Survivor (2000–…): Season 25, Episode 12 - Shot Into Smithereens - full transcript

During an emotional family reunion, an exciting reward challenge enables castaways to join forces with their loved ones.

Previously on
"survivor" --

i never felt that any of
you felt that way about me.

Abi finally found out that
she was universally despised.

She continues the rein
of negative,grumpy abi.

But in order to save herself she
bought an advantage at the auction.

- 500.
- sold to abi for $500.

move directly to the final
round in this challenge.

She used that advantage
as part of a crazy scheme.

There is a fourth idol,baby.

To make people think she
had a hidden immunity idol.

They asked for this.

Now it's time for me to lie.

I'm going to outplay them.

None of that mattered
when she won immunity.


Abi wins immunity!


Safe at tonight's tribal council!

At tribal,it was clear there was a majority of
alliance of malcolm,denice,and lisa and skupin.

I believe denice and malcolm shook hand
and gave their words to skupin and lisa.

But penner tried to convince
lisa it was a bad idea.

If you vote me out tonight you will give the
million dollars to one of these two people.

True to form,lisa kept her
word and voted out penner.

The tribe has spoken.

Six are left.

Who will be voted out tonight?

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Crazy game.

It's clear to me that lisa and denice,malcolm
and skupin have a foursome alliance going on.

What's up?


I don't know.

I'm not really thinking
about it right now.

Between me and carter,who
are they going to take?

A guy from kansas or a girl from brazil that
they have issues with because she's too honest?

If you got the immunity idol,you'll
be going farther in this game.

It's not if,i do.

There is no if.

There is i do.

I'm going to continue to bluff i have
that the fourth hidden immunity idol.

That's all i have for me.

How are you feeling?

Kind of you've taken a couple punches
and you're feeling kind of dizzy.

Your head's kind of spinning,kind
of confused,kind of .

Well,that was the goal
of somebody tonight,

to make you doubt yourself and try
to get you to do something different.

Tribal council was a
very tough decision.

I think penner is correct.

I do think malcolm is
playing a brilliant game.

Because it's strategic but
likable,underdog,good at challenges.

All around really great game.


- I'm proud of you.
- Why?

Because you stood up for yourself.

Because you didn't back down.

Thank you.

Going to the end with malcolm and
denice is not a great strategy.

But betraying that trust
is -- opposes who i am.

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Season 25 Episode 12


Come on in,guys!

Guys ready to get to
today's reward challenge?


For today's challenge you will
be paired up with a loved one.

Oh,my god gosh!Oh,my gosh!

Skupin,here's your son,also
named michael skupin.

Oh,my gosh!Oh,my gosh!

Let me see you! Let me see you!

Oh,my gosh! Oh,my gosh! Oh,my gosh!

I can still pick you up!

My number one. My number one!

I'm going to cry.

Skupin,tell me about your family.

I guess this is your oldest since
you named your son michael skupin.

There's no description for him.

He's the best human being i know.

I learned everything from him.

For 12 years it's
"dad,let's do it together!"

he met you 12 years ago and he probably
doesn't even remember,that's probst!

I know!

I was freaking out!

Carter,who would you
like to see right now?

My mom.

Carter,here's you mom.

Oh,my gosh!

oh,my gosh!

This never happens!

What never happens?

I never break down like this!

This is
just -- oh!

It's good to see you.


Here's your man brad.

Where's he at?Where's he at?

I'm snotty and sticky.

Oh,that's so cute!

Can i borrow your shirt?

Brad,you're now a survivor,you
have snot on your shirt.

Step one in the game.

This is the guy who truly can
make me laugh,can calm me --

call me on my whatever it is and wake
up the next morning and it's all good.

She has so much strength,so much love
all in this tight,tiny little package.

It's so much more than
people can ever even know.

All right,join the others.

You can carry her over.

Lisa,here's your brother justice.

Sister! Sister!


Got to say,lisa,

i have seen some pretty powerful moments
involving loved ones but this might be at the top.

I don't think i've ever needed any
person more in my life in this moment.

And if i could pick any person
it would be my baby brother.

- I haven't even looked at you.
- You're doing it.

Isn't he beautiful!

Good looking kid.

Abi,you've had a tough journey of late.

It would be nice to have a little love?


Who better than your mom.

My mom!

Here's your mom veer have.



- *****
- **

Translate for us.

She's just happy to see me but
she's very confused with everything.


Will,it's quite a journey to get here.

