Survivor (2000–…): Season 3, Episode 3 - The Gods Are Angry - full transcript

The dangers of African wildlife come close to home (literally!)when one tribe is awakened by wild animals that are lurking just outside their boma

(Jeff Probst)
Previously on Survivor...

- If we wanted to make this
work, we should have picked the

strongest one of us,
and that was you.

- (Probst) At Samburu, Silas'
loyalty wavered between

the young and the old.

- We're going to take it all
the way, trust me.

I mean, we're here
to win a million dollars.

So I'm going to do what it
takes to win.

- (Probst) Boran continued their
losing streak, when Samburu won

both the reward
and immunity challenges,

pitting the boys against
the girls at Boran.

- Wouldn't shock
me if the four

of them thought they could do it
better without any of us.

- (Probst) Jessie became
the target when she got sick.

Jessie, the tribe
has spoken.

It's time for you to go.

14 are left.

Who will go next?


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(lion roaring)

- We are in wild Africa.

(lion roaring)

- It was that way.

- Go away!

- That sounded like maybe
something that he got.


- Lex...

We could hear it actually
breathe, we heard its wheeze,

as it inhaled,
it was kind of like...


- You guys hear him breathing?
You hear him breathing?

- We hear him breathing.

He's right outside the fence.

- I mean, it was, it made my
blood run cold.

We went into this thing knowing,
yeah, it's going to be tough,

it's going to be real, but I
don't think any of us really

considered that it was going to
be quite that real.

- It's the worst feeling in the
world, like, getting startled

out of your sleep by a roar.

- My mind said stay,
but my feet said go.

I mean, it's all I could
do to keep from just running

somewhere, but there's
nowhere to run.

- Go away!

- I heard one from over there,
and I heard one from over there.

I mean, unless he's

- I heard
more than one animal.

- There was growls coming from
our east end and then, minutes

later, from our west end and
we thought he was just, like,

pacing, but, as it turns out,
there were two lions.

If you're approached by an
animal, you don't run and

hopefully everything
will work out.

You're not
going to beat a beast.


- It's still real.

- This is probably going to
happen every night.

- What do you do if it comes
in, what do you do if it starts

scraping at the fence?

- Morning.

- Morning.

- Why do we get up so early?

- I don't know.

Because everyone else does.

- First thing in the morning,
the four of us like to sleep a

little bit later and the four
older people get up a little bit

before us, and so they decided
this morning that they wanted to

go get water before any of us
were even up or had shoes on or

whatever so, they took off.

- We're going down
to the water.

Does anybody want to come?

- We're not quite up yet.

- I so don't want to go down
there right now.

- Of course I went to get the
water, because if I don't get

up, it's not
going to get done.

You think anybody else gets off
their ass to do anything?

I'm starting to wonder here,
I'm like, look, I'm the old guy,

okay, but I know what needs to
be done-- every morning, fire,

water and food.

- Well, I was going to
do the breakfast,

but you
want to swap off?

- I'll do breakfast.

- You do breakfast, I'll do
water this morning?

- Are you sure?

- I have no
problem with that.

- Because I was going to do

- No, don't
worry about it.

- We got all the gourds,
they got the knife.

You want your
canteen, babe?

- Yeah,
I'll take it with.

- The older group seems a
little bit nervous.

Basically, we kind of feel like
they're sucking up to us a

little bit, so, yeah, I mean, if
they'll go get the water and we

don't need to help, why not?

We want to save
our strength.

- Y'all, don't ever forget what
they've been putting us through

the last six days.

They are conniving, miserable
little people, that were walking

around talking about us.

So don't forget
for one second...

- They're talking about it
right now.

- They are talking
about it right now.

- Remember when Silas said what
he thought would be a good idea

was if the four
of us voted one way?

- Right.

- And then he would get them to
split their votes?

- Right.

- I think that's what he's got
in mind, so he doesn't come out

being the bad guy.

- T-bird, he should have at
least said to you, you know,

even me, "Look, this is
what I'm doing.

This is my strategy."

We'll see.

- We're just wondering if Silas
is still with us or not.

My gut feeling just says he's
playing, playing both sides.

But I'm not--
I can't be for sure.

