Survivor (2000–…): Season 35, Episode 13 - Million Dollar Night - full transcript

After spending more than five weeks trying to outwit, outplay and outlast each other, the final five castaways go all out for their chance to leave the competition with the one million (US) dollar prize. A new twist is revealed at the final immunity challenge.

JEFF: Previously on
"survivor," Ben's alliance was

turning against him.

Ben's got to go.

I heard my name, so I got to
do whatever I have to do to keep

myself in this game.

JEFF: At tribal council,
Ben made his target clear.

You know what I'm doing

I'm writing her name down.

I'll say it.

JEFF: Causing complete


In the end everyone voted for
Ben, but it didn't matter.

I'm going to play this for

This is a hidden immunity idol.

JEFF: Ben sent Lauren to
the jury.

Lauren, the tribe has spoken.

Six are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

Who will be voted out tonight?


What a crazy freaking tribal


That may have been better
than my idol play.

I am so excited.

I can't believe that just

The only way I felt I could stay
in the game is to turn everyone

on me and paint a target on
myself and then use the ID.L.

And gets Lauren out.

That's how you play an idol.

No hard feelings, y'all.

No hard feelings.

Seeing six votes for yourself,
and you pulling off the only

vote, getting to choose solely
on who gets to go home, I mean,

that's a good feeling.

Does anyone need water.

No thanks.


I'm going to go water.

All right.

Well, we all know who has to go

Oh, my gosh.

Can we just decide have that

Did you know he had that?


Nobody knew it?

Nobody knew.

We all wrote his name down.

Why would we write his name

So listen, can we all decide,
he's going home next, no matter


He's amazing.

How do we not?

He's really amazing.

Coming back the camp after
tribal, I felt like, if there

are "survivor" gods, that was a
move by the "survivor" devil.

That was messed up.

I didn't want to see Lauren go
home at all.

I had no clue he had an idol.

I had no clue.

I was floored.

The guy's amazing.

Which is why he has to go

Can we all agree?

No argument here.

Here's the thing.

One of us must win...

Because if any of us goes
against him...

No, it's done.

One of us must win immunity.

Ben is still everyone's
number-one target, but this game

is never as simple as you want
it to be.

As soon as I think, oh, I have
this perfect plan, it's going to

be so easy, that's when things
just turn upside down and

everything goes the opposite way
and you have to devise this

whole new plan and start over.

We're going to get him.

Voted out the wrong person,

What do you mean in
you should have voted me out.

Because I ain't going to let
you win immunity.

I'm telling you right now.

All right.

I got Devon who is calling me
out, and everybody is painting

me the bad guy, and, you know, I
have no alliance anymore.

Final six.

Final six, guys.


So I got a long, hard road
ahead of me now.

So I got a long, hard road
ahead of me now.

So I got a long, hard road
ahead of me now.

So I got a long, hard road
ahead of me now.

So I got a long, hard road
ahead of me now.

Traditionally in "survivor,"
once an idol is played, it gets

introduced back into the game,
so I get up this morning, and

the fire is not going, and so I
make a fire and kind of look

around, and everybody is still

There's not much wood, so I'm
going to start looking for an

idol while I gather wood, you

Idols are not easy the find at

These forests and these jungles
and these islands are huge, but

the last time I found one there
was a rock that said dig on it.

So I'm looking for something
like that.

I'm looking in trees, looking at

I'm looking on the ground.

I'm looking everywhere.

So when I woke up this
morning, Ben is gone.

An I'm a little nervous because
Ben is obviously looking for an


But everyone now wants Ben out
of the game.

So to keep me safe for one more
tribal, I am banking on the fact

that Ben will not find an idol

I think he's already off looking
for an idol.

He's been gone about, I don't
know, 45 minutes.


My any time is dwindling

And I know that.

And I accept that fate.

So I need the find an idol or
win immunity to keep me in the

game, because I ain't going to
quit until I'm out.

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We go further, so you can.



JEFF: Come on in, guys.

Shall we get to today's reward


JEFF: For today's
challenge, you're going to be

divided into pairs.

