Survivor (2000–…): Season 3, Episode 1 - Question of Trust - full transcript

SURVIVOR: AFRICA will strand 16 Americans in one of the most remote and physically challenging regions of the world to fend for themselves while also competing for the grand prize.


(children laughing)

(Jeff Probst)
We are carving
a path along the equator

through the scorching desert of
Kenya in Eastern Africa,

where these
16 Americans are about to begin

the adventure of
a lifetime.

They're about to be abandoned
in the heart of one of the most

diverse and dangerous
collection of animals

anywhere on the continent:

elephants, giraffes, lions,

just a sampling of the wildlife
that call this place home.

Temperatures here can reach
120 degrees, water is scarce.

It is a land virtually untouched
by the modern world.

For the next 39 days,

these 16 strangers will be left
to fend for themselves,

forced to
create a new society,

while battling the elements
and each other.

They must learn to adapt,

or they'll be
voted out of the tribe.

In the end, only one will remain
to claim the $1 million prize.

39 days,
16 people, one survivor.


(Jeff Probst)
As this truck rolls closer to
its remote destination,

these 16 Americans begin
the adventure of a lifetime.

They have never
spoken to each other

and have been divided into two
competing tribes

named after the people
of this land.

The Samburu tribe,
which will always wear red,

consists of Silas Gaither,
a 23-year-old bartender

from Germantown, Tennessee.

Kim Powers,
a 29-year-old freelance marketer

from Conshohocken,

Carl Bilancione,
a 46-year-old father and dentist

from Winter Springs,

Linda Spencer,
a 44-year-old mother

and career counselor from
Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Lindsey Richter, a 27-year-old
advertising account executive

from Portland, Oregon.

Frank Garrison,
a 43-year-old father

and telephone technician from
Odessa, New York.

Brandon Quinton,
a 25-year-old bartender

from Dallas, Texas.

And Teresa Cooper,
a 42-year-old mother

and flight attendant from
Jackson, Georgia.

The Boran tribe,
which will always wear gold,

consists of Ethan Zohn,

a 27-year-old
professional soccer player

from Lexington, Massachusetts.

Kelly Goldsmith, a 22-year-old
behavioral research analyst

Rancho Santa Fe, California.

Tom Buchanan, a 45-year-old
father and goat farmer

from Rich Valley, Virginia.

Kim Johnson,
a 57-year-old grandmother

and retired school teacher from
Oyster Bay, New York.

Lex van den Berghe,
a 38-year-old father

and marketing manager from
Santa Cruz, California.

Diane Ogden, a 42-year-old
mother and U.S. mail carrier

from Lincoln, Nebraska.

Clarence Black,
a 24-year-old high school

basketball coach from Detroit,

and Jessie Camacho,

a 27-year-old deputy sheriff
from Orlando, Florida.

- Down, down-- Faster--
Hurry up, hurry up.

Down, down,
down, down, down, down.

Down, down.

Hurry up-- Stand there!

Faster, faster, faster,

Down, down,
down, down, down.

Stand there.

Stand there, down!

Have a nice day.


(contestants whooping
and hollering)


- All right, let's go.

- We're here.

- "Samburu tribe, welcome.

"It is important
that you decide as a group

"which supplies you
can carry.

"Choose wisely
and ration carefully

because this may be all that you
get for the next 39 days."

- Do we want music?
- Yes.

- "As you begin your new world,
remember this:

"The animals
can be extremely dangerous.

Farming will be essential to
your survival."

- We got tomatoes.

- We're going on a safari,
not a garden adventure.

- "Take all
the water you can carry,

"because the water at your camp
must first be boiled.

"The map shows the way to
the abandoned village dwelling

"that will
be your new home.

"It is a long hike and there
is much work to do

before nightfall."

- Okay, I'm learning.

- "Be very careful.

This can be a harsh and
unfriendly land."

(all cheering)

- Where's the wood for
the fire?


- I think to carry that much
water, plus our gourds filled,

is just a huge amount
of weight.

Do we have
enough water for all day?

- Do we just leave that
and take--

- Yeah, I would empty it out.

- You sure?

- There were
three jugs of water,

and we took two of them
and dumped them out

because they
were just too heavy to carry.