It was a journey to get here.

She doesn't speak english clearly
so she's just very confused.

Well,let her know we're
so happy she's here.



She says she's happy to be here.

Great,join the others.

- Now that everybody's had their
love -- wait,jeff,you made a mistake.

Oh,i wouldn't leave you out,malcolm.

Here's your brother miles.

I'm light,i'm light!

He was going to knock you over.

Do you see this?

I look so good with my shirt
off now you won't believe.

I'm taking that head band,too.

He looks like a colonel,i'm
like some ship in the 1700s --

what's up?

I know malcolm's a fan.

Were you a fan?

We watched every episode.

We weren't allowed to watch
t.v.During the week unless it was you.


I'm always following in his footsteps.

always --

you're getting a little
brother emotion on us.


It's okay,man,that's why you're here.

Yeah,i follow in his footsteps
and now i'm out doing his own thing

so i'm going to let him be on
"survivor" and i'm sure he's doing great.

He's here.

Let's get to today's challenge.

On my go each survivor will toss
a muddy bag to their loved one.

The loved one must catch the bag and
then use it to knock down a bamboo target.

First team to knock down
all five of their targets

wins reward.

Want to know what you're playing for?


The winning survivor will get to
take their loved one back to camp.

You will spend the
afternoon and the night.

Loved ones,are you ready to
participate in a "survivor" challenge?


We're going to draw for spots.

We'll get started.

Here we go.

Survivors ready?


Run faster,don't wait to look.

Miles knocks one off for malcolm's team.

Brad knocks one down for denice's team.




Bianca knocks a second
one down for carter's team.

There you go!

Denice has three left.

- ***
- ***

Got one!

Justice knocks a second one down.

Brad miss.

Lisa has two left.



Carter has two left.

Malcolm has two left.

Michael skupin knocks one down.

Nice,one more,mom!

Carter down to one!

Good pace!

Malcolm down to one with miles.

Skupin down to one now!

Come on,mom!

You're all over it.Come on!

- Yes!
- Oh,my god!

Malcolm and miles win reward!

I can't believe you just did that!

All right,malcolm,miles,come on over.

Good job,you guys.

Congrats,you guys.

Oh,my gosh.

So here's what's going to happen.

You and your brother
will go back to camp.

He'll spend the afternoon and night.

Are you ready for that?

Pick one other survivor to bring
their loved one to join you.

- Oh,malcolm --
i can't look up.

I can't look any of you in the eye.

Um --
brother/sister love.

Just because of the past few days have gone and
how much trouble somebody is having out here,

- lisa.
- Yes! Yes!

Can i run over and hug you?

- Thank you,thank you,thank you.
- You're welcome.

Thank you!

Brother/sister love.

I had to.

Malcolm,ask for another.

Can i have another?

You asked for another.


One more survivor and
another will join you.


This will be it.

I'm sorry,guys,skupin.

Come with me,buddy!

Don't hurt me,guys,don't hurt me.

I love you.I love you.

All right,carter,this is your
chance to say good-bye to your mom.

I love you.

Be careful.


- **
- **

I love you.

We love your wife,brad,we'll
take care of her.

We promise.



Heck of a guy.

One heck of a guy.

I'll turn around this game for you,mom.

One heck of a guy.

You're all going back to camp together.

Enjoy the "survivor" experience,it is a
once in a lifetime opportunity to share

this with the people
who mean so much to you.

Grab your stuff,head back to camp.

I don't have a lot of time.

You only have moments to make this decision and
i'm rewarding lisa and skupin for sticking with me

and denice at the last tribal
and through the past few votes.

Those are my allies.

I need to take care of
them and keep them close.


Welcome to our humble abode.


How many days has this been?

We're on day 31.

that's our calendar.

Day 31!

Whoa my gosh you're
so -- so close!

Justice and i have always
had a very close relationship.

He is truly incredible.

He's 20 years younger than me but within him is
so much maturity and life and life-giving spirit.

This is 39 days.

It's gone buy in a blink,i
haven't really missed malcolm.

miles,my little brother turned
21 years old a month ago.

He's a knucklehead in a
really nice -- like a nice way.

He's just kind of a clown.

I was sitting there with my shirt up
touching my nip until this middle of this bar.

He's always around
trying to get a laugh.

He wants to be the center of attention.

Out here when i'm this close to a million
dollars him running his mouth could cost me.

I want to climb up.

You want to go up?


Get two good footholds.

Here's the hacker.

