Survivor (2000–…): Season 3, Episode 4 - The Young and Untrusted - full transcript

A member of the Samburu tribe cracks under pressure as the generation gap continues to split loyalties among the young and the old.

>> JEFF PROBST: Previously on

At Samburu, the gap between
young and old widened when Silas

took sides with his own

>> Straddling the fence is over.
I am no longer with the older

people, and I don't care if they
know that.

>> 'Cause they're immature,
they're trying to get under

their skin, and it's working.
>> PROBST: Boran rebounded from

their losing streak, winning
their first reward challenge.

Then they bared all to claim
immunity, sending Samburu to

their first Tribal Council,
where the young-old split caused

a deadlock tie between Lindsey
and Carl.

With no previous votes between
them to break the tie, a sudden-

death competition sent Carl

>> PROBST: True.
The tribe has spoken.

And Lindsey returned to camp
with four votes.

13 are left.
Tonight, one more will go.

♪ ♪
>> All right, make that fire

♪ ♪
>> All right, make that fire

>> Big fire.

Torches by the flag.
>> Yeah.

>> Well, we had our first Tribal

We voted Doc off.
All eight of us went in there

and split four and four.
>> I am still here and I am

smiling big.
>> Anything could've happened.

It was literally a crapshoot.
Whoever won, uh, won that Tribal

Council basically won the
majority, and basically more or

less took over the tribe.
>> Here's the deal.

If you guys want to go to the
water hole or whatever, we

understand that.
But, I mean, just, you know, let

us know, and we'll go-- we'll
either go as a group or you guys

can go.
>> And the people that get up

right away need to just be
patient for those that need a

little extra sleep, that may
have stayed up a little bit

>> By the time I got back to

camp I felt really angry, just
like, it all hit me just like,

oh, my God, they picked me,
those bastards!

You know? And I just got really
angry and I just wanted to lash

out and just be mad at those
three people for voting for me.

Seriously pumped to get an award

Seriously pumped, and trust me,
when I'm pumped you don't want

to ... with me.
Don't underestimate me, people.

>> The thing about Lindsey, of
course she handled it wrong.

We needed their support and we
needed to be kind to them, but,

boy, she really just kind of
flew off, you know, the deep

>> Trust me.

>> It was difficult hearing
comments when they came back,

like Lindsey was saying,
"They ... with the wrong girl,"

and comments like, "Okay, so
come here, team," and they

really meant the four of them.
>> Tomorrow morning we are like

a full-on team again.
So let's just have one more

>> It was no accident because I

was standing right there where
Silas was over by the fire, and

they got him, and I thought, oh,
God... that's mean.

>> Tomorrow is a new day.
>> It can be.

It's got to be.
>> It don't got to be, I mean,

it can be.
>> Now it's a new day.

Yeah, sure, we're outnumbered
four to three, but basically

they run the show, you know.
But, uh... damn you, Carl, for

leaving me with a bunch of
misfits, you know, to go camping

with, 'cause it's gonna be
pretty miserable the next couple

of days.
>> Day ten.

>> Day ten. Let's win.
>> Yeah.

>> How's it looking?
>> Looks like we don't have as

much as we thought we had.
>> But it was very generous in

the beginning.
>> Very good.

>> Breakfast is served.
Breakfast of champions.

>> You know, I worry about

Tommy's not eating.
A lot of what we have to eat is

cornmeal, and he has a really
tough time eating it.

I don't think it's a taste

He just... he physically just
doesn't like the way it goes

All it is really is just grits.

Like you would serve it with

>> Well, grits is a nice thought
for this stuff, but going down

the hatch, it reminds you more
of something rhymes with grits.

But... basically no grits.
We've got to find a little

something we can munch on.
>> Let's start with the fruit.

>> Can you hit that?
>> I can hit that.

>> You sure you can hit that?
>> Hell, yes, I... You watch me.

>> The big country bear saw the
palm trees.

