Survivor (2000–…): Season 25, Episode 11 - Hell Hath Frozen Over - full transcript

Castaways exhaust their funds on tasty rewards while one generous castaway makes two bids for his tribemates during the hearty food auction.

Previously on "survivor":

after being bullied by
her original alliance--

i think you were just gullible.

Lisa jumped ship.

I can't be in an alliance with
someone who doesn't trust me.

Leaving pete and abipowerless.

I went from the top of the pecking
order all the way to the bottom.


Who do you trust
more,penner or almalcolm?



It's too easy for me to say who
i would go to the final four with.


This is my final four.

Penner didn't want to
make that kind of deal.

I think he missed an opportunity gl

at the immunity challenge--
this is going to be very close!

Carter is through!

Carter wins immunity!

Carter won.

Putting pete and abi
on the chopping block.

But at tribal council,it was
only abi who took a beating.

I have spent much of my life
with many people who are helpful

and they're kind and there are many of these
qualities that are just not a part of who abi is.

I have never had that much
hatred towards me,ever.

And it only got worse for
abi when she played her idol

and watched her closest
ally walk from the game.

Pete,the tribe has spoken.

Well,abi,your back supagainst
the wall,but anything can happen.

Seven are left,who will
be voted out tonight?




Yesterday,you guys
were brutal towards me.

I never felt that any of
you felt that way about me.

It wasn't cute.

You understand that?

All right. Thank you.

Abi was sitting by the fire with michael and as
we're overhearing it,it's just more of the same.

She just continues the
rein of negative,grumpy abi.

Are you hearing any of this?

I'm hearing all of it.

I just lay there and listen to it all.

I just heard pieces.

It's just-- she's

Between michael and malcolm and
lisa and i,we have our solid four.

Abi is the one going next,unless she miraculously
wins immunity,which i doubt,i highly doubt it.

But if she does somehow have
immunity,jonathan's made it this far.

He's a great player.

Our next would probably
be we'd vote out jonathan.

Season 25 Episode 11


- **
- ***

There's a letter.

Oh,my god,i'm going
to start crying again.



Come on,darling.

I wanted to give you a hug last night.

All right,come here

last nights kind of like the tribe
laid abi down in the middle of the road,

ran over her with the bus and
backed up and do it over again.

She just got destroyed.

- Denise--
denise was rough.

She said she would not want to spend
the rest of her days here with me

because i'm-- i'm not a person
she wants to relate with.

I'm sorry,darling.

It was just eof,like--
it was horrible.

It was,like,the worst day of my life.

Abi's very unself-aware.

It's hard not to feel a little sympathy
for her when she's breaking down.

So my heart goes out
to her a little bit.

Let's see,let's see!


Oh,i know what it is!

Food auction.

Oh,my god!

What have we got?

What have we got

"going once,going twice.Some
food today would be nice.

If you don't hurry and place your bet,you
may look back hungry and wish you did.

" ya.

How fun.

I am the most unliked person
at this island right now.

I'm going to have to just turn my head around
and move forward,and keep on playing the game.

Today's auction,i'm just going
to sit tight and hold my money,

and just wait for the right opportunity
to use my money towards getting ahead,

and they're not going to stop me now,no.

I'm better than that.

I'm going to fight.

I'm a fighter.I'm a survivor.

Come on in,guys!

A lot of smiles for
the "survivor" auction.

This morning in tree mail,you
were each given $500 u.s.

Bidding will be in $20 increments.

You cannot share food or money.

If you see something you like,bid on it.

The auction will end without warning.

Should we get started.


syrup,orange juice.


wow,denise jumps it right to 200.



denise just spent all of her money.

I want it.

There's meat,there's some carbs.

I want it.

Sold to denise.

All the money she has.

She knew she wanted it.

That's $1.99 at the local diner.


Well spent.

Well spent.


Oh,my god.

Ready for the next item?


he's an animal.

No chances.

I can't take a chance.

I'm thrilled to give you $500 for that.

Come on up,skupin.

Oh,my gosh.

You're going to drink that wine?

