Survivor (2000–…): Season 25, Episode 2 - Don't Be Blinded by the Headlights - full transcript

Former TV teen star Lisa Whelchel reaches her breaking point early in the game, and as temperatures drop, two castaways make a risky choice to keep each other warm.

Previously on "survivor":

15 americans were shipped
to the philippines,

an island nation full of deadly
animals and ferocious storms.

Amongst the new survivors
were two familiar faces--

my name is lisa welchel.

I played the character blair
warner on "the facts of life.

" i'm jeff kent. I played 17
years in major league baseball.

This will be real fun for me.

The new castaways were joined
by three past survivors,

all returning from
devastating evacuations.

All three have one thing none of
the rest of you have-- experience.

This season,the castaways
were divided into three tribes,

each joined by one return player.

Jonathan penner joined kalabaw.

Michael skupin to tandang.

And russell swan to masting.

Either these people will run with me
or i'm going to have to run them over.

Your time starts now.

Cut it! Cut it!

Is your leg okay,buddy?

Within the first three minutes i
possibly could have torn my m.c.l.,

and if my teammates smell blood they'll
kick me off this island real fast.

It was clear experience was key

- whenerous expel
- ***

penner found clues to
the hidden immunity idols.

Found the clue!

But for penner it wasn't all luck.


I agree.

I think he had his time and he's
out as soon as we can get him out.

At tandang,abpierks and
r.c. were all smiles.


They joined a majority alliance of four,

making lisa,the former
teen star,an early target.

I do not trust her. Do
not underestimate lisa.

Lisa is way famous.

I don't know her strategy
for not revealing who she is.

At the first immunity challenge.

I want you two to do the puzzle.

Russell's bossiness backfired.

Keep going! Keep going! Don't look!

Kalabaw first to finish.

Tandang survives immunity as well.

I told you i'm not good at puzzle.

Back at camp,all eyes orp russell.

Honestly,i can't stand
russell. He's going home.

Until zane shifted the blame to himself.

Three days in,brother,i
ain't built for it.

Nothing against zane,but this
is not the point in the game

where you can have weak players.

At tribal council,they
called out russell.


He told me,if we lose,it's your fault.

In theind.

I have so much more to give. And
hope i get that opportunity g.

Russell barely escaped.
The tribe has spoken.

17 are left. Who will
be voted out tonight?


i know**


i **




We went to tribal tonight.

I knew my head was potentially
on the chopping block.

I got into this kind of tribal chief
thing where it was my way or the highway.

And it almost got me voted out.

Let's just not do that again.

- How about that.
- That sounds great.

So,my strategy going
forward is to step back

and let them rise and fall on
the decisions that they make.

That way,if we crash and burn,

then they can be on the
chopping block as opposed to me.

Come over here.

Where are you?

Right here.

It is so freaking cold.

If i did not cuddle i
would have froze to death.

There's nothing going on between us.

You know,when it's cold,you
need to cuddle up to someone.

When i first saw angie,i
kept having to remind myself,

don't get booty blinded.
Doarnt get booty blinded.

You're here to play "survivor" to
make a million dollars and go home.

There's no denying,that's
a good-looking girl.

So i wake up in the middle of the night,

and malcolm and angie
they're,like,cuddling,full on cuddling.

It's the same trap that is set
every time,and angie literally,

it's a booby trap,and
malcolm is falling for it.

I was not born yesterday. Okay.

As a tribe,we need to be
aware that that is going on

because those two are
dangerous together.

One has got to go,period.

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The weather is horrible.
It's absolutely horrific.

Everything is soaking wet.

And i was,like,nervous
about the rice getting moldy.

So i stuck my hand in just to make sure,

and i took the bag before to find
eye clue and i didn't find anything,

and which time i found it right away.

It's good. Do you want to
justraphy it here for now?

Lisa was looking over my shoulder

so i was hoping she didn't really
see my face or give away anything.