The palm trees have what's
called a dome palm fruit on it.

The palm tree that Tommy found
was about 50 feet in the air.

He was silly enough to think he

was going to climb it.
>> Tommy, Tommy.

Hell, no, hell no!
Get down, man!

Tommy... T... Tommy.
Your big country ass is climbing

a tree in the middle of Africa.
You realize that, don't you?

>> What?
>> You come down.

Come down, you don't have no
safety harnesses.

I thought he was nuts.

(laughs): He's silly as hell.
So finally he got down, and we

just started throwing rocks at
it trying to get something to

>> All right, brother, rock and

roll here.
>> Watch your head!

>> Damn, Tommy!
And, uh, we actually got two of

them down.
>> Look it, palm!

>> And then after that, we've
hammered ourselves to death

trying to get the doggoned thing

>> Looks like you're getting a
nice slice there.

>> Throwing for over 30 minutes,
getting two, then taking 20

minutes to open one-- we had
something about the size of your

thumb there that you could eat.
>> (gasps)

>> In my opinion, it ain't worth

>> I mean, it's not as good as

It's got a bad aftertaste.
>> I ain't mentioned it to Linda

It's got a bad aftertaste.
>> I ain't mentioned it to Linda

and Teresa.
I said I was taking it out of

fifth gear as far as
responsibility, you know,

accountability, organizing
things, and I was going to sit

They were the majority-- let's

see how they run a household.
>> Let's see what we have now.

>> When Frank and I got mail
this morning, I was loving it.

Oh, yeah, that was great.
I thought, if anything that will

drill in that you can't just
sleep late.

Our water is low.
Now, we don't have time to get

to the water hole.
Hey, guys, hate to wake you up.

We got mail!
And we got 30 minutes.

>> Oh, my God.
>> We were sleeping late, and

Linda had gotten tree mail, and
came up and woke us and said we

had half an hour to go to our
reward challenge, which was just

huge and shocking.
So we'd all gotten up and were

all groggy and very cranky.
>> Who would like to read this?

>> You read it. You read it.
>> No, no, no.

Why don't one of you read it?
>> "You'll have to decide how

>> Go on. You got it.

>> " should climb.
But if your team's better and

quick, like a spider, you'll be
celebrating as your bellies get

>> Oh!

>> Yeah! Rise and shine!
It's a beautiful day.

>> Let's make it happen, team.
>> It's a food reward.

>> It's hot already.
>> Anybody hungry?

>> We tried to sleep in, and we
got... we were awakened and now

we're struggling to get our

>> All right, guys, this is a
reward, baby, this is a big 'un.

Frank, come here. Linda...
Hey, you guys come here for a

Come here, Frank, for just a

second, man.
You guys, you know what, dad-

gummit, man, I know last night
was a... you know, we went in

there 50-50.
I realize the situation right

now, guys.
Let's come together right now as

a team.
I mean, this is... we're so

unorganized right now, you know.
And we're so... we're so...

>> Still.
>> Still.

>> Silas, with the knee, I've
seen him on the knee twice, and

I looked at that, and I guess, I
don't know, that's like a

football thing where the coach
gets down and just whatever.

Maybe it's genuine.
It seemed so cheesy to me.

>> Let's get fired up here and
win this.

>> Could I make one suggestion?
>> Please, please do. Please.

>> If, um, there were several
things last night that were

stated, and what that did, that,
you know, we were all willing to

do this, totally willing to do

>> I know.
>> ...and that made it go...

>> You have to understand this,
though, too, Linda.

>> That's all.
>> What if that was you on the

cutting board?
>> There's no way I would have

come back and said to the three
people, "Hey, team, team, come

here," and there's no way I
would have said, with that girl,

"Revenge, revenge."
There's no way I would have

disrespected any of you that
way, no way.

Kim, you know.
>> It's over.

We're coming together now.
It's over.

>> It's over and out.
>> Thank you!