Each pair will be attached to a
rope that is woven through a

series of obstacles.

On my go, you'll race through
the obstacles to the finish,

where you will attempt to land
five rings on a target.

First pair to finish wins

Want to know what you're playing


JEFF: The winning pair will
be taken by chopper to a private

resort on a private island where
you'll enjoy lamb, chicken,

lobster, cocktails, chocolate


JEFF: And then you will
spend the night and sleep in a



Oh, my god.

JEFF: We'll do a random
draw for pairs and we'll get



JEFF: Get it on.

All right
we randomly divided into three


It is Ben with Ashley, Chrissy
with Devon, and Ryan and Mike.

Here we go for a nice reward.

Survivors ready?


First you're going to launch
your body over and under wood

while tethered to a rope.

Ashley is over first.

There goes Mike.

We're tied up.

We're tied up.

JEFF: Mike and Ryan trying
to coordinate that rope


Here comes Chrissy.

Chrissy already hung up in the

Devon having to help her.

Ashley with a big lead.

There goes Ben.

People throwing themselves over.

We are pretty even right now.

Ashley and Ben with a bit of a

Chrissy and Devon right on their

Mike, Mike, hold on!


You have to come back.


Because it's too tight.

JEFF: Ryan and Mike now
with a problem.

Ashley with a nice move.

It is Ashley first out.

Ben right behind.

Ashley and Ben have the early

Moving on to the second phase,
you got to follow that rope

wherever it goes, you go.

Go under, under, under.

JEFF: Ashley is working
through the obstacle quickry.

No problem.

Here comes Chrissy and Devon now
right behind.

I can't move.

No Mike and Ryan stuck trying to
figure out what's wrong.

You got to go over again.

DREW: They are falling out of
this reward challenge early.

It is now Chrissy and Devon on
this second stage.

34 days in, everybody running
out of energy.

Ashley is through the second

Ben is through the second stage.

They're moving on to the third
stage now.



JEFF: It is Chrissy and
Devon trying to catch Ben and


Mike and Ryan finally through
that first section.

Chrissy and Devon now in the
third section.

Mike and Ryan have got to pick
up the pace.

You're still in it, guys.

Lamb, chicken, lobster, sleep in
a bed, private island.

This could be a big boost for
that next immunity challenge.

Come on, Ryan.

We're good.

JEFF: Mike and Ryan quickly
through that second section.

Chris yes and Devon making up
some time now.

Keep going.

JEFF: Once you figure out
how to work that rope, you can

get a rhythm going.

Keep going.

No Ben and Ashley all tangled

Don't get tangled.

Perfect, perfect.

JEFF: Mike and Ryan now
picking up some time.

They're back in this.

We are dead even now between Ben
and Ashley, Chrissy and Devon.

Right behind you.

JEFF: It is Chrissy
finishing first.

But she can't do anything until
Devon gets there.

Come on, Devon.

DREW: Ashley and Ben are

You guys are good on clips.

Ben and Ashley moving on to the
final stage.

Start untying.

You got it noosm Devon is

You're good.


Mike and Ryan right on their

Ben has his rings free.

Ben going to toss.

Just misses.

Five rings now, Ben and Ashley
looking to hook them.

Devon now has his rings free.

He tosses and just misses.

Let's go!

JEFF: Unclip.

Mike, you're good.

Ryan you're good.

Devon, two hands and scores.

Def within first ring.

Ben misses.

We're right in this.

JEFF: It comes down to a
backyard game of ring toss for a

huge reward 34 days into

Go ahead.

JEFF: Mike scores his first

It would be a huge comeback for
Mike and Ryan.

Devon has the second for yellow.

Blue with one.

Red looking to get on the board
and they do with that shot.

Red now has one.

Ben with a second.

Ben scores the third for red.

Ben is on a roll.

Red now in the lead with three.

Devon scores a third for yellow.

We are tied three for red, three
for yellow.

Ryan's going to give it a shot.

Blue scores again.

Blue now at two for Ryan and

Devon and Chrissy with three.

Make it four for yellow.

Def within the last ring could
win it.


Come on, Ben.