We would have had to sacrifice
the canned goods

and a lot
of the other things

that we thought we couldn't

And we figured we ultimately
would get a source of water.

- All right, you good?
- Yeah.

- Diane was the one
in charge of the map.

I don't know if it was
the best choice,

but she seemed competent,

which I would say
was the first issue of our tribe

was the map problem.

- I'd hate to be carrying this
damn thing

and not be being
going in the right direction.

All right,
here we go, boys.


I live on a farm and the if
the first sheep jumps in a hole,

the rest
of them follow.

And here we were following this
blonde girl,

through the desert saying,

"I think
we're this way."

- Okay, we're going
right now.

- Diane, Diane,
you're angling off a little bit.

- Left a little.

- It's a straight line, Diane,
right in front of me.

- Hold up,
hold up, Diane.

-All right, pick it up.

-I don't
necessarily want the command.

-I just want to get us there.
- I agree.

- I carry mail, so I just kind
of went at my pace,

which is probably
faster than most people.

And I got way out there and then
ended up having to wait.

- All right, let's move--
All right, move them.

- All right, we're coming.
- Here we come.

Oh, yeah.

- Is this better for you?

- Yeah, I got the corn meal
in my face

so I can't put
it on my shoulders,

but I'm just holding it up with
my arms and when I get tired,

I'll have
somebody move the corn meal.


- Hey, guys.

- What's the matter?

- Okay, hold up--

- Let me, uh...

All right, you got it, my man?
- Yeah.

- Let's put it up on our

Take it up--
What do you think?

What do you think,

- Oh, I think
that'll be fine.

How tall are you?

And my shoulders are not that
tall or as wide as this either.

- Are you guys all right--
Let's rock 'n' roll.

- So how was the walk?

Did you feel it was comfortable,
moving along at a good pace?

Everything absolutely no.

- Brandon...

- Yes, ma'am?

- What's your luxury

- Uh, it's chopsticks.
- All right, are we ready?

- Are you serious?
- Yes.

- You rock.

- Now we're
back to, you know,

"J.C. Penney's,
this is what I bought,

did you see that guy--
Oh, he's so cute."

I'm having
these problems at home.

- I started my period.

Oh, man, no wonder
I have cramps.

- Excuse me, Africa.

We're not down at the mall,
here, you know,

sitting outside with
a latte here or something.

Let's just
get moving along here.

- Frank is like a big strong
ex-army guy

and when we were hiking, he
was like a block away from us,

just trooping
on all by himself.

And the rest of us are all in
a pack back there.

And he would,
like, stop and wait for us

and you could just tell you he
was really put out and...

- Keep them moving,
will you?

Keep them moving.

- It's hard to keep moving.
-I know, but keep them moving.

- "Socialize later, we can laugh
later around the campfire."

I'm just like,
"Dude, we're not all like you."

It's, like, no compassion at all
for the rest of us, at all.

- You all right--
Whoa, whoa-- Whoa, whoa.

- Every time I stop, this
gets heavier.


- Oh, you okay?

-Diane, are
you all right?

- Yes.

- Let's keep going.

- All right, just keep going
straight, man.

- Pick it up, pick it up.

- I think
I see the sign.

- Oh yeah!
- Yes, right there.

- All right!

- Woo!
- Oh!

- Here we go, Boran--
All right!

- Yes.

- Good job.
- Yeah.

- All right.

- That's our
tribal handshake.

- Everybody got it down?


- Come on, we're walking
in together.

- Oh, my
God, that rocks!

- Seeing that Survivor flag,

it's just not real until
you're here.

And seeing that
flag, everyone just wanted

to pass out, of course.

Then Frank was all yelling
at us

to pick up the pace
now that we saw the flag.

- Come on, guys, pick it up--
The sun's going down.

- And we're just dragging
ourselves to get there, so...

- Frank, what branch of
the service were you in?

- I was in
the American branch.

It's called freedom.
- You guys all right?

(all cheering)


- Oh, my God.

- Hey, you guys, check
this out.

Hey, you guys,
there's another note.

- Read, read, read.

- "Welcome to your new home.

"This traditional African

"is in serious
need of repair.

"The manyata hut is made of
wood, grasses and manure.

