Survivor (2000–…): Season 25, Episode 1 - Survivor Smacked Me in the Chops - full transcript

Medically evacuated veterans Michael Skupin, Jonathan Penner and Russell Swan return to battle for the title of Sole Survivor.

We are in one of the most beautiful and

remote locations in the
world,the philippines.

Here,thousands of islands scattered
over the southeast asian sea

Are home to waters and
rain forests filled with

Countless animals both
beautiful and dangerous.

Amidst the serenity of
this majestic rand scape,

Furious storms can
arrive without warning.

It is here where
15 americans--

Already divided
into three tribes--

Have begun the adventure of a lifetime.

I'm jeff kent.

I played 17 years of
major league baseball.

I played in the world series
where we had screaming fans

On their feet with bases loaded.

I've seen pressure.

This is going to be a
challenge for me,no doubt.

I'm hoping people won't recognize me.

You know,i have people
come up to me all the time

And ask me about frankenstein.

He picked a little girl a flower.

He strangled her after he
gave it to her but,still,

you know,he picked her a flower.

I think that's the way
i feel about myself,

I could strangle you or pick
you a flower,it depends on

What you pull out of me.

My name is lisa whelchel and

I played a character called blair
warner on "the facts of life.

She would never in a million
years be on "survivor"

But i'm very different.

I'm a huge fan of "survivor."

I've never missed a show.

and at this point I'm not going to say
i was on "the facts of life" as a kid.

I'm getting to be lisa.

"survivor" is the most thrilling
adventure game on television.

It's also the most dangerous.

Can you hear me?

Bobby john?Bobby john?

Over 24 seasons,many of
those who started the game

Were unable to finish.

I can't believe this.

Pulled from the game with
one question in their hearts:

What could have been?

What these castaways don't know
is that three former players are

Returning for a second shot
to finish what they started.

The last time
i played--

Russell?You with me?

"survivor" smacked me in the Chops.



Russ?Russ?You with us?

This time i'm smacking back.

Either these people will run with me

Or i'm gonna have to run them over.

That's it.

I got injured in a challenge.

An infection that goes into your
bloodstream is potentially fatal.

it was awful.


Couldn't you try it better?

Couldn't it for any harder.

Do you know how on fire
i am to win this thing?

You know how much i can taste this?

You know how i can actually see it?

39 days from now i'll
make a million dollars.

The whole 18 days that i was on
"survivor" in the australian outback

Was such an amazing even which you are.

Our tribe was winning and the killing
of the wild boor was a big accomplishment

But i think the world saw that me falling
in the fire was my greatest failure.

I didn't see it that way.

He's burned pretty bad.

Keep his hands in the water!

I think to dwell on "what if"

Would cheat what the
adventure was for me.

But i'm in love with the fact
that i'm able to come out here


And do it again.

Will the veterans have what it
takes to be the soul survivor?

Or will a new castaway emerge to
claim the million-dollar prize?

39 days,18 people,one


-= Proudly Presents

-= Sync:♪¨·ç²¨
Season 25 Episode 01

Welcome to "survivor:


The guy in the maroon shirt,

- What's your name?
- ****

What do you make About seeing
three tribes,not the normal two?

panic.You've only got-- right
now we've only got five teammates.

If you're losing the-- losing
tribe going to tribal council,

There will be a lot of
panic going on real quick.

Guy smack dab in the Middle.

What's your name?


Zane,i know you got something to say.

I'm happy with three tribes.

As long as it ain't celebrities.

I do get recognized a lot.

Even if only one person
recognize nasa will travel


Through my tribe so i
want to keep this secret.

Woman in the back with the blue dress.


This is a social game

For sure but it's a
physically demanding game.

Have you seen the toll
this game Can take?


What's the worst You've
seen on this show?

A guy passing out in the
middle of a challenge and

He just cannot recover and he
doesn't want to leave the game

At all and even in his clear
to ya he's like "please,

No,no matter what don't
take me out of the game."

Over 24 seasons many
players have seen their shot

at A million dollars cut short

Because they had to be
evacuated for medical reasons.

Three of those players are
returning for a second shot.

They will be playing with you.

Right behind probst pulls
up another boat with previous

Contestants and i'm such
a huge fan of the show.

I'm thinking to
myself,okay,are you dreaming?


Russell swan"survivor: samoa" passed out
in front of me due to severe dehydration.

His heart rate plummeted.

Doctors had no choice but to
intervene and pull him from the game.

Jonathan penner in "survivor:

Fans versus favorites" suffered
a life-threatening infection.

Much to his disappointment,
Doctors pulled him from the game.

Going all the way back to
season two "survivor Australis:

tending to the fire,took in too
much smoke,momentarily fainted,

Hands first into the tribe fire

with skin dripping off of
his fingers was airlifted out,

Pulled from the game.

All three of these players
were leaders on their tribe and

All three have one thing none of
the rest of you have: experience.

Russell,here's a buff
and map to your new home.

You are on the blue tribe.

Your tribe name is matsing.

Head over and say hello.

What's up,family?


What's up,man?

Jonathan penner,

You're on the red tribe.

Your tribe name is kalabaw,go Say hello.

I'm jonathan.

******** That leaves you.

Your tribe name is tandang.

Go say hello.