- Don't go home with broken

I was just
saying that to T.

- My spirit is not broken.

- Because this place can just
fill our spirits so much.

There's so much to be taken away
from here, and just, you know,

try not to let people get to
you, because that's what they

want to do.

- I like to cook
because I like

my gruel, like,
fried a certain way.

Plus, if I'm cooking, then my...

team, my friends
get a little

bit bigger portions
and they get more.

We're going to act like these
crispies are all we're having.

We didn't have mush.

We don't want them
to think we ate their...

You kno- Sure.I mean?

- When Brandon was cooking, he
said that we should have first

dibs and we should pig out and
eat as much as we can and leave

them whatever is left.

I mean, if they
want more,

they can make more,
you know, that's fine.

- Ouch!

- Excellent.

- Did we not leave them
any food?

- I'm boiling some water, I'm
boiling some water, so they can

make it when they come back.

- Can I have that one?

- Is that them?

- Your breakfast is burnt,

We left it on
the fire... Kim did.

- That sucked last night.

- Oh, my gosh.

Big cat.

- That, right there,
is, like...

I mean, that's how big it is,
that's how big the paw print is.

- The lions are probably right

over there, sleeping in
the grass, watching us.

- Oh, yeah, they're sleeping,
I think, during the day.

- We know that
they're around,

and we know that
they're really close.

- And they're not scared of us.

- And, you know, would only
lead us to believe-- don't you

think-- that they would come
around more and more and more?

- If we happen to be out and we
see a lion during the day,

we need to stand
absolutely still.

I mean, as soon as you run away,
you immediately throw a signal

that you're prey, and
that's just inviting the lion to

just jump on you
and maul you.

- We've got to
fix that fence.

- We've got some weak spots,
little holes there, you know,

they can slide
under right down here.

So we're just trying to beef
things up a bit.

- Oh, my beads.

- The biggest problem we have

is we have two cracks in the
water tubs.

They're putting on
damn beads on a necklace.

Generation X.

Like a putty sealer, huh?

- Maybe it'll do the trick.

- Does the crack look
like it's gone?


I just can't
sit around and not

attempt something, you know
what I mean?

- One of my best friends made
me a necklace and each bead is

someone who's close to me, and
my necklace broke, so Kim and I

were sitting around
trying to fix it.

And I said, "Well, now that
we're a foursome, I think

each of you need
to have a bead on my necklace,"

so I said, "Hey,
there's an idea.

I'll give you each your bead and
we'll have these necklaces that

represent that
we're one unit,

like little kids in
fifth grade."

- How does it look?

- Give me your finger.

- Does it look nice?

- Stick your
thumb back here.

- Lindsey, making bead

that's a waste of time.

Food, shelter, water.

All efforts should be
concentrated on that,

not here making beads, you know,
not sun tanning yourself,

all that is nonsense.

- How's that feel?

- Awesome.

- The bead thing, it was
flaunting right in your face,

like, it's the four of us and
then there's the four of you,

and, yeah, it was definitely a
slap in the face, but it's a

game and it was our strategy to
try to drive them crazy and say,

"Hey, we are
really, really unified."

- Look at how careful
I am back here.

- Are you done yet?

I can feel the heat.

- The necklaces could be

incredibly ballsy
or incredibly stupid.

It just depends on
how it falls.

It's fun either way.

- How's that,
is that good?

- That's good, yeah, you just
tightened it up right there.

I was like...

- The younger people, I think
we've realized that if we don't

stick together,
we're going to

lose this, they're
going to pick us off.

And I'm not going out
that way.

And straddling the fence
is over, period, it's done.

I am no longer with
the older people

and I don't care
if they know that.

- Oh, my God.

- Just don't
make her laugh.

- (laughing)

- Don't make her laugh.

- Okay.

- They're immature,

they're trying to get under our
skin, and its working.

- I must be the leader.


- One of these days, I'm going

to borrow this 20 grand when
I get out of here.

- Listen to you.

- Doc, all I want
is 20 grand.

- What would you
do with 20 grand, Silas?

- - Oh, cool.le.

- What do you drive?

- What do you drive?

- You don't want
to know what I drive.

- No, you don't wanna know.

