Survivor (2000–…): Season 3, Episode 2 - Who's Zooming Whom? - full transcript

Dissension ensues after one tribe member overhears another's confidential plans to form an alliance.

(Jeff Probst)
Previously on Survivor:

- Down, down, down!

- (Probst) 16 strangers were
abandoned in the heart

of wild Africa.

- Have a nice day.

- We could take
one full and if

it's too heavy we can
dump it on the way.

- Oh...

- (Probst) Desperation set in
when both tribes discovered

their water sources
weren't what they expected.

- It's sick.

The water is disgusting.

I'm terrified.

- We'll have to boil it.

You end up with dysentery which
basically has you puking and

crapping your guts out.

- Go, baby!

- (Probst) The first challenge
took its toll,

especially on Diane
from Boran.

Samburu claimed
victory and immunity.

Back at the Boran camp, Clarence
was in hot water for sharing a

can of beans with Diane
while the others were away.

- Tommy, Tommy...

I had to open it
for her.

- You ain't no doctor.

- (Probst) At the first
Tribal Council,

Clarence paid for his
actions by receiving votes,

but Diane was the first one
voted out of the tribe.

15 are left.

Who will be voted out


-== [ ] ==-

- Going to Tribal Council

is like going to hell for 45

It's hot, it's uncomfortable,

and nothing good is going to
happen while you're there.

- Did you put your torch there?

- Yeah, I'm going to
go put it away.

- Well, it was tough.

It was tough on all of us.

- Having your name read by
Jeff is horrible.

There was
a sinking feeling,

like I can't believe this is

- Despite the fact that all of
us had agreed that we are all

going to vote unanimously for
Diane, we thought it was a

really good opportunity for one
of us to vote for Clarence just

to teach him a lesson and just
so he knows that he's on shaky

ground and that he needs to
shape up.

- I'm just trying to explain to
you that I wouldn't stop to

Diane, and she turned
around and bit me.

All she did was
tell me, you know,

"You're my only friend

- So what do you think?

Did she try to screw you?

- I think she knew.

She knew that she made
bad waves,

and she looking for
somebody to scapegoat,

and she almost had me.

- Well, I don't know,

It was not
a very good time.

You shouldn't have done that
in the first place.

- You know, that's my own fault,
for being too nice.

- He's very nervous.

He was shaking.

He came up to me, and, like, was
looking for my approval on how I

felt about him and what he had
done, and it felt like he needed

me to tell him that he was
going to be okay.

- But I'm saying,
I didn't do (...) wrong.

- You opened
a can of beans.

- Yeah, yeah, you're right,
you're right.

- You didn't do nothing wrong?

- You're right,
you're right.

- Come on,
you made a bad call.

- All right, that's fair.

- You're going to have
a fair chance.

You don't have to
worry about that.

- I'm not worried
about the game.

- You are worried about
the game.

You are worried
about the game.

Don't sit here and tell me

you're not worried
about the game.

- All right, I'm worried about
the game, but...

- You are worried
about the game.

- We were presented with an
unfortunate situation, but we

turned around, and it ended up
working really in our favor,

because now everybody knows
exactly what Clarence is about.

He can't hide anymore.

- Man, everything aches.

- Everything aches.

- Sleeping on the ground is
getting really tough.

It's a lot colder than I thought
it was going to be at night.

I've shivered both
nights straight through

the whole entire night.

- I'll never complain again
about a lumpy bed in a motel.

- The comfort level sleeping is
definitely something that we

could use a
little bit more of.

I don't think one person has
gotten a good night's sleep

since we've been here,
so that's tough.

- It's amazing how hot it is
during the day.

So we worked on a shelter
because we knew we really needed

to get under the shade.

We don't really have any shade
in there, and the sun is so hot,

so we started to build a roof
across the top.

-- Yeah?y.

We're going to tear the door
apart and save all the materials

over to the side
outside the hut.

- Okay.

Yes, Captain.

- Frank is a really
interesting character, but

really for the military, you
know, he barks orders and he

just wants things to be done,
kind of right now, his way.

- We'll go right here in to
this corner, and we'll tie into

that corner and over to
that large one there.

- Water, excuse me.

I can't speak.

- I've been working
my buns off.

Frank's been working his
buns off, and we're always

thinking the next step ahead

because other people
don't do that.