"The thorn boma
fence is your only protection

"against lions and other

"There are three
things you must do immediately:

"One, make sure your fence is

two, keep
a fire burning all night..."

- We got oil.
- Beautiful.

"Three, always keep two people
awake on the lookout

for animals
that hunt at night."

- I'm the first one
up tonight.

- "For water,
follow your map to the spring

that will share with
the local game.

You must
boil it before drinking."

- Got it.
- Frank, are you on that?


- These don't hurt--
These don't hurt.

Ow-- This doesn't hurt.

- Keep piecing
it up until it's uniform.

There's a lot more in
those trees.

You don't have
to venture out in the bush.

Just come around
the corner.

- He's just the biggest baby
I've ever met.

- He pretty much is.
- Just keep smiling.

- Mm-hmm.
- That's what I'm doing.

- Well, Frank is just, like--

he was trying to hurry us along
and that's not my style.

I like to bond,
I like to talk to people.

- That's awesome.

- This is also a time where I
want to enjoy some of it.

I don't
want to... I'm not military.

I don't need it in
my life.

I don't need all
that structure, you know,

I think we'll get stuff done
without having, like,

every single thing be a rule

and every single thing be
single file.

That's just not me.

- We've got two of those--
How full are they?

- This one's full,
this one here is not.

It's, like, maybe half,
maybe not that.

Well, right now, we have a
really drastic water situation.

We have no fire yet,

and we broke three gourds on
the way on the hike.

The gourds
are very fragile.

And we lost the cap on
one of them.

And apparently
when you don't cap the water

that's in the gourd, it turns
into, like, turpentine.

- Oh, so bad.

- I mean, we've got to get
water, like, in the next hour

or we're just
going to be so screwed.

(all chatting at once)

- There's one
of those deadly giraffes.

- Giraffes... Zebras.

- Look out for those big...

- Tampano.

- Do not
touch the tampano.

- Don't mess with the Samburu

- This is really
the mother continent for me.

I don't know if this makes any
sense, but Mother Africa,

and I've been here before,
I have tremendous respect,

and when the tribe was
joking about the tamborunos

or the tampons in Samburu, my
reaction to that,

inside I was thinking, "Oh, my
God, that is so disrespectful.

The Samburu people, you know,
civilization, ages and ages ago.

Do you realize where
you are?

This is where it
all started, folks, in Africa."

- My God.
- It's so sick.

I mean, it's just covered
in crap.

- Geez.

I don't even want to touch
the water.

You know what I mean?

- This all
looks pretty stagnant.

- Whatever we do, we've got
to get our water

and get out of here.

- Do you guys see any food
in here anywhere?

- The water is disgusting--
I'm terrified.

It's sick-- I mean, I was
filling it up, and it was so...

it was this deep, so you get
water mixed with crud.

- We're pulling water out of a
very, like, murky...

tadpoles are
running all over it,

like pond scum, kind of
little water hole.

So the water
is contaminated,

and it has to be boiled for at
least five minutes over a fire

before we
can drink it.

- Okay.
- Take your time.

- You don't have to go fast.
- Right.

It's in the technique.
- You can do it.

- We need
a little oxygen here.

- Let me know
when you're ready.

- You can smell it.

- Whoa, man-- Come on.


- You have
to have a fire,

and even the Masai tribesman
said without the fire,

you can't
live in this land.

Fire is not for warmth,

what everyone would think
of right away

or for
security right away,

but the water has to be boiled
three to five minutes.

It has to be
purified for us to drink.

See now, look.

- Feel the tip, I'll bet
you it's hot.

- Gosh dang.

-We thought we'd get a fire,
faster than we, of course, did.

- As hard as we were working, we
just couldn't seem to get it.

And then, of course,
we were tired from the long day.

It was getting dark and we still
kept trying and trying,

even when it was dark,
to try to get the fire going.

That was, you know, a big

- You happy, Frank?

(distant lion roar)
- I've been happier.

- You're too hard on yourself.

You got us here-- You should
be very happy-- We are.

- I spent nine months in
softness in my mother's womb.

Everything else after that is
hard when you come out.

- Wait a minute,
wait a minute-- Hold it, Frank.

- Push the rod down.

- What happened?
- It broke-- The rope broke.

