in this


Chrissy, hats off to you for
winning four individual

Ben, hats off to you for getting
idols and know continuing in the


But I have to say, Ryan, it
feels as if everybody felt they

could beat you at the final
three and that's why you're

sitting here tonight so I'd like
to give you the student to

convince us as to why you're
sitting here based upon your

social game?


So everything in my game
emanated from the social game.

I found the advantage on day one
on the boat.

I used that advantage to build a
relationship with Chrissy and

Devon and that was a social game
play on my part.

Now, the seven, I feel like was
actually my idea.

I conjured it because I had
strong inclinations and I had

game moves based on the
advantage and the relationships

that I could build with that
advantage to move forward in the

game and form that seven going
into the merge with the numbers.

So I had to depend on factors
that I'm good at.

I had to depend on the social
relationships that I could build

with people.

That was my strength in the

Then, I would like to know
why you may have felt that it

was wise to then never have a
single strategic conversation

with me?

You know, that shows a fault in
your social game because you put

me on the jury.

I don't have a strategic
relationship with you.

The relationship would parlay
into the social relationship.

But a lot of the conversation
that I had with you was filtered

through Devon.

Devon, can you cosine on any
of this?

Yeah, uh...
I mean, this is a big deal.

Ryan's sitting in the hot seat,
and you might make or break what


Up until the alliance of
seven, Ryan's social play was

used through me.

There was a communication
with Ryan when I got blindsided

when you guys flipped?

Ryan did not know about that.

Yeah, that's another good

I did not know about the jp

I did not know about the Joe

Jp was one of my closest allies
at the time.

I'm glad we started with the
outwit because, honestly, Ryan,

I didn't realize you were the
puppet master when it came to


You put him as a front.

No one expected you, and Devon
got the heat.

I respect the play and I
appreciate it.

I feel like some of these
tribals people make pitches and

rah-rah-pitches to the jury.

And king Ben...
I want to go with king Ben.

Ben, your social gaisms

You and I never comiewctd.

The only conversation I recall
is you yelling at me.

And Chrissy, you and our
relationship... boafgths you are


You understood that at some
point we would be here.

And you focused on challenges
and idols and chaos, and forgot

one of the most important
aspects of "survivor."

You're right.

This social aspect of it is all
new to me.

There was a time when I couldn't
even sit at a Christmas dinner

with my own family, let alone
sit on a beach with a bunch of

strangers and play a social

I'm out here learning how to
interact with you guys and

strangers, not only as a game
play, but just trying to... just

trying to better myself as... as
a friend and a man.

You know?

I can answer?


Yeah, so I think that I just
had a totally different social

game than neez guys who planned
many, many alliances and wanted

to blindside this person, that

I got to the final three,
frankly, by being loyal to my


I stayed loyal to Ryan the
entire time.

I stayed loyal to jp.

I had no idea he was going to be

So my game was not to go out and
make a million different moves.

As far as the other aspect of
social goes, I really did try

and get to know each of you
individually, and I still could

probably tell every single one
of you personal details about

your life, like real things.

Tell me my real thing.

So what... okay, one of the
reasons you don't want to get

married is because your parents
got divorced when you were

young, and that was horrible for
you, and you don't think that

marriage works.

Jeff: Cole, where do you
weigh in on the social part of

the game?

Right, so I want to focus on
Ben here for a minute.

I know I was a target of yours
based on some food issues that

went down.


I'll go ahead and admit to
everyone that I did eat myself a

little extra peanut butter.

You managed to paint a picture
of me being a thief, and it put

a huge target on my back.


However, if you can just
clear my name then I would be

like, well, that was a brilliant
social strategic move.

Well, yes, I did paint you a
target because you were

physically strong, killing it in
all the challenges, and if that

was the only way I could get
people to turn on you, well, I'm

going to use that.

Nothing personal against you...
no, Cole, it went beyond just

painting a target on your back
about food.

He had something, a vendetta
against you.


Who really want respected

Who did you have the best
conversations with?

Who didn't you get into an
argument with?


No, it was a strategic move.

And you and I talked man to man
and I own that.

I said I have to work on the
social game and sat on the beach

with Lauren and Devon and told
stories I haven't told friends

back home.

I opened up with Mike.

I told stories.

That's real.

This is my life.

Ben, you're saying you told
people a lot of things but

Chrissy genuinely reached out
and asked about people.

And that's huge socially.