You got this.

JEFF: Ben trying the keep
them in it.


Won't fall.

Devon for the win... and he does

Devon and Chrissy win reward.

Chopper ride the a private
resorten a private island.

Nice feast and a good night's

Good job, guys.

Good job, guys.

JEFF: Devon and Chrissy,
come on over.

Good job to, guys.

Good job, y'all.

JEFF: Here's the deal.

Chopper will pick you up, take
you the a beautiful private

resorten a private island, and
the make it interesting, because

it's "survivor," there are four
people left, choose one and only

one person to join you.

Can we discuss this?

I think that Ryan would be
the best choice?

No all right.

You conferred.

You made your decision.

Who will join you on the reward?

It's going to be Ryan.

JEFF: Ryan, come on over.

Thank you guys so much.

You're welcome.

Thank you.

JEFF: Ashley, you are
looking like, wow, this is a

shocking decision.

Shocking for one of them, not
so shocking for the other, so

it's interesting who makes the

I don't know.

I guess you always hold on to
that hope that maybe alliances

will pull through, but there is
always other reasons for

people's decisions.

JEFF: Devon, Chrissy, Ryan,
nice award awaits you.

Could be a huge advantage
heading into that next immunity


Grab you stuff, head back to
camp, enjoy.

Chopper will pick you up.

JEFF: Ashley, you are still in
I wanted to go on this reward

to look for a clue to a hidden
immunity idol, but Ashley is all

hangry, which is perfect for me.

That's going to be the only way
I start stirring stuff up.

Oh, no.

What did you say?

That's a tough one to lose.



I mean, why don't we all just
vent for five minutes.

I was so pissed losing this

I don't know why Devon and
Chrissy didn't take me over


You would think that because I'm
in the middle I would be needed,

unless Devon is trying to flip
Ryan back to him, it's very fair

to think Devon could be the
decideing factor.

Ryan is the least deserving.

That's youngest person, he has
the most energy.

He's 22 years old.

I've been on the team with the
kid twice now.

The kid can't even keep a rope
and a knot straight.

Like so frustrated.


These two are walking around
like a bunch of crying babies.

They're hungry and tired and am
I going the try the use that to

my advantage?

Well, yeah, I mean, that's the
only thing I got at this point.

So where are your minds at

Who would go next?

Besides you?


Are you gunning for me, doc?

Am I next out regardless?

Honestly, I think you're one
of the biggest threats in your


All you do is throw me under
the bus all day every day.

Isn't that what you would

No, no.

I would think it's safe to
say everyone wants you out

before the three.

Well, if you can use my vote
for something, let me know

because I don't want to go next.

Mike wants me gone.

He's going to be my next target.

I'm hoping I'm going to be able
to work with ash, but I got a

lot of work to do to keep my
butt in this game.

I don't trust doc at all.

He's playing with you and Devon
right now.

I know.

I know right where doc is at.

But I also know right where
you're at.

Where am I at?

You feel like you're at the
bottom, and you're trying the

play who you.

well, they're gunning for you

and Devon
who is?

Chrissy and Ryan.

They're gunning for me and
Devon according to you.

At this point Ben is saying that
Devon and I don't have an upper

hand anymore, and I think that's
true to a very large extent, but

coming from Ben, I have to think
about it like he's probably just

saying that to just to save

Oh, Ashley.

You just make me laugh.

Why's that?

Because you basically told me
there is nothing I can do to

talk to you then.


I don't get far with Ashley
trying the patch everything over

with her is like talking to a
brick wall.

So I'm going to keep looking and
trying to find this dang idol.

I'm going to go get water.

Well, I know Ben is going to
be looking for the hidden

immunity idol, but I searched
the beach.

I've searched the woods.

I've searched the path.

And I can't find the idol

So I'm not worried about Ben
searching for the idol.

There is no reason to keep
following him around.

Ben is not going the find
another idol twice in a row as

long as he doesn't win immunity,
which he's never done.

I feel pretty confident Ben's
going home.


Oh, my gosh.

Look at that.


Look at the view.

Oh, wow.