- Oh-- It's still hot.
- Can't you try it?

(lion growling)


-You going to throw up?

- Are you all right--
Get some water.

-We don't have any.

- I don't think anybody,

unless they've been put in
a situation like this,

really know how much
water your body really needs.

I mean, I really need
water right now.

I really do--
I'm so dehydrated.

- All right, get right here. -
Pull back.

- Now, look, what we want
to do is get it deep enough.

All right, stick it--
Now, you get your ass back here.

All right, where I am,
get right here.

- Guys, you've got to be quick
because this place isn't safe.

- Okay-- We'll clean
this out.

We need to get our water.

♪ You get a line
I get a bow, babe ♪

- ♪ You get a line
I get a bow ♪

- ♪ We'll go fishing in a
crawdad hole, honey, baby mine ♪

All right,
let's let it settle.

I know exactly
what I'm doing here.

Woo, woo!

- We got water.
- Whoo!

- Without fire,
you can't boil the water.

- Anybody knows that you don't
just belly up to the stream

that you're camping next
to, drop your canteen in it

and drink the water.

If you don't boil your water
out here,

you end up with what
they call amebic dysentery,

which basically has you puking
and crapping your guts out.

- It's starting to just...
it's getting worse.

I got another one
that's about to open up.

- Yeah.

Yeah, if you can keep it hot--
Ethan's good at it.

I'll keep it hot.

- Have I done anything?

Just can
not get a spin on it.

- You do realize that after
we give it

everything we have
in this challenge and we win,

we're going be so happy.

- Are you kidding me?

- All eight of us son of a
(bleep) might pass out.

- That's fine--
We pass out next to a fire,

that's going to be the best
sleep I ever had.

- You know, it doesn't
seem possible that we can go

another whole day
without it,

- so don't even...
- That's what I said.

- You know, we may be a little

but it's not like
we're going to die or something.



- I just opened
the medicine cabinet.

I don't think anybody's
opened it up.

- Where's Linds?
- Yeah?

- It's your birthday--

It's your birthday, honey.
- Oh it sure is, honey.

- What, what?

- Kim and somebody,
I think Linda,

just decided
to open the medical kit

to see what was
in there,

and you know,
tampons and stuff that we need,

and in the medical kit there
just happened to be

a telescope for us to,
you know, watch out for animals.

I don't know a lot about
telescopes, but I know that

a magnifying glass can start
a fire.

I had no idea whether or not
that was a magnifying glass,

but I unscrewed the telescope,
pulled out the lens,

and Silas was
right there and I was like,

"Silas, isn't there something we
can do with this?"

- That sucker's hot.
- Yeah.

Does your arm hurt?

Like, would it help if I put my
hand under your elbow?

- No, it's okay.

- Oh, my God.

Okay, do we have a little fire?
- Shh... Let's not jinx this.

Let's just get this damn
thing smoldering.

- Oh, you dumb ass.
- It's okay, it's okay,
it's okay.

You're doing so well--
It's fine.

- Careful, Nurse it.

Nurse it really gently,
really gently.


- Okay, don't
inhale that smoke, dude.

- Careful, careful-- I have
a little fire right here.

Once you get a flame, bring
it over here.

- Do not pass out.
- Oh, my God, dude.

- Holy cow-- Oh, my God.

- Just keep blowing.

- There you go--
There you go.

- Give me some wood--
Back up, back up, back up.

- Come over here, come over
here, come over here.

- What can we use...

- Do we need
to put this on top of it

or set this upside-down
on it?

How do you do it?

- Get Frank and those guys--
It's done.

- You guys, come here--
We got fire.

- Quick.
- Quick.

- Hurry.

- Get some hay-- Hay,
hay, hay-- Frank, get the hay.

That thing, right here,
right here.

- Put the hay on it--
Put the hay on it.

- Yes!

- You got it, baby.

- Oh, my God.

- Get down from the side,

don't put
your face directly over it.

- Come on, Frankie--
Give me something.

- Come on, buddy.

(all cheering)

-We got fire, we got fire,
we got fire!



- Yeah, has anyone had water
today at all?

- I had one sip.

- Maybe I should try to find
us some,

like, a can
of cherries or something?

- If we didn't have
canned goods--

are you
kidding me right now?