- go**
- why

- i**
- th**

Sometimes i feel abi could
potentially use me in the future,

but i feel like i can use her in the
future so if i get her on my side,

solidify her with me that will be the
strongest two-some at least in our pride.





it could**

I knew it. What did
i tell you. I knew it.

- It's at camp. This stays between us?
- Of course.

I mean,i trust peter and i trust michael

but,like,this is for us,for the future.

Yeah,let's get water and hide this.

Me and abi really clicked since day one

but since he haven't been
to go to tribal council

our alliance hasn't been test yet.

I shared the clue with her
and that should be proof enough

they trust her.

Hopefully none of them found it,first.

Under our noses.

It is great that r.c. wants
to share the idol with me.

I was very lucky to catch her finding
the clue,so she has no other choice.

But a side of me tells me to be careful.

- did**
- No.

Yeah,that's new.

I just don't know if i
can trust r.c. all the way,

because i feel that she's getting
a little bit too close to mike.

What were you guys talking about?

i just**


I catch them whispering
a little too much,

i catch them switching
conversations when i walk in.

If she screws me over,that's
it. She's dead to me.

i notice**

You know what it is,mike
is like my father.

I like mike,but the
plan is still in effect.

This is a game. You.

It doesn't matter if
you like mike or not.

You're playing a game.

You and him go off together
and you're always whispering.

Yeah,but i feel the same
way about you and pete.

But we don't switch conversations
when people walk up to us.

You and mike do,and it's obvious.

I don't think we do.

I thought abi was my number two.

I thought she could handle it
but she can go off like that

and that really makes me nervous.

She thinks i could be making
suballiances and i'm not.

I don't know how to prove that to her.

I wouldn't lie to you.I
haven't lied to you,

and you have no reason to
think that i would lie to you.

- I am your friend.
- Me,too.

But if you with me you're dead.

Seriously,are you done.

Just letting you know.


I'm struggling a little
bit with this weather,

but i played baseball for 17 years

and,you know,"survivor" is
going to be a long season for me.

I'm up to the challenge.

I know how to wait people out.

Baseball we played for six months.

If you don't have anything
left in the tank october,

then you're not going to be a champion.

Maybe we should play inside
games like on a rainy day at home.

We could draw some
squares in the ground.

And rocks. And a checkerboard.
You guys want to do that?

The way things are going with my knee

sitting around watching the rain
fall could be good for me right now.

I'm making sure i take care of
my knee and have enough energy

so our team can win.

- How many squares across?
- 17.

- what are you drawing?
- We're making a checkerboard.


Better hurry up before the
rain washes the game away.

The downside in the constant rain,

the idol is somewhere right in our camp
and i can't get them out of the shelter.

I need 10 minutes just so i can
dig around and get this damn idol.

It's there,it's waiting
for me. I can't get to it!

Jonathan,what do you think about this?

This rain?


No,no,i'm okay.

The cave? I can grab a
little tinder and go there.

I'm go with you.

I'm actually going to go for a dip.

I'm soaked anyway,i don't care.

We're going to the cave.

We're going to make a fire.

Be careful! Have fun!



Luckily,they're so concerned about
the rain,they've all gone to a cave.

The camp is empty.

The clue said it was
right under my nose.

It's right under my nose.

Waste,our time,guys,unless you
got anything up there,carter.

Where the hell is the damn idol?

Come on,man.

Well,flint will work
regardless how wet it is.

I'll go with you.

I never had the immunity idol.

I've never had individual
immunity at all.

This is a key to the game.

I've got to find this thing
before they get back to camp.

And i'm saying just stay calm.

Who knows how long you have

what are you looking for?

My lens washed out. I was looking
for my glasses,i couldn't find them.

- You found them?
- Yeah,

it was so wet i looked up
and my lens washed right out.

Dawson comes into the camp
so i made up this insane story

i lost my glasses and had
to go under to get them

because the rain washed my contact
lens out,which was ridiculous.

A lie.

I can't find it anywhere.
It's right under my nose.