- This is where you're going to
come in to the shade.

He's going to be
pushing that in.

- What do you think,
Lindsay, Kim... input?

- I say you all give me a job
and I'll get up on it.

- The youth were out here
like on a vacation.

They just straggle here or
there, you know, whether it's

their way of making us do all
the work, Carl and myself,

we have to just jump in
there and do something.

You know, Linda and Teresa--
usually don't have to ask them.

They're up,
"What can we do?"

- We're almost like two
completely different teams.

For some reason our camp
is split

right down
the middle by age.

- That's good,
that works.

- This is nice.

- I would like to see these
differences overcome, but if it

happens the way I have this gut
feeling it's going to happen and

someone's got to be voted
out, I have no problem with it.

There's one or two individuals I
could get rid of right now that

are probably more in the way
than are any good.

- Oh, this is
the mail route.

This is the first time
I've been here.

- This is it.

There's a necklace
in here with a message.

"Go straight to the top
for prizes sublime.

"The way to succeed
is one step at a time.

"You can't do it alone,
you must work as one,

or disappointment awaits when
the challenge is done."

- What else is in here?
That's it?

- "You can't do it alone.

"You must work as one,

or disappointment awaits when
the challenge is done."

- Maybe it's rock climbing.

- Ooh, tha- Ooh.d be cool.

- We should probably think
about what we want because

looks like one of those things
where they might give us

a choice of what we
want more than anything else.

- I still say blankets, I
think, on the basic needs level.

- Bedding?

- Bedding,
yeah, it has been

hard to get comfortable

- Well, I've felt better,
but I guess I've felt worse.

We'll open this can of whoop-ass
and see what happens.

- There you go.

- There we go.

- (Probst) Hey, guys.

Today's challenge
is for reward.

Here's how it works.

Each tribe
has five logs.

Your goal: Get your five logs to
your tower, building a

staircase, and get
somebody to the top.

Along the way are a series of
obstacles on your path.

The first tribe to get all five
logs to the tower and get one

member to
the top wins a reward.

The reward is
a few things...

We got blankets, food--

everything else is stuff

you guys left behind
back on day one.

You've got to stay
together as a tribe.

You've got to stay on
your own path.

Samburu, because you guys have
one extra member,

somebody has
to sit this one out.

And remember, you can't sit
the same person out

in back-to-back

Wait for my start.

- This is upper body

- It's me, it's me.

- (Probst) Okay, here we go.

Survivors, ready!


- Go, go, go.

- Woo!

- Here we go,
up over this.

- Foot up, foot up.

Watch stage right.

put the log on.

Pus- Slide.r.

- Push, push.

- Here we go.

- Lay it down,
lay it down.

- Push it.

Push it, lift.

Lift, lift, lift.

Step, step.

- Stop.

Step up, step up.

- Go straight,
go straight.

- Get on the other side,

- If you're weak,
you can jog behind.

- Woo!

- Steps, guys.

- Here we go:
watch your step.

- Feet up, feet up.

- You're going to spin us
around, right?

- Right there
in the hole.

Set i- Spin it.ole.

- Let's go!

- Everyone, go,
put it up.

Help me up here!

- Get it--
I got it, I got it.

- Help.

- Watch your hands.

Up, got it.

- Got it!

- Wait up. Wait up.

- It's the same every time.

- Remember the course.

- Go!

- Over.

- Take a rest.

Take a rest.

- Walk this, walk this.

(shouting orders)

- There you go,
there you go.

- (Probst) Make sure you stay
together as a tribe.

- Step, got it,
you got it.

- Go, go, go.

- Come on, baby.

- Someone help
with the back there.

- You go left.

- Ah!

- Straight up,
straight up, straight up.

- Woo!

- Go, go, go.

- They're up.

- This is light,
now, guys.

- Trust me, relax your legs,
just let them follow the motion.

- (Probst) Make sure everybody

passes the line before it goes
in the hole.

- S- Go.up.

- We've got to drag it back
there, guys.

Drag it back.

- This is it, guys.

- Frank, get over!

- Go, go, go, go!

- Woo!

- Step.

- Go!

- Who's running up
to the top?

- Right here.

- Go now-- go!

- (Probst) You guys can't put

this in until all
your tribe is here.

- Come on, push! Push!