We'd have no moisture.

- You guys all cool with that?
- All right.

- We open a can of cherries to
get some sugar energy

and we also formed a circle,

take a cherry, one cherry,
pass it on.

- Mmm.

- Everybody get a cherry
in the circle.

- Everybody get
in the circle, you guys.

- Look at these things--
Look at those things.

- Whoever said keep all
the canned goods wins a prize.

- Go in order.

- Orgasmic.

- I was eyeing people just

I want my
equal share of cherries.

I mean,
it's so silly.

We're talking about cherries
here because we're starving,

and I definitely,
definitely saw Clarence

take two cherries at one time
and pass it around him.

I mean, it's so
tempting in there to take two.

Everyone's got to take one
cherry, pass it on.

And I saw him
take two, which is an issue.


- You know, and we'll see.
- Oh, check it out.

-What is this?

- Is this mail?
- This is great.

I've got to
take this home with me.

- Hey, guys, we have mail.

- Mail!

- "You survived your
first night.

"Can you prevail
or be left in the dust?

"As you blaze a trail, oh, the
dreaded first challenge.

"You know you must win

or the game may
be over before you begin."


- How's it going, guys?

- Woo!

- Let's talk
about the first night.

Boran, how did you do
with fire?

- Almost had it.
- Almost had it.

- No fire?
- No fire.

- Samburu, how did
you guys do with fire?

- We got it today.
- We got fire!

- We did.
- That's right.

- That's one o the things you're
playing for tonight, fire.

You win tonight, you keep
them another night without fire.

- Woo!

Here's the other
thing you're playing for,

probably as important,

I want everybody to
just a get feel of this.

This is the immunity idol.

You want this in your possession
as often as possible.

- Yeah!
- All right, all right.

- Win this challenge, you guys
have immunity.

Lose, you're coming
to see me tomorrow night

at Tribal Council, where one
of you will be

the first person voted out
of the tribe.

Here's how
the challenge works.

Each of you has a cart.

Your goal is to light the three
fire towers

on your way
to the finish line.

The first tower
is across the bridge.

The second one is atop that

One member of your
tribe will have to climb up.

Last tower, down on
the beach.

First tribe to light all the
towers and cross the finish line

with all their members wins
fire, wins immunity

and wins one of these carts,

which you can then use
to transport fire wood, water.

All right, take your spots,
wait for my start.

This is
for fire and immunity.

Survivors ready?

- Hell, yeah!
- Yes!

- Go!


- The light's helping!
- Yes, it is!

- Come on, now--
come on, now!


(excited shouting)

- Here we go!

- Watch your leg.
- Push!


- Come on, go, get it up.

- Up, up!


- Yeah, baby!
- Go!


- Come on!

- Clarence!

We gotta get torched.

- Come on, go!
- Go-- Yes!

- Oh, wow.

- Push, push, push.

To the right, to the right,
to the right.

- Watch the footing.

- Pull it up--
Pull it!

- Suck it up!

Come on-- Pull!

Come on, guys--
Pick it up.

Come on, come on!

Come on, Ethan--
It's just a little further.

Look at that, look at that,
we're almost there.

Come on, Ethan.

Everyone push.

- Keep going.

- Left, left.

- Guys, careful.
- Go, go, go.

- That's enough!
- Push, push.

- Push, push-- push!

- Push!

- Don't pass out!


- Push!



- Yeah!

- We got it.
- We got it, stay awake.

Stay awake-- Look at me--
Look me in the eyes.

Tell me about your kids,
tell me about your kids.

Samburu, nice job.

First part of your prize,
matches, keep that fire going.

And this, more importantly,
you guys are safe

from tomorrow night's vote.

Guys, tough challenge,

I know it's hard to see a tribe
member go down.

Tomorrow night, you still
have the unfortunate appointment

with me at Tribal Council.

- We get fire, though?
- Do we get fire?

- You get
fire tomorrow night,

but it's going to cost
you somebody.


- We're going
to go to the water hole.

- The water hole.
- We have to get water.

- Yeah, we'll take a walk
to the spring

and we'll
bring back our water.

- Lex, do you need me
to go or...

- I think we're good.

If we got three guys carrying
the big water containers...

- Because I'm going to
stay and take care of her.

