Survivor (2000–…): Season 36, Episode 12 - Always Be Moving - full transcript

After a tough immunity challenge, a castaway earns a 1 in 6 chance at the $1 million prize.

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Previously on
"Survivor," there was a surprise.


We are having two separate
Tribal councils.


My god.

And past mistakes
Came back to haunt again when.

Donathan played his idol.

I'm playing this for myself

But he didn't need.

To jenna, the tribe has spoken.

And kellyn played her extra vote
To take out laurel, but it was

Mike whole was sent to the jury.

Michael, the tribe has spoken.

Eight are left.

Who will be voted out tonight.

What happened?

What happened?

Well, the vote was confusing.

Six votes were played with a

Hearn tribal.

Who had an extra vote.

Not me.

Not me.

Not me.

Must be kellyn.


That would be me.

Did you put them both on me?

Because I don't know what

Well, I have to come clean,
So I had an extra vote, and.

Tonight I felt like there was
Going to be one vote for me, one.

Volt for laurel, the three boys
Were going to be safe, so I.

Played both of my votes on
Laurel, and I understand if she.

Is very, very hurt by that.

I was so close to going home
Tonight, and the fact that.

Kellyn threw not one but two
Votes at me shows me that.

Everyone is out for themselves
Right now.

I think I've got to.

Do the same.

Luckily wendell and dom stuck by
Me tonight.

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We go further, so you can.

Come on in, guys.

All right.

You guys ready to get to today's
Reward challenge?

Yes, sir.


For today's
Challenge, you're going to race.

To retrieve a sandbag, then move
Threw a series of obstacles to.

The finish where you will
Attempt to land that sandbag on.

A very small table.

First to finish wins reward.

Want to know what you're playing

Yes, we do.


The winner will be
Taken to a beautiful spot where.

You will enjoy ribs, chicken,


Pastries and ice
Cream for dessert.

Worth playing for?


You know, the only
Thing that would make it a.

Little sweeter is if you weren't
Just sharing it with the people.

You're playing against, but if
You could share this moment with.

The people you are playing for.

Talking love.

Wendell, what is the feeling?

Why does love become so
Important in this moment, in.

This game?

These are the people we've
Been thinking about and playing.

For, and I know... I know my pop
Is somewhere close, man.

Shall we just start
With you, wendell?

All right.

Let's bring out wendell's dad.

Wendell, come on out.

You can do it.

You know you can.

Thank you, dad.

Wendell, you're this
Big strong guy out here playing.

This difficult game, but when
You see your dad, you become the.


This guy is everything to me,

He's me, man.

This is the original wendell,

This is senior.

Like if you look at him, you see

Look, guys.

This is wendell senior.

This is the guy I've been
Talking about.

I told you guys, man.

This guy works so hard.

Everything I build and all that
Stuff around camp, it's because.

He taught me how to build
Growing up.

And this is my everything right

Wendell, sr., what is
That sense of pride?

He's basically calling you his
Hero in life.

He's our hero.

He has done much more in every
Way than we could have ever.


Very proud of him.

All right.

Wendell, give him last hug.

Love you.

I love you.

That's the guy.

That's my guy.

Kellyn, you ready for Some love?

Here's your older brother clay.

Come on out, clay.

You can do it.

You can do it.

We're on "Survivor."

A huge part of building our
Relationship as adults, we are.

Opposites in so many ways,
Except a couple things that we.

Get along work and "Survivor" is
One of them.

And watching the show every
Week, this has been the glue in.

Building our relationship back
Up for the last few years.

We're so thankful for the whole
"Survivor" family and what it.

Has done for our family.

All right.

Give him last hug.

It's so good to see you.

Donathan, let's get
Your aunt patty out here.

Come on, patty.


She looks so beautiful.

Donathan, this is the
Most vulnerable I've seen you,

And I've seen you vulnerable out

What it is about this?

What is happening right now for

This transcends everything
For me.

Right now, I mean, I've always
Loved to be on the show, but to.

Have this family connection
Right here is something I'll.

Never forget, and do you know
How my mom is?

Your mom and grandma are

They're fantastic.

Everything is good.

I promise.

Donathan, are you
Worried about your family back.