I don't know.

I am not a drinker.

Excuse me?

So that wine is just
going to go to waste?

Because otherwise,i'll drink it.

No sir.

Take the food,have a seat,enjoy.

Next item.


iced coffee and donut.

20 to malcolm.



200 to malcolm.

Going once,going twice.

Sold to malcolm for $200.

thatta boy.

That does look good.

Not bad,200 bucks.


Next item,this one will remain covered.

Blind bid.

I'll bid 100.

100 to penner.

No activity from lisa and abi.

I know i'm going hom next so
i'm going to be eating soon.

So you're just going to keep that money?

Yeah,i'll keep the money.

$100 to penner is the bid.

Going once,going twice.


Well done,penner?

How do you know what it is?

I think he got a steal.

This is the least anybody
has paid farn item.

Oh,. My. God.

Pried chicken.

Even i can say from here
that looks pretty damn good.

It's ridiculous.

You've got a weird look in your eye.

You went somewhere else
when you took a bite.

Im somewhere else.


Well played,john.


These smells around me right now.

Next item.

Will wemain covered.



$1 ha 100 to malcolm.



180 to malcolm.



going once,going twice,sold to carter.

Thank you.

This is what you bought.

Now,before you dip in to this beautiful
baked potato,let me offer you a choice.

You can keep this baked potato or
you can give up this baked potato

and trade it for the
tribe,right and beans.

Should be plenty to get you
through the rest of this game.



Done.Carter's the man!


Thank you!

You are a living legend.

Next item,covered.


40 to carter.

And lisa in for the first time at 60.

there you go,lise.



wow,she just jumped up.

- 220,
- 260,

- 280.
- 320.

$320 going once,going
twice,sold to lisa.

Come on.

Thank you,thank you.


i hope you like it.

My. God.

It's what you want uponned!

A nice gigantic sandwich.

Do you want to take a bite.



Next item.

This is an advantage in this game.


just like that,abi says 500.

that's what you were
holding your money for.

Sold to abi for $500.

hold on to this.

I will.

When you get back to camp,if
you want to read it go for it.

I will,thank you.

Good for you.

Abi just spent all of her money,the
second you heard advantage--

500-- speaks to where
you are at in game.


There is no compassion towards me here.

I have to have
compassion towards myself.

Next item.

- 140.
- ***

- 160.
- ***


180 to lisa.


i don't have anything else.

200 to carter.

Going once,going twice,sold to carter.

That isa boy.

Here's what your $200 bought you,and
it comes with a bit of a twist.

Veal shanks.

There you go!

For the entire tribe.

With no utensils and a 60-second clock.

Why don't you take the first bite.

Thank you,carter,again!

Carter rules!

Once again,carter is good for the tribe.

60 seconds starts now.

Go,tear it,tear it.

So good.

Nicely done.

That's how we finish a
"survivor" auction right there.


Beans and rice.

It melted in my mouth.

Whatever that thing was.

- Oh,my gosh!
- Was that good?


We had just come back
from this high elation.

Everybody was happy.

And just as we were just sharing
in the joy of this experience.

So you want to talk?

Sure,i'm-- i
will listen.

I think you need to do some talking.

I need to do some listening.

What do i need to say?

I don't know.I'm sorry,maybe.

Penner and abi start on this conversation which
of course just shuts all of us totally down.

What should i apologize for?

For destroying me at
tribal council yesterday.

I don't think i destroyed you.

I was demoralized.

I was pointed fingers at.

I was ganged up on.

I left there crying,genuinely crying.

I just wanted to hear how you felt.


In a game,if you are that blunt,that
honest,it can feel off-putting.

So you might have been friendlier.

That's all.

Now it's your turn.

I have nothing to say.

I just wanted to hear
what you had to say.

I'm sorry,but it is really hard not to
laugh at some of the things she says.

I'm sorry if i was a bit
too honest with some of you.

There's a saying in the bible that
says,"don't throw your pearls before swine.

" i'm not calling abi a pig,but at some point
if someone is not going to value your words,

then you don't keep
giving them to that person.