- Oh, tell me, Doc.

- I'm not telling you.

- Doc drives a Mercedes.

- I have one of those.

- What else?

- I'm not telling you.

- Is - A

- You have a Porsche.

- I'm trying to get under
everybody's skin, I'm trying to

expose everybody
the best I can,

you know, Doc,
getting out all his...

all his valuables and all his
money and his Porsche.

- I drive a Porsche, pardon me,
you know what I mean.

Silas brings it up as a
negative, "Look at the doc,

he drives this,
he drives that."

He's trying to plant seeds to
Kim, Brandon and Lindsey.

It's not going to work.

All it does is shows
his lack of maturity.

She bought me the car for my
birthday, it was a surprise.

You know why
she bought it for me?

- Why?

- She said I would have never

bought it for myself,
and she's right.

I would have put
the money in a mutual fund.

- You know, it bothers me when
he continually talks about

how much money he has,
I mean, it does, it bugs me.

It bugs the hell out of me,
because, you know, the rest of

us are here for the money.

- Feeling righteous?

- I'm trying to seek, soak up

your wisdom, Doc,
that's all I'm doing.

- Just work hard, man.

- It's the key to life.

- He wants to learn wisdom,
he's not learning it that way.

You can't create
a work ethic

when they've
never had a work ethic.

This is Generation X.

This is definitely
Generation X.

I'm glad I'm 46 years old and
I'm glad I'm not part of it.

- Let's see what we got.

Something good.

Something heavy as hell.

"Gather no moss
as you roll

"the stone and work as a team,
you can't do it alone.

"This one's a
tough one, do all you can do,

victory is refreshing with clean
water and shampoo."

- So we got
to roll a stone.

- Rolling a stone?

- It would just feel good to

win something, and it would feel
good for our tribe.

We've lost two people already.

You know,
it's nice to win.

- (Probst) Hey, guys.

Today's challenge,
it is for a reward,

and it's a very simple

Each tribe
has one huge boulder.

Your goal-- navigate this
boulder along the marked course,

get to it the finish line, and
in its final resting spot.

Now, to the reward.

What is the single most
important element

so far,
out here in Africa?

- Water.

Here's what's
you're playing for.

100 gallons, fresh, clean

drinking water delivered to your
camp tomorrow morning.

- Tomorrow morning.

- (Probst) It's enough water for
every tribe member to have a

gallon of water
a day until the merge.

- Wow!

- Oh, don't waste it!
Don't waste a drop.

Oh, you're wasting it.

- It's very clean.

Very fresh.

If you're so inclined, some
organic shampoo,

if you want to
waste it taking a shower,

washing your hair
or whatever.

Samburu, because you have two
extra members, you have to sit

two people out on this, keeping
in mind, today we're playing for

a reward, tomorrow we're playing
for immunity.

Nobody can sit out
in back-to-back challenges.

I'll give you guys a minute to

Wait for my start.

who's sitting out?

- Kim and Brandon.

- (Probst) All right.

Here we go, guys!

100 gallons of fresh, clean,
drinking water at stake!

Survivors ready!


(team members yelling
directions, encouragement)

- You got it.

Come on, to the left,
to the left.

- This way,
this way, towards me.

Towards me,
stay towards me.

Stay towards me.

- Stay left, stay left.

- Right, right, right!

- Wait, wait, wait!

- Ow!

- Damn it.

- Go to the right,
go to the right.

- To the left!

- Bring it towards me.

Straight, straight, straight!

Up a hill, up a hill.

- Left, left.

- Right, no, guys, no.

- Over to the right.

- Straighten it up.

Straighten it up.

- Turn it to that side.

- C- Here we go.on.

- Push it.

- Right!

- Come on, come on.

- Push it, push it.

- To the right, to the right,
to the right, push!

- Straight shot,
there's a rock on your left.

Stay right.

- Help us.

- I'm here.

- To the right,
to the right.

- Whoa, whoa, whoa.

- (Probst) Samburu, you have to
go through the flags, bring it

back and go through
the flags.

- Go to the left,
to the left.

There's a ditch.

- Going up a hill.

- Right, right, right!

- Help on the side.

- Okay,
there you go.

- Come on!