People want to talk about

She just spit out information
about Joe's childhood.

I remember hearing her having
these conversations thinking

this woman's a genius.

Thank you, Ashley.

And I think we know Mike and I
had a great social connection.

Devon and I had a great social

Cole, and you, you got a 34 on
your s.A.T.

You can go about making
friendships with heme but it's

how you use the friendships and
relationships you made during

the game and I don't know that
about you.

Getting to know people here
was part of my game play.

Learning what made you tick to
see if I sort of agreed with

your philosophy on how to win
this game.

For example, Devon, when I got
to know Devon...

it was through me!

Ryan, just because your body
is present doesn't mean other

people always have a
relationship through you.

But you didn't...
you're just making a lot of

I'm not making a lot of

That we are now finding out
are not actually accurate.

So he is going to...
as far as this goes, the

small he said/she said stuff is
not making an impact on the


I want to say something on a
human level to each you.

I am extremely proud of each and
every one of you all for making

it this far.

We still respect each and every
one of you and I want to remind

you to take a step back and
realize this is just a game.

Outside and this game you can
still trust the people around


I really appreciate you
saying that because it wasn't

directed at just them.

It was directed at all of us.

I thank you for all that, but
we had a great day.

That's good.

Let's move on.

Jeff: We will move on to
the outplay part of the game.

This is how you respond to the
conditions of the gameue have to

build a shelter.

You have to compete in

There are twists, switches,
advantages, how you respond to

those is now what they will
question you with b.

Who wants to go first?


As a wilderness guy myself,
the survival skills mean a lot

to me, building the shelter,
making a fire, and I respect the

hell out of Chrissy for winning
four challenges.

That's extremely impressive.

Ben, you found all of your idols
and played them perfectly.

Ryan, you haven't done much
around camp.

There have not been a lot of
survival skills demonstrated.

Just being honest with you.

That's right.

I can't argue any of those
points you just said.

This was the first time I have
ever been camping in my entire

life for me so I knew I could
not be a provider like jp could.

I cannot crack a coconut like
everybody else can, I cannot

cook like everybody else can.

I have not done any of these
things before.

I did not want to step on any
toes if somebody thought they

could do better.

If I went in and burnedlet rice
where would that leave me.

I had never tended a fire or
opened a coconut or used a

machete or even seen a machete,
so for you to say, I didn't want

to try that because it's not
what I'm accustomed to."

You said, you didn't want to
mess up.

None of us wanted to mess up,

But I'm being honest.

That's not my strength in the

You could have gone to get
the water...

sat around and talked about
iced coffee...

you literally hardly ever
went for water.

Let's get to the idols and
the advantages because we know

at camp life, we're not about
that life.


Let's talk about the advantage

Day one, I found the advantage
on the boat.

Then as we said before, I used
the advantage to progress to the

end of the game.

The story with the idol, which
was hidden underneath the flag

back at camp.

I dig up the idol, jp was there,
I shove it in my pants.

Mass chaos enensues...
I had no idea Ryan had it.

That's why she rode me and
jumped on my back.

And I set up that entire

That was well played because
it put a bigger target on my

back at the end of it.


And basically I had no choice
but to play it once you guys

flushed it.

That was the story of the idol.

Would like to say I'm very
proud of every female that made

it this far in the game on this
jury as well as Chrissy who blew

us all away with winning four.

Desi, Lauren, Ashley, and I
took eight of the nine.

I just want to give Chrissy
huge credit for that.

Thank you.

So I was terrified when the
challenges started.

I was not allowed to play sports
as a kid.

I was told my whole life that I
suck at anything physical.

I threw up on the deck on the
first challenge.

Because this was the one thing
that I was so scared of.

Somehow, I found the courage to
just do this.

And I'm really proud that there
have been 258 female contestants

on "survivor," and there are now
only four that have won four

individual immunities, and I am
one of them.

I also got two individual
rewards and the secret advantage

for the final tribal.

You should be very proud of

I'm almost 50 years old.

You applied for 16 years and
are a proven fact that giving up

is not an option in your book
and congratulations.

Thank you, thank you so much.

I mean, we have a queen.

We have queen Chrissy, who won
four individual immunity

challenges and you continue

And I respect that, because just
like Ben, your back was against

the wall, and you had to win.

And I love Ben.

I love the way you played.

Last night it came down to the
fire and Devon went home.

It took my 10 days to find two

You found three in several days.

Was it easy or did you put in
the work and the effort?