I know they always depended on
Me, aubry I took a risk coming.

Out here and leaving them by
Themselves, so to hear that,

This is a big lift off my

They're fantastic, and she
Sends so much love and she told.

Me to give you this.

Thank you.

All right, give him a Last love.

I love you, patty.

You got this.

Angela, you ready for Some love?

I am.

Let's bring your
Daughter paige out.

Come on, paige.

Come on, paige.

Paige, tell me about your

Our normal was being away
From each other.

She served 21 years in the

So we're such used to being away
From each other and dealing with.

It and being able to put up with
It and put our emotions aside.

And do what we can do for better
Outcomes and for our future to.

Be the best and brightest it can

Angela, your daughter
Said something really.


You served our military.

And as a result, you have
Sacrificed your own family.

When you hear your daughter say
That, what's the feeling?

Does that hurt, or is that part
Of the bond?

A little bit of both, because
While I'm very proud, I'm also.

Hurting because I'm leaving my
Family behind.

You sometimes feel that you have
Let them down.

But then when you see this
Amazing young adult that.

Everything has grown to be, my
Family is really the hero in all.

Of this for me, for my story.

Thanks, sis.

Give her last hug.

I love you.

I love you, babe.

Chelsea, you ready
For some love?

Here's your sister sidney.

Come on out.

I told your I'd get your ass
Out here.

I missed you so much.

Sidney, you haven't
Been out here, but you're seeing.

Your older sister, who is
Clearly vulnerable right now.

I'm so proud of her.

She's been so ambitious her
Whole life.

I try to be a rock for her and
Stand strong for her when she's.

In tough situations and give her

She's loved by everyone.

And everyone is doing good.


That may be the most supportive
Little sister I've ever seen on.

"Survivor," right?

I know, right.

All right.

Give her last hug.

Love you.

I love you, too.

Laurel, you ready for Some love.


Let's get your
Brother frank out here, big.


Laurel, is this the big brother.

Reception you'd expect?

He's my rock.

He's always strong and he's
Always tough.

It's been so hard not having him
Here, because you find people.

Out here you think you can
Trust, but there's no one here.

That you can trust 100%.

And having someone out here that
You know will look you in the.

Face and you know they're
Telling the truth, there'sing in.

Like it.

All right.

Give him a last hug.

All right.

Get it done.

You got it.

You got it.

Here you go.

Sebastian, you got a
Little sister, too.

Let's get grace out here.

I missed you so much.

You're so pretty.



Brothers, sisters,
Typically it's cats and dogs,

And yet when you get out here,
All this goes away.

What is the feeling of hugging
Your little sis.

She's not my little Sis.

She's my twin.

She's not really my twin, but
Look at her.

We're the same person.

She's my best friend.

She's the only one I love
Talking to every second of the.

Day, and if there's one person
In this entire planet I can.

Bring with me for the rest of my
Life, it would be grace.

She's my sweetheart.

Give him last hug.

One person left, domenick.

Your wife, the only person who
Is not blood.

You chose this woman to build
Family with.

Kristin, come on out.


I love you.

You know that.

Can I see your face, Please?

Domenick, tell me
About this relationship?

This woman has given up what
She gave up so I can come out.

Here and do this crazy-ass
Adventure, something I've been.

Fan of for so long.

I mean, who can ask for anything
More in a woman?

I mean, she's my life.

She's my rock.

I've been in such agony.

It's so agonizing I don't
Recognize myself.

What's the agony?

Like living without my
Husband and talking to him every.


I've never gone a day without
Talking to him in over 20 years.

Welk we're glad you
Came out here.


Thank you.

Give him a last hug.

All right.

Well, now we know the stakes.

We'll draw for spots.

We'll get started.

All right.

Here we go.

For reward in the form of love,
Survivors ready?


Wendell out quickly.

Sebastian right on his tale.

Wendell's good.

Sebastian's good.

Laurel's good.

Chelsea is good.

Kellyn is good.

Come on, donathan, you got This.

It's donathan and
Angela still back at the.


Domenick, you're good.

Everybody else working on their

You got to get all the knots

Donathan, a big fall.

You're good.

Laurel has her bag.

She's across.

Chelsea has hers.

She's across.