You know what,penner?

Everything that happens every second
in my life is a learning experience.


I'm going to look back and i will
have learned something from it.

- Absolutely.
- Great.

And i'm sorry that it was jur
turn to get-- to get slammed.

I honestly,honestly empathize with you.

The more bitter,the more obnoxious,the
more toxic abi is,the better for me.

Easier it is to say,"we have
to get rid of her,right?"

the six of us will
figure it out from there.

Come on.Give me a hug.

Give me a handshake at least.

I'll give you a hug.

Thank you.

Don't give me a pat on the back.

Don't pat me all right?

- All right.
- All right,we'll continue.

Everything that everyone is saying i'm
taking with a grain of salt because,

you know,i think people are
starting to kind of feel like

they need to start
communicating with me somehow

because they don't know what kind
of a tool that i have in my hand.

The tool being what i
bought at the auction today.

You know,they realize
that i have a note.

I have an advantage in the game.

I was going to say,it's
either going to be--

there's an idol here somewhere or it's an
advantage at the next immunity challenge.

Is there any other
scenario you can think o of?

I got an advantage in the game.

I don't know what that details to be.

So i need to open my note and read it.

This note could possibly change my
game if i play my cards right,yeah

"move directly to the final
round in this challenge.

You have a one in three shot
at win winning the immunity.

" very cool.

I can do whatever i want with this note.

And i'm going to tell them whatever i
have to,to have them work on my favor.

I'm just going to have to put a little bit of
fear in them and try to break their alliance.

With this power that i may have.

But i do have a lot better chance
than i had before.Absolutely.


This morning,i woke up,and
i woke up very ambitious.

I woke up with feeling that i am
not going to go without fighting.

They were having a lot of problems with me
being such an honest person,blunt person.

They asked for this.

Now it's time for me to lie.

I'm going to outplay them.

I will be creating a
fantasy fourth immunity idol.

While we have two minutes without her,i'm
just hoping we can all continue to stay strong.

I'm not that--
there's no temptation.

I'm not interested in going
forward with her opinion.

So i've been trying to plant some seeds.

At least i'm going to go out,or i stay in
the game as a very smart,hardworking fighter.

A warrior,really

i have some tricks under my sleeve
and i'm going to be pulling it off,

and i would like to have someone with me,because
i don't think i'm going home the next tribal.



Abi is a bit like having a gifl
who just doesn't get the message

and won't leave even after
you have broken up with her--

she's bitter.

She hasn't forgiven you.

You're not getting the benefits of
having a girlfriend around anymore.

It's the worst situation possible.

There's a fourth
idol,baby,and i have it.

You have it already?

What do you think i have
been doing all day long?

I don't know.Sup bathing.


I woke up in the morning
i've been scrambling.

You guys are going to have to make
some decisions at tribal tomorrow

that are not going to have to be me.

I'm telling you crazy.


You guys ready to get to
today's immunity challenge?


First things first,carter.

Once again,immunity
is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge,you will be attached to a
rope which is threaded through a hitching rail.

The first five to get through
move on to the next round.

Where,still atasmed to a rope,you must make
your way through a series of bamboo poles.

The first two to finish make it to the final round
where you must navigate a multi-level obstacle course.

The first person to finish wins
immunity,guarantees what,skupin.

One in six,baby.

One-in-six shot at
winning this game.

Losers go to trooibl and
somebody will be voted out.

There is also a twist.

At the beginning of each round,i'm
going to ask you a question,

if you answer incorrectly you will
have 5% of your body wait added to you

that you must carry through the course.

One more twist,at the auction,abi
bought an advantage in this game.

It's a note.

To the read it.

I know i can't use proaps as a
tool at all,to keep the game fair

but i need to carry
on with my fake idol.

There are two messages in this note.

It's up to me to read the
second message in the note.

The first part of it says move directly
to the final round in this challenge.

You have a one-in-three
shot at winning immunity.

I'm going to tear it
into little tiny pieces

because i don't want anyone to know
what the second part of the message is.

All right,you can take
a spot at the end,abi.