The yellow tribe
caught my eye instantly.


I recognized lisa from the show
that i watched when i was growing up.

I'm lisa,i'm a tpaoupblg fan Of yours!

Her show name blair
almost came off my lips.

How are your hands?

Let me see them.

Are they good?

- They're good.
- Took a while.

We got you covered this time!

Skupin,you are one of the
originals in this game.

Season two.

What's it feel like to be back
Here getting another shot?

It almost feels like
the first time again.

It's amazing to be here.

I mean,i can't believe it.

It's good.

All right,hidden immunity
idols are in play this season.

You know what kind of impact
They can have on the game

but as Always the question
is where are they hidden?

All right,this boat is loaded
with supplies that will help

Make your life a little easier.

You have 60 seconds to gather
as many supplies as you can,

Get your raft and get overboard.

Your time starts now.

There's fruit,there's chickens,
There's wood.

Get what you want,start
getting stuff towards your raft.

Guys,get a machete if you see one.


Penner yelling out instructions.

take it up,take it up.

Skupin untying a lot Of knots.

Anything with a blade.

Any blade.Any blade.

ten second left.

Before what happens?

Before you've got to
Get off the boat,brother,

You've played this game before!

- bring it! Bring it!
- Here,here.

All right,start Getting stuff
overboard,drop Your rafts.

Okay,cut it!

Cut it!

Is your leg okay,buddy?

Got twisted?

The red tribe loses everything
as their raft goes in.

It's all right.

We'll get it all.

Grab that!

Everybody off this Boat.




Get off.

Let's look for the Chicken.

I got him.

See you out there,guys!

Good luck to you.

Is it broken?

Is it twistd?

I heard it popping,i don't
know if that was the bamboo or

My knee but we'll see.

We start with returning
players from injury and

Within the first three
minutes my knee is pin and

I could have possibly torn my m.c.l.


This is too bad to believe.

If my teammates smell blood
they're going to kick me off*****


There's no doubt about the fact that i am
just absolutely thrilled to be here again.


I feel blessed.

Welcome home,people!

So the last time i played this
game i was in this leadership role

But this time the whole
leadership ain't gonna happen.

All right,guys,listen,i mean,

I tried to do this
leadership thing before.

Look what that got me.

So no leaders here,we're all a team.

I don't care what they do.

They can vote for chief,they
can vote for two chiefs,

They can vote for high supreme.

Whatever it is,i'm not going to be it.

Let's just get this stuff,get
it here and we'll figure out

What we want to do.

- Okay.
- All right?

i'll carry whatever y'all Want me to.

My plan is to feel them out

And if this leadership thing
comes up throw it at the guy

Who doesn't realize that
leadership is a good thing.

Because there's always
some guy who's an idiot.

"i think i should be the leader."

"okay,you're right,you're the man.

Thank you,my hero!"

Just watch them crash and burn.


The idea is you want it to
just break where it's scored.

What i want is something
underneath that's gonna sit on this.

You don't want to try
to cut on The knuckle?

- You don't?
- No!

Knuckle is the hardest part to cut.

What's *******


Do what******

Make him happy ******

What we'll do,have the fire pit down like
closer to that part of the tree down there.

Russell keeps telling us
that he's not the leader

But he's the one sitting
there saying "okay,


Guys,take a five-minute
break,drink some water."

Like,okay,we have to listen to Him.

you look like you
know what You're doing.

We do need a leader but i just feel like we
should all just work together not like for him.

Once we kind of get
better with this shelter

then we can kind of figure
out what we want to do

in terms of trying to start this fire.

if anybody wants to have at that!

I can.

I live in micronesia for a year.

I've done it before.

I lived in micronesia teaching
e.s.l. To elementary school kids.


I wasn't roughing it anything
like this but i can do the fire,

I can do palm
fronds,coconuts,things like that.

Take it slow and smooth,get a
feel for what you'll be doing.

Just getting the wood warm.a.

- They're sharing fire?
- Yeah.

Stating to smell.

It's starting to smell.

Got a little smoke,keep going,atta boy!

Come on.

All right.

Let's see it.

You're still smoking,we got it.

Oh,my damn!

Come on!

Who's starting the fire?



Come in,

nicely done!

kicked some ass.

Thank you,people.

We got water.

Guess what we have?


We made fire in the first,

Like,45 minutes we were here.

I would give my butt to know if

Anybody else has got fire.

You just can't beat it.

Brother knows how to work.

Just tell me.

I'll work for you,just tell me

What to do sometimes.

High five all the way around.

you've always got to believe it.

Day one,we got the fire Going.

Russell is the one who did it

Which works out in a way because

He wants to be the leader so bad

And everything has to be way he

Wants it done.

So when he was the one who
actually got the fire going,

In a way a little bit of a target came off
my back because i'm not a threat to him.

Right now i think the game
is just be nice to russell and

Make him feel good
about being the leader.


I let him build a fire.

So it's kind of a blessing he's
the one who pulled it off and

He's on cloud nine,whatever
planet he's living on.


Oh,my god!

That was just fantastic.

Good job.

what a bountiment let's get everything off
and the three of us can maybe just get it up

Above this tideline.

I think i left my knee
at the boat getting off.

We launched that boat,i was trying
to hold our gear on the boat itself


And my leg got stuck and
i got flipped over and--

I've played hurt my whole career.