- Give it to me.

- Push it in the hole.

- Get it up!

- (Probst)
Two feet at the top.

( cheering )


- You kick ass!

- (Probst)
Nice job, guys.

- Samburu!


- Kim, no regrets.

- No regrets.

- No, as I say,
it was my time

to, you know,
basically screw up.

But I'm a competitor.

I've competed all my life, and I
just want you to know how bad

I feel for this.

And while I appreciate the great
things you're saying, you guys

would feel exactly the same.

There's nothing
more than that, you know.

I tried to give it my best and
it was my day to screw up, so...

I'm sorry.

- Well, I ain't
worried about it.

This is just a game.

- I understand.

- And everybody has
a boo-boo.

Hey, I'm proud
to be on your team.

- Yeah, I agree.

- I'm feeling in a very
vulnerable position

because I did fall.

You cannot help but be mad.

You say the right words, you say
to the person, "Oh, it's okay,"

but you know what,
it's not okay.

All things being equal among us,
it's a reason to vote me off.

- We almost went too long
without water.

I mean, your body
just can't take it.

A couple people,
it's been a week,

and there ain't nothing we
can do about that.

We got two freeloaders.

It hurts.

- I don't know
why I'm shaking.

I don't know if it's
because of

lack of water
or because I'm cold.

I'm probably the only one that
hasn't had any water.

It's just very bad.

It's like tar.

I have to drink it.

I have to drink.

God, I never thought drinking
water would be so hard.

- I think we're all worried
about Jessie, throwing up when

you have so little hydration to
go around is bad.

It's bad for her,
it's bad for us.

- I think Jessie right now is--
I think she's hurting.

- I want to tell you that she's
saying that she's all right.

- No one here
is going to tell

whether or not they're
feeling all right.

If they're feeling sick, they
don't want to show anybody that

they're weak
because they figure

we're just going to
vote them off.

- I'll be the first to admit
that the water does not taste

great, but you just, you look
past it because you need it.

And not only that, if you
don't drink it, how are you

physically going to help us in
challenges, how are you

physically going to help us,
you know, survive out here?

Just-- it wears everybody else
down because they have to pick

it up another notch.

- Are you hungry?

You have an- No.tite at all?

- But if you get a little
flavor on your mouth it might

change things, right?

- I don't know.

- All right,
well, bye.

Just trying to help.

- The guys are being really
good, you know.

They said it's okay, I mean,
I don't know at this point.

I don't know.

You guys don't mind me
not helping?

- Are you okay?
You need help?

- No, I'm fine.

I wanted
a seat, so I'm just

going to grab this,
if that's okay.

-- Whatever.e.

- It's the fourth day of the
game, and things are starting to

heat up a little bit.

I think everybody kind of

realizes the seriousness
of the game.

So, you know, what's being said
and what's being done are

just totally
different things.

- You trust me?

- I trust you.
I trusted you from day one.

- I was thinking and hoping

it wouldn't have come down
to this so fast.

But I really like the younger
people, but I just feel like for

me to stay in the game as long
as I can, I need to be on the

stronger side,
and at this point

I feel like it's Carl,
Frank, and Linda.

- (mumbling) know what I'm saying?

- There's never a moment when
someone is not trying to whisper

something in someone's ear.

I mean, it's insane.

- See those guys on the grassy
knoll over there?

It's a conspiracy.

- Sitting around, watching
groups of people kind of

whispering off to the side,
you know, you get that little

anxiety built up inside you.

- We've go- tight.

- No doubt, no question.

- Silence is the key.

- Silence is the key.

- Silence is the key.

- I'm not out there
trying to

get anybody hurt,
but they have to understand.

They know what
they signed up.

If they thought they signed up
to go to the YMCA and roast

marshmallows, and maybe win a
million dollars, they're wrong.

- We're going for
a water run.

We just need four people.

Silas, come on,
come on.

- Here's the deal.

The allegiance with T, Frank and
Linda and I... strong.

And we want
you on our side.

- If the voting was to go along
the lines of the youth and

the older,
obviously would be a tie.

We immediately began
working on Silas.

Silas is
a strong, young man,

physically great for the

Mentally too,
he wants to be a winner.

He wants to
go somewhere.

The four of us have a common
denominator, a goal.

