Survivor (2000–…): Season 25, Episode 3 - This Isn't a We Game - full transcript

An injury prone castaway incurs a fresh battle wound during an intense Immunity Challenge.

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Previously on "survivor"...


With Jeff Kent leading the
charge against Penner,



On the top on the rice,a
little wooden bull.

The idol was right under your nose.

I have the hidden immunity idol.

Lisa,the former facts of life star
continued to hide her identity

and was looking like the first to go.

It's hard being on the outside.

Maybe i'm not able to play this game.

When r.c. Discovered the
clues to the hidden idol,

she decided to share it
with her closest ally.

But rc found every clue doesn't
always lead to happiness.

I am your friend.

But if you fuck with me you're dead.

After the immunity challenge an
intense battle between three tribes.

Gave Matsing their
second loss in a row.

- They shouldn't beat us
- and they have twice.

That's because these folks
haven't decided they can do this.

Back at camp, Russell and Roxie
targeted Angie for flirting with Malcom

Those two are dangerous,
one got to go.


Roxie is going home.

Leaving denise stuck in the middle.

I have got to think long-term.

At tribal counsel,roxie
continued her case.

To pair in this game is dangerous.

Good luck to the rest of you
if you choose her over me.

In the end denise sided
with her ally,malcom.

Roxie,the tribe has spoken.

16 are left.

Who will be voted out tonight.


That was fun.

It's interesting.


It was all unnecessary.

Well,that's the game.

Starting with tribal counsel
and roxie just kind of exploded.

She wanted to go out with a bang,i
think,so her strategy was just to throw me

and malcolm under the bus because
that's the only thing she could even say.

It's just part of the game.

She has to point out another
threat that is not her.

We're down to four now and each
and every one of them trust me

and i trust all of them and they know
me and malcom are nothing but friends.

They all know that.

Bad news is we had to go to tribal
counsel again and there's only four of us.

The good news is there's only four
of us so let's make this happen.

Roxie was absolutely
right tonight at tribal.

That alliance between malcom and angie
real and i think it's pretty tight.

At the end of the day,that's two votes.

So all they need is one more.

If she hitches to the
young ones t hen i'm dead.

Season 25 Episode 03



Wouldn't you feel better
if you had the idol.

I want to get it over and done
with and put away and that's it.

I know.

But i need to get myself 100%.

I'm concerned because i'm in trouble
because i have my knee injured.

I twisted my knee twice
since i have been here.

And i'm not trusting rc with
that clue for the idol anymore.

You're not a liability.

I trust myself more than anybody here so i'm
going with that and hope my leg gets better.

Abi,you're missing my point.

yeah so be straightforward.

I'm saying you're not a liability.

You said that 10 times
but that's how i feel.

You know, me and abi clicked from day one and
built an alliance together and i trust her.

I'm 100% with her but she's a little
more hesitant and her paranoïa

i think,is getting the
best of her right now.

Just like you don't think we need to
get the idol -- let me finish.

***Go ahead.

I'm saying... it's pointless.


Abi, stop this.

Are you kidding me?

***If you want to finish.

Please stop.

I'm here to listen to you.

Just stop.

Stop fighting.

I'm not fighting.

I'm not fighting with you.

Don't waste my time.

Abi definitely got a little
hard-core with our conversation.

We gave each other our word.

Our word is our bond.

I feel i shared the hidden
immunity idol clue with her and

that should prove i trust her
more than anyone else in the game.



It's like you just bit my head off.

I don't know.

We found the clue
inside the rice,you know.

It was right there.

And the clue for the immunity
idol was right under your nose.

We have an alliance of
mike,rc,peter and I.

Peter has been a bit
more genuine with me.

I shared the news with peter,so we have the
clue and we want to find it before rc does.

Have you checked in the bag of
rice all the way at the bottom.



I don't like stepping into things
until i know what is going on.

You're lucky i trust you
because now i don't trust rc.

I look like i don't pay attention but i'm
paying attention to everything around me.

It's like i'm on surveillance because i'm sitting
there and listening and then i know what moves to make.

So how much do you value
staying in the game?

I want to stay in the
game more than anything.

Ok. Because
you know --

i don't know if you know,but they
want to get rid of you first,right?

Do you know that?

Well,i guessed,yes.

But i can make stuff happen
where you don't go home.

But we might have to -- for you to stay
in,we're going to have to get rid of somebody.

I feel like an alliance is only
as strong as the day it is made.