I've had surgeries on my knees.

Getting on this sand and walking around right
now,my knee wants to buckle on the inside.

So i ain't-- it
just did it again.

I ain't feeling too good.

That medial ligament i think is hurt.

You've got to be kidding me.

I don't want anybody to know i'm hurt.

I'm trying to play it
off as best i can for now.

How are you doing?


What are we thinking
about right in here?

Yeah,that will work.




Nice,good job.

I'm looking at this as my job.

This is early game,it's a marathon.

Because this is such a crazy
twist of the game starting with

Three tribes throws the
whole thing up in the air.


To get to do this again,this
is so much fun for me

and so rewarding.

The opportunity to come out here

And do this,even with these
new folks,they seem very cool.

It's righteous,y'all.

Is it good?

Take a zip of this.

i'm looking forward to

Kicking some a +*s with them.

It's very moving.

It's moving to be here.

It's moving to be doing this Again.

It's a beautiful thing.

I know jonathan,he's a good guy.

It's all good.

But if anybody's going to win
this game it ought to be one of us.

He's a veteran.

Do we want a veteran to
win or one of us to win?

He's right.

Survival skills he brings to
us,maybe we use him for a couple days,

After that maybe we think about,okay.

we've got the hang of this.

we've got shelter,fire,

We've got food.

i agree.

not that jonathan's not a
good guy but the mere fact that

He's a returning third-time player,i
think he's had his time and i think

That i'd like to see one of
us win it if it's possible.

So he's out as soon
as we can get him out.




When i looked at the three
different tribes,my tribe is

The one i would have picked.

I think we have a really
good mix of brains and brawn.

There's a lot of people that said
maybe you should never play again

Because now you're opening
yourself up to that--

the legend of what i
was to what i am today.


So it's a huge risk.

But it's what drives me.

Clear back there?Clear?

I think that we should maybe Be
around here,what do you Think?

I mean,that's what I think But.

I think around here is Better.

I'm definitely an all or Nothing type girl
and I'm here To play the game no matter what.

I definitely clicked
with Certain people.


Abi is fantastic and I trust Her.

I know you're not supposed to Trust everybody
in this game but You have to trust somebody.


I'm so happy you're on
the same Tribe with me.

- I was telling everyone that You're the sexy librarian.
- I know!

What do you do in new york?

I'm an executive assistant.

I used to be one!

I'm telling people I'm an Executive assistant
because I Don't want people to know I'm a Banker.

There's such a negative Connotation
about bankers and Wall street

but to be a great Investment banker
you have to Have the killer instinct.

Because you always have to be on Your toes in new
york,hailing a Cab in the rain in six-inch Heels.

So if I can handle wall street
I Can certainly handle "survivor.

" who should we bring in our Alliance.

I like skupin.


he's done this before.

yeah,him for sure.

Yeah. But who else?

I really think that peter's Strong
and he's a little bit-- dumb?

Yeah,we should have him.

You and I for sure.we
could win together.


abi and I just connect on a Good level and so
hopefully that Continues throughout the entire Game.

But who knows how long it will Last.

okay,we're on the same page.

I came to the United
States About 12 years ago.


I have a very strong brazilian Accent.

can you cut this in half for Me,please?

Hopefully I can use it
as a Flirtatious tool.

Maybe my ass is too big.

Yeah,I think it is!

My big brazilian booty.

abi keeps staring at me and I Think
that's going to be a big Advantage.

She definitely looks like she's
Ready to play some evil games.


She could definitely do some Damage.



so that's it.

I just like-- I don't
trust The older lady and--

let's go Back up so
they don't get Curious.

it's day one,me and abi and
Pete,we already have an Alliance

and I think it's a
Pretty solid alliance.

But what I'm looking for is a Strong
four so we've got the Majority.

I'm a huge fan of the
show and I Really do think

that we can't Lose with you on our team and I
Don't think we can lose with you In an alliance.

So we were thinking abi,pete,Me and you.


My strategy coming into this was
Make sure that you go with the Game.

If your tribe is moving
slow,go Slow with them.

Don't be the person that
just Jumps out in the lead.

- I think you're fantastic.
- thanks.

good,I'm glad I'm on your Side.

this is a little bit foreign
To me,the three-man alliance.

But the three younger people Move fast.



I feel like I have to move fast
Ground,take a quick look at it,

See if you've got spiders
or Scorpions or ants on it.

In texas,everything bites.

what part of texas are you From?

right in the middle.


austin's not so bad.

I got a ranch down
south,South of san antonio.

you'll be quite the
useful Fellow around here.

coming into the group and
Looking around at the rest of Them


I don't see any other Tatted
up people with spikey Hair.

I shoot with a bow.


he's from the south.

I'm from the south.

He has a ranch and I grew up
Riding four wheelers,fishing.

I'd fight any boy in the trailer
Park that would ever challenge Me.

Here,I'll take over for a Minute.

Maybe me and jeff can pull some
Southern roots together and bond On that.

mike,hand me that-- can you Hand me
the one you threw away For a hammer?


being a baseball player
could Be a disadvantage to me.


There's a lot of baggage
that Goes along with it.

You made money so you
don't need The money.