Is that a mudslide?

That is mousse.

That's chocolate mousse.

There's fruit, there's bread.

There's everything.

I could not be happier.

I didn't think that it could get
any better after I saw my dad.

I love my dad, but coming to
this private island, all you can

eat, all you can drink, and I
didn't even win.

They took me.

It's without question one of the
best moments of my entire life.

So, guys...



You guys down?

I think Ben, number-one target.

We have the get Ben out next.

- Longer that guy is in the game,
the longer he could find an


And then Mike, I don't know who
he is playing.

He could be playing me or he
could be playing you.

I think we're underestimating

He's dangerous.

And he's pissed nobody off.

I think the three of us,
because we play such different

games, I would be willing to go
to the final three with you.


In the become of my head, I was
thinking about working with you

and Ryan.

Chrissy brought up the idea
of us three starting an alliance

and going to the final three

Ryan was my closest ally, and
then he was my number-one enemy,

but regardless of how unaligned
we've been over the past few

votes, I feel like this is the
perfect time to make a move, so

I'm going with who I think I
have the best shot of going to

the final three with and who I
think I can beat in the end.

I would love to work with
you, and I would love to go to

the end with Ryan after
everything that's happened,


It would be cool.

Because we did tart this game
together on day one.

The relationship that Devon
and I had was up and down, but

in the grand scheme of things,
I'm closest with Devon and

Chrissy, and I would love to go
to the final three with Beth

those people.

I think this is the perfect
three, and I really do believe

that everything happens for a

I just want the make it to the
final three, and may the best

player at that point win.

Although I don't know him
well, having Devon on the final

three with me allows me the
break up the Ashley-Devon


Oh, my gosh, you guy, it's so


Ashley was calling me out in
front of our tribe, so if Ashley

wants me out, then I want her

Final three.

Final three.

Final three.


On the other hand, Ben is a
big threat, but he's not

attached to anyone, whereas
Ashley right now has better


So for my game, what may make
more sense to vote off Ashley

first and then Ben next.

Right now I don't know which way
is best to go.

JEFF: Come on in, guys.

All right.

Let's get to today's immunity

First things first, Ashley, you
know the drill.

You can take it from me.

JEFF: I can take it from

You can win it back.

That's right.

JEFF: Once again immonti is
back up for grabs.

For today's challenge you're
going the race through a series

of obstacles to a sack of

You'lls to as bag into a basket,
releasing a set of ladder rungs.

You'll climb up, use the ball to
release another set of ladder


When you get to the top, you'll
solve a cog puzzle.

First person to spin their cog
puzzle raising their flag wins

immunity guaranteed a one in
five shot at getting to the end.

Losers, somebody will be voted
out tonight and become the sixth

member of our jury.

Big stakes on day 36.

We'll draw for spots.

We'll get started.

All right.

Here we go.

For immunity and a guaranteed
spot in the final five,

"survivor"... survivors ready?


You got to get up that ladder

Then it's down the net.

Ben is over.


Big fall by Devon.

Ben head-first through.

Devon head-first.

Everybody playing "survivor" on
day 36.

Everybody wants this.

Now you're untying knots looking
for the sandbags.

Whip through those knots.

It is Chrissy bringing up the
rear, but she's still in it.

Once you have your sangtd bags
out, start throwing them.

You just need one bag in that

Devon tossingen Ben tossing.

Mike tosses.

There it is.

Ashley off the an early lead

Hit that ladder.

Everybody hit their baskets at

That is how you do it right now.

Devon hits his.

You're up.

Let's go.

Next phase now is the monkey

You are trying to release
another set of ladder rungs.

You're good, Ben.

It is mao Ben in the lead.

Chrissy has hers.

She's coming up.

Mike has his.

There comes Ryan.

There's Ashley.

Now you can start working on
your puzzles.

It is now Devon once again in
dead last in this challenge.

Devon is now up.

Everybody now working on their
cog puzzle.

This could be a million dollar
challenge for one of you.

Nobody knows they're safe.

The only way to be certain is to
win immunity right here.

Everybody covered in sawdust,
trying to put together a very

complicated cog puzzle.

