Survivor (2000–…): Season 24, Episode 15 - Live Reunion Show - full transcript

All 18 Survivors return to discuss the game at the live finale.




I just found the idol. ***

I can't get over how much
fun I'm having doing this.

Don't hate me because I'm eating
Peanut butter in the shower.

Howould you trust With your life.

The correct answer is kim.

I just don't know if
I'll Ever feel safe.

If I can take every immunity
From here on out,I will.

Kim wins immunity.

Kim wins immunity.

Kim wins immunity and a Guaranteed
spot at the final Tribal council.

New York City,Live

Happy mother's day,And welcome to the
"survivor: One world" live reunion show

Where kim has just
won a million Dollars.

So,you know,you dominated the
Game,the latter half Physically.

You won four individual Immunities,

which puts you in The company of
jenna mir aska Who did in the amazon

and kelly Wigglesworth who
did it in the First season.

No many people have won that Much.

Wasn't the key to your winning Purpose
that were the big moves For you.

I think my biggest move was Just
getting to really know each Person upon

I think if you go And win all the
challenges you Can't get any vote at the end

if You don't have a personal Connection
on almost everybody On the jury.

Who voted for kim.

Jay,do you agree with that,About
the connection part of it.

oh,yeah,100%. If you saw
everybody said,"I Trusted kim.

I trusted everything she said.

So that personal
connection,we Just all ate it.

To me,the big move Was...
well,yeah,okay,you Believed it because

I thought The big moves were
getting guys To vote guys out.

I mean,that's what everybody
on The street was saying to me.

what are the guys doing.

You knew as this was
happening,Right,that this is money

if I Can get them to give up Somebody.

definitely. I mean the guys had to go.

Once we merged back,it was
like We had to get rid of jonas.

And I felt like if we could
get Rid of one more guy

it could be All women to the end.

Matt,early on,you Let colton
convince you guys to Get rid...

you gave up immunity.

I wasn't a part of that.

That was something that
these Guys did after I left.

- Oh,you were gone.
- Yes.

How can come host this show.

Mike,you let colton convince
You to give up immunity.

in all fairness,I thought
I Was going home that night.

I thought the guys had
a clever Little plan,

go to tribal Council,and
get rid of mike.

Jay and I were the only
ones who Did not want to go.

We did not want to go. It took a
last-minute decision For us to go. ***

It was a bad decision. I wish I
had stuck to my guns And said no.

Tarzan you saw this Coming,the minute
the guys Started giving people up

- it was A downw spiral.
- yeah.

Did you have a plan Because
you were a big part of That.

What was your thought that you Might
have a shot to win it at The end,

even though you were Responsible for
getting rid of Half the guys on the jury.

- well,subliminally,I Basically ...
- that word I know.

Come up with another one.

I can't think of another one.

Was there a plan because that Was
one of the questions with You is...

Yeah.I had a plan. I think I was
the primary plot Nert beginning

and coalesced the Guys into the codry
of five and Used colton as a shield.

Of course,colton took cred for
It,but I used colton as a Shield.

Take... taking out bill
was not a Stupid move.

If you knew how
complicated the Game was.

So you knew what you Were doing.

I think so.

Chelsea,what is it About ciem
you know,when we did The challenge

where you have to Say good
things about people or Bad things.

Christina took some of the
bad. Kim got all the good.

It was who do you want
to be Stranded with.

Who do you hope to stay in touch
With. Who do you trust with your life.

What is it about her that
you Guys picked up on.

I think she is extremely Endearing.

She has a very soft spoken
Graceful way about her.

When she talked to you,she
Looks through you and says,

it's me and you to the endment.

Luckily,she was being
honest With me,so...

Sabrina,what is it About women.

Because the women were able to
Stick together,and the guys Weren't.

The guys at the merge were even, Again,

and once again,the women Talked
them into giving Somebody.

I don't know if it's because
We're nice-looking women

they Just fell for it.

We were a mess at the beginning.

And then we just pulled it Together,

and we would have much
Rather play against

maybe weaker Men or what they
appeared to be Than the stronger men.

So I'm glad I gave the idol to Colton

and he got rid of some of The big
macho guys and they fell Apart.

Troyzan why do you Think that
doesn't happen more Often.

Typically people say they're Going
to stick together and they Never do.