But this game is not about
who Deserves a million bucks

because You're in debt or
don't have a Lot of money.

you got it,jeff!

come on!

I've been a fan of the show For a
long time and I want to Play the game.

I've been out of baseball for Four
years now and I love to Compete.

I don't need the million bucks,But
I'd sure like to be the sole Survivor.

Are you a fan of the show?

I am a fan of "survivor."

I just can't imagine you Sitting around
on your ranch Watching "survivor."

well,it was kind of a
dare From a buddy of mine.

They had an audition in austin
So I sent in a motocross tape.

tell us about your mow toe Cross.

I used to spend time with a Guy who was really
into baseball And I know who jeff kent is.

But there's been no mention of Him

being a former professional Athlete who's
made probably $30 Million in his career.

well,I'm not one of the pro Guys.

I don't make money racing
Biking,it's a hobby.

How I make my money
is selling Motorcycles.

I don't think the other tribe Members
know and I think jeff Likes it that way.

But I will tell him that I know.

As soon as it backs valuable to Me.


you're getting your pants Wet.

that's okay.take it off.

I don't want to take it off!

make her get naked!

I've always thought oh,I Would
so love to be on "survivor."


Not only have I ever not missed
A season,I've never missed a Show.

You're from texas?

born and a raised.

I don't plan to volunteer That
I was on a television Series

because nobody will
give Me a million dollars

because They feel like I've
already had My 15 minutes of fame.

And I don't know if I have what It
takes to play the game in a Cutthroat way

so I have to play To my strength.

I'm trying to connect with each
Person on a one-on-one basis.

I actually have a ministry For
moms so I write books and go

And speak to groups of moms of
Young children and encourage Them.

how long have you been doing This for?

about ten years.

we filmed the last episode of "the
facts of life" in March of '88,

I got married in July of
'88 and I left that behind.

I lost the money I made
on "the Facts of life.

" I had a bunch of money invested,A lot of
it kind of went the way Of the '80s crash

and that is Just-- has
haunted me for 20 Years.


Who knows how to make a fire?

I'll give it a try.

Being on "survivor" at this
Season of my life is a god send

Because I've been running and Running from
the time I was a Little kid to slow down

and go Inside and to
find out,okay,What--

who am I? Am I more than a mom?

Am I more than a child star?

I think she's getting the Fire going.

I hope she gets it.

so I'm excited about the
game Because I love the game.

But on a whole other level I'm Really excited
about what's Going to change inside me.

lisa,we're going to take--
You want to come with?

well,I don't mind keeping
Working on the fire.

If you want me to come with you,I will.

if you get a fire
going,You're the queen.

I will keep working on it.

lisa is like this very
Beautiful older woman

and it's Like she doesn't hang out with
Us and then she'll go off on her Own.


So I think it's hard to trust Lisa and I think
it's easy to Sort of make her a scapegoat.

I don't trust her.

I think she says things to sort Of,like,put you
off and make You feel like you really like Her

and she's like just here to
Smile and have a good time.

But she's a smart player.

Do not underestimate lisa at All.

lisa's way famous.

Like,worldwide famous.


Like her show was on everyday For
years and years and years And years

and she should be
Playing that trump card

because Young impressionable
people Might be,wow,I'm kind of wow.

But maybe her show was so old They wouldn't even
know who she Is anyways even if she told Them.

four of us definitely.


we need an alliance name.

I don't know her strategy Fully for
not revealing who she Is but I want to!

I recognized you instantly.





I WAS****





I'd love lisa to stay because I more
from an age standpoint Fit with her

and I'm sort of Waiting for her
to start Playing,to start bonding.

Her name comes up in a Discussion of
who do you want to Be voted out first.

I don't want it to be her.

But if I'm going to get with the Team that's
playing the game I've got to go with the game.

As opposed to your heart.


- where did you say you were From?
- virginia.

- virginia?
- yes,ma'am!

I was always the kind of person That school
didn't make a whole Lot of sense to me.

If I was going to do something For eight hours
a day I wanted To get paid,you know what I Mean?

I dropped out when I was about 17
and I went to work at a Junkyard.

I'm glad you're in my tribe Because
I was really curious About you.

I'm a licensed sex therapist.

Being a therapist,I'm curious
About zane because at first you Go,


god,this guy is trouble but
Then you look closer and you go,

Okay,wait a minute,look
closer At those tattoos.

He's lost somebody,there's a
Death date of somebody on his Arm

and he's got the serenity
Prayer on his hands so part of Me

is kind of hoping,this
guy's Got some story.

If nothing else,I'm
curious About his story.

hey,and you know,it ain't
Too early to make alliances.

I like you.

I like you already.

I like you already,and I Want
to know more about your Tats.

I like it,zane.

I think we've got a plan.

nice to know you're in the Corner.

I've worked in retail a lot,in A
junkyard,now I'm retreading Tires.

But all the jobs I've had,it Gives you a
chance to be able to Interact with everybody.

From a crackhead selling $3 Worth of
cans to a million Dollar businessman.

Let's make us a little pile Right here.

All the jobs,they all form Together to
make me the perfect "survivor" player.

Promise me and you,I
think Now's the time.

yeah,I think so,too.

you seem tough as my tattoos.

I think me and you can do
it,You know what I mean?

okay,I think so,too.

you in my corner now?

yes,yes,I am.