Come on!

Laurel and chelsea Now digging.

Sebastian is good.

Come on, sebastian.

Angela now going to Shimmy up.

Keep digging, angela.

Let's go, mom!

Let's go, kellyn, you Can do it.

Kellyn has her sandbag.

Wendell has his.

Go, mom, go!

Move, mom, move!

Angela is through.

It's angela, donathan and
Domenick working on their.


Everybody else is digging.

Keep going, keep going, keep

Anybody can win this challenge.

You still got to land a sandbag
On a very small table.

Domenick's got his sandbag.

He's across.

Come on, dom.

You got this.

There goes donathan.

He's across.

It is angela working on her

The last one.

Laurel's going the try to get
Through a very small hole.

A little more.

Not quite skinny Enough.

You got to dig out from this

Sebastian's going to make a go
Of it.

Sebastian is through.

Sebastian can start launching
His sandbag.

He's got a big lead now.

He can take his time with that

Angela's now digging.

Chelsea trying to get through.

Everybody fighting for love
Right now.

Sebastian could win it right

Short again.

You are still in this challenge.

Here goes donathan trying to
Squeeze through.

Domenick trying to get in.

There goes wendell.

The door is still open.

You got it, come on.

Sebastian with a toss
For the win.


Just dropped.

Domenick is through.

He can get his sandbag.

It's now sebastian and domenick.

My gosh.

Domenick has a shot Now.

Domenick on and off.

Sebastian on and off again.

Here goes domenick.

Just falls.

Sebastian does it!

Sebastian wins love.


Good job.

Good job, c-bass.

Everybody fighting For that.

So sebastian, we know how big
This is.

We just went through it.

And you know how this works.

Choose one person and their
Loved one to join you this.


I got to go with my biggest
Family man.

Come on, big "D" om.

Domenick, come on Over, kristin.

All right.

Sebastian, pick one more player
And their loved one to join you.

I promised my man wendell.

I got to see wendell.

Wendell, come on Over.

Wendell, sr., come join us.

All right.

Sebastian, you're going to
Choose one final person and.

Their loved one to join you.

Donathan, come on over, buddy.

I'm so sorry, girls.

You deserve it, buddy.

Thank you.

All right.

Kellyn, laurel, chelsea, angela,
That's the end love for you.


Loved one, time for you to head

All right.

One more decision to make.

Sebastian, you are going to
Decide who goes to ghost island,

And today there's a twist.

Because waiting at ghost island
Is an advantage in the game.

You don't have to do anything
Other than show up to go ghost.

Island, and that advantage is

You can send yourself.

You are in charge.

In doing, so you would send your
Sister home and you would head.

To ghost island.

If you want to offer it to one
Of the other three, you can.

Offer it.

If they want to go, they can say
Good-bye the their loved one.

But if you don't make a decision
Out of the four players here,

The power goes to these four and
They will decide.

I'm definitely not going to
Go to ghost island, but I will.

Leave it on the table, if you
Would like to go, you can tell.

Me if you want.

I'll go.

Wendell steps up.

All right.

So wendell, you give up what
Might be a once in once-in-a-lif.

Afternoon in exchange for an
Advantage in the game.


All right.

Say good-bye to your dad.

Wendell, sr., , time
For you to go.

All right, wendell, grab your
Bag, head down to the beach.

The boat will pick you up to
Take you to ghost island.

Take care, wendell.

All right, sebastian,
Domenick, donathan, you and your.

Loved ones will have a great

Head out.

Enjoy it.

Kellyn, laurel, chelsea, angela,
Got nothing for you.

Grab your stuff, head back to

Those boys are so full of
Themselves that they didn't even.

Worry about the fact that they
Were leaving the four of us at.

Camp by ourselves.

We've got work to do, girls.

Jeff said, look, if you go to
Ghost island, you're guaranteed.

An advantage.

As great as it feels to have my
Father next to me, my best man.

In the world, my mentor, my

We were on the same page, he's
Like, son, you better win this.


You have to go for it all out

And if senior was in my shoe, he
Would have taken that shot, too.


You have earned the same second
Chance advantage in the same.

Challenge that malcolm received
In "Survivor" 25th season,


Should you drop the ball at
Any point, you are not out of.