We wanted to
make this work,

so we picked the strongest,
and that was you.

- You see a strong
foursome here,

you see
a weak threesome here.

Where you going to
put yourself?

He would be
a complete fool and

an idiot not to stay with
the type four.

We like everybody, we all get
along, but we got to face the

reality of what we're in,
we're in a frigging game.

It's not
a nice game at times.

Nobody is going
to hate anybody.

- No, I know
what you mean.

- It's a chess match.

- It is, man,
I know.

The strongest survive,
I know the damn game.

Do you guys
know Linda is for sure?

- Linda is so concrete,

she's buried in the bottom
of the Hoover Dam.

- You know, sometimes you
can't be a nice guy.

I mean,
we're all here to win.

And, you know,
the nice guy

finishes last,
and that's a fact.

It's done.

- What was that?

- Strength
and honor, baby.

- You got it, buddy.

- We're goin', bud.

- Let's go home, guys.

- It's amazing how much
water we need.

You know, we haven't even
thought about having water back

at the place to wash with.

- At home, getting water
is like breathing.

You deserve it--
it's no big deal.

In the bush, getting water is
like receiving gold or platinum.

Here water is life, water is
everything because without it

you are done like that.

- The hardest thing I have to
say is really, I'm unaccustomed

to such physical drain.

You know, I'm unaccustomed to
having to work for my food,

you know, work for
my water.

Very unaccustomed to it,
and that's been hard.

- Okay, ready?

- I mean,
we got three strong guys.

I think we can help.

I mean, I brought
that gourd today.

It was empty, but I brought
it empty.

It doesn't really
weigh that much.

- Yeah.

- I think it's too heavy
to carry back.

- No, we won't be
able to carry that back.

There's no way.

- But it wouldn't shock me to
see if the guys all think that

they were trying to get rid of
the girls altogether.

- No, see, we can't
let that happen.

- Because they
want to win the challenges,

which is

But it wouldn't shock me if the
four of them thought they could

do it better
without any of us.

- This game breeds paranoia.

When two people go off in the
distance, you instantly think

they're talking about you.

I'm like, maybe they're talking
about me and trying to vote me

off or something.

You have no idea.

- You know, I hate having to
talk about this stuff.

Tom and I
talked this morning.

He and I talked about our
three-way, you know, agreement:

you, Kim and me.

- You and Tom are like the two
most honest guys, or what we

think is honest,
I don't know.

You never know.

- Well, Tom and I basically
promised on our son's names.

That was enough
for him and I.

But, I mean, that's what I
wanted to talk to you about.

We're comfortable enough with
you if you want to be part of it

to be making a long-term
three-way alliance.

- There's no other way.

I mean, if it's the three of us,
and we don't cannibalize each

other until it's three.

- Right.

- Everyone trusts Lex.

He's on everyone's
team right now.

He's on everyone's side,
everyone likes him.

So it's very easy if you're
in that position to push things

in one direction.

That's why I'm a little

For all I know, you know, Lex is
playing both sides of the fence,

you know, Lex is plotting
against me.

I have no idea.

- Get up on that horse.

Yah, yah.

Let me lead the way,
turn around.

Let me get us home.

You good, Clarence?

- Yeah.

- Good to be back.

- How is the water?

- Good, real good.

- Good, good.

Yeah... yeah.

- Silas came back from the
watering hole and I felt just

that little bit of apprehension
and I just got kind of curious

because I'm
thinking, hmm...

I just want to know
what's going on.

You know what, I'm not letting
him stay out there alone.

- Go.

- It's got to be done
right now.

- Lindsey's
concerned already.

She knows - I know.e talking.

Kimmy, if she whines, Brandon,
he's out of here.

- You have to be careful
when you talk like that.

So you're not overheard.

Lindsey overheard you.

- That's when the game really

became real to me, you know?

I thought I was out here on a
camping trip, just having a good

time with a bunch of friends,
and to be honest, I don't think

I trust anybody now.

- You ready?

- Firewood?

- There were
some discussions.

The younger group overheard

We got sloppy
and they began to panic.

- It's just, you guys come back
and you're all happy and chipper

and you're conniving
against us.

- Lindsey heard Frank say that
Silas was on board with us.

- You heard that?

- I heard every word of it,
I was standing right there.