Zane's interesting.

Zane's the guy that I didn't
Think that would be my favorite.

But I feel like zane's pretty
Honest when he's with me

but Zane could just be a
really good People person!


How are we doing on alliances?

I haven't formed any,have You?

no,I haven't.

well,I like you.

all right!

I haven't told anyone that.

you just keep me right
there And I'll keep you,okay?

- I got you if you got me,Okay?
- I got you.

hey,while we're over here by Ourselves I
think an alliance Needs to stay right here.

We're the strongest,you
know What I mean?

If there's any weak ties I don't Think
it should be the three of Us first.

Just to let you know so you know I'm not
coming from left field And trying to voodoo you.

I've grabbed alliances with all Of them.

So it's easy for me to take any
One of them in if you want to.

okay,I like this
three.I like this three.

I'm not doing that flip-flop Thing.

I'm not neither,okay?that's
what I expect.

I'm in.


hey,you got experience and
He's a bar tender from georgia.

I'm already a superstar.

Made alliances with everybody on The tribe and
everybody seems to Think that I'm their only Alliance.

that makes me very happy.

That saves my life.

it's up to me now to pick Them apart.

Whoever I'm ready to send home After this
first challenge,That's the end of it,you know?

I mean it's just pecking order.

zane came up to me and Russell at the
fire and the First thing he says is

"I've Already gotten a
alliance with Everybody.

" I think he's
brighter than we Believe.

- I'm sure he is.
- there's a story there.

there's something going on.


zane walked up and says "listen,I made an
alliance with Everybody on the this beach.

" Well,now I feel special,thanks
For coming to me last.

Denice is a therapist in real Life.

She's practiced at keeping her Emotions out of
situations and Really drawing them out of Others

and if she's a good Person to
have around for me to Scheme with.

So it could end up being an Alliance that
I end up staying With for a very long time.

have you thought long term?

I mean,not super long term

But I know that I don't want to Be sitting
in russell swan's Shadow for a long time.


and it's going to be us two.

We cool?

I-- I just had this gut
Instinct about malcolm.

He's young by wise and
instantly We just clicked.

And it was like what are you
Feeling?Here's what I'm feeling.

So as long as my alliance with **

- **
- ***


Once we get the roof we can
Always get out of anything.

I'm not comfortable with
the Level of progress so far

because We don't have a fire which means

We don't have water and it's Been
raining since the crack of Dawn.

So I knew I needed to take a Real strong leadership
role here Right now and say let's get on This.

you all right?

I should have saw that Coming.

It's just a blister.

It's nothing.

take care of that,keep it Clean.

We need you.

I think skupin gives 110%
Constantly but by doing

that he Misses the little stuff like a Twig or a
bamboo shoot that's Going to hit you in the head.

inside or outside.

I think it's just a scrape.

It doesn't hurt.

Injured on the second day.

it's more understanding what Happened on the
outback and him Falling into the fire now.

Because he doesn't care about Injuries.

these are little things.

I know but little things
can Turn into big things.

I think he thinks he's superman.

Superman needs to take
a little Bit of a break.

And maybe,you know,take
the Machete away from hip.

Maybe that's his kryptonite.

You okay?

I have a cut on my foot.

come on,mike!

That's not a baby cut,either.

- anything we can do to help?
- no.

I'm cut,I got ripped skin.

I-- I chopped
my head off.

is that finger,foot,head No

But I'm not accident prone,it's The way that
I go through life,Act first,think second.

Nothing is anywhere near an Issue.

I'm still good.

We didn't have coconuts in the Outback.

This is a new adventure for me.

Damn it!

let's get you some water.

it's a small cut.


okay,like I say,everything
On you is a small cut.

everything has been.

mike's a completes me.

It's not funny that he gets hurt But it's
funny that it happens Over and over again.

I'm about ready to ban you
From using the knife anymore.

I mean,we haven't gotten in Any situations
where he can Seriously get injured but,


I Mean,we'll see when we
have Fire what happens.




- **
- ***


well,I already don't like The shady
stuff that's going Around with jonathan.

I mean,we all stick together.

We're like a family.

And he's just off doing his own Thing
and I feel like that's not Unity.

So he's dangerous.


I have been looking for the
Hidden immunity idol all day.


I've been looking at all the Obvious
places that I think it Could be.

There's the tree with the arch.

There's the tree in the water.


Then I say of course,it's
in The camp right now.

Buried in the dirt or attached
Underneath or something like That.

Then I remember the one thing That I was
waiting for us when We first hit the beach

was a Machete and a pot
which you Always have,

but there was also This beautiful
box with a big Bag of rice.

It's in the rice.

It has to be!

Find it,find the clue!

an idollays in waiting
somewher The beach.

It could be salvationnd
it's Right under your nose.

The idol is either in the rice
Bucket itself or underneath our Camp.

It's there,waiting for me.

But I need to find the thing!


- Tell us about the rice,like do You--
two cups of rice,one cup of Water.

- so two coconut waters
and a-- coconut rice.

I love rice; rice loves me.

That looks like I'm
going to Need that much.

I go to cook the rice.

There's a piece of paper in There.

I'm like that's the clue!


I'm good!

Just happenstance!