The challenge but will replace
The balance and start again.

Malcolm drops his Ball.

He is not out of the challenge,
He has a second shot.

But malcolm dropped the ball

Just like that, malcolm is out
Of this challenge.

He didn't win the challenge and
Was voted out that night.

Malcolm, the tribe Has spoken.

He has never gotten to the
Final four again.

This tainted advantage has been
Living on ghost island for six.


The only question can, you
Reverse the curse.

The next immunity challenge, I
Get a second attempt if the ball.

Falls off.

Just like malcolm.

An advantage like this in this
Game at this point, this is as.

Good as it gets.

The end is in sight.

We all know it.

That means grab, scratch, claw
At every single advantage you.

Can ever find.

I got to sit in the final lee.

This puts me one step further.

Dom, you ready to eat?

My goodness, I am so
Blessed having my wife out here,

But as much time as I want to
Spend with her, this is an.

Opportunity we need to talk to

I think we got something
Going here, and with our friend

Wendell doing some work other on
Ghost, we just work well.


I just want to say right now,
Aunt patty, I'm committed to the.

End with these guys for real.

I'm a country girl.

I know.

Domenick and sebastian was
Making their plans now that us.

Guys were together.

But they're the biggest threats
Out here.

I don't know if little old
Donathan can go against these.

Big guys and win.

At last tribal council, I do
Feel like I wasted my idol, so.

From here on I need to be more

I need to pick out one of these

We can have a girl's lunch
Down here.


We can do whatever the
We please without them.

Here telling us what to do all
The time.

The three boys stepped right up
And go off on reward and go off.

To ghost island to get
Advantages and leave us back.


I don't know to, clean the

Wendell, wendell, wendell.

And guess what he's doing right

Laughing at your faces because
He's getting another advantage.

He doesn't even care that he
Wrecked someone else's family.

Visit, which pisses me off.

They just get everything Good.

They win immunity.

They may or may not have idols.

They get to go on the loved ones

Wendell gets to go to ghost
Island with no chance of.

Something bad happening to him.

We can be pissed off at them and
Sad we're not with lowferred.

Ones or we can take this
Opportunity to take control of.

The game.

But here's the problem with
Their plan today, they left us.

All here.

How many?

Four of us to talk, and we
Have the numbers.

We can pull in donathan.


I'm okay with that.

I would say break up dom and


I feel like it's do or die for
Us because this is our only.

Chance to take the numbers over
Those strong boys.

It's good.

Dom and wendell have been
Running the show.

So four of us girls could come
Together, pull in donathan and.

Break up that little power

We're about to turn your frown
Upside down.

You better watch, boy, because
It's coming for you.

The only way to pull this off
Is if they don't get any wind.

They can't even suspect it.


So I think wendell has
Potentially more stuff up his.


We have to blind side dom,

I think that's our move.

Kellyn is asking me to trust
Her after she burned me at the.

Last tribal, but I think the
Silver lining is that we can be.

Mutually beneficial to each

The four of us can now start
Playing to win.

I agree.

I agree.

The problem is I know that
Domenick has an idol, and I know.

That wendell has an idol, so
It's scary.

But it's tempting to find
Another option.

I can jump over and roll with
The ladies and take a shot at.

One of these guys and hope that
It doesn't bounce back on me.

Come on in, guys.

We'll now bring in wendell
Returning from ghost island.

Hello, hello.

You guys ready to get
To today's immunity challenge?


First thing first,
Take back the necklaces.

Two of them.

Thanks, dom.

Thanks, chelsea.

Once again individual immunity
Is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge, you're
Going to use two handles to.

Balance a ball on a wooden

At regular intervals we'll add
More sections to your cylinder,

Making it more difficult to

If at any point you ball drops,
You are out of the challenge.

Last person left standing wins
Immunity, guaranteed a one in.

Seven shot at gettinged to end.

Losers tribal council where
Somebody will be the sixth.

Member of our jury.

Wendell, you went to ghost
Island, why don't you read the.



I got an advantage.

Should your ball drop at any
Point, you are not out of the.

Challenge, but you will replace
The ball and start again.


We'll draw for spots.

We'll get started.

All right.