- Almost there,
almost there.

Push it, come on.

- Everybody
get on this side.

- Yeah, everybody on
this side.

- Don't let it
go through the trees.

- Push.

- Come on, guys,
let's go.

- We're coming.

Come on.

Keep it rolling.

Come on.

Come on!

- Over here, to the right!

To the right,
to the right!

- (Probst) Stay in control!

- Stop! Stop!

Stop, we missed the flags!

- (Probst) Samburu, you missed
the flags again, you got to go

through the flags.

- We're trying.

- I got it.

- Come on, Samburu!

- Uh-oh, that ain't good.

- Look at this!

Come on, come on.

- We're on!

- All right!


- Samburu!

- Samburu!

- Yeah!

- (Probst) Boran, you got your
first taste of victory--

along with it comes
100 gallons of fresh water.

You'll have the water in your
camp by tomorrow morning.


- Everything around here
revolves around water.

The key to survival out here,
now it's here.

- That is so great.

- How beautiful
is this.

- It's great.

- Another thing we don't have
to worry about,

getting water today.

- This is so nice.

- Good Lord.

- That just came out of

- Out of nowhere, right.

- What the hell just happened?

- I know, I'm like afraid to
get out from under these nets,

I'm sure there are bugs
all in that.

- Hey, little guy.


Oh, a - Uh-oh.asket.

- We have mail!

- Hit me, girls.

- Read it to us, baby.

- "Now you're lost in the wild,
and there's no one around.

"You might find yourself
thinking you'll never be found.

"Muster all your resources,
and don't stop to gloat.

"Fail to get our attention,
you'll be facing the vote.

"Build us a message
to be seen from the sky.

If your signal's the best,
immunity will drop by."

- Well, we got our mail this
morning, and it was a very

unique, very different

We found out that we had to make
up some type of distress signal,

so that planes flying overhead
would be able to come and see

us, and it was going to be a
competition between us and the

other tribe, and whose distress
signal was the better one.

- We have a perfect "O"
with thorn bushes.

- Let's use our
manyattas for the "O."

To get a visual, you need

something light,
something that hits them.

So, yeah, let's do our S.O.S.
like we're doing.

And then take
all of our manmade

supplies, accentuate it, they're
going to see that thing.

- So you guys want to give up
on the idea of using the...

- Just hang on a second,

you're going to make two huge
S's here, on each side.

- They don't have to be like
manyattas though.

From the air, you can't
tell that it's raised.

- That's right,
but is it going

to be here
and on the other side?

- Let's make it happen.


- Okay.

- Frankly, the four of us would
like to possibly see an older

person have a little weak moment
in the competition so they can

all open their eyes, because
they keep coming down saying

the weak people need to go.

Just stick with me and we'll
weed the weak ones out.

- Hey, guys?
Let's come together right now.

Everybody work on it
right now.

- You'd have to be a damn fool
obviously, for me to go 110% out

there, drain my body of all
energy that I have for a bunch

of kids that aren't going to
appreciate it.

No, I just said,
I'll contribute

and keep moving along,
make it look good.

Remember the heat,
Linda, take a break,

take a little sip of water.

Don't overexert yourself.


- Thank you.

- You guys can lift me up in

the air and I'll wave the horns
like an airplane.

- You need something with
bright colors that's going to

attract somebody
from a distance.

- The first thing
I think you see,

rather than movement,
would even be color.

- We got to find a place,

There's no grass or nothing
right out there.

- Let's start
taking stuff outside.

Let's grab all the mosquito nets
and all the torches and stuff.

- Today's immunity challenge

means absolutely everything
to us, it's huge.

We definitely need to win,
so we're not another man down.

We can't afford
to go down to

five and lose three
of them in a row.

That's just
unthinkable at this point.

- I'll dipped this in a paint,
I don't care.

- That's a good idea.

- You think red is the color?

- I had brought some acrylic
paints with me as my luxury item

and suddenly got the idea to
take these mosquito nets and

make them a bright color and
make them almost targets or

bullet points.

- You know, I have a feeling

those mosquito nets are going to
be the secret.

I think that's our secret

ingredient that's
going to win this thing.

- I'm going to have this
feather in my ass and I'm...