After the blindside against
Lauren I knew I was on my own.

Had no alliance.

Nobody wanted to look at me or
be seen talking to me.

I chose to get up in the morning
before everyone else and go


I didn't sit around and watch
the sunset, you know.

While they were sleeping, I was
looking for idols.

When I ran out of idols, her
secret advantage gave me life,

and I took every opportunity and
never quit.

The only one that was going to
save me was me.

So, yes, I put in the time to
find the idols.

So here's a better question.

There is a point in the game
where there were four of you and

then there was Ben.

How did you all allow Ben the
opportunity to go off on his own

this many times to find that
many idols?

I was one step ahead on every

These guys went looking at the
raft, but I already had it in my


Mike was looking under the
shelter, I already had it in my


Mike was looking at the rock
pit, I had already had int in my

she played a fake idol and I
knew it was fake because I

already had it in my pocket.

We tried to trail him...
four people.

That was a game flaw for all
four of us.

Jeff: It is time to move on
to the outlaf part of the game.

This shifts back to you guys.

Did you put the right people on
the jury?

Did they respect your outexpwit
outplay more than the other two?

This is your last moment to make
sure the people you put over

there are about to write your
name down.

Ryan, you want to go first?

Yes, so I could not rely on
winning challenges.

I knew that going into the game,
so I had to build these social

relationships to get me through
the early part of the game, and

it worked.

And I was at 13 out of 15 tribal
councils, and my name was never

on the chopping block.

And it was not because people
wanted to take me to the end.

It was because I built enough
social relationships and bonds

with people that they wouldn't
let my name come up on the

chopping block.

I think I had more deals to the
end than anybody else did, and

that's a credit to my game.

They're getting a lot of credit
for playing hard, I but I

fortified the social bonds,
secured an idol, got an

advantage, and I never gave up.

That's why I'm sitting here.

Nobody dragged me here.


Ryan, I can disrupt for a



What you have learned in
playing this game?

I learned a lot about myself.

I got rejuvenated when my dad
came out here on day 31.

That was the best day of my life

This game say confluence of
constant emotions overlapping

each other.

It's may me realize about myself
they value the simplicities of

life, having people close to
you, having a family.

You all know I'm a huge fan of
"survivor" and it's been a dream

to play the game but I never
looked at myself intro

spectively as this game has
compelled me to do.

Jeff: Ben.

Mine is going to be short and

Every single one of I had a hand
in putting there because you

guys were hurdles.

You guys were a hurdle to a
million dollars pup were a

threat to me providing for my
family, and I respect you guys

as threats.

But I had to put you in those

Ben, win or lose tonight, you
have played one of the best

games in "survivor" history.

And you will be a legend in this

But I would like to you give us
not why you voted us out, but

why you should be the winner

I have to pigg piggyback off

For someone who had his back
against the wall for so long.

It's almost like you're giving

I know you're a fighter and I
know you have it in you, and I

need more.

Yes, sir, the reason I should
be the sole survivor this year

because after being deemed a
king and deemed a dictator by

her, I never quit looking and I
never quit battling against all

of you all.

I was not put here.

I got myself here.

And i... I told everyone I was
out here for my family, and I am

out here for my family.

And I talked about stuff that
happened in the military.

I came back with p.T.S.D.

A lot of combat vets do, and me
being out here now is a message

to all those men and women who
are struggling that you don't

have to feel alone.

You don't have to feel that
nobody understands.

It's powerful.

So if I can be labeled a hero
for showing all those vets that

it can be done and there is
happiness, you're going to have

to work hard for it.

But, you know, it can be done.


Jeff: Chrissy.

Okay, I came into this game
totally underestimating myself.

And throughout the game, I
realized there are times I need

to just say, "I'm awesome at

And in this case, I'm saying, I
kicked ass challenges.

I kicked ass strategically.

I think I truth made connections
with each of you.

I got to the end playing a good,
clean, solid game without

leaving a trail of destruction.

I did an awesome job.

But I want to say all moms are
heroes because they put other

people before themselves.

They don't even stop and think.

They put themselveses on the
line every day.

Yes, not like a firefighter or a

But it is with great love and no
thought that they get in there

and do whatever they have to do
for their kids.

And so, moms are not only

But we are also healers, and we
are also hustlers.

So in a way, my game and who I
am is all parts of that.

And let's not forget the fact
that I've been applying for 16


The whole thing sunever give up
on your dreams.