>> So, I'm sorry that... I'm
sorry that it happened.

>> You know...
>> Yeah, we got to go.

I've been dying to be on this

Let me on the team!
>> Linda, this morning, really

came unglued.
She has two very, very different

It's, like, this sweet little

New England mom, and then
there's this, I don't know,

crazy-woman side, too.
>> You know, I'm ready to be on

the team!
Ready to be on the team, honey.

Could I have a hug!
See? You're even hesitating.

Give me a hug.
You know... why can't you hug

>> I hugged you.

>> Frank? Come on, Frank.
>> Can I... can we demonstrate a

This is a hug, sweetie.

Did your mama never hug you?
There you go.

>> They were saying, oh, it was
just 'cause anger and, like, let

it go.
I'm, like, okay, great, let it

go, let's hug.
And arms went like this, and she

has... she got that look in
her eyes, like, like, I don't

know, I had a knife in my hand
or she was gonna... it was...

it was awfully strange.
Why don't you give me a real

>> It was hard.

It's hard, you know?
>> Okay, you're not ready to, I

understand, I respect that.
>> I saw a side to you that...

>> I totally respect that.
>> ...I'm really nervous about.

>> Well, you know what anger is?
Anger is a cover-up for sadness.

Whenever we're angry...
>> Well, I'm good at it, Linda.

>> Sadness, just get there.
>> Well, it's funny, I think,

it's... if, you know, no matter
if it went...

>> (crying): Don't tell me
it's all right.

>> Just trying, just trying.
But I respect your space.

>> Just everything sort of hit
me this morning, and I just

started to cry, because I felt
just... I felt sectioned out of

my little group, even though
they're totally supportive of

I felt like the older group

picked me, and how can I face
them again, and I just felt sad.

>> PROBST: Good morning, guys.

>> PROBST: Good morning, guys.

How's the cornmeal taste?
Getting a little bland?

>> Getting?

>> PROST: It was bland to begin

All right, hopefully we can do a
little something about that

Today's challenge is a food

Behind us on a rope web, 12

items that will dramatically
improve your meals.

Things like olive oil, sun-dried

>> Ooh...
>> PROBST: So a big food reward.

Here's how it works.
One at a time, tribe members

are gonna make their way up the
ramp, across the netting and up

the rope web.
They are going to grab one item

and bring it back.
Once you cross the line the next

person goes.
The first tribe to get all items

back in their basket wins the
food reward.

Losers get squat.
Make sense?

Wait for my go.
Here we go, guys.

Survivors, ready!
>> (whoops)

>> Go!
>> Go! Go, baby!

(cheering, shouting)


>> Whoa!
>> Go! Go!

(whooping, whistling)
>> Come on!

Come on, Clarence!
(indistinct shouts)

>> Come on, girl.
>> Good job!

>> Let's go!

>> Let's go, team!
Come on, team!

(indistinct shouts)
>> Go!

>> Go, go, go, go, go, go, go!

>> Go, Linda!
Come on, Frank!

>> Let's go, Frank!

>> PROBST: Okay, guys, get ready
for your second run.

You're still neck and neck.
>> Go, B.!

>> Go!
(indistinct shouts, whistling)

>> Go, go, go, climb!

>> Go, go, go, climb!

It's not like you've never
climbed before!

>> Go, T-bird!
>> PROBST: All right, guys,

you're still even.
(indistinct shouts)

(indistinct shouts)
>> Come on!

>> Come on, Kimmy!
(whooping, shouting)

>> Let's go, let's go!
(indistinct shout)

>> Go, Lindsey!

(indistinct shouts)

(whooping, whistling continue)
>> Go, go, go, go, go, go, go!

>> Come on, Kimmy!
>> Yeah!

>> PROBST: Samburu, this is your
last basket.

Boran, you still got two.
>> Yeah!

Boran, you still got two.
>> Yeah!

>> Yeah!
>> Samburu!