The peep on the bottom
realize They're on the bottom.

In this group there was such Trust that
alicia didn't know She was on the bottom.

Christina didn't know
she was on The bottom.

What was it this season.

because I think most
people Play in fear.

Most people are at the bottom
And they want to be safe.

Whatever makes them feel
the Most comfortable.

I just wanted to get to the
next Day as opposed to winning.

And I don't know if they
all Knew the game that well.

It's like whatever was making Them
feel comfortable,which was Kim,

because she's like the top
Dog,it's another everything's Okay.

And they're playing in fear and It's
like they just want to feel Comfortable.

Whatever makes them feel Comfortable.

In real life you want to stay in The
same house the same food the Same car.

I don't want to change. I
don't want to make a change.

I don't want to take the chance.

- Kim,did you know you Won. Tell the truth.
- no.

The last several Months watching
this,you didn't Have a vibe.

I think I initially thought I Had.

When I first went home I was Pretty
sure and as the months Have gone on

and as I watched,I Became
pretty sure I didn't.

Jonas,what's the Biggest lesson
you learned if You played again.

For somebody who is going
to end Up playing this game.

you know,I would have just Not
tried to fly under the radar

And just made bigger moves and
Not been afraid to make the Big...

I think what I was trying To do
is just tried to lay low Too much,

but in the end,that's What got me out
because kim was Playing the same game

- I was ...
- I say it all the time to People who are on the show,

People who are going to be on The
show,if you're a fan of "survivor..."

and that is Probably why
you're watching This...

you have to make big Moves in this game.

It's almost impossible
to get in Without risk.

The risk of making a big
move is That sometimes

you don't get to The end as
15 of the rest of you Know.

All right,when we come back,This guy
up in the corner Wearing green today,

colton,one Of the most controversial to
Ever play,we're going to talk About colton

and the bullying That
went on,along with alicia.

Plus we'll award $100,000
to the Player of the season.

It is the "survivor:Wond world
"reunion show,and it's mother's Day.

do I look okay.

If I were working with somewhat
Intelligent people it would be So easy,

but literally,it's Really hard being
the leader of A bunch of idiots.

It's so difficult.



you can quit or jump in that
Fire,whichever is more Convenient for you.


I don't know why you don't Like me.

go kill yourself. You're ghetto trash.

I don't want to be around you.

You're a strug ling stand-up Comic.

Get a real job.

I am a republican,I do
not Believe in hands outs.

I did go to a private all-white School

but I did have african
American people in my life.

- Who.
- my housekeeper.

New York City,Live

Back back to "survivor:
One world" reunion Show.

Celton,we just heard some of These.

*** bill,get a real job.

I do have african-american
People in my life,our Housekeeper.

Leif,the little munchkin
should Go back to oz.

What is it like to say all these
Things and then go home and Watch them.

Do you own those. Are
you embarrassed by them.

I'm not going to blame the Edit
and say I was made to look That way.

No,I said the things I
said and I'll own that.

Do I watch it and am I
Uncomfortable watching it.

Yes. It's kind of one of those
things Where you see it back

and you See yourself on television.

What does you see.

a very,very mean,mean Person.

Like... I mean,and,honestly,I
Think I kind of,like,went into It,

and I I was going to play,Like,the
sweet little... I had Two options.

I can play the southern belle,

And the sweet little innocent
Gay kid from south alabama or

I Have to be a bitch with teeth.

- In the end I had to go this Route ...
- wait a second.

The beginning of that answer,You
can people going I'm with You.

This "I had to play it this Way."

I didn't have to. I'm saying
I think I felt I had To.

When I ended up on the tribe of All men,

I felt sweet and
Innocence out of window.

Not going through Strategy,everybody
wants to Know,are you...

we're even going To get
some musical Accompaniment.

Go for it. Give us a little drama.

Come on,vanacor.

Colton,colton are you
who we Saw on the show

which a lot of People would say
there was some Racism,bigotry.

- Yes,you are.
- no,no,I am not a racist.

I am not a racist by any means.

What did your friend Say.

my friend,you know,they Know me,

and when they saw it
Were were like,ew,ew,ew.

It was uncomfortable for them.

What was it like to Go through,you
had to go on the Internet

and know people think...