All right,good luck,you guys.

Everybody else,pick your
spots,and we'll get started.

All right,question for this round: the
philippines consists of how many islands?

A,about 50.

b,about 500.

or c,more than 5,000.

everybody reveal.

say c,more than 5,000.

you are all four right.

Lisa got it wrong.

Denise got it wrong.

Both get weights.


All right,let's head
to our starting spots

all right,here we go.

First round,denise and lisa are each
carrying 5% of their body weight.

Everybody else is clean.

First five finish move
on to the next round.

Survivors ready?


Only one person will
not survive this round.

But for that person,it
could mean a million dollars.


Lisa is doing a nice job.

Malcolm right in there.

Carter struggling early.

Penner stuck at the beginning.

Really tied up.

Denise flying over this course.

Denise in the lead,skupin right behind.

There's malcolm.

Abi already guaranteed
a spot in the final.

Somebody could be in trouble
tonight from this tight group of six.

Denise has been on
fire in this challenge.

She is not messing around.

Skupin and malcolm doing a great job.

Carter has made a huge comeback.

Denise is through.

Moving on to the next round!

Skupe and i know malcolm very close.

Carter made a huge comeback.

He's figured out how
this challenge works.

From dead last to second
place,carter's moving on with denise.

Skupin is moving on.

Malcolm moves on.

We have four people through.

We are looking for one more person.

Lisa and penner.

Both have struggled in this first stage.

That extra bag of weight
is holding lisa down.

Start move,lisa!

Let's go!

Penner through the last little bit.

Penner moving on.

It's denise,skupin,malcolm,carter and
penner moving on to the next round.

All right,denise missed the question
in the first round and the second round.

Denise is now carrying
10% of her body weight.

Skupin and carter missed a question.

They are now each carrying
5% of her body weight.

Penner and malcolm are clean.

The first two to finish move on to the final
where they will meet abeerk going for immunity.

Here we go.Survivors ready?


You're working your
way through these poles.

There are a lot of them,and for
those of you carrying weight,

that's another burden because
it's sticking out somewhere.

You've got to squeeze
through these poles.

It's tough enough without the weight.

Carter out to a bit of a lead.

Penner now making some ground quickly.

I can't get through.

Skupe and i know malcolm stuck.

Denise trying to get in it.

You're very close!

You've got to keep moving!

Carter near the end.

Penner near the end.

Two people are moving on.

Penner will be one with a huge effort.

Carter and denise are neck and neck.

Who will it be?

Cartir slides through.

It is cartir,penner,and
abi in the final round.

She can't win this.

She can't climb.

But watch how good her knee is.

Here we go.

We have abi who bought her
way into the final round.

We have carter who is carrying 10% of his body
weight after answering another question wrong,

and we have penner who
is completely clean.

Here we go.Survivors ready?


A little different this roind.

You have to make your way through
these little gates of rope.

You get there by untying knots as fast as
you can,and you better be moving quickly.

Abi's through first.

Then carter.

Now penner in there.

Right off the bat,it is abi and carter.

Abi is clearly staithe she needs it.

She spent $500 at the
auction to get the advantage,

and right now it is proving
worthwhile as she is in the lead.

Abi is ahead of carter.

Penner right behind.

Abi is whipping through these knots.

Pulling away from carter.

Oh,my god.

Penner now trying to catch carter.

It is abi's challenge to lose right now.

Could be the best $500
she spent in her life.

Abi heading to the second
half of this course.

Carter and penner trying to catch it.

You're in,carter!

Abi continues to fly
through this course.

Carter you're in it!

Indicator now gaining on abi.


He's got to pick it up!

Come on,carter.

Pennener this.

Abi has had the lead from the
beginning and she still has it.

- Carter trying to catch her.
- Go,carter.

Abi now at the last gate of rope.

She gets through these
knots,abi will win immunity

- and be safe at tribal council.
- ***

- Carter right there,trying to get on it.
- Go!

Abi slides down.

- Abi wins immunity.
- Yes!Thank you,god!