So close. So close.

One hack away.

Come on,finish it.

You okay,man?

He's going to look like his dad.

My son is bloodyd from here to here,his
chest,everybody's like "are you okay?"

and i'm like "that's my boy."

we've got to get you
into some salt water.

She has an extra set
of eyes and ears here.

If there's any kind
of intel i can gather.

That's awesome,i love that.

I'm trying to think
how i can help you out.

I appreciate that.

Because at this point we have
a very strong four alliance:

malcolm,denice,michael and me.

But i don't want malcolm in the final
three because he would probably win it.

I'm not surprised lisa made it this far.

I look up to her for a reason.

She always seems to say the right thing.

She always seems to do the right thing.

She's a really good game player.

She's supersmart,very
bright,she knows how to win.

I orchestrated this blind side
of malcolm right after the merge.

He didn't see it coming.

We were supposed to
vote for michael skupin.

I found malcolm's hidden
immunity idol in his back.

Did you tell anybody?

I told malcolm that i found it.

That was nice of you.

I've been too nice.

And a mistake. And a mistake!

I know.I know.

I've made a lot of
mistakes out here,justice.

- **
- **

If i were to start all over again,would i
betray people,hurt people,not tell the truth?

I don't know.

Because it's easy for me to say in my head
it's just a game and really play the game

and i could have played a great
game and i came out here strong.

You were all about
the game when you left.

I know. I know.

My sister is a very loyal
person so anything shady

or underhanded would be so unnatural
for her to behave like that.

I have to be honest.

Like,malcolm's a threat,man.

My job is to remind my sister to think of this as a
game: outwit,outlast,outplay the other contestants.

You know worrying that good because
our four-person alliance is very tight.

Even though malcolm has an idol.

He can only play it tomorrow
night or the next night.

So he's -- do you think
he's going to play it?

We've stuck to our word every time.

It would be dumb of him to play it.

Why don't you vote out malcolm then?

Wouldn't that be crazy.

Carter would join us where we could have a
three-person alliance with lisa,i,and carter

we could take malcolm out and an
idol at one time and blind side him.

We could do that.

There's a problem with that: i tried to make that
big play and after that it blew up,messed me up.

It didn't blow you up.

It got us here.

I do know it's a game
and i love this game.

But i haven't been able to step outside of
who i am outside the game to play the game.

If abi,michael and you and carter all voted
malcolm,would that be enough for him to leave?


Okay,help explain to me why taking advantage of
this opportunity to get malcolm out would be --

because i gave malcolm my word.

- So that's the decision?
- Yes.

- Holding on to your word?
- Yes.

I knew that you had to
lie to play this game.

I knew it was part of the game
and that everybody signed up knew

that you can't take
people at their word.

Even when you actually betrayed
malcolm already he was like "it's cool.

It's a game" right?

So he might even respect that in the
end that you were able to do that.

When somebody who knows me is able to
remind me of the crystal clear picture

that i've gotten all confused
and befuddled and foggy,

it was like yeah!

I can play this game!

I can play this game
and i can play it well!


How's this?

What do you think about
our lovely evening?

Our living room?


My brother has come in here with some fresh
perspective and he said,lisa,what are you doing?

side malcolm.

Get him out of there.

What do you think,michael?

I love fresh perspective
and i love final three.

I don't know if i'll win but
i'm going to do everything i can

to play the game by these rules to win.


♪♪ Have this time with my brother.

Bless me, bless abi and carter As we
finish these days, give us All strength.

Lord, we don't propose to guess
Your will as much ask we ask

That you would bless this plan And
protect it and if you want Malcolm to win

or carter or Denice or even abi, we
want Ultimately your will to be done.

I didn't think of that.

They're going to bond of jesus.

They are going to bond over jesus.

I could have guessed that
if i thought about it.

You're just going to have to
kick ass at the challenges.


One of the biggest fears i have after
having the loved ones here is lisa.

She was at rock bottom emotionally and was
playing with her heart,as she likes to say.

And i'm afraid that her brother,who seems
like a very level-headed intelligent guy

might have snapped her back to her
senses and got her thinking about

who she needs to be sitting next to in
that final three to have a shot of winning.

I don't know what jesus christ
would look like playing "survivor."

sadly,a little bit like malcolm.

He'd probably play like
carter,which is even worse.

I don't think god chooses sides.

I don't think you can
pray for your football team

and because you're praying god
is going to choose that side.

I think he's so much bigger than that.

