Survivor (2000–…): Season 25, Episode 13 - Gouge My Eyes Out - full transcript

The million-dollar prize and title of Sole Survivor is within reach for one of the five remaining castaways.

Previously on "survivor".

this is my final four.

There was a majority of alliance made
up of malcolm,denise,skupin and lisa.

If it's worked it will be the best
thing that's happened to me in the game.

Cracks started to form.

We can take malcolm out and the idol.

Malcolm is playing a brilliant game.

I want to do everything i can on win.

Aby came up with a plan to save herself.

I will have to play my
hidden immunity idol.

Attempting to trick everyone into
thinking she had a hidden immunity idol.

If you tell a lie long enough.

Everybody starts to believe it.

It wasn't her plan that saved her.

Right now you're telling me a million
dollars is more important than my word.

Don't be hypocritical.


Nobody can stand having her around.

She's a bitch.

At tribal council lisa made it clear
who she wanted to sit to at the end.

If i had to choose somebody
who deserves to be there

or i could sit next to
somebody i think i could beat--

i think i would silt next
to somebody i could beat.


The sixth member of our jury,carter.


Five are left,who will
be voted out tonight.




Hey,final five.

Final five is huge.

Thanks for keeping me,guys.

I should think
because-- absolutely.

I mean,i don't even know
how to thank you guys.

I mean-- i survived
another tribal.

I cannot believe this.

I am over the moon.

Thank you again.

I mean,i-- i'm
in awe,really.

It's great to be here.

Another couple of days for us all,right.

Hey,one day at a time.

You got it.

I bluffed with my fantasy
hid hidden immunity idol,

and i don't even they buy it or not,but i'm going to try
to pull it off at next tribal again and see how it goes.

That was a hard one.

That was a very hard one.

What a good young man.

Yeah,he took it really personally.

Tribal council was hard.

Carter is just one of the nicest
guys you'd ever want to meet.

That's the part that you-- the
part that heel grow up from,

you know,from this experience,i hope.

It really doesn't seem fair.

I mean,this game isn't fair.

But if i had a choice to bring somebody that was
worthy of being there or somebody i could beat,

i would bring somebody i could beat.

Final five.

Oh,my gosh.

You know what's weird is i
was thinking about you,abi,

and i think you thought
you were gonab here

but i think you thought you were gonna
be here with very different people.

It's.It's just ironic,you know.

Ironic.That's a good word.

At tribal council tonight,lisa said she wants to
go to the end with somebody she thinks she can beat.

It was really an eye opener that
she's thinking that strategically.

So good on her,but now i know exactly who
she is looking for to take to the final three.

Her head is in the game.

She tipped it off and it
makes her intrus going forward.

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Season 25Episode13



- **
- Yeah.

Okay,i'm gonna go get some water.

She announces with trumpets that
"i'm going into the wood for a while."


abi's come up with this cock and bull story
about having an idol for a few votes now.

Interesting,"thank you
for keeping me around."

very humble.

She's keeping the act going
around camp that he still has one,

but the threat was so high on her last night to
go home and she was so relieved that she didn't,

there's no way she would
have held on to it last night.

You're right.

If she would have that
surprised,she would have played it.

Malcolm is not going
anywhere any time soon.

He is drl using his hidden
immunity this time around.

I need to make sure the alliance that defelice and malcolm
have is destroyed because they are very dangerous together.

And if denise does not win the next
immunity challenge,she needs to go home asap.

Yeah,those two.

Lisa,be very careful.

Denise,skupin and malcolm are so in an alliance
with each other,and you're so on the bottom.

Really?What did they say?

Lisa,she knows she can beat you.

And she knows that she-- and you know,malcolm
and skupin are all at the same level.

I don't know. I think this alliance
of four,you are totally on the bottom.

I would be very careful.

I don't believe abi for a second,but i need abi close
whether we keep her or shes any to thshes anyjury.

If we keep her i need her close to take
to the end and that field really juked in,

but i'm not going to lie.

That is the relationship
i have with abi.

It's one to use her
for my best game plan.

I know that if i'm voted out
five,you're four for sure.

From what i've seen,from
everything that's going on.

Okay,i appreciate that.

Thank you for the heads-up on that.

Right now,it appears i have
options from which to choose.

I would love to be able to vote
off denise and keep abi around.

Then again,i may need to vote off abi in
order to keep the four alliance strong.