Is safe at tonight's tribal council and
guaranteed a one-in-six shot at winning this game.


What a victory.

Abi,come on over.

What a journey it has been.

You went from being on top,to being on the
bottom,to being an outcast to being safe.

Abi cannot be voted out tonight.

And that means,one of the other six
of you will be going home tonight.

Grab your stuff.

See you tonight at tribal council.








So everything's fine.

We're all writing down penner.

There's nothing he can do.

You know what,i think
i have surinized it.

I love this game.

I'm just not cut out under this game.

It's too big for me.

I'm in such this huge inner conflict.

I mean i like denise and
malcolm,but i really--

i really have a heart connection
with carter and penner.

And now i'm going to hurt
somebody i care about.

I mean,it just is so hard.

I know.

And i know that's the hardest
part of this game for you.

It is.

That's okay. This is okay.

Because you know what?

Because we made a pact.

And we've stuck to it.

It's penner.

I love this game,and i
want to be a good player.

I just-- i think perhaps i'm
not cut out for this game.

I think it's too big for me.

I'm not very good at this game.

I just don't eye don't want to
lie to you that i'm totally in.

Oh,come on.Cut the crap.


- Come on.Let's go,you
and i take a walk.

- **-
- No.

- You want to vote me out?
- No.

What do you want to do?

As a matter of fact,you remember
before we voted out peter,

i came to you,and said,"i want to
go to the end with you and skupin?

What's the problem?

You said,"i'd like that,too,but
let's see how this shakes down,

and get peter and abi out of the way.

It's a little too soon
to be talking that way.

" so you know that's what i wanted.

In the meantime,after that,somebody
came to me and said,you know,

"want to be in an alliance to the end?

" am i going home tonight?

Not-- i mean,that's the name
i've been told to write down.

By who?

I can't tell you that.

I'm so not good at this game.

This is unbelievable.

Because i didn't make empty promises?

After you had written
my name down twice?

And i appreciate
that you-- i do.

I really appreciate what
you're going through,

but not that it's going
to knock me out of the game

because i know you
don't want to do that.

- I don't.
- I know you don't.

I really,really-- i really,really
don't want to do that.

Lisa once again lost her mind.

And she had to confess to me
that she was in another alliance,

that she's voting for me tonight.

And i guess to her credit she's
going to stick by her guns.

She will not be suede.

I think her guns are ridiculous.

I to tell you,and i know you believe
me,i like you more than anybody out here.

I want to go to the
final three with you.

It's not about the money.

Well,what are we going to do?

What am i going to do?

I-- i-- i would say go
do your magic that you do.


Let the chips fall where they may.

Here we go.

Lisa got played.

And that's-- that is to
denise and malcolm's credit.

Now,my mistake,of course,

was i was playing both ends against the
middle without making a commitment to anybody.

That was probably my mistake.

I did not choose a side.

Well,we're going to vote for denise.

I'm on board.

People are a bit wary of malcolm for his
idol,and he's aligned tightly with denise.

So we will now vote for denise.

I'm going to check make
sure skupin is cool.

All right.

Carter,abi,and i are all
prepared to vote for denise.

And if you vote for denise,that's that.

I mean,unfortunately for
you,my brilliant,wise,old chum,

you put yourself in the driver's seat and you
get to decide who you want to go forward with.

I mean,that's just the way it is.

That proverbial swing vote.

You are now the swing vote.

Will lisa change or is she
locked,based on what your perception is?

Honestly,i could lie to
you,but i'd never lie to you.

I haven't lied to you once.

She's right-- right now she's conflicted
but she does not want to go against her word.

So she's going to vote for me.

And it's up to--
it's up to you.

Tribal council day is a zoo.

My dilemma is i'm going to make
three people very happy tonight,

and i'm going to upset three people.

I'm going to potentially gain three jury votes
and lose three jury votes at the same time.


I'm langing-- i'm
hanging on a thread here.

Thank you.

So is the better group to win the game with
lease,denise,and malcolm,our abi,carter and penner?

And the closer it gets to the final three,the
more i realize it's a pretty big deal.