You be can be a 47-year-old mom
and freaking do this.

Whoever wins this season is the
representative of all of us.

And I think if you vote me as
the winner, you all can feel

proud of me as the winner of
your season and something we can

all really celebrate.

Jeff: All right, very
healthy, candid, challenging

final tribal.

Jury, I'm going to give you a
moment to take in everything

that's been said, and then we
will vote.

Jeff: Okay, so 39 days of
"survivor" comes down to this

one final vote.

Jury, you are voting for either
Chrissy, Ben, or Ryan, whoever

you think played the best game
and want to reward with the

title of "sole survivor" and a
million dollars.

For the last time, it is time to

Desi, you're up.

I hope you make something
better for a lot of veterans and

make me proud.

Coming into the final tribal,
I didn't think there was any way

you were going to pull it off,
but I'm always rooting for the

underdog, and I hope you win

Good luck.

Although I have many reasons
not to vote for each of these

individuals, I believe this one
has proven to be the ultimate

survivor that I'm okay
representing our season.

Jeff: For the last time,
I'll go get the votes.

Thank you all for another great
season of "survivor."

And I will see you back in the
states for the reading of the


( Cheers and applause )
Jeff: Don't leave me


Look at you!

Look at you!

Oh, my god!

All the love!


Jeff: All right!

Thank you, guys.

What a fun night.

The energy here has been

It's all because of you guys.

Thank you, really, for another
great season of "survivor."

( Applause )
Starterred out a little cagey,

you have to admit, a slow burn.

And wasn't sure what would
happen, and the game play kicked


The greatest parent of the game
for me is when social politics

comes full circle and the people
that are voted out now are in


And the question becomes, "did
you guys do the job you have to

do," which is put the right
people on the jury.

Let's talk about your games.


Super fan.

Played with such heart that we
literally saw your heart beating

through your tiny little chest.

( Applause )
During the loved one visit, your

dad came out, you were really
open about your bond and that

"survivor" was a shared
experience between you two.

Ben, your back has been up
against the wall for a long


A lot of tribals, you never
stopped fighting.

You were very clear about the
reason you were out there.

We met your wife.

You credit her with saving your
life, literally, and you are are

playing for your kids.

And you were also very open and
vulnerable about the fact that

you wanted other vets who were
suffering from p.T.S.D. To see

that there is life after combat.

Yes, sir, yes, sir.

Jeff: Chrissy, completely
different story.

A work mom.

47 years old.

Applied for 16 years to get out

You dominated, set records in
this game.

When we saw your husband... your
husband came out at the loved

one, and we saw a completely
different side of you.

You said he's the greatest man
you've ever known.

And you said, "it reminds me
when I get back home I want to

put focus back on the family."

Three completely different
reasons for playing, but all of

them got you here.

And when you think about
survivor and you dream of

playing, this is it.

The essence is could I actually
last 39 days?

Could I get to the final three
and get a chance to plead my

case they deserve it?

Amazing accomplishment.

Nobody can take that away from

But there can only be one

It's why it's such a great game.

These are the votes for the
winner of our 35th season of


( Cheers and applause )
First vote.


( Cheers and applause )

( Cheers and applause )
One vote Ben, one vote Ryan.


( Cheers and applause )
One vote Ben, one vote Ryan, one

vote Chrissy.


( Cheers and applause )
Two votes Chrissy, one vote Ben,

one vote Ryan.


( Cheers and applause )
We are tied again.

Two votes Chrissy, two votes
Ben, one vote Ryan.


( Cheers and applause )
That's three votes Ben, two

votes Chrissy, one vote Ryan.

One vote left.

The winner of "survivor," Ben!

( Cheers and applause )
Jeff: Well, it was a

culmination of 39 days right
there, one of the most intense

and drank experiences.

Ben was on a mission, and while
others slept, he was out there

making things happen, looking
for idols.

He's the only one who could keep
a secret.

Let me get him.



Come over here!

Get over here!

Congratulations, man.

Thank you.

Jeff: First of all, that's
a million dollars in there.

Yes, sir.

Jeff: It's got a lot of
personal information on there.

That is your check.

The real deal.

Oh, wow, wow, wow!

Jeff: Let's get the family

Ben's family, come on.

Get the folks up here, everybody
up here.

Take it in.

Gave him a big hug.

Look at that.

39 days for this.

It takes a lot to win this show.

All right, so, Ben, Ben, come in

Kelley, get in here.