They want to put lisa on the chopping
block to get rid of her first.

I like lisa.

I don't see any problem with her and i see
somebody later in the game that i can get rid of.

Would you be ok if we
had to get rid of mike?

He is going to be a real problem at the end and
the last people we have,the harder it's going to be.

So peter is wanting to blindside mike.

And i would prefer to blindside
rc but peter is the one

that is calling it so i need
to lay low and go with him.

Just tell me what to do
and i will follow your lead.

All i need for you is when i tell
you to vote for somebody to vote.

- Ok.
- Then we have three votes,me,you and abi and he is gone.

The best analogy, and i'm
not even a card player,

is it just feels like i'm dealt a new hand every
day,and every day i have to play the hand that i have.

You're up and down and up and down.

So today,i'm up but i'm cautiously up.

Mike,rc,and then take it from there.


my ass hurts.

And i don't know it
until i lie back down.




Did you take this spot?

No. That was like a pattern thing.

A little rice pattern thing?

- Where did that go?
- **

Dana and i ended up looking at
the rice box and on top of the lid

there was an emblem that was
nailed to the top of the rice box.

We noticed that piece is gone now.

You know that thing that was on top
of the rice lid ain't there anymore.

It might be the idol.

You're staring at that
thing the whole time.

I'm pissed off and not at jonathan.

I give him props.

It was in our face.

We touched it.

We looked at it.

We weren't even curious about it.

And that's a pure veteran move.

We have a challenge and we lose,we will
play it like we have no clue about it.

People who win the
idol still can get voted out.


He has no clue.

I don't have any plans to confront
jonathan right now about the idol.

We might be able to pull a blindside where we
can get jonathan off of the island's pocket.

Above anything i'm still ticked off that i
let the idol go right between my eyes.


I looked at it.

It was right -- it
was right in our face.


- ***
- What?

where is our raft?

You have to be kidding me.

Nope. No freaking way!

Woke up this morning,denise looks down
the beach and sees our raft is gone.

We thought we had it above the
tide line but it's just gone.

Little bit of a morale downer.

That could come back to haunt us.

last night there was
no cuddling whatsoever.



We're good.

We're good.


Tribe of six is already down to four.

And me and denise have been
tight from the beginning,,.

If we go back to tribal
it will come down to angie

or russell but right now there's
no clear cut next choice to go home.

We will make the decision
when it comes time.

No survey.


I really like that.

I'm fine,malcom in the middle.

There was such a focus
on malcom and angie,

a as couple at tribal counseling but
i'm still holding that trust malcom

and i when the time
comes he will cut ange.

Because it's a numbers game i feel stronger
having russell because we have to win a challenge.

It's nice to know we're cool.

I don't want to make decisions.

Not this soon.

Are you guys ready to get to
today's immunity challenge?


first thing's first.

I take back the immunity idol.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Once again,immunity
is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge,you will dive down
to release puzzle wheels attached to a line.

Once you have one,you will bring
it up and the next person goes.

Once you have all eight wheels you use
those wheels to solve a word puzzle.

First two tribes to get it right,win
immunity,are safe from the vote.

Nobody going home.

Losers,tribal counsel where somebody will
be the third person voted out of this game.

Matsing you have been to tribal council two
times in a row,you do not want to go again.

In addition you are once
again playing for reward.

First tribe to finish,it's
a massive fishing kit.

You have line,bait,a net,you have a canoe waiting
for you back at camp and a couple of paddles.

Second tribe to finish,a smaller fishing
kit,not quite as big but still pretty nice.

You're sitting two people out.

Katie and dawson.

Tandang you have two extra members.

I twisted my knee
twice so -- abi is one.

I'm the other.

Lisa is the other.

Abi and lisa sitting out tore tandang.

Everybody else,i will give
you a minute to strategize.

And we will get started.

Here we go,for immunity
and reward,survivors ready?


Dana first up.

One for tandang.

Angie is struggling.

The first puzzle pieces
only two feet deep.

Dana is back for kalabaw.

Jeff now headed back.

Angie has the first puzzle piece.

She's swimming it back for matsing.

Quick work of it for kalabaw.

Jeff is back with the
second puzzle piece.

Russell now in the water for matsing.

Pete now back with the second
puzzle piece for tandang.

There russell with the
second puzzle piece.

There are 8 total.

Carter in the water for kalabaw.

Russell trying to get
up and losing some time.

Rc in the water for tandang.


Skupin's bleeding from the face.