So i have all these great,you
know,scenarios in my head

but i do believe i'm taking
control of my destiny,

but part of taking control of my destiny is
waiting to the right time to make my big move.

Come on in,guys!

You guys ready to get to
today's reward challenge?


For today's challenge,you
will race up and over a slide

and into the ocean where you will
grab a bundle of rings and race back.

Once you've collected both bundles you
must land one ring on each of the five pegs.

First person to get
it right wins reward.

Want to know what you're playing for.


The winner will be
picked up in a helicopter.

You will then land and board a boat where we
have pizza and soft drinks waiting for you.

To do some whale shark watching.

In addition the winner will choose
two people to join them on this reward,

huge opportunity to make a
strategic move in this game.

I know it's worth playing for.

We'll draw for spot,and
we'll get started

here we go.For reward.

Survivors ready?


Skupin over first.

There goes malcolm.

Nice big hit.

Lisa flying down everybody
off to a quick start.

You're untying rings.

Once you have a bundle
of rings,head back.

You're going to do it again.

Skupin first heading back.

Malcolm right behind.

Here comes denise.

Abi getting back.

Lisa struggling.

Skupin is back and heading over again.

Malcolm is back.

He's heading over again!

Here comes denise.

She's going for her second ride.

Lisa working her way through that sand.

Skupin,he's got his second
and final bundle of rings.

Malcolm heading back
with his second rings.

Lisa not giving up.

Denise now heading back with
her second bundle of rings.

Abi working on her second bundle.

Lisa now in the water
looking for her second bundle.

Once you're back,start
tossing your rings.

Skupin land a ring.

Malcolm land his first ring.

Skupin land a second ring.

Skupin lands his third ring.

Skupin has dominated this challenge from
the beginning,and he's not slowing down.

Skupin with three rings.

Malcolm with one.

Lisa now back to join in on this.

It's still anybody's challenge.


Malcolm scores his second ring.

Coupin scores his fourth ring.

Skupin down to one last ring.

Just missing!

Lisa scores a ring.

Denise scores a ring.

Malcolm with his third ring.

Malcolm with his fourth ring.

One left.

Skupin just nisses with
his fifth and final ring.

It is now down to skupin and malcolm.

Malcolm misses.

Skupin scores his fifth ring!

Skupin wins reward!

- Good job,skupin.
- Good job,skupin.

- Good job,scoop.
- Good job,babe.

- Give me a hug.
-Good job.

- Sciewfin,come on over.
- Let's go.

Good job.

You won a reward.

A chopper is going to
come in and pick you up.

Remember my last chopper ride?

Your last chopper ride
you were being evacuated.

You put me on it and
you put me on it again.

A better afternoon in store for you
than the last time you rode a chopper.


You'll get on a boat,pita,soft drinks.

You need two people to join you.

Who is going to go with you?

Jeff,bigger than this game,malcolm gave my
boy something that will last me a lifetime,

way longer than pizza will,and i'm getting chocked
up even talking about it,but i gotta take malcolm.

Malcolm,come on over.

Thank you,mike.

Good deed are stiemed
rewarded in this game.

Not often.

You have one other choice.

Three women sitting over there.

Lisa,come on over girl.

Ya!I gotta take you.

And,denise,all my food is yours.

And leave the dishes.

I'll do those when i get back.

Skupin has made his decision.

Abi,denise,got nothing for you.

Grab your stuff.Head back to camp.

It's all good.

Abi,you look heartbroken.

I am. I guess my vote
doesn't mean anything

enjoy it.Take it in.

All right,guys.Chopper is
coming in.Grab your stuff.

Head down the beach.

Have a good time.




Kill them when they're back.

I was very crushed when i wasn't
picked to go on this reward.

It just proves to me that,once again,i
am on the bottom of whatever alliance.

We'll make the best of it,right?

Sounds good.

Let's do it.

To make matters worse,i
gotta go home with denise.

Denise is,like,a horrible person.

So it's not a fun day.

I was really heartbroken,really.

It's going to be a painful afternoon.

It's like the first date with the kid
who,like,pulled your hair all time in kindergarten,

or spit in your lunch,and all
of a sudden you're on a date.

And it's like,wow,okay.

So i'm just going to make nice.

Oh,abi,i sorry,i know you wanted to go.

I wanted to go so badly.

It's just,like,i am literally the swing vote
here,and i don't think that michael sees it.

- It's kind of weird.
- I know.

It's like i just want to get to the end of
the day,so i'm going to let her strategize.