It's got to be there,in
the camp,under my nose.

I'm getting more and more frustrated,and
then a light bulb goes off.

If i had opened the clue where
the clue was,on top of the rice,

there's a little wooden bull
with a very prominent nose.

For the first time in three tries,i
have the hidden immunity idol.

It's fantastic.

The idol is right under your nose.

You have the hidden immunity idol

and you feel that you can
dance forever,not can touch you.

Of course,that's not true.

I know a lot of guys who thought
i'm going to dance all the way

to the million and they got blindsided.

Those are mistakes
-- well,listen--

that's a mistake that i'm
not going to make,i hope.

Yeah! I'm on fire!


- Good morning,everybody.
- Good morning.

So i wake up on day five,and
malcolm and angie are cuddling again.

And i'm,like,i want one of you out.

Malcolm is clearly more useful.

So in order to get angie out,i knew
i had to get russell on my side.

Now the cuddling happening
they're getting closer.

They definitely look like
something is going on.

You know what i mean?

Where people sleep in the
shelter is pretty telling.

And angie,hot
young chick with--

i mean,it looks like she's
got some boob thing going on.

They're popping up all over the place.

And i don't blame malcolm for
wanting to slap and tickle,

but i can't get down with that.

You get your bang on somewhere
else,because "survivor" couples,

you want to whack that
thing down real quick.

- I would have! Yes,i would have.
- No,you wouldn't have.

Ange and malcolm are a pair and
what's scarier than an allied pair.

people Who are just naturally,i
like you,no matter what.

There's definitely some of that.

I'm hearing,like,moans and cud
kennedy ling and all that stuff.

I'm sorry. This is what i'm thinking.

If we don't win
immunity,she's got to go home.

They say malcolm and
angie as this big couple,

some threat,hey,we
need to split that up.

But malcolm and i are in an alliance.

I think part of it is a 24-year-old
guy snuggling up to something

that is really nice to snuggle up to

but now there are these
huge targets on their back.

i think**



This morning,there was a very
strange vibe going around camp.

I'm not sure what was going on,

but now i'm nervous the rest
of the tribe is freaking out

about me and angie coupling up.

They could see that as
a threat potentially,

and if that's the case,we
could be in trouble.


i would**

I just sit here and wait and wait.

- What's your favorite food?
- Ham and cheese sandwich.

I love french fries. I can
eat french fries all day long.

I'm an introvert by nature,so
i don't do well with chit-chat.

I'm just not very good at that.

I'm very,very shy,so if i'm on
the stage,i can be behind a role.

But in real life,my tendency is just
to withdraw and not let anybody in.

She's gone.

She just disappears way too much.

She's off looking for the immunity idol.

I feel like since we're
so good on our five

then,you know,we just have to watch her.

That's what we have to
watch out for,not the idol.

That's why she's looking for the
idol right now because she knows.

I think that lisa is
a little bit sneaky.

She's just,like,an outsider.

I don't feel like she's trying hard
enough to connect with the tribe.

We created an alliance,and
she wasn't a part of it.

Because she wasn't
connecting with anybody else.

I don't feel like i'm fitting in.

I'm already on the outside

and don't really have somebody
that i can trust or talk to.

I've been on my own since i was 12.

you know,when i moved to california

to be on the "mickey mouse
club" and i left my family.

So i'm very used to just
taking care of myself.

So i think in real life i'm
trying to learn to open up

and trust more and
depend on other people,

but this is not the place
to experiment with that.

Obviously,she doesn't have it.

Right,because she's still looking.

She's like a gog dogthat keeps
escaping the fence in the backyard.

Eventually you just have to shoot it.

I think we're all in agreement,right?

Okay,she's coming back.

It's hard being on the
outside,and,you know,i just--

maybe i'm not just not
able to play this game.


♪♪ Down,

this is the most
important thing right now.

No fire,that's--
that's deadly.

The last time i played this game,i
went out,the place was raining.

I come back in,it's raining again.