Just here is luck.


so I'm swimming and I see Russell as he's shuffling
with The firewood he's reaching in His pocket.

that dude is on my case.

I don't trust russell no
Farther than I can sling him.

This is the second time in this Game.

Everybody else it's their first Rodeo.

He's the only one I'm worried About.

have you had a chance
to look For the idol?

dude,I don't even do that.

You know,it's definitely
Something that helped Tremendously

but I'm going to Tell you right now,I see Somebody
looking for the idol And I catch them,target.

I point blank asked russell "have
you been looking for the Idol?

" "no,I'm not looking for the
Idol because we're teammates.

If I see anybody looking
for it,I'm voting them out.

" He's so calm and charismatic it
Makes me believe he's already Got it.

if you get it you're going Next!



Come on in,guys!


You guys ready to get To
your first immunity Challenge?


All right.Each tribe will
be divided into Pairs.

The first pair will be tied Together.

They'll race into the jungle,up A cargo
net where you will Release two paddles.

The next pair will use those Paddles
to race their boat out To a buoy.

You'll dive down,release a
Chest,swim it back to shore.

The final pair will open that Chest and
use the pieces inside To solve the puzzle.

You want to know what
you're Playing for?


This is what it's all About right here.

The immunity idol.

With immunity you are safe in This game.

Without it,you are in trouble.

The second tribe to
finish wins Immunity.

The losing tribe goes to tribal
Council where somebody from your Tribe

will be the first person
Voted out of this game.

In addition you areplaying for Reward.

The first tribe to finish
a Complete fire-making kit.


The second tribe to Finish,flint.

Not quite as complete but
this Will help you get it done.

Losing tribe,nothing,see
you At tribal council.

Big stakes.

I'll give you a minute
to divide Up into pairs.

We'll get started.

how y'all want to do this?

we're runners.


I need you guys to just calm Down.

who thinks you should be wear Where?

I think you guys should do The boast.

to me the question is
who's The stronger paddler.

I'm terrible at puzzles.

I'm a physical person.

All right?

I'm the same way.

I want you two to do the Puzzle.

I know you might be panicking.

- all right,so I think that--
Why do people who are-- hold on.

Just bear with me.

You two do the puzzles,all Right?

Here we go.

First two tribes to finish
win Immunity and reward.

The losing tribe goes to tribal Council.

Survivors ready?


Russell and zane,artis and
r.C. And dana and katie.


Dig in!

- you got it?
- come on!

they're ahead of us.

Everybody wondering Who
is off to a good start.

The faster you get back with Those
paddles,the faster your Tribe is in the water.

come on,girls!

Who will be out First?

R.C. And artis are First out.

come on!

Russell and dave Right behind!

Zane dragging!

come on!

Russell like a drill Sergeant.

come on zane!

pull me!Pull me!

Skupin and pete in The water.

Bringing up the rear,a long way Behind
dana and katie cal bow,Pick it up,ladies.


Katie and dana back With
the paddles for cal bow.

Jeff and carter are
going to do Paddling.

They here in the water.

They've got time to make up.


There's a big wind Pushing
everybody to the right.

Skupin and pete with a big lead!

For tandang.

Now they've got to release the Chest.



Skupin and pete have Their
chest and they're heading Back!

atta boy!

Jeff and carter Making
up ground for cal bow.

jeff and carter!

Let's go!

Cal bow has taken Over
t lead over matsing.


come on!

Carter and jeff made Up
a lot of time for kalabaw.

keep paddling!

Jeff and carter have
the chas For kalabaw.

Malcolm and denice in
the water For matsing!

Come on!Let's go!

Matsing has their Chest up!


All three tribes are Heading back.

A big lead for tandang!

come on,tandang,you got This!

Once you cross this,Everybody come help.

Come on down!

All six of you have to get this Up.

grab it!

The chest weighs a Ton.

come on,guys!

Jeff and carter Almost back to shore.

Malcolm and denice
struggling in The water.

come on,guys,come on,guys.

You got anything left in you?

This is where we're going to Catch up.

Come on down!

The rest of the kalabaw
tribe Can help out.

This chest weighs a lot.

There you go.

Puzzle makers take over!

Nothing easy about this Challenge.

you can do it!

Matsing is back with their Chest.

Everybody come down and help!

You guys are still in this.

we're there!

Tandang has had a Nice lead.

Kalabaw,though,right in this.

Soon matsing will be in here.

You don't want to finish last.

Last means tribal council.

There you go.Puzzle makers,take over.

Roxanne and angie
working on it For matsing.

Penner and dawson working
on the Puzzle for kalabaw.

Abi-maria abi-maria and lisa
Working on it for tandang.

Doing a nice job to keep their Lead.


Big reward that goes
Along with immunity.

But the main thing you want is To finish
first or finish second But don't finish last.


turn it around.

Penner trying to Catch for kalabaw.

right there!

Russell desperately Trying to catch up.

Panic is not your friend.

Focus is the key.

Tandang continues to extend Their lead.

Kalabaw,though,right behind And
matsing with a lot of time To make up.

there you go!

Kalabaw and tandang Dead even
both with three pieces Left.

keep going!Don't look!

Matsing falling Further
and further behind.

turn it around!

Another piece for Kalabaw!

Now we've got a race for first.

Lee is with another piece!

Two pieces left.