Malcolm,nice to meet you,man.

It was a pleasure.

I had those and maybe the
shirt off your back,too?


So it was easy to pray
and say we have a plan,

we would love it if you bless it but if you don't
and have a bigger plan we'd totally trust that.

He's a win-win god.

Maybe not everybody
wins the million dollars.

but he's pretty resourceful.


Give me your shirt.

come on in,guys.

Guys ready to get to
today's immunity challenge?


You know what that means,abi.

Give it back.

I fell in love with it.

I don't want to give up.

Win it back.

Once again immunity
is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge,you'll
race across a bamboo balance beam

to a platform where you will
find a hook attached to rope.

You'll drop it in water and use
the hook to retrieve three bags.

Once you have all three
bags,you'll race to the finish

and use the rope and sticks
inside the bag to fashion a pole.

Once the pole is long enough you will
use it to hit a target dropping the flag.

First person to drop
their flag wins immunity,

is guaranteed a 1-5 shot
at winning this game.

Losers go to tribal council
where somebody will be voted out.

We'll draw for spots and get started.

Here we go.

For immunity and a 1-5 shot of
winning this game,survivors ready?


Skupin's there!

Lisa gets to the second platform.

Abi's there.

Carter's still struggling.

Denice still struggling.

Carter makes it to the second platform.

Everybody at that platform quickly
except for denice,she's struggling.

Malcolm has his first bag.

Lisa has her first bag.

Abi has a bag.

Denice is now there.

Carter has a bag.

Skupin with his first bag.

Denice has a bag.

Carter with his second bag.

There are three bags total.

Lisa has her second bag.

Carter has three bags.

He's heading back.

Malcolm with his second bag.

Skupin has his third bag,he
can start heading back.

Lisa has her third bag.

It's carter,skupin and
lisa with all three bags.

Malcolm has his third
bag,he's headed back.

Denice has her third bag,a big
come from behind for denice.

Abi has her third bag.

Everybody heading back.

Let's go,abi,what are you doing?

Pick it up!

Abi taking as much time as
she can to get in the water.

As if there was nothing
attached to this challenge.

You need to erect a pole long enough and
strong enough to knock over your target.


Lisa's already started
working on her pole.

Skupin getting started.

Carter's putting some rope to sticks.

Malcolm still untying.

Abi finally joins the group.

That took forever!

Lisa the first to give it a shot.

Will it do it.

Very close.Is it strong enough?

No,she's short,got to go back.

Carter giving it a shot.

Skupin gives it a shot.

Skupin not long enough.

He's got to go back.

It would be so nice
to have that necklace.

Will it be carter?


He's very close.

He's got to go back.

Lisa,carter,skupin now making adjustments,opening
the door for malcolm,abi and denice.

Malcolm now going to give it a shot!

Carter giving it another shot.

It would be so nice to
have immunity after 33 days.

Carter close.

Can he get there?

He's right on the edge!

Malcolm very close.

He's right on the target.

Somebody going to be very close
to winning immunity right now.

Malcolm very close.

And he knocks it over!

Malcolm winning immunity,is safe at tribal
council,guaranteed a spot in the final five.

Good job,malcolm.Good job,malcolm!

Malcolm,come on over.

First win,stkpwhraoeug,right?


Took long enough.

Malcolm safe in tonight's
council,guaranteed a spot in the final five

and one step closer to having a
shot at that final tribal council.

Sadly one of the five of you
will be going home tonight.

Your shot at the money will be over.

Grab your stuff,head back to camp,see
you tonight at tribal council.

- Congrats.
- Thank you.

So bummed!

I was so ready to play this game
hard and make a big move and poof.

And malcolm wins immunity!

And lisa's plan is
shot into smithereens!


Feeling i've felt this entire game.

I finally won individual immunity and
i can actually just sit around camp

and not worry about people
wandering off in pairs.

My mind gets a break.

Just the icing on the cake.

We're at the final 6
now and i have immunity.

I can't be voted out tonight and the last
night i can play this is at the final 5.

i -- i'm in the final four on
"survivor" and it's only day 33.

take taste it.

Oh,my gosh!

we did pray that if this was not the right
way to go that god would close the door.


And that door was closed.

And either there's a bigger picture,bigger
story,bigger plan that we can't see.

Look at the size of
the ant on that tree.

Oh,my word,it's huge!

So this apparently is his will for
malcolm to have the immunity necklace.

I don't get it; i don't see it.