I believe strongly they could
beat pennener the final three

we'll now bring in the
members of our jury.

R.c. Jeff. Artis.

And pete,voted out at
the last tribal council.

Well,i think my final word at
the last tribal council were,

abe it seems like your back is up
against the wall,but anything can happen.

And what do you know?

It happened.

Here you sit with immunity.

Was that the plan going into the
auction,to wait for an advantage?


$500 is the best spent in my whole life.

Denise,last tribal council was
particularly brutal for abi.

You're a therapist.

What happens to people when
you're in these kinds of conditions

that make you change how you behave?

I think what was perceived as
brutal was simply a group of people

whose tolerance had just
reached their maximum.


So,penner,what was the vibe back
at camp today after the challenge?

Well,it all got pretty crazy in a way
that i guess we all hadn't anticipated.

My sense was that abi
was the next to go.

But it seems like lines were drawn
that had been in the sand all along.

I believe that denise and malcolm shook
hands and gave their words to skupin and lisa,

as if that was the
end-all,and be-all,

when in fact you have said i'm the
person you trust the most out here.

I've given you guys nothing
but trust and loyalty.

But you didn't trust her
enough to make the alliance.


I did not trust her enough
because she voted for me twice.

Took me a day or two or
three to think about it.

But i don't know,we've become
close over the last 12 days

and had a lot of fun playing together.

So i'm appealing you to be my genuine
allie allies and give yourselves a real shot

at the million dollars,which i honestly don't
you you have if you align with these two.

That's the honest truth.

So i'm looking you in the eyes
saying please don't vote me out.

I want to work with you guys.

I've always only said
that and it's the truth.

Malcolm,you're shaking your head
because he is making the argument

that would turn the
table on you and denise.

I don't want to get in an argument
with penner and brow beat lisa.

We did have a bond.

He's not the only one in your heart
and i hope we're in your heart,too,

and i trust nut 11th hour right now.

Lisa,this must be
very difficult for you.

Whatever i do is going to
hurt people they care about.

But if you do vote me out tonight,you will
give $1 million to one were these two people.


Pen eyou're argument is not only does it
help me because it keeps me in the game.

It helps you.


I mean,i honestly believe you
cannot with with win with them.

I honestly believe that.

Penner,that is absolutely
part of my consideration.

Fair enough. Thank you.

Lisa,can you compare this dilemma
to any other situation in your life?

Yes. But it's too
personal to talk about.


And how difficult was that situation?


So based on your decision tonight,is there
a chance you will disappoint yourself?


How tough is this for you,skupin?

You know,ge,i can't look
at any one of these people

and say i would not like to be
great friends when this is over

but i'd like to win,too,so i believe
there's some validity to what penner said.

Well,the only person who can
truly feel safe tonight is abi.

Everybody else is fair game.

It is time to vote.

Denise,you're up

i hope guhome tonight.**


I'll go tally the votes.


If anybody has a hidden immunity
idol and you want to play it,

now would be the time to do so

all right,once the votes are
read,the decision is final.

Person voted out will be asked to leave
the tribal council area immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote,denise.

Two votes denise.



Two votes denise,two votes penner.


Three votes denise.


We're tied.

Three votes denise,three votes penner.

One vote left.

12th person voted out and
the 55th member of our jury.


Bring me your torch.


Can i have a hug,too?

No,i'm not going to hug anybody else.


penner,the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go.

That sucks,jeff.

Guys... Keep your sunny side up.

And suck eggs!

Is.This game is clearly up for grabs.

Grab your stuff.Head
back to camp.Good night.

Next time on "survivor":

a little bit of love
could go a long way.

I don't think i've ever needed any
person more in my life at this moment.

Or it could cost one
survivor everything.

He looks like a cornell.ÉÏУ

My brother say knucklehead.

Him running his mouth could cost me.

My strategy,once again,has failed.

I'm very,very disappointed in
myself for not doing better.

But i guess that's the
way "survivor" crumbles.

I spent six years of
my life with "survivor.

" i'm one of the lucky few
that's played three times.