I'm going to let her talk
about how she's the swing vote.

You never know what's going
to happen at immunity,you know.

You never know who's going to win.

That's true.

Next tribal is my last
chance to play my idol.

That's true.

She keeps talking about
having a hidden immunity idol.

None of us believes she
has one,not for a minute.

It's just about getting through the afternoon
and making it as tolerable as can be.

Anyway,food for thought.

Food for thought,for sure.

I want to hang myself,gouge my eyes out.

If i could have needles that go right into
my eardrums i would be good for the afternoon.

I'm going back and forth between the
chocolate and the white chocolate.

I'm going pizza,white chocolate.

Pizza at the very top.

After a short little ride,we end up on
this boat and there's this great spread of

what a couple of us have been craving
for a long time,which is pizza.

And then they have soft drinks and cookies,which
i have already shown a weakness for out here.

I'm drinking pop.

I haven't had pop in 30 years.

That's amazing.

I've been alive for 24 years,never
once said the words,"i'm drinking pop."

michael skupin doesn't eat sugar in
real life and he over-ate on sugar

and acted like a drunk chick at a bar.


He's laughing and rolling
around in his seat.

He's trying on clothes.

All of a sudden,michael
skupin is fun to be around.

Who knew he had that side of him?

I'm looking for shadows
the size of my stomach.

Wow i haven't had a soda in 30 years.

And i had three or four of
them-- i don't even remember.

You know,they're good.

We is this whole team of local fishermen
trying to find one of these fish.

They finally spot a shadow in the water.

Then it turns out we're not even
looking over the boat at these guys.

He hands a flipper and mask.

You're going to put me in the
water with the world's biggest fish?

My hands started shaking.


We dove in like navy seals,and the
guide grabbed my hand,and he points.

And then out of the
blue,i mean literally,poof.

This humongous whale shark appeared.

And it's so big it never ends.

It just keeps swimming and
keeps swimming,keeps swimming.

To see something that huge and to be around
something that powerful was awe-inspiring.

That fish was just massive.

I'm swimming with this thing with
the dorsal fin that look like a shark,

and it's so intimidating
because you think at any second

it could just turn on
you and bite you,eat you

oh,my god!

A whale shark head
butted michael skupin.

Funniest thing i've seen in my life.

And my mind what become so calculating
after a month and a half in this game,

i'm thinking,"oh,great,one
less competitor.

" you guys didn't warn me.

I ran right into it.

You were down there show boating.

What i was supposed to do?

In the midst of all this
excitement,i have a game to play.

I've been the driving of the last two
votes and i need to continue to be that.

Me,you,and 69 are in the same boat.

The only way any of us has a shot of
winning is if denise isn't sitting there.

That's the situation we're stuck with.

- Nobody beats denise,the
woman-- every tribal council.

Every tribal council.

Nobody works harder,and
she hasn't betrayed anybody.

It's a blow-out if she goes.

But if we do this,there's no risk at all
the entire way through until the final three.

Myself and denise have been tight
since day one,but in my mind,

my best chance to get to the final three and to win
a final three is going to be next to lisa and skupin.

So i need to make them give me their word
on a final three deal that cuts denise out.

From my perspective,you've never
lied to me,you've never lied to me.

I've never lied to him.

I like cementing the deal.

Having something that's done is--
you know,you end up like penner--

let me think about,let me think about it,let
me think about it and you come back and

it's too late,larpy.

Malcolm at this point would be the best person
to form an alliance with for the final three

because he's the most dangerous
to win an individual immunity.

So if he wins,he has more power in
who gets to come to the final three.

I have loved not having the stress.

Once we made a decision with the final
four,not having to worry or scramble or stress.

So,i mean,i like this.

I like this idea a lot.

- Should we do it?
- I think so.

So you guys have my word.

All the thingses i promised before.

This is my final three.

This is it,final three,baby!

Skupin's really on board with this,and i don't
have a chance to try to talk some sense into him,

so i can say,yeah,love it,makes all the
sense in the world to me,us three to the end.

And if it's the best
way for me to go,great.

I've made a deal.

And if it's not,then i
can make another deal.

Oh,my gosh!

What a great day!


When i got up it was
like,e,what was that.

It was like,on fire.


Whatever it is,it's doing something.

Because this is not just
sleeping wrong on-- it's-- again,

it started sharp burning,like

Just stay calm.

Just breathe.

I just have to-- just
breathe through it.