There's a difference between Being
a villain that people love To hate

and then there's a Villain people
just don't want To hear about anymore.

yes,exactly,but in the same Sense,when
I left,everybody Said it boring.

All right,bill,what Do
you think of his comment.

Does that... is he a racist.

Do you think those were racially
Motivated comments about "get a Real job.

" well,I think the comment
Were made... for instance,

if I'm In a game in a strategy and I'm
Supposed to bring people on my Side,

talking about me not
Having a job and,you know,

Maybe being stricken with
Poverty would be a pitch

I would Give the people in
order to vote Be. like me off.

But to call me ghetto
trash when Nobody is around,

and say that I Need to kill myself
to a camera When nobody is around,

that's Just out of spite.

- You know what I mean.
- That's just... that's just mean.

I think that's fair.

And I think that just boils down
To,like,it makes me look Ignorant,

more than anything.

It's kind of what troy,when he
Addressed that... when he said,

You're out of your comfort zone.

I was completely out of my Comfort zone.

- I want to go talk... Colton's mom is here.
- oh,god.

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Come on,stand up.

- First of all,happy mother's Day.
- thank you.

- What's your name.
- martha.

Martha,you're brave
Enough to stand up here.

What is it like for mom to watch This.

Does this sound like colton
and Is this just part of

how he was Raised or was
it embarrassing to You.

the truth is right now I want
To go up there and say,"colton.

This is not what you're
suppose To be saying.

" But I mean ... what
is he supposed to say.

we're not racist. We're not that way.

And tha that is not the way he s Raised.

He is a good kid. Am I
proud of the things he Said.

No,I'm really not.

Because he... you know,I think He
was trying to play a game,And then...

and in the end,he Hurt a lot of people.

And I know that that's
not Really who he is.

I just want you all to know that I'm
sorry for anybody that he Offended.

I can feel your body Shaking. Oh.

Have a seat. Thank you for that.

- but I do love colton.
- What's that.

colton,I do love you and I
Am proud of you and I'm proud

You're getting to live the dream
You always wanted to live and Do,

but I just... you know,just Remember
that people have Feelings and no matter

what You're trying to win,the Million
dollars isn't worth it In the end.

So just remember that,okay.

One thing that I Think now is worth
mentioning is Colton came out of the closet

When he was pretty young,and
as He told me,send immediately.

He said there were no
issues About being gay.

- well,there were no issues as Far as know...
- What I'm getting at,

Is it sounds like your family
is Accepting of lot of things,

so That was one of the things that
Sort of surprised me about Colton is

that he wouldn't Have... coming
from that kind of Love and support,

that he Wouldn't have the same
sort of Love and support for others.

well,he doesn't have that
From all of his family.

So he doesn't.

And ... and that will be on the jeff
Probst talk show coming up in September.

You might recognize this
woman From "bing bang theory.

" You are not here promoting a Show.

You wrote me a year ago and
Said,"I'm a fan of the show.

- I would like to go to the finale When I'm in new york.
- yes.

What is your take on Colton.

You said something
earlier that Made me think

you don't think All this
hoopla about him is Deserved.

I think there's a lot
of Complexity to colton.

I think it's hard to hear all These
things compiled and say He's fabulous

but I think there Are a lot of aspects
of colton That are really fabulous.

I would have liebd to see
more Of how it unraveled

so we could See everyone
give himself his Due.

- His exit was a little Early...
- exactly.

I think it would have added
a Lot more entertainment to

what Was already entertaining about Him.

Should he play again.

- I'd watch that.
- Thanks.

All right,you gotta be a fan
of The show because you're here.

I'm here.

An opinion on colton.

great television.

I mean the same way you
hate Russell,you hate colton.

You don't hate him as a person.

You hate the character
he's Playing on the show.

And as an audience weivate that
From who these people really Are.

I want to ask the Audience
what you just said.

As a group,do we think colton Is
similar to someone like Russell.


That's what this is Kind
of all about,is... and

I'm Not picking on you,colton.

I want to know what people think
Because you've said things to me

That make me think you want to
Heal this and up on the stage

You say things and I think maybe Not.

What is it. You've heard
from a lot of People now.

You've got 20 seconds.
Where does this sit.

I'm sorry to anyone I Offended.

I am not a racist. It's
just like my mom said.