Denise in the water.

Carter back with the
fourth piece for kalabaw.

Dana back in the water.

Kalabaw with a big lead.

Denise,incredibly fast.

Rc going again now.

Denise back with the third
piece for matsing in record time.


Here comes dana with that
fifth puzzle piece for kalabaw.

Jeff back in the water for kalabaw.

Rc has got entwo pieces
in a row for her tribe.

Going back for a third.



malcom back with the fourth piece.

Russell back in the water after
struggling his first time out.

Jeff coming back with the 6th piece.

Two pieces left for kalabaw.

Rc coming back with her third piece.

Tandang with two pieces left.

Each piece gets deeper and it gets
tougher and the pressure gets stronger.

Russell comes back,empty handed for matsing
and that is going to cost him a lot of time.

Michael bleeding and back in the water.

Penner with the 7th piece for kalabaw.

Russell can't get up the ladder.

Matsing has four pieces to go.

Matsing just lot a lot of time when russell
went out and came back without a piece.

Denise is a machine,picking
up a lot of time.

Carter for that last piece,skupin
back with a 7th piece for tandang.



Here goes malcom: kalabaw
with their last piece.

Here comes carter.

They can start working on their puzzle.


malcom back with the 6th piece.

Rc back with the 8th piece for tandang.

Denise back in the
water for a third time.

Tandang starts working on the puzzle.

Matsing once again is dead last.

Denise with the 7th piece.

malcom out for the
final piece for matsing.

Remember you're solving
it from this side.

There you go.

malcom back with that
8th and final piece.

He is up.

Now go.

Everybody working on their puzzle.

You need to pick it up matsing.

Tandang still trying
different combinations.

Matsing is catching up.

They're back in this.

You want to make sure you're in this game
tomorrow you need to not be last today.

Kalabaw thinks they have it and they do!

Kalabaw finishes!

Tandang thinks they have it and they do.

Treasure is the word.

Tandang wins immunity,matsing,winless headed
to tribe council for the third straight time.

Good job,you guys.

How about once again,good work.

Tandang nice effort.

No tribal council for you guys.

Kalabaw in addition to immunity,a huge fishing
kit will be waiting for you back at camp.

Tandang,a smaller but still effective fishing
kit will be waiting for you back at camp.

Matsing for the third straight week i
will see you tonight at tribal counsel

where somebody will be
voted out of your tribe.

Russell struggled in
challenge for the first time.

He had a hard time getting up the ladder and
then the second time russell just kind of gave up.

And that's the thing -- you know he might be big
and he might be strong but he is the weak link.

Guys that was another fantastic victory.

High 5.


The challenge was awesome.

We took first place in it and it
felt good to win some fishing stuff.

We are always wanting to eat.

I think that works out.

We're a hungry tribe.

Let's get some hydration and figure
out how we're going to do this.

The challenge was fantastic.

But as we're coming back.

I'm a little nervous.

I believe jeff knows i'm
an experienced player.

He is very wary of me.

But i want him to be on my
side and i want him to trust me.

I don't think that you trust me
and you think i have the idol.

I do have the idol.


That was all under
our noses for a while.

I will try to befriend him a little
bit and forge a better relationship.

I have to figure out
what will be best for me.

This is a me game.

It isn't a we game.

I'm trying to prove
it by letting you know.

At the end he wanted to
cut a deal with a handshake

so i gave him a four finger
handshake,not a five-finger handshake.

I'm not so committed,in my book unless it's
a manly handshake,it's not going to count.



That was a tough one.

And you took another one
for the team on the face.

I hit the water and i opened my
eyes and i couldn't see anything.

So you broke it.

Can you get anymore injuries.

Today's challenge was
extremely disappointing for me.

The positive is that we don't
have to to go to tribal counsel.

We should have won.

Mike decided to dive face first in the
water with the mask and the mask crash

after telling me not to dive with the mask,who
dove with the mask no problem whatsoever.

Does nobody else want to go?

I will go.

I'm about fed up with mike.

Now he is in my sight.

All right.

Are we going clam digging?

We're go to have a clam bake tonight.


Well,everyone is talking clams,i was getting
ride on to work,with your beach under your nose.

Where do you think it should be?

Help me.

They all went out looking for
clams and i thought,you know,

it's going to be either me
finding the hidden immunity idol

or rc so i took the
opportunity,i went after it.

I don't know where to look anymore.

We're too late.

Right under your nose.

Maybe we're on top of it.