- Of course, me being direct and
not wanting to be dishonest,

all I could say was, yeah.

- She realized
something was going on

because she caught me

- And Lindsey...

- And she's with Silas now, so
she knows something's up.

- She's all upset,
you can see it.

- Listen to me.

You better not
get me voted out here.

- Look at me,
come on, damn it.

- - Trust me.w.

We have got to be able
to knock people out.

I think Frank
should go first.

We're going to take it
all the way.

Trust me, get Kim
and Brandon to trust you.

- Are you telling this to

No, I'm serious.

- I have a lot
riding on Silas,

and honestly,
I have no other choice.

- Trust me on this,
all right?

Do you trust me?

If you trust me.

- Yeah, damn it, let's go,
all right?

- Who knows what Silas is
really up to?

For all I know,
Silas is over

there with them and we're all
going to get screwed.

You know, you just have to roll
with the punches.

- I'll keep
working on Silas.

- Silas is fine,
he's no dummy.

- Silas is on
our team all the way.

He'll play the other
people too

because he's going to go where
he feels is the power.

But he's going to join us.

Now, do I trust him?
Hell, no.

- It's like this double face

thing you have to play while
you're out here.

It's funny, I mean, we're here
to win a million dollars.

So, I'm going to do
what it takes to win.

I don't know,
it's interesting.

Things are changing
all the time.


- All right, let's see.

Oh, ho.

Here we go.

"You've all been affected
by food not collected,

"so you're
invited to our cafe.

"You might be elected as the
next one ejected, if you find

yourself saying, 'No way.'"

It's a food one!

- It's a gross
food challenge!

- That's all right,
I like that.

- Bring it on, all right!

- I don't think anyone is
squeamish, do you?

My one would be Jess, just
because she doesn't feel well.

But as long as she
gets it down.

- Yeah.

- Tree mail
said that we have

our disgusting food
challenge today.

There's nothing I won't eat.

You know,
it could be beef brain,

goat... testicles,

Sounds good--

- "You might be elected as the
next one ejected if you find

yourself saying,
'No way.'"

- Food!

- Yes!

Yes, we can do this!

- That's good!

- I don't think
I could eat a dung beetle.

- Just don't think of them as
dung beetles.

Think of them
as beetles.

- I'll eat them right up.

- Winning today is really
important because if we don't

win, then I stand a good chance
of being booted out of the tribe

just due to the incidents
that have happened

in the past three days.

So, I have to eat everything.

I don't have a choice.

I'll eat dirt right now,
if you want me to,

I mean, whatever it takes.

- (Probst) Hello.

- Hello!

- Welcome to the Damu Bar.

Before we get to today's

immunity challenge, let me take
the idol back.

How was it having
this for the first time?

- O-

- Very secure.

- (Probst) This is what's up for
grabs again today.

I'll put this back here.

Today's immunity challenge
is a real delight.

You're going to feast like the
tribes out here in East Africa

have feasted for
thousands of years.

They don't really eat vegetables
and they rarely eat meat.

What they really rely on, milk
from cattle and blood from

cattle, and because I want you
guys to really value this

moment, we're going to show you
exactly how the tribes do it.

Bring it on in.

Okay, this is Charles
and some of his buddies.

They've been nice enough to loan
us one of their cows today.

I'm going to tell you up front,
when I first saw this done,

it seemed very
brutal to me.

I spent a lot of time
with these

guys and found
out exactly the opposite.

Cattle are revered.

Cattle are truly the source of
life for these tribes.

That's what they've lived
on for thousands of years.

They would never do anything to
endanger a cow.

All right, Charles.

What's going to happen is
something they do every single

day and how they live.

Just to assure you, we've tested
and quarantined this cow.

The blood
is completely clean.

we're good, Charles.

Thank you, Charles.

- All right.

- (Probst) Let's go
have a drink.

All right, poured into a serving
container that suits you guys.

- Eww.

- A splash of milk.

Okay, here's how
it's going to work.

It's shot for shot.

- Yeah.

You got to get it down,
show me your mouth.

Boran, because
you guys were down one,

somebody is drinking

Whoever goes first
also drinks last.

Who's up first for Boran
and Samburu?

Come on up.

- All right, Lex!

( cheering )

- Get this good
and mixed up.

I don't want
all that milk at the top.