- I was watching Lindsey for a
while and she was working really

hard, we all were, and the next
thing I know, I looked over, and

she was sitting underneath the
shade of a tree, and it's just

not like her personality

to sit down before
a challenge was over.

And so I walked over to her and
she was crying and she looked

like she was in serious pain.

- (crying): I could take a
broken bone over that.

- Her dehydration state today
and working really hard got her

really sick, really fast.

She had some severe pain in her
kidneys and in her stomach.

I sat with her for quite a
while, trying to get her to

drink, but she kept
spitting it up.


- I'd rather die right now than

deal with this pain,
I swear to God.

If we don't both break out of
here, I'm going to kill myself.

- We're going to get Frank
voted out, don't you worry.

- Linda, can you go away,

- Are you okay, sweetie?

- - Okay.e.

- I get this funny feeling that
I'm probably the last person she

wanted to maybe
stumble upon her.

One of the things that Lindsey
likes to say every day on a

regular basis
is how strong she is.

She's the strongest person
that she knows.

- I never feel pain.

- Guess she's not so strong.

- Come on, plane!

We want to be rescued.

- Look at that, 56 years old
and nothing but 100% "wo-man"!

Whoa, man!

- Gutsy, I'll tell you that.

- We got a black man with white
tighties on, we got a big fat

man with a flag waving, we got
two little skinny men with flags

running around, women in her
thong there.

We got a young lady shakin'
and bakin' up there, so I don't

know what else we could do.

If that won't stop a plane,
I want to talk to the pilot.

- Aren't our boys funny?

Desperate times call for
desperate measures.

- Anything, anything to get
this challenge.

- Yes, I'm excited.

I don't think Samburu are going
to take their clothes off.

- (Probst) Here's the setup.

We have an experienced rescue

pilot and an experienced
drop master.

We're going to fly above both
camps, these two experts are

going to determine which
distress signal would be most

clearly visible from the air in
a rescue situation.

The winning tribe will receive
a crate-- inside the crate,

the immunity idols.

- Hey, guys,
here he comes!

- Here he comes, guys!


Wave it up if you've got it!

- Oh, Frank, drop dead.

- He's coming back, guys.

- Hello!

- (whistles)

- (Probst) All right, Harold,
that is Samburu tribe.

What's your thought on that?

- Well, they
used something...

as the "O" in the S.O.S.,
but unfortunately

it would look very
similar to the other cattle

around this area.

- (Probst) So because it looks
just like every other community

out here, if you're flying by,
you might not notice it at all?

- You're absolutely right,
I might just miss it, yeah.

- (Probst) Okay, let's take a
look at Boran.

- Come on, get ready,
the plane's coming!

- Here we go now!

- Here we go!



- Yeah, this one is really
getting our attention here.

And they're using four different
colors and the words S.O.S.,

in a wide open area, that has
few trees in it, so it's very,

very visible.

And it would be much easier to
see this one.

- (Probst) Okay, after
conferring with our rescue pilot

and Harold, our drop master,
both have decided that because

of the use of color
and also

the terrain,
Boran is the winning tribe.

We will now drop the crate.

Boran has immunity.

- 3,000, 2,000, 1,000, go!


- Yeah!

- Yep, they just
dropped a bag.

- That's it.

- Wait a minute.

- No, - No, it's gone.back.

- I think there are a lot of
spirits out here, and I believe

our idol goddess will not live
in a home of conflict.

And that's why she left us,
she went to find some peace.

I believe that.

I believe that.

- Morning, Lindsey.

- Hey, what's up?

- How you feeling today,

- Like a million bucks.

- Good, good.

- I'm going to be in the shade
most of the day, resting.

- Put your sunscreen on,
drink a lot of water.

- No reason to exert myself.

- Well, what happened yesterday
was, I was dehydrated and when

you're dehydrated,
every other

problem area of
your body is exacerbated.

So, my kidneys were sore, my
stomach was sore-- I'm still

a little bit groggy and a little
weak, but I'm going to be really

cognizant of my water intake.

But, you know what, it can
happen to anyone of you,

so be careful.

- Hey, believe me,
I know it.

It could be any one of us.