So i guess we're just going
to be wet and miserable

and it's just going to suck the b.s..

Are you not cold?

That's why i keep running
around,to keep from getting cold.

I haven't been this wet in my life.

This is ridiculous.

It hasn't stopped raining for more
than half an hour since we got here.

Russell's on fire duty

and me and denise are just trying
to keep the shelter in one piece,

and roxy is just out of it it.

She's not working. Her mind's not in it.

And everyone's noticing it.

This is crazy.

It's just water.

We're all good.

Being in seminary school and
being someone of christian faith,

i thought that would give me
great strength within this game.

But with it being so
rainy and so freezing cold,

i just came to the realization that
i'm not in my comfort zone at all.

Talk to me girl. What's
going on over there?

Don't hold it in.

There's a lot to it.

But trust me,we love you.

You're an important part of this family.

And we need you.

I haven't h a good night's
sleep since i've gotten here,

and to be in a place where you literally
have nothing,none of your friends.

You have none of your family.
You don't have your church.

Like,right now,i'm encountering
all over again,and it's not easy.

Oh,look it,the sun.

You can believe it?


Thank you,god.

You hear every prayer,god.

You are loving. You are just.

Glory be to your name,god.



I can't figure out if she's speaking
in tongues or saying a prayer.

I'm surprised. I thought she would have a
little bit more strength of character than this.

It makes me really nervous,russell.

I know.

Roxy's,she's praying
for sunshine from god.

If it works for her,fantastic.

I'm respectful,but it's just not my gig.

I don't pray for anything

anything that's going to get me to the
end of the game,it's going to be me.

Reporter,let's get ready to kick
some butt,period,end of discussion.

We have another challenge coming up,

and not once does my mind go
to,god,help me win this challenge.

No,dig in. Dig deep. And make it happen.

Come on in,guys!

Kalabaw and tandang get,your first
look at the new matsing tribe.

Zane voted out at the
first tribal council.

You guys ready to get to
today's immunity challenge?


First things first,i'll
take back the idols.

Thank you,thank you.

Once again,immunity
is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge,two
members from each tribe

will pull a sled out to retrieve
bundles of puzzle pieces.

They come back to the
start,the next pair goes.

Once you've collected all the pieces,

one person will serve as your caller

and they will try to help two other
tribe members solve a giant puzzle.

The first two tribes to get it right
win immunity and are safe from the vote.

Losers go to tribal council where
somebody will be voted out of this game.

In addition,you are playing for reward.

Want to know what you're playing for?


First tribe to finish.

Blankets,pillows,and a tarp.

Second tribe to finish.


And a tarp for the
second tribe to finish.

Huge stakes.

With three small tribes you do
not want to fall behind in numbers.

Tandang and kalabaw you're
each sitting somebody out.

Tandang who is sitting this one out.

- I'll sit out.
- Abi take a spot on the bench.

- ***
- I'll sit out,jeff.





we**...go out.

- Somebody's got to run twice.
- You don't want to go twice?

- Not really.
- Okay,could you go twice?

I mean,i've been drinking less water so
it doesn't make sense for me to go twice.

I'm just letting you guys know.

All right,here we go,for
immunity and reward.

Survivors ready? Go!

Carter for kalabaw,and pete and skupin for
tandang,and russell and angie from matsing.

Only five people left.

Matsing does not want to
go to tribal council again.

Skupe and i know pete doing
nice work with the sled.

Skupin and pete got their
pieces and are heading back.

Jeff and carter heading back.

Russell and angie,they're hung up.

Now the pieces are starting to fall off.

Tandang off to a fast start.

Kalabaw right behind.

Matsing,once again in last place.

I don't know if i can go.

Come on,keep going!

Katy and penner for kalabaw.

Russell and angie have
to get their pieces back.

They're already tired.

Malcolm and roxy now
heading out for matsing.

Matsing way behind
early in this challenge.


Kalabaw going to take
them over,pass them by.

Malcolm and roxy picking up in time.