- That is totally fine.
- But if you need me to go...

- No, you stay.
- All right.

- We're cool.
- All right, be careful.


- When we was at that spring
I said, "Do you know what?

"Something tells me we
should have counted our food

because Clarence loves
them cherries."

- He doesn't know how to use
the can opener, does he?

- No.

- You think?
- Yeah.

We'll see--
We'll see when we get back.

- I really hope he's not
like that, man.

- Right now, Clarence is
helping out Diane.

She's sick,
she's dehydrated

and he might be sipping
on our water

or get everyone out of the camp,
maybe he's eating our food.

I don't know.

- Everybody ready?

- A gourd here.

- Okay, let's go.

- We get back to camp, Clarence
comes to meet us

20 yards from camp.

Right then,
I smelled a little something.

He didn't smell good.

- No, I'm all right.

Help them boys up there, they're
the ones having trouble.

- You look better.
- I feel better.

- So when we
got on that trail,

I sniffed a little
bit more,

been talking to Diane.

She admits that she give
Clarence some water

and they
just ate a can of beans.

- Diane said the best thing to
do would be to open up,

get her
something to eat,

because we wanted to get her
strength up.

She said, "Well, maybe something
to eat will help."

So I said,
"Well, I'll do that.

"I'll open up a can, maybe get
some food in you,

that'll make
you feel better."

- Hey, Clarence, Diane talked
like you wanted to eat something

while we were gone.

If you have,
you need to kind of fess up.

Explain why you thought you
should eat a can of food.

- I got her
something to eat,

so we split it while you
were gone

just so she could
feel better and she does,

I mean, I ain't got
to eat.

It ain't no big deal.

- It's a big deal
to me.

- It's a big
deal to me, too.

- And I want to make it
straight now.

Anybody that eats without
the rest of us, it's a big deal.

-I opened a can because she
needed something to eat.

It was
a judgment call.

It was a judgment
call I made.

- It was
a bad damn judgment.

- There's eight of us.
- You guys were gone.

- It don't matter-- We're
all making it.

You can't make
the decision to eat the food.

- Tommy, Tommy.
- Tommy, hell.

- I had to open it
for her.

- You didn't
have to open it for her.

- Are you a doctor-- Let me
see your license.

You ain't no doctor.

- I'm saying I made a call
for her.

I did not
open a can for me.

I opened a can
for her.

- But did you eat any?
- Yes.

- Okay, well,
that's the whole point here.

- You made the call for
you, bro.

- You made
the call for you, too.

- You made the call for
all of us.

And I don't
think you got that right.

You don't eat without
all of us.

- My apologies.

- Okay, apologize to that one.
- I'm sorry.

You took her food.

- Apologize to them,
you took their food.

- I'm sorry.

- This man right here, you
took his food.

-I'm sorry--
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

You only got to tell
me once.

- But this issue
is cut and dried-- You blew it--

- Okay, that's all I want
to hear.

- and we're pissed
off and we now need to deal with

a situation where we
were starting to build trust.

The trust has been broken,

and it needs to be built
from square one.

We need to start
over now, because right now,

we're all wondering if we can
leave anybody alone.

- If you did that in the army,
you made a bad call in the army,

you'd be kicked
out of there so fast.

- Hell, they'd shoot you.
- They'd shoot you.

- You'd be code red.
- I'd shoot you if I had a gun,

I'd still be shooting.

- No, no, no, no.

A judgment call was made
by one person!

- I wasn't
going to not tell you guys.

- Where's the can
right now?

- I put it up-- I tossed it--
I was walking out--

- Did you hide it?

-No, I was on my way walking
to get some sunscreen,

and I tossed it.

- I didn't ask for beans.

- Was it one
of the big cans of beans?

- I don't know about that.

- You didn't ask for them?
- You didn't ask for food?

- I didn't ask.

He said he was going to open up
because he said,

"I needed to eat."

- That's a lie, dude!
- I don't know if I trust you.

- That's a lie.
- That's not either.

- That's a lie.
- Clarence, that is not.

- Diane, oh, my God.

- Clarence, I didn't ask you
for a can of beans.

- I told you I wasn't hungry.
- Diane, Diane, Diane.