>> PROBST: Samburu, a lot of
stuff in there.

Take your prize home, have a
good meal.

I'll see you guys tomorrow for

All right, see you guys.

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>> We lost the challenge.
Unfortunately, you know, it came

down to Kim went really slow.
I feel terrible for her.

She couldn't feel good, and I
know she doesn't feel good, and

it's hard, it must be really...
I'm glad I'm not in that

>> Sorry, not a great job.

Well, also, I mean, I don't like
to be that terrible at

That's, like...

>> No one does.
>> That's, like, really

>> You know, we all fell, we all

took our time, every one us took
fell down.

>> We all said, you know, "Good
job, you did the best you

could," but, you know, really,
she was, like, "I suck," and

we're, like, "Yeah, you... you

>> I could tell from your faces
everybody gave it 100%.

>> You know, in competition it's
not about giving it your best

sometimes; sometimes it's about
actual... the winning.

>> We just got to, got to hope
we get out there and get them

next time.
>> Let's just drink the water.

>> I wonder what immunity is
going to be.

>> I don't know.
>> The thing that was most

difficult about today's
challenge was my having to face

the reality that Kim is
definitely not up to some of the

more physical challenges.
>> There's nothing good about

losing, like, nothing.
>> If our team is just real

losers and we lose everything,
that's going to be awful.

>> All right!

>> This morning was a little
tense, but we really pulled

together today and we won some

All in all, it was an
unbelievable victory today.

So it boosted up morale, boosted
spirits, boosted everything,

confidence-- it was a good

Let's pull them out one at a
time and tell me what it is.

>> We've got...
golden chicken blend.

>> Nice.
>> Spice?

>> Ooh, to put in the mush.
>> Olive oil!

>> Yeah, olive oil.

>> The basket we won was just

We won soup mix, you know, rice,
we won, like, jelly to put on

I mean, it's flavor, for the

food that we have, and that's

(speaking indistinctly)
>> I cannot be any more excited

about the fact we got food,
unless it was water.

I would give it all up for

>> Should we do a water run,

right now?
>> Right now.

>> We're going to have a heck of
a hike, though-- we're carrying

all three big gourds...
>> We'll go slow.

>> ...all the water gourds.
Load up.

>> We can take some rests, I
think, 'cause...

>> Sure.
>> One of the big focuses in our

group is water, obviously.
We have to go get the water, we

have to boil the water.
Frank and Doc were kind of the

two people who took it under
their wing, they were kind of

the water people, getting the
water going.

And our group was going...
and they were doing all the

Fine with us; we don't do any of

We were more focused on the

split in the tribe and
manipulating people and doing

that than we were about any
other part of surviving out

>> You fill this one, then you

take a breather, I'll fill this,
and we'll rotate the fillers

Because I know, you know, you

and Linda usually fill these
things, and we'll rotate.

>> That's cool.
>> We were in a real water

I mean, we were all dehydrated

from the challenge severely.
And I'm sure to prove a point to

us, Frank and Linda and T let
the water level get...

completely gone.
>> Come on, guys, last leg.

We're almost there.
>> We're just going...

>> Then we came home,
lost another pot completely.

Pots are extremely valuable,
because that's the only way we

have to have clean drinking

We have to boil it.
>> Is it leaking right now?

>> Yeah.
>> Yep.

>> One of our pots now is
completely unusable and the

other one, you know, is still on
its side and just, it's

Every time we put it in the fire

it crumbles more and more.
>> Let's fill it up.

Who's got a gourd?
>> Things began to slack off.

You know, the water rations went

My plan of attack was, you know,
to let the comfort level drop

completely low, and they

I know they would break down.
And, uh, you could see that

things were falling apart.
>> Oh, my gosh.

Guys, we're in a heap of

>> Can you save the bottom?
Can you save it where it's

leaking out?
>> Hold that side.

>> You ready?
>> Let's see if we can lift it.