Here we go.

Everybody pick up your handles.

All right.

I'm going to count you inch
You've got to have it in the.


Here we go.

Three, two, one... Everybody
Looks good in this first.

Section, and this challenge is

Three sections of cylinder that
You're trying to keep balanced.

Between two handles and a little
Ball in the center that wants.

The move one way or the other.

Domenick with a little bit of

But a nice recovery.

Little bit of movement.

By wendell.

It can move a lot as long as it
Doesn't drop.

That's going to come down to
Your balance and the pressure.

You put on those handles.

Kellyn drops.

No shot at immunity.

Take a spot on the bench.

Kellyn is the first person out.

And we are down to seven.

We'll go ten minutes in this
Section, and then we will move.

On and things will get a lot
More interesting.

All right.

Time to move on to the next

You can set it down.


We'll add another section to
Your cylinder.

I'm going to count you in again.

You've got to be up by the time
I get to zero.

Here we go.

Three, two, one, get it up,

Angela never got off in time.

Lang is out of this challenge.

Wendell drops.

Wendell gets a second chance.

Everybody else set down.

Everybody is safe.

We're going to restart this

Wendell now going to use his
Advantage for his second shot.

Here we go.

I'll count you in.

Three, two, one, got to lift.

Everybody is good and we are
Back on.

We're down to six.

Wendell has now used his

The question is will it help?

Already a little move.

From wendell, but he recovers.

You got the make sure you keep
Equal amounts of pressure so you.

Don't squeeze that cylinder and
Have a collapse on you.

Wendell drops.

Wendell is out of the challenge.

The curse remains in effect.

His advantage did not help.

Wendell is now vulnerable at
Tribal council.

He takes a spot on the bench.

All right.

Everybody is safe.


We're going the move on to the
Final round.

Good job, you guys.

Reset your pieces.

All right.

Pick you handles back up.

Get your mind ready.

Here we go.

Three, two, one, and this
Challenge is back on in the.

Final round.

We will not stop until we have a

Movement by laurel.

Nice recovery.

You start the shake, you need to
Get control quickly.

Domenick with a big move, but he

You bobble a little, you squeeze
Too hard, you twitch just a bit,

You're out.

And just like that sebastian
Drops, and we are down to four.

Nowhere to hide in this

You don't really get much wiggle

Laurel drops.

Laurel is out of the challenge.

We're down to three.

It is picking up now.

Domenick right next to chelsea
And down on the end donathan.

Steady hand, steady focus.

Being in control at all times.

Chelsea rock steady.

Domenick continues to analyze
His hands, position.

Donathan starting to shake a
Little bit.

Chelsea out of nowhere drops.

She will not continue her streak
Of immunity wins, and we are.

Down to a showdown.

It is now domenick versus

Domenick starting to shake a
Little bit.

Domenick shaking more now.

Donathan continues to shake, but
He continues to stay in this.


Keep fighting.

Donathan can't do it any longer.

Domenick wins his second
Individual immunity, safe.

Tonight at tribal council.

Guaranteed a spotted in the
Final seven.

Thank you.

That was a battle.

Domenick, come on over.

Once again immunity is yours.

Safe again tonight at tribal

Cannot be voted out of this

Sadly, for the rest of you,
After 32 very difficult days,

Somebody will become the sixth
Member of our jury.

Grab your stuff.

Head back to camp.


The whole happy naviti family
Has come to an end.

The naviti girls are going after
The naviti boy, and laurel and.

Donathan are the hottest
Commodity at lavita.

Now everyone needs their vote.

It's game on and laurel and
Donathan are up to bat.

I was shaking.

Good job.

Good job, sir.

I didn't win immunity, and
Seeing how I didn't capitalize.

On that advantage, I blew an
Opportunity to kick it with my.

Dad for nothing, but I feel
Pretty secure with my alliance,

So hopefully we can get out who
We want to get out tonight.

When we were at reward
Yesterday, it was me donathan.

And sebastian.

I was like, guys, we should be
Working together, and our friend

Wendell is at ghost right now
Doing work for us.


So the four of us plus laurel
Can do some business.

What do you want to do?

Let's get rid of chelsea.

So it's going to be five.

Five on chelsea.