I have people in my life
that Don't accept me.

It hurt me. I'm sorry
for the people I hurt.

I love you. I love you. I
love you. I love everybody.

Do you love Christina.

I do love christina. I love christina.

All right,still to Come.

Thank you for your
support out Here,guys.

The sprint $100,000 prize,plus
We'll tell bunext season.

It's going to be great.

Up next,tarzan is a plastic Surgeon.

Would you let him operate on You.

Plus troyzan and kat when we Come back.

it is raining really hard,And my
hand are incredibly water Logged.

I just want to sleep for one
Freaking night before I lose my Mind.

- I know.
- I'm losing it. Like,I'm so freaking cold.


This isn't offensive to anybody
Here if I wore,this right.

I'm wearing her panties on my Head.

I swear to got godit
is not Poop,it's dirt.


It's impressive,your Vocabulary.

he's bct molecular
substrate Of this island.

We're soulmates. We have
a quantum entanglement.

I couldn't have put it any Better.


Welcome back to "survivor: One world"
reunion Show.We are live in new york city.

Tarzan,first of all,where did
The name come from.Whose name.

- tarzan.
- Yeah.

I inherited that when I was Eight.

****I was in the trees

and an Elementary kid said
tarzan,and When I lanted

and forevermore I Became
tarzan.All the way through.

***The operating room
is What I want to get to.

I want to tell you,next
to is Kat really crazy,

the biggest Question I got on the
show was,"tarzany a plastic surgeon.

" it's true.Board certified.

- **
- And board certified in general Surgery,

and microsurgery.

So what did... what Did you do.What kind
of surgery.I don't know what all that Means.

oh,gee,I can't tell you.It
would take a half an hour.

You operate on.

I can tell you what I did do,I acted.

You operated on People.****

I did.And I'm a hell of a surgeon.

Did anybody question That
watching you on the show.

Did your colleagues say,Tarzan...

I can honestly say... my Wife will
back me up... my Patients loved me.

- I was a great surgeon and I Cared about them.
- So you're retired.

Here's the other question...

Plastic surgeons we think of
Money and ear we are at an Auction

and I give you $500 to Buy food,

and you go,"you know What.Need shocks.

" What... are you just frugal.

I'm pernerruous.

Of course you are.

What does pernerruous Mean.

I don't know.I just thought
I'd say that,I Made it up.

That would be great If half those
words I didn't Know I made up.

I didn't make all those
words Up.Some of them did.

No,I didn't make them up.

It means frugal and stingy

and You want to hold tight to Whatever
you have in case you Lose it some day.

Here is the thing That
touched me as everyone Knows.

It was the love affair with your Wife.

- *****
- affair.

Your love what...
your Love of your wife.

- my sole mate.
- This is what it's Like every tribal council.

You get two words in.Four words back.

Roll some tape.


Let's bring out your
Wife,terry.Terry,come on out.

oh,my god.I'm lost.



This is tarzan's Wife.

You were on the show.You
came out to visit him.

And,you know,we...we all think
Tarzan is a lovable kookbut

when We saw him go down on his
knee Before you even starteing out,

Everybody,including me,was
About to break into tears.

What is the secret to this
Magical love affair you guys Have.

I shouldn't say the game is Afoot.

No,no.People want...

when people see Love,it's like what
chelsea Said,"I didn't know this Existed.

" What is it.You guys have
been together 30 Years.

we have care,respect,and Responsibility,and
we cannot Lie to each other.

- Really.That's the key.
- yes.

Have there been times When you've had
to say... tarzan Is tearing up right now.

Have there been times when
You've had to say,"tarzan..."

do You say tarzan to him,by the Way.


I know sometimes you Do.

And I'm sure he yells.


I was just going to Ask,has there
ever been a time When you had to say,

"I did lie And I'm going
to tell you the Truth now."

no,because if he asked me if I lied,

I have to say on our
Love,and tell him the truth.

There you go.That's some good love
advice.Have a seat,terry.Thanks for being here.

On the other end of the spectr
Spectrum,of kooky is kat.

Just remind everybody some of
The antics of kat this season.

Now,kat,where does this...

Where does this kooky energy Come from.

- she's falling.
- ***

You know,the whole Time I
was watching you out There,

I was thinking,what is
Wrong with this girl.