Lift it off the ground.
Right there.

>> We now have completely
shattered all of our pots.

So it's a horrible situation
that we got ourselves into.

>> Huh.
>> We are not in good shape,

boys and girls, I'll just say
that right now.

>> We'll make due, we'll make

>> I'm still, like, God, this
tribe, can we get our act

You know, there's still that

hanging over my head, like...
what's wrong with us?

You know, we crack pots, we
whine, we complain, we have

problems, people are fighting,
da-da-da-da, whatever, and I'm

like, God, when are we going to
get this together?

>> What's up ahead, Tom?

>> Baboons.
Looks like a pretty good tribe

of them.
>> Best thing we can do is just

let them go.
They let us go.

We're starting to be animal-

Whatever they want, we'll do.
>> Sometimes you do get

comfortable, a little bit
comfortable here, and, you know,

you think you're all safe and
everything's great.

And then you get a wake-up call.

>> Buffalo.
>> Tom had his eyes up, thank

>> Stand there.

>> We've all done our homework,
and we all know that that is the

one animal that we need to be
most careful of.

It's considered to be the most
dangerous animal in Africa.

>> You don't mess with this, you
guys, you know?

>> It was scary.
It was there and it was huge.

So when we saw this thing, we
made a lot of noise.

>> Ho!

>> And then we realized at that
point we needed to leave this

>> All right, guys, let's go.

>> You want to head a little
left, Tommy?

>> You all in agreement that we
should go a little bit fur...

>> I can still see him, too.

I don't want to move.
>> I don't think we should move,

>> He's coming right towards

>> We're not in a hurry.

>> Not a single one of us came
here thinking that all of this

danger was going to be real.
>> Our camp's right over there

to the left.
>> We're finding on a daily

basis, we're having these
kind of sobering experiences

that remind us every day that we
need to respect the land, and

that this whole thing is very

Danger is here.
>> Bad-tempered.

>> Bad neighbors.

>> Good morning, camp Samburu.
Rise and shine.

Don't plug in the curling irons.
There ain't no beauty contest

this morning, just a little
watering hole expedition.

This morning I took a long shot.

First thing before the sun even
got up, I got them up.

The water thing I can't ignore.
Believe me, if it was just me

and them, I'd let them fall flat
on their faces, 'cause I don't

give a damn, you know?
But I can't do that to Teresa

and Linda.
I feel compelled to, you know,

want to protect and make life
easy for them as well.

You can take a nice little
morning hike.

Get it out of the way.
While it's nice and cool, all

>> All right.

>> Come on, guys.
>> Frank, we just hit the snooze

>> Oh don't tell me you guys are

the snooze button type of

>> Mm-hmm.
>> Oh, you don't need a snooze

You've been sleeping most of

your lives.
Come on, it's getting hot

>> Who-who agreed on this?

Who, uh...
>> Shut up. Shut up.

(elephant trumpeting)
>> My ass is on the line here,

you know.
>> It's not... I mean...

>> I know, I know, it's a

>> We'll just buy you a little
more time...

>> I know. Then we don't have...
>> one more challenge, then you

don't have to worry about it.
"Living like nomads means moving

Do well at this challenge, you

may stick around.
Now if you fall behind and the

other tribe wins, it's immunity
for them as your hike to Council

It is physical, but I'm sure you

have to do... smarts with it,

It isn't just brute, like
pushing a rock.

>> PROBST: All right, first
thing I need to do-- take back

the immunity idol.
Give it up, Clarence.

Immunity back at stake again

For today's immunity challenge,

we're going to look to our
African hosts for a little

The tribes of East Africa are

nomadic, thus they are
constantly relocating their

That's what you guys are going

to do today.
Each tribe has a camp with a

hut, an animal pen, flagpole,
and various camp supplies.

First tribe to relocate their
camp up to your new home, 200

yards up the hill, and recreate
it exactly as it is here, wins

Here are the rules.