- For the older people to see
her down was like a thumb up on

their side-- it was just a, you
know, shake hands, a smile and a

cheerio, you know, hey, they got
one down, we're stronger.

I hated for them to get that
little sweet flavor of victory

in their mouth.

- Barbie went down in Africa.

- I agree.

You don't sit in this kind of
heat for two days and sunbathe

and then do a physical and
mental exertion like this and

not expect you're going
to fall apart.

I don't care if
you're 18 years old.

- Tensions are high-- I mean,
you can cut it with a knife,

you know, right through
the air.

The younger
people, they know

we're going to
Tribal Council tonight.

I have no flexibility.

If you're excess baggage,
get the hell out of my way.

I'm not going to deal with it,
not under these conditions.

- Throw on my shirt,
get my bag.

- Everyone knows we're not much
of a tribe anymore.

We don't have much unity.

And on some deeper level, I'm
sure what most people are

thinking, "What's the harm if we
go to Tribal Council?

Let's get it over with."

- (Probst) Before you get too
comfortable, I want you to each

grab a torch, approach
the flame, and light it up.

Put it back in its slot.

This is part of the ritual
at Tribal Council because

at Tribal Council, fire does
represent life.

You'll take these back with you
to camp tonight and bring them

to future Tribal Councils.

Well, welcome to your first
Tribal Council.

Is this a big deal, not that
big a deal, do you care?

- Yeah, we care.

Everyone's a member of our

- Just being here with
buddies for nine days under

these conditions
would be tough.

You guys
don't know each other,

I'm not sure you even
like each other.

Brandon, what's it been like
the first nine days so far,

in getting along?

- It hasn't been that
unpleasant, actually,

surprisingly, for this many
different kind of personalities.

- (Probst) Lindsey, you're

cracking up at Brandon's

What do you
find funny about it?

- Oh, I just, I think
it's been great.

I think we've all
got along really well.

- It hasn't been one,
big, happy party.

We've had a little tension in
the tribe, we have problems.

We have a water problem.

We have a pot problem and, you
know, we need to take things

and we need to have

a rotation, and nobody really
has a defined job.

We're not on
the same page all the time.

You know, we need to be on the
same page and work as a team,

and sometimes I don't see us
working as a team.

- Silas, how do you
respond to Carl's take that

maybe the work ethic isn't
the same with everybody?

- I think Carl is right on.

Jeff, I also feel that
in a group like this you have to

mold, you have to change,
you have to bend.

And if you
don't bend, you'll break.

- What is with the...
maybe you've had these and I

didn't notice, necklace,
necklace, necklace.

I think you have
a necklace on under there.

- Mm-hmm.

- No necklace,
no necklace, Frank, no necklace.

Is that symbolic of anything
going on?

-- Absolutely..

- (Probst) So Silas, Kim,
Lindsey and Brandon, you guys

have formed some sort of a

- Oh, yeah.

- M- Oh, yeah.ely.

- Does that friendship
include any of the four older

people in the group, or is that
just coincidence?

- It doesn't disclude them.

- It's a different kind of
friendship, yeah.

- We're all friends.

We're all friends,
but on different levels.

- Because as
you guys are talking,

these guys are all

- Jeff, when we
went into our

challenges we all decided to
wear these buffs together.

We're a team.

Unity? I want to know
where my necklace is.

- Brandon,
feel vulnerable at all

for this vote that's
coming up?

- Oh, I can't imagine anybody
that's sitting here right now

that said they weren't feeling
vulnerable, I think anybody that

said they weren't would
be lying.

- Lindsey, worried at all?

- Yeah. Definitely.

- (Probst) Why? What would make
somebody vote you out?

- Well, I dehydrated yesterday
pretty bad and passed out,

I don't know, people could
see that as a weakness.

Other than that, I think I get
along with everyone pretty well.

I mean, I'm just as vulnerable
as the next person.

- (Probst)
How about you, Frank?

- Unfortunately I'm sometimes
too aggressive.

You know, doesn't leave too much
room for a friendly smile and

everything, you know,
when the basics have to be met.

So I could be misjudged
for that.

- All right,
let's do this.

Kim, you're up first.

- Great guy, doesn't need
the money, he's got his future

already in store for him,
I think he needs to go.