They've got their second set.

Malcolm is pulling it alone.

Artis and r.c. slowing down.

They've now been caught by malcolm.

Matsing's made up a lot of time.

Carter and jeff heading out for the
third and final set of pieces for kalabaw.

Pete and skupin heading
back out for tandang.

Russell and angie are
going to go back out

and russell is already tripping
over the ropes the second time out.

Jeff and carter now heading back
with that third set of puzzle pieces.

Come on,you guys! Faster! Faster!

This challenge is exhausting.

Skupeip and pete exhausted.

Russell,step by step pulling that sled.

Angie struggling.

Kalabaw's first back.

Unload the pieces. Start
working on the puzzle.


R.c. and pete working on
the puzzle for tandang.

Malcolm and russell with
a lot of time to make up.

They lost the first challenge,do
not want to lose again.

Angie on the ground out of it.

R.c.,you need a three right
in a row. Right after that.

The communication between the
callers and the puzzle solvers

will be the difference
in this challenge.

No,that's not it.

Put a corner piece on this side. Hey!

There gu. Right there! Right there!

- Put your long piece--
- that's it,that's it.

Put it down.

Kalabaw has their
first puzzle completed.

Tandang has their first
puzzle completed very quickly.

Russell,take a three.

All right,go to second.
Good job,you guys.

Russell and malcolm
solved their first puzzle.

We've got a challenge now.

- That is one on the right side!
- No 2s?

Turn that around. Turn
that back around,jeff.

Nobody listening to dana.

There's a yellow one
right in front of you,pete.

Got it. Whoo!


Tandang has their
second puzzle finished.

They're now working on
their third and final puzzle.

One more. Like tetris.

Matsing was out of this challenge
and they're now back in it.

They're working on their third puzzle.

Suddenly jeff and penner are now behind.

Another dana,what have you got?

That piece is not going to work.

Come olisten up. Stlied slideyour
3 all the way to the right.

That's right.


Everybody working on the third puzzle.

That won't go,r.c. you've
got a couple of long pieces?

Put a 3 piece in the middle.

- There you go!
- Do you have another l?

Put it right here in
the far left corner.

Pete,pete. But that in the
corner! Put it in the corner.

That's it!

Tandang finishes first and wins
immunity plus tarp and blankets.

- Yes,whoo!
- Yes!

We are still fighting for second place.

Keep digging!

Penner! Penner,right here!

- There is no 3.
- there is a 3 right here.

One big l.

Yeah,yeah,yeah,here we go.

Not like that.

L,right there!

Put it in,right there,get it!

Keep going!

Put it in! Put it in!
Right there! Get it!

Kalabaw wins immunity and tarp.

You got it!

Matsing goes to tribal council
for the second straight time.

Tandang,congratulations. Come
get your immunity and reward.

No tribal council tonight.
You now have tarp and comfort.

Grab your stuff. Head back
to camp. Enjoy the night off.

Kalabaw,come on over.

Immunity and a tarp. No
tribal council tonight.

Grab your stuff. Head back to camp.

Russell,you threw a piece
of the puzzle at the end.

What is the frustration?

I'm pissed off. I'm sick of this.

I can't do this. I can't handle this.

Either go hard or go home.

Forget these other
stupid talking tribes.

They can't beat us. They
shouldn't be able to beat us.

And yet they have twice.

That's because these folks haven't decided
that they are unbeatable,that they can do this.

They have to get their heads
out of their butt or go home.

Somebody going home tonight.

I will see you tonight at tribal council
where somebody will be voted out of your tribe.


This sucks. We lost again.

We gotta get our affect.

At least we were close.

Close doesn't keep us out of tribal.

So we go to the challenge
today,and once again,we lost.

angie,beauty queen,

she's,like,"i don't think i can do this.

" and then here's roxy saying,"not me. I
have not had enough water to drink today.

" and i just lost it.

Guys,i'm sorry.

Cursing doesn't help anything.

The emotions were running high.