Pen we are another piece for Kalabaw.

Lisa very close for tandang!

Can she get the top on?

Kalabaw first to finish.

We're still going for second.

And lisa does it.

Tandang survives winning
Immunity and reward as well.

Matsing heading to tribal Council.

I told you,I'm not good at Puzzles.

Come-from-behind victory.

Get your reward.Immunity
and a fire-making kit.

Nobody going home from your Tribe.

Tandang,not quite as big a Reward
but you got what you Needed:

Immunity and flint to go Along with it.

Good work.

No tribal council for tandang.

Matsing,what happened russell?

well,you know,jeff,all I Can say is at
the end of the day I made the decision on

who was Going to do what so
I carry some Of that water.

It's just-- we all
have to click Next time.

And that's the beauty,jeff.

There always is a next time.

There's a next time For five of you.

Not a next time for all six of You.

Tribal council tonight,somebody From your tribe
will be the First person voted out of this Game.

You have the afternoon to figure
That out.See you at tribal.

Grab your stuff; head back to Camp.

russell took over and didn't
Listen to a single word anybody Said

so I get to go see tribal


now you know how this goes.

You see these challenges are Brutal.

But I've played this game before

And I'm telling you you have
to Dig so deep in yourself.

can I speak before-- and I'd Like
to talk to the whole tribe,All right.

There's something about this
Game where you just have to--

I Mean,you've got to pull
the Fire out of your stomach

and Decide that's what
you're going To throw down.

And you had to pull me.

I threw myself on top-- I
mean,Three days in,brother.

I ain't built for it.

as I'm kind of finishing the Pep
talk,zane basically cuts me Off


and the guy throws
himself Under the bus.

my legs cramped so hard that
I sat,you know what I'm saying?

Y'all didn't.

So I don't feel like that it's a Choice.

what it did was it made the
Decision pretty damn easy in Terms of

who's going home Tonight.

I love this game and I love It for knowing
how powerful it Is,you know what I mean?

But I deserve--
I deserve to go.

My whole reason why I'm throwing My neck
on the chopping block is To establish

what I'm running Against.


This whole ruse that I just Threw on was just to
fill out my Tribe exactly how I need to work Things.

It's going to be worse
and worse And worse.

So hopefully everybody loves
me To the point to where

they would Rather have me as a
hindrance Than to keep russell.

I took my shot,I'm playing Chess the best way
I know how And hopefully I'm going to king Me.

all right,you two,I think
It's going to be zane.

All right?

So you guys are good?

And-- you know,all I can say is Welcome to
"survivor," dig deep,You guys got it in you.

I'm former miss utah teen.

I'm a very,very competitive Person.

I never like to lose.


I'm so annoyed because russell Wants
everyone to think that He's not the leader.

He's like "I'm not the leader,Guys.

" But he makes those calls
like in The challenges.

A leader would listen to his Tribe
and really take into Consideration

what their Strengths and weaknesses are.

I'm pissed.

I'm just so bummed.

I said I'm not good at puzzles,He puts me
at puzzles because He's not good at puzzles.

- I didn't like that tack Take-- he's
like I'm not good at Puzzles,you do puzzles.

I'm not good at puzzles,either.

That's not fair.

If we have to vote zane out I Would
if it would get me further In the game

but I would like to See russell
gone because I like Zane.

He is so funny.

He's just like-- he's a good Genuine
person and I would like To see him around.

I know he's not that strong in Challenges
but I didn't want to See him give up.

How could you give up?

I'm not giving up.

you're telling people to vote For you.

logistically he had to Literally
pull me across the Line.

me and roxanne wanted
to run And guess what?

He said no.

It was him,not you.

Who are you going to vote for?

I mean-- you have
to vote for russell.

it's up to y'all,man.

I ain't giving up.

I'm here for you,you know what I mean?

stick with it.

- Don't go.
- all right.

Angie was like "please don't go Home.

Let's blind side russ.

" you're not going
home,Because we need you.

We need some laughter.

you ain't never seen a move
Like this in "survivor" history.

are you for sure
tossing in The towel,kid?

You're not tossing
in the towel But--

that look in your eye Scares me.

- I want you to know that.
- are you blind siding?

I mean-- if you want to go
Home,I'll send you home but,

Like,there's so many different
Ways the game could go.

malcolm came to me
and begged Me to stay.

Now the only thing I have to Worry about
now is if russ Actually has the idol.

I give you 100% that
he does Have the idol.

zane was already going
home By his own free will


but the Thing is we
think russell has an Idol.

The sketchiest part is that the Information comes
from zane of All people that russell has an Idol.

But if we vote out russell we're
Obviously down mull wise three Days in.

I think zane at one point asked
Russell to drag him through the Course.

So quite literally he's the
one Weighing the tribe down.

Have you talked to zane
about The idol at all?


we're 95% sure russell had It.

damn it!

Right now there's a feeling that
Russell has maybe found an Immunity idol


and so zane might Have a shot to stay.

But,you know,nothing against Zane
but this is not the point In the game

where you can have Weak players.

God,it suck having
to make this Decision.


I do not want to do this.

no.Let me tell you,dude,they Suck.

I think I'm okay tonight.

But I actually made
my first Mistake today.

I just clicked into this kind of Chief mode,if
you will,and Thought I have to make this Call.