Okay,so he's got something
waiting for us at the final four.

So at this point would you
rather vote abi or carter tonight?

I don't want to get rid of carter.

I don't want to get rid of him.

Nobody wants to get rid of
carter,i love the kid,too.

But it's the game.

It's obnoxious.

Do we go with peace
around camp or strategy?

Carter almost won today.

He's won two,at least.

He was the first one to the sticks.

He really is.

He's -- me and you are pretty
even,i think,physically.

- What up?
- What's up,guys?

Just chatting,dude.

Am i interrupting?

Well,we're talking about you.

You can come up but we
are talking about you.

Good or bad.

Well,we haven't talked to the girls
yet but it can't be malcolm tonight.


So,yeah,we've got to make a decision.

It just hasn't been made yet.

So you keep abi over me?

We're just talking about it.

The only thing against you,the only
one thing against you is you're a threat

and every other possible
thousand reasons are against abi.

So out of respect for this game and
out of respect for me,keep me around.

That's what we're talking about.

All right.

I'll let you guys think
because i respect you guys.

It's total respect.

I respect your game play.

On a personal level i know this game is about
strategy and this game is about winning ultimately.

But everyone at our camp this
whole time has been talking about

keeping people in this game
who deserve to be in this game.

Look at these feet.

Look at that.

- Literally,like -- you
can do that spread thing.

I have webbed toes right there.

Denice,malcolm,skupin and lisa are stand-up people
and abi has been really mean to people in this game

and so i mean take me further in this game than
someone who you guys don't respect as a competitor.

Crab-flavored beans.

Actually,sitting here,who is the only --
lisa,your name has never been written down.

Skupin hasn't been written down.

And skupin hasn't been written down.

I haven't,either.

And carter hasn't.

And i put up the hidden immunity idol
and the six of you wrote my name down.


No,we split.

Who did you vote for,lisa,that night?

I voted for you.

You voted for he?You wrote my name down?

- Yeah.-
Oh,well --

you seemed very close
to me,though,still.

Maybe you're just trying to
get information,but that's fine.

It's part of the game.

- At this point in the game
-- you're not closer to denice.

- I don't know
if at -- you are!

You are!

If we get down to the final four,i
may have to write down denice's name.

And i will l not begrudge you.

I've made a commitment
to her to the final four.

That's fine.

I'm saying after
the final four --

you said my word is more important
to me than a million dollars

and right now you're telling me a million
dollars is more important to me than my word.

Can i ask a favor?

Is there any way we can
let this conversation rest?


It's easy for you,denice,you
here in the final four already!

No,i'm not,abi.

Easy for you,you're already there!

- Abi -- you are
four against two.

Don't be hypocritical.

You're sitting in a
very tight,safe spot.

Carter and i are not.

I will have to play my hidden
immunity idol next tribal.

So it is what it is.

Well --
that's right.

- As much as i'm enjoying this.
- I tried.

Since --

Since the beginning of this game
everyone has wanted abi gone.

Abi is so detrimental to morale
and just people's smiles in general.

She's like a soul sucker around camp.

She's like the dementors
from "harry potter.


" sorry she's been bullying you.

I'm just officially over it.

I have tried to be kind.

I have tried to be understanding.

You know,and it's like --
right there,glare all you want.

Cuss at me,do whatever you want,it
has no effect at this point.

I don't care.

She's every psychological
condition all packed in one.

Very challenging to
diagnose,that's for sure.

It makes me wonder what
the heck her mom is like.

Abi's personality coming off strong,part of
it may be because she's from another country.

I don't --
i don't know.

It is not a cultural thing.

It's her personality.

And there wasn't a single one of
us sitting there that didn't go

"and now you've just given us the
very reason we need to vote you out."

because it's this histrionic
dramatic passive aggressive martyr.

It's not culture,it's
the culture of abi.

I am definitely on my own out here.

I'm totally fighting for myself.

I am an alliance of one person.

So i just need to play smart,play my
fantasy idol,try and bluff in this game.

They're not believing me but,hey,

if you tell a lie long enough everyone starts
to believe it and i'm convinced in my own lie.

Even i am believing myself right now.

Abi continues to threaten that
she has a hidden immunity idol.

I think she's obnoxious but even as
empty as we think abi's threat is,

it really is something
we have to consider.

That being said,we're really
considering getting rid of this angry,

unsocialable brazilian girl
over a really fit athletic guy.