- Yesterday, I did this,
but what is that jive thing

that you were showing
how to do?

Today you shake my way,
man to man when we shake.

Your way ain't the way
I'm going.

- What more do you want me
to say, Tommy?

- Today's a hard day for us.

- We have got to--
- We've got to vote.

- We have to kick one
of us out.

Today was not
a good day to do this.


- Come on in, guys.

I want you to grab a torch
and approach the flame.

At Tribal Council, fire
most definitely represents life.

As long as you have fire,
you're still alive.

When your flame is out,
the game is over for you.

So there's fire relating
to ritual,

and then there's
fire relating to real life,

as you guys have
figured out,

living without
it for two nights.

So the good news is, tonight
seven of you

will return
to camp with fire.

Bad news is one of you
is going home.

So before we get
to tonight's first vote,

let's have a little chat.

What's the first thing you're
going to do tonight, Jessie,

when you go back to camp,
having fire?

- I'll definitely light up
a fire and boil water all night.

I don't think any of us is going
to sleep tonight.

We're just going
to boil water and drink.

We're all dehydrated.

Let's talk about
the first challenge.

Diane, obviously, it was
tough on you.

Yeah, it
was tough on me.

We had tried to build a fire all
day in the sun,

and you know, sat out
there in the sun with no water.

And then having to go do this

I was done--
I was just out.

I was out of gas.

- Clarence, what's
it been like living together

as a group so far?

It has definitely
been awesome,

despite the fact
that we haven't had water.

Everybody here is really just
gotten to gel

to the point
where even when we mess up,

we feel bad about it.

I know I did some
things today,

and I feel
horrible about it.

And you know, it's just...

you don't feel like that
with strangers.

You feel like that about with
people you seriously care about.

- Fill me in--
What happened today?

- You know, today, a teammate
was not feeling well,

and I decided
to open a can of beans

to make them feel better.

While I had the can open,
I ate some, too.

And that wasn't fair.

Like I said,
it was something stupid,

and I seriously hope they
forgive me for it.

- Ethan, what was your
reaction when you came back?

- I was pretty pissed off.

I'm very impressed that
he stayed behind

and helped out Diane
because she was feeling sick,

and that's very, you know, noble
of a thing to do.

But, you know,
I was a little surprised

that someone would
do that.

- I think he had
a weak flaw in his character.

He had a weak moment.

And I forgive,
but I don't forget.

- All right, let's get to
tonight's vote.

Here's how
it's going to work.

One by one, you're going to
make your way

along here
to the voting confessional,

where you're going to write down
the name of the person

who you're voting
for in clear block letters,

hold it up, speak
your piece.

Diane, you're first.



- It's Clarence.

You were kind of deceitful
to me today,

plus you
called me a liar,

which I didn't appreciate at
all, since I'm not one.


- My vote tonight is Diane.

She's by far the weakest person
on our team right now.

That challenge killed us.

I'm not forgetting about what
Clarence did,

but if you look,
he's a big strong guy

and we need him for the next
little bit

to help us get
some, some challenges won.


- Clarence Black.

He let the team down.

We was looking for somebody who
was strong, but yet he is weak.

Our tribe will do what it
takes to win,

but we'll do it
with our head high.

We will not weaken.


- Out of all the people who
I hung out with,

you told me
that we were the closest.

And when it came down to it,
I took care of you today

and you lied
on me for no reason.

And for that, I can't
forgive you.

And I'm ashamed to tell
you that the day I told you

you're like my mother, you're
nothing like my mother.

- I'll go
tally the votes.


Once the votes are read,
the decision is final.

The person voted
out will be asked to leave

the Tribal Council area

I'll read the votes.

The first vote...



Clarence Black.

Two votes Clarence,
two votes Diane.

Three votes Diane.

Diane-- it's four votes Diane,
two votes Clarence.

Diane-- that's five votes.

That's enough.

Diane, the tribe has spoken.

It's time
for you to go.

See ya.

- Well, a lot has been said
here tonight,

so I would encourage
you, as you head back to camp

and boil a lot of water,

to try and do
some mending as a tribe.

You can take your torches
and head back to camp.

I'll see
you guys tomorrow.


(Jeff Probst)
Stay tuned for scenes from
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Next time on Survivor...

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