- In a survival situation,

everyone has to carry
their own weight.

I just felt you didn't.

- I like this person, I think
this person has a lot of

potential, but one must remember
that mother Africa is a very

spiritual place,
the gods and goddesses

are watching and

- I'll go tally the votes.

Once the votes have been read,
the decision is final,

the person
will be asked to leave

the Tribal Council area

I'll read the votes.

First vote...




Doc Carl.

That's two votes Carl,
two votes Lindsey.

Dr. B, that's Carl.


Four votes Carl,
two votes Lindsey.

Four votes Carl, three votes

Last vote.

We have a tie.

Okay, so this is
what's going to happen.

Carl, Lindsey, you guys are both
going to have a chance to plead

your case to your tribe as to
why you should stay.

Why you
shouldn't be voted out.

And then we're going to revote,
voting for either Lindsey or

Carl-- you two won't vote.

Carl, state your case.

- From day one, I told you this
is what you get-- I work hard,

I maintained a sensibility of
trying to make you people have

water, fire,
I've worked my tail off.

I don't think anybody
here can

sit here and look me in the eye
and say I've slacked.

I'm a man of honor, I gave
you my word, I've worked hard,

and I think I'm a valuable
asset to this tribe.

That's all I have to say.

- Lindsey.

- I'm not the most domestic
person around, I don't know how

to cook the mush yet, you know,
I don't know how to maintain

a fire that well, but I'm
learning, and I'm willing to

learn and I put in my work when
I need to, and at the challenges

nobody can stop me.

Carl has made it really clear
that he's very successful,

he has a lot of money,
he's really happy in his life,

and it's a game for money,
and you don't need it.

- (Probst) Okay.

Kim, you're first,
I'm going to ask you

to take this back up
with you.

I'll go tally the votes.

Same rules
apply on the re-vote.

Once they're read,
the decision's final,

person voted out will
be asked to leave

the Tribal
Council area immediately.

First vote, Carl.





Three votes Carl,
two votes Lindsey.

Deciding vote.

We have another tie.

Obviously you guys are

so we'll now go
to a tiebreaker.

Here's how this will work.

Carl, I need you first to switch
seats with Teresa.

You guys were
all given a copy

of the Bush Survival Guide,

You're going to answer a series
of questions based on

in the survival guide.

First time one of you misses and
the other doesn't, you're out.


I'll give you each a pad to
write on... and a pen.

First question.

True or false.

"Smoke from
burning elephant dung

will keep mosquitoes
at bay."

Okay, reveal.

True and true.

You're right,

Next question.

"The fruit pulp from the doum
palm can be helpful in curing

"which of the following
medical conditions:

diarrhea, fever,

worm infestation,
or minor cuts and abrasions."

Lindsey says A, Carl says B.

Correct answer is C,
worm infestation.

- We missed that one.

- (Probst) We move on.

"The African Rock Python has

been known to fully
digest a gazelle."

Lindsey, you say false, Carl,
you say false.

It's true.

- Damn it!

I knew that.

- (Probst) True or false.

"If bitten by a tick,
pouring hot water

on the tick will
force it to retract."

Lindsey says true,
Carl says false.

Correct answer, true.

Carl, you need
to bring me your torch.

- Sorry, guys.

- (Probst) Carl, the tribe
has spoken.

It's time for you to go.

Obviously, you guys have some
mending to do

and some
regrouping to do.

Take your torches back to camp,
I'll see you tomorrow.

- (Probst) Stay tuned for scenes
from our next episode.

Next time on Survivor...

- Don't underestimate me,

- At Samburu,
the generation gap

continues to fracture
the tribe.

- Thank you!

- And Boran comes
face to face

with one of their
worst nightmares.

- Everybody hold up
just a little.

- We don't mess with this,
you guys, you know?


- They're bad-tempered.

- Unfortunately, our tribe...
there was a split,

and it was an obvious split--
it was a generation gap.

We had four people who were in
their 40s and have a sense of

and then you had four people

who are confused
in their lives.

It's kind of sad.

I'm kind of worried
about that generation.

Maybe they outwitted me, in that
sense of sportsmanship,

but I have no regrets.