This morning i got up and
as soon as i moved,it just--

there's sharp incredible stinging.

It was like my neck,my whole
neck was on fire right here.

It's just ache and pain.

Like,just-- like this hurts to just
even lift my arm and to move my neck

i don't know if i'm having an allergic
reaction to something that bit me.

That could be a poison.

I've got,like,fang marks
somewhere in my neck.

Clearly it wasn't a mosquito.

I'm trying to tell myself to suck it up.

You have three days left.


If it's just an allergic reaction
that will pass,then we're good.

But i just don't know what it is.

I don't know if it was a spider.

It could have been a little lizard.

There are tarantulas out here.

We've seen scorpions.We've
seen a snake going up the tree.

You forget that,you know,there's
stuff everywhere out here.

So i'm just hoping it passes.

It's not going to kill me.

But it's really,really
painful right now.

Just push out whatever
poison is in there.

Just make it go through so fast.

It will be completely gone.

Feel your arms around her
just rocking her like a baby,

like a mother would,blow on her wound.

You created our bodies and you know what to
do,so we're asking you to relieve this pain

and heal this and make this go away
and comfort her in the meantime.

Lord,we have a challenge.

We have a big day.

We just ask you,lord,let
denise finish this game.

I feel really bad that denise is hurt,but
when you have an immunity challenge coming up

and it's final four,i'm like
kind of relieved a little bit.

What scares me the most is
freaking denise winning immunity.


Thank you,guys.

The reality of things are i came here
not to be feeling bad for other people.

I came here to win a million dollars.

Come on in,guys!

So how is everybody holding
up after 36 days out here?

Unfortunately it has not been a
great morning in the philippines.

What happened?

I got bit this morning,so still feeling
quite a bit of the effects of that.

So,yeah,it's been a little miserable.

Abi,for you,possible opening.

- Yeah.

Is there complicated game,isn't it?

One person gets injured,and while
you have empathy for that injury,

there's another part that says
gives me a better shot at winning.

That's been my life,going
after opportunity.

You guys ready to get to
today's immunity challenge?

Yup. Yup.

First things first,malcolm,give it up.

You come and get it.

Nobody has given me this necklace.

I've had to take it off every time.

Once again,immunity
is back up for grabs.

For today's challenge,you will use planks to
cross a rope bridge collecting pieced to a maze.

Once you are across,you will assemble
a maze and use a ball to complete it.

The first person to
finish it wins emimmunity.

Guaranteed a one-in-four
shot at winning this game.

Losers go to tribal council where after 36
very tough days somebody will be voted out.

We'll draw for spots.

We'll get started.

For immunity and a spot in
the final four,survivors ready?


Right out of the
gate,different strategies.

Grabbing pieces to the maze along
the way,skupin has his first piece.

Denise has her first piece.

Malcolm has one.

Lisa has one.

Abi still working on her first piece.

If you fall off,you've got to come back.

Denise,even with an injury,looks to be
making a lot of progress very quickly.

Abi has her first piece.

Everybody in this.

Malcolm has his second piece.

Skupin has both pieces.

Lisa has both pieces.

Denise has both pieces.

Malcolm right there
with skupin in the lead.

Malcolm falls off.

A huge setback for malcolm.

He was right there at the end.

Now has to go back to the start

skupin is the first to cross.

He can start assembling his maze.

Denise is across.

She can start her maze.

Lisa's across.

Malcolm lost a lot of time in one of the most
important immunity challenges in this game.

Abi's across.

She can start working on the maze.

This maze only goes together one way.

And you will know because
the ball will fit through it.

If you find a roadblock,it's not right.

If the pieces aren't
lining up,it's not right.

Malcolm dead last has to
redo the entire course.

Where is that piece?

Denise looks to be making
a lot of progress quickly.

If you win this challenge,you are
guaranteed a spot in the final four

you lose,you could be going home.

A lot of pieces will line
up,but all of them need.

Hard to tell if you're
right until you're finished.

How can that not fit?

Malcolm is across now.

He's going to get back in this.

Everybody working on the maze.

Malcolm,you've got to make up some time.

Denise getting close.

Lisa trying to figure this puzzle out.

Abi and skupin fall a little behind.

That can't be,that can't be.

Denise thinks she has it

ugh,that's not it.

Denise looks very close
but something is not right.

One piece can jam you up.

One piece could cost
you a million bucks.

Huge stakes.

Lisa,skupin,abi,falling out of it!