You're crawling around.You
have the crazy cousin.

Then you give this beautiful
Speech about life is short.

Is that what part of what allows
You to be silly and not worry.

you know,I... exactly.

I... on the inside,everybody
Knows who I really am.

Like,I love these people.

So that... my spirit comes out.

And I'm always happy.

In "survivor "I kind of
learned,Like,you know,you try...

you be Who you are and you
try not to Be afraid of it.

And I am 100% full on...

that's All me.It's all me.

What's the update
With the heart surgery.

update,I mean,I've always Been clear.

Cbs made sure... to be clear,Before you
do this challenge,That's very important.

So as of right now,I am Healthy.

I have... I have wonderful Support.

And... You know,I'm ready.I'm
ready,jeff.Un the deal.

Alicia,something I
Have to ask you about.

I could roll the tape again
or I Could just repeat it.

The comment you made to Christina like
bshe's like one Of my special needs kids,

when You are a special needs teacher
Really outraged a lot of people.

What was the feedback you got.


And how did that Feel.Do you regret it.

Or do you think people
didn't Understand it.

I hate that it came out that Way.

Because that's not what's in my Heart.

What's in your heart.

I love what I do.And I love my students.

And seeing that and watching
it,It was,like,oh,my god.

I think... there's a
fine line to Being...

to playing things up and Doing
what colton said he was Doing.

And I crossed that line
by Saying that comment.

And I am truly sorry
for Offending anyone.

Because that's not what I wanted To do.

Well,thanks for Sharing that.

And I'm guessing a lot of people Understand
that anybody who is a Special needs teacher

has so Much compassion and maybe it was
Just the heat of the game and You know...

I'm sorry.

Who knew this show Was
going to be so emotional.

Up next.We'll lighten it up.

One of these guys is going to
Win $100,000,courtesy of Sprint.

But first,taking us to the Break,they've
done our music For 24 seasons,

our composers Russ landau,and
david vanacor,Hit it.



Viewers have been texting and Voting
online for the sprint Player of the season.

The honor also includes
$100,000 Cash prize.

Colton,what do you think the Odds are
that you're in the Running for this.

I think I took it pie a Landslide.

Actually,four people This season really
kind of stood Apart from everybody else.

I'm just going to tell
you who It comes down to.

Kim,tarzan,troyzan,and Chelsea.

Is chelsea,it is not you.

Tarzan,it is not you.

Kim,it was a clean sweep.

It is you.Congratulations.

Another $100,000 in
your pocket.Nicely done.

So that says that not only did The jury think
you deserved it,But also the audience as well.

Troyzan,it was an interesting
Season with you because you...

You know,you were... you were Very
outspoken,and you got kind Of crazy at the end,

and some People thought you were a little
Over the top,and "this is my Island.

And yet,I'll tell you,on the Street a
lot of people said,Troyzan.I love troyzan.

What's been the reaction
for you From people.

it's been 99.9% positive.

Everyone came up to me and said You
played the game the best I've ever seen.

Some people were comparing me to Richard hatch
and some of the Best all-stars of all time.

And I was like,wow,really.I played 100%.

I thought that I was convincing
People,you know,the right Thing.

I mean,the people on the Bottom,I'm
like,"listen,it's Very easy.

It's easy math.Five
people can go with me.

" I played... you I can only play 100%.

You may have been Seen
as one of the best players

But let's be cleared you
got Outplayed by others,


I wonded when you were out There,

if you felt like you were
Representative for little People.

Did you feel that pressure on The not.

I definitely felt that
a lot With my community.

And it really hurt

when I saw Colton say
that about my Community.

It really... really hurt a lot.

But I've also had so
much Positive outpor...

I've just Inspired so many people.

Really.So other people
have come up and Said...

take an adventure like This.

Nice work.

real happy.I just want to say,happy
Mother's day to my beautiful Wife.

I love you,baby.


That is good Directing,when an
unplanned Shot of wife is ready to go.

Nice work.

Monica,your husband,pro Athlete.

Your kids,from what I learned About
you,really excel in Everything.

You're the super mom.What was it...
what was the Reaction from your husband

when You quiet a chance to
do Something now for you.

"survivor" is a very selfish
Endeavor.You're away for 40 days.

such a long endeavor.