Rox 18 has been extremely successful

at making herself a target for
getting her head chopped off.

But i need roxy.

Every time something happens in
camp,if she's around,i know about it.

She was the one that told
me about malcolm and angie.

Those two have linked up,and i'm the
one with the largest target on my back,

so if rox 18 goes,i'm,like,screwed.

- It's a public embarrassment if you ask me.
- Right,right,right.

Girlfriend's on the floor,passed out.

She was on the floor.
She was on the floor.

You're preaching to the
choir on that,sister.

This is why companies
don't like flatterrization.

It spoils a group.

But they don't listen to me.

Malcolm and angie are too
busy being up each other's butt

and it's frustrating because he
doesn't bring anything to the team.

She plays a cheap game.

I can respect people who do good games,

where they're scheming.

That one over there who
doesn't have any skill at all.

Just show the boobs.
Somebody will fall for it.

It's like miss america all
day long,and it's annoying.

Bottom line,angie needs to go.

Not just because sheets weakest link

but her relationship
with malcolm is not good.

She should have went first.


We're gonna be called out.

- For what?
- Sleeping situation.

Well,what's she gonna say?

- I don't know-- - we
need to vote angie out.

That's what she's saying.

- She is?
- What else would she say?

I'm sure,yeah.

It's the only option.

I thought it was a done
deal that roxy's going home.

The girl is doing nothing around camp,

and she just isn't
helpful with anything,

but the girl still has
a little fight in her.

She chatted up russell
and for a good long while.

I know i shouldn't be
cuddling with angie.

But it's cold at night and i skooch over

and an arm comes and maybe a leg,

and then i'm,"all right. "
it's only flesh and blood.

A good-looking blond girl throwing
throes her arm and leg over me

i'm not going to push her away

but now i'm nervous that
might come back to bite me.

Wow,did i get an earful.

She does have a little
survival instinct.

She had plenty of
interesting things to say.

My concern is angie
is trying to come off

as this sweet little miss
america you taw thing.

But angie isn't as innocent a player.

Who's to say we don't lose
another damn challenge.

How do i think that's going to cut?

She chops my head off.
That's what's going to happen.

If roxan goes,i'm next.

i think**

At this point,roxy and
russell are definitely aligned,

and i know malcolm
and angie are aligned.

And i'm caught in the
middle of all this.

I can't put my finger on it,

but there is something just about
roxy that i just don't trust.

But at the same time,even though
i've got my alliance with malcolm,

i mean,if somebody's snuggling and
i'm the odd one out,i'm on the bottom.

I mean,and i don't want
to be on the bottom.

Maybe i give malcolm too much credit in
the sense of please be a strategic player.

Please don't be blinded
by the headlights. Please.

The problem is,there's pros
and cons to keeping both

but i've got to do what's best for me

so again i feel pretty sure
about what my vote's going to be

but it's a long way to tribal
council,and i'll have to figure it out.

So,russell,a lot of emotion at
the end of the challenge today.

Jeff,i'm intense about
this. This means a lot.

I don't come here to just dillydally
and be cute and all that kind of stuff.

I come here to kick butt.

Denise,it was not only boisterous.
It was a little accusatory.

"this tribe needs to get it together.

" it felt really accusatory but
at the same time i get it. I do.

We've been working our
tail offs around camp.

We wanted to be prepared
to go in and it sucks.

Roxy,finish this sentence for me,"

if there's one thing i could change
about this tribe it would be...

" that they won't invest 75% of their
energy into being workhorses around camp.

You're saying they put
too much energy at camp.

Absolutely. I feel like to
come back and a second challenge

that we lost and it's just back to work.

Like,that's awkward.

Denise,you're nodding your
head like that makes sense.

No. If we want to be strong for
challenges,we need to get wood.

We need to get that fire
going. We have to work.

That's really what's going on.

Angie,finish that same sentence,"if i
could change one thing about this tribe...

" that we could have cookies.

Malcolm,angie,fair answer,says
keeks would be good.