Two members from each tribe will
be your architects.

Their job is to remember how the
camp looks here and to make sure

that it gets recreated exactly
the same way in your new home.

They will not help move the

They will be up at the new

And they can only help you
rebuild once your pieces have

been placed inside your circle.
The other members will be

responsible for actually
physically relocating the camp.

Last rule.
The flagpole is the last thing

you put in.
Samburu, because you guys are

still one member ahead, somebody
is sitting out.

Once you've made that decision,
send that person with your

architects to the top of the

All right, Samburu, you're
sitting out Teresa.

Brandon and Linda will be your

Boran, you've selected Kelly and
Kim as your architects.

All right, architects are in
place at the top of the hill.

Immunity at stake.
Survivors, ready!

>> Go, go, go!

>> Lift it up, lift it up.
(indistinct shouts)

>> Let's go!
I got it. Lift it up.

>> Make it steady up the hill!
You guys are doing awesome!

>> Take your time.
>> Just go! Move it.

>> Take your time.
(indistinct talking)

>> Come on, let's go.
>> Turn. Turn.

Come on, turn.
Back it up, back it up.

Down. 'Kay, yeah.
Little back this way.

>> Move, Frank! Move!
>> Let's go!

>> Drop, drop, drop, drop it.
(indistinct shouts)

>> Lift it up.
>> What about the basket?

>> Wait, wait, wait!
>> Come on! You're doing great!

>> Your pace is excellent!
>> Let's go!

Kim, get on it, use your

>> I have it!
>> Excellent work.

(indistinct shouts)
(indistinct shouts continue)

>> You got to go ack, back,
back. Okay.

(shouts continue)
>> PROBST: Boran all you have

left are your roof and your

Samburu you still need the walls
to your hut.

>> That goes over here.
>> Ready?

Come on, Tommy.
Come on, Tommy.

(indistinct shouts continue)
>> I got it!

(panting loudly)
>> I don't know where I'm going,

so lead me to victory, guys!
>> Turn left.

Girls, help with the huts.
Girls, help with the huts.

>> Okay.
>> All right.

>> Up, up, up, yeah, you guys
are doing great.

>> Up!

>> Lift! Lift!
>> (yells)

>> Somebody help straighten it.
>> No pegs; just set it in

>> Just set it in.

>> PROBST: The house is good.
>> House is good!

>> Drop it! Drop it, drop it.
>> PROBST: Everybody in the

circle before you put that flag
in, Tom.


(indistinct talking)
>> Good job, guys!

>> PROBST: Boran keeps immunity!
Congratulations, guys.

(cheering, whooping)
(indistinct shouts)

>> Oh, my gosh, you guys are

>> PROBST: See you guys tomorrow

night at Tribal Council.

>> Happy birthday.
>> Oh, thank you, sweetie.

Happy Birthday.
>> This morning, Frank's

birthday, got up, gave him a
birthday hug, and he was

whittling on his torch, and he
was carving his children and his

wife's name.
I thought that was just

>> I grabbed my Tribal Council

torch, and I wanted my wife and
two daughters, Josyln and Sage's

name to be on that, for not
only now, the strength, but even

when I leave, you know, I want
it to be carried with me.

They were with me all the time.
So it was important for me to do

>> I'll tell you one thing.

We could have used Carl

We might have won. Oh, yeah.
I bet you tactically they were

wondering about that.
But I think you can get some

mileage, Frank.
If you fly low, you can get

>> If I get there I think I'm

going to go behind enemy lines.
>> Are you?

>> Just to stir things up.
>> It's nice to be walking

someplace for fun, isn't it?
>> What a change, what a

>> We kicked ass in that

challenge and we won, and it
saved Kim's life.

>> Words can't express how happy
I am.

I mean, I could just stand here
and cry.

I'm so happy.
And the thing that makes me

really happy...
is that I think they're all

happy about it, even personally,
for me.