There are more spokes than you
need to use, but you need to use

every cog.

When you're finished, it will
turn and release your flag.

That flag goes up, you win

Ryan going the take pieces off
and try something new.

So many combinations.

You don't know if it's right
until you try to give it a spin.

And then you'll find out.

Ben moving pieces around.

Chrissy moving pieces around.

It was not that listening ago
Chrissy was up here on this same

platform in our first challenge
throwing up.

Here we are 36 days later, she's
still in the game with a shot at

winning it.

Devon eyeballing.

What do I need to do.

Ashley moving very slowly with
each piece.

Mike taking his time, sitting
down, no rush at all.

Chrissy moving slowly and

One piece at a time.

Really watching to see all the
pieces working together.

Ben getting excited like he
might have something.

Chrissy now picking up the pace.

Ashley picking up the pace.

Ben now picking up the pace.

This is it.

This is where it is won or lost
right here.

36 days gets you to this spot.

And now you have another
do-or-die to guarantee that you

get to day 37.

You never give up on "survivor."

Chrissy thinks she has it.

And she does.

Chrissy wins individual immunity
guaranteed a spot in the final


Nice job, Chrissy.

Way to go.

Thank you.

JEFF: Chrissy, come on

Rights here.

For the second time, individual
immunity is yours.

Safe tonight at tribal council.

Can not be voted out of this

As for the rest of you, it is so
hard to get to day 36.

The end is so close, and yet for
one of you, you will not see it.

Tribal council tonight.

Somebody will become the sixth
member of our jury and it won't

be you.


Grab you stuff, head back to

See you tonight at tribal.

My whole plan was the try to
win immunity is going into

tribal council either Ashley or
Ben was available to be voted


So I have to decide which one I
want to vote out first.

This is my time to be many
control of the game.

You killed that, Chrissy.

Chrissy, the puzzle master.

Way to go.

Who knew you were good at

How exciting is that?

Damn, friggin puzzles.

That was super fun.

That was my favorite
challenge so far.

Mine, too.


This one hurts.

This one hurts big time.

I needed that one, because
considering how last tribal

went, I'm 100% sure everyone is
targeting me tonight?

Does anybody need water?

But being marine, you never
give up.

I'm going to go look around this
darn island for another idol.

Those people are crazy for not
following me.

If we could just go to tribal
right now that would be great.

Because we already know
what's up.

We all just vote Ben
and move on.

Is everyone on board with




Who is Ben voting for?

I don't know.

Tonight it would be nice to f
we could get in, everyone vote

for Ben and get out.

Because last tribal it was
pretty shocking to see him whip

out that idol.

I don't think Ben has an idol,
but he's the most likely person

to find one.

I don't think he has an idol
you never know.

It's scary if it did, it
would take one vote.

If he pulls an idol, he's a
freakin' man.

Should we take the chance and
split it between Mike and Ben?

They don't expect that?

Let's this that.

Yeah, yeah.

Ashley's plan is to split the
votes for Ben and Mike, see if

minute plays the idol, and if no
one plays the idol, then vote

out Ben.

But I would actually like to vet
Ashley out first, because she is

the one that I trust the least,
and I know she's gunning for me

to be out.

So I've got to get rid of her.

I feel the same way about
Ashley as I feel about Ben,

which is like get her the hell
out of this freaking game.

This is what I would like to do.

I want to send home Ashley.

I want to convince Ben that he's
going home and have him gone.

Everyone wants him out there.

Are two more tribals before
final three.

He's not going to win both.

I feel like we have an
opportunity to get him out, get

him out.

There is a frosty that I
keep... that transcends this


And that just makes me nervous.

If I had my druthers, it would
go Ben, Ashley out.

That's what I would say, too.


I just don't know what I'm going
to do, but I seriously may make

a late game-changing decision
based on my gut at tribal.

I really like Ashley, and now
Chrissy starts pitching this

idea of getting rid of Ashley
before Ben, which is just crazy

to me, because Ben is dangerous.

He has made big moves, and if
Ben is in the final three, none

of us stand a chance.