And I think that was one of the
Things that is why you all chose Me.

I've kind of chased my husband Through
nfl and college stadiums For 12 years.

And I just so wanted to get to That loved one's
visit and have Him come with stars in his eyes

And yell and scream and cheer For me.

When you got home Were
the stars in his eyes.

jeff,I'll never forget
when I got home...

you know,you've Been gone for so
long and you Have these new friends

but that Smell of my
husband in the Airport

and that embrace is one I will cherish
for the ret of my Life and never forget.

I love you.

Bill,one of the Things that we talked
a little Bit about earlier,you know,

Colton saying with get a real Job,

I just heard that last
Night,here in new york city,

You got up on stage somewhere And
did some comedy and threw it Down.

I did.It was...

What was the reaction From these guys.

Because they're pretty harsh Critics.

I got a standing ovation
from My fellow castmates

and their Families and friends
who came Out to see me do stand-up.

And it's nice to be able to...

I Don't know prove yourself and Show
that you work hard every Day at this

and you do go out There and that I... I
consider This a craft like anything else.

And I try everything... I try as Hard
as I possibly can when I'm On stage.

And I do it every day after work When people
are sleeping,I'm Out at clubs doing things.

So to validate it as a real job And as
something that people do Every day is incredible.

- Congrats.
- thank you guys very much.

Christina,I gotta
Ask,you know,there was...

there Was a lot of people that felt
Like there was some bullying Going on,

from colton and alicia Towards you.

Is that something you're used To.Did
this surprise you.What did I mis.

it totally surprised me.

In the beginning of the game
I Came out really strong.

I was negotiating fire.I
was talking to the guys.

And when matt left,that was,Like the
indication to me,I Cannot be myself at all.

Because him and I would say we Have these
personalities and I Decide okay,time to shut up.

So you took it as a Strategy.

yes,of course.

I mean,if I come off in any Sense
that I want to win the Million dollars,

that's the main Reason
why I played this game.

Does it hurt to hear All those things or do
you Realize it's in the course of The game.

it's in the course of the
Game.We're all competitive here.

I'm a salesperson.I get paid
to get rejected every Day.

To me it means nothing.

These people are good people.

I'm glad I played the
game and I Love it.

Find out where "survivor" is
headed next.It's our 25th season.

We'll be right back.



Leif is like a turtle
birthing Out of the sand.



Well,it is hard to believe,but We
are about to launch our 25th season.

Take a look at where
"survivor" Is headed next.

"survivor" the biggest,most Thrilling game
on television is Also the most grueling.

can you hear me.

russ.Are you with us.

Castaways have been Pitted
against the elements.

Faced off versus wildlife.

And have been taken to the
edge Of their own limits.

- these are burned pretty bad.
- oh,my god.

an infection that goes into Your
bloodstream is potentially Fatal.

Some have paid the Ultimate price,

pulled from the Game with one question
in their Hearts ... what could have been.

Next season,three castaways who Were
airlifted out will be given A second shot.

They'll join three tribes of new Players

and one of our most Treacherous
locations yet,the Philippines.

Here,thns of islands scatter Over the southeast
asian sahide A dark and sinister secret.

The waters are teeming with Ravenous
sharks,and the land Provides no refuge.

Deadly snakes rule the jungles

And the furious storms can break
Even the strongest of spirits.

This time,will the veterans
Survive the elements and the Vote

in order to claim the
Million dollar prize.

Or will a new castaway
emerge as The sole survivor.

Find out this fall on
"survivor The philippines.


If you want to own a Piece of
"survivor" immediately Following the show

you can bid On props in the
season.The web site is it's screen now.

All proceeds benefit
survivor Stand up to cancer

where all Survivors unite for
a common Goal to outwit cancer.

If you think you have what it Takes to do what
they did,put Together a three minute video.

Go to cbs.Com.********

Kim will get her hands on
the Million-dollar check

tomorrow Afternoon live on "the talk.

" You can tune in 2:00
eastern,1:00 pacific

and hear how she Became
the sole survivor.


We always appreciate your loyal Support.

24 seasons.12 years.We're still going.

Thank you very much.

"survivor: Philippines"
coming Soon,good night.

Thanks,david letterman.

-= proudly presents

Season 24 Episode 15