>> We've won immunity, and the
other team is going to Tribal

Council, so we have to whole day
to ourselves, no chores, so we

decided to explore a little bit.
When our tribe climbed up that

mountain, you know, I got that
feeling back about why, what was

really important and why I was

Everyone is happy and the tribe
is happy, and we're all having

And it was just so pleasant, it

was like... we're here, like,
we're in Africa.

>> Tribe, you've seen the
promised land.

>> It's obviously D day.
Um, we go to Tribal Council this

We know it's either going to be

myself, T or Frank that's going
to go.

>> I wish it had been me who had
been voted for, because it

wouldn't have bothered me at

>> I was just kind of sitting
there relaxing, and everyone

started opening up very
neutrally and casually.

>> I think tonight will be

I think we're calmer.
>> Yeah.

>> And we understand what's
going on a little bit better,

and I won't be voted out.

>> So who's going tonight,
since we're so open?

>> Yeah, I like that.
>> Well, hey, I know this sounds

We know it's one of us.

Wouldn't you rather know if it's
gonna be you?

>> We're not gonna tell you.
>> We're not gonna tell you.

>> Just hold off, because
I agree with Brandon.

Let me just throw this out.
>> I don't want this day to be

>> Let me throw this out.

And I don't want the day to be
bad anyway.

But let's just be real here that
we're playing the game.

Lindsey already has four votes
against her.

If you ever go into Tribal
Council with a tie, like myself

and someone else, the
tiebreaker who has the most

votes is out.
None of us have one vote against

us, not one.
>> Except for Lindsey.

>> Except for Lindsey-- this is
the key.

>> As of this moment.
>> This is the key.

>> I never thought I'd say,
"Vote for me three times

tonight. Come on!"
But it will help us, it'll help

us in the end, as long as I
don't get voted for, you know,

once the merger happens.
>> Whoever is being voted off

tonight should vote for Lindsey.
>> And what's in it for us?

>> Nothing.
>> Please stick with us on this,

and just think about it, and
vote for Lindsey.

>> I'll be honest, I care, but,
like, if I'm the person who's

going this evening, I'm not
going to do that.

Because there's totally nothing
in it for me.

>> Well, they wouldn't say who's
going tonight, but they had a

plan they wanted us to follow--
you know, us now.

It's just, it's funny, that's

>> Would you rather bring the
whole ship down with you, or

would you rather save your ship?
>> The whole ship is not coming

>> That's the point, Linda.

>> I do not want to see Silas
win the million dollars.

I can see any of the other three
win the million dollars, but I

don't want him winning the
million dollars.

I don't trust him at all.
There's something, there's

something up there.
I'm not even sure of his name.

There's just something not quite

>> One of the three of you has
to go. I mean...

>> I don't know, Frank and Linda
how do you guys feel?

If I'm going, I'd rather know.
>> The minute we told you and we

were about to be honest with
you, you said, "What's in it for

So why in the world would we

go ahead and finish?
That was a bitter taste in

the mouth right there.
>> I really don't know which way

they're going, but I guess
there's a reason they could keep

each one of us and a reason they
could decide to take each one of

us off.
>> Let's drop this.

Let's drop this.
>> There's not an event in the

future that would alarm me.
I can't wait until the merge

because I plan on winning this.
You might as well write the

check and hand it to me, because
I'm shooting for the stars,

and-and... I'm going to get

>> PROBST: Well, guys, back for
a second time in a row.

Let's go back to the first time
you were here.

Pretty intense dialogue was had.
When you went back to camp that

night, was there any of the
bonding that you guys talked

about making the tribe one

>> The first night, you know,
there was some emotional times

right after the Council.
Feelings were hurt, you know.

None of us know how it feels
except Lindsey to get a vote

against you, and so that was
hard, Jeff.

But after that, the second day,
much better.