I'm considering making a really bad
strategic decision just for my,like,morale.

That's how terrible of a human being
abi is,plain and simple,cut and dry.

If abi goes home tonight
it's because she's a bitch.

We'll now bring in the
members of our jury.

R.c.,jeff,artis,keith and penner
voted out at the last tribal council.

Malcolm,do you have any idea if you really
needed immunity today or were safe either way?

You know,i felt safe.

I have my group of four.

I trust them completely.

I really did feel safe but that doesn't
mean i'm not excited to have it finally.

Remind me who the group of four is.

Myself,denice,skupin and lisa.

So,carter,if this group of four is
tight it's you or abi going tonight.


But i don't necessarily understand,especially
when there's been a lot of talk about

taking the person that you feel deserves it
over the person that you feel like you can beat.

So i feel like i've played a game
worthy enough to be taken tonight

to the final five and given
a chance to fight another day.

Because i deserve it.

Skupin,carter's making
a pretty simple case,

saying listen,play the game with
people who deserve to be there.

I don't know if carter's more of a
son to me or more of a friend to me

but we click very well together.

To even consider carter it's
almost like voting off my own kid.

To even consider it.

Who you called "the greatest
human being" you know.

Almost like voting off my own kid,yes.

Lisa,if you had to choose tonight
i'm going to sit next to somebody

that i think deserves to be there
or i can sit next to somebody

that i'm pretty sure i can beat,which way
do you sit now at this point in the game?

I would sit next to
somebody i think i can beat.

Yes,i would like to be nobler than that,but
why make it harder than you have to?

Abi,surprised that it's even a consideration
that you won't be going home tonight?

Yeah,i'm surprised.

But at the same time i think
i have a huge tool tonight.

I found the fourth hidden immunity idol.

So i'm going to play it and i don't
think i'm going to go home tonight.

Is this new information or something
that's been talked about,denice?

None of just seen it,none of us
have seen any clues so the only thing

we can go on is what
abi's sharing with us.

Malcolm,does it help abi's game or hurt
it by not showinshowingshowing this idol?

We've seen abi play for a long time with an
idol and i think she's smart enough to know

if she has it she should be
leveraging it more than she is.

I'm just very protective of
myself at this point after hearing

that i'm the most unlikable
person on the tribe.

Denice,how's your relationship with abi?

It's -- i think the
tension is still there.

But it's improved.

That's about the best that i can say.

So has it improved so much that you actually
see her differently and might say,"you know what?

You deserve to go to the end"?

My --
probably not.

Because that would be changing my entire
strategy that i had coming into the game.

So no,i can't say that that has changed.

Why does that make you laugh,abi?

That's not good news for you tonight.

It's horrible news,but at the same time
i don't think i'm bringing any tension.

So i'm a little confused
with what i just heard.

Maybe a better word is "baggage."

i am baggage?

No,not you.But the past 30 days.

Oh,yeah,i understand,yeah.

Yeah. Maybe there is baggage.

I guess,yeah.

Denice,do you think abi can win
this game if she gets to the end?

I don't think she can win this game.

If somebody's looking in
the spirit of "survivor,"

they're looking for more of a
balanced game between the social,

the strategic,the physical and i don't think
that abi's brought those fully to the table.

Well,the six of you have
survived 33 days in this game.

One of you will not live to see day 34.

it is time to vote.

Carter,you're up.

I'll go tally the votes.

If anybody has a hidden immunity idol and you
want to play it now would be the time to do so.

Okay.Once the votes are
read,the decision is final.

Person voted out will be asked to leave
the tribal council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote,carter.



Two votes carter.


Three votes carter; one vote abi.

13th person voted out,sixth
member of our jury.


You need to bring me your torch.

Carter,the tribe has spoken.

Well,you've made it to the final
five but the smaller the numbers

get the more difficult the game becomes.

Grab your torches,head
back to camp.Good night.

-= Proudly Presents

-= Sync:°îµÂÖí

Next time on
"survivor" --

be very careful.

Denice,she knows she can beat you.

Information from an unlikely ally.

I think this alliance of four
you are totally on the bottom.

- could force lisa to make her biggest move yet.

If we keep abi i have options.

Maybe take to the end.

Use her for my best game plan.

The realization that my "survivor"
experience is over is weighing heavily on me.

It does hurt to know that that four
would rather play with someone like abi

who they feel like they can beat
these next few days as opposed to me.

I can understand it,but it
doesn't mean it doesn't hurt.