Nothing easy about this challenge!

Malcolm,who fell out of this early
making a lot of progress out of nowhere.

Coming from behind,malcolm
completes his maze,

like he'd done this maze 20 times

this could be a come from behind!

Malcolm wins immunity!

Malcolm,come on over.

Safe at tonight's tribal council.

Guaranteed a spot in the final four,and as
far as i know you still have an immunity idol.

It has to be played tonight.

It gives you huge power going
into tonight's tribal council.

And after 36
days,lisa,skupin,abi,denise,somebody going home.

It's going to be a disappointment.

I'll see you tonight at tribal council.


Knowing that malcolm won and
it wasn't abi was a huge relief.

Tonight is a slam dunk.

There will be no other name i'm
writing down other than abi's

and the torture of dealing
with her will be done.



You can grill individual pieces.

The fire is definitely hot enough.

Are you okay?

- It got you that time.
- Just one little spark.

You can move really fast.

I lost today,unfortunately.

,to malcolm.

It's devastating.

It's like... I'm tired.

I'm hungry.

I'm emotionally weak.

And i get no credit here.

But even though i'm drained,i
will keep on fighting.

So i need skupin and lisa to
vote with me against denise.

I know you guys are vote talking
about voting me off tonight.

That's not a secret.

But i think if you guys vote me
off that's going to be a disaster.

You guys are not going to have a
chance between denise and mol com.

They have such a story.

Honestly,bringing me to final three,with you
and lisa,you know,i've been very humble here.

It's the best chance you
have at winning this game.

No one is going to want to vote for me.

You'd think it would be
an easy decision tonight.

It's not,because everything matters so much
when you get down to the end game like this.

And you have to consider every
scenario if you want to come out on top.

My heart's telling me if you guys take
denise or malcolm,there's no chance.

That's true,probably.

I mean,it makes a lot of sense.

I have to talk to lisa and
make sure where her head's at.

Abi hasn't done much that's likable at all in a game
where everybody is trying to be liked by everybody

but hanging out with abi the next three days
would definitely be worth a million dollars.

Are we alone?

Malcolm's down at the rock.

Where is denise?

Getting coconuts


- **
- **

what is she saying?

Me,you and her in the final three.

Really? Really? !

I like,michael.


She might get pete and
artis,but that's it.


I know.

Here's a question for
you totally on the side.

Five is the last time you
can play your immunity idol.

Any chance you're giving that puppy up?

If the situation called for
it,but-- but they wouldn't keep abi.

They wouldn't keep abi.Yeah,no.

I'm double protected at
tribal council tonight.

I've got the immunity
necklace from the challenge,

and i've got a hidden
immunity idol in my pocket.

Yeah. So...

But i really have no intention
of giving denise the idol.

There's no reason to.

She's safe.

Because myself,skupin,denise,and
lisa will all vote for abi tonight.

So it means my mom is going to get a nice little
something to put on the shelf for a long time to come.



The one problem is if
malcolm wins immunity,

at the final four,you and i are
not guaranteed the final three.

We may need me,you,and denise against
malcolm at the final immunity challenge

i want to go to the end with abi.

Someone i feel it
would be easier to beat.

But malcolm won the immunity necklace today and
he is getting more and more truss by the day.

He could continue to win immunity all the
way up to the end,maybe the whole game.

Here he comes,by the way.

Tell me when he's in ear shot.

He's in ear shot now.

And so we need all available manpower to
defeat malcolm at the final immunity challenge.

And abi's not a serious opponent,so we may need
denise in there to knock malcolm out of there.

Since my brother came out,he
really did kind of recalbright me.

Tonight's decision for me
it based purely on strategy,

purely on planning outal
the different scenarios,

which tradeoff is going to cost me the
most,and tradeoff is going to reward the most,

and then just hoping
that i guessed right

we'll now bring in the
members of our jury.

R.C. Jeff. Artis,pete.

Penner and charter,voted out
at the last tribal council.

Lisa,malcolm wins immunity.

Last i know,he still
has an immunity idol.

Walk me through what happened when
you get back to the beach today.

Well,it was abi playing "survivor"
and not going down without a fight,

and presenting some
pretty strong arguments.

So,abi,you're feeling like
you're the one in trouble tonight?

Yes,my back is against the wall.

With respect-- which probably means
without any-- you've been detested,

laughed at,and then told you're
not likable,not a good person,

has nothing to do with your
culture,you're just not nice.