Looking around, and I peeng
around a tree, and I see a

purple box with a black arrow
pointed down.

No way!

No way!

Oh, my gosh.

There is nothing more
valuable than being safe at

tribal council.

The immunity idol is tied to the

You have to be clever.

No way!

No way!

I found it.

I found the dang clue.

Oh, my gosh.

I got the map to the idol.

On it is a picture of our bed.

And it has an x on the bed, so
I'm pretty nervous, because it's

in plain sight of everybody.

Thank you.

Thank you, thank you.

I'm hoping that nobody back at


I get back the camp, and
Ryan, Devon, and Mike are at the


I don't know how I'm going to
pull this off.

Cranberry bagel.

I've had the cinnamon swirl.

It's not that good.

A jersey big ale is so much

Toasted with cream cheese,
it's good.

It's small, too.

No, it's not.

Yes, it is.

If I start digging around the
base of the bed and pull out a

purple thing, everyone is going
to know what that is.

I don't know how much time we
have left.

I don't know, but I'm hungry.

I don't know how much time we

Time is running out.

I can't see nothing.

Everybody in this camp wants me
gone, but if I can find the

idol, I can blow up this whole
game, so I'm not going anywhere

until I get that idol.

JEFF: We'll now bring in
the members of our jury.

Desi, Cole, j.P., Joe, and
Lauren voted out at the last

tribal council.

So, Ben, last tribal council you
played an idol, survived the


Was there any impact back at
camp after the tribal?

I don't think it's changed
for anyone here.

I think I'm still the number-one

These two are a nice tight-niche

These two are a nice tight

Mike is the swing in between
that, so it's tricky as heck for


I'm trying the stay in this dang

First thing you said is these
two pointing to Ashley and Devon

are a tight couple.

Yet, Ashley, you weren't chosen
for the reward an you were

clearly upset.

Yeah, me and Dev, we have a

I thought maybe he would pick
me, but it wasn't just Devon's


It was also Chrissy's choice,
and I got the strategy behind

her game play.

I thought her comment, "well,
we know who makes the decisions,

was poor sportsmanship.

I did not mean it like that.

It's a group decision.

If it's just Devon, we're buddy,
Devon would pick me.

JEFF: Mike, how important
is it to see the big picture, to

say I cannot look at tonight's

I have to look at the end and
start working backward.


Ben is clearly the biggest
threat in this game.

That doesn't mean he's the only

When you start looking at it
from an individual game, it's

not just about getting to the
final three, it's about getting

to the final three with people
you can trust, and at the end of

the day, people you can beat.

And however many offers you
have to the final three, you

need the start checking, do I
want to be in the car with this

person or this person?

Do they want to be with me is
the more important question?

It's the most powerful offer the
final three, but it has the most

lucrative contract negotiations
in that this may not even have


What's funny about the offer
is that basically it's telling

you, you think you can beat me,
so you want to go with me.


JEFF: Devon, do you have a
final three?

Yes, I do.

Chrissy, do you?


JEFF: Mike?


JEFF: Ashley?


JEFF: Ryan, you have a
final three?

Is the pope catholic?


So five of you have final

Yeah, the math makes sense.

JEFF: Ben, do you have a
final three... any of them.

You know, I'm the lone wolf, and
I'm open for business.

I'll take two of any of you with

JEFF: Mike, at what point
does Ben's offer actually become

valuable, because after tonight,
there's only five people left.

The problem is Ben has told
so many things that are not true

to so many people at this point.

And I really believe that
"survivor" is not just about

blind sides and lying the people
and tricking people, it's played

between those blindsides.

You can build trust with people,
and you can play a good game.

But at the same time, Ben is
very smart, and Ben is very


I could see him getting his way


Ben is a player.

JEFF: Ashley, you reacted
when Mike said that.

Yeah, I mean, if somebody
switches tonight on what I think

is going to happen tonight, then
that's just another blind side

for me that I wasn't part of, so
that leaves me to question, oh,

is there plan that I don't know

JEFF: Ben, that's what
you're hoping for, is that

people start to question and
doubt the people they're left



But it's hard playing the game
with people who aren't willing

to make big moves and move
forward in the game.