Wonder if i should take
that symbol off the rice.

I don't know.


Oh,my gosh.

I found it.I found it.I found it.

Oh,my gosh. I can't believe i found it!

This is freaking amazing.

I knew where it was!

The whole time.

I knew it.

Abi found the hidden immunity idol
right on top of the bag of rice

which is a good thing because
she's my right hand man.

Let's not be stupid.

We know we have numbers.


Sounds good.

So i'm thinking i could definitely get
artis and lisa to do whatever i want

so it's going to be easier to
get rid of mike and neutralize rc.

I'm so happy i found it; i found it.

I just want to scream.

It's just tragic that i'm stuck out
here with the goon squad of tribes.

We have a girl who couldn't get a
float out from under two feet of water.

Russell built like an ox and can't climb
a three foot ladder out of the ocean.

Nothing has gone right.

This is the group of
goons i get stuck with?

like --

thank god for denise.

Denise was a war horse today,a little
munch kin of muscle,just cranked them out.

Seriously how many
times did you go down.

I did three.

So we both did three.

What the hell,she couldn't
even get the first one.

And then russell?

Couldn't climb the ladder.

Grab the side.


We're getting hit one by one.

Hey,you -- for the record i
never said i can't do those.

I don't want malcom and denise
to think of me as a weak link

or as a girl who just gives up
because i never said i can't.

I mean i am the youngest.

I have been proving myself
and i hope they can see that.

I never said i can't.

I wouldn't do that to my team.

I won't do it. I won't go.

I know.

We know you did.

I think it would be a ridiculous
choice to keep angie at this point

but i don't know that i could get
malcom to vote angie. And russell,

russell couldn't climb a ladder.

Maybe he needs to go home.

It's a tough decision.

What are you guys thinking.

- I think russell.
- Yeah.

Hang in there.

We lost the immunity challenge again.

And everybody has their weaknesses.

Mine showed up today,diving 10
feet down,that's just not my thing.

Well,lord,whatever your will be

thy will be done.

It's hard to see a clear path forward.

If they want to make a
bold move and get rid of me

because this is the time to get rid
of a strong player,i could be gone.

Even right now lord,i say halleluiah.

What is it about this game
that frightens me so much?

Last time i almost died.

This time i thought it was different
and then we lose the first challenge

and the second challenge and
now we lost the third challenge.

You know,i don't know if it's god's plan for
me to be here for just a short amount of time.

Thank you.

Jesus christ name,amen.

I am down but i am not out.




and denise went right for
it because she is super fast.

I would rather have
someone do it that is fast.

It's not like i can't do it but i
wanted us to go ahead and be fast.

Does that make sense?


He quit and you wouldn't have quit.

He did quit.

Tonight is hard.

The first two are easy.

Between russ and angie,it's a
toss up for different reasons.

Me and russ have not talked
strategy since day one.

Angie on the
other hand is --

i wouldn't say in my pocket but
she would do whatever we want to do.

I just have to keep myself positioned
as strong as i possibly can.

We have to win something.

We can't keep losing everything.

I mean,yeah,i sucked but he's 20 years
older than me,a hundred pounds more than me.

He is more than twice your age.

I trust malcom and i know denise
and malcom will get out russell.

I do feel bad because he wants this so
bad and he wants to make the merge so bad.

But he is not doing anything.

I mean he is great around camp.

Tonight at camp i want to show
them and say i'm here to win,

i will do 100%,i'm here to do
anything it takes and i want to win.

That's my number one goal.

There's been a lot of people
who have come before me.

My ancestors who have dealt with the
middle passage,jim crow,whatever --

people whose shoulders i stand on have
persevered,and at the end of the day,

that's where i'm going
to draw my strength.

Because to not continue to fight would be
to spit in the face of all of those people

who endured so much more than
i will ever endure in my life,

and definitely in this dam game.

Well,the bad news is,you will
be down to three after tonight.

The good news is for the three
that will remain,you're not out.

Denise,what did you
sacrifice to come out here?

Oh,six weeks away from my daughter
who i love to death and my husband.

I own a private practice
at home so i lose income.

I have clients that i hope are ok.

It's huge.

I'm not willing to roll
over and just give up.

malcom,how big of a
deal is this for you?

I mean the first season of "survivor"
aired when i was 12 years old.

You're laying in bed thinking how
cool that would be if it's you one day.