We're acting as if we're
Naviti strong, but we're going.

To get chelsea out.

It's foreign get these challenge
Beasts out of the way so we.

Don't have to worry acted them
Later on down the line.

Let's keep moving.

So what's the plan?

They're a power team.

We need to break them up.

Are we going after wendell?

I would rather have wendell

Seeing dom win immunity today
Made me feel an additional level.

Of there's too much power going
To the three boys and if I can.

Pull this off with the girls and
Get wendell out, it will be my.

Sweetest "Survivor" victory so

I think we all know what we
Have to do.

We have to go about acting
Naviti strong.

I'm in 100% unless you tell
Me something has changed.


I think we can pull in Donathan.

You think donathan will work
With us?


This is our plan.

We talked to laurel yesterday.

Me, you, chelsea, kellyn, and
Laurel blindside wendell.

Tonight the boys have their
Guard down.

This is our chance.

I mean, obviously you can do
What you want tonight, but I'm.

Just hoping that...
I'm down for wendell.

Wendell is really great in

And he's a smart guy.

Like I personally think he is
The biggest threat in this game.

Right now.

So we're thinking the only
Chance we have is to do it now,

And it needs to be a blind side.

We cannot...
this is going to happen.

It's going to be epic.

So it's chelsea tonight.

Then we'll really have the
Numbers and we'll pick them off.

One by one.

Accept is good, though?

He told me he is.

Donathan is good, dude.

You don't have to worry about

He's good.

I have a lot of trust in
Laurel, and I need her tonight,

But she's not giving me good
Eyes and good vibes they usually.

Get from her.

So the idol is in my pocket,
Unwrapped and ready to go.

If anyone blinks at me the wrong
Way, I'm going to pull that.

Thing out and pull the trigger.

If we go with the guys and
Take out chelsea, there is a.

Move next vote to take a shot at
A dom or wendell.

Those are the two biggest
Threats to win this game.

I feel like tonight would be
The night to aim for one.

My biggest regret will be not
Doing it when we had the chance.

That's a big decision.

So I definitely feel like me
And laurel are sitting pretty in.

The middle.

You got wendell and dom and
Sebastian, too, and you got the.

Three naviti girls pulling me
And laurel this way and that.


So I don't know exactly how
Tonight is going to play out,

But I'm scared if I go one way
It could bite me in the butt.

I feel like we ain't going to
Have no game plan.

Domenick and wendell will keep
Steam rolling everybody.

Do you want to go with them?

I don't know.

I feel like I want to go big or
Go home, girl.

Right now I don't know what
To do, because on one hand, I.

Have the guys who I feel like I
Can trust, but I feel like I.

Know I can't beat, and on the
Other hand, I have the ladies.

Who I feel like I could beat if
I got to the end, but I don't.

Know that I can trust them to
Get me there.

Plus I know that domenick and
Wendell have a ton of protection.

In idol, so it's probably the
Last chance to take a shot at.

One of them when they're not
Expecting it.

Donathan and I control not just
Tonight but the direction for.

The rest of the game.

This decision is everything to

Now bring in the
Members of our jury.

Chris, libby, desiree, jenna,
And michael voted out at the.

Last tribal council.

Kellyn, after the last tribal,
You get back the camp.

Is there fallout?

What's the vibe?

After this big double tribal
Where two people went home at.

Once, there were hurt feelings.

I had put two votes on laurel,
Something that she wasn't.

Expecting, and so it brought a
Little bit of weight to camp I.


So donathan, does it
Still feel to you that naviti.

Does still have the numbers
Right now?

For me and laurel, you know,
We are at the bottom again, but,

You know, things are shaking up
Over at naviti now, and me and.

Her are really realizing that.

So it sounds like you
Think there might be an opening.

Within the naviti six?

There is an opening tonight.


Domenick, that statement has
Everybody on naviti looking.

Cross eyed at each other.


I'm seeing it, and I'm one of

Just seeing how everyone is
Looking around, I'm definitely.

Concerned with what's about to
Go down tonight.

I don't know.

I'm shooken up at the moment.

Kellyn, you seem
Concerned, as well.

What are you feeling right now?

Are you buying what he said?