I didn't have to.

This is not about leadership.

Leadership kills,dude,and I Went
right back into the old Mode.

You never know with this game.

These people could vote me out Tonight.

Behind each of you is A torch,grab a
torch,approach The flame and get fire.

This is part of the ritual of Tribal council
because in this Game fire represents your life.

As long as you have fire you are Still
in this game and when your Fire is gone,

so are you and That is going to
be the case for One of you tonight.

Only three days in,zane,and
Somebody's going home.

it's a sad thing,jeff.

But it's the way of "survivor.

" Denice,what do you Think
about having returning Players?

you know,quite honestly
I Was mixed at first

because I Wanted it to be a really pure Game
kind of in the sense of Just this being our game.

But it's already been,

you know,An asset to have somebody
really Giving us tips on how to do this

Or how to save a fire
through Three days of rain.

So it definitely changes the Game play.

But in this rain it's a gift.

Zane,it's kind of a
Tricky dilemma,isn't it?

You have somebody who can bring
Something you need,experience.

But going in they're a
better Player than you.

off the top they are
better Than you are.

It's kind of like an onion,man.

More layers you peel back,the
More you start to cry.

- It's something that happens
And-- Okay,you lost me.

- I was nervous--

Go back to the onion.

you know,at first like you
Get something out of it.

Then you get a little bit more Out of it then
you realize You're getting too much out of It.

So the more layers you
peel,the More you cry,man.

This guy is a killer athlete.

He already knows about
fire and Water and shelter.

Like I said-- the more you peel Back,the more
you understand How much of a better player

You're coming against rather
Than being on equal ground.


So now that I'm caught up
there,Russell,does that sound like

"I Love what you've taught us but Man you're
too good of a player And you're going"?

yeah,that's exactly what it Sounds like.

Even with this onion thing I
Think today I kind of blew it

Because instead of being 2.0 and Just being
part of a group I Went back to 1.0,that dictator.

And I made a huge mistake.

Malcolm,did you pick Up on russell
becomes a Dictator,as he says?

he came on a little
strong Pre-challenge today.

- and I'm-- and,we all--
it's on the Table,we all know.

it was wrong.

But I wouldn't be completely
Shocked if I was voted out Tonight.

How disappointed Would you be?

I mean,the first time I Played
I got carried out on my Back.

I get blessed with a second Opportunity
to play again and I Go out first.

That would just be a
dagger in The heart.

Roxy,did he come on A little strong?


I feel like out of nowhere
he's Just like "no,whoa.

It's going to be this,this,and This.

" And I have military background So I just went
right into my Gear which is you are superior To me,

that is how you're acting Right now,I'm
going to take Direction and follow directions.

Angie,do you agree With that?


You know,I ran track in high
School,I asked if I could run But nope

because he didn't want To do the puzzle
and he told me If we lose it's your fault.

- I don't know-- I mean-
Yeah,that's exactly--

I don't think that was
Exactly what I said.

Angie's pretty sure It was exactly.

well,the bottom line is
she Is absolutely right.

I went into dictator mode and it Was
like nope,this is what We're doing.

That's right.

Hopefully this day doesn't
Bespeak for the other two days.

Especially when I know I have so Much more to
give give and I Hope I get that opportunity.

Zane,how do you feel About the
leg you were assigned To do?

well,I quit smoking
the day Of coming here.

And I made sure I let the whole Tribe
know that,you know,Running ain't the deal.

I'm getting back but I ain't
got Back,you know what I mean?

I know it's my fault,I'm a Dummy.

I should have put a little
more Forethought into that.

But it is what it is.

Regardless who put You in that position,

is there Responsibility,denice,how
you Perform in a challenge?

I mean,I--

I could say I was a strong Swimmer

and I got out there and I'm
pushing a 200 pound chest

And I sucked,sure,they
could Point that at me.

Or you can turn that around and
Go "or was that our leadership?

" it's part of the game.


when I got back to camp I Told
everybody send me home if You want to,

I understand the
Running was not my deal.

I would rather step out of
your Way than the hold you up.

Russell,you're off The box.

it sounds convenient but,you Know,jeff,I've
been to this Dance before and you never know

What conversations have taken Place from

that time to that he Made that
pronouncement to this Time now.

I know that sometimes stuff can Be coded,it
can cut all kinds Of different e ways.

What odds do you give Yourself right
now that you're Here after this vote?

I don't know,jeff.

But I'm ready to be here.

Let's be clear.

Okay.It is time to vote.

Malcolm,you're up.

zane,I'm not ready to go Home yet.

I wish you lots of luck,man.

if you ain't first,you're Last.

I'll go tally the Votes.

If anybody has a hidden immunity
Idol and you want to play it,

Now would be the time to do so.

Okay,once the votes are
read,The decision is final.

The person voted out will be Asked to
leave the tribal Council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote,zane.




That's three votes zane,one Vote russ.

First person voted out of
"survivor: Philippines,"


That's enough,you've got
to Bring me your torch.

Zane,the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

son of a bitch!

Well,the good news Is you
survived your first Tribal council.

The bad news is you're already
Down to five people left.

One more thing.

Because you've been to tribal Council,you
now have fire in The form of flint.

Grab your stuff,head back to Camp.

-= proudly presents