Uh,you know,the stomach rumbling is
something we're all getting used to

so i can understand
the keek response --

- wait a second. Really? Really?
- I'm trying to be nice.

In a game for a million dollars,

one of your tribemates
says cookies would be good.

And you say,yeah,you know,they would be.

It's not my answer but it's been hard
on the girls emotionally and physically.

I'm not saying it's a phenomenal answer.

Russell,is this what
you're talking about,

you guys have lost two
challenges in a row,

and one of your tribe mates says
if i could change anything,cookies.

I mean,jeff,she's a wonderful
young lady,and i give her mad props

but this is just new to her.

So the thing is you have to leave
everything out there every challenge.

And you have to be
completely about action.

Roxy,do you see friendships starting to
form in this little cluster of people?

Other things as well.

I mean,i don't really know what's
going on between angie and malcolm,

but it's way beyond just an alliance.

- Beyond an alliance.
- Absolutely.

- As in romance.
- Probably.

What's up?

I didn't even say anything,malcolm.

Did you that look. I
already got it figured out.

So is there a little something
between you and angie?

No,but we sleep next together
at night,and it gets cold,

so there's,you know,mutual warmth.

What do you think roxy's picking up on?

I don't think anybody
else in the shelter is,uh--

- snuggling.
- As close as we are.

- Snuggling,
- there's a good word for it.

It does stand out a little
bit. It's not romantic at all.

- She's like a little sister to me.
- Really.


- What was that roxy.
- Creepy.

If i had a brother i wouldn't
be cuddling with them.

I mean,look at angie.
This is an attractive girl.

It just so happens that that's the person
you feel like is your little sister.


Why does it both bother you.

It bothered me on day one.

To me it was like a booby
trap-- sorry-- literally.


I'm sorry that i'm cold. I'm freezing.

Yeah,you were freezing?

I would cuddle
with you,but--

- no,no,i'm good.
- But don't.

Russell,two people,even the
appearance of being together

in a group of five soon to be four,

that's half the tribe.

Oh,absolute. You know,at the end
of the day,relationships,you know,

that's the tightest alliance you
could ever have in "survivor."

So,angie,do you understand that?

I do.

The mere mention of
being with somebody else

is enough to get you
voted out of this game.

And roxy just threw that cloud
of suspicion over the both of you.

You know,that's her opinion.
And she can have that.

Let's get real honest
here,angie. Let's wake up.

Here's what's happening.
There's suspicion.

Malcolm,you're under the same
bus. What if you two are linked?

Yeah,it's all out there but,you know,

i'm tight what a group of people
and hopefully they understand it

and they'll take it for what it is not for
what somebody is trying to twist it to be.

You know what,jeff?

All i have to say is a pair
in this game is very dangerous.

So if there's even a 60% chance that
there's more there between angie and malcolm,

then good luck to the rest of
you if you choose her over me.

With that,it is time to
vote. Malcolm,you're up.


I have to call a spade a spade.

If you want to pretend like
it's something else,go ahead.

God bless you and shhom.

I can't stand you. And i won't miss you.

I'll go tally the votes.

If anybody has the hidden immunity
idol and you want to play it,

now would be the time to do so.

Okay,once the votes are
read,the decision is final.

Person voted out will be asked to leave
the tribal council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote,roxy.

Angie. One vote roxy,one vote angie.

Roxy. That's two votes
roxy,one vote angie.

Second person voted out of
"survivor: philippines," roxy.

That's three. That's enough.
You need to bring me your torch.

Roxy,the tribe has spoken.

Time to go.

Well,the good news is
tomorrow is another day

and fortunes in this
game can change very fast.

Keep your heads up. Grab your
stuff. Head back to camp. Good night.

Proudly Presents

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Next time on "survivor":

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I don't know if it's god's
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And skupin puts everything on the line.

Skupin bleeding from the face!

It's been six days,but
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I think that the relationship
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will impact the game
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At this point,there's no place to hide,

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