And we're at a point in the game
where resumes are going to start

getting looked at.

Coasting along might get you to
the end, but it's not going to

get you the $1 million.

These guys need the start making
some power moves.

A power move being a mind
side, being able to...

Hasn't every vote been a
blind side

and what did you help with

Why would I tell you
everything about my game?

Eventually you'll have to
tell me.

If you want to know my
resume, I can tell you when

you're over, there but until
then you should be happy to be


Well, thank you, Devon, for
keeping me in this game.

Jeff, I don't necessarily
think we need to wear our games

on our sleeve either.

Especially with someone
you're not aloned with and you

don't trust.

JEFF: So when you hear
Ben's comment, does it rattle

you a little?

No, not at all.

I don't think Ben knows what
he's talking about.

And I truly think Ben's going
home tonight.

Hey, Jeff, should we just
church this up and get to the


We'll just get to the point

Because I'm not going home

Secret, secret, secret.

I think that's more extreme than

it needs to be.

To make like it's this mass
explosion at tribal is


I don't think that Ben just
necessarily blew up the


I think it's just a little

That's all.

Oh, lordy.

JEFF: Wow, Ryan?

The Ben bomb is dropped
again, right?

The biggest twist in the game,
an unknown idol just came back

into the game from a guy who is
potentially getting votes.

But everyone remember that
just because it's around his

neck right now doesn't mean he's
going to play it.

Ashley, do you think there is
any chance that Ben might not

play it?

If I were Ben, I would play

You know, just because it's...

Sorry, I'm a little lost for
words right now.

You want to go back to camp
with me.

Do you have a suggestion?


What you got?

You want to go back to camp
with me?


Bell, I'm feeling like you might
in the play that.

I'm in the final five.


There we go.

Good work.

JEFF: This is a hidden
immunity idol.

He's playing it early as a sign
of power, maybe faith.

I'm in the sure.

How does this change things.

We know if you cast a vote for
Ben, it won't count.

It's a lot of confusion
because everybody had set plan,

but somebody's plan is going to
be changed tonight, it's just a

matter of whose plan is going to
be changed.

JEFF: Mike, how unsettling
is this, because there is

nowhere to hide.

Ben has fast forwarded past
the vote, and all of this stuff

is coming like 1,000 miles a

But this is a game of
"survivor," and even sometimes

your most trusted allys have to
go home.

No Ben, why are you? Ielg?

This is awesome, Jeff.

I've just turned five against
themselves and got me one more

day in this game.

So mission accomplished.

Ryan, you're up.

Ryan, you're up.

I'll go tally the votes.

Ben has played his idol.

If anybody else has a hidden
immunity idol and you want to

play it, now would be the time
to do so.


I'll read the votes.

First vote, Mike.



Two votes Ashley, one vote Mike.

Ash limp that's three votes
Ashley, one vote Mike.

I can't believe this.

13th person voted out and
the sixth member of our jury,


You guys are crazy.

That's four, that's enough.

You need to bring me you torch.

I'll see ya.



JEFF: Ashley, the tribe has

Thanks, Jeff.

JEFF: Time for you to go.

Thank you.

Good luck, guys.

By, ash.

Bye, Ashley.

JEFF: Well,

You have made it to the final

And this season as much as any
other it is not been easy

getting to the final three will
be even tougher.

Grab your torches.

Head back to camp.

Good night.

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from our next episode.

JEFF: Next time on the
season finale of "survivor,"

only five are left.

This is where it gets tricky.

It's crazy it's coming down
to this.

No matter what you expect,
something else is going to


This game could blow up yet

JEFF: The final secret
advantage of the game.

Who will outlast all the rest
and claim the title of sole


Join us for the live finale and

36 out of 39 day, I couldn't
have gotten much closer than


Devon completely went against
the alliance we had.

I think there are hard feelings
still for the moment, but I did

a lot better than I ever would
have imagined.

This whole experience has given
me a brand-new outlook on life,

and I couldn't be more grateful
than that.