We came together as a unit.
>> PROBST: Frank, after the last

immunity challenge, you guys
knew you were coming back to

Tribal Council.
What happened when you went back

to camp?
What was the tone of the tribe?

Were you guys concerned?
>> Well, obviously the three of

us, you know, we knew one of us
would be going.

>> PROBST: The three of you,
referring to Linda and Teresa?

>> To Linda, Teresa and myself.
There are two tribes within one

>> PROBST: It's surprising to

me, because it's the first time
I've ever seen this.

I'm trying to figure out where
the logic to this is, because

going into a merge, you need

>> Is there a sure thing in this
whole game, Jeff?

Can you tell me one sure thing
about this whole entire game?

>> PROBST: I can tell you...
>> Just one.

>> PROBST: Yeah, I can tell you
one sure thing.

If Samburu goes into a merge
with four people solid and one

not solid, and Boran goes in
with five people solid, Samburu

is in trouble.
That I can tell you for certain.

>> Jeff, you need to take into
consideration, if I wasn't here

>> There we go.

>> of us would be going.
It would be the same thing.

It would be the exact same thing
but reversed.

>> PROBST: Frank, anything you
can do to turn this game around

at this point?
>> Oh, there's always something

to do.
It's just waiting for the proper

opening, you know, to happen.
>> PROBST: So you have a game

>> Absolutely.

>> PROBST: You're sticking to

>> Mm-hmm.
>> PROBST: Lindsey, have you

made any mistakes so far,
anything that...?

>> Oh, tons.
I'm a walking mistake.

>> You know, when you hear
things-- "Oh, you're the one

that's next," "No, Kim's next,"
"Oh, no, it's Brandon," you

panic, and I brought some
negative energy to the group

because I was frustrated and fed
up, and I freaked out about the

whole manipulative process and
the panic attacks and the

feelings of anxiety like you're
the one that's going to go next,

and, you know, you lose sight of
reality because it's not

It's just a game and we're

trying to keep that in
perspective, and I'm awful at it

because I'm sensitive, I get my
feelings hurt.

>> PROBST: Brandon, have you
ever taken a walk by yourself

and thought, "Okay, wait a

>> I don't do anything by
myself-- I'm always with them.

Always. I'm always with them.
These are my friends.

Even aside from the game,
they're my friends.

I'm not changing my mind on any
of that.

Yeah, definitely.
>> PROBST: It's time to vote.

Lindsey, you're first.
>> It's a game...

Lindsey, you're first.
>> It's a game...

and it's your time to go.
>> Well, buddy, this is for

and it's your time to go.
>> Well, buddy, this is for

Carl, for Frank and for Teresa.
It's only a game.

Play nicely.
>> PROBST: I'll go tally the

Play nicely.
>> PROBST: I'll go tally the

Once the votes are read, the

Once the votes are read, the

decision is final.
The person will be asked to

leave the Tribal Council area

I'll read the votes.
First vote...


Three votes Silas.


Three votes Silas, three votes

Final vote.

You need to bring me your torch.

(speaking quietly)
>> Play nicely.

>> PROBST: Linda...
the tribe has spoken.

>> Got it.
>> PROBST: It's time for you to

>> Bye guys.

>> Bye.
>> PROBST: Well, one very clear

result of this split within your
own tribe is that, Lindsey, you

now have four votes against you,
Silas you have three votes.

That's a lot of votes after only
two Tribal Councils.

Could most definitely come into
play in future votes.

>> No doubt.
>> We know very well.

>> PROBST: I'll leave you with
this final thought.

Silas, you said it best: this
game changes minute by minute.

It certainly does.
You guys can head back to camp.

I'll see you tomorrow.
>> Well, it's been an

I'll see you tomorrow.
>> Well, it's been an

interesting 12 days.
I think our vote tonight, the

older people's alliance, is
a very significant honor.

It's very important to us.
Integrity is very important to

To me, it's not whether you win

or lose, it's how you play the

I've grown, I've learned.
It's just been great.