Nobody here wants you around.

That's what you've been told.

And yet you might be somebody
good to take to the end.


Im the best person to
take to the end with them,

because everyone here can beat me.

Denise,abi's making
a pretty simple case.

Definitely,if that's the way you
want to play the game of "survivor,"

abi is the perfect person to take
because you want to bring somebody

who truly hasn't
outwitted,outplayed,and outlasted.

You could make an argument that abi
azoutwitted,outplayed,and outlasted 13 people in this game.

You could also say there
was some luck in that.

Tandang never had to go
through the tribal consils.

My tandang colors are about to burst.

I don't think it was all luck that
we never went to tribal council.


- **
- Absolutely

We avoided trike not because of luck,but
because of the strength of tandang.

- So clear that up.-- you're
absolutely right absolutely.

Malcolm,at what point are you already thinking
who do i want to sit next to at the end?

Winning this game now is starting
to take over a lot of my thoughts,

and i want it as much as
anybody sitting up here.

So,yeah,who i think i can beat is
definitely being considered right now.

Excuse me.

I am just letting you know
that they cannot beat denise.

I'm just going to speak the truth.

She's manipulative.

She's really good with her words.

And she's a physical threat as well.

So,abi,you think denise could win
the game if she gets to the end.


Denise or malcolm.

It's going to be one of the two.

Lisa and skupin are
not winning this game.

Skupin,what's your reaction to that?

- You know,jeff,it's so many things
because-- because you're an idiot.

You're going to lose a million dollars.

- Anyway,jeff,to finish my
thought-- you're a moron.

What is the reaction,i don't know?

You are a moron.

- Unfortunately -- hold on,abi called
you an idiot once and a moron twice.

It's just,i think so
her way of communicating.

I don't understand it.

He thinks he's going to win
a million dollars at the end.

He's not.

Lisa,is there any strategy
that would say,you know,

the more that abi
talks,the better my chances?

And rather than send her over there on
the jury,i'll just keep her next to me?

Absolutely,and i have not been
ashamed to say or apologize

that i would take somebody to be easier to beat
than nobler to beat in the end for a million dollars.

And i mean that.

And i would be the only
person that you could beat.

- So if you can't win,why do you care
- i came this far.

I would like to at least
make it to final three.

Malcolm,you're a fan of the game.

That has worked for other people.

Yeah,and it's worked straight to a
million dollars before in this game.

So if you're going to take
abi because she's a goat,

be prepared she's not going to go down without a fight
and she could definitely still pull this thing off.

Abi,is it fair to call you a loud mouth?

I guess so,yeah.

I've been a loud mouth.

And is being a loud mouth a bad thing or
is that just how i'm playing "survivor."

it's not ad about thing.

It's how i'm playing "survivor."

denise,she's playing like she's
the elite,the best of the best.

The difference between me and her.

I'm here for a million
dollars,i need it.

She's here to make friends,clearly.

No,i'm here for a
million dollars,thank you.

All right,let's see.

Okay,so as we head into another very big
vote,it seems like it is either abi or denise.

Let's find out which
way it is going to go.

It is time to vote.

Abi,you're up.

You are patronizing,judgmental.

You are just not a good person.

I really don't like you.

Abi if this vote doesn't go as planned there's
something seriously wrong in the universe.

I'll go tally the votes.

If anybody has a hidden immunity idol and you
want to play it,now would be the time to do so.

Okay,once the votes are
read,the decision is final.

Person voted out will be asked to
leave the tribal council immediately.

I'll read the votes.

First vote,denise



Two votes abe one vote denise.

14th person voted out and the
seventh member of our jury,abi.

That's three.That's enough.

- You need to bring me your torch.
- Good luck to all of you.

Abi,the tribe has spoken.

Time for you to go

well,after 36 days
it,comes down to this,

two original tandang,two
original matsing.

It's a showdown and
something's about to give.

Grab your torches. Head
back to camp. Good night.

Proudly Presents

Sync: YTET- °îµÂÖí

This suspected,on a special
two-hour season finale.

Final four.

A pact that took these
four survivors this far.

But with a million dollars on the
line,alliances will be shattered.

I mean,are we still good?

Didn't shake her hand.

Didn't give her my word.

Sunday,december 16.

Unfortunately,things didn't go my way.

After the merge,i was
targeted as the crazy latina,

and sometimes i come off really
direct and straight to the point,

but that's the type of person i am.

I don't beat around the bush.

I just