All right, gentlemen.

Three, two, one, go.

- Cheers.

( cheering )

- (Prob- Nice! was it?

- (Probst) All right,
thanks, guys.

House special today,

African chianti.

You just watched
this come out of a cow.

And let me tell you,
it's still warm.

Toast and drink.

- Yeah, big boy!

- All right, big guy!

- (Probst) Nice.


Come back again.

Any hesitation at all?

- No, absolutely not.

- (Probst) Really?

All right, guys.

two, one, drink.

- Down it, baby,
down it.

( cheering )

- Lindsey!

- Come on, T-bird!

- (Probst) Three, two, one,
on your own.

- Yeah, T, good job!

All right!


- Nice.

- (Probst) Cheers, guys.

( cheering )

- (Probst) You did it.

- Come on, Linda!

- Come on, Linda.

- Here we go.

- Good job.


- Let's see.

- All right, Clarence.

- (Probst) Get that down.

Get that down.

- Yeah, Linda.

- (Probst)
Bottoms up, guys.

- Go, Brandon!

- All right!


- Yeah, Brandon!

- (Probst) This is it.

- I have, I'm ready for more.

- All right, you realize
we have a tie.

If both of you guys do it,
if one of you doesn't do it,

immunity at stake.

- Cheers, my friend.

- To you, my friend.

- Silas, yeah!

- (Probst) There it is.

Thanks, guys,
head back to your mats.

We have a tie.

So we're going to have a

Boran, pick
somebody from Samburu.

Samburu, pick somebody
from Boran.

Strategize for a minute and
let me know who you're picking.

- Whoever they pick,
we're fine, we're fine.

- We have no choice,
We got to win here.

- Beautiful,
good thinking, man.

- Good thinking, Silas.

- Yeah- Let's it.

- Let's go.

- Samburu,
who did you guys choose?

- Kelly.

- Woo!

- Boran, who did
you guys pick?

- We're going to pick the third
girl over here from the left.

- Linda!

- (Probst) Linda and Kelly.

For the tie-breaker, it's a
little different.

You're drinking
pure blood, no milk,

and it's a little bit
bigger shot.

- Yeah!

- -

- (Probst) In this challenge,

first one that gets it down,

on my call, shows me their
tongue, wins.

You got to get this down
in your mouth.

Now, are you guys
happy that they're even?

- Yes.

- We're happy that they're
even, it's very fair.

- Get them ready.

Keep them down
on the ground.

Three, two, one, drink.

Keep it in.

- Take your time.

( cheering )

- (Probst) Linda.



- Our camp is kind of amazed

right now because we got to
make big decisions.

Every time we've been in a big
situation, we falter,

and that's not okay.

- There's a lot of
second-guessing going on

as far as who's
valuable within our tribe

and who is not valuable because
we've lost actually three

challenges in a row.

- I don't know what to say.

- It is what it is,
I guess.

It's going to suck having to
vote someone else out, though.

- These challenges and these
immunities are big and,

you know, we're
losing by a hair,

we're losing by this much and
this much, and it's just tough.

It's only going to get harder.

- It sucks we have to
go back to the...

- I know.

- ...terrible council.

- Especially with how hard it
is just to exist,

to get your water.

We need every person
we can keep.

- I just feel like a big loser,
you know.

I couldn't chug beer in college,
and I can't chug blood out here.

I just, you know,
I tried my hardest.

I wasn't grossed out
by it.

I didn't think
it tasted bad.

I thought for sure it was in the
bag, you know, between Kim

tripping in the last
reward challenge,

and me failing to perform on my
challenge today, it's, you know,

it's anybody's game.

- The excuses are
way out of hand.

We got beat,
we got beat.

Kelly goes out to bars.

She knows how to chug
a damn beer.

She got beat.

- Well, that's what
I'm saying.

We've got to vote
for one of the

weakest links that
we feel is hurting us.

- When it comes to the
challenges, the other tribe is

not beating us with
their guys.

They're beating us with their
girls, so our girls right now

are just definitely
our weakest link.

But then again, I may be leaving
tonight, so at this point you

never know because it's not just
about what you need.

It's about
who you like as well.

- Clarence is worried to death
that the women are going to vote

against him, and we need
his back.

All the women are probably
tougher in a lot of areas,

but the thing about it, he can

carry more water
than any of the women.