I mean, there's kind of been
A truth bomb coming from that.

Corner of every tribal that I've
Been with him, so my heart is in.

My throat.

Laurel, donathan
Included you in this.

Conversation of there is
Definitely an opening tonight.

There is an opening, and
There is a crack, an we found a.

Way into it, so we're hopeful
With ecan cash that check.

Tonight and it's game on.

Chelsea, you're
Looking around, as well.

Yeah, the last two tribal
Councils I've had a necklace.

Around my neck.

Right now I'm in a more
Vulnerable state.

So if you here someone say there
May be a crack, I think you're.

Trying to figure out exactly
What's going on and if anything.

Has changed.

I'll be blunt.

I've had these girls come to me,
And I've had these guys come to.


There's the crack.

Domenick, that was an
Emphatic statement.

I wanted to bring up
Something that's been left out,

And that is yesterday on the
Family reward, these four ladies.

In front of me, you know, they
Had an afternoon together, and.

If the three of them can talk to
Her and she's with him, I mean,

It's a convoluted mess what's
Going on right now.

This necklace makes me feel good
Right now.

Wendell, is there a
Part of you that wonders if.

Donathan is just talking to

I'm not sure what he's
Talking about.

But we've grown to understand
That donathan does not really.

Hold his tongue, and he's
Willing to drop bombs in tribal.

Council, so we're going to have
To deal with that and do what we.

Need to do.

Kellyn, it would be
Unrealistic to not imagine that.

Everybody here has considered,
Okay, what if I did mix it up,

How would that look for my game,

Yeah, it's down to small
Enough group where you can run.

Through thinking abouter single
Person, every single challenge,

So everyone's brains have to be
On high alert right now, and the.

Family visit kind of knocked me
Off of the path I think I was.

Out here and playing survivor
And this is my home, and then to.

See something that is actually
Home, it is like a huge.


And I think we're all running
Scenarios with multiple people.

In our mind.

Chelsea russia we...
Chelsea, are we at a point in.

The game where it's waiting to
See who is going to jump first.

Yeah, it's a giant game of
Bumper cars and you're not sure.

Who you can trust to move out of
Your way and who is going to.

Come right at you.

Domenick, that's a
Great way to visualize it.

Do you feel that sense right now
That it could be anything.


That's exactly what's going On.

People are not only just doing
Things just for the fact of.

Securing themselves further in
The game, but they may also be.

Trying to consider a move that
Will brighten their resume, so.

Am I going to wait around for
Someone to take a shot at me, or.

Am I going to take the shot
First, because I don't want to.

Be sitting over there when I
Could have done something about.

It at the right time.

Donathan, what are
The odds that there are a.

Blindside tonight.

Well, if the cards play like
I think they're going to, there.

Could be a blindside.

All right.

It is time to vote.

Angela, you're up.

Angela, you're up.

I'll go tally the Votes.

If anybody has a hidden immunity
Idol and you want to play it,

Now would be the time to do so.


Once the votes are read, the
Decision is final.

The person voted out will be
Asked the leave the tribal.

Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote wendell.



Two votes wendell.


We're tied, two votes wendell,
Two votes chelsea.


That's three votes wendell.

Tied again.

Three votes wendell, three votes
Chelsea, two votes left.


That's four votes chelsea, three
Votes wendell.

One vote left.

13th person voted out and
The sixth member of our jury,


You need to bring me your torch.

Good battle, sir.

Good game.

Chelsea, the tribe Has spoken.

Time for you to go.

Well, tonight's tribal answered
The question, there is a crack.

Now What?

Grab your... torches, head back
To camp.

Good night.

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From our next episode.

Next time on
"Survivor," when you're.

Caught red-handed...

what was that?

I'm just going to have to go
From broke from this point on.

The consequences Could be dire.

We could try get domenick Out.

If donathan is going to blow
Something up, that might be my.

Glimmer of hope.

I don't know what he's going
To do.

He's gone completely rogue.

As a "Survivor" fan, I'm so

I actually have no regrets with
This tribal.

I knew that I wanted to make the
Big move tonight, and I am proud.

That I went for it.

And even though it didn't pan
Out in my favor, I can go out.

Saying I went out with a bang
And I went out fighting.