It's over a decade later and i'm
finally here and it's going this poorly,

i'm not an emotional guy in the
slightest but i was between tears

and screaming after the challenge today,

and i have friends and family back home who
are just going to associate me with the tribe

that keeps having to go see you every tribal
council: it's heart breaking is the word.

Heart breaking.

Which is different from frustration.

Frustration was day three.

On day eight it's heart breaking.

So malcom what do you do?

We're past the time of
playing nice how challenges go.

Certain people struggled today.

That's on those who knew we were capable of things
at this challenge and didn't take over earlier.

I didn't appear you or denise struggle.

I'm not beating around the bush.

Angie and russ had problems on the
diving portion of the challenge today.

It settles on them heavier
than myself and denise,

me and denise could have stepped up more

and said we know we were the swimmers and
for us to go by this everybody gets a turn

and it's fifth grade dodgeball
mentality needs to stop.

The people need to step up and
the rest of them have to go home.

Angie,are you concerned
it might be you tonight?

Yes,i am.

I was slow.

But i would have done my second one.

I really would have but she is such a better diver
than me why not let her do it and get it done faster.

Would it be fair to vote
you out tonight for that?

I don't think so.

Russell did the first one.

He couldn't get up on the ladder.

His second time he went
in,he completely gave up.

Me,i would not give up and i want
them to know that,that i'm a fighter.

Russell,angie just clearly
said,listen,one thing i didn't do is quit.

Russell gave up.

No,russell made a strategic
decision to stop what he was doing,

knowing it was going to end in failure so
we would at least have a chance to move on.

I hear what angie is saying
but at the end of the day,

miss angie can't hold a canal to what i'm going
to be able to offer this tribe going forward.

Knowing that there's 30 days
left to go,she ain't ready.

I am.

So life experience,intellectual capability,physical
capability,to me,the choice is clear.

Honestly,jeff,i know
i'm only 20 years old

and i don't have the experience that russell has
but i think i can fight more than russell,honestly.


I was willing to die for this
game the last time i played.

Are you willing to put your life
on the line,little girl?Come on.

You went in that water two feet.

You were slow because you did not have the
physical strength to get that ring off of there.

That's what happened.

This revisionist history
thing you're doing in terms of

what happened on the platform,it may work
here for jeff but all of us were there.

When you came back,you were done.

You had given up.

So i
mean,come on --

angie,is this hitting hard?

I feel this small right now.

It just sucks.

I don't ever cry.

I really don't.

I think everybody here is saying
they do believe you gave your all.

I think what russell is saying
is you can't hold a candle to me.

It's hard to compete with him.

It honestly is.

Look at him.

Because the situation she
is getting thrust into a role

that was probably never
meant for her,a strength role.

There are little girls
on the other tribes

that haven't had to do the things she
has had to do in two challenges yet.

She's in a tougher situation than
any other young girl is right now.

So denise this is a tough vote.

There's only the four of you.

You had to have made some
friendships,probably alliances

and now you have this strength
thing but also have loyalty.

What if they clash?

Definitely you think of loyalty.

Any alliances you have made you have to think of
that because when there's a merge you need that.

That's one of the things that would lead
my vote more than anything is the loyalty.

malcom,how important is loyalty if
you want to win and get the votes?

If you want to win and get
the votes,loyalty is paramount

but we have to get to the point
where you can win the game.

So tonight's vote is a balancing
act between strength and loyalty,

which one do we need to go
with,and this is the question.

We shouldn't even have to
think about on day eight.

ok.It's time to vote.

Russell,you're up.

I'm sorry i made you cry.

That's the way this game seems to be
playing,and i have to play hard or go home.

One thing about me is i never give up.

I'll go tally the votes.

If anybody has a hidden immunity idol and you
want to play it now would be the time to do so.

Ok.Once the votes are read the decision
is final and the person voted out

will be asked to leave the
tribal council area immediately.

I will read the votes.

First vote,angie.

Russ,one vote angie,one vote russ.


Two votes angie,one vote russ.

One vote left.

Third person voted out of
survivor philippines,angie.

You need to bring me your torch.

Angie,the tribe has spoken.

Good luck,guys.

- Kick some ass.
- Time to go.

Thank you.

While tonight's vote
may not have been easy,

hopefully what remains is the right
combination of people to turn this tribe around.

Grab your torches,head back to camp.

Good night.

Season 25 Episode 03

Next time on survivor,

jeff plays ball with penner.

Having him on my side will
make us both pretty powerful.

And the fate of matsing comes
down to one defining moment.

This is it.