- It's tough because
Jessie was

sick and she hasn't done

But personally,
I'll tell you right now,

I'd vote him off before I voted
one of the girls off.

- Well, I'm just telling you
face up, I voted against him

the first time
because I want him to know

it was a wake-up
call for him.

- Tribal Council
is a huge drag for us,

and we're going
twice in a row.

The first two Tribal Councils
Boran is going both times,

and none of us want to go.

- (Probst) After having done
this once,

I know you don't want
to be back here again tonight.

- No.

- Anybody want to own up
that this is tougher than

they thought, those first five
minutes out of the truck?

- Oh, my God, I never expected
anything to be this hard,

especially the first couple days
when we didn't have water and we

couldn't do anything about food
and we had to eat

a lot of the canned food.

We weren't able to cook

- Are you feeling better now?

- Yeah,
I'm feeling great.

- (Probst) Lex, how big an issue
six days in is trust?

- Trust is probably one of
the biggest issues of all.

I mean, we all came here, eight
of us, didn't know anything

about each other, and yet we
found ourselves within the first

day having to depend on each
other for just the most

basic survival needs.

If you can't trust the people
that you're with,

that's a problem.

And given the fact that we have
had a couple of speed bumps,

it's made it
harder moving ahead.

- (Probst) Tom, you were very
clear last time.

You said, "I forgive,
but I don't forget."

- Just like a father figure,
I told Clarence exactly what

I felt, and exactly what
I thought.

We've done nothing
but do better since then.

I work closely
with Clarence,

and I think he's
proven his self here.

- (Probst) Clarence, got to ask
you, sounds like you've redeemed

yourself part of the way.

Are you still worried though
that could come up tonight?

- I think you got to put it in
perspective, in that we've only

been here for six days and that
incident was freshly early.

All of our
issues with regard

to me, I believe,
are in the past.

- Let's talk about
who feels vulnerable.

Kim, worried at all?

The reward challenge, a big

reward and it was pretty clear
you were dragging it.

- That splat did me in, um...
yeah, absolutely.

All things being equal in every
other area, you figure you go

with the man at the time
who basically messed up.

So, you know, absolutely,
I'm scared and I'm vulnerable.

- Kelly, last question,
you're here tonight.

- Because of me, I know!

It's awful.

I feel terrible.

It sucks too,
because it wasn't

something I was unprepared
to do.

It wasn't something
I was incapable of.

It's something
I was excited for,

and I couldn't be more
bummed, I feel awful.

It just sucks
that it fell that way.

- (Probst) Okay,
it's time to vote.


- Last time I wanted to vote
for Clarence and I didn't get

the chance, so I figure tonight
I'm going to set my piece and

vote for the person who I really
wanted to vote for last time.

- I hate to lose her because
she's so nice, but she's having

trouble holding up in these
horrible, hard conditions and if

she's still like that on day
five or six, I don't think

she's going to be able
to hold on for the long haul.

We need all the strength
we can get.

- I forgive,
but I don't forget.

This is still another

- I'll go
tally the votes.

Once the votes have been read,
the decision is final.

The person will be asked to

leave the Tribal Council area

I'll read the votes.

First vote.




C.B., Clarence.

Two votes Jessie,
two votes Clarence.


It's four votes Jessie.

No need to read
the last vote.

We'll leave that a mystery.

You need to bring me
your torch, Jessie.

Jessie, the tribe has spoken.

It's time for you to go.

Never is easy, is it?

Well, it does seem like
you guys have bonded.

the next few challenges--

critical for the
Boran Tribe.

Get to camp
and get some sleep.

I'll see you tomorrow.

- (Probst) Stay tuned for scenes
from our next episode.

- (Probst) Next time on

Boran has some
unwelcome visitors.

- Go away!

- My mind said stay,
but my feet said go.

- Lindsey pushes herself
beyond her limit.

- I could take a broken bone
over this.

- Lindsey likes to
say how strong she is.

Guess she's not so strong.

- And Boran strips down to the
bare essentials.

- I know why the guys made the
decision they made.

Obviously, they felt that they

needed Clarence to stay
in the challenge.

He's a little bit stronger
than me anyway.

And that's the decision they
made, and I am okay with that.

And I just wanted to tell Tom
that I love him.