So, you know, your husband left,
your son left for six weeks.

It's a long time.

You have to manage the fort at

He's out here doing his thing.

All the players who have ever
played know how tough it is.

But when you watch this show
over this long, you really can


So just to remind you, here's a
recap of all the moves it took

Ben to win this game, and there
were a lot.

Jeff: Previously on

On day one, Ben began the game
on the hero tribe but losing the

first immunity challenge...
hustlers win immunity!

...forced Ben to form an early

He chose Allen.

I'm not crazy.

I'm confidence.

Jeff: But his paranoia
caused Ben to form a new

alliance with Chrissy, who
became a strong ally and worthy


Chris sesmart, and that's
going to help me get further in

the game.

On day nine... we are switching

...a surprise switch left Ben
the lone hero on a new tribe.

I have to earn respect and
gain trust to keep my butt in

the game.

Jeff: Ben had to rely on
his social game to persuade

Lauren, a hustler, and Ryan, a
healer to form a new alliance.

I think Lauren and doc have
the same agenda I do.

At the merge, Ben reuniteunited
Chrissy and together together

they formed a majority alliance
of heroes and hustlers, and took

control of the game.

Moving forward, it's going to
be blindsides and lies.

Jeff: Their alliance
controlled the vote for several

tribal councils.

Jessica, bring me your torch.



Good luck, guys.

Good game, bud.

Jeff: But nothing lasts
forever on "survivor."

I mean, there's one person
running the game now, and that's


Jeff: Joe recognized Ben
was becoming a real threat to

win the game so he painted a
target on Ben's back.

They're going on aim for you
right off the bat.

Ben seven, Lauren six.

Jeff: This forced Ben to
form a suballiance.

Ben went under cover.

Obviously, Ben is with us.

Who do you guys want to vote

I'm doing my best double-agent

Jeff: And his new alliance
blindsided... tenth person voted

out jp.

Jeff: ...His former

The whole thing was a sham.

Jeff: The game changed
again when Ben senses his new

alliance was coming for him.

Ben has to go.


Jeff: And now Ben was on
his own.

My wife led me to this one,
so I'm going to go ahead and

play this one.

Jeff: This is a hidden
immunity idol.

Good game, Lauren.

Jeff: With only five days
left, everybody wanted Ben out.

The longer that guy is in the
game, the longer he could find

an idol.

Jeff: But it wouldn't be

No way!

Jeff: Ben was relentless.

Should we just church this up
and gets to the point because

I'm not going home tonight.

Ben is like the bad guy in
any horror movie... he keeps

coming back to life.

Jeff: And while everyone
else slept, Ben was fighting for

his life and found a third idol.

Oh, my god!

You think I'm going home?

Watch this!

( Whistles )
( Explosion )


Jeff: With no more idols in
the the game... something is not


Ben lost the final immunity
challenge to his former ally,


A million dollars was at

I just let it slip away.

Jeff: But a new twist in
the game gave Ben one last shot

to make it to the final three.

Jeff: Ben wins!

Ben seized the moment.

And on day 39, faced his final
obstacle... the jury.

I never quit looking, and I
never quit battling against all

of you all.

I was not put here.

I got myself here.

Make something better for a
lot of veterans.

( Applause ).

Jeff: There gu!

That is what it takes.

Watching that back, do you
remember how arduous the journey


Oh, it was... it was so hard.

Having, you know, my back up
against the wall.

I had to fight every single day,
every morning, every night.

Jeff: You know, talk about

Because one of the things people
ask me a lot is finding idols.

How do you keep finding idols?

Will you put in perspective you
were looking and looking and


You have to go out and find
the idol.

If you're not look for it, you
won't find it.

Every morning I went out and
looked for the idol, and I never

gave up.

I never quit, and I was... the
early bird gets the worm, I


Jeff: Well,
congratulations, well earned.


Jeff: Really great having
you on the show.

That is what it takes.

It was a crazy season because on
one hand, you had Chrissy, who

was a dominant force.

And then on the other hand, you
had players like Lauren, who

gave away her idol and then got
vote out that night.

And that mistake, by the way, is
a nod toward what we're doing

next season, and I'm so excited
with what we're doing next

season, I can't wait... I want to
give you a little taste, just a

few seconds, whet your appetite.

Jeff: Oh, it's going to be

We're going to clear the stage,
we'll get some chairs and we'll

get to gettin'.

Thed is vie live finale from